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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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latest numbers from cal fire. so far officials say the has burned more than 4,000 acres and tonight cal fire is still saying this fire is only 5% contained even though frank just mentioned we're having a here time finding flames cal fire could update niece numbers. we're waiting for word on that. we also know 175 structures have been destroyed and at this hour 1500 more are threat end. >> the fire started on saturday night off highway 29 and clayton creek road. as you can see on the map it is burning just southeast of clear lake. >> we have live team coverage from lake county tonight. reporters are spread around the burn zone talking with evacuees and cal fire about the latest on the fire fight. chief meteorologist bill martin is monitoring weather conditions porous tonight but we begin with tom vacar. tom many people still on edge up there tonight. >>reporter: this is still a
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very active fire situation. i know it's burned out around around here it may actually burn here good and here is why. though a hundred homes and businesses have been lost here in lower lake, the fast moving fire did not burn everything. a lot is still standing and therein lies the problem for cal fire and emergency services. the risky even though the fire may not be burning directly in lower lake it's he percent that are raining down half a mile to a mile. the fire gutted most of this neighborhood but missed a lot of things including this lucky horse this even luckier turkey whose coupe was not incinerateed. plastic riding toy swing set and swimming pool all left untouched. yet a few feet away an electric power pole was 90% burned through and still burning. but finally it too gave way. for those lucky enough to have a home to come back to it really won't be home until all the utilities and other services are fixed and that's going to take quite a while. >> there's a lot of risk not
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only to lower lake but parts of clear lake as well. that's why those evacuations still remain in effect. >>reporter: pacific gas and electric crews are already starting to replace hundreds of power poles transformers. >>reporter: switches and control boxes destroyed yesterday. cable crews are on scene rebuilding cable tv, phone and internet connections. but all of this takes time that anxious homeowners would rather not spend in shelters, tents or friends homes. all the while as cal fire fights this fire it has many others on its plate. >> this fire as large as it's gotten and destructive is only one of 8 large fires that we're battling. we have nearly 9,000 firefighters from across the state local city county fire departments all helping out with those fires and we're just here in mid august. >>reporter: now what that means is in the coming weeks expect more heat more winds more dry ness the really
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traditional fire season months of september and okay. and again this one is hardly over to say the least. reporting live tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. >> we know 175 buildings have burned many were homes of looking behind you there, are you in a neighborhood and how bad is it there? >>reporter: well, this is a neighborhood most of it's gone and ben will pan his camera over here you will see that it was very, very spotty. you see home over there un touched in fact three homes over there untouched. but this neighborhood was literally incinerateed. those neighborhoods over there were not. that's the way it is all around lower lake here and of course the reality of all of that is some people are going to come back joyous because their house was not destroyed. others will realize their life has changed permanently and some of these people may never come back because a lot of these people are rentsers and there's no other place to rent because if you will remember last year we had that huge fire all the rentals were taken up by those folks and those folks are still in those rentals
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because few of them have rebuilt. all this is brand new and there aren't many other homes up here. >> i'm curious one of the fire officials you talked today said embers are still raining down as you and your crew have been driving around have you noticed any embers floating around possibly potentially sparking more fires? >>reporter: not so much today as the last time we were up here a few days ago for yet another fire. and i saw a lot of ash coming out of the sky. those ashes are indication that the wind is blowing. right now the wind is not blowing real hard. but if the wind were blowing real hard and we were in effect downwind we would problem be seeing embers that's the worry here. there's a lot of stuff that has not burned up. as for not being able to see flames let me tell you something part of it is it doesn't get into the umbrella of the trees it scoots along the grounds it will make smoke and suddenly the winds kick up it gets up in the umbrella of
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these trees and you have a real conflag ration. >> we are seeing smoke from our live picture. tom thanks very much. and we want to go over to chief meteorologist bill martin monitoring the weather conditions. we were looking at that live picture we did see smoke there. >>reporter: let's look at that live picture again. we are seeing smoke. tom brings up a good point as you look at the live camera from live chopper 2. that is the under brush that's burning there. tom is referring to a crown fire. when the fire gets in the opposite of the trees it makes sense, once you're burning the tops of the trees and the wind's blowing it judgment easily from tree to tree to tree. what we're seeing here is grounds burn and that ground burn the smoke we see coming up here is burning down around the low-lying brush. so at this point tom brings up a very good points. even though the fire does not look huge, this is burning some very active fuel at the base of what looks to be oak trees to me. you see a dead oak to the right. we have a lot of dead trees in this area because of some of
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the diseases with the oak trees have experienced in the north bay and other parts of the bay area. but there you see a very active fire on the surface. one thing i want you to though 'tis it's hot. it's 97 degrees up in this area. the humidity is 8, 9, 10%. the fuel moisture is single digits. now why are the trees not burning? those are oak trees. it's a native california plant and it's harder to catch them on fire. that's why they are native. they have adapted to these kinds of fires that flash through. it's very interesting to see what you're seeing right here. you think those oaks would flash they are not. if those are eucalyptus trees bam. if that fire gets into the dead tree at 2:00 it will flash. now, we are watching the conditions there very, very hot in the fire zone rugged conditions. visually as we all watch this fire, it looks very much contained. but as frank and julie and tom and firefighters have pointed out there's a lot of embers and so the winds pick up tonight it's going to blow as it always does out there 10 to 15, maybe 20 miles an hour out of the
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west tonight. that could cause some problems. very interesting seeing that flame at the ground but not lighting those trees up. very interesting how those owning trees are resilient to the fire. when we come bank we'll talk more about the fire zone, the forecast for the fire zone and what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> right now we're joined by daniel very lant the public information officer for cal fire. daniel, can you tell us? we were all curious when we look at the pictures we're having a hard time finding a lot of flames and yet the fire is only 5% contained. can you explain what's going on? >>reporter: well that 5% containment number is a figure generated from this morning's work that were done overnight. obviously the lack of smoke a good sign today showing the progress that we've been able to make in holding back there fire. now we don't want to become complacent though very similar condition we saw yesterday and it was in the mid afternoon when the fire intensity just picked up. the wind changed and the fire
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was off and race national guard the lower lake. but definitely today things are looking a lot better. now in the next hour or so we'll be assessing the progress that were made the dozer lines we have put in and i would expect that containment number to continue now to start increasing pretty fast. >> we were just looking at live pictures looking at aircraft and helicopter was making water drops on some of the flames that we were seeing. what is the plan for tonight moving forward in fighting this fire? >>reporter: this fire is far from over. so we still have firefighters that we've within bringing in to make sure we've got good containment on this fire. we want to make sure it is completely out. we are hitting it hard with those aircraft. >> like you saw. the air tankers, the helicopters. there's small portion of this fire in the northeastern portion of the blaze that is just very stubborn right now. it's been very difficult for us to really get a good handle on it. that's where we're working the air tankers trying to slow down the fire. it is burning right up into the
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area that were burned by the rocky fire. so, it is starting to bump into that area while there is a little bit of regrowth we are hoping when it does burn into it will start to slow it down as well. but right now again hitting it hard to try to get the last front completely put out. >> lake county has sure been hit hard by fire in fact we're just getting words that governor brown has declared a state of emergency as a result of this fire. daniel, when you look ahead to the coming hours, i know there are still homes threatened. what do you say to the people in those homes? how concerned had you had they be? >> . >>reporter: well, there's still a lot of potential for this fire earp though it's looking good and not a lot of smoke at the moment. we got to get a good handle on it. just like yesterday everything changed within a matter of moments. the wind changed, the fire picked up and it raced into lower lake and we don't want to become complacent allow ourselves to sit back and let that happen again.
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so we are continuing to hit it hard. we want to get residents back in. we got to make sure it's safe before we can do that. until we can make sure we've got good line between the fire and these communities so we can get all the power lines and trees that have fallen on the roadways cleared we've got to keep those evacuations in place. >> before we let you go, any world what's the latest tonight when we can expect updated numbers? >>reporter: like i said, we are assessing it as we speak, and we'll very quickly you'll start to see that containment number start to rise. not a lot of growth on this fire, it's not expected to get much larger than the 4,000 acres that we projected this morning. but again if we can keep this fire continue national guard this direction, we're going to guilty the upper hand fairly quickly. daniel very lant with california fire. big fires like the one burning right now in lake county are hard even for people who don't lose their homes because so many of their
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neighbors have unfortunately lost everything. lee martinez is in lower lake tonight and lee you talked to one of the lucky ones who still has a home stands standing. >>reporter: that's right. actually we're standing here at a gas station across the street from downtown people many of them don't know what to expect. they are evacuees they are survivors of this fire, they left just the clothes on their back their animals and their loved ones. they are sitting at a gas station that does not work. there is no fuel. there is no electricity. there is no bathroom. many of them had said they have gotten word their homes might still be standing, but many also have no clue. we did, however, ends up talking to a few inside the fire line inside the evacuation zone who said they snuck in there last night and their homes are still standing. they say they are very grateful that the fire crews were able to get the fire out around their property. also yesterday we had fire crews, dozens of fire crews
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work fire right off of a bulk fuel station. this was going on for just a couple of minutes while we were driving past it, but we saw dozens of fire cruise out there. the fire was awfully close and this was just miles from the home of kerry and todd mace who we met yesterday. they were forced to evacuate because of the approaching fire today both of those places were spared. >> yeah grateful but how can you be grateful when -- i mean, friends, i mean fender an their house. i called somebody this morning and said i'm sorry, it's gone. you know i can take a picture on my phone, but it's gone. >> if the fire got into the bulk facility here gas ignited everything around here within a quarter mile would have been flattened. >>reporter: emergency services says fire crews prioritize that fuel station after learning 50,000 gallons of gasoline
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kerosene and diesel oil are kept there. today the plant says it is supplying fuel for all of the fire engines out here today. back out here live we're here on highway 29 where we're seeing those big flames dropping retardant on the hills there. this is where people have their homes and they say their homes are below that fire line. so they are anxious to find out what's happening with their property. we were out here at 10:00 last night downtown was on fire. we uncovered several structure fires san jose san francisco and we will watch fire crews douse those buildings until they are dripping wet and actually baby-sit those fire sites until they notice they are safe. well last night we were out here and we saw some of these dilapidated buildings, but he they were on fire. they were on fire and no one was putting it out. so what does that tell you that they had bigger problems they had to deal with. of course we've we out got compation this morning that was in fact the case.
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they had much pulling egg fires to put out. they ended up leaving some sites alone in order to fight fire elsewhere threatening hoping. lee martinez if lower lake. this prior is burning in an area hit hard by fires in the past year. the small red area that's where the chai ton fire is burning right now. it's burning between 3 large fires that burned in that area last year. the green area on the map is the perimeter of the rocky fire that started in late june of that iser why. the rock rocky destroyed 43 homes of it was started by a faulty gas powered water heater. a month later its merged with the jerusalem fire that's the fire marked by the purple shade area. then just weeks later the valley fire broke out which is the pink area. and that is week we bend that faulty wiring on a hot tub is what led to that valley fire.
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stay with ktvu and as we learn more about devastating fire including what cal fire told us they are going to be updating the containment number they are expect it is 5% containment number to jump much higher. you can also follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates throughout the night. ughout the night. oakland is a city on the move with pet companies coming charge and new developments planned. still it's a city plagued by violence. coming up details about a double killing that happened outside a birthday party right in the downtown area. plus 20,000 rescues and more may be on the way as nearly 2 feet of rain fell. coming up where the forecast is showing even more trouble. l. >> we're continuing to follow the developing news forth of the bay area where the clayton fire has destroyed more than 175 structures. you see they are still fighting it from both the air and the
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ground. some of the worst destruction we've seen shows home after home turned to rubble. but again they are making good progress and we are expecting updated numbers from cal fire probably in the next hour or so. we'll go back to the fire lines at 5:30 where ted rollins has caught up with evacuees. and it's warm around here. it's really warm inland we're in the fire zone and part of the bay area ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ ♪ ♪
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ . services are slowly getting back to normal in the court system following a 8 day strike by court employees.
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court union ratified a contract they returned to their jobs. south bay reporter jesse gary was the only reporter to get a look at that new space. >>reporter: gleaming and get a few last touches santa clara family courthouse this the first stage a soft grand opening. >> this courthouse has been a long time coming lot of blood sweat add tears i presiding judge took us on a brief tour of the new 8 story 220 million- dollar facility. the building consolidates feel, depends deny say and adult drug and mental health courts under one roof. it replaces several older outdated courthouses and makes it easier for parents since there's a drop off area for their kids. >> when the judge makes an order for testing or evaluation the litigants don't have to get in their cars or get he on a bus and find the place that they are supposed to go for their treatment. they can just stay in the building. >>reporter: this building had become a polarizing property recently striking court clerks claimed the money used to
5:20 pm
instruct splendor could have been used for salaries. the work stoppage continues to have a lingering impact. >> it was very, very touch. it was tough getting filings done getting information. it was very, very difficult to deal with. >> you have things canceled or delayed on your cases. >>reporter: but now everything's back to normal. so we'll get everything back on calendar get everything taken care of. >>reporter: court officials say fund for he employee pay are from édifferédifferent sour is this building is in lynn with others constructed in the state it has aed benefit of greater at a time when protecting terror threats is at a premium. >> now we have have our sever staff in one place we can have more security here than having a little bit in each place. >>reporter: this week family court is in session although face a little bit of a backlog because of the 8 day court clerk strike. next week the dependency department for kids in foster care the adult drug and mental
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health court will be ready and open. jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. president obama today declared a major disaster louisiana as the death toll from the massive flooding there went up to 6. almost 2 feet of rain fell on southern louisiana this past weekend. that forced at least 10,000 people from their homes. authorities also say the worst may not be over and louisiana's governor is warning people not to take any chances. >> we're very thank full for the people out there who are heeding the warnings they are being given to evacuate when that is the wrote thing to do. >> crews made at least 20,000 rescues over the weekend with boats, helicopters and high water vehicles in some areas the waters have started to recede but they are still well above flood stage and there is even more rain in the forecast. in that video you saw someone pulling someone out of a stinking car in the flooding.
5:22 pm
it was really remarkable. hold that person outletsly with seconds to spare. >> all that video is incredible. 20,000 rescues they are saying more rain in the forecast. let's go straight to chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. how much more rain could they get. >> a few more inference but they were seeing rainfall rates at 2 and 3 inches an hour in some places they got over 2 feet of rain. but back to that piece of video, i saw that yesterday that is the most a mazeing piece of video i've ever seen. we've heard stories like that. this woman was underwater they pulled the top off. >> the car was sinking and it had 2 inches to go before it would be completely underwater. at the last secretary hits pulled that woman out. and then the guy went down in and pulled the dog out. >> again you got thousands of people evacuating. you had flooding in a very low- lying area and it rained literally in the eastern seaboard. it started last week. in florida up by parts of louisiana. that whole southern area of southeastern area was getting
5:23 pm
wet and then finally it just unloaded on new orleans. it started on thursday, but landed all the way into friday around saturday in that area about sea level below sea level not not cut out for two feet of rain which would you find easily in a category 3 or 4 hurricane. the rain accumulation. so it's equivalent, it wasn't a tropical storm either it was extra tropical disturbance that developed because of warm water. # 97 degrees in the fire zone. 9% humidity winds are what you expect out of the southeast at 16. fuel moisture single digit like 3 or 4%. they are getting a good hang on the fire based on the imagery we saw. they are calling it 7% contained. but that's because as we found out they are looking at all the burning a large area 4,000 acres. they got to turn the dirt they will be there for the next week or two just turning the soil to make sure all the embers are out. for us the fog is at the coast for us this week is going to be
5:24 pm
about mild coast, warm to very warm in the inland valley and tomorrow will be a lot like today. 86 in fairfield. 86 in livermore right now. high temperatures tomorrow they are going to get into the low and even mid-90 newscast the warmingest spots. that's livermore antioch. the fog bank relatively shallow marine layer down to around 1800 feet. gets a little shallow gets a warm thicker and cooler. clearly it's gotten a little shallower. tomorrow morning's forecast as we head into your monday afternoon these are kind of the high footprint pattern we saw. we're going to see that same pattern again tomorrow in terms of kinds of thighs around the bay and mild but down right warm to hot inland. the fog forecast there you are as we go through time and you sort of see fog stays right at the coast. here's the five-day forecast. we just move along with pretty warm, not stifling hot but pretty warm cooler on friday. we take a look at sunday too if you'd like.
5:25 pm
we talked about remember we left on friday i said spare the air day probably see fires and boom you get fires. with that said the clear lake thing starting to get a little suspicious because there's a lot of fires been pong up in that area. and they seem to be popping up right when we say hey the fire danger is really high. so we noticed it last year. this year that area definitely has a cluster of fires. so -- >> so many homes lost so many people hurt it's really something. >> as we saw it happen so fast we were talking to daniel from cal fire he said it happened the situation went from bad to worse in like a matter of moments. >> yeah. although it does sounds like they are making some good progress. i think the big concern as you mentioned is if the winds picks up you've got embers and small areas of flame and they can. >> it's a big area lining we point out if you've seen you've been on fire scenes they got to turn it over. they turn the dirt they want everything out. >> sounds like they are up there they are watching it they know the potential for it to do
5:26 pm
that. they are on it. thanks bill. still to come here city bustling by day but that can change at night. >> it was no point for any of this. it was just senseless violence. like out of a movie or something you know. >> coming up next the argument that turned into gunfire and left two people dead outside a birthday party in downtown oakland. later new at 6:00 cracking down on bike theft in san francisco. the operation today by police to help can you remember be what many curb what many call a growing problem.
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. by most accounts oakland is a city on the move with a lot of new development and businesses moving into the city. however oakland also has a reputation for violence especially given what happened over the weekend. >> two men from berkeley were shot and killed outside a party in the downtown area. tonight our crime reporter henry lee tells us about the two sides of oakland. >>reporter: downtown oakland is a study in contrast. by day the streets are filled with workers kids at play, that's one image but another picture often emerges after dark. early sunday morning two berkeley men were shot and killed outside a birthday appear at an art gallery on 15th street blocks from city hall. police on patrol actually heard the gunfire. >> shots fired. >>reporter: witnesses say a disagreement possibly over a woman being disrespected led to a fight. i spilled on to the streets and
5:30 pm
bun or two gun men began firing. two men were killed a third man was wounded. no arrests have been reported. >> there were no point for any of this. it was just senseless violence. like out a movie or something. >>reporter: the triple shooting happened just around the corner from where 16-year- old jeffries was shot and killed 14th and franklin in june. the violence comes as the city has reinvigorated downtown. uber is opening an office next year. in plaza reopened last month. bars and restaurants are v opened up and more could be on the way. >> everything that we represent down here is oakland. all the other stuff going on that's not what we about. >> there are two downtowns. it's an incredible place to be and it's very vibrant there's an incredible diversity of people down here all the time. and yet i guess gather a lot of people together there can be an element that's not so savery. >> should not deter us from
5:31 pm
having investment in the city both emotionally, personally, financially. we should invest in the people in the city. >>reporter: oakland city council president lynnette gibson mcel hahn i represents parts of the city's downtown. >> i think there's more that can be done the city needs to redouble efforts on crime prevention creating safe places for young people to be. >>reporter: city officials hope crime prevention strategies will make downtown violence an aberration not the norm. henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. for the fourth time in just over a year a destructive wildfire forces quick evacuations north telephone bay area. >> ted rollins is in one of the neighborhoods ralph and by fire. >>reporter: it has been ravaged and every one of these homes has a story bend it. coming up after the break we're going to talk to a couple that has lost everything. stay with us. also ahead tonight an american city imposes a curfew for teenagers following another night of rioting.
5:32 pm
what the mayor says could help bring an end to the violence.
5:33 pm
5:34 pm
. >> update on developing story in the past half hour governor brown declared a state of emergency in lake county because of the clayton fire. the fast moving wildfire has destroyed more than 175 buildings north of the bay area. today cal fire raised a total number of acres burned to 4,000.
5:35 pm
cal fire is in the process of updating numbers but right now says the fire is only 5% contained. from sky fox we watched air drop after air drop on the ridge lines above the town of lower lake. ted rollins is live in a neighborhood in lower lake where many of the homes were destroyed. ted we see behind you the showers how's that's gone. how bad is it where you are? >>reporter: you can see frank and julie it's devastating. take a look at these homes. it's home after home after home in this area. this is an area just off of downtown in lower lake. psych there are fire crews here putting out hotspots. they have been out all afternoon just making sure that none of this smoldering material reignites. these are all stories. all of them. these people will come back obviously to nothing. but it's also people live in the other areas. look at this yellow house up here. their house virtually untouched burr their lives are drat matt include changed. they evacuated from the homes weapon they come back this will be their view. it used to be a beautiful look
5:36 pm
at the homes below them. now it is just rubble and what they will have a long painful process of rebidding we talked to crystal and matt coburn earlier they have a house just down the street about 3 houses from where we're standing and they have lost everything. >> how much time did you have before you had to evacuate? five minutes. >> what did you take? >> nothing. we got the m3 out we dot the honda out we got the dogs we got the child and we just got the hell out. >> what didn't you get? >> we didn't get a 79 corvette. we didn't get a 9 -- >> my dad's truck. he passed away his f150 is sitting there that i just got registered after 6 years. > >> more sentimental. >> really sentimental thing. >> photos and things like that. >> i had 400 pictures of our daughter from like zero to 2 it was an obsession they are all gone pictures of his dad and you can l passed away. >> all my representative
5:37 pm
pictures i have pictures from the 1800s. it's just, yeah it's all gone. >>reporter: matt and chrisal coburn they were renting the home down the street. they did not have any renters insurance all their pokess in that home all of it gone. they are sealing zekeing shelter this evening. these are the decisions that literally thousands of people are making tonight where are we going to stay tonight when will we get walk to our home what will be left of our home. if it's these people here obviously not much. >> it's heartbreaking when you hear them talk about how they lost everything. what i don't get ted how come they only had 5 minutes of watching did the fire completely shift at the last second and all of a sudden take a different direction? >>reporter: absolutely. yesterday there was a change in the wind and it changed everything in an instant. to authorities credit what they
5:38 pm
were able to do is miraculous they got everybody out. nobody was killed. no significant injuries. all of these people were out in a matter of minutes. of course you look at the destruction and you have to give your -- give credit where credit is due. those first responders did a fantastic job geting people outleting them know how dangerous it was. there were warnings leading up to that and many people did pack a car. the coburns did not. they didn't think that they were in harm's way. but they were given literally a five minute warning to get out and they did. and they are ali. >> what can you tell us about evacuation centers. a lot of people are staying with relatives or friends but for those who don't have relatives or family in the area where can they go? >>reporter: there are three separate evacuation centers. we were at one of them today and they had 200 people there staying the night last night. a lot of times you'll go to evacuation center and there aren't too many people. because of the enormity of this the fact it happened so quick limp those evacuation centers
5:39 pm
were full. and they are getting free meals. they are getting counseling, insurance companies are out there on you can see where those different evacuation centers are. they are surrounding this area in different extra strategic locations. >> the people who have lost their homes right around where you are standing, have they come back today? have they been looking through what's left of their homes to see if anything was salvageable or are authorities still keeping people out of the area and just allowing the media in there? >>reporter: nobody haslett. we can show you why. basically everywhere you look you see power cables are down of some sort. this is obviously not active but the power lines in this area are down. so what we are seeing is a lot of pg&e crews out trying to reestablish power but until all of this is cleaned up letting people in is a hazards and it would promote injury. so they can't let they will
5:40 pm
back in. as painful as it is for the people have been evacuated that want to see is my home up or not, they can't facilitate that. they are trying to guilty word out give pills streets where there is a lost destruction at these evacuation centers but it play days or weeks before people can come back. >> ted rollins reporting from in the hearts of lower lake there following for us the clayton fire. ted thank very much. homeowners in the area have lived through four large fires now in the past year. one person told us that he stopped by to see the devastation. >> he says watching the firefighters up close gave him a whole different perspective what they are facing. >> i was critical of the fire department after the valley fire. i saw a lot of houses burn down there. and so being here today and working side by side with these guys i've got a different feeling for the fire department. and i've got a real heartfelt sorrow for all the people losing their houses and businesses.
5:41 pm
there's nothing that can be done. >> reminder here you can stay with ktvu and throughout the night for all the latest clayton fire updates. also you can go to the clayton fire story on our web site if you would like to donate money to a relief fund. coming up a masked kidnapping from upscale restaurant in a popular vacation spot in mexico. up next the latest on the investigation and where the victims may be. and it was a promiseed windfall for the bay area. did super bowl l fill the bay area's coverers like they were expected to?
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in milwaukee a curfew will go into effect a few hours after two nights of violence over the deadly police shooting of a black plan. riots broke out after the killing of a 23-year-old man police say he took off during a traffic stop on saturday and later pointed a gun a loaded gun at officers. the officer who opened fire was a black man. police say the rioting continued last night when about 200 people hit the streets. there was a car fire, gunfire and this gas station was destroyed. police say 11 officers were also injured by flying objects. the mayor of milwaukee is repeating his request for the quick release of the police body cam video that shows the suspect with the gun in his
5:45 pm
hand. >> i believe the video will provide a look of context as to what's going on. i understand the way the law operates. i'm going to urge again that it be released as quickly as possible. >> 14 people were arrested in last night's rioting. 17 people were arrested the night before. a dozen people were kidnapped from an upscale restaurants in puerto vallarta. they are members of rival gangs. it happened 1:00 in thely heavy restaurant. some of those who were taken hostage had been on vacation in the resort city. no rain in sight here in the bay area but even so there was a ish through the park. coming up you can pretty much figure out the cause just by looking at the video. tracking the forecast this week we've got some heat to talk about. we've got some going to talk about. we've got to fire to talk
5:46 pm
about. see you back here after the break. e break. honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long.
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kfc. it's extra crispy good. . the van fran super bowl host committee released the results of a new study today that shows the event had a positive economic impact on the bay area. the independent study analyzed spending and cost associated with super bowl l. it says the bay area benefitted from more than $35 million in tax revenue from the events. it also found more than 57% of
5:49 pm
revenue benefitted san francisco. about 12% went to san jose and 7% went to santa collar and. >> today san francisco police launched a new campaign they are calling it we are s ever pd. the goal is for folks to get to know the officers behind the badge. >> eye grew up in west side projects so i grew up in the public housing development. my mom single mom. >> sergeant strayty mccray is among those sharing their stories and talking about what led them to become a police officer in the first place. the hope is to try to bridge the gap between police and communities of color and encourage minorities to join the force. the videos on facebook and twitter include a link for those interested in a career in law enforcement. an accident involving a fire hydrant flooded the streets of historic develop today in oakland. the video shows water shooting into the air from the broken hydrant. a vehicle hit the hydrant at 1:30 this afternoon in
5:50 pm
preservation park it's located between oakland's federal building and speaker taste 980. the water flooded the central section of the park home to 16 historic buildings. there's no word how the accidents happened. utilities said it had the leak repaired by 4:00 this afternoon. back now to our developing story in lake county where authorities are making good progress fighting a wildfire that has burned 4,000 acres near cheer lake. the damage last already been done. in just the past -- in just the last 45 minutes governor brown declared a state of emergency in lake county. the reason, 175 buildings have been destroyed many of them homes. at this hour 1500 more buildings many of them homes are threatened. the fire has been fueled by hot dry conditions in lake county. cal fire says the fire is only about 5% contained but that figure is actually from this morning and cal fire says that containment number should go
5:51 pm
way up when they release new figures later on tonight. >> let's get a check on the weather. meteorologist bill martin joins us once again from the weather center. what's it looking like right now? >> it seems the big story here is wind there's not as much winds today. half as much quarter as much wind as yesterday when the fire was blowing up and being such a problem. today as we've seen from those pictures on the fire lines winds are gusting 10, 12 miles an hour something like that. they are going to pick up tonight but again yesterday's winds were blowing fairly hard and at this hour. for us we've got a weak low pressure center it sits up here and actually good for firefighters it's in this area here. it's good because it's going to allow the winds to come a little bit more on shore. should create more of a southwest or westerly flow. that will increase the humidity increase the fuel moisture. fuel moisture i'm looking at some of the numbers at nearby observing sites fuel moisture is a her you are what it sounds
5:52 pm
like right how much moisture in that stick what percentage of it. the moisture this that area in the fire zone 4 or 5, 6%. that's about as dry as you can get. it's very tender dry. we've got a bit of foggy coast. we end up with a week this week that's going to be cooler than what we noticed over the weekend. it's 86 in fairfield. 11 degrees cooler in fairfield right now than it was yesterday at this time. so less wind in the fire zone today. slightly cooler. much cooler in our inland bay valleys. as we go through the rest of this week we're going to level off with temperatures not going to be too hot not going to be too cold and there's going to be fog right there along the coast. there's the fog forecast for the morning. this is good too. look at the intrusion into santa rosa. here's the fire zone. you're going to get increased humidity in this area in the morning hours. firefighters know this. they send twice from the national weather service in monday ray they will send them on to the fire lines and they will do what i'm doing they will look at the satellite imagery look at the sounds look
5:53 pm
at the profiles to determine the fuel moisture and the rh or relative humidity in the area. so they know tomorrow is going to be a okay day too fight these fires not going to be as bad as yesterday. forecast highs for tuesday there's hundreds. >> there they are. all out in the sacramento valley. most of us tomorrow are in the 80s to low and mid-90s. that's in the hotspots around the bayou get numbers like 73 in berkeley. 73 in oakland and 75 in hayward. it's thought bad. this is classic summer. this is what -- the temperatures look like they are almost spot on from what you would expect for average. that's where we are. we get warmer as we head towards wednesday and temperatures slide the other way. again talking about fire zones and weather and just knowing that the winds are a lot less that's definitely meeting firefighters. >> thank you. >> thanks bill. >> two main messages from donald trump today. one his plan to protect america from terrorists and 2, who's to blame he says is to blame for
5:54 pm
his falling poll numbers the latest from the campaign trail in a moment. >> in minutes new at 6:00 cracking down on bike theft in san francisco. the operations by police to help curb what many call a growing problem. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
5:55 pm
one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
5:56 pm
. it's been a rough couple of weeks for donald trump from picking a fight with the family of a american muslim war hero
5:57 pm
to most recently blaming the media for adopting poll numbers. >> the republican nominee looks to get back on message with a speech how to defeat global terrorism. joel walled man has more from washington. >>reporter: donald trump in youngstown ohio offering up plans for combating terrorism and defeating is i. the republican nominee among other things proposing screening immigrants with an ideological questionnaire ensuring they support american values. >> we cannot always choose our friends but we can never fail to recognize our enemies. >>reporter: part of trump's foreign policy plan also includes temporarily suspending visa issue answeres to countries with a history of exporting terrorism. but terrorism is not the only thing trump is pushing back against. the businessman blasting the media for a pair of other problems including sinking poll numbers and new york times report that his campaign manager paul man a forth was taking millions from a former ukrainian president with close
5:58 pm
ties to the kremlin. >> priority number one for donald trump is to deny the press the ability to do stories about process and what's wrong with his campaign and tighten things up. >> wow. hello everyone. >>reporter: hillary clinton men while visiting scranton a with native son vice-president joe biden who told voters clinton is the only clear choice for middle class families. >> hillary understands the hopes and aspirations in clay month and scranton. >>reporter: they both claim it's their home state hillary clinton is lead donald trump by 30 points in new york. entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble. tonight we are following developing news out of lake county as crews battle the devastating clay to be fire. >> there's still a lot of risk
5:59 pm
thought only to lower headache but parts of clear lake as well. >> in just the past hour or so governor brown issued a state of emergency for lake county. good evening i'm julie haner. >> i'm frank somerville we continue our coverage on the developing news it's day 3 of the fire tight minutes ago sky fox saw crews making more air drops on the fire zone but as you can see here it's tough to see any flames or smoke. cal fire tells us the northeast part of the fire near the town of clear lake is the most active at this hour. the good news though the fire has been sitting down if you will this afternoon after it exploded yesterday and blew right through the town. >> here's the latest numbers from cal fire. so far 4,000 acres have burned since the clayton fire started saturday evening. cal fire says the fire is only 5% contained, but keep in mind that number is expected to go way up in the next few hours as we await updated numbers this
6:00 pm
evening from cal fire. more than 175 homes and commercial buildings have burned and 1500 others are still threatened at this hour. >> we want to show you exactly where this fire is burning it started off of highway 29 and clayton creek road. that's on the southeast side of the lake and just a few miles away from where the devastating valley fire burned last year. >> we have live team coverage. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions firefighters are facing. lee mart matt spoke with people waiting to hear if their homes are still standing. we begin with tom vacar who has the latest on the fire fight. >>reporter: julie i want to show you something. one of the reasons people aren't allowed to come back there's so much security is right over here. this was a double wide and it was destroyed. but if you take a look at this box right down here that is their personal safe. while there may be damaged to the things inside the last thing police want and here are people to coming for those kinds of treasures. this is


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