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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the posh restaurant sons and daughters. his body was found in a stairwell, police are calling it a homicide, but won't say how he was killed. this they closed the -- they closed the doors of restaurant in honor of frank, and said we are shocked and devastated by frank's passing. we are a close knit team that operates like a small family. sources close to the investigation tell ktvu that galicia's body was not fully clothed. he was said to be on the quiet side, and had a passion of food. anyone with information with regards to the case is urged to call police. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >. also in san francisco a bullet grazed the hand of a 5- year-old girl playing outside in the bay view district.
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police said it happened at 5:15 last night near hudson avenue. a girl was taken to the hospital and treated for the injury. investigators are looking for three men in their 20s standing near the girl at the time of the shooting. new at 5:00, high end wines, huge debts and thousands of customers who say they never not what they paid for. >> the bankrupt owner of a berkeley wine store pleaded guilty today. he was running aponzi scheme promising pricy bottles of wines but he never delivered them to customers. >> the judge told john fox to expect a 5 million dollars restitution order, but the question remains will the victims will see a dime? >> reporter: ktvu cameras were rolling as john fox turned himself in to the us marshals
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today. he wouldn't say why he and his company stiffed customers around the world. he's facing over a dozen civil lawsuits, and he pleaded guilty to wire fraud for scamming a customer who says he bought over a million dollars in french wine that he never received. he admitted to using customer's money to pay for his house, his daughter's tuition, and cars. he said he spent $900,000 for women he met online. cameras weren't allowed in court as fox entered the plea. as part of a plea deal fox is expected to be sentenced to six and a half years in prison in what the judge called a wine ponzi seem. >> he worked -- scheme. >> he worked at the business for many years, and he's truly sorry and trying to make amends now by pleading guilty.
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>> reporter: but many of his customers don't expect much. after waiting years and never getting their bottles, fox left them with a bitter taste. now he owes at least $45 million to customers, on of 6.5 million he owns creditors, but he declared bankruptcy. lawsuits filed over the fraud are now on hold. >> he'll try and make restitution the best he can because that's part of judgment that's going to be against him. is he going to be able to pay $45 million? i have no idea. >> reporter: a spoke to one victim from new york who thinks he know it is answer. >> once we learned this was not just a case of wines being delayed and received and shipped out late, that it was a scheme to roll forward delivery, and a ponzi scheme i
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knew i wasn't going to receive a cent. >> reporter: he'll remain in custody after his sentencing in december. >> henry, in a case like this, do we know where he might be sent to serve his term, and of that 6 and a half years how much do you think he'll actually end up serving? >> in the federal system you can be sent anywhere in the country, but he can request something close to home, and with good behavior he could shave off a year. >> this seems like a rather elaborate scheme, but we were talking and right now it only points to him in being involved. >> right, he's on the hook by himself. no one else charged. >> and again, these people probably will be lucky to get anything at all. >> yeah. >> that's right, no wine and certainly not their money back. >> thank you. a toddler is being treated
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at stanford medical center for serious injuries after he fell from a third story window at his home in foster city. rescue crews say the 18 month old fell about 25 feet. they got the call at 8:20 this morning and responded to the apartments and quickly called for a medical helicopter to take the little boy to the hospital. >> at the time our initial contact, the child was unresponsive, and the child was doing a little better as he was taken to the ambulance. >> fire crews say the boy's parents were home at the time, and went with him to stanford medical center. police in foster city say there's no indication that was anything but on accident. we are still months away from the start of murder trial of that undocumented immigrant charged with shooting and killing a woman along the san francisco pier. a hearing was held this morning in san francisco for sanchez. the judge set a date of december 2nd to assign a courtroom for jury selection, but the public defender and the
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district attorney's office predict actual testimony won't start until next year. that's because of all the pre- trial motions and people involved in the case taking vacation during the holidays. >. >> there's no case ever prosecuted in san francisco based on a ricochet bullet hitting another surface we're aware of. >> sanchez's attorneys say the shooting was an accident, and he found the gun and was aiming at sea lions when a shot was fired and killed the woman who was walking with her father on the city's water front when she was killed. and what's seen as a response to donald trump's economic speech, hillary clinton is in michigan talking about jobs. she's trying to draw a sharp contrast between herself and the republican nominee. here's what her plan would do. >> reporter: speaking at a
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warren, michigan engineering company, hillary clinton gave her response to donald trump's economic plan. >> i believe every american willing to work hard should be able to find a judge with pride and able to support a family. >> reporter: with her jobs moving jobs overseas would be possiblized, and want -- possiblized -- personalized. -- possiblized. >> reporter: and clinton used the opportunity to contrast her views to donald trump, and her style. carefully scripted. trump had top spend much of this week explaining away or doubling down on his off the
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cuff remarks, including the newest assessor that both hillary clinton and president obama are responsible for the rise of the islamic state. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> reporter: dozens of republicans sent a letter to the rnc asking them to suspend money to his campaign, but they're bound by both charter and contract to support the nominee financially and otherwise. fox news. new antiterror measures are being put in place in france and germ mark ibanez following a series -- germany following a series of attacks in the recent weeks including faster deportation, longer detentions and breaching of doctor patient confidentiality in some cases. they say the response to the attacks will be based on logic though, and not fear. >> what is certain is that our
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country won't answer to the violence of perpetrators with hate and division. we'll not grant the terrorists that victory. >> they hope the new measures can be in place before the next national election scheduled for september of next year. a mississippi woman who tried to join staying open islamic -- the islamic state was sentenced to 12 years in prison. her fiancie pled guilty back in march. her family says shed to islam during an emotional crisis. in court she apologized for her actions and embarrassing her family. skyrocketing rents is nothing new in the bay area, but what these renters did to protests the skyrocketing rents is. the rent revolt now on in a south bay apartment complex. >. three months before california voters go to the
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polls to potentially legalize marijuana, the d. e. a. stands firm. why they decided today to keep pot classified at the same level at heroine and lsd. and the acting police chief speaking with the faith community on police reforms. and in weather temperatures trending way up away from the coastline. coming up the hottest day of the week could be flirting with is hundred degrees. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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today faith leaders held an important meeting on police reforms, and they heard from
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the police chief about the reforms after a series of controversial police shootings. alex savidge has what was accomplished at today's meeting. today the acting chief -- >> reporter: today the acting chief laid out the changes made at the san francisco police department to both limit the use of deadly force by officers, and improve the strained relationships between the department and communities of color. >> imagine what we can do if we all link arms and join forces and pull in the same direction [ applause ] >> reporter: the acting place chief reached -- police chief reached out to clergymens across the state -- clergy people across the state today. you'll remember back to june the police commission and police union agreed to a series of new rules dealing with use of force. those reforms are focused mainly on deescalation.
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the chief says officers are now using time and distance during dangerous encounter, and in fact pointed to a police stand off just last month with an armed man on market street that came to a peaceful conclusion. >> these officers would have been perfectly justified to shoot the individual, but they didn't. they embraced the training and our new mantra that everybody makes it home tonight. >> reporter: chaplain took over after the former chief was forcest forced out back in -- forced out back in may after a series of controversial police shooting. many hopes chaplain gets the permanent job. >> i believe the interim chief of police is dedicated to making genuine and lasting changes, so i'm pleased he's sharing that with the faith community. >> we like that he comes from san francisco. he's been around for awhile.
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but he also understands that it's a culture we have to change. he has the right spirit and heart, and that's all we can ask. >> reporter: he also told these in attendance today all officers are getting bias cameras and they're rolling out body worn cameras, and he said he'd like to get the permanent job as the chief in san francisco, and the mayor in attendance today said the decision should be made in the next couple of months. alex savidge, ktvu news. well, it doesn't matter if a state has legalized some form of marijuana use, the federal government still considers pot a dangerous substance. the drug enforcement administration said today it won't call for reclassifying marijuana, so pot remains a schedule 1 substance in the same class as lsd and ecstasy.
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the addition comes after -- decision comes after consulting with the health and human services agency. they concluded it has a high potential of abuse, and has no accepted medical use in the us. >> there are a million plus patients in the states using it on a consistent basis to help with hiv and aids and glaucoma and cancer and ptsd and even general pain. there are tens of thousands of doctors who are recommending medical marijuana in these states, but the federal government refuses to say there are any medical benefits. >> pot use in the country may soon grow more widespread. five states, including right here in california will see it on the ballots coming up in november. if asked, they will join four other states and dc in allowing the recreational use. and there's a warming trend away from the coastline happening today, but there were
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two different weather worlds. shivering at the beaches, and inland sweating in the 90s. with the warming weather pattern we have air quality to talk about. another spare the air alert. second day in a row for tomorrow. there's a chance it could be extended into the weekend as well. so with the pattern setting up, it caps the pollutants closer to the surface, and that's happening now, unhealthy levels for sensitive groups in the east bay for tomorrow as well. on the satellite there's the fog bank up and down the coastline, so with it the beach is not warming up too much. in fact pretty chilly there. we have the on shore wind transporting the fog and becoming very shallow. a dense marine layer pushing back into the bay heading into the overnight hours. current numbers out there. santa rosa at 72, san francisco 61, san jose 78 and 80s to report from livermore, walnut creek, concord and fairfield. here's the live camera looking out toward the bay bridge and san francisco, and you get the
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idea here, trying to squash the marine layer, that's an area of warm air setting up camp over the next few days. and the perseid meteor shower this year is going to be enhanced by jupiter as the gravitational pull pushes it closer to the earth's orbit. tonight into friday morning peaking, as much as a meteor per minute, so look up to the sky, and get away from the city lights and fog at the coast and near the bay. first thing tomorrow morning. dense fog out there. temperatures in the 50s. partly cloudy skies inland from livermore and out to antioch and fairfield, but here we go. the follow rushes back into the bay tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m., and then gradually pulling back to near the shoreline. one of those deals, especially driving highway 1, the golden gate bridge, it will definitely impact the visibility, so be extra careful. temperatures all sorts of colors, and brighter colors
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indicate the warmer temperatures inland. easily back up into the mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. concord 91, santa rosa 86. san francisco 68, and san jose mid-80s, and half moon bay 63 degrees. here's a look ahead. the five-day forecast. warm to hot for saturday away from the shoreline, so we really have not experienced a hot weather pattern coast-side just yet. it typically happens later august into september, and shaving off a few degrees for the second half of the weekend. saturday the warmest day of the upcoming weekend, and then maybe a little bump monday into tuesday, but if you want the best viewing for the meteor shower tonight, just set the clock for 2:00 a.m. >> sure, no problem! >> just go outside and look up. >> we could just hang out after the 10:00 news tonight. >> >. thank you. it's bricks against clicks. online shopping right now
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beating out brick and mortar stores. the new evidence that a retail giant is indeed struggling. and new concerns about pokemon go. why one lawmaker wants to keep that app away from sex offenders. >> there are some dangers, and we again want to make it public. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits.
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weand sustainability goals asool one of our top priorities.mental i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. after a year and a half of declining sales, macy's announced they're closing
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another 100 storms. tom baker has a look at the numbers. >> reporter: well the specific macy's that will close have not been announced and won't be until after the holiday shopping season some time in 2017. the new closures come on top of 77 previous closures since 2010. the latest hundred stores represent about a billion dollars a year in sales, but that's not enough to justify keeping them open. since there are a hundred macy's in california the state could lose up to 14 of them unless the booming economy helps them, but locations will stores close together could be at risk. >> there's an element of macy's not able to cope with a number of trends. not enough products consumers are buying, and where they are buying it. they're buying more online.
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>> reporter: in many cases the real estate is worth more than the store's ability to make long term profits. they're talking about selling it's san francisco union square store to redevelopers. >> the real estate for other purposes, redevelopment and so on, is actually increasing substantially, so when they compare the value of the assets, the real estate assets, to put them to use as a store or an office building or redeveloping it as residential even, then that's part of the decision. >> reporter: in january wal- mart announced a closure of 154 us stores. k-mart, office depot, office max, walgreens, barnes and noble and the gap have announced closures going on now or in the near future. >> it's happening in many
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industries. banking, we do much of it online and hardly visit branches. >> reporter: now wal-mart's of recent purchase of a website shows they intend when you go to browse on the internet that's where you'll also shop. reporting live, ktvu news. tenants refusing to pay more, the decision tonight that could mean the difference between people staying in the bay area or leaving for good. and new information on the couple that died after their sky driving equipment tonight work. what an investigation of the instructor has turned up.
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at at&t, we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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within 30 minute's judge in san jose could decide if some apartment residents will have to pay a huge rent increase that took effect the beginning of month. >> the cost increase has some people ready to bolt from the bay area and make their home elsewhere. jessie is live, and the question is what options are left for the renter? >> reporter: they can hope the judge does away from the increase all together, or lowers it to the point it's manageable, or they can pack up and prepare to move on. after six years of living in her studio apartment, she's ready to use the back up plan,
5:29 pm
pack up and leave. >> in the bay area there's nothing available it's cost effective for us, so we're looking outside the area, possibly outside of the state. >> reporter: she and others are fighting steep rent increases due to the new landlord's pass through, the additional cost he used to pay for the complex is paid for in higher rent for tenants. >> i have to take all my days off and use them to generate more income. >> reporter: though legal for rent control buildings, city council members recently eliminated the practice of pass throughs starting september 2nd, and as a result there's been a flurry of landlords trying to beat the deadline. >> there have been 15 happening just over the last few months, whereas previously we had about 15 in the last 5 years. >> reporter: the tenants at 85
5:30 pm
east taylor have revolted, refusing to pay the higher rents since the beginning of month. >> basically the guy has no heart. he's just in it financially and we're supposed to cover for him. >> reporter: arthur fought for the marines and now fighting for his fellow residents, even though his apartment recently had appliance upgrades, others look like this. relics from when ike was in office. this could be key in the judge siding with residents by reducing the pass through or eliminating it all together. >> if they can make the argument that the services have diminished, the rent increase won't bp as -- be as significant. >> reporter: we'll let you know what happens both through social media and on the 10:00 news tonight. back to you. >> and jessie, this is just one judge hearing this and deciding the outcome? >> reporter: that's right, and
5:31 pm
the process is closed to the public, so we can't go in and find out, we have to wait with until after to find out. i checked in with the management company managing the owner, and they said they have no comment, and won't say anything until the session is over. we'll know tonight by 10:00. >> and the people just sit back and wait. thank you. the median price of a single family home in san jose hit the million dollar mark. to be exact the national association of realtors says the median price tag is $1,085,000. they track 178 metro areas, and it all rights the median -- reports the median price price nation-wide is $240,000. >. prices on the peninsula also forcing people to make changes. a member of the transportation commission wrote a resignation letter and posted it online and it's gone viral. she says the cost of rent is
5:32 pm
ridiculous, and is causing even her and her family to move. >> reporter: yeah, in her letter, she discusses how housing prices have soared in palo alto and now living here is now out of reach for all but the wealthiest executives. kate is a lawyer, her husband steve a software engineer, but they're moving from the home they love because they simply can't afford it, and downing penned a letter of resignation this week for her volunteer post on the city's planning and transpouration commission, and she made it public. >> i'm looking at housing costs which are so far out of reach, even for up we were class professionals. >> reporter: her current rent, $6,200 a month split between four roommates. preponderance she wanted to buy the -- if she wanted to buy the home it would cost 2.7 million, and the monthly payment for
5:33 pm
mortgage and utilities would be over $12,000 a month. she say it's clear if professionals like me can't raise a family here, teacher, first responders, and service workers are in dire straits. >> it's not about us. our skills are in demand. we're going to be high. but if we can't raise a family here, i struggle to imagine who can. >> reporter: the problem kate says, an unwillingness by officials to take action in a town where the median home price is $2.5 million. she suggests building parents instead of penthouses -- apartments instead of penthouse, and suggests building apartments on top of retail. >> there are a lot of space for that to go in palo alto, but it's the will that's missing. it's believing the imbalance is actually a problem. >> reporter: officials declined to comment on downing's letter, but the response from other residents have been tremendous. the downings hope the
5:34 pm
conversation turns to, and they'll be watching from a new home notary public santa cruz. >> it's so bike friendly, walkable, and it was affordable to us. >> reporter: and the downings are not alone. they say they're among the last of their friends to move out of the area. frank? >> thank you. and tonight we learned the sky driving instructor killed in a tandem jump last weekend was not certified by the united states parachuting association. he and his passenger died when the chute failed to open. the faa is investigating the cause, and confirmed the man was never certified or licensed to be a tandem sky diving instructor. turner's mom says she would have never let her son jump if she'd known all the facts. >> i would have immediately, absolutely stopped everything. >> the united states parachute association says federal
5:35 pm
regulations require an instructor to be licensed with the organization, as well as complete an faa improved tandem instructor course including certification. police are looking for a teenage girl not seen since the past weekend. she's 15 years old p five feet five inches tall, weighing 200- pound. they haven't seen or heard from her since saturday. they don't believe she has access to a cell phone or money. they also say she hasn't used her social media accounts since going missing. if you have information you're asked to contact the police tip line. it's a summer camp for kids, but the goal here really is to change the booming tech industry. how the camp called science in the city plans to do that. it's something bike makers have been trying to figure out for years, how to make riding safer. a bay area company may have found a way, and they're
5:36 pm
showing it off at the olympics.
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millions of people are tuning in every night to the olympics, and now a bay area company is trying to cash in. check out this bike. specialized bikes based in morgan hill outfitted several riders in bikes that change colors depending on the weather condition. joining us more to talk more
5:39 pm
about this is slate olsen, so what could this mean nor bike safety -- for bike safety? in 2014 over a thousand riders were killed. >> yes, thank you they are beautiful bikes. really we set out first off to create something that's visible to athletes in the olympics, and we realized it's a huge opportunity to make sure bike riders are visible, it's something that can stand out and help make riders safer. >> how does this work? >> interesting, well the way it works is you get up to a certain temperature, in in case 72 degrees is what we set the limit at. the topcoat paint goes transparent and shows the color under. if you're in the coolness it's
5:40 pm
the normal color, if it's hot it shows the underneath color. up the hills it's red, down the hills it was yellow in the olympics you might have noticed. [ inaudible ] >> at some point, could this will work into technology where let's say you're riding our bike at night, and obviously you need to be seen at night, the bike would change into a brighter color? and if i'm not mistaken, this is kind of personal for you because wasn't someone who works with you just hit on a bike? >> yeah, we had a few unfortunate accidents recently. most recently this weekend, our head of human resources was struck by a car. luckily he's okay, but it definitely is an application, we also just released in the last couple of weeks a bike that we have in our city collection of fitness bikes
5:41 pm
that's completely reflective, so that paint that we created, it illuminates [ inaudible ] >> the bikes are spectacular. how expensive are we? >> well, we have a full range. right now at retail you can buy exactly what the riders are riding, and they're $10,000, and we also drop all the way down to our middle price paints, so you don't have to go to the top to have the look and feel. >> man, bikes sure have changed since when i was a kid. i noticed you're in a wind tunnel. how does the wind tunnel help you develop bikes? >> it's funny, everything we do we bring into the wind tunnel to test bikes from the olympics all the way down to regular bikes that we build for just
5:42 pm
cruising around, so this is a huge advantage whether it's bikes, apparel, equipment, and how we help riders with performance and speed or just getting across town. >> well the bikes are spectacular. we'll be looking for them at the olympics, and thank you both for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks. they're learning to build battery powered cars and circuit boards, but there's a bigger goal behind this science camp. >> and in weather, a warming trend across parts of bay area. we do have some fog keeping the coast on the cool side. coming up when a few spots will be flirts with 100 degrees. ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ middle school students getting a hands on learning experience at a camp called science in the city. rob roth found the goal is to get students excited enough about science to get them to pursue it as a career. >> reporter: no hiking at this oakland summer camp, here it's all about science like this fizz sicksless an about -- lesson about how clouds are formed, and in this room they're building circuit boards to power a fan. >> it's actually really cool
5:46 pm
because it's like cool batteries and electric stuff working inside of it. >> reporter: it's called science in the city, it's a program aimed at getting economically disadvantaged african american and latino students entered in science. the curriculum was designed by this stanford science professor that grew up in oakland. >> the idea is give them opportunities to experience since and be successful -- science and be successful early on. >> reporter: the hope is to fix the lack of diversity in the tech sector. >> the goal is to create the spark now because they have to go through challenging courses in high school and eventually college, and if they have an aversion to math and science now, they're more likely to not go into the subject matters. >> there's not a lot of black scientists that i know about at
5:47 pm
least, and i think that we need more. >> reporter: the camp seems to be showing learning about science can be fun, and even lead to a career some day. >> build video games and computers or stuff like that. i love technology. >> reporter: you like science? >> yes, but i'm hoping to have a football career. >> reporter: and a scientist? >> yeah, maybe. >> reporter: the key organizers say they're looking into starting after school science programs, and they expect to hold science camp next summer. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu news. >> those kids were sure cute. if you're willing to stay up late and get away from the city fog and lights you could be in for quite a show tonight in the sky. >> for the next two days we'll have tiny bits of comet dust entering the atmosphere and leaving streaks of light burning above our heads that we
5:48 pm
call meteors or shooting stars. >> he's talking about the annual peseid meteor shower, and this year should be extra spectacular. >> we're projecting anywhere from 160 to 200 meteors per hour this evening in the hours before down. >> nasa says it will be more than 10 years before we see another shower with that many. >> and we're talking a little about those, and i've been at the space and science center talking to people excited about seeing them, but i myself have never seen them. >> maybe driving home tonight. >> are they open? >> yes, for sure. but you don't even need a telescope. >> you can see it? it looks cool? >> yes, it's going across quickly, and we talked about
5:49 pm
how big the grains are, they're the size of grape nuts. the big ones. you think you're looking at a huge rock in the sky, but they're relatively small. so if you're away from the city lights and fog check it out. could be a nice sight in the bay area, but obvious we always have the going to talk about. but inland you have plenty of clear skies to watch the meteor show and look at the highs from this afternoon, seeing the 90s around livermore and antioch and concord. san jose pleasant. san francisco maxed out at 65, and the microclimates really starting to resurface. inland around 94, but the inland neighborhoods could get hot by saturday. on the satellite you see the clear skies near the sacramento
5:50 pm
valley and good portion of the bayer. current numbers, san jose 78, livermore mid-80s, san francisco checking in at 61. and we'll be hot inland for tomorrow. here's the live camera looking at the golden gate bridge, temperatures only in the 60s there. around the bay 70s, inland neighborhoods on track to reach the low to mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. for tomorrow it's a familiar forecast this time of year. what you expect, the temperatures soaring for the interior. the hottest day of the period is looking like saturday, temperatures inland around 95, possibly 98 degrees, and then the high starts to weaken sunday, and that's the source of cooler air by that time frame. watch out, tomorrow morning we could have dense fog and possibly mist or drizzle in san francisco across from the golden gate bridge and bay bridge soquel.
5:51 pm
and the clouds -- as well. and the clouds gradually retreat. close to 60 for the beaches. hottest locations 96 to 98. oakland 70s, and inland temperatures 95 to 96. san jose mid-80s, and san francisco 68. once again a spare the air alert for tomorrow with the air quality coming down with the hot weather pattern. also watching the fire danger as well. temperatures heating up inland saturday. we cool things off sunday, and minor warming early next week, but a familiar forecast for the bay area this time of year. 60s for the coast. inlab in the 90s. need -- inland in the 90s. neat to see the kids at the science camp. one year i helped judge a science fair in san jose, and
5:52 pm
they were so intelligent, i'm like wait what did you say? [ laughter ] still to come, the area was devastated by wildfire. burned out homes now replaced with a cash crop. coming up how they're dealing with a growing number of pot growers in calaveras county. and details on the bill about fully paid family leave. >> if your job isn't guaranteed when you come back a lot of people are taking that leap.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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the number of locally transmitted cases of zika in miami has now gone up to 25. the outbreak and centered in the winwood district north of miami, but the area effected is getting smaller as health officials have given the all clear sign for 14 blocks of the area. still pregnant women are being warned to stay away. later this month children will be heading back to school, and they will be allowed to wear long plants and long sleeved shirts though instead of usual uniforms, but they can't bring bug spray to school. they're told to apply it adepress ily at home. and -- aggressively at home. and a suit was filed in the death of a man in sacramento last month by police.
5:56 pm
police say he was seen roaming through an apartment complex with a knife. a civil rights attorney released court documents that he says shows one of two officers opening fire struggled with alcohol addiction. >> his alcoholism, his issues around mental health out there in terms of his family could cause him not to really fully appreciate how he was supposed to conduct himself. >> he say it is officers violated policies violated policies that are meant to help the mentally ill. close to a year after the butte fire devastated calaveras county, marijuana growers are flocking to the area to cash in on cannabis. the county is working to regulate the new cash crop as the sheriff's department calls in extra help to deter crime.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: behind the rolling hillsides and quaint communities, there's a lot of marijuana growing in calaveras county, and unlike nearby areas this county is regulating pot. >> if they're going to pay me and the county to regulate them, i'm all for that. >> reporter: if the sheriff had his way, he'd ban pot all together, but if may, days after -- in may, days after he was sworn in as sheriff, the county passed an ordinance to regulate it marijuana. >> it's here now, we have to deal with it. >> reporter: it's the result of a ripple effect says the sheriff. last september the 70,000-acre butte fire devastated this area. homes were reduced to ash. people left, and marijuana growers jumped on the opportunity. >> they come in and started buying up properties, and it just grew faster than i think anybody ever imagined. >> reporter: wednesday night the sheriff attended a meeting where dozens of community members shared concerns about crime and the need for neighborhood watch.
5:58 pm
>> at any given time we only have three to four officers on duty to patrol the entire county, and this is a large county, you know, it's not enough. >> reporter: the sheriff told them chp officers are coming in to help the small department for a few months. they are in fact planning on having patrol officers nikholm thephakaysone area during the -- in the area during the marijuana harvest. >> i'm hoping the extra presence of the cph driving around until the areas will deter people from wanting to come up and steal the marijuana. >> anyone that can help as a common effort is best for everybody. >> reporter: more law enforcement and more regulation as the county adapts to a growing industry that have the potential to make a big impact. the news at 6:00, starts now. >. he spent millions on a big house, fast cars, and women he met online.
5:59 pm
today the owner of a bay area wine company pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges, admitting he cheated thousands of customers out of millions of dollars. >> he worked at this business for 30 years, and he's truly sorry for what has happened. >> well, the judge in the case called it a ponzi scheme using women. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. a plea deal was reached today for the owner of the premier wine store in berkeley. he promised expensive bottles to paying customers, but never delivered. henry, he pleaded guilty today, and now he owes a lot of money? >> that's right, $45 million in fact. he's ordered to pay 45 million dollars to the customers, but the question is whether the victims will ever see a dime. >> reporter: ktvu cameras were
6:00 pm
rolling as john fox turned himself in. he wouldn't say why he and his company stiffed thousands of wine lovers around the world. he's facing half a dozen civil lawsuits from customers, and on thursday he pleaded guilty to wire fraud for scamming a customer from hong kong who bought a million dollars in french wine he never received. he admitted to using the money to pay for his mortgage, his daughter's college tuition, golf club membership, and cars. he spent $9,000 for women he met online. cameras weren't allowed in court as he entered the plea. as apartment of plea deal fox is expected to be sentenced to six and a half years in prison in what the judge called a wine ponzi scheme. >> he worked at this business for 30 years, and he's truly sorry for what happened. he's trying


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