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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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martha street south of downtown. jesse gary has been covering this. jesse, do investigators think these are random shootings? >> no, julie, they do not. they say two men were targeted as they stood outside their home. the shooter or shooters hit their mark and made off before anyone could give an id. the only thing left, questions andover whenning grief. >> the painful whales of families, brothers and fatherers killed in a hail of bullets in a drive-by shooting last night. friends and families say 35-year-old art loved trucks and had just got his commercial license to drive. younger brother michael, 27 was already behind the wheel. one or both had seemingly left the gang world behind, but apparently that world wouldn't let go of them. >> you become no good to them.
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so now you are like a threat to them because you have been around them. you know a lot. you know what they know. you seen what they saw. you have been in the little meetings, you have been in the little circle with them. >> the violence not only killed two lives, but disrupted lives of many that live in the block of 8th street. it pierced everything, the houses, cars. >> the cars are very minimal compared to what happened to the brothers. those are two lives and families. children are affected by that. >> these two murders and others like it totaling 33 this year, have officials pushing for more beats than this past november. >> there is no question we have got some gang hot spots. >> this afternoon says the city could declare an emergency to facilitate police redeployment. >> we are going to focus on getting as many offerses as we
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can for deterrent and rapid response. >> any shift of patrols comes too late for a family that is crying out for answers and justice. and there is a meeting going on right -- meeting going on right now between if police department, the poa, the police officer's association and city manager. they are working out the particulars of this redeployment. we will have more information about that coming up at 10:00, guys. >> and jesse, in these latest shootings, these two men were fathers. they leave behind a lot of children. >> that's right, eight children between the two of them. the older brother had seven children. the younger had one 9-year-old daughter , but obviously a lot of pain for the loss of the two brothers and now their children don't have fathers. so a lot of pain there. you know, it's a tragedy all the way around and you talk to family and friends and say these guys wither trying to move forward with their lives, have
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families and leaf what they did in the past and reaching out and that has touched them and their families. >> and jesse, what about the possibility of the san jose police department contracting out with the sheriff's department for help. is there any talk of that happening. >> julie, i talked to the mayor about that this afternoon. the major feels like, a, this is a san jose problem and something san jose has to fix and points to a long term solution, fixing the pension system so they can bring in fresh, large crop of officers. the last graduating class was 7, they want to bump that up and get to to 35, 40 range. and to do that, you need measure f passed. in the short term, the other agency such as the sheriff's department, they don't have the personnel, the man, woman power to come in and patrol when they have their own jurisdictions and own patrol duties. i talked to the sheriff's
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department late this afternoon. they said first they need an informal request from the city and do an internal study to see if they can staff it. they are waiting for the city to say can you send us deputies and then they come back and say yea or nay. thank you, jesse. targeted by robbers and both incidents caught on video. >> our crime reporter henry lee is here. they are thinking about maybe moving? >> it's possible, just traumatized by this one, two punch, two incidents at the same spot involving the same family captured by the same security camera. >> take a look at this video, a woman is returning home in oakland's upper diamond district, her two-year-old daughter is in the back seat. as the woman is parking, a nissan maxima passes by and 30 seconds later the same nissan
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returns and two young men jump out. they try to open the mercedes doors, but they are locked. they take off and almost crash into another vehicle. police later arrested the two suspects. it was captured by the same camera. it was rolling during the same incident for the same family at the very same spot. here you can see the same mercedes parked on the street. the 82-year-old grandmother is getting flowers out of the trunk. they get out of the infinity and try to grab her purse. the infinity takes off, dragging her a few feet. the infinity nearly runs over here. a teenager was arrested. he admitted to that while just driving around. the victim said it was the first
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time that happened. now 83, she didn't want to go on camera, but she says she has trouble walking and they are thinking about moving. this man who speaks mandarin chinese says he gets nervous after dark. now, police are warning people to be especially cautious. be aware of your surroundings and a report any suspicious activity. >> this is purely by chance, they weren't targeted, just two cases about a year apart, just happens to be the same family, the same car, the same house. >> two different sets of robbers, the family lives in a corner house along a street that is heavily traveled by neighbors, they go for the easy pickens, so to speak. >> what neighborhoods? >> maple, diamond, upper
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district. they are having home invasions and shootings, but that's pretty rare. >> and again this one that just happened, it happened right at noontime and the woman was in the car when they tried to open the door. >> see all the similarities and the bad guys run down to street, realize it is a dead end. they had a two-year-old they almost ran over. >> police are just hoping someone will see something in this video that maybe can help identify these people. are they doing anything, any other leads. >> they are looking at one suspect they are looking into. hopefully with these videos people will recognize who they are and call the police. >> pretty blatant stuff. henry, thank you. fire crews expect to have fire burn not guilty lake county hopefully contained this week. >> the clayton fire is 90% contain and burned 4,000 acres. many are going home now after evacuation orders were lifted.
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but some have nothing to go home to. >> a total of 189 homes were destroyed along with 100 other buildings, a 40-year-old man from clear lake is charged with deliberately starting the fire. cal fire says it will take month to contain the fire still murning in montere county. that has burned 86,000 acres. >> in san bernardino county says this fire is 89% cob takened. it burned 37,000 acres since started last tuesday. it destroyed 108 homes and out buildings. >> and san luis egg byes poet, this fire has burned more than 31,000 acres, destroyed 48
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structures and 38% contained. almost 3800 firefighters working on that fire. >> and firefighters say chimney fire does not pose a threat to the landmark. they protect it if the flames do come closer. the castle is closed until further notice. cal firefighters are demanding higher pay. they say on average they earn significantly less than other city or county, some entry level firefighters are only earning minimum wage. >> it is very, very disappointing when we have firefighters that are beginning this career at minimum wage and next year it's going up again. what that is doing for us is salary impaction, firefighters
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will make more than their superintendents. that's embarrassment. >> they won't comment on the unions claims while contract negotiations are underway. . coming up a new danger involving that terrible flooding in louisiana, and it involves all of that standing water. >> and tracking the weather around here, less smoke and better air quality for us, but not for others, talk about the fires and the 5-day forecast. the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good.
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a big victory for the california teacher's union from the state supreme court. in a 4 to 3 decision, a lower
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court ruling that upheld tenure and job protections for teachers. in 2014 an appeals court found a group of students who sued to overturn the 10-year law failed to find it was unconstitutional. they claimed incomp at no time teachers it was impossible to fair and were transitioned to poor neighborhoods. a tornado hit an area of western michigan. it knocked over trees and tore off roofs around grand rapids, michigan. it was on the ground for about 10 minutes. it was part of a huge storm that moved through the area. fortunately there were no reports of injuries. >> as the flood waters reseed, people have gone through the mess left behind. residents were finally given a chance to get back to their homes and assess the damage. fox news reporter will car is in louisiana. >> reporter:
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evacuation orders are lifted. ft their homes, assessing the damage from some of the worst flooding the region has ever seen. now thousands of volunteers are pouring into the state to help rebuild. >> we take for granted that we can go out and have lunch. we can have dinner and these people basically have nothing. they don't have food. they don't have water. there is nothing. >> meanwhile president obama is scheduled to visit the area on tuesday. he will meet with flood victims and local officials, getting an update, the white house refuting critics saying he should have cut short his summer vacation and visited the area sooner. >> as long as they are working closely with the governor and getting the job done, that's what we are worried about. >> and the response effort is rafrning upped -- ramping up as well. the obama administration will offer low interest disaster loans for homeowners trying to
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rebuild. all federal resources will be at the state's disposal for recovery efforts expected to take years. >> the response from the federal government has been effective and the president and other members who have operational responsibilities have been effective. >> we are expecting more rain ahead of president obama's visit and as one resident says he continues to look for the country's thoughts and attention. a new danger could be facing the victims of flooding in louisiana. zika, a national health expert says with the flooding and standing water, the flood zones in louisiana and texas could be a bleeding ground for mosquitoes who carry the virus, the only locally transmitted cases are in south florida. miami has 36 cases. the top national experts say we can expect it to be around two more years with the gulfcoast
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states being the most vulnerable. >> back here in the bay area, a mild day, let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin to find out what's coming up for the rest of the week. >> you hit it on the head, a mild weekend and mild day. that's good. we are not dealing with the day like a couple of those. poor air quality from the smoke and ground level ozone, in the central valley there are quality warnings for the smoke, and chimney fire. we are at a good spot. we have fog out on the coast. that will be around through the bay area, plenty of fog out there. not as hazy as it has been. the marine layer 15 deep. it means fog nights and mornings, you knew that was coming, and mild temperatures. so tomorrow morning san francisco, 55 degrees,
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clouds and fog. this is just the model for san francisco. but pa cifica, similar cloud cover, patchy fog, 60 degrees and late in the day 64 degrees in san francisco, so kind of a mild day tomorrow. forecast, that's tuesday morning and a lot of it, fog. and then it goes away and the heat stays away as well. look where it is. that's because of the deep marine layer, it all combines to create a cooler environment. but the cal fire and local agencies are happy for this pattern for the bay area because it does help the firefighters greatly. you look at the 5-day forecast and heat waves and bad air quality and you are not going to see it here. this 5-day forecast is set up with pretty mild weather even in the inland valleys. the hot spots with going to be
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in the upper 80s, at best. i expect this time of year, upper 90s and it typically gets hot. that's how it is going to go all week. sunday doesn't heat up much either. there you have the week ahead, tracking the fires down the central coast, four big fires burning in the state and that's sort of the air quality story, bakers field, fresno, the air is real bad right now, especially fresno. >> but the cooler weather is better weather definitely for fire. >> it is. in the bay area we had a wind shift, a more westerly wind that's taking the smoke out of here. >> really all of a sudden all those fires seemed to hit -- >> yeah, in one week. coming up a new report suggesting disney world may have had an early warning about alligators before a boy was killed there. also a search for the man, he is
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wanted for a bizarre crime. police say he bit off a bartender's finger. >> and new at 6:00, hillary clinton's campaign calling for votes months ahead to influence early voters. >> we will be talking to people to get them to vote early.
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the candidates for president tried to get back on the message in the face of tough questions. >> donald trump is denying a
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flip flop when it comes to immigration, while hillary clinton is taking on criticism of the relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. >> today trump in akron, ohio, meeting with the fraternal order of police, hoping to boost his poll numbers in a swing state where clinton remains ahead by 4 points. this weekend donald trump spoke with his advisory counsel, sparking reports he may walk back his controversial mass deportation plans. democrats were quick to jump on the news saying it is another example of a trump flip flop, but the republican nominee shooting down these reports. >> we are working with a lot of people in the hispanic community to get an answer. >> so you are not flip flopping. >> no, i'm not flip flopping. >> in tripe times of crisis, we are looking for steady. >> trying to pinpoint her
5:23 pm
opponent as dangerous, backlash that they received donations from foreign countries, something trump is holding on to. while speaking with iron workers in las vegas, hit trump for not releasing his tax returns. >> before you go about attacking a charity, why don't you come clean about your business dealings and tell the american people who you are in debt too. >> president bill clinton outlined all the ways it would change if she won, including all foreign and corporate donations stopped. in washington, lauren bland charred. and mark it is 100e anniversary of the national park service. in hon tort of the day, it has launched a new movement, called
5:24 pm
find your park movement and it's urgent to support, connect with and enjoy the more than 400 national parks spread across the country. there are several special events planned this week, some at yousemity. go to our website at links. >> and elementary school were 11,000 oakland students to get backpacks filled with supplies to make sure low income students are ready for the school year. they were there to welcome the students back for the summer and ensure students something called the oakland promise, an initiative to make sure students graduate from high school and equipped to succeed in college. >> this whole city is counting on you to be joyous in your studies and study hard to do well in school because we want every single one of you to go to college. >> oakland nonprofits and
5:25 pm
businesses helped pay for the backpacks and school supplies. it cost about $43,000 for the backpacks and $300,000 for all of the backpacks given to the students across the city. it's the first day of school for 46,000 students in the oakland unified school district, but because of the vaccine law that went into effect some may have been turned away because they don't have up to date inmun immunization records. >> reporter: here in oakland they are procesg the records from the parents over the summer, maybing sure and double-checking that all the kids are up to date in terms of their vaccines. just last week estimated 400 kids had to show yet proof of vaccines. we caught up with antwan wilson who was excited about the full year. he went to discovery academy on a school bus, this stemmed from
5:26 pm
a vaccine law that came into effect, talking about senate bill 277 that requires all kids to be vaccinated. the district estimates about 400 kids have personal belief exemptions before that law came into effect and they will essentially be grandfathered in and be allowed to attend classes today. it's important they get all the shots. ed we spoke with a grandparent and she is concerned. >> very concerned. this is my grandson and i don't want him to get sick. colds are enough. dealing with those. this is so much stuff out. >> bring the records. we will work it out. but they can also reach out and go on the school district website and we have instructions for them there as well. they can also call the school district as well and they can get information. but our welcome center has been reaching out to many of those families, several hundred families and basically letting them know what the law is.
5:27 pm
>> the district also says that if kids have a vast majority of their vaccinations already and they do have plans to have the rest taken care of in the near future, they will be allowed to attend class on a conditional basis. they started letting parents know about the vaccination law once it passed last year. it is going to be a transitional period for parents. they say do what you can to make sure they are fully vaccinated by going online or getting the proper information. and as you heard from the superintendent bring the current immunization records to school to see if something can be done. this will be a transition period not just in oakland, but the state. ktvu fox tv news. coming up f you have ever been in a bart elevator, you probably notice there is a problem just by the smell. now they are trying to stop using the elevators as bathrooms, but will it work. also an irreplaceable relic
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that means everything to the church and members. the message the priest has for the thief that he hopes will cause the thief a change of heart. ally a hug. this toy is a reminder that someone cares. these are a chance to be part of a team. and this is the chance to succeed. female announcer: with your support, everyone at sleep train proudly dedicates their time, hearts, and resources to giving local foster children one important thing: - hope... - hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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so anyone who has used an elevator at some bart stations knows how bad they can be, dirty and in many cases smell like urine. but all of that hopefully is
5:31 pm
going to be changing. >> tom shows how the change is on the way. >> replacing the urine soaked floors on two elevators at the coliseum station. each elevator requires five days to remove the old linoleum, as well as the underlying wood flooring. then the metal underneath that must be examined for rust and corrosion and be repaired if necessary. and then the new floor is installed but this time it will be sealed with a thick and perm bl layer of epoxy that will need to cure before the elevator is in service. the civic station gets upgraded the next week and baycare and so on. >> the berkeley station, what you will have is a floor that cannot be penetrated by urine or -- penetrated by urine or anything other. if it is wet, you don't slip on it. >> now, since some people will still use the floor for a urinal.
5:32 pm
this type of flooring is far easier to mop up and sanitize. and it prevents damage to the underflooring. rena uses it every day. >> i appreciate this. it looks really nice and clean. and it smells right now. >> if the pleasantness is to stay, regular attention to the elevator sfloore floors is mandatory several times a day. >> you need to be keeping the bart station clean and i really appreciate it now. >> to complete all 92 elevators in the entire bart station both station side and garage side, bart says it will take from april to 2017, possibly longer, depending on how much damage the urine has done. now to a strange story where a man bit off a bartender's finger and now police need help identifying
5:33 pm
that man. this is the person police are looking for. he was drinking in a marina district bar. the bar closed at 2 a.m. he decided to come back inside. but was turned over. he tried to come in the window, so the bartender went outside to confront the man. they say that's when the attack took place. >> he was beaten pretty bad, several contusions to the face, swelling in the eyes, scratches all over the arms and hands. but at one point the bartender and the train on top of him to stop him and the suspect took it upon himself to bite his ring finger off. >> completely off. >> completely. >> well e this is video of that suspect play wrestling with a friend outside the bar. they say they could not save the finger, so the bartender was not able to have it reattached. >> investigation into the death
5:34 pm
of prince, an official close to the ngs says several -- investigation says several pills taken from the paisley park estate after his death contain fentanyl. it's a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroine. not known whether prince knew what they contained. prince had a deadly amount of fentanyl in his system when he died. authorities are still trying to determine how he got the pills. an investigation into the death of the boy in florida, say they were warned about the alligator ahead of time. it grabbed him from shallow water and killed him. a tourist told them about an alligator about 45 minutes before the attack. it apparently happened when that employee was going to tell another employee. the gator locked on to the boy's
5:35 pm
head and the father was unable to pry the jaws open. he died from traumatic injuries and drowning. >> police confirm they arrested 22-year-old patrick wells on saturday on suspicion of domestic violence. wells was accuseded of assaulting his girlfriend and preventing her from leaving the car he was driving. >> eventually they were in a car and got into an argument and she wanted to get out of the car and he grabbed her arm to keep her in the car. that caused minor injuries such as bruising. >> authorities say if the charges are proven, he will be removed permanently from the football team. >> 49ers were back on the field after their preseason win from the denver broncos, a new twist of the all important position of quarterback. >> a fine line between being a professional athlete and being
5:36 pm
unemployed has been dramatically illustrated in 49er camp when thad lewis went down in week one, they needed some depth in quarterback. that's when christien ponder went from paint k his house to getting on a plane to the bay area. >> i was painting the eck tier yor windows, so it was not -- exterior windows. it was not fun. >> fun would be the operative word. ponder was chose chosen in the first round of the 2,11 nfl draft by the minnesota vikings. he started there all games in 2012, but by 2004 ponder had been replaced by teddy bridge water. he did not take a snap last year, and is trying his best to this chance to return to the nfl. >> first round in minnesota i put pressure on myself, allowing myself to feel that pressure and never got to cut loose and play
5:37 pm
loose and have fun. that was hard for me, so now the approach is like i get up and loose. >> nfl preseason games, on last he threw 30 yards to anderson for another. meanwhile the home improvement had to go to somebody else. ponder's wife tweeting i'm at home finishing the paint job. one good exhibition game appearance is a guarantee of nothing. colin was back in uniform going through a full practice and barring something crazy in camp, blayne has to be considered the 49ers starter. but ponder has returned to the profession he thought he would be part of for much more than four seasons. >> now the approach is i'm up and loose. i'm off the couch and if i go back to that, i will be fine. bull i love this game and like to play and make the best of
5:38 pm
this opportunity. it was fun out there on saturday night and going forward if i have an opportunity to play, i'm going to enjoy it. >> plenty of questions to be answered about the quarterback position before the season opener. there is now a third name in the mix no one anticipated when the camp opened. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. >> coming up california has the lowest arrest rate in history, what's causing the change and why some lawmakers say the statistic isn't all it seems.
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the obama administration seems to be sending out mixed messages tonight about why a key section of a press break three years ago was deleted from its official records. peter has our report. >> the department of state can't keep their stories straight about whether or not a 2013 press briefing was censored to help them save face or was altered accidentally. an investigation has finally revealed how and why the 9 minutes of that briefing where general gets caught in a lie about nuclear negotiations with iran and vanished without notice. the top lawyer spoke to an editor who is a government employee and quote they did not recall being a reason given b the request, but they believe in the course of the kal a fox
5:42 pm
network reporter and due ran. the requester may have provided the start and end times for an edit. that line is under the report header evidence of purposeful editing, but as recently as last week, spokesman john kirby still blaming a glitch. >> we are not sure it was done as an intent to conceal or as a technical problem. >> the state department's latest attempt to deny wrongdoing also represents a 180 from june where kirby admitted fault. >> i said this isn't appropriate. this isn't the way we are going to behave. >> this attempted cover up of a cover up, where the communications director, it could mean violations of the federal records act of 1950 because updated version of that
5:43 pm
law prohibits tampering of records. the videos are only produced as a court cig they say. >> the written transcript comes out every day is the official transcript of the state department. >> it's unclear who would be punished for breaking the law, though, because 34 people were interviewed as part of this probe. one of them remembers an entire phone calm where they were given -- call where they were given instructions to sensor the briefing. that person can't remember who was on the other end of the line. at the state department, fox news. researchers say a state ballot measure to reduce drug and property crimes has led to a reduce in crimes in california. the department of justice says the number of felony arrests in california fell about 29% last year. overall the state's lowest arrest rate since recordkeeping began in 1960. supporters of prop 47 say tough on crime approaches in the past were not effective. but the head of the state's police chief association says
5:44 pm
this doesn't mean crime is on the decline. it's not about arrests. it's about crime. and in california, right after proposition 47 was implemented the entire state saw a pretty big increase of property crime throughout the entire state and it looks like that's continuing into early 2016. >> he says the law deprives people who are arrested for drug crimes treatment they may have received in prison. he said now drug offenders are cited and release and the cycle of crime and adduction continues. still to come here, a recruit for the san francisco police department injured during training. we will tell you how it happen and how he is doing now. >> friks, a piece of the cross using a crucifixion of jesus christ is missing. >> also a warmup. it has got to go that way soon.
5:45 pm
i will tell you how much warmer and when.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
it was a valuable holy relic for catholic church in san francisco. >> st. dominick's church says a sliver of wood from the cross used in the crucifixion of jesus was stolen. speaking the church leaders, can't figure out wold take it. >> reporter: here in the lower pacific heighs
5:48 pm
a display case now sits empty. >> certain from our standpoint of view, a holy relic. >> someone apparently jimmied the lock last thursday. >> they were able to get these pieces up a little bit and the cross just fell out. >> this is a photograph of what the church says is missing. it shows a small cross, but mounted on it is a difficult to see sliver of wood. that three quarters of an inch sliver was part of the true cross where jesus was crucified. >> it's a shame someone takes it and prevents the congregation here of having access to that potential for a miracle and somebody is going to probably just try and sell it for a few bucks. >> the church says the sliver would be of no monetary value without a certificate of authenticity from the vatican
5:49 pm
which dominick still has. the church has security cameras, but not where the theft occurred. police are trying to track down the relic. >> any places that people typically go to sell items. >> the church wants the artifact returned safely. >> put it in an envelopen envelope and leave it and no questions asked. >> they will definitely put it in a more secure display case when returned. a minor accident during police training sent a recruit to the hospital this morning in san francisco. the accident happened at pier 96, which is used to conduct police driver training. we are told a recruit lost control of a police cruiser and hit a parked railroad car. the air bags in that cruiser deployed, but the recruit was thot seriously -- not seriously hurt. it is not clear what led the recruit to lose control of the car. >> and asking for help after a
5:50 pm
series of freeway shootings on interstate 80 and highway 4. mayor handed copies of the letter to offices of governor brown and office of transportation secretary brian kelly. in the letter he and the mayors of panol, san pablo asked for money for freeways across the counties. there have been at least 20 freeway shootings in the area since last october. >> all right. let's get a check of the weather with a mild looking forecast. >> very mild. and good news for a fire concerned northern california. cooler milder pattern, extremely helpful in at least helping firefighters to prevent anything from spreading. we had mild temperatures all weekend. temperatures in the 80s, some low 90s in the hot spots.
5:51 pm
hot spots antioch and brentwood which would typically be 98, 97, they are 89, 90 degrees, something like that. those are the hot spots. in the mountains, very typical for this time of year and expected. up south over lake tahoe, getting rain and thunderstorms sort of popping up there, but widely scattered showers, most vacationers are home now probably back for school. you do see a little smoke. look out most of the bay area not smoky, but this shot, four fires still burning in the state. three of them south of here, so those southerly winds have been bringing it up, not so much on the coast because we have a weatherly winded on coast, but there is an air quality alert for the central valley from sacramento south for poor air quality from the smoke. even though we have a huge urban
5:52 pm
center, forecast for tomorrow, we do have a lot of factories and pollutants that go into the air, but we have a westerly wind that kicks up, a land sea breeze is like clock work certain during the summer months and tomorrow there is that land sea breeze, it gets cold here, cold air flows into the heat. so more fog tomorrow morning, but also cleanse out the atmosphere. with the central valley, they don't have that flux in temperatures, so they see the southerly wind continue to pull smoke and air all goes that way with this pattern. it works better for us and definitely much better air quality week this week than last week. here is the 5-day forecast. little warmer on wednesday. looks like the warmest day of the week, but none of this is big heat, nothing you would expect in august. if i looked at that numbers, i would think that was more -- maybe like mid-september
5:53 pm
numbers, so it's very cool. this whole week wants to stay that way. >> i could live like that all the time. when do you think we can expect our first rain? >> seems like it is always around halloween. >> real little sprinkles out in brent hood and lightning. >> and there are a little shower activity east of morgan hill earlier today. but the real rain, i don't count on real rain until the first, second week of november, real rain. well, the montere bay is showing off the sea exhibit, this otter is no stranger to the aquarium, having been rescued four years ago when she was just one week old. she was rehabilitated and released back into the wild where she was bitten by a shark. they eventually decided she would be better off with humans than out in the wild. they hope show will become a surrogate mother to other otter
5:54 pm
pups at the facility. >> just watching her swim around. >> and that picture where she is trying to hold up something. the olympic games are now over, look at the trash that has been left behind as the workers begin the process of cleaning up. >> and new at 6:00, hillary clinton supporters calling for votes, the efforts in the bay area in an effort to sway early voters. >> we are getting better turnout than i remember in 2012.
5:55 pm
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well, the 2016 summer olympic games have wrapped up. the cleanup has just begun, crews started working overnight in rio collecting the trash around the olympic stadium and still working this morning. copa cabana beach were early deserted after days of events. they will now return to the problems of pollution in the waterways from the sewage and trash left behind from the 6 million people living in rio. >> and ryan lochte is losing millions of dollars in sponsorship after he lied about being robbed. ralph lauren is now the second company to drop him. >> this comes after swim wear manufacture speed doe severed ties with the olympian earlier today. they donated the 50,000 fee to
5:58 pm
children in brazil. in ralph loren's case, they said the contract for the 2016 olympics only and would not be renewed. >> lochte originally said he and three of his teammates were held up by an armed robber. the video showed the true statement, they had vandalized the bathroom after a night of drunken partying, armed guards confronted them and asked them to pay for the damage. >> lochte admitted he overexaggerated the story. they apologized to rio's mayor and said further actions will be coming. >> ktvu 6 starts now. >> a bay area family targeted twice and both crimes caught on camera. the two incidents happened in the same spot in broad daylight more than a year apart. good evening. i'm juliely. >> and the company sayses they are so traumatized they are
5:59 pm
considering moving out of the neighborhood. reporter henry lee, they were caught on the same security camera. what are the chances? >> reporter: very scary. the same camera caught both of these incidents, the case of an 82-year-old woman dragged from the suspect's car. >> take a close look at this video, it's just after noon on saturday. she is returning home in a mercedes sufficient in the upper diamond district. her 2-year-old daughter is in the back seat. as the woman is parking a nissan maxima passes by and 30 seconds later the same nissan returns and two young men jump out. they try to open the mercedes doors, but they are locked. they take off and almost crash into another car at maple avenue and california street. police later arrested two of the suspects. it was caught by a security camera. that same camera was rolling involving the same family last
6:00 pm
year at the very same spot. here you can see the same mercedes parked on the street. the 82-year-old grandmother is getting flowers from the trunk when two different robbers get out of the infinity. they get her purse and run back to the car. she goes after them. she reaches in the door, but they take off and drags her. they nearly run over her. a teenager was arrested and charged in that case. he admitted to robbing people while just driving around. the victim told me it was the first time something like that happened. now 83, she did not want to go on camera. she said she was having trouble walking. >> this neighbor who speaks mandarin chinese says he never feels safe walking with his granddaughter. he only gets nervous after dark. >> the man responsible for that elderly woman's dragging was sent to prison a


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