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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the flow coming around that system sending some moisture and our direction. as we look closer, all i can find is a sprinkle in and around abbado around highway -- novato around highway 101. we have some light drizzle and it will be with us through the morning hours. outside of that, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and fairfield has sustained winds at 22, or this morning gusting above 30, cool air moving through portions of the delta. these clouds will break away by the afternoon, mostly sunny away from the coast. we will have the afternoon sunshine, and cutting conditions remaining along the coast and in the 60s. we have 60s and 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s in the warmer spots. if you like it hot, you'll have to get into sacramento valley.
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when i come back we will look at the afternoon highs and a warm upcoming for tomorrow and just a bit. good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well. chp is on the shoulder at the crashed near interstate 80, and that is a long second street and west grand avenue. a rollover accident with the vehicle rolled over, and the driver was taken to the hospital, and chp said that he had two other people in the car that were ejected, but the police crews and fire crews were now unable to find anyone at the same. it is not affecting nearby interstate 880. taking a look at the westbound, moving nicely in livermore and dublin but slow traffic and tracy. traffic will be busy as you get up to the area, but no major problems up to the dublin
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interchange. looking at the live picture of the san mateo bridge, not a bad commute over to the high-rise. the bay bridge toll plaza looking good, 280 in san jose moving nicely. 5:02 am. republicans are hoping that donald trump is turning a corner in the race for the white house as he campaigns in ohio. hillary clinton is in southern california facing more questions about the family foundation and we have more on the campaign trail. good morning, doug.>> reporter: good morning. a few recent polls suggesting that this race is tightening somewhat, but it all comes down to the swing states, donald trump spending time in virginia and ohio.>> reporter: donald trump heading to ohio after trying to hit the reset button in virginia. the state that was reliably
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republican but he is behind hillary clinton. and the campaign and party officials say he is back on track, especially after the high-profile visit to the flooded louisiana. president obama was criticized for continuing his vacation in the catastrophe, and the new trump campaign manager suggesting it is a turning point. >> is able to be himself, the authentic donald trump. >> reporter: they are pushing back on reports that trump is softening on his signature campaign issue, illegal immigration, and trump is far behind hillary clinton on fundraising, and keeping a low over profile and keeping reporters out of the fundraisers. more issues surrounding the family foundation, and she says she will stop accepting international donations if elected. >> when the second president
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bush came into the office you never of people asking questions about the family foundation which was a similar situation, and members of the family remained on the board while he was president. >> reporter: ultimately the clinton foundation could see a rush of donations as foreign donors take an opportunity to donate for the clinton foundation in anticipation of hillary clinton becoming president. this morning the naked donald trump statue in san francisco remains in the custody of the police but that could change this week. the trump statues popping up in san francisco and across the country were created by an anarchy is our collective group, "in decline." trump supporters took to social media saying that the statue show disrespect to a presidential candidate. and some groups say that it is
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biased because there's no statute of hillary clinton, but they say that could be happening soon. >> i would agree with the trump supporters and we would have loved to have done hillary statue. we are in no way supportive of hillary or her campaign, and we are equally disgusted with her as a politician and do not feel she is fit to be president anymore so than donald trump. but we did not have time to make a hillary statue. we had to choose one, and between the two of them, one is going to completely destroy our country, and the other we will just have to hope that she does not. i feel between the two evils, trump was the choice for us. and we need to decide, and no guarantee that we will not be doing a hillary statue in the near future.>> the group gave us this video that shows how
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they managed to get the statue up, and the department of public works took down the artwork because they say the artist did not have a permit. the owner of old duels -- o'douls once the statue put up and says he has plans. talking about building trust between the police and the community, broadcast live on radio station 106 kmel, as part of the street soldier program. richmond, emeryville, san francisco and the police captain for oakland all part of the panel, as well as the community leaders. some young people there told the officers what they worry about. back when you're in the community more and you know people, you are able to connect with them better.
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i think the connection with people will be a lot easier if you people from your community that you are able to get along with. >> there is a lack of understanding about some of the day-to-day operations and special ops operations from the san francisco police department. we are on a campaign to be more transparent so the public can understand more about what we are doing. >> many of the police on the panel said the priority is to reengage with the community, and building relationships. pg&e crew had three hours to repair a gas leak, people forced out of the homes and businesses in the neighborhood. fire officials say that a car broke a gas pipe heading into a business on story road near the south jackson avenue. the crash happened early yesterday afternoon. when the crew arrived they could not find the driver and
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they found natural gas flowing out of the pipe and evacuated the area, and it took pg&e about three hours to cap the leak. >> now that we do not have leaked the hazard is significantly reduced. when we have free flowing gas there is a hazard of igniting. but the big thing today, it is a little bit windy which helps to disperse the gas so we are not as concerned.>> story road remains closed while they repair the pipe it everyone was allowed to return home. 5:08 am. in san jose, five people injured in a two car crash and the second man in the car said it all happened is he was tracking down teenagers that stole his car yesterday morning on mclaughlin just before 1:30 am. the firefighters arrived and sent the five young people in one car to the hospital. the man in the other car refused medical treatment and was pretty angry when he
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explained what happened.>> honestly, all i know is that my car got stolen. we started following the guy and once he noticed we were following him, he lost control, swerving and driving like a maniac.>> the car had five occupants and we believe they're all juveniles.>> there is still no word on how badly they were injured, and a san jose police have taken over the investigation trying to determine exactly what happened. the condition of the baby boy born after his mother was killed in a car crash in san jose, getting better and little christopher has been upgraded. he was born two months premature after his mother died of her injuries. chp said she was riding in a car with her brother, and they hit a car stopped on the shoulder of highway 101 in san
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jose. her brother was treated for moderate injuries. the driver of the vehicle they hit was treated for minor injuries as well, but later arrested on suspicion of dui. 5:10 am. high toxins found in the shellfish in the bay area. lack it looks like they will be asking me to pull the gear out of the water. >> the morning and the struggle for fishermen to stay afloat. ryan lochte breaking his science, and the apology for the way he behaved in rio, and the new report that it could have all come from a big misunderstanding. looking at a commute where the westbound 24 looks pretty good and heading over to the tunnel, things are getting more crowded on the freeways. more straight ahead. interesting changes going on this morning, tracking the possibility of rain and a little bit of lightning off of the coast, a look at what you
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can expect.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the time now is 5:13 am. new developments on the
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four swimmers in rio detained, witnesses that the swimmers may have actually thought they were being robbed when the security guards demanded money from them. the witness said that the car pulled a gun and demanded money after ryan lochte pull down a sign at the gas station, but he said that the guards only spoke in portuguese, and it seemed that numb of the swimmers -- none of the swimmers understood what he said. ryan lochte said that international controversy set off by immature behavior.>> reporter: the head of the united states olympic committee is promising further action against u. s. swimmer ryan lochte and his three teammates. >> they let down our athletes, americans, and they really let down our host in rio.>> reporter: ryan lochte and his fellow u. s. swimmers, jack conger, jimmy feigen and landing in hot water and lucky
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originally claimed that he and his buddy were victims of an armed robbery, but skepticism grew after the account of the incident emerged, and now saying he over exaggerated his story. >> i take full responsibility and i over exaggerated the story. i still wonder that to myself every day now. brazil does not deserve that.>> reporter: the rio authorities released surveillance video showing the four men vandalizing the gas station bathroom after a night of partying, and then handing over the money to the armed security guards that confronted them. >> if i did over exaggerate the store, and had i told the entire story none of this would've happened. i was coming from a friends house and highly intoxicated. i made immature calls.
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>> reporter: the u. s. olympic committee is not saying what the punishment will be for the swimmers, and ryan lochte says he hope he can compete in the tokyo 2020 olympic sports. the olympics in rio have officially ended, u. s. leading the medal count with 121. the olympic flame was extinguished last night as the 2016 games came to a close. the cauldron was designed by an american sculptor, beautiful. and now they will turn to tokyo, hosting the 2020 games. the handover to tokyo was made during the closing ceremonies last night. talk about fireworks, plenty of fireworks at the stadium in rio, and inside the japan prime minister made in the parents dressed as super mario, the star of the popular nintendo video games. according to many twitter users, this was one of the highlights of the finale.
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and winning the final gold- medal, the u. s. beat serbia ninety six-66 in basketball, and kevin durant scoring a high of 30 points, and americans have not lost in olympic basketball game since 2004. and there they won the bronze medal. san francisco munich receiving -- san francisco muni receiving new funding, getting a $45 million grant from the cap and trade find, and 42 of these trains are already funded, and the new trains will be in service late next year. your time now is 5:17 am. we are looking at 880 and the toll plaza, gilroy commit is where we will start. a lot of people -- gilroy
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commute is where we will start. a lot of people already on the freeways, and no major issues. the freeway system not showing anything on the road sensors, and that is good. traffic looking good, and if you are driving out through interstate 880, a nice-looking drive and no major problems. this is a look at the toll plaza up the bay bridge, not a big delay at all. 5:18 am. we have rosemary filling in for steve. >> we have a few showers and picking up a little bit of lightning that has to do with a couple of things. the system off of the coast, and you see this low, this is going to slide through as we get through the afternoon to the south of us.
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we are caught up in the flow, counterclockwise flow with the storm moving through the pacific northwest. the easterly flow is bringing a thunderstorm to the sierra, moving into the sacramento valley and continuing to direct our way. overnight the sierra foothills picked up lightning along highway 50 stretching from south lake tahoe into this area, and as we shift closer in, take a look, lightning strikes and a little earlier we had this green over the novato area. and east of livermore, and over the next couple of hours and through the morning we have the possibility of a few showers and partly to mostly cloudy skies. we also had the onshore breeze, features not changing a lot, fairfield has 22 mile an hour breeze, and the wind gusts were stronger earlier. 60 degrees in oakland, 58 in san francisco, 53 in novato.
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south bay, 61 in san jose and yesterday morning these temperatures were very similar. low 60s for pacifica, mostly cloudy skies, 63 san francisco, upper 60s around the bay, 75 for san jose, mid-to upper 80s in the warmer spots, 86 for antioch, 83 for livermore. your extended forecast, temperatures warming into tuesday, a little bit hotter on wednesday, and that will be the peak. temperatures coming back down thursday, friday and into the bay area weekend. low 80s inland and 70s around the bay, 60s along the coast.>> lovely and pleasant. thank you, rosemary. 5:20 am.
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mislabel drugs found in the home of friends, the latest discovery -- prince, the latest discovery into his death.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the historic flooding in louisiana bringing together victims and volunteers, hundreds of volunteers helped the baton rouge families empty
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their homes before the mold and mildew sets in. they shoveled what could not be saved, sorting through clothing and shoes, other things that may be okay. the storm dropped 20 inches of rain in two days, killing 13 and 60,000 homes damaged. president obama is scheduled to visit the area tomorrow to get a firsthand look. the 74-year-old woman may be facing charges after her car crash to the crowd at the outdoor concert in ohio last night in the parma heights ohio, 10 miles south of cleveland. the driver hit the gas instead of the brakes, slamming into the crowd of 100 people. the woman and eight others were injured, two seriously. the woman driver told them that she was not feeling well at the time and let the concert early. authorities in turkey say that the islamic state suicide bomber may have been 12
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years old, behind the attack over the weekend that killed 50 people, and this is at the curtis wedding party, and the destroyed suicide vest was found at the scene. the bombing at the turkish border with syria the deadliest attack this year in the country. the president of turkey says it points to isis behind the attack. turkey blaming the islamic state terrorists for the attack at the airport in istanbul were 45 people killed in june. the leaders of germany, france and italy are meeting to talk about how to keep the european project together after the a briton brexit vote. they will talk about how to relaunch europe from the bottom up, meeting in naples, italy ahead of the eu summit next month and talking about the reverberations from the brexit vote.
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new details on the death of prince. several pills taken from his home in paisley park after his death were counterfeit drugs. they actually contained a synthetic opioid that is 50 times more powerful than heroin. we do not know whether he knew what the pills really contained, and the parties are still investigating to determine how he got the drugs. 5:26 am. a bartender assaulted and the shocking weight that he lost his finger, and the search for the man that caused him to lose it. shots fired in the south bay, and the search is on for the shooter that killed two people, and the investigation continues this morning. good morning, looking at a commute where traffic is okay on the east shore freeway, but getting more crowded. an interesting start to the day and tracking a few sprinkles followed by a seasonably mild
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avenue. slightly warmer and cooler and a look at what to expect.
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keep calm, you internet's on. if you need help waking up, we have some latest rock music
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for you. here is a look at downtown oakland live, and thank you for joining us on this monday, august 22, and i am dave clark.>> good morning, i am pam cook. we play a great air guitar. [ music playing ]. in time for the 80s temperatures, mid-80s in august for brentwood and antioch, a nice day. a little bit cool along the coast but that will not change, partly cloudy as we get into the afternoon. we have a little bit of rain falling over california, and we have thunderstorms moving through the sierra earlier this morning, and we got caught up in the easterly flow. you can see these upper-level winds coming in this direction across the valley, and into the bay area. looking closely, you can see the lightning strikes earlier, just a little bit of rain
5:31 am
possible. for the morning hours and into the early afternoon, leaving in a possibility of sprinkles. outside of that we have clouds, clearing to the coast, and temperatures filling nice. along the coast it is: that will not change. fairfield reporting an onshore breeze at 22, oakland at 12, marine layer still in place, and the onshore breeze is still in place, and 59 degrees in concord, 60 in oakland and 59 at s80. -- sfo. as we get into the second part of the afternoon, low 60s along the coast, 70s on the bay, and concord 86. we will warm up into tuesday, and cooling down closer to the weekend, and a look at the extended forecast and just a bit. good morning. right now we are looking at a commute for people that drive from solano county, vacaville
5:32 am
and fairfield, vallejo has a nice-looking drive. looking good and no major slow traffic as you drive through the area. the speeds are up in fact driving into this area. no sign of slowing yet, but it can change quickly on this commute. the speeds are still looking good as you make the split, traffic moving nicely. looking nice on most freeways driving down to the area, so give yourself plenty of time, but i don't think you need to worry about the speed. moving to interstate 880 in oakland, looking good, and so does 580 from san leandro. at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and a bit of a backup as they get back to school this week, especially in the east bay. we will take a look as it ramps up, 5:32 am.
5:33 am
the police in san jose are searching for the person that killed two brothers in a drive- by shooting in an area just south of downtown san jose. and we are on the scene, and they just spoke with the police.>> reporter: good morning. the police said that there were multiple shots fired, and shell casings left on a street. -- eight street, and they are gathering what they can to track down the shooter. neighbors called 911 last night around 9:30 pm, and a car drove by and someone fired at the two men outside, and one victim died at the hospital and the other died at the scene. the police say that the two men were brothers, and they may be from the neighborhood. it is early in the investigation and the motive is unknown. >> it does not appear to be random, but it is premature to
5:34 am
say what caused the suspects to come to the neighborhood.>> reporter: the police are staying tightlipped about the suspect description and the vehicle, and they are following up on leads and looking into the possibility that this is gang related. the names of the victims has not been released, one brother in his late 20s and the other in his late 30s, and a sad situation for the family that lost two loved ones overnight.>> thank you. 5:34 am. the police in san francisco want your help in a bizarre case, to find the person that bit off the finger of the bartender last month. they released this surveillance video, july 17 outside of the bar on lombard street just after 2 am. the man left the bar tried to get back in because the bar was closing.
5:35 am
after being told no, he tried to climb in through a window and was confronted by the bartender. when the bartender went outside, the man attacked him. >> he was beaten pretty bad, contusions to the face and swollen eyes, scratches on his arms and hands. at one point the bartender and the -- turned on top of the suspect to control him to stop him, and the suspect decided to take it upon himself to bite off his ring finger.>> the doctors were not able to save the finger of the bartender, and they have released surveillance video showing the suspect. and one video he is play fighting with his friends, and in the other video putting his shirt back on. if you recognize the man, contact the san francisco police. the stockton police department mourning the loss of an oscar killed by hit-and-run -- by an officer killed by a
5:36 am
hit-and-run driver. this chp says that the driver was a 27-year-old, and kept going, but the officers found him and he was arrested a short time later. the police chief said that officer kepler was off duty at the time of the crash. >> he was a community servant for the city of stockton. he put his life on the line every day for the citizens and the community. and he would have thought that his life would be taken in something so tragic.>> the police say that the driver was without a license, and alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash. 5:36 am. the families of firefighters from all over the state holding a rally on the steps of the state capitol in sacramento, the union representing the cal fire crews says the public may not realize that some entry level firefighters that are in danger
5:37 am
every time they go to work, being paid minimum wage. they will explain this pay disparity between the cal fire crews to work on the wildfires, and the city firefighters. cal fire crews love what they do but the union says that the cal fire captain earns less than the first year city firefighters that work less hours and have less responsibility. fire officials in monterey county have lifted some of the evacuation orders in the soberanes fire which is burned 133 mi.2 since it started a month ago, and only 60% contained, and may not be fully contained until the end of next month. one firefighter died and three injured battling the flames that were started by an illegal campfire. the wildfire in the san luis obispo county is now 2 miles from the historic
5:38 am
hearst castle. the hearst castle is closed until further notice due to the heavy smoke. the chimney fire does not pose a threat to the landmark, and the fire crews have a plan to protect it if the flames get closer. the fire has burned 43 square miles and continues to jump the fire lines, only 35% contained. and in the blue cut fire, the mandatory evacuation has been lifted, and 82,000 people had been told to leave their homes. that left the area open to the looters, and deputies have arrested three people found in the burns own. and lake county, the clayton fire is 95% contained, destroying 300 business including many homes, burning
5:39 am
4000 acres. a 40-year-old clear lake man is charged with deliberately starting that fire and several others. the lifeguards pulled a man's body from the water, and they believe may have been diving for abalone, cal fire called out to the cold in the salt point state park 20 miles of gender. -- 20 miles south of jenner. diving for abalone can be very dangerous, and last year several people died while searching for abalone in marin county and mendocino county. the same toxin found in the dungeness crab late last year and band until march this year, and the as the found in the cot crabs in half moon be but those
5:40 am
local say that will not prevent them from eating the crab.>> i asked him all of the time what it does -- what is the scoop, and if there's any level of bacteria they will not bring it in.>> i think public health officials are on the conservative side, for example water or something, and they say it does not meet the standards but drinkable, and this is probably the same thing. >> the warning applies to muscles, oysters, clams and scallops from the monterey bay, and commercial recement are not affected because their catches are tested frequently by state inspectors, but they were this will hurt their sales from the dock, and many suffered harsh losses when the dungeness crab season was lost. it has been a rough year. 5:40 am. a million-dollar grant and the project focusing on latinos
5:41 am
and mental health. back-to- school day in oakland could turn into back to home day for hundreds, the missing piece of information that may force the school officials to turn the kids away from class. a problem on the richmond san rafael bridge approach, a crash blocking lanes westbound 580 headed toward the toll plaza. give yourself extra time. outside the doors this morning, the clouds may include a few sprinkles, we will explain coming up. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2, and it is 5:43 am. the pfizer drug company,
5:44 am
the deal valued at $14 billion and the deal has been approved. this is the first day of class in oakland, the unified school district, many students may be turned away because they do not have the necessary paperwork. brian flores joins us from the newsroom. >> this is the new law passed last year with governor jerry brown signing the senate bill to 77 requiring all keys to be fully up-to-date on the vaccinations. this is a transition period for many families and kids may be turned away. the oakland unified started school today we spoke with the district spokesperson a few minutes ago and he said that anywhere from 200 to 1000 kids could be turned away from attending classes because they do not have the immunization records up-to-date. last week they estimated 4100
5:45 am
kids do not have confirmed immunization records, and those with exemptions include about 400 students before the law became into effect at the calendar year will be allowed to attend classes. with that said, the district said that will be very few exceptions.>> we are sure this morning there will be a handful walking in with them you salinization -- immunization records in hand and they will be able to attend class. we don't believe it will be an enormous deal with the slowdown on the education process, but there will be some parents whose kids will be turned away.>> the district said that if the kids have the vast majority of the vaccinations already and they have the plans to to get -- to get the rest taking care of in the near future they will be allowed to attend class on a conditional
5:46 am
basis. they let the parents know about the changes in the law several months ago. for perspective, or to 6000 students, and san jose has 36,000 students, and san jose has 36,008 reported having 32 students granted a medical exemption from the vaccination requirements. they say that the district is continuing to gather more immunization records. 5:46 am is the time. and the police warning about eight phone scam were parents were tricked into thinking their child of being kidnapped, one woman fell for the scam, getting a call from an unknown number and heard someone in the background screaming, "mom, and help me." and once the woman wired the small enough money the man on the phone admitted that the ordeal was a hoax. authorities say that anyone receiving a call like this should contact the police
5:47 am
immediately. back-to-school time for the kids in the bay area, and time to make sure that the parents packed the lunches and make sure they are safe. according to the food safety experts, one big myth is that people think that if the food is already cooked it does not have to be refrigerated. the experts say that the sandwich with the deli meat sent to school has to be in a bag with a cold source like an ice pack.>> with lunches we know that the kids do not have access to the refrigerator, and we want to make sure that their lunch is staying cold. the best way to do that is to use an insulated lunch bag, and two cold sources.>> i am on it. >> the food safety experts say to pack something to help the kids watch their hands before they eat their lunch. >> that is a great idea, hand
5:48 am
sanitizer. 5:47 am is the time. let's check in on the crowds. >> a pickup truck on the toll plaza hit a barrier and flipped over. we go to a picture of the bridge at the toll plaza, and you notice they have a flare pattern, and it is rather hard to see. there is a reason these planes are not being used, only the right lanes in use as they try to get the pickup truck out of the way, and just under the screen out of view. there is a big back up already on 580 westbound from richmond trying to get over to san rafael. give yourself plenty of extra time, chp is they are and they can hopefully open this up. they believe this will be here for a wild, and you may want to think about if you are driving from vallejo and coming to san
5:49 am
rafael, 37 is an option. let's move to the tracy super commuters, traffic is going to be a little bit slow on 205 and 580. looking interstate 880 north and southbound, the traffic in oakland looking good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 15 minute delay, a normal commute into san francisco. 5:49 am. and chatting about what a beautiful day it will be, very interesting with circulation in the atmosphere. going to the radar, we see this system off of the coastline, counterclockwise motion with the upper-level wind. looking in closely, you can see the moisture being drawn in our direction over the sierra, thunderstorms reported yesterday and into the overnight with lightning reported earlier this morning.
5:50 am
moving across the sacramento valley and the bay area, with the possibility of a few sprinkles as we get through the morning areas. you can see the lightning along highway 50, and shifting closer in here at home, a few lightning strikes over point reyes. were still looking at little bit of rain. partly to mostly cloudy skies to start the morning, with a few sprinkles possible. light and hit and miss. most of us not wheels -- will not see anything. as we get into the afternoon hazy sunshine in the south day and still dealing with a little bit of that smoke. cooler along the coast and warmer inland, temperatures a lot like yesterday. 59 at concord, 53 for novato, and 59 at sfo and 60 in redwood city. san francisco starting out at
5:51 am
58, and low 60s for pacifica and upper 60s in upper 70s for the bayside communities, and in the low, only going to 86 inland. 83 in livermore, and the north bay having 75. we will get back to normal weather but not a dramatic jump, upper 80s in the forecast for tomorrow, low 90s inland on wednesday, and temperatures will begin to fall back on thursday, friday and into the bay area weekend. no 80s in the forecast inland, and 70s along the coast and 60s, and much cooler inland.>> it certainly is cooler. >> we had this to look forward to.>> that air yesterday was very refreshing. hard to complain.>> we have not
5:52 am
seen anything towards 100, so i think most of us are happy in the bay area. 5:52 am is your time, and a local community looking to restore its name, and softball helping to reduce violence and crime in the city of richmond.
5:53 am
5:54 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:54 am. people coming together in richmond, sending out a positive cry for help to stop violence, "soulful softball sunday, "and they invited people that were actively involved in the violence on the city streets to come out and play, and the goal is to make richmond a town with no territories, and hundreds came out to see the game. >> to bring the warring factions together, and we have people engaging a shooting each other in the streets, and they can come and play in soulful softball sunday.>> there were also 260 job opportunities, and representatives from employers with different agencies there as well. turning 100 years old, and the national park foundation is launching the find your part
5:56 am
movement, urging people to support, connect and enjoyed the more than 400 national parks, and president obama recognizing it in the weekly address. >> all across the country the national parks service is preparing for a big year, revitalizing the groves of the giant sequoia does, repairing the memorial and enhancing the iconic entrance at yellowstone.>> there are several special events planned, including those at yosemite, and you can go to our website, and click on the web link under the tab. the police are still at the same more than nine hours after the double homicide and what the witnesses heard. the san francisco town hall meeting bringing the police officers and the community together.
5:57 am
it looks like there may be something on the bay bridge, flashing lights westbound, and you may want to give yourself extra time. a problem on the richmond bridge approach, more straight ahead. tracking scattered showers, and a possibility for monday and a look at what to expect in your temperatures coming up.
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two brother shot and killed san jose and looking for the shooters. hillary clinton is here in california, donald trump trying to hit the reset button in virginia, party officials showing his back on track, mornings on 2 continues. good morning, and if you are just joining us, 6:00 on this monday, august 22, and i am pam cook. i am dave clark.
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steve is off and we have rosemary.>> let the good times roll.>> off to a great start, and we are tracking a few sprinkles off an over the bay area. something new to talk about as we look live into oakland, a dark start, and a little bit longer before the sun rises inland, and that could be the only spot seeing the sunrise because we have low clouds along the coast, and similar to recent days. in addition we are looking at a few sprinkles this morning. we will have that coming up and just a little bit, and as we get into the afternoon, hazy sunshine as the smoke continues to drift our way. the afternoon high will be a lot like yesterday with the hotter locations, inner east bay, mid-80s. low 80s in concord areas, 58 in san francisco, 60


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