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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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system crashes. the latest on the delays and cancellations. oakland police investigating a double homicide that injured a third person and involved a car that caught fire. we are learning more about a college baseball player from the bay area gunned down at a popular san francisco tourist spot while playing pokemon go. good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and i am mike mibach. oakland police searching for a gunman who shot and killed two people and injured a third early this morning. as ktvu's alex savidge reports, when officers arrived at the scene they found the victims and car engulfed in flames. >> reporter: police have not talked about a motive in this case. two people were shot and killed. a third person critically injured. it happened on empire road close to 98th avenue. police have spent the morning processing this crime scene. neighbors called 911 before 2
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a.m. that's when officers came to the scene a neighborhood off 880. they found a car on fire outside of a house. now, it's unclear if the victims of that shooting were inside the car. but eventually police declared the two people were dead here at the scene. a third shooting victim was taken to a nearby hospital and at last check was in critical condition. this double killing has shocked neighbors. >> it's sad. this is a positive neighborhood. nothing ever happens here. when it gets that close with kids running and stuff, you know, that's bad business. >> reporter: police have not released any information on three shooting victims in this case. there have been no arrests made so far, and anyone who has any information on this homicide investigation is asked to put in a call to the oakland police department. in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. meanwhile, two oakland police officers were transported to the hospital this morning after a driver ran
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into their patrol car. it happened just about 3:30 a.m. on 14th avenue and foothill boulevard. investigators say the officers were on 14th when another vehicle ran into them at the intersection. it is not clear what led up to the crash. all parties were taken to the hospital. the officers are expected to are released this afternoon. detectives in the eastbound have announced an arrest in yesterday's homicide in blackhawk. the suspect is 69-year-old john teixiera. he is accused of killing his wife found dead at the couple's home yesterday afternoon. the suspect is being held on $1 million bail. investigators have not released any more information. a racecar driver bryan clauson has died following a crash in kansas this weekend. he was considered the top dirt track racer in the country. clausen was leading the belleville nationals race saturday night when his car
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crashed, rolled over, and was hit by another car. he was airlifted to a hadn't where he was later pronounced dead. clausen grew up in carmichael near sacramento. delta airlines is recovering from a huge computer glitch that led to widespread delays and cancellations through the morning. flights are once again taking off. some people have been waiting for hours and they have more hours to go. >> christien kafton has more. >> reporter: delta airlines announced this morning at least 300 flights had been canceled as a result of this computer glitch/power outage. >> this growing sometimes, shrinking sometimes. people waiting in line trying to find out the status of their flight. earlier this morning we saw a few passengers sleeping in the terminal waiting for news about their flight. all these cancellations and delays are a result of a computer problem in atlanta, georgia. that caused delays and
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cancellations worldwide. at 5:40 our time delta announced the problem had been resolved. by that time the damage had already been done. the airline is still telling passengers to expect long lines, delays and cancellations. some passengers who spent the night at sfo say they are starting to get frustrated. >> i have been here since about 10:00 last night waiting for a flight to go see my family in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it's been no information. no information. no information. >> we were on the plane for about two hours until two in the morning when we got off. they said all the systems were down. they directed us to the gates here in the wrong line. so we have been sitting in line for four to five hours. yeah, waiting. >> reporter: you are now booked and on your way? >> yeah. slowly but surely. >> reporter: the airline is expected to take hours if not days to recover from the outage. one final note. the airline reaching out to a lot of passengers via social media, going on twitter to
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answer passengers' questions one by one trying to get passengers to where they need to go. a lot of passengers trying to reach out to them. if you are picking anybody up from the airport taking delta or if you are dropping anybody off, the best advice is to call ahead to find out what the status of that flight is. christien kafton, fox 2 news. the richmond police chief now says officers say accused of having section with a woman at center of a major scandal probably violated department policies. the scandal centers on a woman who uses the name celeste guap. she claims to have had sex with 30 men in law enforcement in the east bay including the richmond police department. the richmond police chief sent a memo to the mayor that was released by the mayor at a meeting last night. it says, quote, the evidence will likely sustain multiple violations of policies, non criminal, against several officers. the office of professional accountability is working through the investigation as quickly as practical with no compromise on thoroughness.
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guap is from richmond and says she had sex with five richmond police officers when they were off duty and after she turned 18 years old. santa clara county court workers are back on the picket lines this afternoon. >> leigh martinez explains one major point of contention. >> reporter: the santa clara courthouses are open but the clerks are out here. 300 court employees have taken to the picket line this order to strike for higher wages. this is resuming the strike from last week. the picket line may be outside of the hall of justice, but ground zero is the new courthouse building. it's described as extravagant with imported italian stones. court employees claim they struggle living paycheck to paycheck in silicon valley, and the money for the new building could have gone to pay employees more. >> this is going to be a huge hit. for us, just daily expenses and everything. we are already living paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: the courthouse is
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already built. they still want a higher wage. >> consolidating the courts and saving this money, they have been renting out the facilities right now. and so in the building, they are consolidating everything. that money there. >> reporter: people coming to the court thousands do business say inside it is chaotic. >> it's really slowed down. there is nobody who knows how the paperwork works, who knows how to communicate what happened in court to the court computers. it's definitely limping along without getting a lot done. >> reporter: the last best offer went good enough, so the strike resumes monday with no end in sight yet. last week 8,000 jurors were sent home. we are told that traffic court is now closed. in santa clara county, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. final figures show more than 200,000 people attend this
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gyros outside lands music festival in san francisco's golden gate park. that three-day festival wrapped up yesterday. this year organizers say tickets sold out within 45 minutes. hid liners were lionel richie, radiohead and lcd sound system. at&t reports record-breaking traffic on the mobile network during the weekend festival. conert goers used 10.3 terabytes of data while at golden gate park. that's equal to 30 million outside lands selfies. a deadly shooting in san francisco. now learning more about the san mateo high school graduate who was killed. it's your worst nightmare to hear something like this. it's just a devastating loss to all of us. >> the game investigators say he was playing just moments before being killed. and some slight changes in the forecast. our meteorologist rosemary orozco will be here to tell you about the minor warm-up on the
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way. republican presidential nominee donald trump makes a stop in detroit to unveil his economic plans.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit a. turning now to the race for the white house. donald trump outlined his plans for the u.s. economy today. the republican presidential nominee spoke before a group of business leaders in detroit this morning. trump discussed his plan to simplify taxes for everyone in america. he also proposed a new economic
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program that he says would provide tax breaks for working families. >> i am proposing an across the board income tax reduction, especially for middle income americans. this will lead to millions of new and really good paying jobs. the rich will pay their fair share, but no one will pay so much that it destroys jobs or undermines our ability as a nation to compete. >> [ applause ] >> democratic nominee hillary clinton is scheduled to lay out her economic plan in a speech in detroit on thursday. clinton says her plan would ensure the economy works for everyone. not just the very rich. there are reports that republicans that don't support donald trump are preparing to launch an campaign for an independent candidate. according to buzzfeed, former cia officer evan mcmullin will run as an independent candidate. he has never held office before and has been an outspoken critic of donald trump on
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social media. he will file papers to run as an independent candidate today. we have learned a professor kidnapped is an american. the other australian. according to reports. five gunmen wearing afghan military uniforms stopped a car the professors were going in and kidnapped them. so far no group has claimed responsibilities and the names of the kidnapped men have not been released. in pakistan an attack on a government-run hospital that killed 64 people. a government official says a powerful explosion appears to have been a suicide attack. it happened as about 100 attorneys gathered at the hospital to mourn the deadly shooting of a fellow attorney who was shot by men on a motorcycle as he was on his way to court. japan's emperor appears ready to step down. the 82-year-old emperor made a rare appearance on japanese television this morning. he expressed concerns about his ability to carry out his duties
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due to his declining health and age. his resignation would end nearly three decades as head of the japanese monarchy. he has no governmental powers and is not permitted to engage in political activity. back here at home let's bring in our meteorologist rosemary orozco. a peek at the monday afternoon forecast. >> minor changes, mike, gasia, coming in the way of a minor warm-up. we are looking at temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. let's start. a live look from san francisco where we have blue skies there. just a bit of haze. we have mostly clear skies. even the coastline beginning to see a few pockets of sunshine at this hour. the wind primarily northwest. that will keep smoke from the soberanes fire farther south. not going to push it our direction. so we have good air quality in store for today. not expecting any haze or smoke to enter the south bay or the inner east bay.
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at least not today. a view at the clouds along the ocean beach san francisco area, pacifica, half moon bay, then we get a bit of a break in here. look at santa cruz. it has the mostly cloudy skies as well as capitola. we will continue with the onshore breeze today. it's a light one. fairfield 13 miles per hour. the marine layer depth not as deep as yesterday, so those two combined leading to just a bit of a warm-up. here is a look at the numbers. 65 degrees in san francisco. mid 60s in oakland. upper 70s livermore, concord, fairfield, walnut creek. a beautiful afternoon. half moon bay 59 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies. so a little cool in your neighborhood. into the south bay 75 san jose. how about the north bay? 77 in santa rosa. low 70s in napa. santa rosa one of the only spots that's actually a lot warmer at this hour than yesterday by 7 degrees. the rest of us 2, 4, 3 depending where you are. 5 degrees warmer in livermore than where we were on sunday as well as hayward and a few
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degrees from sfo to mountain view. today mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. some sunshine there. minor warm-up. that's the takeaway for monday. temperatures aren't going to change the next few days. giving you a view at the afternoon highs, low 60s for pacifica today. 66 san francisco. a lot of 70s around the bay. 74 hayward. 78 in mountain view. our south bay locations oakland a's 80 degrees. 87 livermore. 92 in antioch. and to the north bay. how about 85 degrees this afternoon for santa rosa. 80 degrees expected for you napa. here is a view of your extended forecast. temperatures may drop off just some. it really is going to be hard to tell as we get in through tuesday, wednesday. by the second half of the week and into our bay area weekend temperatures are expected to climb a bit more. we will be in the low-to-mid 90s for our inland cities. upper 70s to near 80 degrees around the bay and 60s on the
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coastline with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. in a nutshell, not a lot of change going on the next couple of days. >> thank you. now to breaking news. not far from the ktvu studios in san leandro where a big rig is causing a major problem. take a live look at the scene above northbound 880 from sky fox. that big rig crashed into the center divide. lanes are blocked on both northbound 880 and southbound at davis street. there are two lanes blocked northbound 880 at davis. one lane southbound blocked. as sky fox pulls out, you can see the story. very heavy traffic heading on southbound 880. one lane squeezing by an northbound 880. a major impact. >> looking at the chp page right now, a sig-alert has been issued primarily also because of the center divide. the concrete being damaged. caltrans is going to have to repair it. this may go longer than the next hour or so and possibly into the evening commute. we will continue to monitor
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that situation. no word on any injuries to the driver of that truck. we will continue to monitor that situation. there is another big wildfire burning in california. this one down south. the rapidly growing pilot fire is burning north of san bernardino in a mountainous area. that fire kicked up about noontime yesterday and has now burned 4,500 acres and is 5% contained. the area is sparsely populated, but some homes are threatened and hundreds of people have been ordered to leave those houses. >> we are still holding those evacuation orders hoping, as we see these numbers and see what the fire is going to do, especially as we anticipate what the heat and wind will do today, hopefully we can get residents back to their homes as quickly as possible. >> there are no reports of any injuries. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of that fire. now to yolo county. calfire says the cold fire is 70% contained. it started last tuesday afternoon near the town of winters. it has burned through 5700 acres. authorities say both lanes of
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highway 128 are back open. people should drive through the area with caution. still no word what started the cold fire. now to monterey county. a wildfire has been burning for two weeks. it's now 45% contained. the soberanes fire has grown to more than 60,000 acres and has destroyed 57 homes. evacuations are still in effect for some people. calfire does not expect to have this fire contained until the end of the month. authorities believe it was start 9 by an illegal campfire. big news for snow skiers as mountain operator vail resorts announced it is buying canadian ski resort operator whistler blackcomb. the deal is worth $1.1 billion. this comes at an uncertain time for the ski industry. they have been dealing with unpredictable weather patterns in recent years. they are called zombie homes. properties that have been boarded up and abandoned by
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their owners. unsellable on the open market. now thanks to clever financing, low-income buyers in richmond are getting a chance to be homeowners.
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a new plan in richmond aims to i prove the look at neighbors. city leaders have partnered with local banks and non- profits to buy zombie houses, fix them up and sell them to
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low-income residents. the city is planning to repair and sell 80 of the homes over the next five years. >> reporter: zombie homes like this one really are like the living dead of properties. boarded up for decades, abandoned by their owners, frequently trashed by squatters, these homes are basically unsellable on the open market. but thanks now to some clever financing, dozens of zombie homes in richmond, california are getting a new lease on life. >> we find meth lab contamination. people use them as restrooms. so these properties sit for a long time and become really unsafe for the community. >> reporter: zombie homes are also a drain on taxpayers. richmond spends thousands boarding up broken windows and evicting squatters. but thanks to a $3 billion bond they will be able to acquire the homes, fix them up and sell them. >> turnkey on this project is going to be lovely. >> reporter: the idea is to
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stabilize neighborhoods, create jobs, and give low-income buyers the opportunity of a lifetime. >> in our model, we are providing local first-time homebuyers who really can't buy in the bay area's market a chance to own a home in the city they live in. >> reporter: residents like 62- year-old dosh arnold. >> it's like a dream. >> reporter: have you ever owned a home before? >> no. >> reporter: this will be your first home? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: this renovated home lists for $205,000. far below the bay area average, but an investment in a blue- collar town recovering from the housing crisis with rebates built in to replenish the bond and fix up more homes. and at no cost to taxpayers, by the way, that $3 billion bond was bought by a local bank in the hope of selling 80 of these properties over the next five years. if it all goes to plan, social impact bonds could become a model for other cities struggling with zombie homes. in richmond, california,
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claudia cowan, fox news. airbnb is now worth $30 billion. according to bloomberg, the home sharing company raised $850 million in a recent equity round. the filing with the state of delaware doesn't disclose who is making the investment. the new report makes airbnb the second most valuable to tech start-up after uber. energy stocks are faring well as the price of oil rises. the dow jones is down by less than one quarter of one percent. the story is similar percentage- wise on the s&p and nasdaq. and tesla's stock is down this afternoon a little bit more than 1%. the palo alto-based company announced it is planning to expand its stores. they will open a retail location every four days. it's holding a grand opening in san francisco on saturday. this comes as tesla posted its second quarter financial statement with net losses of $293 million. that's up from $184 million in losses during the same time
12:26 pm
last year. some of that comes from building tesla's gigafactory in nevada. tesla also came up short on the delivery goal of 17,000 cars during the quarter. target is looking to fill 100 jobs in the south bay. a hiring event is happening for a new store on stevens creek boulevard in cupertino. it runs to 5:00 tonight. if you can't make it today, the company will also hold hiring events every monday this month. interesting candidates are encouraged to apply in advance on target's website. that new cupertino store should open in october. okay. still to come, the latest on the investigation into the death of a san mateo high school graduate shot and killed at a popular san francisco tourist spot. >> the type of kid you hope your kid grows up to be. >> what investigators say he was doing moments before his death. nearly 20 people sickened with rash and breathing problems at a 15-year-old's birthday party over the weekend. the one item they all ate that investigators are now testing.
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we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ u.s. police are continuing to search for the killer of a young athlete from the peninsula. he was shot to death while playing pokemon go at aquatic park on a saturday night. >> brian flores has reaction from people visiting that park. a popular spot for tourists.
12:30 pm
>> reporter: well, from the few people that we spoke with, they are shocked or some even heartbroken over what happened. we are here at aquatic park. this is a touristy spot in san francisco. we are ghirardelli square across the street. we have alcatraz in view. we have people swimming, exercising or enjoying the view. people are hoping that somebody knows what happened to this young man. now, 20-year-old calvin riley of san mateo was killed here at aquatic park just before 10:00 p.m. on saturday night. when police arrived they saw calvin on the ground in front of the former concessions stand, which is located on the western side of the park. san francisco police say he had been shot in the torso, and they tried keeping him alive by providing first-aid, but unfortunately he died here at the scene. a family friend says calvin was playing pokemon go with a friend who was visiting from the east coast just before he was shot. police say there was no suspect description or motive in this case. family and friends say it appears calvin was simply in the wrong place at the wrong
12:31 pm
time. we did speak with a guard at the park who says this aquatic park location has become a popular place for players because of all the pokestops and the news is alarming for some. >> it's super alarming because when you walk into pokemon go, it tells you to like be super aware and like always watch where you're going. so it's scary that something can still happen. >> tremendous shock. i mean, i have been coaching for, i don't know, 25 years, and never had anything like this happen. it's your worst nightmare. >> reporter: he was a closing pitcher for the san joaquin college baseball team. calvin's cousin started a gofundme page to help calvin's parents, quote, put him to rest with respect, dignity, and honor that he deserves. at this point more than $37,000 that is been raised. as we take it back out here, the last homicide in aquatic park happened five years ago. according to park place, unfortunately, there was no
12:32 pm
surveillance cameras here at the park, so police again are asking that anyone, if they saw anything or heard anything, to please give them a call. brian flores, ktvu fox 2 news. hayward police are investigating a shooting that killed a 17-year-old boy and injured two others. it happened saturday night just after 7:30 on muir street. the 17-year-old died at the scene. another 17-year-old boy and an 18-year-old were also shot, but their injuries are not considered life-threatening. so far no arrests have been made. in the city of richmond police are investigating two separate shootings over the weekend that killed two people and left another injured. the first shooting happened just before 8:00 saturday night on lincoln avenue. police say 26-year-old melvin james died at the scene and his brother was injured. witnesses told police the shooters were in a gray nissan altima. about 90 minutes later a 19- year-old woman was shot and killed while riding her bike. police don't think the two shootings are connect the. no arrests have been made.
12:33 pm
the richmond police department is launching a major new emergency response training program in response to the recent fatal shootings of law enforcement officers in dallas and baton rouge. the department says the program is really aimed at protecting officers in dangerous situation by running some patrols with two officers per patrol car as well as scenarios to raise situational and tactical awareness. they are looking at buying new equipment. now to san jose where the police department there gave the media an opportunity to see the use of force training its recruits and officers receive. >> it includes de-escalation techniques and simulator training. ktvu's jesse gary went out to see that training. he joins us live with the latest. jesse. >> reporter: guys, it was more difficult than anybody could imagine unless you're a cop, considering all of the split-
12:34 pm
second decisions i had to make. there are two aspects to this training. one is the classroom instruction, and then the simulator. let's talk about the stimulator. in the scenario, i am a san jose police officer walking to superior court to testify in a case when i see a robbery in progress. the victim yells the suspect has a gun and the suspect has something under his shirt which looks like a gun. seconds later after refuse to go obey my commands and aggressively coming forwards me i fired one shot. the suspect was apparently unarmed. course instructor jason dwyer says these are the types of scenarios the department says its officers can face every day. >> it may not be feasible to do that. things happen quickly in the field. to the extent possible, the officers are training in this environment to make very good
12:35 pm
decisions very quickly. >> reporter: even before the simulator, several hours are spent on classroom instruction. recruits and officers learn technical conduct and keys to de-escalating a situation through communication. one of the things they preach str. severity of the crime, the threat a suspect poses, and the suspect's resistance level. all of that has to be factored in before use of force. it's very fascinating. the simulator brings to life how difficult the job can be when you have a few seconds to work out all of those variables. so the question. why did i pull the trigger and shoot an unarmed man? because, the short answer, i didn't want to be shot again. i'll explain that means at 5:00 and if you check social media. facebook especially. live in south san jose, jesse gary. >> thank you. now to chicago where protests over the police shooting of an unarmed 18-year- old in chicago continue over the weekend. just yesterday more than 100 people protested at the park against the shooting of paul
12:36 pm
o'neal. body cam video shows police shooting at o'neal in a car reported stolen. you see police chasing him and then handcuffing him. this came after he had been shot. >> we knew they killed him before that. but seeing the videos and seeing how they acted with each other just made it seem like our lives don't matter. >> these adults shoot people. everyone in power, they don't have to live with the repercussions of this. we have a whole life ahead of us. >> the protest was organized by a group of high school students. two oakland men are working on a music video to end gun violence. this morning christopher ellis, whose son devon was shot and killed last year, and the rapper pooh man, joined paul chambers on "the 9" to talk about the song and video. we brought you this story friday at noon. today they talked about the message they want people to take away from the song "no more tears" >> yes, we cry. i cry every night.
12:37 pm
it's time for no more tears. it's time to bring the city back to the great place it once was. >> [ music playing ]. >> here scenes from the video shot over the weekend. he held photos and paintings of their loved ones who died too young. they say no one should have to feel their pain. so they hope young people will listen carefully to the song and think twice about the message in the lyrics. we are learning about the two people who died while skydiving in san joaquin county over the weekend. they were jumping together. the student who has been identified as tyler salazar was celebrating a birthday. his mother told the merced sun star that it was his first jump and that just before getting into the plane he said a prayer and gave her a hug. the instructor's name has not been released. people who worked with him say he loved what he did. >> i mean, yeah. he loved what he was doing.
12:38 pm
>> it appears the normalcy against for the jump was not followed. the department of public health says edible marijuana may be responsible for sickening 19 people at a birthday party saturday night. health officials say they are focusing on this gummy candy offered to the guests. 19 people who all ate the candy reported having breathing problems, swollen tongues, rashes and rapid heartbeats. 14 people were admitted to the hospital, including three children, but they have all since been released. officials say final lab results on the gummy rings themselves are not yet available, but 12 patients tested positive for thc. one of the main ingredients in marijuana. new federal regulations hitting the tobacco today. the food and drug
12:39 pm
administration will extend regulatory authority to e- cigarettes, cigars and hook us a. sales to minors will not be allowed. the new rules will have little effect on how adults can buy tobacco products. before this new rule, there was no federal law prohibiting sales of e-cigarettes, hook a tobacco or cigar to minors. the rio olympics in full swing. >> jason applebaum will talk about the winners and losers and how the u.s. is doing so far. and we will check back with our meteorologist rosemary orozco for details on that slight warm-up.
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the summer olympics are in full swing in rio de janeiro. >> jason is here with how the athletes for the u.s. are doing so far. >> pretty good. first i was leaving to work today and, you know, the babysitter was down with the family. it was my cousin. and everyone's down there watching team archery. >> wow. he is into it. >> that's what the olympics kind of does. >> they were excited about it. >> they were chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. it's amazing, no matter what sport you watch, they are the best in the world at it. you watch sports you would never, ever, ever dream about watching. >> i like that. a similar story in my house. my son was sick and doesn't understand the olympics. he is like, what is this about? i am like the best athletes in the world. 11,000 athletes.
12:43 pm
205 countries gathered. >> i get into it. not everybody does, i know. the biggest headline last night michael phelps, he won his 19th gold medal. 19 gold medals. that came in the 4x100 relay. he gave the u.s.a. the lead for good. also on that team, caleb dressel, ryan held and nathan adrian. nathan went to cal. it's medal number 23 overall for phelps and likely more to come in rio. look at the lead by katie ladecky. she is stanford bound. she is just crushing field. she is touching the wall. she wins gold by nearly five seconds. a new world record. >> no record yet for simone biles and that's because yesterday was the qualifying. she was brilliant over all four events. other than phelps, she is the
12:44 pm
one to watch. >> other than women's gymnastics, this is my thing. >> she is 4'9", 100 pounds. look at the medal count. some people want to know how the united states is doing. so we follow the medal count. as long as we are on top, you see 12 total medals. >> and it's early. >> it's very early. we got two more weeks left of this. so lots more to comen this. i want to ask you guys. since 1992 when the united states started sending nba players to the olympics, the athletes have stayed away from the olympic village. what do you think about it? we asked the viewers. >> u.s. basketball team? >> yeah. the players. the argument is they are going to get hounded for autographs. >> like they are the rock stars? >> the security thing. >> i see it both ways. i am all for one, one for all being team usa no matter what sport you play. but i get the security issues.
12:45 pm
i dugout other athletes may hound them. >> yeah. but i think this year it's a little different because they are staying on a yacht. >> just the sound of that. >> right, right. if they were at a holiday inn, i get it. i get your cause. a yacht does seem with the 27. >> are you with the 27? >> a little. >> they have stayed on a yacht before in one of their olympics. other than that, they stayed in hotels. >> right, holiday inns. >> i don't think it's a problem. i am used to it. i am with the people. >> well, hopefully they win gold. otherwise, probably -- >> people will turn? >> yeah. >> stay on that yacht and don't come home. >> jason applebaum, thank you so much. pro football was set to kick off this weekend but the hall of fame in canton, ohio was canceled because of poor field conditions. the green bay packers and indianapolis colts were supposed to play last night. there was a problem with the
12:46 pm
field. they said it's like cement. crews sprayed solvent on the paint but the game was canceled. both teams stayed in the stadium and instead hosted a fan fest type of event. fans will be getting refunds. >> what do you think about that? >> that is unbelievable. >> that's very embarrassing. >> you are wondering, couldn't they move it to monday or another high school. should we just cancel all the preseason games? >> i am a big fan of reducing them. i think one to two is fine. four and then you pay full price if you go to the games. and then you see guys who will never make the team play. it's important for the treatments to get reps for the coaches. but it's one of the biggest rip- offs in all of sports. >> is that this weekend? >> sunday.
12:47 pm
the giants did waste a complete game on madison bumgarner who tossed eight innings as they lost the series with the washington nationals. giants had some chances to store in yesterday's 1-0 loss with two on and two there. then in the bottom half of the inning a solo shot. one of only two hits in the game he allowed. the giants begin a three-game series in miami before flying back to san francisco. the a's struggling. they were swept by the cubs over the weekend. sean manaea another quality start yesterday allowing two runs on six hits. he could not get the run support needed to overcome the cubs' lead. the a's got a home from siemian in the eighth but lost 3-1. the a's host the baltimore orioles for a four-game series starting tonight. then baltimore heads across the bay to take on the giants for three. weather-wise, jason and mike are ready for football.
12:48 pm
rosemary, could we get some chilly temperatures to go with that? >> that is hard to believe. football on sunday. no, it is not going to feel like fall. we are looking at some pretty nice weather. our temperatures will warm a bit as we get into your weekend. if you are going to see the orioles and the a's this evening, mid 60s, lowering back to the low 60s. a nice one there. bring along a jacket. bit evening it will turn cool with mostly clear skies. here is a live look at mostly clear skies across the bay towards the east. a little bit of haze there. air quality is good to moderate. i talked about this at the start of our show. about a half hour ago. if you are just joining us, the soberanes fire is getting warmer and we are looking at 90 degrees for your ridges there. there is a north breeze. it's generally light right now. that north breeze is going to kick that smoke to the south. we are not going to have any smoke in our neighborhood today. the winds are expected to kick up just a little bit tonight. that could pose a little bit of a problem for folks out there. the relative humidity at some higher elevations with the warmer weather in place down to 10% relative humidity. here is a look at the system
12:49 pm
that continues to bring us pleasant weather. cool at the coast. mild around the bay. warm inland. temperatures today a few degrees warmer than yesterday. the marine layer not quite as deep. here is a look at the cloud cover on the west side of san francisco there. ocean beach stretches through and around to pacifica. we have a little bit of clearing here right about pacifica and half moon bay. so a few pockets of sunshine there. and santa cruz beginning to see a little bit here as well as capitola. as we get into the afternoon partly cloudy skies at the coast. mostly clear elsewhere. the onshore breeze 13 at fairfield right now. an onshore breeze in napa 8. a light, light breeze in santa rosa at 3. look at the numbers. 70s inland. nice weather outside. napa 74. 78 in livermore. warm for walnut creek. 81 degrees. 65 oakland. 69 sfo. 66 in san francisco. in the last half hour 3 to 6 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. unless you are in areas like santa rosa, 7, 8 degrees warmer at this hour.
12:50 pm
for the afternoon mid 80s for santa rosa. 83 novato. upper 70s san rafael. inland a warm one. 92 antioch. 92 brentwood. south bay locations 80 san jose, morgan hill you are expected to go to 85. 75 santa cruz with partly cloudy skies. 75 san mateo with mostly clear skies and 66 expected in the city for the afternoon. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures won't change a whole lot getting into tuesday, wednesday. by thursday and into friday our inland communities begin to feel a warm-up. low-to-mid 90s in the forecast expected as we get into your bay area weekend. around the bay nice mild to warm weather. 70s. a few low 80s and 60s remaining at the coast. to sum it up, i think that weather looks good. >> thanks, rosemary. caesar palace celebrated their 50th anniversary with bang. coming up, what gordon ramsey says about the celebration, and he talks about the vegas food scene as well as the celebrity
12:51 pm
chef he would love to challenge to the ultimate live vegas throwdown. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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over the weekend ceasar's palace in las vegas celebrated their 50th anniversary with a big bash and fireworks display.
12:54 pm
celebrity chef gordon ramsey was on hand for the festivities. and michelle paulino caught up with him about the milestone celebration and how the vegas food scene has changed since the resort opened. >> reporter: his empire continues to grow, 30 restaurants, several books, four fox tv shows and now he is landing support in las vegas to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ceasars palace. >> 1966 was an amazing year. not just for ceasar's palace, but it's the one and only time england won the world cup and a certain chef was born in 1966. >> reporter: he knows how much the food scene has change inside vegas over the years. >> for me it's one of the most sought after foodie capitols in the world. on the entertainment front, it's mind blowing. >> reporter: ramsey will be opening his fourth eatery in
12:55 pm
sin city and he talked about why it's such a desirable location for chefs. >> every top chef in the world wants to be here, whether it's the best chef in spain, paris. they want to be here. chefs as far as australia are pitching to set up business here. what does that say? the produce is incredible. every top purveyor is here now. great ingredients from the west. you know, some of the best beef in the world is here in vegas. so, you know, the demand is huge. >> reporter: on the small screen he will begin the 16th year of hell's kitchen, and he is currently hoping to find the next master chef. >> you want to see a phenomenon this year that we haven't seen, when we get down to the top five, top four, top three, it's quite breathtaking. >> reporter: with all his success there is one thing he has left on his to-do list.
12:56 pm
a friendly competition with a fellow ceasar's restaurateur. >> there is one more thing as a 49-year-old talented chef that i am dying do. i would like bobby flay to sign that deal to go up against him and have a live cook-off, which i have been asking for the last two years to go up against here in the middle of ceasar's palace, for him and i to have the ultimate throwdown. >> in hollywood, michelle paulino, fox news. we will check stocks. not too much movement from where we were just about 20 minutes ago. minutes ahead of the close the dow jones is on track to close ever so slightly down. the same on the s&p and the nasdaq. well, the department of homeland security is hoping to partner up with drone makers. >> the department met with silicon valley entrepreneurs to outline what they need from drones. today on "the 4 on 2" we will talk to one drone maker who was at the meeting with homeland security last week and talk about what they can do to keep our nation safe as well as ask
12:57 pm
about privacy concerns. that story and of course much more today on "the 4 on 2". >> nice to have you back after a week away. >> great being back. thank you for joining us every single day. there is no bridge prettier. we will see you back for "the 4 on 2".
12:58 pm
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>> beef with america's beef. >> disgusting, with the excess of that. >> see why cattle ranchers are blowing the lid off the industry. >> consumers are voting with their wallets. >> what they uncover could change the way you eat beef. plus, do you want -- of course you do. the health food doctors are begging you not to eat. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: we'll save lives today. you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers]


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