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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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why he decided to resign. san jose state getting ready to move into brand new dorms. university officials say there is a problem. half a million dollars worth of processed marijuana seized in sonoma county. why investigators say they are expecting to find even more. and good afternoon. i am mike mibach. >> i am cristina rendon in for gasia. right now an effort is underway to find a permanent home for a naked donald trump statue that appeared yesterday on the street corner in the castro district. >> city crews removed the statue, but now the owner of a well known restaurant near union square says he wants the piece of art to be put on display. alex savidge to explain why police have gotten involved. alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. well, naked trump we can tell you spent the night behind bars, so to speak. san francisco place took custody of that statue after it was removed by city crews.
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it was booked as evidence. and now we understand the owner of a popular restaurant be here in the city wants to get his hands on the statue to put it on display, although police say that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. this life-sized statue of donald trump in his birthday suit may find a new home at lefty o'doul's near union square. the owner wants to put the eye- opening piece of art on display right next to marilyn monroe. >> we found donald trump naked in san francisco and we are willing to bring him in as a symbol to show san francisco we are a city of st. francis. it's a city of compassion. >> reporter: he is working with supervisor scott weiner and a team of attorneys to gain custody of the controversial statue, which drew quite a crowd after it popped up yesterday on this street corner in the castro. >> this isn't such a funny
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statue. it is. but beyond that you have to look at why these folks created these statues and why they put them up and why people are so interested in them. it's because donald trump has perpetuated a huge fraud on this country. >> reporter: overnight city crews removed the 15-pound plaster statue of the republican presidential nominee. the artist didn't have a permit to put it up. on top of that, the crowds were spilling into the crete yesterday, creating a safety concern. some looking to snap a picture of trump in the buff were bummed out. >> i was looking for donald trump. yeah. >> reporter: not just any donald trump? >> no. a naked one, which is appalling. i apologize to my parents. >> reporter: the statue was created by an artist. san francisco police say
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whoever put up the statue in the castro could be cited for vandalism and they will have to pay for the cost of removing it. about $4,000. until then the donald will remain in an evidence locker. is this one of the more bizarre pieces of evidence that you have ever impounded? >> sadly to say, no. not in san francisco, it isn't. so this doesn't surprise us too much. >> reporter: and i talked this morning with a local donald trump supporter about this statue drama. he calls this nothing more than a distraction. he says it's nice to see some people are having fun here, but he says the adults are taking this election seriously. now, as for the statue itself, it remains in the custody of san francisco police. if nobody claims it within the next 90 days, trump gets dumped.
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destroyed. they are saying, look, we have this statue. if you want to claim it, come down here. you will have to pay the cost of removing it. >> got it. thank you so much. now to our question of the day. we began asking this during "mornings on 2". do you find that statue offensive or amusing, especially with the election now 80 days away? >> one tweet, i don't find it offensive. however, i find a lot of what trump has said in his campaign extremely offensive. another one, art is art. >> and another one, let's have a naked statue of hillary clinton put up also. can you imagine the outrage? hashtag #hypocrites. the conversation continues. post a comment on our ktvu facebook page or tweet us using the hashtag #ktvu. after the latest on the
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campaign trail, there is another major shake-up. >> campaign chairman paul manafort announced his resignation just days after trump restructured his campaign leadership team. >> reporter: donald trump's controversial campaign manager paul manafort has resigned amid growing evidence his ties to a former ukrainian leader was closer than thought. trump himself called manafort a true professional and wished him success. >> the trump campaign, others in the campaign feeling that he was increasingly becoming a distraction. >> reporter: manafort, who took over for corey lewandowski in june, seemed unable to rein in trump's big personality. last night the candidate himself seemed to recognize this and tried to take a softer tack. >> sometimes in the heat of
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debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. >> reporter: with just 81 days left until the election, analysts say this change in approach could be a wise move for the embattled republican nominee. >> kellyanne conway said that donald trump is, indeed, the underdog, and you have to embrace your role if you're going to change it. >> reporter: in keeping had his more compassionate tone, trump and mike pence are in louisiana today touring the flood ravaged state. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. hillary clinton is address ago perceived weakness in her campaign. she said if she wins in november they will stop accepting foreign donations to the foundation. a third day of testimony is taking place right now in the
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pretrial phase of the ant win garcia-torres murder case. prosecutors are cross examining the man and the methodology behind the defense request for a change of venue. he is accused of killing sierra lamar as the teenager walked to a bus stop in morgan hill in 2012. he has maintained his innocence. prosecutors are scrutinizing survey questions underlying defense claims, saying he can't get a fair trial. the judge could rule on the cage of motion today. police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. it happened just before midnight near the intersection of mable and brunette streets. investigators say the male victim was rushed from the southwest berkeley neighborhood to alameda county hospital where he died. so far there is no word of a possible motive, but police don't think this was a random shooting. >> we don't believe that this individual, the victim, was targeted indiscriminalnently. there is no threat to the
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community. the mayors of five cities are asking the governor for support after a series of freeway shootings along interstate 80 and highway 4. the mayors of heck wrote a letter to the governor asking for money to install cameras on the highways in east contra costa county. there have been 20 confirmed freeway shootings since last october. letter says with the end of the churn legislative session rapidly approaching it is imperative that the funding needed be found either through legislative action or by some executive action such as tapping emergency funds. whichever is most expedient. hercules mayor dan romero will be driving that letter personally to governor brown on monday. in the south bay hundreds of college students are getting ready to move into their dorms at san jose state this weekend. there is a hitch. >> that's right. the brand new building that was
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supposed to be ready is not. ktvu's janine de la vega explains what students will now have do and how the university plans to help them. >> a university spokeswoman acknowledges that this is unfortunate because freshmen were getting really excited to move into this new building instead, they are going to have to move into older dorms that are supposed to be demolished. university officials say construction crews have been working around the clock to try to complete the campus village 2 dorm but they determined more works needs to be done before students can live in it. construction was supposed to be done in time for fall move-in, which is this weekend. campus officials say the dorm which will house 820 freshmen should be ready in a month. for now students have to move into the bricks. those buildings are slated for demolition to make way for a new aquatics and recreation center.
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>> continue as if nothing is wrong. that san jose will headache things smooth for them. >> san jose state has been focusing on finishing the project. we are going to go back after our students are in the halls to think through what occurred and how we might work on that next time around. >> reporter: here is good news. once the new building is ready, the university plans to hire professional movers to help students and they will also give them free san jose state sweatshirts and a $150 gift card to use on campus. move-in day is tomorrow and classes begin on monday. reporting from san jose state university, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. ahead, the latest on the blue cut fire. plus, a heartbreaking homecoming for a member of the u.s. olympic fencing team as he returns to lake county. and a slight cooldown on
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the way. ktvu's rosemary orozco will be here with the weekend forecast. the recovery continues for flood victims in louisiana as more than 4,000 people remain in evacuation shelters. we will have the latest from baton rouge.
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seems to have taken over the country.t everything's all right in there? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon , natural is back. more evacuations are willing lifted for residents near the blue cut fire in san
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bernardino county. it's now burned nearly 37,000 acres, but containment is up to 26%. officials say at least 96 homes and 213 out buildings have been destroyed and tens of thousands remain vac wade. -- evacuated. the clayton fire is 65% contained. this comes as we learn more about the arrest of the man accused of setting that fire. authorities say surveillance cameras caught damin pashilk's car near the seen. cal fire investigators actually tracked him by putting a gps tracker on his vehicle. after his arrest on monday authorities questioned him about why his car was seen near those fires, and he had no explanation. >> 12 fires and one attempt. now, keep in mind that some of those were very minor, you know. just a few square feet area
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that was burned or less than an acre. >> reporter: they had the potential, right? >> they all did. >> authorities say the first fires were set along highway 20 just 20 minutes apart, and then there were three more in clearlake last august. then last month, he is accused of starting three more in lake county. a member of the u.s. olympic fencing team returned from rio to find his lake county home burned to the ground. >> yeah. we talked to the man who is responsible for preparing all of the team's fencing equipment and about his heartbreaking homecoming. >> reporter: their olympic dreams realized in rio last week. >> all of the fencers, you know, did a wonderful job and it was just an honor to be a part of that. >> reporter: matthew porter played the part of armor for the u.s. olympic fencing team. his job was maintaining and preparing their equipment, helping them parry and thrust their way to the podium. they ended up with four.
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two silver and two bronze. elated and excited. porter was ready to come them his other dream. the house he and his wife karen had bought a few months before he left for rio in lower lake. karen emailed sunday saying they had been spared from the wildfire. an hour later the fire jumped the line. >> -- the yard was filled with smoke. i grabbed the dogs and threw them into a container. threw everything in the car and forgot my pictures. >> reporter: from rio he searched fire footage on line not knowing what happened to karen. >> it was horrible. i was not sure what was going on. i was trying to find out. >> reporter: the world of fencing faded in the face of what mattered most. their world, like so many of their neighbors, now torched in
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ruin. matthew and karen had paid cash for their new home. >> in the rush of getting in there and then the olympics coming up, not everything got done that should have been done. unfortunately, one of the things we didn't get done was insurance. so we are not insured. >> reporter: a loss they plan to overcome to return and rebuild their dream. >> you don't give up. well, friends have set up a gofundme page for the couple, and right now, as you can tell on your screen, $28,000 has been raised. 2,000 of those dollars have come from the u.s. fencing team. the goal to reach $100,000. right now the couple is staying with friends. they plan to return and rebuild. we want to move to rosemary orozco in our weather center. it looks like it's going to be a different temperature this weekend? >> yes. temperatures coming down a few degrees. along the coastline, not a lot
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of change. that means cloudy and cool for your saturday and most likely sunday as well. outside the doors this morning and into the afternoon those clouds began to clear. mostly cloudy at the coastline. notice the haze out there. we have smoke and haze in the forecast for today. perhaps for tomorrow, as well. and today is a spare the air day. let's take a look at the fire burning south of us. we do have sort of a variable wind coming in and around, but the area that we will continue to see that smoke come from is from the south because the winds are prevailing from the south and we are going to look at that smoke and haze for today. the possibility for tomorrow and for the spare the air day today. moderate air quality to slightly unhealthy, especially for the inner east bay. with the smoke and haze, i say the santa clara valley as well. if you see it, if you smell it, be aware of it. here is a look at the low clouds the last couple of hours. we have seen them pull back. a little bit of sunshine around half moon bay, pacifica, and a
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little bit lingering inside the bay where we have partly cloudy skies over san rafael, san francisco and the east bay shoreline. temperatures and the winds, we are looking at relatively calm conditions in and around the santa rosa area. a light breeze there. oakland reporting ten. fairfield that onshore breeze 31 miles per hour. cool air moving through the inland communities all the way into the central valley this afternoon. 82 degrees right now in brentwood. 76 livermore. to the north bay 70 degrees in santa rosa. around the bay upper 50s to upper 60s. 59 san francisco. 69 in hayward. the south bay of san jose 74 degrees. we are looking at temperatures not bad at all. 79 for santa rosa this afternoon. around the bay upper 60s in oakland. 79 in mountain view. the inland east bay it's a warm day. low 90s in the forecast for occupy, 88 livermore. temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday. at the coast can't catch a break here. partly to mostly cloudy skies and low 60s in the forecast
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remaining for the entire day. partly cloudy in san francisco. here is a look at what you can expect if you are going to see the giants tonight. 58 degrees, a westerly breeze, partly cloudy skies at 7:15. the extended forecast. temperatures continue to cool as we get into your saturday afternoon. sunday afternoon, monday into tuesday looks like we may see additional cooling. back to the weekend low 60s, cloudy at the coast. if you want the summertime heat you have to go inland. it's not that hot. feels good all around. thousands of people still in emergency shelters after this week's deadly flooding in the state of louisiana. >> they are waiting to go back home to neighborhoods that were hit with about two feet of rain as casey siegel reports. donald trump was in the area today to get a firsthand look at some of the devastation. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee donald trump and his vp running mate
12:21 pm
indiana governor mike pence on the ground in louisiana today getting an up close and personal look at the devastation the floodwaters have left behind in this state. mr. trump said that he felt compelled to visit the region because louisiana was very special to him, and that words cannot express the sadness one feels at a time like this. >> we are one nation. when one state hurts, we all hurt. and we must all work together to lift each other up. >> reporter: meantime, the recovery ongoing. a process that could take months, if not more than a year. one day at a time, people tell us. a slow but sure process. the convention center in downtown baton rouge, the largest of many shelters set up through the region, it's
12:22 pm
estimated that more than 4,000 people are still in shelters one week since the rain started falling. that is down from the more than 11,000 who were taking advantage of these services a few days ago. fema is working to arrange temporary housing. more than 87,000 people have signed up for federal disaster assistance. meantime, the state fire marshal's office going door to door conducting secondary searches of neighborhoods making sure there are no remaining victims and that everyone is accounted for. as the floodwaters start to recede, people begin to clean out their homes and try and salvage what is left. as of right now, the death toll here in louisiana stabbed at -- stands at 13. still ahead, it's the city where iconic crooner tony bennett left his heart.
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a ceremony is underway to honor the 90-year-old singer. details ahead. details ahead. light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch.
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taking a look at wall street right now, stocks lower
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with phone and utility companies posting the biggest losses. you see the dow jones down 38 points. nike stock up 3%. buying a bay area home continues to get more expensive as home prices keep rising. the median price last month was $735,000. that is a 5% increase from last year. in san francisco the median home prays was $1,250,000. 8.7% jump from the same time last year. however, overall, july home sales for the nine bay area counties were the lowest for that month in five years. according to an analyst, not a lot of people can afford to buy a home in the bay area. check out an aquarium festival, the art and folklore. ktvu's rosemary orozco explains in this edition of weekend
12:27 pm
watch. >> the weekend is near, and here are a few events happening around the bay. in san francisco, the 98th annual italian festival will fill the streets of north beach saturday from 11 to 7. live music, beer and wine. it's between union and filbert. also nsf. it's the noise pop 20th street walk party on saturday. enjoy music and food from noon to six on 20th street between bryant and harrison. admission is industry. sunday streets 11 to 4. on the bay area burlingame on the avenue downtown. artisans, food, beverages, and performances. saturday and sunday from 10 to 6. in the east bay the annual art and soul festival in downtown oakland with live music, food and fun saturday and sunday from noon to six. the greek festival in castro valley at the resurrection
12:28 pm
greek orthodox church. in the north bay a taste. petaluma. explores restaurants, shops, wineries and breweries. a taste of petaluma is saturday, 11:30 to 4. last stop. the 26th annual accordion festival. this will be saturday and sunday at la plaza park. in sports, giants and quakes play at home. a's, 9ers and raiders on the road. i am rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. well, it is freebie friday, and today you can enter for a chance to win four tickets valid for one day's entry to the monterey bay aquarium. go to our facebook page and click on the contest link. entries accepted to 11:59 p.m. tonight. you must be 18 and a legal california resident. it has an approximate retail value of $80. 1-1er will be -- one winner
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will be selected. see the official rules. a major marijuana bust in sonoma county. >> the trunk was stuck. >> after the break, why investigators say they are expecting many more busts like this in the months ahead. plus, american swimmer ryan lochte issues an apology after brazilian authorities say he lied about the robbery incident in rio
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two people are in custody after a traffic stop in sonoma county led to the seizure of a half million dollars worth of processed marijuana. >> because of the harvest going on in mendocino county, authorities are expecting to see more of these busts in the coming months. >> reporter: the 101 freeway through sonoma county. continuous cars and calls. in his career, deputy brian parks has stopped hundreds of vehicles with drugs in them. >> this will be the location that i actually stopped them right here on the shoulder of the roadway. >> reporter: his intuition told him the sedan he spotted wednesday night might be one. there were two men in the rented toyota. he pulled them over for speeding and tailgating. >> they told me they had not been using or smoked or were transporting marijuana. >> reporter: his nose told him otherwise, and so did his
12:33 pm
partner. 4-year-old jag. he did to our news van what he did to that toyota. >> this is fun for him. he is trained in the odor of four different kinds of narcotics. >> reporter: he knows this toy and tug of war are his rewards when he alerts that he has found something. >> he would stop. he would stare at the location. >> reporter: found in the toyota's trunk duffle bags containing 108 pounds of processed marijuana. double wrapped, shrink sealed, and wiped with air freshener to disguise the odor. >> the trunk was stuffed. you couldn't have fit anything more in the trunk. >> reporter: the driver is a 27- year-old staten island man. his passenger is 29. also from new york, and in construction. both have extensive criminal records. >> it is my belief that they intended to double their money. here marijuana might go for $1,000 to $2,000 a pound. back on the east coast it can
12:34 pm
go from two to $5,000 a pound, depending on quality. >> reporter: the difference between a quarter million and a half million dollars. and as big as this freeway bust was. >> there are cops who work the streets who make better arrests than this one. last year i got 303-pound in one single stop. >> reporter: for jags it was just another day at work. >> he got extra treats that night. >> the two suspects were booked and bailed out. according to investigators, their plan wasn't to drive the pot cross-country, but ship it or mail it home. judging by the cardboard shipping boxes also found in the car. the fbi is asking for help identifying a bank robber suspect. they are calling the audi bandit. he is connected to three robberies and an attempted robbery. the crimes happened in livermore, burlingame, and pleasanton. they say the suspect passes a
12:35 pm
note to tellers demanding money and he has been seen driving two different audis. both of the vehicles had dealer plates. the suspect is described as latino, in his mid 20s, five seven or five eight. -- the san jose police department has 800 officers down from a high of 1400 nine years ago.. they want to contract with the chp and the sheriff's department to help patrol san jose. >> it's just simply the right to ask for help. you are not going to rebuild the police department for a decade. meantime, residents shouldn't have to suffer from that. >> the most recent class of cadets at the san jose police academy only had eight graduates. four years ago, voters passed measure b which reduced retirement benefits for officers. as a result, many police
12:36 pm
officers left san jose for other departments. in the east bay the rising population along the 680 corridor is starting to cause some growing pains. >> its only getting more crowded now that school is back in session. there is a new school in san ramon that just opened. >> reporter: here at bella vista elementary in san ramon this isn't just the first week of school. it's the first week of the school. the san ramon valley school district opened bella vista as a pressure valve to relieve. growing population at the four other elementary schools in town. schools that were getting too big and potentially overcrowded. >> pretty phenomenal. i mean, it is a destination district. >> reporter: to see what is happening look no further than outside the school's front door. that is still another housing development under construction.
12:37 pm
the population has tripled in the past 30 years to more than 70,000 people, and is still on the rise. families continue knocking near be near silicon valley and, of course, the schools. >> families are encouraged to come to a place where they know their students will be supported in a school environment and that where the educational experience is very rich. >> reporter: this school figures to keep getting bigger as new homes in the area keep going up. bella vista expects to see 300 more students within the next two years. >> as the population increases more, we will open new classrooms, hire teachers, and build to capacity. >> reporter: this growth spurt is not only happening in san ramon, but through the tri- valley. at dublin high school the incoming freshman classes have far outnumbered the outgoing seniors. students are taking notice. >> it takes a little longer to get to classes.
12:38 pm
you have to wait a little longer to get up the staircases. >> reporter: school district officials say they are looking to build two new schools, including a second high school within the next few years as the student population is expected to rise 50% by 2022. >> we are very full. we are being creative and thoughtful about how we are handling the infusion of students. we have a lot of kids coming in. >> reporter: school officials say they can manage the growth. long-time residents say they can't believe how fast the tri- valley is growing. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. in november, voters in oakland will decide whether to impose a soda tax. if passed the measure would place a penny per ounce tax on sugary drinks. the revenue generated would go towards fighting obesity. the beverage industry has spent $600,000 trying to defeat the measure. they argue it would lead store owners to raise prices on other items. officials say that is not true.
12:39 pm
>> the soda industry is lying to people and telling them that it's a tax on groceries. there is no proposed tax on bread or vegetables or any other groceries. >> the case that it's going to be spread out across everything. >> voters in richmond turned down a similar tax four years ago. berkeley voters approved a soda tax in 2014. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte now issuing an apology following an alleged robbery incident in brazil that investigators say was fabricated. >> the swimmer took to instagram this morning as two of his u.s. teammates made their way back home. >> reporter: ryan lochte takes to instagram to issue an apology for his behavior while in brazil. the u.s. olympic swimmer saying i want to apologize for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the olympics. he went on to say, i waited to
12:40 pm
share these thoughts until it was confirmed that the legal situation was addressed and it was clear that my teammates would be arriving home safely. the apology coming after swimmers jack conger and gunnar bentz were pulled off a plane. an agreement will avoid criminal prosecution. >> brazilian law concedes in light of the crimes the possibility of reaching an agreement before the criminal prosecution. he will donate 10800 u.s. dollars to an institute. >> reporter: olympic officials don't believe the incident will mar the history of these games. >> i think that the brazilian population, we will accept his apologies and we want to put this matter to an end. and i don't think despite the movement of the last couple of days, i don't see this as being a factor that will mark these
12:41 pm
games. >> reporter: u.s. olympic officials have expressed disappointment over the matter. they will examine what happened in more depth once the games are over. pretty intriguing. pretty interesting. to seems fairly life like for a robot. >> coming up, we will introduce you to a robot named pepper who made its american debut in the bay area. how some companies hope to use the robot in their stores and when you may see more of them. a cooldown in store for the bay area. rosemary orozco will be back with the details for your weekend forecast.
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light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
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light & fit crunch. a life like robot greeting and interacting with customers at a store in the south bay. >> ktvu shows us the robot here in palo alto. my name is pepper. >> reporter: standing four feet tall, it looks and agents like a human. it even dances. >> reporter: this is pepper, developed to entertain customers at retail stores and later on be programmed to answer questions, including where to find products. first stop consumer electronics store beta in palo alto. >> people gravitate towards pepper.
12:45 pm
>> reporter: powered by a 12 hour battery, its eyes serving as cameras, sensing when a customer is happy or side. >> don't you think i am cute? >> intriguing. pretty interesting. it seems fairly life like for a robot. it's got kind of a creepy side. i mean, it's this robot that you're talking to that's knowing how you feel. >> i like the fact that he is a kid that can move and talk. >> reporter: it's the latest in the evolution of robots to engage with people. this robot bringing comfort to patients at a florida hospital. and night scope security robots at stanford shopping center. >> for us it wasn't about replacing a human with a robot. it was about just bringing people into the store and interacting with something that's super friendly. >> reporter: beta understands with robots comes a concern of replacing salespeople. for now the store's ceo says
12:46 pm
it's a tool to to add to workers. today is a big day for conia -- kanye west and his fans. >> [ music playing ]. >> just a few hours ago, he opened 21 pop-up stores around the world, including this one in san francisco on wentworth place in the downtown area. this stores are expected to be open through the weekend. it comes as he expands his pop- up store concepts following similar events in new york, los angeles, and paris. the new york event generated $2 million in sales of his own customized items. all right. the weekend is knocking on the door. let's get to meteorologist rosemary orozco and a peek at that forecast. hey, rosemary. >> good afternoon to you. we are looking at a fairly nice
12:47 pm
weekend. not a lot of change going on. just some minor drops in temperatures coming our way. for areas like livermore, fairfield reporting a few degrees cooler right now than where we were yesterday during the lunch hour. outside our doors we have the clouds and the haze continuing right there inside the bay. south bay, east bay, and the low clouds will continue to hug the coastline today. as i mentioned, today is a spare the air day. expect that for friday perhaps even into saturday. that minor cooldown today will continue as we get into the weekend with cool conditions expected at the coast. warm inland. not too hot almost anywhere i look unless you go farther inland into lake county or the central valley. next week not a lot of change. we are looking at the same old same old getting into the week ahead. let's focus on the weekend. this is the two hour transition. we are seeing the clouds at the coast, but continuing to clear through the bay. we will have mostly sunny skies away from the coastline.
12:48 pm
the west edge of san francisco mostly cloudy. the onshore breeze has been 31 miles an hour gusting thoroughfare field and travis all morning long and into the afternoon and as a result fairfield cooler, 77 degrees from yesterday. 76 in livermore as well. around the bay upper 60s to low 70s. 69 hayward. 71 redwood city. the north bay pleasant, 75 fap, 7 -- 75 napa, 79 santa rosa. closer to water 67 in sausalito. a little breezy in the afternoon with the onshore breeze picking up on the coast and just inside the bay. upper 60s alameda. low 90s antioch and brentwood. into the south bay we will go to 79 san jose, 82 expected for you saratoga, the peninsula for the afternoon 77 redwood city, 75 san mateo. a little cool in san francisco. 63. if you are going to see the giant play this evening, bring your jacket.
12:49 pm
it will be cool with the onshore breeze. lake tahoe going to have nice weather in the forecast for the weekend. a little bit of smoke out there today. a little bit of haze. by sunday an increasing chance of a possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. it's 20%. so barely there. but we will keep it in the forecast for now. upper 70 to 80 on saturday. your extended forecast here at home. temperatures continuing to drop off some as we get into saturday, sunday, upper 80s remaining in the forecast for inland cities. 70s around the bay. 60s and cool, cloudy at the coast. hard to complain. we have some nice weather coming our way with little change in the extended forecast. >> it is hard to complain. thanks. all right. it was a wild night at at&t ballpark as the giants bounced back from a sweep against the pirates. the mets in town. madison bumgarner on the mound against new york. in the fourth if wasn't looking good -- it wasn't looking. a grand slam.
12:50 pm
i will say ruggiano should have been running up when the count was 2-2. that's nor story. the score was 4-1 when announced resident lined a triple which brought in two. auto two-run shot to left field. the giants take the lead 5-4. they had to hang in after the mets started a bit of a comeback. buster posey sealed the win with a two-run double and the a's make the final score 10-7. giants and mets back at it tonight at the ballpark. and the a's who were off yesterday are in chicago taking on the white sox. >> yeah, and in football the oakland raiders are 1-1 in the preseason. they fell to the green bay packers last night. the raiders started -- the raiders players -- >> started, yeah. >> that is. they played the entire first half but managed just four down and a field goal.
12:51 pm
they went to for a 20-12 win. next up for the raiders the tennessee titans a week from tomorrow at the coliseum. the 49ers continue to practice in colorado for tomorrow's preseason game against the denver broncos. colin kaepernick was back throwing. he will not play in the game as he still is recovering from that shoulder injury. tightness there. chip kelly hopes to play kaepernick against green bay next friday. we know he left his heart in san francisco. coming up, the new tribute for iconic crooner tony bennett that was just unveiled on nob hill.
12:52 pm
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[ music playing ] >> all right. just a couple minutes away from the closing bell to end the week here. the dow jones, as you can see, down 45 points. the nasdaq not a lot of movement. down two points. the s&p 500 also in the red, but just down three points. all right. so we want to talk movies now. a remaking of one of hollywood's all time classic films. >> jonathan hunt has a look at new releases and the three others hoping to make it big enough to pay the bills in this
12:55 pm
edition of what's in theaters. >> reporter: an epic scale action adventure as jack houston leads the remaking of ben-hur. the film is the latest from husband-wife producing duo mark burnett and roma downey. >> for an animated adventure, there is cubo and the two strings. it includes charlize theron and matthew mcconaughey. jonah hill leads the true story "war dogs," about two guys from miami who end up becoming international arms dealers bidding on military contracts and even getting a $300 million deal before their hustle
12:56 pm
catches up with them. plus, audiences can still check out the current top box office in "suicide squad." >> be the first to enter ecertainly. >> reporter: and the r-rated animated comedy sausage party is looking to serve up a fight for that number one spot now in the second week of release. in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. just about 20 minutes ago a big dedication ceremony was held in san francisco for a legendary singer tony bennett. nancy pelosi, mayor ed lee and former mayor willie brown were there. a bronze statue was unveiled. that was where bennett first held his first public performance of i left my heart in san francisco. it's part of a celebration
12:57 pm
marking bennett's 09th birthday -- 90th birthday.. >> one of those classics in san francisco. 109 years old. opened back up in 1907. and bennett himself another san francisco classic. thanks for watching, everyone. have a great one. an unprecedented natural outburst
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