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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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expected on sunday. and that number still stands at 175. last night authorities announced the arrest of this man pashilk who accused of -- who is accused of starting the fire. they also say that he worked as an inmate firefighter when he was serving time for drug and weapons charges back in 2007. >> tonight, we have live team coverage from lake county. ktvu tom vacar talked to people who lost their homes. >> we'll start though with tara moriarty who is live in lake county. >> reporter: yeah, they don't believe that pashilk started the fires, but they have evidence linking him to 16 other fires that stretch back
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to last year. >> reporter: kayla main and her four children have been staying at their homes house when flames whipped through their neighborhood. >> i couldn't get up there to get diapers, wipes, nothing. we don't have the money to keep doing this, you know, it is not fair. >> reporter: this is the second time they have been displaced by fires. the 40-year-old damin pashilk is responsible, living two doors down from caleb's mother, valerie. she has known the suspect for 27 years. >> i don't see him doing it, he wouldn't put kids in danger or things in danger or the people in danger like that, i don't see it. >> reporter: the neighbors describe pashilk as a handyman. he served a fire-year sentence on drug possession. sources close to the investigation only recently received information tieing pashilk to the clayton fire and 16 other fires set over the
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past year. >> we've been on high alert after a series of fires, even as of last week with several fires right here off of highway 29. >> reporter: officials say that he trained as an inmate firefighter while serving time from april through july of 2007. >> ten years ago this person worked to put out these fires to build containment and hire we are ten years later where he is starting them. >> they hope that the person responsible will pay. >> if the fire is right there, you know, if it is child endangerment and that they will get sick. you know, it is ridiculous. up all night. the kids don't want to go to sleep because they are not home. >> and now exactly one year ago he had a very interesting facebook post saying that dry threats from lame expletive wannabes is funny, but nevertheless still a threat and to be taken seriously.
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we don't know what they meant by that, but investigators are looking into it and he is set to be arraigned tomorrow at 1:15 in clearlake. >> the one woman said that there is no way that he could have done it that he wouldn't put them in danger. and could this be one of those cases where they thought they knew him, but they didn't? >> well most certainly. i spoke to investigators today who told me that it is sort of the profile of an arsonist that they could appear to be very loving great provider for their family, but they have a hidden side that not a lot of people would know about it. and that is how they are classifying pashilk as a serial arsonist, someone very calculating, planning out the fire as opposed to a strettas nie somebody that just sets off the rash of fire -- as oppose today someone that will set off a string of fires out of
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control. >> and you talked about the people impacted by the fire and what they think about the suspect who was arrested. >> reporter: well it is interesting because earlier this afternoon what actually happened is a 10-acre fire that broke out on the other side of the lake that turned out to be unrelated from the structure fire. that scared a lot of people saying here we go again that they are very happy that there has been an arrest. with these ongoing fire that there will be a sense of dread. mario martinez lost his home over the weekend. a home he built with his own hands. and he wants real justice, not just an accused man who is currently easy to blame. >> and so if he is guilty, then he needs to do the work.
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and to pay whatever the law says. >> a few blocks away his home was spared, but feels like the arsonist is a menace and they should get something. >> reporter: and beyond pure punishment? >> they should -- that they should be able to meet face to face on how they feel and how they vim pact -- and how they have impacted their lives. how they have ravaged the region over the last three years that they needed to deal with the tragedies, not just right after the fires, but for all the time members ever since. we asked the employees if the man announced yesterday who was charged with afternest is convicted, what should be the appropriate penalty assuming that it will get to trial? >> someone will get a hold of him in jail because they know somebody who lost their house and that it will be a small
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area. >> throw away the key. never see the light of day again. because you have put so many peoples lives in jeopardy, you have disrupted so many lives. you know, precious things that cannot be replaced. >> reporter: the fear remains. >> i think that they did say that he didn't act alone. i think a part of you thinks, yes, you know, he's gone. but they have caught him. i think there's a doubt of someone else. there's so many sick people out there that think okay, i'll be a copy cat. >> and so with three years of repeated fire after fire, that there is no real closure. i just got interesting numbers that there are only 700 people without power, presuming that
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their house is still sitting there. as opposed to the hundreds last year because the fire will move through so quickly with just 70. other than that, they say that everything should be back home online by the weekend. reporting live tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. every time there's a major fire, the twin pines casino and hotel is one of the go-to places for the evacuees and those that will care for them in each of those major fires that they have allowed the large convention centers to be set up with cots for the evacuees. >> we are so much more than just the advocate that we will be a part of their community when stuff like this happens and our employees and their families and their friends. our guests. >> they are here for the valley fire and now for the clayton fire that we couldn't do it
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without their help. thank you so much. >> this place also allows the red cross, the salvation army, and other public agencies to provide assistance to the victims all right there under one roof. now to breaking news in southern california. a new wildfire is spreading rapidly tonight through dry brush in san bernardino county and the fire officials say that it will be showing no signs of slowing down. you are looking at live pictures here where they started at 10:30 this morning. officials say that it has burned about 6,500 acres. mandatory evacuations are in effect tonight. and that also two firefighters suffered minor injuries today fighting the fire.
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he is monitoring the conditions that they are facing. >> yes, red flag warnings down in that san bernardino area right now. it is hot and dry. i just think, well, you know, we'll show you what's going on with the fire and their warning that you can see it there. the live picture will come back up here reside north of san bernardino. if we can take the live picture, there we go. if you look the the plume that it is not going up, just tilting back. the winds are not that strong, but you know that they have a lot of windmills on out there. it is being funneled through here. that we would have some shots of those flames earlier that you'll see it for us. so we are not sure what we're going to see, but just moments
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ago, i saw them moving along the ground. along the dry sage brush. the temperatures are at 100 to 105. winds are gusting out, not a lot, but some wind gusts up to 25 and 30 a miles an hour. do you see how they are going back? this fire is cooking back and it will be interesting to see how they will be approaching this. you know, that i have seen those air tankers, we have not seen anybody on the ground here. and red flag warnings are in effect for tonight and that it has been hot down there. look at those flames and how quickly that they are moving up the hillside. i guarantee you that firefighters are just getting
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out of the way of at least in this area and that they need to cut those fire lines that are moving this quick driven by the strong winds. so the fire conditions down there, they are brutally aggressive for firefighters. >> obviously the story we will keep following. 700 firefighters already on the fire lines down there battling the flames. stay tuned to ktvu and for any updates on both the clayton fire that we would talk a moment ago and that blue cut fire that bill is just talking about in southern california. now victims of the butte fire beginning to settle the lawsuits against pg&e. they determined that the fire was sparked by the tree limb that fell on the power line. and it destroyed 900 structures. two people were killed in the fire as they represent 1,600 people that are now suing pg&e.
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only 20 of those cases have been settled. police are now calling the death a suspicious death instead of a homicide. the 28-year-old was found dead in an emergency exit last wednesday morning. they still have not determined the exact cause of death. but they also say that they are not ruling it out that it was a homicide. new at 5:30 tonight, not a story that you would expect to see, why officials say that they would have no choice, but to kill the animal. >> and very old meets the very new as they brought that on this site to a halt. why? we'll talk about that after the break.
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the so-called dreaded bandit is in custody after robbing four bay area banks. he got his nickname because of the fake beard and dread locks that he wore during the take over robberies. today we learned more about the suspect including a long history of robbing banks with a lot of time spent in prison. >> ktvu henry lee was in court today. henry got a close up look at the alleged dreaded bandit. henry? >> reporter: that's right, i was just a few feet from him. even though that he wore white during the robberies, i immediately recognized him from the surveillance video. when he was allegedly robbing banks like this, he was anything, but slow. >> reporter: he was called the dread bandit because of the wig and fake dreads he wore during takeover bank robberies that terrified tellers. now they arrested the suspect the 59-year-old mitchell brown
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and he's a convicted bank robber who would spend 27 years in prison for an earlier spree. and sources say that tips helped lead police to begin secretly following brown. the cops would tail him to the busy corner here of 19th and gear in richmond where there is a bank in every corner that he could have picked up either one of them, but on friday that he would choose this bank and he was walking towards it while armed with a loaded caliber revolver, again, in disguise. >> mr. brown was wearing what appeared to be a wig, a fake beard and sunglasses and gloves. very indicative of the prolific dreaded bandit. >> reporter: the woman and child were nearby as cops swooped in to arrest him. >> i think that it is fantastic, especially knowing that he was in the neighborhood or he was targeting this bank. >> reporter: police, they also arrested the alleged getaway driver the 44-year-old jenkins as he would sit in that lexus nearby. i have learned that brown was released from federal prison last year after holding up banks. >> what happens you do a life
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of crime and a life of time and you go back to what you are used to doing. >> reporter: the most recent spree began in the first bank at jackson in san francisco and april. and then in may he showed up at their credit union in san mateo. police say that he then robbed this bank in san francisco's neighborhood twice. the first time on june 23 and again on july 11. in both cases that they stole money from the bank's vault. in this still frame you can see the bandit leap over the counter, the bank teller's hand is up in the air with a wad of cash nearby. he ten had escaped through the side door. so police are trying to determine if brown robbed other banks and what his connection is to the alleged driver. >> he's a much younger man as we don't know about him yet. what was the suspect like in court today? how was the demeanor? >> he is very subdued that i would not peg him for an alleged bank robber. he is 59 years old and spent a
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good part of 20, almost 30 years behind bars. and if people say it is true that he went back to what he was familiar with, but i would not have identified him as a bank robber. >> 27 years in prison for bank robbery, gets out, and then according to police, he went right back to doing what he knows. >> that's right. and if prosecuted fully that he would spend times behind bars. >> any idea on how many banks he robbed? >> at this point, four. three in san francisco and one in san mateo and he was about to rob a fifth bank when they caught him. >> no one was hurt. thanks. well sirens accidentally went off in richmond this afternoon causing a brief scare for residents who thought that there may have been an accident. but the community warning system was apparently triggered while software was being updated. health services tweeted that there was an accidental siren activation in richmond today during an upgrade of their community warning system. that there is no danger to the public.
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here we are tracking the conditions of southern california wan active fire season that we will be talking about the clayton fire up in northern california. and up by clearlake about 30% containment that we don't have a red flag warning here, but check out what's happening. we've got a fire blazing big time down there and their blue chip fire. temperatures are around 100 degrees, maybe 105 in some places. winds are blowing, gusting up to 35 and 40 and some reports up to 50, but it will be real windy down there. i don't know if we have a live chopper camera sticking up at this point, but we will show you more of that fire as we will go forward and one of those spots that on your way out to palm desert and vegas and the winds are blowing that it will be one of those areas that we're seeing right now that the fire is really going to have an opportunity to take off. right now in the clayton fire zone at 98 degrees. 14% humidity. it is not a great fire condition. the winds are kind of blowing as well. but the firefighters have that
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thing up to 80% contained, which is great. for tomorrow the conditions are in the fire zone. not much of a difference, but again the firefighters have gotten it well underhand or at least it appears that way with better news there. big news the fire down in southern california. as you look at the fog forecast that it will be the same thing as they did yesterday, which means that it will be up over 1,500 feet. below 2,000 feet getting up around twin peaks. it'll get up just in the headlands area, but it will not have a big extent inland tonight and tomorrow morning. i mean it'll push into the bay. that it will seep into the skyline boulevard area up over towards horinda and san rafael, but not anticipating it pushing up to the delta area or all the way into up vacaville and fairfield. these temperatures are warmer than what they were yesterday, right? 6 degrees warmer in concord, 6 degrees warmer in livermore. there's that fog and it is that marine layer that's deep, but it is not real deep.
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it's sticking at the coast. let's see that future tower, i think it is. the eyes are so bad. that future tower? yeah, it looks like it. all right, there is the future tower. 1,800 feet like i said, using it as a way to measure the invert gent. in-- invergence. then you start clicking into the lower 90s. in the hot spots again, making it into the lower 90s to be very hard that you might find the upper 90s for your bay area and wednesday that we'll see you back here with their short range forecast and another nice day, but hot inland. when i come back we will have the long range look. we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. a new solution to the energy problems, running right into something that will be a thousand years old. it's what will be underneath the solar panels that have brought this project to a stop. >> later coming up new at 6:00, being forced out. a group that's providing low cost mental health services in san francisco that could soon
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be evicted to build a housing development. their efforts now, relocate. >> it would really break my heart if we closed.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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♪ ♪ a 21st century solution to clean energy has run head on into a stumbling block 2,000 years in the making. >> the convergence of old verses new is in a six-acre site next to highway 87 in south san jose. ktvu fox bay reporter jesse
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gary joins us live to tell us why the new energy project has come to a halt. jesse? >> guys, this is the law of inattended consequences in full effect. back in the beginning of the summer they began installing the solar panels, all fine with the panels, see, they're here. but the problem though is below ground. >> oh, by the way, you know, for thousands of years that they have lived in my neighborhood. >> reporter: dating back to the time of christ, the tribe would use this six-acre site at the burial ground. with a nice patch of land sandwiched between the sound wall and highway 87 stretching from the express way south. when complete that the $6.5 million solar installation project would provide two megawatts of electricity. >> increased their total output by the significant margin to make it unbelievable in california. >> reporter: but shortly after the project broke ground in
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june that the inquiries started about the possible burial ground from their feet. san jose state says that these grounds have mapped 40 years ago. in this case that it was known by the county and that it was not omitted from their final environmental impact. >> at the time that we would do their view that we did not have a survey. so we immediately asked the contractor on the work. >> reporter: retracing their steps would show that the solar panel went from the original construction of highway 87. but in the electrical trench running parallel to the roadway that they could disturb the soil. >> if we extend the trench to the north to get into archaeological research. >> reporter: decades ago that 100 remains were found on the site, fearful that there are more below ground work that is on hold. they went to determine what is below and how to preserve the influence of the first bay area
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resident. >> they contributed in all ways to the american experience. that is, that needs to be brought through. >> reporter: one of the ways they see it happening is the historical markers or the statute and that they went downtown, referencing them now. the report on the possibility of running into more remains, that it will be due at the end of this week or possibly next week that we will stay in touch to let you know exactly what will happen for the rest of this project. live in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, jesse. well, it is a rare sight for people in the bay area. where this alligator was found and what wildlife officials had to do with it. plus, new vaccine requirements for the students this-year-old -- students this year. how far one woman went to get her child exempt from the vaccine law. >> harvey milk is still making history. the honor they are giving to the late san francisco
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supervisor. on the sunny side♪ ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ so check out this picture that you don't see it every day. but the hikers spotted it in alameda creek in fremont. everyone was hoping that the fish and wildlife would capture it and find it in the appropriate home, but that didn't happen. instead the alligator was killed. robert handa is -- rob roth is
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in cleveland explaning what happened. >> when we first came down here we thought it'd be a story about a search and rescue of the little alligator, but that wasn't the case. a hiker saw this four-foot alligator in alameda creek yesterday, they snapped a picture and notified authorities. california fish and wildlife officers couldn't find it yesterday, but they came back this morning to look again. >> we were just going to go out to try to confirm if it is or not an alligator in the alameda creek. >> hikers say that having an alligator nearby is a scary proposition. afterall a 2-year-old boy was killed by a much larger alligator at disney world in june. >> it could be provoked if you see somebody running by or walking by. it's not just the humans in danger, but the animal itself that is in danger. >> reporter: they found the alligator this morning setting itself on a rock. they ruled out trying to capture it. >> we heard a shot go off and that is when we needed to turn it around. >> we shot it and euthanized it. >> reporter: they put it in the
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cage and carded it off. neighborswere hoping that they -- neighbors were hoping that they would catch the alligator. >> reporter: wish and filed live said it was a matter of public safety. >> it is very, very difficult totranquilize an alligator from a distance and they are spooky around people. we would lose it and we couldn't take the chance. >> reporter: they are not native to california. fish and wildlife said that the young alligator most likely started out as a pet until the owner abandoned it in the creek. >> they are difficult to take care of. they grow and they are aggressive. they don't want to get in trouble because they have them, so they find a place to release them. >> reporter: and now it is against the law to have an alligator in california and then what occurred today is an example of what could happen when someone has a pet alligator. frank? >> yeah no kidding. all right, rob roth in fremont tonight. students are heading back to school in san jose tomorrow and for the first time state
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law requires all of them to be properly vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption. the ability to opt out due to one's personal belief is no longer an option. ktvu ann rubin joins us live to tell us how the new law is leaving some parents scrambling. ann? >> reporter: yeah, they are rushing to either get the shots or the paperwork they need to be sure they are still allowed to come to class. the students in san jose will go back to class this week, but not without the proper immunizations. and so today the san jose neighborhood health clinic is full of kids that are getting shots. >> i think that it is great that it takes me very comfortable knowing that my daughter will be going to school with other children that are vaccinated. >> reporter: this year a new california law that will require kids to be vaccinated unless they are exempted for medical reasons. at san jose unified there were only 36 out of 32,000 students who have that exemption. >> and so it protects your
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child, it protects your neighbor's child, it will protect the baby that is too young to get immunized. >> reporter: those without the proper vaccination will get sent home. >> as we explained when we called them that they will not be allowed to attend school. so we will call their parents and ask them to come pick it up again. >> reporter: but some parents are going through great lengths to circumvent them. she doesn't believe in one size fits all policies when it comes to immunizations. >> there is no pediatrician in the area that will see my kids because of my concerns over the vaccinations. >> and so -- and so stein referred doctors to the medical exemption for both their kids. >> we will travel to monterey, we pay out of pocket to pay a medical doctor who would look at the test results that we've had done, who would hear my kid's history. and to write the medical exemption as they will both be starting school tomorrow. >> reporter: under the new law that it is likely that more
5:35 pm
kids will be immunized. for that parents like kelly shepherd are grateful. >> reporter: they will put other kids at risk when they don't have vaccines. it would hurt a lot less. i feel more comfortable. >> reporter: in the san jose unified school district there will be some allowances made, for example, that those who are working their way through the process of getting immunizations, they will be allowed to come to school while getting those shots. that they will just continue to track their progress. julie? >> all right, thank you. we reached out to the other school districts today and the officials with san francisco unified told us that they have not turned away any students who will be missing their vaccinations. instead those students will get a written notice -- a detailed notice. and then they will be forced to stay home. last year the kindergarten vaccination rate in san francisco, that they were 93%. we have breaking news now
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from uc berkeley where they will announce that they will be stepping down. that in a statement that he would make that personal statement to resign, but they did not offer that specific reason that he has been under fire for how they have handled their campus for financial statements that they would make in the face of the budget shortfall that they will be 56 years old and named chancellor three years ago that they said that they would officially resign once their successor is selected and that they will return to teach after he resigns. by the way it is the second uc chancellor to resign the past week as they just resigned a few days ago. naming a ship after harvey milk and the gay supervisor in san francisco who was killed by supervisor dan white in the late 1970s. >> it is my privilege to name tao206 the u.s. ns harvey milk.
5:37 pm
>> mayor ed lee, democratic leader nancy pelosi and harvey milk's family was gathered on treasure island this afternoon for the ceremony. milk is the first openly gay american to have a navy ship named after him as the navy secretary pointed out that times have changed, gays and lesbians can conserve openly in the military. >> every time. every time that we will vote in their military, to the people that have been kept out for their worse reasons to become stronger. >> he would serve in the 1950s before being elected as their first openly gay lawmaker in california and that the u.s. ns harvey milk is a refueling ship that they will be expected to begin in san diego. coming up, widespread flooding in louisiana has forced thousands of people to start over. >> it is like the end of your life, the end of your world to start over like that. and that we will need to work so hard for it.
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coming up, why the danger will remain high even while the floodwaters drop. >> and all they need is just one more signature. and if that happens that tens of thousands of californians, they could get their right to vote back. j?j?j7
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in minutes it was gone. in las vegas the last tower of the legendary riviera hotel and casino came tumbling down early this morning around 2:30 a.m., explosions reduced the monte carlo tower and other remaining structures to dust. the riviera hosted big names like dean martin. it is also a known hangout for the mob and used in bond films "diamonds are forever in casino" as well as "the rat pack," and "oceans 11." the tower was brought back in june as they plan to expand the las vegas convention center. the ford motor company said today that they will get an end to the market for the self- driving cars. the ceo mark fields says that the companies will have, that ford will have fully vehicles on the road in the next five year. fields said that four new self- driving cars will be mass produced and they will not have a steering wheel or their gas pedals or their brake pedals
5:42 pm
that people will be able to hail the cars. they announced their plans for the vehicles, the creation of the ride sharing network last month. well police detained two men who were reportedly walking around with the the salt rifle last night. police caught up with the two men early this morning. officers shot one of the men with their rubber bullets after they refused to follow commands. police say that it all began with witnesses reporting the two men that were wearing their military gear, carrying weapons on century boulevard overnight. one man was allegedly carrying a black lives matter sign in the other threatening to kill police officers. it is unclear if any weapons were found inside the suspect's car. a controversial bill that will restore their voting rights to tens of thousands of felons in california that are now headed to the governor's desk. the state senate would pass the vote by the vote of -- pass the bill by the vote of 23-23.
5:43 pm
they would allow felons serving jail to vote. those convicted of low-level non-violent felonies that they would also restore their voting rights to the felons in state prison. once they would finish serving their sentences and complete their parole. but the opponents, they argue that they were serving time for any crime that they should not be eligible to vote. coming up, the infamous name that will be tied to the mass kidnapping at the restaurant. >> and nearly two feet of land. that they have lead to thousands of rescues, why danger is still high in louisiana. even though that floodwaters are finally starting to recede. and it is pretty warm out there as temperatures are up into the mid-90s. the air quality is not so great. when i come back, we will go into the long range forecast to let you know what to expect in the coming days.
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there is ne -- new information following the rioting as it turns out that the man shot and the officer who killed him that they were friends in high school. last night police reported six more arrests, but no violence. the family of the man who was shot though, they said that the protest will continue. >> if we don't have answers that we're going to find them. if we don't find them our way that we're not going to find them your way no more that we're not going to compromise no more. >> reporter: police say that there is body camera video of the shooting, but at this point they have not said when that video will be released.
5:47 pm
a son of el chapo guzman has been kidnapped. that word came today from the state attorney general of the mexican state. yesterday armed men abducted a group of six or seven people in an upscale cafe. el chapo was the leader of the cartel, but he was captured in january after escaping from a high-security prison in mexico six months before. his son ivan guzman had allegedly assumed control of a part of his father's drug business. mexican authorities say that it is unclear who may have carried out the kidnappings and that the guzman's have a long list of enemies. the city of san francisco is launching a new campaign to try to reduce the number of mosquitoes this summer. the campaign is called no water no mosquitoes. the san francisco department of public health is reminding people to empty sources of standing water in their yards because they can give mosquitoes a place to breed. the campaign includes bus ads, a multi-lingual education video and tips posted online.
5:48 pm
today we learned that the death toll from widespread flooding in louisiana has now risen to ten. well some areas are entering recovery mode. officials say that the threat is not over and that new places downstream, they could still see heavy flooding. casey segal is in baton rouge with the latest. >> reporter: after days of devastating rainfall in louisiana, waters are starting to recede a bit in some areas. but officials warn the danger of new flooding remains high due to the sheer volume of water flowing toward the gulf of mexico. >> i want everyone to understand that we are still in the response mode at the parishes, saving life that will be the most important priority that we'll have. >> the storm system will dump more than 20 inches of rain over four days, leaving rivers and creeks severely bloated. several deaths are being reported and more than 20,000 people have been rescued since friday. the head of fema says that the
5:49 pm
existing federal declaration for the state, they are now including additional parishes. >> we are really focused on a lot of people in shelters and those that may not be able to get back in their homes, what will be the next step for their temporary housing. >> the churches, schools, other places, they will continue to open their doors to take in thousands of evacuees. residence that fled, they fear they are facing total loss. >> if anything that everything that i had is gone, everything. >> it is like the end of your life and the end of your world to move over like that. fema is encouraging residence to complete an application for disastrous assistance, even if their parish is not a part of their federal disaster declaration. in baton rouge casey segal fox
5:50 pm
news. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin now and the figures right there. that they are just staggering. are they looking at anymore rain? will they finally get a chance to dry out? >> they are getting a chance. and what they are referring to is that they will get that much standing water that you'll get into the disease. you'll get into the mosquitoes. if you have ever been that we have talked about it the other day, if you have ever been in that flood situation. besides the general overall dismay and smelliness of it that you'll get mosquitoes. that it will be a dangerous situation. just getting the water drained on out of there that they are not out of the woods. and i know what you're asking that the rain is mostly done, but that they are standing water. 2,000 water rescued yesterday. >> 20,000. >> that it was 20,000. now, can you imagine that it will be 20,000 water rescues? amazing. that's a historical flooding, which is what we saw down there. 92 degrees today, nothing like that around here today.
5:51 pm
and in concord, the high for fairfield at 96 and 93 in antioch and livermore and that i was just thinking about that with the zika virus and what's going on as i believe that the officials will be very concerned about getting the standing water on out of there because you don't want to breed them for the potential of something along the lines. the fog along the coast right now, it is just like what it has been as they would get up to 1,400 feet right now last night in our area around 1,600 feet. what does it mean? that it is still hot inland and mild and warm at the bay and their classic, classic, classic august weather pattern. that i don't see anything out there, anything outstanding other than that you're going to see the fog at coast. that you'll see fog in the inland areas through oakland and hayward and parts of hayward and that fog that you will see there. as we showed you it earlier and that it will be 1,800 feet that it will be counting e them there and that you'll be looking at that fog bank and it will be a couple hundred feet,
5:52 pm
maybe 200 feet below the top of the tower with the marine layer about 1,600 feet right now. it will really cool off to get that up to 2,000 that we will have another warm day tomorrow. wednesday, 55 degrees in san francisco and then you'll start off. twice to burn off, even at lunchtime still lingering. then they will kind of hang out there. it'll be foggy all day in the park. i think it'll be foggy all day west of 19th that you'll go east of 19th to get some clearing out there and the fog burn off as you'll see it right there on their forecast highs tomorrow. and 100 in their central valley and the temperature footprint, almost exactly of what we would have today. 94 in brentwood tomorrow and antioch and here is the five- day forecast. slight cooling on thursday and then temperatures will start to trend down. yeah, a lot is going on weather wise and then today that they will come out to say that it will be warm for them last night and the warmest july. >> yeah, whatever was reported worldwide.
5:53 pm
that they will have a lot in the weather world with a lot of intrigue with no normal anymore. >> yes, there isn't a normal anymore. that we are not sure what the pattern is going to bring. or in the louisiana area, even they would have a lot of playing today. it is really something in louisiana. thank you. still to come here, another new poll and more bad news for donald trump. up next, the league hill -- lead hillary clinton has over trump in the latest national survey. coming up new at 6:00, being forced out a. group pro-- forced out as a group could soon be convicted on building a housing development. >> we are fighters here. and we are not giving up. we will not give up.
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he is buying the playboy mansion for $100 million. hefner is 90 years old and for the terms of the mansion, that he'll get to live in the mansion for the rest of his life. lagging behind hillary clinton both nationally and in most cases the swing states. joel waldman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: when it comes to the most recent national
5:57 pm
survey, donald trump is trailing hillary clinton as they will work to get back on message today in wisconsin. holding the town hall in milwaukee. just days after riots broke out in the wake of the shooting of the armed man at the hands of police. in an interview with fox news that trump commented on recent events. >> well basically that it is just that, law and order and that we'll need to obey the law that they do not have a country. >> reporter: the wisconsin governor said that he'll be convinced that they could get back to the winning ways if they will keep blitzing clinton like he did in their foreign policy event on saturday. instead of getting tripped up on their side show issues. >> if he could keep the focus on her to give them speeches yesterday, where he will clearly lay out their presidential approach as to how he's going to address the important issues like the security and safety of the nation that they could win. >> reporter: speaking of clinton, they involved the detailed letter to the justice
5:58 pm
department. after lying to congress about the e-mail set up. clinton today, ignoring the issue on the campaign trail in philadelphia. >> even though that we are doing fine right now, i'm not taking anybody anywhere for granted. >> the fbi's new york field office will have a special guest tomorrow. donald trump said to receive his first classified briefing. in washington joel waldman fox news. we begin with developing news of a new massive wildfire that has exploded in size and in just a matter of minutes. this time it is burning in southern california. the blue cut fire is in san bernardino county and it is prompting the closure of the major interstate and forced people out of their homes. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. i want to show you the live pictures right now of the fire from overhead. officials say that it is already burning about 6,500
5:59 pm
acres and damaged or destroyed an unknown number of structures. they say that the temperatures in the area reached 100 degrees today as they also say that the vegetation is extremely dry. now the fire is burning in the cajon path area north of san bernardino and jumped interstate 15 this afternoon. and now mandatory evacuations are in effect for some 4,500 residents. the fire started at 10:30 this morning. officials say that windy conditions helped spread the fire at a very fast rate. they are warning people about that eminent threat to public safety, rail traffic in the area and structures. at least 700 firefighters are now on the fire lines with zero containment. several evacuation centers are now open for people, pets, and livestock. still no word on what started this fire. all right, let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking the conditions in san bernardino. the one thing that i noticed is that you can tell that smoke is being blown by it? >> right. it is windy and on our map as
6:00 pm
we showed you just a minute ago that we will show you the live map. the tippography is such and -- typography is such as the prevailing winds aren't howling that hard, but there is funneling going on. do you see the ravines? they are being funneled. at the surface the winds are nothing over 30 miles an hour. as you would look at the fire scene that i want you to see it that i'm almost certain that firefighters, this is the kind of thing that you'll need to get out of the way, talking about the fire break. a lot of this stuff that you cannot get in front of the fire with that kind of speed. here we are coming up with a lot of flames. how high the flames are, also that you do see some -- see some trees. if you haven't been out there, it is dry stuff and the wind is blowing 20


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