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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> and i am frank somerville. >> let's look at this map from cal fire which shows several active fires burning throughout the state right now. spiders combined with wind patterns and are pushing smoke to the bay area. >> we have coverage this evening, meteorologist mark tamayo and [ name indiscernible ] >> you can tell something is out here. i may be more sensitive than most but my eyes have been watering all day in my sinuses have been bothering me. the back of my throat is scratchy. you can tell something is in the airport >> you can see over my left shoulder. the lingering haze is at scaring you view of the mountains. this is coming from the south and working its way to the
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mountains, turning friday into a partially gray day all around. parents playing with their children at some south bay parks noticed the difference slowly -- as soon as they stepped out the door. >> you could notice a change in the air. i daughter said, it's cloudy today. it's kind of all cloudy, not one cloud. it's all clouds. >> you can see this grayish haze that replaces the normal as your sky -- azure sky. >> it's not as blue. we usually notice the blue sky. we have an amazing blue sky usually on this -- at this park but not so much today. it's a little gray. >> reporter: health officials say shifting winds are carrying smoke from the sopranos fire north over -- the brandeis --
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1024 -- soberanes fire into the area. >> it can give you an itchy throat. it really attacks people's respiratory conditions, children and the elderly the most. >> reporter: officials warn people that are sensitive to this here to stay inside until the haze heads out. >> i'm breathing this in. what's in the air is going to hit me on my lungs. >> reporter: officials say we can expect more of the same hazy but moderately unhealthy air throughout sunday with it clearing up late in the day on sunday. we hope so. now to chief meterologist bill martin. a spare the air alert is in place today. >> it is the second day in a row when you can tell we need it. we have smoke in the
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atmosphere, mostly in the tri- county and livermore area. there's a number of fires, the cedar fire, the blue cut fire and the zerona's fire -- and the fire. there's no spare the air day in effect for tomorrow. but as we continue forward for the next couple of days, we will see the smoke lingering. with the southwest winds that we are seeing, the smoke is getting fondled into the -- funneled into the area. a lot of the smoke is showing up around morgan hill and gilroy as well as san jose and of course livermore. arias along the coast are noticing this as much. the second spare the air day in a row, we're up on the roof of the hospital. you were to -- you were talking to a doctor earlier about people with
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health concerns. >> there has been an up take in the past day or so with the changing weather patterns with that smoke and haze being transported to the bay area. as you mentioned, we are at the medical center here in oakland. we are on the 11th floor. there are great views but it's not the greatest you today. we're looking at the typical low clouds and fog near san francisco. we can show you the haze off to the east which is really building in with that weather pattern you have been describing. the smoke is drifting in from southern california as well. multiple signers -- multiple fires are in the area. if we take a look at the satellite view, you can see one it errupting at this portion of your screen which is the cedar fire at 9500 acres. it is drifting closer to the bay area. you probably woke up to the smell of smoke across parts of
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the region. people are feeling -- are having some troubles breathing that have asthma and copd. >> yes, they are having more symptoms of coughing and wheezing and shortness of breath. >> those are the 3 main symptoms? >> that's correct. for people with lung conditions, this kind of air quality can definitely exacerbate the situation. young children especially with asthma, as well as elderly patients are going to be the most susceptible to having significant problems with this kind of air quality. even people without lung disease can feel some affect from the pollution, more chest
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congestion in that kind of thing. >> no marathon running if you can help it over the next couple of days. >> exactly, this is not the time for prolonged exertion outside. if you want to work out at the gym or workout in your home, that would be best. >> hopefully the air quality will improve over the next few days. bill, as mentioned, no major workouts for tomorrow. no bike riding at mt. diablo if you can help it. >> the surface wind is clean off the water. we have a southwest wind a little higher up which is affecting -- which is causing a lot of the soberanes fire smoke into the area. >> can we expect this to linger through the weekend? >> i think so. it will move around but there is so much smoke in the air that it won't take much to bring in our way. >> a southwest wind is not
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unusual for this time of year. >> i would expect smoke in this area. stay with ktvu for the latest on our air quality. we are posting on facebook, twitter and instagram as well. firefighters now have the clayton fire 65% contained. just in the last hour the mandatory evacuation orders were lifted. it has destroyed at least 300 structures including 190 single- family homes. damin pashilk is accused of deliberately setting the fires. he is being held on $5 million paid. in monterey county, the soberanes fire is now 25% contained. some people there had been under evacuation offers for almost 4 weeks. it has scorched nearly 81,000 acres -- over 81,000 acres and
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was started by an illegal campfire. fire officials now say 96 homes have been destroyed along with 213 other buildings in this area where the blue cut fire is. tens of thousands of people remain under evacuation orders and 96 homes have been destroyed. some residents have been allowed to return to their homes. >> all of these people that you care about. everything you work hard for, it could all be gone in an instant. it was for so many people. i feel very blessed. >> gusty winds and high temperatures continue to make it tough for the 2600 firefighters who are currently battling the flames. a statue depicting a naked donald trump is no longer on display in san francisco. its next stop could be a local bar. the city's perfect -- public
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works department remove the statue this morning saying it lacked the permit and was causing safety and traffic problems. 's alex savidge tells us, a bar owner is hoping to put that statue on display. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: this life-sized statue of donald trump in his birthday suit may find a new home at lefty o'doul's your union square. the restaurant owner wants to put the eye-opening piece of art on display right next to marilyn monroe. >> we found donald trump make an end of freight -- we found donald trump "naked and afraid" in the area. this is a city of compassion, not a city of hate. >> this morning he announced his working with supervisor scott wiener and a team of attorneys to gain custody of the statue which drew quite a crowd after a pop up yesterday
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on this street corner in the castro. >> be on this you have to look at why these folks created this statue -- the statues and why people are so interested in them. it's because donald trump has perpetuated a huge fraud on this country. >> reporter: the statue was removed overnight. the artist did not have a permit to put it up on top of that, the police say crowd was spilling into the street yesterday creating a safety concern. some people who showed up this morning looking to step a picture with the statue were bombed out. >> i was looking for donald trump. [ laughter ] >> not just any donald trump. >> reporter: the statue was created by in an artist -- antar kissed -- antarchist. the
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donald will remain in an evidence locker until this can be worked out. >> is this one of the more bizarre pieces of evidence you have ever encountered? >> sadly to say, no, not in san francisco. [ laughter ] this doesn't really surprise us too much. >> reporter: san francisco police say they are not actively searching for the people who put up the statue but they say if the owner doesn't come forward to claim it within the next 90 days, donald trump will get trashed. in san francisco, alex savidge ktvu fox news. this afternoon we spoke with a spokesman from the art collective that placed these statues in 5 cities around the country. he is remaining anonymous. he says the goal was purely political. >> we are not interested in
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people showing up and pointing at him and laughing and walking away. this isn't about making fun of donald trump's large naked body. there's more to it. there's more depth. it's awesome to see that that wasn't lost on a very large part of the populace. >> the artist say they have received a lot of support from the public and city expense and effort to make the statues was well worth it. still to come, young man shot right in front of his own home. what we are learning about the victim in berkeley's first homicide of the year. >> if it can happen to our family, it can happen to anyone's family. >> -- first an apology from ryan lochte after reporting and armed robbery that officials say never happen. the latest twist is coming it.
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donald trump made a stop in louisiana to survey the flood damage today. he visited there along with his running mate mike pence. donald trump's campaign chairman paul manafort resign from his post earlier today. he had been under criticism for what may have been illegal lobbying effort. eric trump told the business network that paul manafort had become a distraction for the campaign. >> i don't think my father wanted to be distracted by this. >> in the meantime hillary clinton's campaign said the clinton foundation would no longer accept money from other countries if clinton wins the presidency. this announcement follows the release of information that the
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clinton foundation received the funds from foreign donations during her time as secretary of state. do you think it was a good idea to let go 10 to -- donald trump's campaign chairman paul manafort ? >> absolutely, having paul manafort on the loo -- on the payroll was a problem. new management is thinking a little bit more strategically, apparently. >> how would you advise donald trump if you were his campaign manager? he has hit some speed bumps. he is behind in the polls and particularly in some of the key swing states. >> i would start by saying, after looking at that statue, i would invite him to lose some weight.
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just kidding! seriously, with respect to the campaign, i think he really needs to reach out to voters beyond his primary base. white male voters without college degrees are the greatest -- his voter base. it looks like he's in real trouble with african-american voters and latino and hispanic voters, every other democratic -- demographic. hopefully the new management team will put him in a better position to move forward. >> we saw that he was appearing with mike pence in louisiana. who stands the most with -- from
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early voting, donald trump or hillary clinton. >> that's a great question. mostly because hillary clinton has a number of ads in key battleground states including some that are doing early voting, i would say it favors her. she spent over $6 million in pennsylvania and over $70 million in the state of ohio, almost $9 million in the battleground state of north carolina. in virginia which she hopes to win and likely will, she has spent close to $6 million. donald trump is only spent a fraction of that amount in those states. this advertising may sway them to vote more than if she waited until october to do the same thing. >> before we go, i wanted to talk about the very explicit statue of donald trump.
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it was allowed to stay up for almost a full day. what does that say about the political process? you have run for the mayor of oakland. i was thinking, either 17-year- old who is just turning to ask me questions about politics. how to explain something like that? >> i think people who are public figures who then transition to becoming public officials, understand that when you become a public official, everything about you is fair game to everybody. it's really harshly scrutinize. one of the hallmarks of a strong democracy as we tolerate all kinds of points of view and speech. our supreme court has said even something like this which is a little bit folder is part of the political discourse. if you're going to enter the political arena you have to expect you're going to get this. it's the reason why many people
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choose not to run for office. it is very difficult. >> i wish i had more time but we will have to leave it at that. thank you for joining us. president obama announced today he will visit flood ravaged louisiana next week donald trump and other republicans have criticized the president saying he should've cut short his family vacation in massachusetts to visit the flood damaged state. the governor of louisiana said it would tax state resources and it might be better for him to tour the devastation next week. the president will be in louisiana on tuesday. ryan lochte offered an apology of sorts for what the police call a made up story about getting robbed in rio at gunpoint. ryan lochte says he was sorry about not being more candid about ascribing those events and taking the focus away from many athletes fulfilling their dreams to participate in the olympic games. ryan lochte and 3 other swimmers were trying to cover up their vandalism of a gas station bathroom, according to police.
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brazilian officials do not believe this will overshadow the games. >> we will accept his apology. we want to put this matter to an end. >> james fagan has made a $10,000 donation to a charity in rio that features martial arts to underprivileged children. we have been tracking the smoke today, a spare the air day for the second one in a row. the ozone levels shouldn't be too bad. there are a number of fires
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burning throughout the state so we will see smoke from several fires. the wind is allowing the smoke to move in to this area. we do see some winds at the surface but we have southwesterly winds higher above which is bringing the smoke into the area. 84 in livermore right now, high temperatures today were a little cooler in many places than they were yesterday, -7 in fairfield, meas five -- -5 in santa rosa. look at the haze showing up. when the sun set you got that red tint to it. when you get smoke in the air, the particulates, the sunlight refracts off of the particulate matter. that is what you are seeing now . tonight you will really be read out there. you can already see the red
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color taking over but it will be really read on the bay and across the district tonight, even though it is foggy. this is just going to keep us wedged between two systems. this is not going to be really hot or a really cold. this will be just right. the fire danger is not going to change either. you will still have the heat in the inland valleys. you will find more heat, mid- 90s in this area. for this time of august, it is pretty mild. tomorrow the smoke and haze will stick around. for saturday, you will see it a lot like today. there will be smoke in the area for saturday and sunday. a new morning tonight -- a new warning tonight from health officials at the zika virus continues to spread.
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the tourist hotspot that people are now being advised to avoid, coming up. a questionable move sent to a police chief that is being called racist and the fallout it has caused. kanye west has open shop in san francisco, a pop-up shop attracting hundreds of fans wanting clothing inspired by his new album.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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weand sustainability goals asool one of our top priorities.mental i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. the cdc is warning pregnant women to avoid areas of miami beach where the zika virus is
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spreading. officials said spraying in south beach will be tough because of a high-rise building van strong winds. is still kidding reports, the virus has hit a city that draws millions of tourists every year. >> reporter: a popular area in miami beach including world- famous southeast -- south beach becomes the second zone where zika virus is spreading. florida governor rick spot -- governor rick scott says health officials have reported five new cases. it's believed this was all within a 1.5 mile area that encompasses most of south beach. this brings the number of locally transmitted cases to 36. >> two of these individuals are florida residents. one person is a resident of new york and one person is a resident of texas. one person is a resident of taiwan. >> reporter: the state has begun more aggressive mosquito
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campaigns in miami-dade county. the governor ads that this is helping to clear additional blocks any winwood area. >> this is in addition to the 14 blogs we were already able to clear and winwood. this is good news. this shows our efforts to aggressively combat the mosquitoes are working. >> reporter: the cdc is now adding to its advisory that all pregnant women avoid the winwood district. now they are including advisory for miami beach as well. there warning all pregnant women to stay away for now. in miami beach, phil keating fox news. a man shot and killed outside of his home -- >> -- he just loved music. that's all he did was do music and be at home in his room. >> how the victim is being remembered as berkeley police investigate their first homicide of the year.
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caught in the act, a search for two people seem tagging buildings in san francisco. dorm drama, why hundreds of students will not be able to move into the building they were assigned to at san jose state.
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police in berkeley are investigating that city's first homicide of the year, a young man, an aspiring rapper was shot just after midnight outside his home.
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we spoke with the victim's families today. >> reporter: police say this was no random attack in the family of a young man who was shot to death says they can't think of a reason why anyone would have targeted him. >> -- targeted him. his sister is grief stricken. >> if it can happen to our family, it can happen to anyone family. >> reporter: it happened just before midnight. he didn't recognize the person that was at the door so he went out the back door to get a better look. >> after i called the police and when i came out i saw him on the ground. >> reporter: 22-year-old alex goodwin died later at the hospital. he was 22 years old. he was an aspiring rapper who had studied music in arizona
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for a year. police say he was targeted. >> we have reason to believe that he was not discriminate we would -- indiscriminately targeted which leads me to believe that the public is not at risk. the specificity is not something i can share. >> reporter: his family says they have no idea why anyone would have wanted to kill him. >> he just loved music. that's all he did was do music and be at home in his room. he didn't bother anybody. >> reporter: four days ago he posted this chilling tweet. when i die, turn up for me on mabel in front of graham's house like i would want you to -- gram's house like i would want you to. >> reporter: police are asking for your help as they investigate. >> the killer walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell? >> reporter: it's unclear if it
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was actually the killer who rang the doorbell or if there were people working in concert where someone was watching the back while someone rang the front doorbell. what we are told from the family's he didn't recognize through the peephole, the person that was ringing the doorbell and he went outside to get a better look and then was shot as he went outside. >> thank you rob. now to livermore where police have identified two police officers -- two teenagers identified with attempted homicide. fernandez crews was arrested and raul alcala was arrested two days later. the teenagers confronted a 25- year-old man on a trailing shot him. the victim is hospitalized in critical condition. his identity is not being released. in san francisco, employees are rallying around a bus driver who claims she was
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assaulted on the drive -- on the job. a small group of protesters rather to support call a romero . she pulled over -- carla romero. she pulled over when she was confronted by an angry driver. she faces charges herself of assaulting him. many -- the officials want the bus company to release a video. >> wine have they not released the video? >> a spokesperson said the agency has turned over the video to police and wouldn't comment further. muni says it takes a sear it -- the safety of its drivers very seriously. people were caught on video tagging buildings. henry, the video gives a clear picture. >> -- >> reporter: police are hoping you can help identify these two people.
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officers say they have defaced buildings along geary boulevard and cal hallo. the laverne apartment building near fillmore was analyzed. this is next to a wine store and across the street from the balboa cafi. the surveillance video shows them facing the building. the tags of also been spotted along geary boulevard. they live in the neighborhood, according to officials. >> is a public nuisance. this daughters everybody, especially those who live in the city. you always ask yourself, why can't we get them. >> now we have them on video. now we're asking the public to help us locate them. >>the graffiti they -- anyone with information is asked to call police. >> thank you, henry. it's illegal in 49 states
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but not in california. the move by the governor today to formally legalize formal -- legalize lane splitting for motorcycles. the median home prices are in the 880,000 -- $880,000 range. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side
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♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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today california became the first date in the country to formally legalize the practice of lane splitting, when a motorcycle bypasses other cars by going in between lanes. this practice was condoned a few years ago but chp didn't have the authority to create its own policy. ever since, lane splitting has existed in a legal gray area. today governor brown signed the bill. it defines the press this and authorizes chp to establish guidelines for lane splitting. his birthday was two weeks ago but san francisco san fran -- san francisco celebrated tony bennet's birthday today with a big party on [ null ] hill. >> ♪ happy birthday to you. >> reporter: there was a heart- shaped cake in honor of his 90th birthday. former mayor willie brown was there as well as dianne
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feinstein. as for the singer left his heart in san francisco, a larger-than-life bronze statue was unveiled at the fairmont hotel. >> [ drum roll ] >> [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you for being so wonderful to me. i will never forget this day. thank you very, very much. >> he gave his first performance of "i left my heart in san francisco" at the fairmont in 1961. he is not slowing down. he will sing his signatures on tonight for the giants game at at&t park and he is scheduled for a charity concert tomorrow night at the fairmont. a team of rescuers worked together to save a crow that got tangled up in some kite string. a man noticed the bird dangling by its wing about 40 feet up in the air in a tree. it happened just on the -- it happened at tiburon boulevard. they needed the help of a --
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antell expert tree climber. the crow is now recovering at wild care hospital. the staff hopes to release the bird back into the wild soon. dorm drama at san jose state , coming up next. >> reporter: a newly constructed dorm will not be ready in time. what are san jose state officials doing? it's a spare the air day today but not tomorrow. you will see more smoke this weekend. temperatures will be a little chillier than you might expect.
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the newly constructed dorm in the san jose state campus is not going to be ready in time for freshmen to move into tomorrow. >> that has put school officials in a jam trying to put students in other areas around the campus. >> this is inconvenient. >> reporter: this is where the students will go. the storms were built in 1960. at least two of them were set to be demolished to house an aquatic center. they will be kept up for at least four weeks or at least -- or as long as it takes for the new dorms to be completed.
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this freshman is excited to move into the dorm, or he was until he got a letter from the school. >> i started off happy. it said congratulations. we are excited for the new year. right away, you are going to be in the old dorms because the new ones aren't done yet. >> reporter: campus village 2, the brand-new dorm that he was assigned to is still under construction. this is what he is a tender freshmen will get, temporary residence in the bricks which is the name for these calls that were built in 1960. they are trying to make this easier. since the students will have to move in a second time when the new dorms are ready and 8 weeks -- four weeks. >> we are hiring professional movers. we are locating temporary storage space so students can store items such as refrigerators. >> the contractor says the new building requires additional unanticipated testing in order to meet the california building code. a spokesperson said they
5:47 pm
worked double shifts for months to minimize the above. upperclassman say they can't help but pity the freshman. >>i feel terrible for them. these are discussing. >> they are cramped together the bathrooms are dirty. >> reporter: officials scrambled to bring in engineers, plumbers and cleaning crews. michael is still waiting to find out which building will be his. he says it's not quite the score -- start of the school year he was hoping for. >> it's a little more stressful but it will be a journey. i am going to try to move past it. >> reporter: the affected students will also get a reduced room rate of $150 -- room rate, a $150 gift card and a sandy -- san jose state sweater. >> a little bit of cash is always a good thing. the mba will move the 2017 all-star game from charlotte, north carolina to new orleans
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last month the mba decided to move the all-star game because north carolina passed a law limiting gender-neutral bathrooms. new orleans and louisiana have been campaigning for the nba all-star game claiming their rich heritage. we were talking at the top of the show about the smoke and the trouble people are having breathing. >> i haven't noticed that today. you heard people saying their eyes were watering and the doctor saying that they have gotten a lot of calls. >>oakland, berkeley, san rafael , mostly these areas. if you look across the bay at sunset you will see the reddish you -- hue in the atmosphere. if you're in santa rosa you probably won't even notice the small. but in the south valley area,
5:49 pm
you will see significant small. this is a spare the air day today. you can see walnut creek. you can see the smoke and it was actually worse in san jose. out toward modesto, stock in -- stockton were also very smoky. thunderstorms were spotted along the sierra. scattered showers and thundershowers earlier and then dying down now. fog along the coast, tomorrow, saturday, a lot like today. there will be a little more smoke. it shouldn't be a spare the air day but we will see some smoke in the atmosphere. you will see the red at night and that's how you know we will have smoke. you can see the smoke right now as well. there it is. we all grew up around campfires.
5:50 pm
it's not good to breathe that in. this is mainly the smoke we are seeing from the soberanes fire fire, burning wood and brush. it's not particularly toxic but the particulates in the air is what you are seeing. when you have sensitive lungs, and you breathe at into your lungs, it causes irritation. younger, healthier people may not notice it as much. if you are getting older or have asthma or any kind of lung condition, you are really going to notice it. the high pressure and low pressure balance each other out. in the interim, not much is happening. we are staying in this pattern which will keep temperatures tomorrow, just like today, maybe a little cooler. hotspots tomorrow, upper 80s and low 90s. it should be a nice day. not a bad weekend for you.
5:51 pm
it will be kind of mild. we are going to push forward to the five-day forecast. as we head into sunday, temperatures will be slightly cooler. you get the idea. what i do like about this temperature pattern is you don't see any big heat areas. that is very helpful for the firefighters. this pattern for the bay area proper is not conducive to high fire danger. >> i was noticing along with listening to what you are saying, your tie was doing some really interesting things. it was changing colors. singac was that a good thing or a bad thing? >> [ laughter ] >> i don't know. hope for homebuyers and the bay area. >> reporter: with houses and a bay area counties going for more than $1 million now, where is the cheapies -- cheapest place to live in the bay area? a big day for kanye west fans, 21 pop-up stores opened
5:52 pm
around the world today, including one in san francisco. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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for the bay area -- four of the bay area's nine counties have median prices for homes at
5:55 pm
over $1 million. >> what homes have the most -- neighborhoods of the most affordable homes in the area? >> reporter: better carlisle analyzes prices. >> solana was by far the most affordable county in the greater bay area. they are the median -- in that area, the median house prices is about 25% of san francisco's. >> reporter: they have not yet reached their pre-recession highs however. >> 44% of the population can afford to buy a median priced house while in san francisco we are at 13%. >> we will let the numbers speak for themselves, vallejo, vacaville, fairfield, the mont -- median home prices are all
5:56 pm
in the 380,000 -- $380,000 $380,000-$420,000 range which is very affordable. >> there are plenty of places out here in solano county, places you have never heard of, welcome to bucktown. >>this is a truly rural lifestyle. the good side is peace and quiet along with the smaller price tag. but at 5.9%, solano also has the highest unemployment rate of the 9 bay area counties. >> the big issue is commuting. for anyone who has to come into the city, it is a challenge. >> reporter: parts of sonoma county are also considered affordable but less so than solano county. the prices drop the further rural and farther out you go. >> if you're planning a trip
5:57 pm
for labor day weekend, you are not alone. 15.6 million americans are expected to fly somewhere over the three-day weekend which is coming up in just a couple of weeks. that is up or percent compared to last year. as for where everyone is city, orbitz says las vegas tops the list. >> las vegas tape our number 1 spot filed by los angeles, chicago, san diego and new york travelers are looking to go to the big cities with festivities and events to cap off the big summer travel season. >> airfares are down almost a percent compared to last year at this time. san francisco firefighters who helped fight the clayton fire also raise money to buy backpacks and school supplies for children displaced by that fire. volunteers for the fire department's twe program helped shop for school supplies. they have raised more than $1100 in donations so far and school has raised $50,000.
5:58 pm
>>a backpack that now costs around $20 or more can be a lot for someone who has lost everything in a fire. >> this is next to station nine on gerald avenue. you can also donate online. hazy skies causing problems for many people. >> let's show you a live look outside. this is the camera near downtown san jose. look at the haze . this is a spare the air day today. >> the pollution is so bad it is actually clouding the view of the santa cruz mountains. justin garrett has more on the problems these conditions are causing. >> reporter: parents playing
5:59 pm
with their children at some parks noticed the difference shortly after stepping out the door. >> just walking around, you can see the change in the air. my daughter said it's cloudy today. it's all cloudy, not just one cloud. >> reporter: the problem is better seen from this elevated view. a grayish haze has replaced the normally blue skies here. hanging over the silicon valley and stretching north as far as the eye can see, there is smoke everywhere. >> it's not as blue. that's one thing that we notice at the park is the blue skies. i've taken amazing pictures at this park but not so much today. >> reporter: what color would you say it is today? >> gray. >> reporter: shifting winds are carrying smoke from the trent soberanes fire fire north into the bay area. particular concentration has
6:00 pm
led to an air quality index of moderately unhealthy air. >> a can give is watery eyes, itchy eyes, itchy throat. it's really impacts people with respiratory conditions, children and the elderly the most. >> reporter: officials urged those more sensitive to the air to go indoors if they smell smoke or stay inside until the omnipresent tape heads out -- haze head out. officials say we can expect more of the same, hazy with moderately unhealthy air stretching through saturday and then some improvement on sunday. in downtown san jose, i am jesse gregory -- jesse gary. most of the pollution is blowing north from the southern california fires. he was the map showing five active fires to the south as well as the lake county fire north of the bay area. several of those fires are pushing smoke in this area. >>


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