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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a wildfire burns out of control for a second night in the cajon pass in southern california. fire crews say they have been overwhelmed but for the first time there also gaining a foothold and now report 4% containment. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. here's a live picture of the flames right now. dark out there from our media partners in southern california, the fire is called
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the blue cut fire and has been going strong for 36 hours. the latest numbers show 25,000 acres have burned, fire crews are trying to assess the property damage but a number of homes have been lost. >> here is video from earlier this evening before it got dark. firefighters said there was nothing they could have done to stop the advancing claims. the local battalion chief in san bernardino told the l.a. times, we got our butts kicked. another said they were no match for the combination of wind, dry vegetation and steep terrain. tens of thousands of people in the area have been ordered to evacuate. some of them won't have homes to return to. >> it was devastating. a lot of homes lost yesterday. there will be a lot of families that come home to nothing. >> we want to show you where this fire is burning using data from cal fire. we created a map showing the
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fire's perimeter. you can see it burned on both sides of interstate 15 north of the cajon pass. and west toward highway 138 and the resort town of wrightwood. for the latest on this developing news, we go to ktvu's ted rowland in wrightwood now which is in the middle of the firefight. ted? >> reporter: frank and julie, that fire fight continues tonight. you can see how much fire they are dealing with, up on this hillside. and then down in here, flames very active, the wind has been swirling throughout the evening but they have cut a dozer line here, i don't know if you can see but this area here has been basically where they are making their stand. this is where firefighters are here and at the ready in case these flames move, they are doing their best to save homes which are about 300 yards away. as flames devour the dry hillside terrain firefighters from across the region are battling to save as many homes as possible. >> what's your biggest concern tonight? >> the biggest concern is going
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to be the wind. we're not expect any heavy winds to materialize. but up in the mountains lots of times they do come up. >> reporter: directly in the path of the fire is the ski town of wrightwood. throughout the bay as the flames moved closer and closer, more and more people started evacuating. >> this morning it got worse and worse. all the fire and everything. started getting sicker and sicker. so we packed up the necessities and started walking out. we couldn't bring the car in. >> it's coming down the ridge. >> reporter: mike richardson and his family decided to wait it out but they are packed and ready to go. >> yeah. going to stick it out and hopefully we'll be out of here if we have to, if not we'll stay. >> reporter: what do you have? >> clothes, photos, things that are expensive. >> reporter: the fire which started tuesday morning exploded inside overnight leaving behind a 47 square mile path of destruction.
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>> in my 40 years i've never seen fire behavior so extreme as it was yesterday. >> reporter: unclear how many homes have been lost, firefighters are warning people to prepare for the worst. and those folks in wrightwood are hoping that they will get a good news. it all depends on the weather at this point tonight. the winds are calm and firefighters are confident they'll be able to save those homes in wrightwood. frank and julie? >> that is certainly great news. we'll talk to you again in 30 minutes. some bay area firefighters are among those heading to san bernardino county. santa clara county fire officials tell us two strike teams were reassigned from the clayton fire up in lake county to the blue cut fire down south in san bernardino county. the firefighters come from several different agencies in the south bay. santa clara county fire department also has sent a firefighter medic to san bernardino. >> reporter: nan to the man accused of setting the clayton
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fire. today, 40-year-old damin pashilk was charged with 14 counts of arson. also drug charges. ktvu's henry lee tells us the former construction worker fainted before he appeared in front of a judge in lakeport. >> reporter: damin pashilk passed out and needed some water. when he walked in he turned away from news cameras and kept his face down. investigators say pashilk started 11 smaller fires as well as a huge clayton fire that has destroyed nearly 200 homes and burned thousands of acres. >> we are confident this is our guy. serial arsonist. alleged. the year-long investigation will prove that. >> reporter: authorities will not say how they identified pashilk but they did say they were staking him out long before the clayton fire and that they never caught him in the act. >> i want to make sure it's understood that if any of our investigators had seen him start a fire, he would have been arrested. >> reporter: they couldn't
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arrest him immediately without proof. >> if you take your shot too soon, you jeopardize bring someone to justice who truly needs to be brought to justice. >> reporter: he lost his own home in a fire in 2013. but it's unclear why he allegedly set a string of fires back a year. >> if i knew what the motivation would be, i would be a psychologist writing books. >> reporter: pashilk's attorney rest -- urged the public not to rush to judgment. >> it's important the public remember that during the course of these proceedings. >> reporter: the defendant worked as an inmate firefighter but never worked a fire line. he did not enter a plea and will be back in court in three weeks. his bail is set at $5 million. in lake county, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. we learned today the damage from the clayton fire up in lake county is much worse than first thought. tonight cal fire said 268 structures burned in that fire
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that started on saturday. including 175 homes and eight commercial buildings. prior to that they had set a total of 175 structures. so you can see the number has gone way up. the fire south of clearlake is now 50% contained and some evacuation orders were lifted today in the community of lower lake. also learning another wildfire last year that burned 43 homes in lake, napa and yolo counties is linked to an illegal war marijuana grow. cal fire said the cause was a faulty water heater but today authorities said that water heater was actually strapped to a tree near where about 100 marijuana plants were being grown. we have heard from people who refused to comply when fire officials issued evacuation orders. some would rather take a chance and stay behind to try to protect their property. new at 10:00, ktvu's jana katsuyama is live at the cal fire station in napa. she explains why deciding whether to follow evacuation orders can be a difficult
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decision. jana? >> reporter: very difficult, julie. talking about a lot of people who spend their lives building homes or putting into this property but really, it comes down to a split decision. do you stay or go? cal fire officials say it could be deadly if you do stay. especially this year. mandatory evacuation orders have sent thousands of people fleeing from fast-moving wildfire from lake county down to san bernardino county. not everyone follows those orders in deciding whether to stay. or go. in lake county one man said he saved his home by staying to protect his property, he used a tractor to dig fire lines around his property. not uncommon in this rural area. >> the reason i stayed is the reason we're still here. as far as we didn't burn, it went around us. >> reporter: his backup plan, jumping in his pool. but that could be fails -- fatal. >> the pool may be a safe area
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where it's not going to burn, but the air around is superheated from all the gas from the fire and you still have to breathe. a lot of times those superheated gases have significant damage to your lungs. >> reporter: the chief says he understands people want to protect their property but he and other veteran firefighters say the wildfires this year are explosive and more unpredictable than they've ever seen. >> if they stay and wait, it may be too late. we not -- may not be able to get to them to rescue them. >> reporter: if people do stay and need assistance, it can take valuable crews from the frontlines. >> then we have to redirect resources away from actually putting the fire out. and have to go in and try to affect the rescue. >> reporter: six firefighters were trapped in their southern california blue cut fire while trying to protect residence of one home refused to leave. right now every crew counts. in a state where cal fire officials say there have been 100 more wildfires this year
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than the same time last year. and ignoring evacuation orders until the last minute would make it impossible to escape. >> the smoke may obscure your vision to where you can see the road anymore. because of the sudden win shift. a lot of different things that really could take your one route or the route you always know as your safe way and compromise new people -- and compromise it. >> reporter: in california there is no law making it mandatory to follow evacuation orders. it is a judgment call. one which cal fire officials say they hope people will give a great deal of thought. >> important things to think about as we are in the height of fire season. jana, thank you. our wildfire coverage continues at you'll find updates on all the fires burning as well as resources to help fire victims in lake county. strike a rail bridge in the south bay up in flames and two other fires burning nearby at
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the same time. how firefighters are coping with high heat and resource stretched very thin. a warmer day tomorrow, we've got that spare the air day for your bay area thursday. it means it's warming up. we will let you know how warm it's going to be.
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a gunman firing from a moving car, look at this
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picture here. police released this photo in hopes that it will lead to an arrest. police say it was a rolling gun battle between two cars in emeryville putting the public seriously at risk. ktvu's debora villalon is at police headquarters tonight where investigators say it's incredible that no innocent person was hit. >> reporter: people firing semi automatic pistols out of car windows at high speed. anyone could have been hurt which is why police are getting the word out. >> going 60, 70 miles an hour shooting each other. >> reporter: adeline street at 46th on the emeryville oakland city line. >> i heard the pop, pop, pop. pop-up up. pop up up. >> reporter: some residents hit the floor. only later getting a look at where it came from. >> if this would have been two weeks from now, there could've been kids going to school. >> this is the only photo we are releasing right now. >> -- >> this shows a man leaning out
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of the window of a white sedan. firing a semi automatic handgun. and his target, or expense of a gray sedan i had where apparently they were firing back. two types of shell casings, dozens of them recovered over a two block stretch. >> there was a lot of shooting going on. on a residential street. in the middle of the morning. >> i'm glad i wasn't here, that's for sure. i'm glad my friends and people i live with were not either. pretty scary. >> reporter: many people were at school or work in the middle of the day. this hair salon had a few morning clients and then the owner came back to find the commotion. >> i'm home here too. so i mean, it's just upsetting. >> reporter: police have other images from security cameras. and are trying to locate actual video of the gunbattle. >> there have been no reports of injuries. no reports from local hospitals of injuries. of gunshots. >> reporter: as far as police
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no, only this rental van parked on adeline was hit by bullets. but that was sheer luck on a street as heavily traveled as this one. >> there were people on foot in the neighborhood, also people in the houses. antioch, i a lot of very frightened -- and yeah, very brazen, dangerous act. which is why we're asking for the public's help. >> reporter: this case is brand- new but investigators need tips on that car and that gunman. the two says that -- sedans sped away north toward oakland, longline gone by the time police arrived. live in emeryville, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. a millbrae middle school teacher was arrested after police received a report about an inappropriate relationship with a minor. police found 40-year-old heather butts sitting in a car with a girl on monday. they say further investigations revealed an inappropriate relationship. they serve a warrant at her home today and arrested the teacher on charges of lewd and lascivious acts involving a
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child. the u.s. park police are investigating the death of a woman found in the water at ocean beach today. witnesses say the woman was seen floating about 20 feet off shore along the great highway near lincoln way just before 11:00 this morning. lifeguards performed cpr before she was taken to ucf medical center where she was pronounced dead. the coroner has not identified the woman. she is described as asian between 40 and 50 years old. police say she was fully clothed when she was found in the water. now to san jose where a fire at an abandoned train trestle sent up a lot of smoke this afternoon. it was one of three fires in san jose that broke out within 90 minutes of each other. ktvu's azenith smith is live at east julian and worchester streets where the bridge is located. azenith, fire crews appear to be stretched pretty thin because of all the fires burning around the state right now. >> reporter: yes. cal fire and san jose fire both tell me they are stretched thin right now. i want to show you the san jose fire actually out here monitoring for hotspots.
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both departments tell me they are stocking up reserve engines but they haven't reduced their level of service. sky fox capturing this train trestle on fire this afternoon, the smoke to be seen for miles, fire officials say it started in a creek bed near a homeless encampment. >> i was pretty surprised. i was in shock. i've never seen claims like that. >> what we have here is a heavy structure. so it's going to put out a high- volume fire and burn hot. and also because of that, very toxic cloud of smoke. >> reporter: treated with creosote setting chemicals in the air and assisted living facility, firefighters couldn't use foam since this is a protected waterway. >> most of the cal fire units and most of the local government agents we work with right now are running a few engines short. >> reporter: that fire happening as cal fire putout this grass fire in south san jose forcing 100 acres, tying up the evening commute on
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highway 101. sky fox was also overhead this vegetation fire near the s.a.p. center. the fire is happening as strike teams are reassigned to the san bernardino fire following the clayton fire in lake county. san jose fire tells me 15 firefighters are part of teams deployed. now backfilling the department. cal fire facing longer response times. >> with all the other fires going on, all of the activity, the tigers that we normally get at hollister were committed to other incidents. >> reporter: all the more reason for residents to be extra cautious this time of year. and the ridge that caught fire is an abandoned use in -- union pacific railroad track. they tell me they plan to build a whole new infrastructure when part expense to san jose. because of all three fires is still under investigation. >> azenith smith, thank you.
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we've got fog moving inland, going to be a warm day tomorrow. like today a little warmer. air quality district has seen fit to issue a spare the air day for tomorrow. didn't have one today but we got one from our -- tomorrow. in all of san francisco, san bruno fog, san rafael fog moving in. now obviously in oakland, moraga out towards hayward, but you get the idea, east bay hills are blocking that fog bank so inland valleys are going to have a little less fog than they might have this morning. that means quicker burn off and warmer day. sixty-five in fairfield, 68 in livermore, right now temperatures, look for in the belly temperatures with fog burning off quickly to make it easily into the mid-90s, low 90s, mid-90s, something like that. forecast tomorrow morning, here come the temptress, fog burns off, right back to the coast, the purples are one hundreds. you see those are kind of getting shunted to the east a little bit. there has been cooler impact, but also see those 90s, of our
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inland bay valley, there's your tomorrow tempter footprint, as we push forward tomorrow probably the warmest day of the week or similar to today, temperatures will trend down. we'll talk about that and the fire conditions in northern and southern california. cruise on the scene of a water main break in lafayette tonight. a four-inch residential water line ruptured just after five this evening sending water flowing down mount diablo boulevard. the pipeline dates back to 1936. east bay mud tells us it appears the pipe broke because of old age. hoping to have service restored before midnight. donald trump chick -- shakes of his campaign again. the second overhaul in as many months as the candidate faces sagging poll numbers. where -- were ryan lochte and his teammates robbed or not? two swimmers are pulled off the flight home. the same physical giants go
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from best to worst. -- the san francisco giants go from best to worst.
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the san francisco giants lost another one today at at&t park. it is the giants 21st defeat in the past 30 games. the pirates leave town with a three game sweep while the giants are in a freefall. they sure are. they had the best record in baseball a month ago. but since then, they've had the worst record in baseball. new at 10:00, ktvu's scott reiss looks at what's wrong with the san francisco giants. >> this should do it. that's the ball game. >> a frustrating night. >> reporter: ebbs and flows are natural over the course of a baseball season, the giants are on a decided downswing.
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and it's lasted for a month. >> hard to explain right now. it really is. everything the season there comes a day, a series, a week, a month where you can't gather yourself. then you put it all back together. the giants have been stuck since the all-star break. >> it's been accommodation of things. when you are hitting, you're not pitching and when you're pitching, you're not hitting. we had both. >> reporter: the truth is the team has struggled in every aspect of the game. although, to their credit, you wouldn't know it from the clubhouse demeanor. >> i wouldn't say anybody in here is pressing. we show up in a good mood. >> i've been impressed, they stay up for every game. their focus is on what they've got to do today. >> reporter: which is after all exactly what you'd expect from a team that has won three championships this decade.
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even the new guy has recognized the aura of success. >> it's cool to see all the stuff and then you talk to the guys that have been there, done that, must be a great feeling to lift that trophy. bro, listen, it's unbelievable. >> we understand the time of the season we read also. not a time to let up on the gas pedal so to speak. >> first base, caught, that is a triple play. >> reporter: they need to floor it. and soon. because ebbs and flows are fine but an august freefall is not. >> nowhere the way to say it. it's time to play better baseball right now. the math is going to run out on you. >> reporter: looking for a glass half-full perspective, you can start with the law of averages. this team is way too talented to remain in this funk much longer. and then there's the schedule which softens up quite a bit. the lone exception, three games at the dodgers next week. at at&t park, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. the questions about claims by olympic swimmer ryan lochte
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that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint in rio de janeiro. tonight, two u.s. swimmers were actually pulled off their flight to the united states for questioning. lochte claimed the group was returning from a party in a taxi when they were robbed on sunday at gunpoint. this security footage obtained by the daily mail shows the man apparently carrying valuables into the olympic village after they were reportedly robbed. a judge in brazil ordered lochte's passport seized but he is already back in the united states. another swimmer is also reportedly being detained. there is word they won't be allowed to leave brazil until they testify. an author at just 19. how a self-made teenager's turning life lessons and family dynamics into a book to try to help others. live on the front lines of the fire fight in san bernardino county, trying to say the ski town -- trying to save the ski town.
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back now to developing story from san bernardino county where a wildfire is threatening some 30,000 homes. these are pictures here from the blue cut fire burning in san bernardino county. the good news if there is any is that the winds are lighter tonight and that fire crews now have the fire 4% contained up from 0% earlier today. ted rowlands joins us again in the community of white wood which is one of the areas under mandatory evacuation orders. ted? >> reporter: julie and frank, you can see the firefight does continue at this hour. this hillside just about 90 minutes ago was completely lit up. that forced a number of fire engines into this area. it was a furious fight.
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they had water on it, they were able to keep it on the hillside in part because mother nature helped out and the winds kept it at bay. they also had this dozer line. you can see where bulldozers got rid of a lot of the fuel. but you do see some of the fuel left. but dry it is. this is the problem. why this fire just took off yesterday and engulfed so many acres. and sadly, so many homes. we don't have a number of how many homes have been lost. because of the fight. officials do say that because of the intensity of the blaze, people that were evacuated yesterday many of them quote, will be coming home very disappointed to find they will have almost nothing. you can see on both sides of this hillside there's still active flames right now, firefighters are watching it. the good news is that the wind at this point is down. so that's good news. but still, nobody is letting up
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because one big gust of wind and these embers can break the fire line. >> how far away are you from the small town of wildwood that's been evacuated and how close are the flames to some homes in that area? >> reporter: there are homes literally 300 yards from where we are right now. a few of them. and then they go up into a hillside. so that's the main concern. in those homes right now every driveway there is a fire truck. monitoring it and going to do their best to save those homes. the time is about a quarter- mile from here. so it would take a real shift in the weather to threaten the whole town. which is what the firefighters thought was going to happen earlier today. when this fire was pushing towards it but again the wins did help them out and at this point, while not counting their chickens by any stretch, they are optimistic that at this point the town should be safe. >> ted, you covered a lot of
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fires, a lot of wildfires. how does this one compared to others you've seen? >> reporter: well, simply enormous. and it is on different fronts and the way that it moves so quickly is incredible. to hear firefighters -- one said he has been in business for 40 years and this is the most intense fire he's ever seen. another firefighter said it kicked our butt last night. for me, it's one of the largest fires i've ever covered. definitely the most ferocious. when you hear firefighters with that kind of experience, the basically saying they haven't seen anything like it, really makes you pause. the good news is that today was much different than yesterday which was so hellacious. >> ted rowlands where the fire is still burning out of control but at least they do have 4% containment, for the longest time they didn't have any at all. the winds have subsided. ted, thank you. republican presidential
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nominee donald trump is a shaking of senior management of his campaign and putting paul manafort on the sidelines. trump is making changes as he likes behind in the polls just 12 weeks from election day. he announced conservative breitbart news boss steven baron would serve as chief executive. longtime gop pollster kelly and conway as campaign manager. >> i think this is a campaign structure that looks like it's been built to allow donald trump to continue being donald trump just more effectively than he has been the last few weeks. >> hillary clinton was campaigning in ohio this afternoon. the democratic nominee painted trump's economic plan as favoring the wealthy while leaving the little guy behind. georgia congressman john lewis was in san francisco today. on a book tour and attended a  luncheon promoting the third book in his graphic novel trilogy. the book is called much. it details lewis' upbringing in alabama as the son of sharecroppers. to his rise as a civil rights
10:34 pm
leader. ktvu's dave clark spoke to lewis and co-author andrew aiden and illustrator nate powell. one of the hopes is the graphic novel will bring history to a younger generation in vivid detail. in addition to his new book lewis talked about his most recent act as a civil disobedience. the historic sit in on the house floor over gun control. >> there comes a time where you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to do something. >> several leaders were at the luncheon today including former mayor willie brown who introduced lewis. >> and willie brown i must tell you, so many wonderful people from the state, from this area, came to mississippi during the mississippi summer project in 1964, so many people came to selma, young people from colleges and universities.
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to go on freedom rides. >> lewis' books have been bestsellers and used widely as teaching tools and schools -- in schools including san francisco. march is out now, in bookstores. coming up, traffic on interstate 80, brought to a standstill. the high-speed chase that landed for suspect in handcuffs. a look at that five-day forecast that includes someone tomorrow, we talked about that. cooling down the road and a spare the air day.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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silicon valley cisco systems announced it will lay off 5500 employees, the company said it is downsizing as it adapts to industry changes and a reduced demand for core products including switches and routers. cisco has been trying to change with the times investing in its wireless security and data center businesses. the 5500 layoffs represent 7% of cisco's worldwide employees. layoffs are also said to be coming at san mateo-based solar city. the company is blaming the cutbacks on a lower guidance for solar panel installations than originally forecast.
10:39 pm
solar city is in the process of being acquired by tesla motors. the company did not reveal how many positions it plans to cut. retailer american apparel is reportedly considering moving out of california. the l.a. times says the struggling company may move to a lower wage state possibly tennessee, north carolina or south carolina. american apparel emerged from bankruptcy in february and its lease on its l.a. factory is up in 2019. the following year, the minimum wage in california will hit $15 an hour. american apparel is not commenting. on wall street stocks closed higher as the federal reserve appeared split on whether to implement an interest rate -- interest rate hike. the dow was up 21 points, the snp was up four. a high-speed chase forces chp to close the westbound lanes of interstate 80 for a short time during tonight's rush hour. this is what it looked like after five this evening as the chase came to an end near the
10:40 pm
gilman street exit in berkeley. the highway patrol says the pursuit of a stolen pickup truck began in vacaville. from sky fox you can see the gray or black colored ford f- 150, four people inside that truck were taken into custody. the westbound lanes reopened about 15 minutes later. a man from santa rosa has recovered his wife's cremated ashes. we told you last week how someone broke into the man's garage stealing tools and a plastic box. that box contained the remains of his 75-year-old wife. who died suddenly of cancer last month. we've now learned the box turned up inside a stolen car recovered in rohnert park. there was an address label on the box. and it was returned. the man and his family plan to scatter her ashes along the sonoma county coast. and up in the sierra. coming up it could be the future of dui enforcement. >> we can deduce how many molecules of marijuana in the saliva. >> the technology being
10:41 pm
developed at stanford that could keep the road safer. and chief meteorologist's complete forecast.
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10:43 pm
law enforcement officers may soon have new tools to help keep people from driving under the influence of marijuana. jesse gary spoke to stanford researchers who say they are close to perfecting a roadside test for driving while high. >> the future of dui enforcement may be coming together in the palm of these hands. >> a lot of people are driving under the influence of marijuana. but it cannot be really deterred. >> reporter: this stanford engineer leads a team of
10:44 pm
graduate students who may have the solution generated from saliva samples. tyler shultz used a decade of cancer research as a starting point. the problem, getting the sensor to lock onto the tiny thc molecules in marijuana. shultz uses a beach ball analogy. >> what we're trying to do is have two hands grab the beach ball. except thc is so small, there's nowhere else for the other hand to go. >> the solution? >> reporter: specially magnetized nanoparticles that lack -- latch onto thc and then introduce a saliva sample tainted with marijuana. >> when the nanoparticle comes near the sensor, we -- can deduce how many molecules of marijuana in the saliva. >> reporter: putting the heady science aside, this prototype gizmo works. thc student elaine is designing the device to be more user- friendly for law enforcement. >> how the police officer would interact with the device, how
10:45 pm
to make it simpler for the officer to the roadside tests. >> reporter: researchers have already developed a breathalyzer test for marijuana. but it's not that accurate. the saliva test, though, can detect nanograms of marijuana in your saliva and show those results in just minutes. >> the best way to do that. >> reporter: the best way was what? >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: clinical trials are still on the horizon but dr. wang is filled with wonderment at how this cutting- edge technology could ultimately save lives. on the stanford campus, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. going back to the blue cut fire in southern california, conditions are changing, less wind, cooler temperatures. look at this chart from nasa coming from the satellite imagery. you can see smoke plume, the fire has been generally burning this way. now you see it's coming out of the hills in the finale area into open flames here. easier to fight as we head into
10:46 pm
the next 24 hours. red flag warning in effect, third day in a row. there's the canyon where the major burn occurred but you see it's opening up. 15% humidity still pretty low, temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s. forecast for tomorrow is going to be more of the same. not as strong on the winds, dusts 25 miles an hour, on the gust, most of the winds ten, 15, that's how it looks. we've got fog to talk about along the coast and marine layer a little deeper but not enough to make a big difference. see how it is stuck on the east bay hills? 1000 feet, so the marine layer is about 1200 feet. comes across, trapped on the hills. so the inland bay valley actually going to have an opportunity to start off a little warmer tomorrow. sixty-nine, fog and cool air has not impacted concorde or livermore yet with temperatures in the mid-60s. fog out there in san jose, to the north, this is why we're not not real high, low pressure
10:47 pm
system lingers around which is fine. it will set us up tomorrow with a day a lot like the day-to- day. with mid-90s and the warmest spot, heat in the valley was to find one hundreds. roseville, granite bay, those areas, marysville down towards fresno and lodi. with the fog on the coast we're going to be mostly upper 70s, low 80s. seventy-eight in hayward, that's pleasant. ninety-five in brentwood. very much what you would expect for august. eighty-one in san jose. spare the air day tomorrow, first one we've seen this week. looks as though if we issue it tomorrow, might issue one again for your bay area friday. right now spare the air day tomorrow, the five-day forecast, hot inland, cooler on friday but not much. saturday and sunday, significant cooling but subtle changes. in the los angeles fire, they'll have that thing -- zero containment now but -- >> 4% now. >> 4%? >> not a lot, but --
10:48 pm
>> that number is going to move rapidly into the next day and half. >> let's hope so. thank you. a popular richmond restaurant owner is getting a reprieve. the landlord withdrew -- for the restaurant following public outcry. the owner of the property said she needed to close the restaurant to make repairs to the property. she now says the restaurant has made an effort to fix the issues and the property owner decided to give her one more chance. we had hoped to bring you the story of a young man turned author. he talks about what it was like growing up in the bay area with a brother and sister both of whom are disabled. we're going to bring you that story tomorrow night. coming up next, marquis bundy has.
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so get ready to take off ... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding) mark is here now with sports. the giants have one of the highest payrolls in the league. a lot of expectations but not getting it done. do you think it's getting into their heads? >> no question about it. not very entertaining lately. if you want some entertainment, check the talk radio and twitter about the team. fans are freaking out. one of the more entertaining ones, one fan said, what did they eat, what did they drink over that all-star break? since the all-star break, they've been just terrible.
10:52 pm
they have fallen out of first place. another dog day afternoon at the park this afternoon. they did find another new way to lose, this time let's try getting out to a nice cushion lead, and see where that takes us. brandon crawford provides a two- run triple, one of the guys who is definitely carrying his weight. seventy-four for branded crawford. matt cain loses it in the fifth. walks three guys, hit a batter, matt joyce delivers a two-run pinch-hit single. for the pirates who sweep this series, that brings them within 4-3. a sacrifice fly tied it, then a fly ball that will leave the yard. off andrew mccutchen. the perennial all-star center fielder of the pirates. 6-4. that's not happy. they load the bases, nobody out, thinking, this is where it turns around. the menu want up there, buster posey. not coming through in clutch situations. double play ball, end of rally.
10:53 pm
a rented score but they lose, a gamer and halfback now of the dodgers. they have lost 21 of 30 since that all-star break. as you well know with the a's, they are meandering along, well out of the pennant race. the subplot is kind of interesting. that would involve coco crisp. if he plays in all but six more games he will collect a guaranteed 13 million next year. coco is serious about that. wants to stay in the lineup. leadoff homer, 11th of the year, there are the a's fans down in arlington. yu darvish has been 0-8 against the a's. so a nice start when ian desmond for him starts coming through. two-run single off sean manaea. three-run seventh inning, jonathan lucroy acquired at the trade deadline from the brewers, with a slice to right, "brexit" open. 6-2. darvish gets the win, nine strikeouts seven innings.
10:54 pm
by the end of this week, the broncos and 49ers are going to be real sick of each other. scrimmaging a couple times and then going to play an exhibition game come saturday. 49ers coach chip kelly running the show. he likes his team to get involved heavily in training camp with top-flight competition. he has got it with last year's super bowl champs from denver. rev up the situation, play against the best, see what it takes to get there. the 49ers have a long way to go but they -- navorro bowman likes the idea of playing against the best. >> getting a chance to play against the team that won it all, that's always a great thing. always get work against a different team, different atmosphere. both sides have the right mindset and understand it's just about the work we're trying to get done. i think so far it was good. i think both coaches are going to talk about that and try to
10:55 pm
have a better day tomorrow. don't forget you will see the raiders tomorrow night on air, trekking to green bay, 5:00 game time. that should be as far as exhibition games go, entertaining stuff, packers and raiders. olympics, focusing now on team usa men's basketball. looking pretty good, warriors fans ears will perk up when they see the final score with kevin durant pumping in a mere 27 points. not close, 105-78 over argentina. they will play spain in the semifinal on friday. the final should they make it comes sunday. others, big story, women's 100-meter hurdles. a first, what you might call a sweep, they take gold, silver, bronze. brianna rollins does win the gold and you take a look at the olympic medal board right there. united states income and. let's talk about the press
10:56 pm
conference, big ufc fight and this weekend, frank is very involved in this. here is how the press conference went between the two contenders today earlier. >> [ yelling ] >> shut your mouth. you -- not one of you -- get the -- out of here. get the -- out of here. that's all right. hey. >> connor, don't do it -- connor, connor -- >> [ yelling ] >> that's a wrap. sorry, guys. see you saturday. >> conor mcgregor upset that nate diaz who beat him a while back, showed up like an hour late to the press conference. >> i can't wait for that fight. i'm watching that one. >> everybody ready to watch. >> see you later, have a good one.
10:57 pm
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