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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a disaster in the making tonight in san bernardino county where a wind whipped wildfire has most -- forced more than 80,000 people to flee their homes. one more in a series of destructive wildfires to hit california. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. this latest fire is being called the blue cut fire threatening homes north of san bernardino. the flames have shut down potential evacuation
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routes on highway 138 and interstate 15. the blue cut fire has spread across 15,000 acres since it broke up this morning. it's burning at a rate in excess of 1000 acres an hour. right now officials say it is 0% contained. 34,000 homes are threatened. 82,000 people are under mandatory evacuation order. we get the developing news from ktvu's monte francis following demand -- developments from our newsroom tonight. >> reporter: we don't have the exact number but at least a dozen structures have burned including some homes and historic restaurant off of interstate 15 called the summit . the flames are reaching up to 100 feet in the air and this fire is growing bigger by the hour. fierce winds are fueling the flames as the blaze known as the blue cut fire rages out of control north of san
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bernardino. in its path, tens of thousands of homes. >> we got to go. >> reporter: residence under mandatory evacuation orders, frantic to salvage what they can and make their escape. >> we have to evacuate. right now trying to get our animals out. >> reporter: the fire started at 10:30 in the morning and it just two hours exploded burning hundreds of acres. strong winds created this twisting column of the flames resembling a tornado. as a wall of flames moved the crust hills and dry brush the fire closed off two main routes of escape for the tens of thousands of evacuees. >> the fire jumped highway 138. it is now also -- it has jumped the 15 freeway. not sure where it is but it has jumped the first -- the 15 freeway to the east. >> reporter: some drivers raced past the fire in time. this is video from our frisco avenue. who was driving on interstate 15 just before the freeway was shut down. some homes have already burned as fire crews deal with 100- degree temperatures and unforgiving conditions.
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six firefighters who were protecting homes west of cajon pass became entrapped by the flames. and sheltered in place before being rescued. two of them suffered smoke inhalation. but are expected to be okay. governor brown has declared a state of emergency for san bernardino county. at least 700 firefighters are on the front lines of the fire. 750 have been ordered to the scene. frank and julie? >> with the fire shutting down two of the main routes in and out of there, how has it been for the 80,000 people forced to evacuate? >> reporter: we've seen photos of absolute gridlock on i-15 so people are turning around and going in opposite direction even if that's not where they want to go. just a real mess in terms of traffic. julie? >> developing situation, thank you. now to the clayton fire that's burning in northern california in lake county where some of the people were finally allowed to return home today. that came after fire crews made
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some significant progress. as of tonight containment of the 4000-acre fire has grown to 35% up from 20% earlier today. the number of buildings destroyed remains at 175. that number could change when inspection teams get better access to survey the damage. tomorrow the man suspected of setting the fire and others is set to make his first court appearance and ktvu's debora villalon is in lower lake tonight, much of it still off- limits. but signs of recovery are starting to emerge. >> reporter: yes, they are. now that the ground has finally started cooling, priority one is getting the life -- the lights back on. people can't return without power. street by street, it's underway. >> we are coming back with ice. >> reporter: special deliveries from the salvation army. food, water and ice from a bus making the rounds in the fire zone. spot you guys -- we'll be back with the ice. >> thank you much.
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>> reporter: their houses standing because they never left . this fire raging sunday afternoon, they fired up their tractor and cut some lines, then ran the sprinklers until the power failed. >> like i said, the reason i stayed is the reason we're still here. as far as we didn't burn. it went around us. i can sit and watch it go on. i can jump in the pool. i can stay in the middle of the green grass. >> reporter: without looking at the devastation, it's hard to grasp why the accused arsonist would wish this on anyone. >> we will see if he is actually the one. if the fire has stopped. >> it was scary and then terrifying. now it is -- >> reporter: where fire trucks were, pg&e is now. a fleet of trucks and workers have already replaced dozens of power poles with many more to go. the process of restringing lines is painstaking. evacuees got the okay to return home tuesday leaving more space in the evacuation center at
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kelseyville high school. behind the school a tent city for those who want to stay with pets. and a supply of animal care donations. >> air conditioning and some overnight will do her some justice. >> reporter: this hen was found, the only survivor of her flock all overcome by smoke. she wasn't doing well when animal control rescued her. >> we are doing a lot of welfare checks. feeding and watering animals that are still here. i love animals are missing at this point in time as well. a lot of lost dogs. so they should. >> reporter: the supervisor is relieved that that the emergency declaration will free upgrade. as for the alleged arsonist -- >> i'd like for him to come clean and say why. but that probably isn't going to happen. >> reporter: having to survive this turmoil again. >> just devastation and the hurt and they've lost everything. they don't know where to go and what to do.
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it's our job to try to pick up for them and help them. >> reporter: we are joined now by cal fire public information officer's, scott mcclain thanks for being with us. i know you were concerned today with hundred degree temperatures and possibility of the winds kicking up around 7:00. what were you up against and what progress did you make tonight? >> let's start with the wind. didn't kick up much. yesterday the winds were a little bit stronger. as far as more of a breeze. but they changed direction on a regular basis. they follow the clock all the way around. which is a big concern for us because it was that fire in the different directions. so we have to be cautious. >> reporter: your containment line is growing? >> doing very well. up to 35%. keep in mind we are talking about the interior of the fire as you can see around us, and we need to make sure all of this is out and not throwing any embers that could go across that fire line. >> reporter: expectations for tomorrow? >> much better as every day progresses. we need to be very forceful as
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far as making sure we have equipment on the fire line. and in this interior and continuing to mop up which they are doing. working into the night and throughout the night. >> reporter: people in the evacuation zone are still anxious to get back. housing might that happen? >> >> we are working on that. we have to reevaluate on a regular basis. we want to get folks home. this afternoon at 3:00, the avenues were repopulated. as you can see, pg&e has been working getting those polls back in, getting the lines strung. we need to make there's no hazard around those structures. so no civilians get hurt. >> reporter: a few more days at the very least? >> yes. yes. we're not going to go too far out. >> reporter: thanks so much for being with us. we know cal fire as well has estimated full containment of the clayton fire for this sunday. life in lower lake, debora villalon, back to you guys. >> thank you. neighbors of the lake county are so -- arson suspect say they are stunned.
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we have learned a bit more about his background. we also reached out to a forensic psychiatrist about what might prompt someone to become a serial fire sever. ktvu's jana katsuyama has that part of our coverage. >> reporter: many people who saw their property destroyed this week want to know why someone would deliberately start a fire. one dr. at ucsf has studied that question and shared some insight. the flames have turned lifelong dreams into a hellish landscape of burnt homes and emotional pain for lake county residents. >> it's ridiculous. up all night, the kids don't want to go to sleep. >> reporter: the arrest charged with 17 counts of arson has sparked questions of how and why anyone could become a serial arsonist. ucsf forensic psychiatrist john chamberlain is an expert on fire setting. a serial arsonist fits a range of mental profiles, 12 make a social or political statement. another, someone with an intent
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to commit a crime. >> the criminal element would be another profile where you have someone who is doing this more for monetary gain or to possibly hurt people. >> reporter: dr. chamberlain says arson can also involve mental illness. the most common, personality disorder. using fire for empowerment. >> they feel very angry, they don't have very good methods of coping with their anger, with their stress. >> reporter: other factors are conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar. the most where is pyromania. >> classic in pyromania is the person feels very tense, uptight, anxious, stressed out and the way they've learned to combat that is to set a fire. >> reporter: investigator say he had a prior criminal history. in january he was sentenced to prison for five years on drug
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possession and firearms charges. he was an inmate firefighter for several months before being released. the lake county district attorney said damin pashilk had been under investigation for more than a year. investigating arson can be very difficult. >> reporter: very challenging. >> because of the effects of the weather and terrain that you normally don't have to deal with in structured fires. >> reporter: she doesn't believe he could have committed the crime. >> i don't see him doing that. he wouldn't do that. he wouldn't cook put kids in danger. people in danger like that. >> reporter: investigators have not said anything about what might have been a motive in this case. pashilk is behind bars tonight and to do in court tomorrow. >> 17 fires, accused, thank you. to other wildfires that were intentionally set resulted in long prison sentences. a man who admitted to starting the 2014 king fire in el dorado county was sentenced to 20 years in prison. the fire burned nearly 100,000 acres and 80 buildings.
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the arsonist was caught because of a video of himself surrounded by flames. and a man convicted of setting the 2006 esperanza fire in southern california was sentenced to death. that fire in riverside county killed five firefighters, burned 40,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes. en you'll find more on the situation in lake county including information on how you can donate, click on the story near the top of our home page. now to the south bay where fire crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire at this hour, that fire broke out before 9:00 tonight on west bank carlo street near lincoln avenue. officials say the blaze was caused by a pickup truck crashing into a building and rupturing a gas line. ktvu reporter jesse gary is on the scene and sent us this photo. it shows flames engulfing a portion of the building. pg&e crews have cut the gas line and we are told fire crews are worried about gas buildup inside the building so they are
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not going inside at this time. the driver of the pickup was pulled to safety. and alligator spotted in the wild in the bay area and shot and killed. why fish and wildlife officers say capturing the alligator is not an option. tracking your weather around here as well as the weather on the fire lines in northern and southern california.
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new at ten, and assault case in san francisco's castro where the victim is asking for help in piecing together what happened. he says he can't remember much except waking up in the hospital with severe injuries. ktvu's amber lee live in the castro after speaking with the victim and police. amber? >> reporter: julie, the man was found at this bus station just by the busy intersection of market and castro. police tell me they're looking at surveillance video from this gas station and nearby businesses to piece together what happened. >> i remember waking up in the hospital and them telling me i had my jaw fractured in a couple places and my nose was broken. >> reporter: tommy castellani showed us these photos. he wont -- he underwent surgery so doctors could put titanium
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plates into his broken jaw. >> my face was really swollen, black and blue. >> reporter: five days later there are still bruises. >> i don't remember anything. just singing karaoke and then waking up in the hospital. >> reporter: 45-year-old says he does remember being at the cafe, a popular club on market street. he suspects he may have gotten into a verbal confrontation with someone. >> i had three drinks, i have a big mouth. i was hoping it was not some random attack. >> it was a disturbing scene. >> reporter: antonio's family who had just gotten off work found his friend, castellani, lying on the sidewalk. stanley says police officers told him it appears castellani was beaten with his own bicycle helmet. and that more than one person may have been involved. >> i don't care if it was some sort of confrontation between them. no one in the world deserves to get hurt and hit into the hospital like that. >> reporter: 911 dispatch did receive several phone calls reporting a fight involving a group of people on thursday. shortly before 2:30 a.m., as
10:17 pm
many of the areas bars and clubs were closing, but that investigators are still determining if the attack on castellani was part of that incident and checking surveillance video. >> some at several businesses out there, so we'll be looking to pull that video. see if we can -- the incident was captured on video. we are also going to be looking for witnesses. >> reporter: castellani is speaking out because he doesn't want whoever did this to him to be able to do this to someone else. >> this is way over the top. this is way, way over-the-top. you know, i mean it could have led to death. you could have killed me. >> reporter: castellani says nothing was taken from him so he doesn't think robbery was a motive. initially he said he thought his work as a security guard at a nearby bar may have been a factor but he doesn't recall any incident that could have escalated to this violence. julie? >> has he been to that club before or was this his first
10:18 pm
time going there? >> reporter: that was what was so surprising. he said he has been to this club , the cafe, once or twice a week for a while now. so nothing like this has ever happened. still trying to piece together what happened and hopefully he can remember some of it with the help of police. >> amber, thank you. police have released new information about an attempted kidnapping case from last month. police have created this sketch of the suspect. they say he used pepper spray on a woman as she was walking to work and tried to drag her into his car before a good samaritan intervened and saved the woman. invest it or say two other women have since come forward to say they had contact with the same man the same week of the initial attack. the attack happened early on the morning of july 28 on washington avenue near 139th. investigators say the man hit between parked cars and surprised his victim.
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the attacker is described as a black man between 25 and 40, with a goatee, his car is described as a silver nissan sentra with distinctive gray or medal aftermarket wheels. a group that has provided low-cost mental health services in san francisco for decades could be evicted. the owner of the building wants to tear it down to build housing. now as ktvu's paul chambers tells us, the haight ashbury psychological services is asking for help in finding a new location. >> reporter: sitting on the third floor on schrader street, tucked away in two office spaces is the haight ashbury psychological services. >> we want -- we serve the working poor in san francisco. they make 1000 or 1500 a month and they want to get therapy. and if it wasn't for places like this, they wouldn't be able to afford help at all. >> reporter: that may soon come to an end. >> somebody said to me, so the building is going to be turned into condos.
10:20 pm
and i said, what? >> reporter: according to the city and county of san francisco apartment -- planning website, the building owners filed for request last october to demolish existing medical offices to construct three separate residential buildings in the city that needs more housing. >> if we don't exist, there's a lot of people who will not get services. these are the people who can easily fall through the cracks. there is less and less resources at a time where there's so much going on in the city and we need more and more resources. for mental health. >> reporter: don and lisa have been with the center since the '80s. these offices have been all they've known for most of their professional careers. now with the threat of losing it all they've created a gofundme account that hopes to raise enough money so they can move. >> it would really break my heart if we closed. we're fighters here. and we're not giving up. >> reporter: month-to-month
10:21 pm
lease so the owners only have to give them 30 days to vacate. we tried to contact the owners but did not hear back. if you would like to help out, log onto our website, and click on web links. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. the link between mental health and homelessness was the focus of a unique film festival in san francisco tonight. ucsf hosted the fourth annual bay area global health film festival. its goal is to create awareness and education. the movie shown tonight included a documentary about margaret cho homeless outreach campaign that was inspired by the late robin williams. quick check on the fire, northern california up at -- southern california down by north of riverside, we were tracking red flag warnings in effect, through thursday, it is going to be continued wind down
10:22 pm
there in the fire zone. temperatures over 100 and winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. bad news for firefighters. to go back to the clayton fire, getting good containment on this one. currently 83 degrees. humidity up 23%. tomorrow, not bad. very similar to today. lots of mid-and upper 90s. very dry. relatively light on the wind. southern california big fire down there, it's going to grow. evacuations warranted with the strong winds lasting more than 48 hours from now. the fog along the coast, pushes inland but not that far, off to the east bay, temperatures tomorrow the warmest we've seen all week. sixty-nine right now in livermore, it is three degrees warmer in livermore. tomorrow warmest day of the week. some fog out there, we're going to find temperatures inland bay valleys that are easily going to get into the mid-and upper 90s tomorrow. very warm day inland, mild around the bay. we will see you back here with the long-range forecast. dozens of homes for the homeless. the controversial proposal
10:23 pm
being considered and why some are floating an alternative. the top spot in the national league west was at stake tonight at at&t park.
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easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. the chancellor of uc berkeley said he's going to step down. nicholas dirks said in a statement he was making a personal decision to resign but didn't offer a specific reason. under fire for how the university handled sexual harassment cases on campus and for financial decisions that he made in the face of a budget shortfall. dirks is 66, he was named chancellor three years ago, he said he will officially resign once his successor is selected. he also said once he resigns he
10:26 pm
plans to return to teaching. dirks is the second you see chancellor to resign in the past week. you recall last tuesday controversial uc davis chancellor linda katehi announced she was stepping down. fish and game officials shot and killed an alligator today. that's right. an alligator in niles canyon outside fremont. the gator was spotted yesterday and there was hope it could have been captured and given a proper home. as katie views rob roth explains, that didn't happen. >> reporter: a hiker saw this four-foot alligator in alameda creek in fremont yesterday now authorities were notified. fish and wildlife officers couldn't find it yesterday but they came back this morning to look again. >> we're going to go out and try and confirm if there is or is not an alligator in the alameda creek. >> reporter: those who hike they having an alligator nearby is a scary proposition. after all a 2-year-old boy was killed by a large alligator at disney world in june. >> it could be provoked if you see someone walking by or
10:27 pm
running by. so it's not just the humans in danger it's also the animal itself in danger. >> reporter: game wardens found the alligator this morning. they ruled out trying to capture it. >> we heard a shot go off and that's when we needed to turn around. >> we shot it. >> reporter: they put the carcass in a cage and carted it off. neighbors were hoping officers would simply catch the alligator. >> it's pretty inhumane, four feet, should be able to be caught. and released somewhere else. >> reporter: it was a matter of public safety. >> very, very difficult to tranquilize an alligator from a distance. they are very spooky around people. so if we tried to get close we would lose it. we couldn't take that chance. >> alligators are not native to california. >> reporter: fish and wildlife says the young alligator most likely started out at -- as a pet. >> they're difficult to take care of. they grow, they are aggressive. and that people don't want to euthanize them. they don't want to get in trouble because they have them. so they find a place to release
10:28 pm
them. >> reporter: it's against the law to have an alligator in california and what occurred today is an example of what can happen when someone has a pet alligator. in fremont, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> reporter: -- >> mandatory vaccinations and the lengths some parents are willing to go to try to get an exemption. a long night here at san jose city hall as the city council votes on a controversial approach to housing the homeless near willow glen. we will take you inside this meeting and show you new renderings of what this will look like.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
new at ten, the san jose city council is meeting to consider a controversial project that could house more than 100 homeless people in modular homes. the project would be built on
10:31 pm
city-owned land east of willow glen on evans lane. ktvu's azenith smith told us about this proposal back in march. she joins us now live outside san jose city hall with the latest. azenith? >> reporter: julie, it is a packed house with a lot of community advocates as well as concerned neighbors. they just ended public comment right now. so far the majority of them are against transitional housing and are looking for permanent solutions. tonight residence weighing in from both sides of the homeless debate on a first of its kind plan in san jose on a six-acre lot of land. >> we care deeply about any homelessness in this community. there's a big problem to solve. and the problem is not enough for affordable housing now. >> multiple times because of certain populations. if you want to continue to put them all in the same location,
10:32 pm
it's going to magnify and intensify the issues. >> reporter: new renderings show what the homeless would live in, manufactured homes. a house plan to include 150 square-foot bedroom with shared bathrooms, dog park and a community center. >> homeless people are people. and in an environment where there is dignity and rules, common support, where people support each other, homeless people like the rest of us thrive. >> reporter: the nonprofit nonprofit that would manage it, providing 24 hour security and on-site case management services , the city would lease the land to a vote for one dollar a year for 15 years. >> through 2030 two, heading this type of environment to an already problematic neighborhood that suffers from loitering, crying, and other issues, is problematic. >> reporter: this councilmember is against it supporting an alternative plan to build permanent high density housing where half of the units would be affordable. the other half rented at market rates.
10:33 pm
a plan that could take five years. >> we have a crisis on our hands and we need to move quickly. >> reporter: sam liccardo says it is safer for everyone to house the homeless right away. prioritizing homeless veterans in san jose. >> i think we need to move forward with a transitional housing situation now knowing that we can always change that to a permanent structure in the years ahead. >> reporter: city council is talking about this project as we speak. if they move forward, homeless individuals could be housed on evans lane. as early as next summer. we will let you know once we know. >> azenith, what was it about that location, why did they pick it? >> reporter: they talked about this at the meeting. they researched a lot of locations in san jose. they called this place the best location given it is designated for affordable housing and it's also near several freeways, transportation, and near
10:34 pm
services for the homeless. >> all right. azenith smith in san jose, thanks. hugh hefner has sold his famous playboy mansion for $100 million. he sold the property to darren metropolis who lives right next door. he is the son of a billionaire who owned pabst brewing. today was the close of escrow. under terms of the deal, hefner will be able to live at the mansion for the rest of his life. right now hugh hefner is 90. students heading back to school this week need more than backpacks. for the first time state law requires vaccinations. and as ktvu's ann rubin tells us, new law has some parents scrambling. >> reporter: students go back to class this week but not without the proper immunizations. so today the san jose high neighborhood health clinic is full of kids getting shots. >> i think it's great. it makes me very comfortable knowing my daughter will be going to school with other
10:35 pm
children that are vaccinated and i don't have to worry. >> reporter: a new california law requires kids to be vaccinated. unless they are exempt for medical reasons. at san jose unified there were only 36 out of 32,000 students who have that exemption. >> and so it protects your child, it protects your neighbor's child, it protects that baby who is too young to get immunized. >> reporter: those without the proper vaccinations will get sent home. >> as we explained to them when we call them, they will not be allowed to attend school. we will call their parents and ask them to come pick them up again. >> reporter: some parents are going to great lakes to circumvent the new state law. elaine stein has two kids in the union school district. she doesn't believe in a one- size-fits-all policy when it comes to immunizations. >> there's no pediatrician in the area that will see my kid because of my concerns over the vaccination. >> reporter: stein who has
10:36 pm
concerns about her health searched for a doctor who would write a medical exam should. >> we traveled to monterey, we paid out-of-pocket to find a medical doctor who would look at the test results we had done, who would hear my kids history, and to right that medical exemption. so they will both be starting school tomorrow. >> reporter: it's likely more kids will be immunized, and for that, parents like kelly shepard are grateful. >> that's what other kids -- puts other kids at risk when they don't have vaccines. so with the herd philosophy, i feel more comfortable. >> reporter: in the san jose unified, school district, some allowances will be made for example, those working their way through the immunization process will still be allowed to come to school. nurses will track their progress. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a big construction project brought to a standstill, the solar installation now in question because of an ancient burial ground. we're tracking the warm-up around here, temperatures tomorrow warmest they've been all week. we've talked about that. there's a cool down coming in that five-day.
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we have developing news tonight from east oakland where a two alarm fire is burning in a liquor store located along seminary avenue near foothills. police were first called to the scene after reports of a disturbed man with a knife inside the building. then at 9:15 came word a fire had broken out inside the store. fire crews we -- report a partial roof collapse at the scene. the building where the fire is burning is adjacent to the east oakland leadership academy. in san jose police made an arrest in connection with a double shooting that left a teenager dead and another injured. 19-year-old alexander lozano of san jose was booked on
10:40 pm
suspicion of homicide and assault with a deadly weapon. investigators say just after 6:00 last night he shot and killed a 16-year-old boy on north white road in east san jose. an 18-year-old man was also hit but is expected to recover. no word on a motive for the killing. supervisor harvey milk is set to make history again. in a ceremony at treasure island the u.s. navy announced the new ship will be named after the navy veteran. milk served in the 1950s before moving to san francisco. and becoming the first openly gay lawmaker in the state. the secretary of the navy said milk stood for equality, justice and freedom. >> every time, every time we vote in the military, two people who have been kept out for the worst of reasons, we have become stronger. >> construction of the naval refueling ship is set to begin in about three years in san diego. an ancient burial ground
10:41 pm
brings a construction project to a standstill. why it was overlooked even after being documented years ago. chief meteorologist bill martin is updating his forecast. ♪
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a solar energy project is on hold after the discovery of ancient bones. as jesse gary explains is a burial site mapped decades ago and then overlooked until now. >> oh, by the way, thirst -- thousands of year, they lived in my neighborhood. >> reporter: dating back to the time of christ, the tribe used this six-acre site as a burial ground. a dusty patch of land
10:44 pm
sandwiched between a sound wall and highway 87 stretching from the expressway south. this $6.5 million solar installation project will provide two megawatts of electricity. >> increase our total output by significant margin and make us one of the leading counties in salad -- in california. >> reporter: shortly after project broke ground in june, inquiry started about a possible burial ground beneath workers feet. san jose state archaeologist and anthropologist dr. alan leventhal says these grounds were mapped and documented more than 40 years ago. >> in this case it was known by the county and was omitted from their final environmental impact. >> at the time we did the review we didn't have a survey. so we immediately asked the contractor to stop work. >> reporter: retracing their steps showed the solar panels sit on phil from the original construction of highways -- highway 87 but a trench running parallel could disturbed soil
10:45 pm
from the time before. >> if we get into archaeological resources. >> reporter: :it's go 100 remains were found on this site, below ground work is on hold. archaeologist want to determine what's below and how to preserve the influence of the first bay area resident. >> reporter: they contributed in all ways to the american experience. that is -- needs to be brought to the fore. >> reporter: one of the ways dr. leventhal see that happening is with historical marker or statue similar to the ones in downtown san jose referencing the loney. the report on possibility of more remains at the far end of this construction site is due possibly by next week, we will let you know what happens. in south bend -- in south san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. today's temperatures were a little bit warmer in some places, cooler in others. so kind of split the difference
10:46 pm
and called it like yesterday. these are the highs today, temperatures tomorrow are going to be a few degrees warmer. more mid-90s, in the in the and bear valley but i think the difference will be negligible. fog along the coast right now, marine layer is fairly deep, 12, 1300 feet deep. so that means fog gets into the bay, you have it again tomorrow morning. then it burns off quickly. tomorrow probably the warmest day of the week by a couple degrees, that's the way it's tracking. sixty-six in fairfield, 63 in napa. the fog is out there, looking in san jose now, hard to tell if -- i think it is mostly just some haze off the bay. here is the fog forecast for tomorrow morning, there it is in oakland and fremont and san mateo. you notice where it isn't, not in the livermore valley. so inland areas are going to heat up pretty nicely. so yeah, tomorrow is like today but slightly warmer. we have this flatline of
10:47 pm
whether continuing, the purples are 100. so you will still find them. there's your temperature footprint for wednesday. thursday will be very similar but slightly cooler, purples will go a little more east. san francisco tomorrow morning cloudy until lunch tomorrow in san francisco, 63 degrees, for lunch time. and then 66 for the daytime high in san francisco. a lot like today. inland, where you probably notice the differences in brentwood and antioch and mid- 90s. livermore will be up in the mid- 90s, 91 in gilroy. and then the five-day forecast, warmest day of the week, most likely tomorrow. not crazy hot. exactly what august is supposed to look like temperature-wise. this whole week may be cool on the sand but the next two days very much what you would expect. cooler towards the bay area weekend which, i don't see any big high fire danger or bad air
10:48 pm
quality scenarios. so that's good right now. southern california is another deal. the guys, -- that fire is huge, winds are blowing and it is supposed to blow down there for the next couple days. vacancy winds 50 miles an hour and the flames we saw today, just stunning. tomorrow is going to come up and more programs. >> 1000 acres an hour. >> at 10:30 this morning and exploded. >> yeah. we will talk more about that tomorrow. coming up, giants and a's. and the raiders getting ready to head to green bay.
10:49 pm
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yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. mark is here now with sports. the giants just -- it's getting out of hand. >> first time since may 10 they have been knocked out of first place. there you go. >> they haven't played like a first-place team in a long time. as of tonight they are not a first-place team. the dodgers smothered philly and if it ain't one thing, it's another. another uninspired performance. nine wins, 20 losses since the break. not a feeding frenzy at at&t. for the players anyway. first inning, already down 1-0. to the pirates. buster posey hits one into triples alley. two runs a score. he has got a bad back so
10:52 pm
triples alley for buster, later into a key double play. he winds up with a double there, jeff samardzija gives up that lead quickly. john jaso, the former a's player with an rbi shot to the gap in left center. pick it up in the eighth, 3-3. it is derek law who had not given up a run in 19 appearances throwing to jung ho kang. to the deepest part of the yard. over and out. that his deciding it, runners at second and third, one out. that expression sums it up. one out in the bottom of the night, could not score. it's another defeat and the dodgers lead the west by one half game. if you're not involved in a pennant race, if you have any competitive fire, you want to knock off the first-place team. the a's wandered of -- they wanted a piece of texas. down in the lone star state, they were down 2-1 in the ninth, two outs, two on, danny valencia cashes in the clutch,
10:53 pm
base hit right-center, makes it a 2-2 game in the tenth. looks like it was there. yonder alonso swinging a hot bat of late, roped down the right-field line. he has got himself an rbi double as brett eibner will hightail it around to score. another for a 4-2 lead. carlos beltran hanging pitch, off john axford, base hit. two runs scored. it's 4-four. enter markson kinski in release. -- in relief. beans reinette odor, one out. the walk off hit batsman, that is a tough lot -- that stings a little bit. even the most fervent of 49ers fans couldn't be feeling overconfident about the quarterback position. colin kaepernick nursing the sore shoulder. forced to scour the does
10:54 pm
anybody want me wire? they signed christian ponder, former first-round pick who has not played since 2012. now a nine or for the time being. the raiders really upbeat, as they break camp in napa, get ready for a flight to green bay for a game thursday. observers so far anyway really clueless. if you could not see how confident this team looks so far, carrying themselves, as one player told me, it is swagger, jekyll rio has brought it back to the raiders. >> the meetings and all that, when we are out in the meeting rooms there's always a good energy. coach del rio is playing music and you can hear coach kenny norton yelling and from the qb room all the way across the hall and the energy is there. >> the first thing he brought to the team was a tinge of attitude, a change of mindset, and brought us some swagger here.
10:55 pm
we love playing for our guy like you said that's been in our shoes before. has had a lot of success. so it's been fun playing for him and that's where it starts. >> there you go. i'm going to logically assume if you are interested in the olympics you would be watching it. or you've already heard that the sensational simone biles has added to her incredible collection, final performance, wins the floor exercise. her luggage back home considerably heavier, four golds, one bronze. team usa women's basketball onto the semis against either france or canada. overwhelming victory. 110-64 over japan. they were leading by only ten at the half. not an olympic sport right now but we had an olympian effort worthy of gold and wrigley field by one of the chicago cubs. he has this catch, anthony rizzo. first base, he will get up on
10:56 pm
the bricks there to make that backhanded snag. to really appreciate it, you see the frustration of the batter, he can't believe it. watch the replay. this is where you appreciate it. the coordination, that that takes to do, all in one motion, getting up that quick, that is a heck of a catch. by anthony rizzo. >> get up on the edge. >> yeah. >> he is at home. so he knows that while. >> oh, yeah. that is like a million dollar smile that simone biles has. >> yes. >> adorable. >> good for her. >> her baggage is going to be a lot heavier coming home. >> good for her. thank you for joining us. have a great night. see you again tomorrow.
10:57 pm
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