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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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welcome to the 4:00 on 2. alongside ted rowlands and heather holmes. the san francisco judge has ordered the former tech ceo to spend a year in jail for violating the probation after convicted of the domestic violence three years ago, but there's a catch. >> yes, live for us now in san francisco. where that former ceo is now facing jail time. explain how the defendant in it this case was able to walk freely after the match? >> that is because they issued what will be called a stay in this case. after pleading guilty to two
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misdemeanors of the domestic violence and battery in april of 2014. and that video was not allowed as evidence, but that it was factored into the sentencing hearing. which is three years probation, but that they were accused of attacking another woman. and today they handed down that 12-month jail sentence. but that she issued a stay, which means that they do not have to serve their time until after that appeal is filed. >> and certainly that we would have preferred to see them. it doesn't seem right. >> reporter: and now speaking
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to the person closer to the medical effort. leading their penthouse. then in 2007, they brought their next company for $3 million. he was forced out from one. another ad tech company that they would found in their first domestic evidence. then they would recently step down, which he also launched. now as far as the appeal that it could take up to a year as they are both saying that they would achieve something, but they did not quite win, back to you. >> thank you. to developing news out of the south bay the stand up between the santa clara county employees and their county that have come to an end. picketing outside the courthouse over the past week. and that both parties just announced that they would have come to a salary agreement.
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the negotiations imploded overnight, resulting in 300 employees that will be walking off the job this morning and just this afternoon that they will release this statement, saying that we are pleased to announce that the parties have come together to reach an agreement as we understand that the bargaining team has been recommending their ratification of this agreement to their membership and that it will be voted on over the weekend. if ratified that we would expect our employees to return to work on monday and normal court operations will resume. they said good-bye to the young college baseball player who was shot and killed last saturday night in san francisco all while playing pokemon go. the funeral services were held today for the 20-year-old as the church in san mateo and that he would play baseball at their high school and that he was heading into the sophomore year in stockton. police saying that he was shot and killed while playing pokemon with a friend in san francisco's aquatic park. investigators say currently that there are no suspects.
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giving cities the power to pay more, to pay for more inspections. now this bill will come in the wake of this runaway tour bus accident in san francisco last november. 19 people were hurt in that crash. and an investigation found that the vehicle would have a history of their safety problems as they were back in 2014 and the motorized cable car tour bus that struck and killed that woman right in front of their city hall. the backers of the measure would say under current funding that they could only inspect about 30% of the tour buses. the bill would allow cities like san francisco to pay additional money to the chp to do more inspections. and what we would see is that i think that we could reach a tipping point by doing enough inspections that we would start to weed out some of these bad actors that would operate on our street. without really caring about each other or whether they were cut with that multipass or whether that driver was being trained properly. >> they say that they hope the bill will make it to the governor's desk. if it passes that the measure
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would take effect january 1. an employee at the denny's was taken to the hospital after the pickup truck crashed into the restaurant in fremont today. the driver of the white pickup started in the denny's parking lot, circled out of the driveway, then somehow lost control. that's when he would slam rear end first into the restaurant. the -- driver was uninjured with a couple of bumps and bruises. no words if they will face any charges. but it appears that it might be a case where the driver would mistake the gas for the brakes. >> when they would back up, that it is the particular one on this one here as they would go to hit the brake and their foot would get wedged in between the brake and the gas pedal and they start to speed up and push down harder, but the foot is also kind of on the gas. the harder they push, the faster that the vehicle would go, 180, they came right back in and slammed into the building. >> the officials say that the injured employees, they would
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be expect today be okay. this is all while under investigation. to the bay area qualities that will be unhealthy once again. and the air district would issue that they are spare the air alert. >> and it will be one today and tomorrow. and that you can see the coast will be socked in pretty good just a little bit of pocket of clearing right near their bridge. reporting 16 miles per hour, reported in oakland, and 10 reported in concord. as a result that the inland areas, that they would warm up yesterday. right now 95 degrees in fairfield. 92 in livermore. to the north bay mid-80s outside your door santa rosa around the bay. very comfortable with the upper 60s to the 70s. 78 in redwood city and san jose and here is a look at their 24- hour temperature change. notably warmer for fairfield, santa rosa, and napa this afternoon and a tad cooler in
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those areas around sfo. the giant-- and the a's are playing in the same time. mostly sunny skies at the westerly breeze to 10. if you are going to see the giants, make sure that you'll bring along a jacket that, it will be cooler there, expected at game time with partly cloudy skies and the westerly breeze. as we get into the bay area weekend, that the warm up will continue and i'll take a look at the numbers expected for your neighborhoods. back to you. the trump campaign will be meeting with the republican national committee this afternoon to discuss a strategy for how the campaign should now perceive in the wake of so much controversy. this as hillary clinton will release her 2015 tax returns today and that they are now challenging donald trump to do the same. >> reporter: donald trump is not happy over news that frustrated the republicans that have drafted a letter to the head of the rnc, urging the chairman to stop supporting trump's bid for the white house. >> and all they need to do is stop funding the republican
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party. i'm the one raising the money for them. >> reporter: but despite a week of back and forth inside that party, that they would appear in the trump rally in eerie, pennsylvania today. where he would introduce their gop nominee to a room of cheering supporters. >> most of them have really supported us. but some of them, they just can't get over it. you know what i say to them, get over it. you sign add -- signed a pledge. >> reporter: she is finding herself back on the defensive with a report surfacing earlier today, showing top clinton aides with taking part in the high-level tasks for the clintonfoundation. that it comes just days after the new documents from clinton's private e-mail server appeared to reveal a conflict of interest between the clinton states department and their clinton foundation. >> they need to stay on the offense with her. they need to attack her on their inside dealing. >> reporter: in an effort to
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shift that negative coverage back on her opponent, this afternoon hillary clinton released her 2015 personal tax returns, hammering trump over his refusal to do the same. today's move is likely to increase their pressure on him to do so. >> again donald trump is not releasing the tax returns because there is an audit as he says that once it is completed that he will release them. >> he knew our political reporter, the question that they would have is something like this one of the many issues that have come up daily as we have something new. >> do they really want to see them? or do they get lost in a lot of the noise? >> the e-mail scandal will be getting lost in all the noise, which is what the campaign will keep pushing back on today. why isn't she releasing the e- mail? when it comes with the tax return that it will be very important, paying below 20%, less than most americans as that will seem to move up the electric, thinking that it was
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unfair. 30% and that it will be precisely where hillary clinton is as we also know that she is donating 20% of her and her husband's income to charities. so everyone wants to know is he paying his fair share? is he giving any money to charity? >> and is he making the money that he claims that he makes? >> when you don't release it that it will raise more questions and people are just curious what will be in the tax returns? >> keep that in mind that he claims that he will be worth $10 billion is that true? that many people have looked into this with at least one newspaper that will be reported that he is only worth $700 million. far from $10 billion, right? and everyone wants to know at least how much did he make and what was their effective tax rate that they do not need to release their full document. and so far that he has disclosed nothing. >> and i predict that he will show something. coming up, today is
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elephant day. a look at their black market ivory trade and how some people are perfectly trying to stop it. yeah, and also a terminally ill california woman throws a party before ending her life. we are going to talk live to the woman's sister about the gathering and the one rule for all of the guests who attended. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. it's a chance to say good- bye to family and friends. a two-day party thrown by betsy davis.
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the 41-year-old artist with als, lou gehrigs disease, and by the people to celebrate before taking a lethal dose of drugs to enter life. there is one rule folks at this party, no crying in front of her. at the end of that gathering, davis kissed all of those guests good-bye, took a photo, and it was wheeled to a bed on the hillside where she would take that life-ending medication. davis' story has spread online, shining a spotlight on california's new law that would allow dying patients to end their lives surrounded by joy and love. i'm joined now via skype to talk about us with her impact over the weekend. when i see the photos i see a beautiful weekend. >> yeah, it was really great and i'm glad that her friend was there to capture it all on camera that it meant a lot. >> can you tell us why your sister wanted to do it this way? >> yeah, they are such a
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devastating disease. she was having a lot of trouble speaking. she was having trouble eating and she just knew what the future would hold for her, they often died from suffocation, joking as she didn't want that to be their future and she is a very talented artist, a very creative person and kind of planned the whole joyful party as a way to kind of avert the whole idea back, bring her closest friends together to celebrate her life. and, you know to have a good time before saying good-bye. >> when you look at these photographs that everyone, including the sister seems to be full of life. >> yes. >> they grin ear to ear, but that there has to be something to know what the word is and maybe strange that when you knew what was going to be
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coming for the end of this party if you will? >> yes, she would live in that moment. and i think that a lot of her friends did too. even though we were there and we would look at that watch and say in a few hours that i'm not going to have a sister anymore. that it was still, we were able to shift back to having as much fun as we could and just really enjoying our time with her. a lot of laughter. really good food, good music. and so she just kind of kept us all focused on wanting it to be a joyous occasion. >> i'm guessing why she came up with the one rule, no crying for her. >> yeah. >> let me talk a little bit about that moment when she was wheels up to that bed on the hillside. can you describe that for me?
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>> and she was just really focused on what was going to happen. >> just to make sure that she was relaxed. she is so brave, just so brave. and there wasn't a second where she would seem to doubt her decision, that she said that, you know, she was going to continue on to her next adventure and that that was the mind set that she would seem to have, going on to something new. that's what was going to happen. >> and your sister was one of the first here in california to take a lethal dose of drugs under the state. the doctor assisted suicide law for the terminally ill. what do you say to those who is -- who have argumented that it will be wrong? >> she was going to die anyhow that one of the things receive had said is that she didn't
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want to be intuned in her own body to allow her to take her own life after she had lost so much. and then really, you know, make it the joyous occasion. and this law that will give patience a choice. when, you know, that it was a fatal disease that would cause so much chaos and uncertainty. that it will give them the option to do things on their own terms. and that they would show how beautiful that it could be. and that we are so proud of her for that. >> thank you so much for talking with us. and that they want to take a look at pictures. and a beautiful smile. and exactly the right to die legislation, that it will be pushed through.
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that this are strict guidelines set forth bit end of life option. and to make the decision. but also that they would make two verbal requests for the drugs 15 days apart. and then self-administer. well today is world elephant day. it is designed to help bring awareness to help the gentle giants. >> yeah, according to the largest estimates, about 100 african elephants will be illegally poached and slaughtered every day with the ivory tasks. and what they would have underway, the other african nations.
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the wholesale slaughter and exportation of elephant ivory, the rhino horns. the chinese correctly say to the other nations including the u.s. have some level of trade in illegal ivory. the laws in the u.s. and europe, they are now weaving such illegal trade out. the secret location such as this, the u.s. fish and wildlife service has placed sniffer dogs to root out ivory tusks and rhino horns with some success. but the slaughter will continue because of demand. across the sites china's new wildlife law is placing consumption over improvising. >> and the nature exploitation that will be debatable for the law. and actually that protection is the exception. >> yet the chinese will closely protect two of their own seemingly sacred species. >> and they would reveal the
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pandas, but even more than pandas that they would reveal their own elephant. first they are not concerned about the elephants and the rhinos. and other nations, that they do not have the same concern. >> reporter: they say that 1,338 rhinos were poached in africa last year. the sixth year in a row where the number has increased. with the increasing rate that the remaining 25,000 rhinos may be gone in a decade, the elephants may be gone in 15 to 20 years. >> i think that it will be the first time in their human history that it is the destiny of the entire species that will be in the hands of one single person. and the president of china. that he would need to shut down the legal domestic market in china. >> the enormous quantity on the library and that they are laundered every year and they know about that. >> reporter: the elephants are simply doomed. though they said that china is
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banning illegal wildlife trade, the slaughters are still going on. experts say that they could buy up all of china's ivory illegally held at retail prices for half a billion dollars. and yet the slaughter will go on. one suggestion that i heard in africa several times, that americans in dc, atlanta, memphis, and san diego, as well as those in other nations should deport their pandas back to china until the chinese respect other nations and their wildlife. >> and every single captive panda in the world will belong to china, even though in the americans that they would lose right now. and that they have to pay the government just $1 million per year to have a panda and that actually panda's conservation in china that will be paid with the american money. and that people are going to the american zoos with the pandas. i think that it will be a great idea, pushing them a little bit
4:23 pm
more. >> they would have deep complications for the chinese. >> it will be a greater idea. of course, that it will be all ready, just hundreds of those kind of additions, asking them to do just that on the white light. that there is nothing around panda. and no, i think that it will be a real good idea. >> tom vacar fox 2 news. well, he was a teen when he was convicted of helping his uncle murder a woman. now the conviction has been overturned. the surprising new developments in this murder case will be a big netflix series making a murderer. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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we have a sad update for you, the boy fell about 25 feet yesterday. the child was rushed by helicopter, but he still couldn't make it. this is no indication that it is anything, but an accident. developing news to tell you about in san francisco where a tree fell and injured a woman. the 36-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. it all happened just a short time ago at north beach on the columbus area next on
4:27 pm
washington square park. fire crews said that they would wave 100 pounds and fell from about 50 feet. and some people living in san jose are upset saying that they would have in their words murdered trees, that it will be happening just outside their blend area as they would suspect that the vandals would show you the trunks off in the middle of the night. it happened three weeks ago as they were spent on the trees. the city councilman who would represent their district is offering a reward, leading to the arrest of the man. this morning the small business administration would open up the lone outreach center in san francisco to help those who lost their homes and businesses in a massive fire back in june. it happened in the ferno heights of san francisco neighborhood. they are offered up a loan of up to $2 million for affected
4:28 pm
businesses and $42,000 for renters. they'll operate under the mission economic development agency office, and it will be open on weekdays through august 26. well, a documentary viewed millions of times on netflix. and now that the judge has overturned their conviction of one of the main subjects in that documentary called making a murderer. plus, we will be learning more about grizzly murder in the upscale bay area neighborhood and their suspect is now behind bars without bail. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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at judge revokes bail for a danville man accused of beating his wife to death inside their blackhawk home. john teixeira was released this week. but today based on the circumstances, there will be no bail in this case. it is the topic of today's verdict. we are joined by michael cardoza. john teixeira, we were both in court today when this happened. the judge, he ruled no bail, and that is because of the degree of severity of this crime? he is accused of killing his wife with a hammer, hitting her more than 20 times. basically the judge didn't have a choice? >> well by law, once the district attorney charges this type of special circumstances,
4:32 pm
and that it means that he'll be eligible for their death penalty, once that is done, then by law there is no bail, but it is a little squirrely because they get arrested. >> right. >> and they will set bail. and he would make that bail, then it goes up to two million and they will put them back in jail. now all of a sudden that they would come back in and that we'll add different charges, which gets into the no bail status. >> he is now facing the death penalty in this case and that it must be the evidence, but what do you take from those charges that we are talking about the torture charge and with the heinous acts? >> that there will be a lot of adjectives. one is the gravity, and that it
4:33 pm
will be so depraved. bringing the charge against you. that it will be out of the ordinary. and this is what the district attorney will feel that they have done the autopsy. and that the autopsy search and that -- that they must have told them about it, at least 20, if not more. they would file the special circumstances. >> this is a guy that they would have a very high-profile in this community. >> right. that will be a nice guy. >> right, we will feel that they will be in court. that we have both watched the netflix documentary, making of a murderer as today we find out
4:34 pm
that they have been given in it. and that it does not mean that they were free, but the conviction has been overturned. >> what happens now? that it happened in wisconsin and that they will need to decide if we are going to recharge this and that i'll tell you what, that's the series that i would binge watch, once i got my hands on that, i wouldn't let it go as i would watch it through the weekend, absolutely shocked at what went on back there, the way they went after them. and then for those of you who have seen it. that the attorney that came in to represent their juvenile that they should have been disbarred for that. >> he was charged for murder, convicted of murder. he was his cousin, 17-year-old at the time. this kid, he was basically mentally retarded almost on some level and he would have no representation. his lawyer threw him under the bus if you do watch it, you
4:35 pm
come aways thinking that it will be a travesty of justice. and that it will be no. >> and that it will be back in wisconsin and that they would be back there in that madison area. and they told me that they were so shocked at what went on in this case and that it will be so shocked the way that they would handle it and that you'll get those smart counties as they would know the averys, they know their basics, and they would know, whether that they were in that source. you know, that they probably did it. that everybody will get that mind set. and that they will watch the sheriff investigate. that you will be shocked by that and that there will be certain pieces of evidence. that it will not be their one day and the next day they would do their search, that it will be there and that they are like whoa, how did that show up there and then you'll get to the trial. the ruling of the judges, that they were shocking to me for some of them. >> a lot of people too. but that maybe they would have some hope in their justice
4:36 pm
system. >> but keep that in mind too and now that they were reversed because of their confession. that they said that their confession was illegally gotten. but now that it will affect stephen. because that they would use some of that in their trial, but now does that mean that it will be reversed, that it will be the second time that they have been to state prison and that their case was reversed. >> it sounds like season two. >> i'm telling you that they could hardly wait for it, i'll tell you that, it was great. >> michael cardoza as -- as always, thank you. all right, coming up, some say that they would have a lot to gain or lose this election day. and so will the launching of their nationwide effort, a huge effort to get them out to vote. we'll explain how they are doing it when the 4:00 on 2 returns. a warm up will continue as they will get into your bay area weekend as we'll have a look at what to expect coming up.
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the get out to vote effort is now trying to help muslims. the concerns about islamic extremism. donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from coming into the country and growing anti- islamic sentiment that would make this election a critical one for many muslims this year. the council on their relations, that it will be mobilizing their volunteers to register the muslim voters for the november general election. and they are joined right now
4:40 pm
by the executive director of the san francisco bay area branch. and care for the islamic relations. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about how many muslims that there are in this country and how big of it really is. >> yeah, so there will be an estimated six to seven million muslims in the united states. relatively seeking a small group. but one that has been front and center in this election cycle. >> bay area in particular, that we will have a larger proportion of the muslims here too? center yes a quarter of the million muslims in just the nine bay area counties with concentration in oakland, san francisco, san jose, santa clara. so a large community here. we want to make sure that they are prepared for their election. >> what do you know already about muslim voting habits isn't the muslims in general, they tend to vote more or less? and are there culture reasons why they might be less to get out to vote? what do you think? >> over the years there's an increase into the engagement of the muslim community. that it has become apparent that they are talking about us regardless, so we want to make sure that they know that we're paying attention.
4:41 pm
we are finding interestingly apathy increasing among some who feel very true. i think that it is common for many americans. >> what are you doing right now to change it? >> yes, so we are working with a number of national muslim organizations, the attempt to register a million voters between now and the general election. in the bay area we have hired increased staff, we are bringing in thousands of volunteers. just today we would begin their effort to go out into the community to make sure that they know what to do to get registered, to show up and vote. >> the get out to vote efforts, one always wonders if they would make a difference. i mean what percentage are you hoping to increase? the voter turnout by? >> it is estimated at 10% to 20% of their muslim voter who is will be concerned about the elections, they are not yet registered. people that would care, or they are missing information. to remind people to be more registered in the care that oftentimes they would have so many questions in the primaries
4:42 pm
about complications with the non-partisan ballot, about where to show up if you want to vote early. that it will be about registering voters, making sure the ones that are registered that they know what they need to and show up. center sometimes they keep people from the polls, we don't want that. >> you're not advocating any one candidate, right? i think that the wisdom would be not to vote for donald trump, but that's not what you're saying at all? >> correct, we are a non- partisan non-profit organization. as we cannot advocate for one candidate or the other. and we can call out their bigotry and hatred when candidates will use it. and then that our objective will be anyone that cares, anyone that would have an opinion to vote your conscious and vote who you want and don't just pay attention to their presidential race that there will be school boards and city council and that they will matter so much and that they will have a very direct impact on their lives as we want to make sure that you'll use their energy from the presidential election to get people to actually vote in that smaller race also. >> and that this is, of course, designed to empower the muslim community? >> exactly. >> how much of a difference could you release in voter
4:43 pm
turnout to make? i always wonder about it. for example, african americans, that there will be a proportion of them that they believe that voting barack obama that, into office and having their voice to do that, they didn't get everyone everything that they wanted. >> and a part of the education in the community is that no single elected official can actually do most of what they would promise. they cannot change course overnight, but that there is progress. of course that there will be a numerous concern about president obama's presidency and what he has done during his tenure, but when we would look at it locally again at school boards and having the diversity on their school board and having the diversity on the city council will mean that they could recognize their minority community, and that they will be mindful of what will be in a textbook that they are more accountable. again for us that it will be about their localists using the energy and excitement that will need to come from the question of president obama one year or donald trump verses hillary another year.
4:44 pm
and that they will get people to mobilize. on the long-term basis. >> that there are so many aspects about this, seeing more muslims about their polls for everyone else to make a difference. >> yes, absolutely. >> or hopefully that they will need to feel bad about voting for someone that will be anti- muslim, , right? and that they are ultimately excited about people signing up to be poll workers. like that is a way of saying we're a part of this process, we want to be engaged, we want to contribute at various levels. >> what are you hearing anecdotally is the number one thing going into the polls? >> without a doubt civil rights impacting american muslims and our fellow communities. so any conversation should happen with the questions of the black lives matter and their comprehensive reform and that people will be concerned about the economy and housing, and they are also concerned
4:45 pm
about their basic liberties. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us. good luck -- good luck with your effort. >> we'll head on over to our meteorologist rosemary who is track the weather. before we do that, we want to take a shot of sky fox as they are heading to the south bay. as you can see there, well this is the reason why we have the spare the air alert for today. rosemary, another one tomorrow. you can see that haze out there. >> you're right. we're going to have unhealthy air especially for the inner east bay where temperatures are expected to be at their hottest. even looking at the possibility, i think that there might be a small fire that recently started here in the morgan hill area. talking about the south bay. so we will continue to see how that moves along. but for us, that we're looking at temperatures that will be warming up for saturday and looking at another spare the air day. we'll check in on the neighborhoods expected for your saturday. notice that it will be moderate
4:46 pm
for most. north bay along the coast inside that bay and even into the south bay and the santa clara valley. the inner east bay where it will be a bit unhealthy as we would say that sensitive groups, if you have allergies or a few that are very sensitive to the pollution, if you have asthma or respiratory issues that it is something that could impact you tomorrow afternoon. giving you a look at mostly clear skies and the fog along the coast that has been here for most of the day with a few pockets of sunshine from time to time. along their coast that it has been a mostly cloudy day and cool there and that it has been very warm inland and warmer than yesterday and that on shore breeze is still with us, but will be light over the next few -- but it will be light over the next few days. temperature wise, 57 degrees at half moon bay. 95 degrees in fairfield. so we have the microclimate and their summertime pattern in place around the bay, very comfortable. 76 in hayward, 75 in mountain view right now. the inner east bay would warm up several degrees over their highs yesterday and 93 in livermore. to the north bay that they will
4:47 pm
be warmer as well. 93 in napa and reported in santa rosa. take a look at the 24-hour temperature change numbers with 9 degrees warmer in santa rosa and fairfield by 5 in napa. along the peninsula and the bay, not much has changed, very similar to where they landed yesterday afternoon. as we get into your weekend, temperatures will continue to climb especially inland. we'll see a slight cool down on sunday. our inland communities, some of the hotter spots could be nearing the century mark. tomorrow morning, we'll start out with the lower 50s and the pacifica and oakland and the upper 50s to the lower 60s for the inner east bay. and 85 degrees expected. 81 for san rafael. upper 90s for fairfield and brentwood and 97 for livermore. closer to the water, very comfortable. 75 expected for san leandro and their south bay locations, the lower 90s are expected in gilroy.
4:48 pm
and half moon bay in pacifica with a look at your extended forecast. and coming down for the back end of the weekend. and for the extended forecast that it will not be a lot of change that it will be cool to mild along the coast and their inland communities that will be baking for the next few days, back to you. >> and that it will be good and that the warm up will be just in town that, it will be cold last night. >> all right, enjoy. >> thank you, rosemary. >> thanks a lot, rosemary. all right, frank will join us live in the newsroom right now. a look at their stories that we're working on for you tonight at 5:00. we will be talking about three vandalisms, right? >> yes, we are, that they have struck for their second time in a month and once again that they will be leaving them stumped after stump where they used to have trees and according to what they used to have with the suspect.
4:49 pm
>> a big reward. >> it will be a huge reward that it has been ten years unfortunately since the mother lost her son just steps from her home. it happened in san francisco and that the case has never been solved. tonight at 5:00, the $250,000 reward that will be offered to finally hopefully catch the person who did it. we have all heard of their bumpy rides on airplanes, right? that we have never seen anything like this. >> yeah, a rough ride. they would fight from sacramento. sending 25 people to the hospital. and their emergency landing. stay with us. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
a navy sailor and a nurse teamed up in southern california to save the life of a suicidal man.
4:52 pm
petty officer nick posane was driving to work near coronado on monday when he saw them pulled over on the bridge. they pulled over, found an 82- year-old man who said that he wanted to end his life. he took the man from jumping, trying to flag them down for help. luckily the nurse was passing by. >> and that it will be a good thing on his arm. even bringing them down. >> i would notice that the petty officer was waving his hand. and to call the police. that's when he was pulled over. >> to talk to the individual and to calm them down. more than at that point. >> and between the two of them that they were able to save that man who was taken to the hospital for evaluation. monday is the first day of fall classes.
4:53 pm
to look for those kids and families, walking near schools. by the year of 2024. >> and the goal is not to see them take it, but that they could change their behavior in contributing to the accidents because we will be getting to the vision zero. >> on average, to lose their lives each year, more than 200 people, that they will be seriously injured. people on board that jet blue flight said that it felt like the elevator dropping when their flight would hit their severe turbulence last night. and that they were on board their flight from boston and when that plane would hit their patch of rough air. boy was it rough that people on board would say that they were thrown around like rag dolls.
4:54 pm
some of them, the bins would make the emergency landing in south dakota. >> that is the crazier thing that i would happen to poke my head out of the window, that we are coming up. like a second is that they would go right into the huge crowd. like boom, right in the air and that whole thing shook. it was crazy. >> but 24 people, they were treated in south dakota for injuries, but that they were released from the hospital and that most of the passengers, they would arrive in sacramento this morning on the other flight and that they would say that they will investigate. what happened here. would it ever happen to you in >> and that i was thinking what was in their video and just one bump. and grabbing their seat belt holding on. >> can you imagine that they would say that they were injured and that their seat belt signs, they would tell you to keep your seat belt on. that it will be a perfect example of it. >> and i would always keep that on during their turbulence. stay with us, the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
4:55 pm
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florida researchers are now studying the mosquitoes that would carry the zika virus, hoping to use dna now to wipe them out. the florida medical laboratory is one of the largest in the kind of the entire world as they would consult their local mosquito districts that will be planning now for zika. that their concern is when that virus will move from their current insect carrier and their yellow fever mosquito to the more common asian tiger mosquito, which could survive much further north.
4:58 pm
>> and it will be a much greater portion of the united states, that it will be at risk. and that if it is just yellow fever. >> reporter: they may soon have the ability to use genetics to wipe out an entire mosquito species. some intense video out of japan. where they were rescued by the coast guard. their fishing boat sank in the east china sea yesterday. after colliding with the sekawi island. the coast guard is still searching for eight fishermen on board. the rescued fishermen were taken to medical hospital. but imagine them being stranded out. there well frank and heather will join us now for the ktvu news at 5:00. yeah, well-known techi is back in court and in jail.
4:59 pm
>> yeah, he lived a life of a tech ceo, but now sentence today a year behind bars. >> why the judge says that the the man is able to remain free for now following years of allegations. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> and i'm frank somerville. a judge in san francisco has ordered a former tech ceo to serve a year in county jail and post $250,000 in bail for violating his probation. this after he was convicted of domestic violence three years ago. the ktvu tara moriarty tells us why he's still free at least for now. >> reporter: as he entered the courtroom this afternoon, the 34-year-old tech mogul was found guilty violating his probation, allegedly assaulting a woman in his penthouse in october of 2014. today the judge sentenced him to 12 months in san francisco county jail. but she issued a stay, which
5:00 pm
means that they do not need to serve time until after the appeal is filed. >> we are going to file an appeal for those issues. i don't think that it will be appropriate for those to have their liberties taken away to show up in the courtroom. >> it doesn't seem right. >> anti-domestic violence advocates were torn on their judge's decision. >> certain -- certainly we would have liked to see a wake up call today, but we could allow the court and district attorney to try to hold him accountable. >> reporter: the probation violation came only five months after the conviction on two misdemeanor accounts for allegedly kicking his girlfriend 117 times in a 30- minute frenzy attack. that attack was captured on his own security cameras. it was not allowed as evidence, but it was factored into the sentencing hearing where he received three years in probation. >> do we believe he's a public safety threat? yes, we do. but he alsono


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