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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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and unemployment. >> we are ready to show the world that america is back. >> trump who has been trying to shake more than a week's worth of bad press amid a string of self-propelled controversy was interrupted several times by protestors especially when trying to draw components between himself and hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton short circuited again to use a now famous term, when she accidently told the truth and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. >> among the highlights of his economic plan, trump is proposing an across the board tax cut and wants to eliminate the death tax, offer a full deduction of all child care ex- pensions and a samaritan percent corporate tax rate. >> this was the important step in a big uphill come back for donald trump. the question now is whether he will stay on message. >> meanwhile hillary clinton, who's seeing a boost to her numbers in several key swing states, has been focusing on
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jobs and the economy as well. clinton toured a brewery ahead of a rally in florida today where polls there still show a very close race. >> it's really outrageous to me that somebody who claims to be so successful has done it by stiffing hard working americans. >> clinton's campaign says she'll counter trump's economic plan with an address of her own later this week. in washington, fox news. a group of young californiaens rallied in sacramento today for more education funding. students and youth advocates gathered on the steps of the capital building. for the past 30 years spending on prisons has gone up three times faster than spending on education. they want state lawmakers to redistrict money spent on encourse rating youth and immigrants to educational programs. >> they're really here to talk about california, the way you spend money is the way you prioritize us.
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when you spend money on prisons, you're not prioritizing us as young people. >> lawmakers met with youth activists to hear their concerns. the mother of one of the two sky divers killed saturday in lodi said making the jump was on her 18 year-old son's bucket list. tyler turner was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy. he was headed to the university of california merced to study bio-engineering and hoped to one day find a cure for the disorder. the mayor of stockton defends himself that he provided minors with alcohol and secretly recorded a strip poker game as his youth summer camp. melinda reports that anthony silva took to social media today to try to defend himself.
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>> mayor anthony silva said he's not guilty of the accusations that led to his arrest at silver lake camp last week. >> i'm certainly gonna fight this all the way. >> he told me in an exclusive one on one and he shall view friday that -- interview friday that the arrest was a political stunt. he posed the truth is the elite and old guard never wanted me to become mayor and they have made it extremely difficult. >> it's politics in stockton. >> he also posted the intention of the latest headlines is not to convict me of anything but take my only strength: the people. today people are reacting to the major's arrest. >> i really do like anthony silva but sometimes it's a corning position and this is why all the stuff happens. you know, he's good for the kids and the community and all of that, but when it comes to getting around and messing
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around, you enjoy kids and have fun with kids but if you gave them alcohol, you got to go. >> some parents and people are questioning the timing. >> if you knew him and knew him away before he went to camp with these kids, you should have went and did your business because now you're putting kids involved so who do the parents think that's a bad person? it's not him. >> see what happens in court. only way to find out. >> silva also posted when a member of the city council got a dui, i did not judge. coming up, a ktvu reporter is put to the test. see how a south bay police department is showing the danger officers put themselves in day after day. and a 12 year-old girl working to give back to those in need. how her lemonade stand is helping the less fortunate. >> it's not about, like, getting, like, publicity, it's act knowing you did something
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ the mayor of los angeles is in rio to make his pitch to bring the olympics to his city. eric says the olympic committee is keeping a close eye on the upcoming u.s. election for president. the possibility that donald trump could become president has been a major topic of conversation. >> even the thread of that, talk of that, the idea that we
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would exclude people based on who they are and our boarders gives us urgency to having things like the olympics underscore who we are and what we're about. >> los angeles is competing against paris, rome and budapest for the 2020 games. los angeles previously hosted the olympics back in 1932 and again in 1984. a 12 year-old girl in orange county selling lemonade nor the section year in a row to help the homeless. she started her lemonade stand at the age of 6. she earned $300 that year and donated all of the proceeds to the we care program that helps the homeless. the summer lemonade stand has become an annual tradition. she's raised more than $16,000 and hopes to bring in another $10,000 this summer. >> i said he doesn't have a place to go, and that bothered her so much. >> i thought it wasn't fair that some people have to live
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that way. >> local restaurants are also donating to the cause and jajlin is also raising money on a go fund me page. still to come, police department showing the public how difficult it is to be an officer. jessie strapped on a holster and put to the test. how he inned up shooting an unarmed man. we're tracking that forecast and a lot of fog out there but it'll be warmer than the week we saw prior. which day will be the warmest.
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the san jose police department is working to show the public how it trains its officers in the use of force. ktvu south bay reporter jessie suited up today and tried out a simulation of real life police situations. >> strapping on a police belt with digital weapons, my simulation begins. >> walking behind a police department and this is what you run into. >>reporter: a robbery in progress, the victim yelling, i can't tell what. is that one of his arpaios under his shirt hiding something? in an instant later he's shooting at me. i'm in the open with my gun in its holster. likely outcome, i'm dead. during the briefing, teddy davis details some of what i did wrong. >> he turns around to you and says he's got a gun. he tells you that. >>reporter: it's one of the
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many lessons taught in the simulator and classroom of this 24 hour training. every month they hone in decision making skills. the department's technical conduct code for tack tickets and slowing down the pace of potentially violent situations. >> to ensure that our officers have deescalation on their mind when going into a situation that would be physical force. >>reporter: police involved shooting july 4. relatives called 911 saying 18 year-old anthony nunez was depressed suicidal and armed. officers retreated across the treat and talked 20 minutes till nunez pointed his handgun at them and that's when they used deadly forced killing him. >> it's something we try not to use on a regular basis but there are times in law enforcement that it is necessary. >>reporter: warranted and unwarranted is razor thin and difficult to see in a blink of
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an eye. i'm given a second chance with the simulator. this time i'm ready. no desire to be fig tivoli killed -- figuratively again. this time training officer anthony changes the outcome and this guy comes at me and i'm looking for his gun. i remember he had a gun last time i shoot. there is no gun and i just shot an unarmed man. in south san jose,ktvu fox tv news. the official search for bay area hiker missing in oregon has been called off. his family isn't giving up hope he's out there somewhere alive. 21 year-old riley graduated from high school and attended college in portland. went on an overnight hike in oregon's jefferson wilderness 1 days ago -- 12 days ago and
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never sensings. 340 people spent about 5,000 hours searching hundreds of square miles but found nothing. his family has hired a private helicopter to continue for the search. check of our weather now. bill martin is in the weather center and is it cooler still than normal for this time of year? >> yeah, cooler than average in some place ands all week, julie, all last week we had the below average temperatures, really a grand help for firefighters. today was slightly warmer but schooler than you might expect for august. take a quick look around the country if you're traveling tomorrow, disturbance around jacksonville and atlanta. in miami as well so some thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon but showers on and off all day. then oklahoma city and dallas, you've had thunderstorms as well. after that, you come out west and we've got fog, a lot of it. it's back at the coast and as it works its way into the coast, temperatures are cooling
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rapidly so instead of low 60s where they were today, coastal temperatures are working their way into the 50s. sunset district, you've got fog, everybody, fog. throughout the avenues. this fog will push in over the tower and up other twin peaks and into the livermore valley by the morning. a little bit of patchy fog in the morning. we could see morning fog here but we're splitting hairs. not a lot going on in the weather except a slight warmup. today was kind of a cool, mild day brought to you by this low pressure to the north of us. high is edging its way in. talked act it earlier. low wants to linger above us. it's not a real powerful, you know, high pressure center. so the heat will be in the valley, mid 90s, upper 90s along the coast even.
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that means tomorrow in san francisco, you wake up and clouds. lunchtime, mostly sunny. just mid 60s and daytime high in san francisco about 68 degrees. we can look at more cities, 90 in fairfield away from that marine layer. not a bad day. not that a typical at all really. 89 degrees just coming short of 90, 85 in morgan hill. tomorrow we'll warmer than today which was a little warmer than yesterday. temperatures on wednesday trend down a bit and they come back up as we head towards the weekend with highs back in the 90s. real subtle changes. this probably is the week i should have taken off actually. this would be the week to be off. not a lot going an. i'll think of something but it is going to be foggy nights and
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morning. some drizzle and fire danger down. a young hump back whale that washed up in seattle has died. hundreds of people came out over the weekend so see the stranded hump back. the emaciated whale was between 1-3 years old. the whale was old enough to survive on its own but young enough to still be volunteerism initial. they tried -- vulnerable. they tried everything they could to keep him alive. >> they were trying to keep it wet and calm and just to see if we could wait till the tide rose again and get it back out in the water square foot this is a third time a hump back stranded in the seattle area this year. marine buy olasenis are hoping to -- biologists are hoping to use this as a opportunity to learn about the hump back whale population and what may be causing them to come up on shore. guns and roses getting
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ready for their big show tomorrow. crews were setting up and putting on the final touches. it takes 36 trucks loaded with production materials to make this show happen. >> we started four days ago with the steel, it's three 12 hour shifts, they put it up and today's another 8 hour day and we're done and ready for the band tomorrow morning. >> all right, guns and roses began its tour on april 1 in los angeles. it's the first live performance in more than 20 years. the visits are the -- struts are the opening band and tickets are still available. >> slash is the name of the singer? >> yeah. the 49ers prepare for their first exhibition game this week with a serious concerner back position in high gear.
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a loaded team of high expectations. sports is next. sales event. d m
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. joe is here with sports. giants manager in the hospital and the giants are continuing
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to struggle. >> good things have been happening. the giants continue to try and break out of their postall star break. the three city road trip tonight takes them to miami where manager bruce is not in the dugout. this morning he was taken to a miami hospital where he'll be monitored overnight. the giants aren't saying anything more specific but that he's resting comfortably. the 61 year-old did have a heart procedure 18 months ago during spring training to have two stints inserted. the coach is taking his place as the manager. they expect bochy to be managing tomorrow night. the giants tried to come off the mat will him at the helm. first it was martin prado with a two run shot. that was followed by this solo short by christian yellen. the marlins took a 5-1 lead
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into the seventh and the giants came alive. brandon just missing a home run with this drive to right center. both runners will score and that made it a five to three game. here comes angel pagan. it made it 5-4 and hunter pence black eye and all, the giant haves taken the lead on a wild pitch. they're in the seventh with san francisco now leading by a score of 6-5. well, if you're a bubble player, you have to like your chances of making the 49er roster this summer. with a new coach and team full of young players, there are too many positions already manned by veterans. high profile battling camp is the one for the starting quarterback. chip kelly's offense requires the quarterback to be athletic and the ability to make good decisions. blaine and colin kaepernick
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will determine who starts the season on the monday night game against the rams. both quarterbacks are singing the same tune. >> they're competing against everybody. competing against the defense, keeping against cap, competing against the other quarterbacks but i'm pretty internally motivated. go out there and put my best foot forward every day and if each guy on offense can do that and come together as a group. gonna be pretty explosive high powered offense. >> i'm competing against everybody. i go out there and competing against myself and the defense. out there competing doing everything i can to make sure every came we win. it's a competition so i'm treating this no different than i have in the past. >> all right, maybe somebody's talking to those guys. stanford's football team will begin as the seventh ranked team in the country. they opened practice for the first game of the season on home on friday september 2. the
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cardinal's are the preseason heisman trophy favorite. he'll let his team know what he thinks of preseason ranking. >> i reminded them of that feeling of everyone telling us how great we are on the way last year. and how much we sucked on the way back. the only difference was we didn't play well. so it's all about how we play. people can love us or hate us but if the guys aren't playing for respect or rankings, we're playing for wins. >> even if we're not number one, we're playing for win ands we need to focus on us and execute. >> it was a breeze for the men's u.s. basketball team in the summer olympics. u.s. tied after one quarter at 18 all with venezula.
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paul george led the u.s. with 20 points to go 2-0. u.s. plays on wednesday against australia. we leave you with a preseason hockey game with a team based in china and the other in kazikst a, n. he'll go after one guy and another who's minding his own business. he went over to the bench and decided to take on the whole team based from shy that. there he's -- china. there's he's outin your opinioned. maybe just a little bit smaller than the other guys out there too. >> that's a preseason game. joab, joe, thanks. medical school our coverage continues right now over at ktvu plus. ken and heather are standing by. >> julie, and frank, much more on that tainted candy that made people sick at a birthday celebration in san francisco. new information about drones. that story and more on the 7 on
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