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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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so we immediately asked the contractor to stop work. >> a report should be done by the end of the week. another fire now burning out of control in california. we are following this latest situation as crews all across the state continue to battle flames. and the dreaded bank bandit makes his first court appearance. more on how the serial bank robber was tracked down and caught. police, a fitbit for fertility. we talk live with the founder of a company who says her product can double the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. good morning and welcome to ktvu "mornings on 2: the 9". a live look at mount diablo. overcast weather. steve says it will be cloudy, but it will give way to sunshine, especially inland. we are going to have the hottest day of the week this week. welcome to "the 9". i am sal castaneda along with claudine filling in for gasia
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and mike. we begin this morning with news of yet another wildfire burning out of control in california. >> that's right. we want to take a look at this map because there are now more than a dozen wildfires just burning across the state. >> that's right. they stretch from humboldt county to the fast moving blue cut fire north of san bernardino. more than 80,000 people have been ordered to evacuate because of that fire. cristina rendon is joining us now. thousands of homes still threatened by that fire? >> exactly. this fire has been burning out of control. when you think of it, overnight it went from maybe 26 square miles to now 46 square miles. that's about the size of san francisco. this blue cut fire in san bernardino fire is the fastest growing fire in the state. if you take a look at these images now, you can see that the fire is burning in several directions. it is also creating its own weather patterns with displays of twisting columns of flames.
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at least a dozen structures have been lost, including a historic restaurant near the freeway. an official number of buildings has not been released because crews have been so busy trying to get a handle on the fire. more than 34,000 structures are in danger and mandatory evacuations remain in place. >> this fire when it got started was extremely dangerous. it was a wind-driven fire that got started in the canyon. the wind took it over the edge. it exploded in different directions. >> six firefighters found themselves in the path of danger while trying to protect homes and had to be rescued. two suffered smoke inhalation but all six are back on the fire lines this morning. the governor has declared a state of emergency for that area. firefighters will be using cadaver dogs to search through the destruction. the fear is that because the fire moved so fast in less than 24 hours, it's possible not everyone made it out safely.
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>> during the noon newscast when we brought those live pictures to the viewers, the narrow roads out there off interstate 15. if you have 80,000 people trying to get out, if the roads were getting clogged. i am hoping everyone got out of that area. any word in regards to searching for people, or is it to hot to go in? >> no, they will bring the dogs in and search those areas. then they will be moving closer to where the fire is actually burning. but it is too dangerous to go where the fire is. yeah, there is a fear that people didn't make it out alive. >> all right. thank you. ktvu's ted rowlands, by the way, is heading down to the blue cut fire. he will have live reports later. another big fire in california. the clayton fire in lake county, here are some of the latest information about that fire. the man accused of deliberately setting it will appear in court
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this afternoon. damon pashilk faces 17 arson- related charges. containment has gone from 35% to 40%. calfire says it has burned more than 3900 acres. 175 structures have been destroyed while 380 structures still remain threatened at this hour. ktvu's alex savidge will joining us live from lake county at 9:30 along with a forensic psychiatrist who has some of the behaviors of serial arsonists. a new report showing how much firefighters put their health at risk to help others. this is a study from the international association of firefighters. it shows that firefighters experience post-traumatic stress disorder at rates similar to combat veterans. the report says about 20% of firefighters and paramedics have ptsd compared to the general population's rate of 3.5%. other studies have found that firefighters are at greater risk of getting cancer from toxins they are exposed to on the job. moving now to another story we have been following closely. the bank robbery suspect known as the dreaded bandit was in
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court yesterday. henry lee has more on that. >> reporter: he was called the dreaded bandit because of the wig and fake dreads he wore during takeover bank robberies that terrorized tellers. now police say they have arrested the suspect. 59-year-old andre mitchell brown. he is a convicted bank robber who spent 27 years in prison for an earlier spree. sources say tips helped lead police to begin secretly following brown. so the cops tailed him to the busy corner of 19th and geary where there is a bank at every corner. on friday, police say brown chose this sterling bank and was talking towards it while armed with a leaded 38 caliber revolver. they say he was again in disguise. >> mr. brown was wearing what appeared to be a wig, a fake beard, sunglasses, and gloves. very indicative of the prolific dreaded band bandit.
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>> reporter: cops swooped in to arrest him. >> it's fantastic knowing that he was targeting this bank. >> reporter: police also arrested the alleged getaway driver as he set in a lexus nearby. i have learned brown was released from prison last year after holding up banks in the '80s. >> you do a lot of time, you go back to what you are used to doing or what you know best. >> reporter: the most recent spree began at the first republic bank in san francisco in april. in may, he showed up at the provident credit union in san mateo. police say brown then robbed this comerica bank in san francisco twice. the first time on june 23rd, and again july 11th. in both cases the suspect stole money from the bank's vault. in this still frame you can see the bandit leap over-the- counter. the bank teller's hand is up in the air. a wad of cash nearby. he then escaped through a side door. >> he gets grabbed going --
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about to go in that bank on geary. that doesn't happen too often. any word about how long they had been following him? >> no. they haven't been telling us anything about how they got the hint. what i found interesting, mike, as i mentioned in the piece, they tailed him to the corner. there is four banks at that intersection. right there. so he could have had his pick of all of them. he went into that one and was caught. >> i look at that video and it seems like he has a little swagger. >> he has done this apparently before. how was his demeanor in court? >> he was completely different. i was as close to salaz i was -- sal, as i was to him, he looked like a 59-year-old man. walked kind of slow. obviously, he was in court. an entirely different image. he is like the og. back in 1982 and 1988 when he first hit those banks, i was nine years old.
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he spends 27 years in prison. comes out. >> got out in the fall. didn't take long. >> what's interesting, guys b this story is that -- guys, about this story, he knows he is on camera everywhere he goes, right? >> i assume, unless he has been in prison for so long, he doesn't know about technology. one would think. >> he hasn't changed. it was something about that whole being named, being the guy who keeps going back. he is wearing the exact, you know, costume every time. >> face paint. the beard. the dreadlocks and gloves. >> what about the guy he was with, the getaway? is it alleged he has been with him through these robberies? >> they are not saying if he was through all of san mateo or san francisco. they found him in a lexus outside the sterling bank. >> the other question i had was about a reward. was there a reward handed out?
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did any tips lead them? >> i am not sure if the tips are law enforcement related or the federal probation officer that recognized him perhaps. there was a $10,000 reward. a mere reward. >> up to lake county, going to talk about dana pashilk. -- damon pashilk. >> he will be in court at 1:15. when he was in prison nine or so years ago, he was an inmate firefighter. the dreaded bandit suspect, this guy learned the craft. he is trained to do it. now he is accused of setting fires himself. >> you look at all these court records as part of your job. do you think it will come out how they got him? what evidence they have? this is going to come out, right? >> i hope so. i will take a look at the complaint. 17 felony charges. all these fires through lake county, including the big one over the past year. we will see what led to his
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capture. >> right. something must have linked him. they got him quickly. >> maybe they knew about him before the clayton fire sparked over the weekend? >> maybe and they couldn't link him. >> right. the dreaded bandit and this alleged serial arsonist, you tail these guys, you do surveillance, but up don't want them to do something that's harms people, but you want to catch them in the act. >> maybe the court documents will be revealing today. >> 1:15. >> all right. thank you. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", another shooting investigation in hayward. details on the robbery that led up to this incident and the information we are getting from witnesses. and a controversial plan to deal with homelessness in the south bay. the reaction from supporters as well as opponents.
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all right.
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there is a quick look at the markets for you. the dow down just slightly. in fact, everything is down. nasdaq a half point. s&p four points. so there is a few stocks that are down as well. fitbit, cisco, twitter, under armour seeing declines this morning. new this morning, police in hayward are searching for a gunman that shot and wounded a man at midnight near florida street. a gunman approached a man and his wife and demanded they happened over their smartphones. he shot and wounded the man. witnesses say the gunman sped off in a candy apple red suv with gold rims. new this morning, the san jose city council has approved a first of its kind plan to provide modular homes to people in the south bay. the homes will be installed in the willow glen neighborhood on evans lane. the proposal calls for enough of the manufactured homes to give 102 homeless people a place to live, but only
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temporarily. well, the homes include small bathrooms, a dog park and community center. the idea is controversial. people who live in the neighborhood say they are worried about an increase in crime. homeless advocates, including the city councilman who represents the district, wants something more permanent. supporters say the city needs to stop talking about it and do something now. a shake-up in donald trump's campaign and two new people have been given top leadership positions. paul manafort, who was brought in earlier this summer, will remain the chairman. there are two new hires. kellyanne conway is now the campaign manager. and steven bannon, who is the chief executive, yesterday on the campaign trail in wisconsin trump was asked about the latest polls showing him trailing hillary clinton in several important swing states. >> i think we are going to do very well and we are going to
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actually start doing ads over the next few days. you think we have some pretty good ads. and we will see what happens. but i just look forward to it. i think the whole thing has been an interesting experience. >> donald trump will get his first intelligence briefing today as a nominee conducted at an fbi office in new york. and in philadelphia, hillary clinton held a get out the vote event. clinton told the crowd while she may be ahead in the polls, she isn't taking anything for granted. she criticized donald trump's negativity and pessimism on the campaign trail. >> and then i watched the olympics and it's exactly the opposite. you have young people going out doing their best every day to get prepared to compete. and that's what we're going to do in america. >> today hillary clinton is appearing at a campaign event in cleveland, ohio, where she is going to discuss her tax plan. for more on some of the headlines we have been working on today in the newsroom let's go to dave clark. >> thank you.
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the death of a man whose body was found at san francisco's westfield mall is being called suspicious, but there are questions about how he died. the body of 28-year-old frank ga lacia was found in the stairwell of an emergency exit. there are questions about how he guide. police don't think he died from natural causes, but it doesn't appear to be a homicide. homicide detectives are still investigating galici a's death. police are looking for a man who beat a man last week. tommy castellani was attacked last thursday morning, but he can't remember what happened. the last thing he remembers before waking up in the hospital is singing karaoke at the cafe, a popular club on market street. his friend found him on a sidewalk. he says the police told him castellani may have been beaten with his bicycle helmet and more than one person may have been involved.
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>> three drinks. he has a big mouth. i hoped it wasn't a gay bashing or random attack. >> i don't care if it was a confrontation between them. no one in the world deserves to get hurt and put into the hospital like that. >> castellani's jaw and nose were broken. he says nothing was stolen, so he doesn't think robbery was a motive. police are checking surveillance video from nearby businesses. and we're finding out more about the deadly police shooting in milwaukee that triggered two days of violent protests. the milwaukee police department says the officer who shot 23- year-old sylville smith has been getting online threats. police say smith was running with a stolen gun on saturday when that police officer shot him. the aclu wants state investigators to release police body camera video of the shooting. now, the governor of wisconsin says a mandatory curfew imposed on monday night seemed to bring calm after the shooting. those are some of your
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morning headlines. mike, sal, claudine, back to you. >> thank you. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", details are being released into how many bad roads across the state and how much money they are costing drivers. at 9:30, ktvu's janine de la vega has the numbers and the proposals to fix the problem. it is being called a fitbit for fertility. more on the bracelet being credited for doubling a woman's chances of getting pregnant.
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hey mom, i could use some basil.
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oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. according to the centers for disease control, the average age of women having babies is increasing in the west coast states, california, washington and oregon. it's increased two years since 2009. while this can guarantee a better standing in life, doctors say most women underestimate the difficulty of getting pregnant. now a san francisco company has created ava. the first fda approved fertility tracking sensor being
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called the fitbit for fertility. >> it detects a woman's five- day fertile woman and doubles her chances of getting pregnant. a doctor says, quote, i think it's gift difficult to try to conceive. i think a device like ava where the process is more passive is really disruptive technology for women's healthcare. for more on this device over to pam. >> thank you. i am underby ava founder and ceo -- i am joined by the ava founder. people are very excited and interested in this. this is an emotional topic. it can be very stressful for people. we were talking about the technology and how it's disruptive. how is your product different from what's out there already? >> i think the main differences between what we are doing with ava than to other products is
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we detect the fertile window earlier. other products on the market may detect one day and that's when the moment when you have to call your husband and say cancel that meeting, that game, we need to meet right now. it gives couples more time. use that window and try at the right time. >> i saw that it's not typical. indicators are now just body temperature mostly . you are looking at nine physiological changes in the body and giving people a five-day window, right? >> exactly. >> does it vary? i mean, some people don't have a regular cycle. so this could vary among different people? >> exactly. that's actually the big advantage of this, right? so if you have a slight variation in your cycle and say you ovulate on the 14th and on day 12, using the temperature method does not work for you because it detects the last day of the fertile window and you need to assume it's the same for the next cycle. if you have an irregular cycle, that doesn't work for you.
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this is the solution for that. >> i know we were talking about not being as disruptive, because you just basically -- you wear this on your sleeve while you are sleeping. it hooks up to your phone. it gives you the reading so you have the five-day window. is that some of your motivation behind doing that just makes it less intrusive for people? >> absolutely. you are trying to get pregnant. it's supposed to be the most romantic and magical time of your life, right? and peeing on a stick or taking your temperature every morning is ruining it for you. ava fits to your life and makes the journey to getting pregnant as magical as you want it to be. >> i know it's important that you have the fda approval. talk about some of the trials you have been through, the clinical trials. that makes this product different than what's out there as well? >> absolutely. we have been testing in a year-
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long clinical company in switzerland where we can detect 5.3 days for average menstrual cycle. >> we were talking about this before. it's important to mention this is not going to detect if you have some more serious fertility issues. but what it's doing -- i mean, when i was reading the statistics i was thinking, my gosh, i don't know how i was able to have two children. your odds really are against you, right? >> they really are, yes. >> this is for people who maybe do not have any more serious fertility issues, but how accurate is it? >> yeah. so basically really this is for everyone. it's for the 20-year-old who is just trying and starting out. it's for the 30-year-old that might want to try in a year. it's for the 35-year-old that has already been trying for six months. it's for every woman trying to make her journey to a baby better. we have really at the beginning of this, we couldn't it test it for women with fertility issues. it's something we will are
9:25 am
looking into in the next clinical studies. we are not there yet. however, if you go see a doctor after a certain time of trying, the first question is, well, did you time it? are you sure that your timing was right? with ava you make sure that your timing is right. in the case you have to see doctor eventually, you have all the documentation you need to find the next step. >> what are the chances that this will be covered by insurance down the road? >> honestly, we are not sure yet. we are not really -- it's not here yet. but we will start looking. >> i would think with the fda approval, that would be in the path? >> that is something we are looking at. >> great. thank you so much for joining us. we have more information about the ava bracelet, how it works, and any question you might have on our website. but claudine and mike and sal, we all know someone who has
9:26 am
struggled with having a baby. i think this is exciting news. >> thanks. coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", the man accused of arson in the lake county area. setting those wildfires. up next, he is going to be in court. more about what a doctor says about serial arsonists and the reason they set fires. an app tracking areas where people don't feel safe. the areas in the bay area that are triggering the most responses. resp there's nothing like trying something new.
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this morning our twitter question resolves around a new app. it tracks where people feel most unsafe in major cities around the country. it could even alert police without calling 911. >> in san francisco the area
9:29 am
people feel most unsafe is 5th and market, 38th street and broadway. >> we want to show you a heat map from the company that shows parts of oakland and san francisco as well. the darker spots there are representing an area where users feel unsafe. each dot represents one person, and just about an hour ago we talked live here on "mornings on 2" with the app's founder. >> even if you enter your pin saying everything is fine, you don't need police help, we are collecting that data where people feel unsafe in the community. while there are areas that are hire, densely populated with the alerts, we can map the population in that area. >> we have been asking if there are areas in the bay area you don't feel safe or the precautions you take to feel safe. we have some responses. one of the funniest once, from remote control, i feel unsafe in the unsafe parts [ laughter ] >> he should be a politician. >> yes. >> i have one from cristina.
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not safe even parked in my car in the tenderloin and sf. >> and this is brilliant. my only suggestion would be, and this was on facebook, if someone is holding that button down to notify people at them, if i am near work, i want to get a notification if someone is unsafe outside. that's an interesting response saying, hey, i want to help out if someone is feeling like, hey, i need some help. >> as usual, if you want to join the conversation hit us up on our hashtag on twitter tvu. groundhog day for the weather. the wind has tailed off in lake county. the blue cut, i mean, it's going to be 108 down in san bernardino today. the wind is actually in the upper atmosphere westerly. so all the smoke, there is a
9:31 am
satellite image of that, is blowing towards the southern sierra and southern nevada. boy, i tell you, that humidity is going to be a tough one. for us, if you are inland, it's hot. if you are by the coast, it's cool. around the bay it's nice. cooler inland towards the weekend. no change on the coast yet. >> thank you, steve. you have been reporting the temperatures in clearlake. once again they will approach 100 degrees today. >> firefighters have made progress in battling the fire. >> meanwhile, a serial arsonist suspect accused of starting that fire is headed to court this afternoon. ktvu's alex savidge joining us live this morning from lake county where some people are being allowed back home. alex, also others are being forced to wait even longer? >> reporter: yeah. really it's a tough wait for all those folks forced out of the town of lower lake itself. there is still an evacuation order in place because that's the main area where this fire sort of took aim as it swept through town. you see most of the houses that
9:32 am
were destroyed in that area. one big problem, one of the big reasons that they are not lifting that evacuation order is because there are still 700 homes in lower lake that don't have power. that's why you see scenes like this behind us here. you see a whole bunch of pg&e workers are out here trying to replace a lot of those burned out power poles that were taken out by the clayton fire. as soon as they can get those replaced, hopefully they can start to get folks back into this area. meantime, this morning take a look the a some video. there are some evacuees who took off after this fire broke out over the weekend, and they are returning home. they are finding their way back into the heart of the fire zone. we caught up this morning with rene thompson, and she came back to her home and everything was gone. she lost everything in the fire. her place was leveled. initially, when she got back, her priority was actually trying to find all of her missing cats. she didn't have time to round all nine of them up as the fire closed in on her home.
9:33 am
so she had to leave them behind. she says some of those cats hid in storm drains. one of them she found hiding out nearby, and that cat had been singed by the fire and badly burned. and some of them are still missing. >> i am looking for two more. then i can carry on. then i will be able to heal and rebuild my life. but until then all this stuff has to wait. >> reporter: and the latest update from calfire is that the clayton fire now is 40% contained. crews are feeling cautiously optimistic about the progress that's being made. investigators do believe that fire was intentionally set. 40-year-old damon pashilk was taken into custody a couple of days ago. he is facing charges of arson. 17 counts, in fact, of arson. he is going to make his first court appearance, you guys. mike, he is going to appear in
9:34 am
a lake county courtroom in the town of lake port at 1:15 this afternoon. that's when damon pashilk is scheduled for his initial arraignment. we will have full coverage of that court appearance here through the day on ktvu. >> all right. thank you very much. neighbors of the lake county arson suspect say they are stunned by his arrest. as we learn more about his background, we reached out to a forensic psychiatrist about what might prompt someone to intentionally set fires. we talked to a ucsf researcher about the psyche of a suspected arsonist. >> reporter: the flames have turned lifelong dreams into a hellish landscape of burnt homes and emotional pain for lake county residents. >> it's ridiculous. up all night. the kids don't want to go to sleep. >> reporter: the arrest of damon pashilk charged with 17 counts of arson has sparked questions of how and why anyone would become a serial arsonist.
9:35 am
dr. john chamberlain says a serial arsonist fits a range of mental profiles. one is fire as a means to make a social or political statement. another is someone with an intent to commit a crime. >> the kind of criminal element would be a profile where you have someone who is doing this more for monetary gain or to possibly hurt people. >> reporter: he says arson can also involve mental illness. the most common personality disorder. using fire for emotional release and empowerment. >> they feel very angry. they don't have very good methods of coping with their anger, with their stress. >> reporter: other factors are conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. the most rare, he says, is pyromania. >> the classic is pyromania is the person feels very tense, uptight, anxious, stressed out, and the way this they've learned to combat that is to
9:36 am
set a fire. >> reporter: investigators say pashilk had a prior criminal history. in january 2002. he was sentenced to prison for five years on drug position and firearms charges. he was an inmate firefighter for several months before being released. the lake county district attorney says he had been under investigation for more than a year. fire forensic expert john dehahn says investigating wild lands arson is difficult. >> it's challenging because of the effects of weather and terrain that you normally don't have to deal with in structure fires. >> reporter: pashilk's neighbor and friend says she doesn't believe he could have committed the crimes. >> i don't see him doing it. he wouldn't do that. he wouldn't put kids in danger. he wouldn't put people in danger like that. moving on to another story. there is a big problem right now in the south bay for drivers. northbound 85 at freemont is shut down because of major pothole that gave people flat tires this morning.
9:37 am
a lot of cars pulled over. caltrans and chp evaluated the situation. they decided to close two lanes. this will be closed until 5:00, they say. i was just reading chp's information website. they are working on it, but they don't expect this to be open until five. the far left lane remains open. that is not adequate to carry all the traffic through there. stay with us. we will be watching this all day for you. speaking of problems on the roads, a new study released today shows how bad the conditions of the roads are here in the bay area. >> in the last few minutes, state and local leaders in the bay area shared those results and urged people to vote this november to fix the roads and improve transportation. >> ktvu's janine de la vega joining us from san jose this morning to tell us more about that ballot measure. >> reporter: the san jose mayor was here. so was the president of the county board of supervisors. they want people to support a half cent sales tax increase, and here is why. there is a new report out by trip, which is the national transportation agency, and it
9:38 am
shows that 79% of roads in san jose are in poor or mediocre condition. the roads are old with cracks and potholes, and it's costing drivers a lot. research shows that the road conditions and congestion is costing drivers in san jose around $2,500 a year. when you add up tire and vehicle repair, wasted fuel and lost time, that's what it adds up to. local officials, they want to raise $6.3 billion to improve the roads and transit system. they say it could be done with a sales tax increase. >> we have underinvested in our transportation infrastructure. the solution to this that our commuters and residents are seeing every day is green. we have got to make some investments. >> reporter: right now the current rate is 8.75%. advocates want to raise it to 9.25%. the money would also go to extending bart further into san jose and santa clara. it would also fund caltrain
9:39 am
improvement, street repairs, and improvements on expressways, highways and interchanges in the south bay. the proposed tax increase is measure b, and it will be on the ballot this november. back to you guys. >> thanks, janine. we will see how it goes in november. students in san jose go back to school this week, but only if they have vaccinations that are now required by the state. families filled health clinics. the school district says kids who have not had shots will be sent home unless they have a medical exemption. just 36 of the 32,000 students in the district have received that exemption. elaine stein has concerns about vaccinations and went to great lengths to make sure her children are exempt. >> we traveled to monterey. we paid out of pocket to find a medical doctor who would look at the test results that we have had done, who would hear my kids' histories, and to write that medical exemption. so they will both are starting
9:40 am
school. >> the other parents we talked to say they are grateful for the new requirement. they say it makes it less likely their children will catch a disease that can be prevented. as the school year gets underway some school districts are facing a teacher shortage and they are trying new ways to fill those vacancies. many school districts are offering signing bonuses from $1,000 to $10,000. also they are extending the search to southern california. the foster city school district is recruiting teachers from the philippines. the shortage is due to a decline in the number of credentialed teachers, retirements, and the high cost of living in the bay area. lyft drivers are making special deliveries to help thousands of oakland students. we shot this video a little while ago. the drivers had volunteered to use their cars to pick up 4,500 backpacks filled with school supplies. right now they are taking the backpacks to 80 schools across oakland on this first day of
9:41 am
school. lyft officials say the project is already a success. they have never had so many volunteers for a community event. coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", a happy ending for a santa rosa man whose wife's ashes were stolen. up next how police were able to reunite him with the irreplaceable items. a four foot alligator removed from a creek in alameda county. how it ended up there and reaction to what happened when it was found. many sleep-aids have pain medicine
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but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine
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when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. we are following some of the top stories coming out of san francisco. ktvu's tara moriarty is live at the hall of justice. tara, we know that you were up at the clayton fire yesterday. now we find out that san francisco, the city itself has
9:44 am
sent crews up to lend a hand there, correct? >> reporter: that's right. they have two dozen firefighters up there, and they are actually standing by waiting for a briefing from calfire to determine whether or not they will be staying up in lake county. that's because the situation in lower lake has really sort of changed into more of a recovery effort. nothing official yet, but there may be a transition underway and you may see resources reallocated. san francisco fire could be headed to the blue cut fire in san bernardino or they could be sent to the pilot fire in san benito county south of monterey. nothing official yet. they are in a state of readiness. 26 firefighters in all who have been clearing buildings in downtown lower lake over the past few days. they have been up since 5:00 this morning waiting for their marching orders. san francisco crews have also been working closely with alameda and san mateo county
9:45 am
fire departments. i spoke to the chief, who says everyone is in great spirits and pitching in despite the widespread destruction. they are also just pretty much taken aback that the person who is accused of setting the fire was once an inmate firefighter. that has come as a blow to firefighters out there. back to you. >> all right. tara moriarty live at the hall of justice in san francisco. well, the death toll from the louisiana flooding now stands at 11 this morning. that number though could be much higher as search crews make their way into the flooded areas. a flood warning remains in effect for another 90 minutes in parts of baton rouge because it was not caused by a hurricane or a named storm. louisiana's governor is calling this national disaster historic and unprecedented. two feet of rain has fallen in baton rouge since last week and more is expected. >> everything that i this is gone. everything. >> it's like the end of your life, end of your world, you know, having to start over like
9:46 am
that. >> more than 20,000 people have been rescued since friday. officials are warning that the danger of new flooding is still high because of the sheer volume of water flowing towards the gulf of mexico. meantime, taylor swift is reportedly donated $1 million to the victims of the louisiana floods. she told the "associated press" she feels a strong connection to the people of louisiana. she says her fans from that state graciously welcomed her when she kicked off her world tour there last year. well, there is resolution to a story we reported last week here on ktvu about a santa rosa man who had his wife's cremated ashes stolen. someone broke into his garage and took hundreds of dollars worth of tools and an unmarked plastic box which contained the ashes. the 75-year-old died last month of cancer. he pleaded for his wife's ashes to be returned. he planned to scatter the
9:47 am
remains along the coast. on monday police were returning a stolen car to another man and that owner looked in the trunk and found all sorts of stuff that didn't belong to him. one was a box with zuret t's name. he traced it to him and returned the ashes. fish and game officials were searching for an alligator. they shot and killed it much to the dismay of some people. ktvu's rob ross has the story. >> reporter: a hiker saw this four foot alligator in alameda creek in freemont yesterday. snapped a picture and notified authorities. california fish and wildlife officers couldn't find it yesterday, but they came back this morning to look again. >> we are going to confirm if there is or is not an allocatener the alameda creek. >> reporter: those who hike here say having an alligator nearby is a scary pron --
9:48 am
proposition. >> it could be pro vehicled -- provoked. >> reporter: game wardens found the alligator this morning sunning itself on a rock. they ruled out trying to capture it. >> we heard a shot go off. we knew we needed to turn around. >> we shot it. we euthanized it. >> reporter: they put the carcass in a cage and carted it off. neighbors hoped the officers would catch the alligator. >> it's four foot. it should be able to be caught and released. >> reporter: fish and wildlife says it was a matter of public safety. >> and it's very, very difficult to tranquilize an alligator from a distance, and they are very spooky around people. if we tried to get close to it we would lose it. >> reporter: alligators are not native to california. fish and wildlife says the young alligator most likely started out as a bet until it's owner abandoned it in a creek. >> they grow. they are aggressive. people don't want to euthanize them. they don't want to get in
9:49 am
trouble because they have them so they release them. >> reporter: it is against the law to have an alligator in california and what occurred today is an example of what can happen when someone has a pet alligator. in freemont, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on #ktvuthe9, the als ice bucket challenge. why a man is trading in a bucket of ice wagger for maple syrup -- ice water for maple syrup sprinkles.
9:50 am
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well, there is a new girl getting lots of attention at a peruvian zoo. the little girl was born at the legend zoo in lima, and she is the first female lion born in more than 20 years. look at that face! she is six weeks old, and this is the first time anyone outside the zoo has seen her. when she was born she was less than two pounds. she is up to nine pounds. when she is bigger and stronger, she will live in the lion enclosure where everyone is predicting she is going to be a big star. cisco is reportedly cutting 14,000 jobs. the san jose tech company has been hit by a drop in sales by the telecom companies for switchers and routers. in response to that, cisco has been investing in wireless security, but that will come at a cost.
9:53 am
layoffs represent 20% of their employees. no comment yet from the company. there are reports they are offering early retirement packages for some employees. first fruit with happy meals. now mcdonald's is finding another way to encourage kids to eat healthy. they are putting step counters in happy meals that replaces the usual toys. they are designed to make it more fun for kids to stay active, which i think is a great idea. >> yeah. you just have to decide if the kids are going to want it. like you know they beg for happy meals because of the toys. >> we will see. >> will they beg for those? today at the rio olympics the u.s. men's basketball team faces argentina. they have been challenged in the past few games and need a win this afternoon to guarantee that medal. last night kerry walsh jennings and her partner april ross lost to a beach volleyball team from brazil. the u.s. will play in the bronze medal match today. one of the highlights yesterday was simone biles.
9:54 am
she won her fourth gold medal of the rio games by coming out on top of the floor exercise. it is her fifth overall medal. teammate aly raisman won the silver medal. the u.s. williams gymnastics team has won a record nine medals at the olympics. the san francisco giants have officially fallen out of first place in the national league west. they lost to the pittsburg pirates 4-3 last night. the game was tied in the eighth when jung ho kang hit this home run. boom. look at that. going out to the middle of center field. no doubt it's over the wall. that brought a streak of 19 consecutive scoreless innings to an end. the dodgers won. they take over first place. it's the first time since may 10th the giants haven't been on top of the division. when you win nine out of the last 29, that's going to happen. >> right. the oakland a's will try to avoid a sweep in texas. they tied it in the ninth last
9:55 am
night. in the bottom half of the tenth after the rangers tied it, a batter was hit. that gave the rangers the 5-4 win. the a's have lost five of their last six ballgames. new numbers indicate people are using all sorts of transportation to commute. new figures from the golden gate bridge district more than 41 million people drove on the bridge in the past fiscal year. a million more than the year before. ridership stayed relatively even dropping 2% between july 2015 to july of this year. ferry ridership reached an all- time high for the larkspur and sausalito to san francisco routes. most of us have seen the als ice bucket challenge. a person gets ice water dumped on their head to raise awareness and money for fighting the disease. check out this video. today in san francisco a pennsylvania man is going to go
9:56 am
one step further. that is larry kaplan. he is visiting all 50 states and holding bucket challenges, but they are specific to the area. so he went to vermont. >> that looks awful. >> yeah. he had maple syrup poured on him. starbucks coffee, hope it was iced, in seattle. and glaze and sprinkles from the famous voodoo doughnut shop in portland, oregon. he has two events today in san francisco. we do not know yet what substance is going to be dumped on him. >> i asked earlier on twitter, what should they pour over his head? representing the bay area, san francisco. i got a couple of good responses. meredith said melted ghirardelli chocolate. kevin said wine. sweet rage said sourdough bread. i prefer baguettes, thank you. jeremy says curry. i said the player or the spice? he said the spice [ laughter ]
9:57 am
>> and amy said fenton's ice cream. >> i like the ghirardelli chocolate. maybe it should be mixed with the wine. >> i thought of you. >> over the fenton's. >> i thought of you. someone said kale. >> i don't know about the sourdough bread. that is our show this morning. mike will be back at noon, and we will see you again tomorrow on "the 9" hopefully. thank you for joining us.
9:58 am
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