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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> good to have you back. did you have a good vacation? a staycation. >> gassa, welcome back. go ahead and say it. >> he is feeling under the weather. >> he is. >> i have a lot of company, though. >> yeah, you do. right, dave? >> a lot of people. >> welcome back, gasia. >> good to see you. >> dave and gasia, a lot of haze, a lot of smoke in the air from a lot of fires. big one, of course, big sur. big one by lake naciamento. last week has been pretty bad. that's contributing to it. san francisco, 62-58. not a big difference between the high-low. the highs should be in the 70s.
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thunderstorm activity firing out in the sierras. if that holds, that's just going to be the same as yesterday. 50s, 60s on your temps. not a lot of movement. fog and sun, cool, mild to warm. low average temps, especially by the water. sal, what do you have, sir? >> we do have traffic that is going to be busy. seems a little busier than yesterday. let's go out and take a look at the toll plaza which seems to be the same. no major issues driving up by the toll plaza. it is backed up. there is a little bit of space here up front. not a bad day but traffic will remain heavy and show. i want to-want to take a look
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at the commute right now. this is because of an earlier accident. we are not forgetting kroos contra costa county has not been getting a lot of attention. 7:02. back to the desk. stanford university is trying to crack down on alcohol- fueled parties. it has beened all alcohol on the campus. vidges has more on why the university is making the change. >> the new rules on alcohol comes two months after broc turner's conviction. you may remember the former stanford swimmer who was drinking heavily here on a fraternity party on campus when he sexually assaulted a woman who also had been drinking at that party. under this new rule put in place, hard liquors is banned on campus parties while beer
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and wine are still okay. and undergraduates are not allowed to have any open alcohol container under 750 mill litters. those who break the rule could potentially be removed from the university housing. these rules apply to the seven fraternities and three sororities on campus. they hope to change the cultures here. >> what about the enforcement of the changes? who is in charge of that, alex? >> reporter: well, presumably, university officials have assigned the necessary people to enforce these new rule changes. it does not sound like they are adding any additional personnel to enforce these rules and
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they'll rely on students to do the right thing. >> okay. alex savidge at stand stanford. meantime, the judge in another sex trial has recused himself. judge persky has recused himself saying that some people might doubt if he could be impartial. judge persky came under a lot of criticism after sentencing broc turn tore six months in jail when prosecutors wanted six years in jail. there were more than 500 new students in livermore public schools this new school year. according to the east bay time, 80% of those student came from two embattled charter schools. livermore valley charter school and preparatory. the company running those two
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schools is facing charges of improper management, forcing students to transfer to some schools. it is the most serious set of allegations against a charter school ever seen. time is now 7:05. another santa clara correctional deputy is in trouble. lennard sharee is charged with kicking an inmate in the head. at the time, prosecutors decide not to file charges. according to the mercury news, he was responding to a call to help another deputy struggling to restrain another combative inmade. he said that he kicked the inmate because the inmate was trying to grab his leg. the sheriff resubmitted this case in march. this time, prosecutors decided to charge him. happening now, president obama is set to take off from
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andrews air force base to head to louisiana. some people say that president's visit today comes too late incht' become a political topic from some republicans and people who are in that state. the president is scheduled to arrive in baton rouge and meet with flood victims, local officials and updates. the devastation from severe flooding is still being felt. some areas, as we saw, as much as 20 inches of rain in just a few days. residents in several parishes in louisiana continue to pick up and salvage whatever they can. 16,000 homes were damaged. 13 people have been killed. that being said, some are criticizing the president's visit as being too late. donald trump, as you see there and running mate mike pence were in louisiana while president obama was vacationing in massachusetts. some say that hillary clinton should have been there.
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>> the president has been focusing on the response and, not frankly, as concerned with the optics as all of you need to be. >> just help us. no red tape. just help us. don't make us jump through all these hoops. some of us just don't have anything. >> the governor of louisiana had asked the president not to come right away because his visit would have taken away resources. the governor has praised resource. the president is scheduled to arrive at baton rouge before 10:00 our time. the national weather service is now revealing why many people in louisiana did not receive more warnings about the severity of the storm. the age sid that the likelihood that 20 inches of rain would
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fall in a 48 hour period was about .10 of 1%. nothing like that had ever happened before and there was no historical data to draw from. the storm would is received more attention it if it been a hurricane but the winds never got strong enough to issue tha advisory. we have an update from afghanistan where an american soldier was killed and another wounded. they were on patrol when they hit a road side bomb. six afghans were also hurt. the united states issued a statement that read in part, we are deeply saddened by this loss but remain committed to helping our afghan partners provide a better future for them cells and and -- themselves and their children. the u.s. has added another 100 troops in that area because it's take n over by the
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taliban. >> if you are asking me, are we in a state of emergency, absolutely. >> the plan to put more officers and patrol. more polling places in california may soon be a thing of the past. the proposal that could bring drastic changes to the way we vote. we have a motorcycle accidents in walnut creek. southbound 680 just after the 24 interchange. a motorcyclist was down in the lanes. some people stopped to take care of this motorcycle. emergency vehicles have not arrived but traffic is slowing down in walnut creek. a pretty good fog bank. some breaks in the clouds but looks like temperatures are really not moving too much. they will by the weekend. we'll see if that's cooler or warmer.
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. welcome back to mornings on 2. thousands of neighborhood
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polling places may close soon under sweeping legislation now making its way through the state capitol. instead of polling places, temporary elections offices known as vote centers would open. they would be sprinkled throughout communities. they would offer a wide variety of election services including early voting and same day voter registration as well as a limited number of in-person voting boost. under this bill, every registered voter would get a ballot in the mail. they would be able to turn them in, either at the vote centers or at secure drop boxes breasted around the county. this bill is facing an august 31st deadline to make it to governor brown's desk for his signature or veto. turning to the presidential races. it's an issue that is not going away for hillary clinton. she is facing the releases of thousands of e-mails. and donald trump is facing what appears to be a shifting
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position on immigration. doug luzader has more from washington. >> reporter: has donald trump flipped on immigration? and hillary clinton dealing with the new e-mail disclosures that could at the very least undercut her claim on e-mail. >> have you considered using face time instead of e-mail? >> my e-mails are so boring. we have released 30,000. what's a few more? >> a few is about 15,000 that clinton did not turn over to the government. the fbi found them and were ordered to release them soon. it is related to the relationship between clinton as
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secretary of state and the clinton foundation. >> she has an opponent who has bigger troublings than she does. that's her big piece of luck. >> and donald trump is behind in the polls. latest trouble is immigration reform, and whether he is backing away from deporting all of them. >> the police know who they are. they are known by law enforcement who they are. they go around killing people and hurting people. and they're going to be out of this country so fast your head will spin. >> reporter: and trump was slated to deliver a big address on immigration reform this week that's now been put on hold. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the search for a large piece of world war ii history appears to be paying off. what you are seeing here is new video taken just this morning by unmanned submarine, essentially drones in the water, if you will, of the u.s.s.
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independence. it was a world war ii aircraft carrier. the navy saved the ship 65 years ago but somehow lost the location of the ship. the ocean explorer who found the titanic is headed this exploration to find it. he says every time we look into deeper water, we learn something new and unexpected. >> this is true. time is 7:15. sal, you are busy. a motorcycle that you were talking about a few minutes ago. >> that's right. 680 walnut creek and south main. we saw it before the medics arrived. now, the medics have arrived. looks like the fire department has arrived, anyway. you can see traffic is backing up and if you are driving on 680 trying to get down to the walnut creek interchange, it is terrible traffic. if you are trying to get on highway 24, the backup is now from con court down to -- concord down to that spot. a motorcyclist was laying on the ground. a couple of motorists stopped by to help out and now the fire
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department has arrived. they are waiting for the chp to arrive on the scene. i do not see them right now. taking a look at westbound 580. that is terrible traffic. big rig crash. west on 580 jammed from liver moore to dubb -- did dublin. this is a look at the toll plaza. that is much slower than yesterday. 7:16. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. a lot of people talking about the haze, smoke in the air, thunderstorms in the area, a lot of things going on here. and this is in lake nasamiente.
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i used to fish in a lot. i was down there once and they were doing a lot of night maneuvers. that was really weird and cool. a lot of this smoke continues to kind of work its way in. a couple of -- i'm trying to keep my conversation to a minimum today because i'm fighting something like many of you are. real quick here, a lot of you have written me saying, i have seen the winter outlook and does not look good. don't you worry. remember last year, the forecast was for above normal rain in the dessert southwest and below in the pacific northwest. it was the complete opposite. so don't worry, all right? i think we're getting an early touch of fall. i can already feel that myself. many of you have said the same thing and i'm going to think positive this year because goodness knows we need it. there's been a lot of reports of drizzle up around cattadi.
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thunderstorms activity which was mia since june has finally developed and, boy, has it. be careful out there. big boomers out there, thunderstorms, tahoe, along the crescent of the sierra. some models wanted to warm up. tough call. you guest gusts to 33 in travis but i say, no. i'm going to lean to maybe one or two degrees cooler for some. did my computer just freeze up? i think it did. >> did it really? >> i think it did. the nerve. hold on. don't go anywhere. hold on. >> how sneaky. >> the computer is under the weather. >> well, perhaps. i was watching it real close. >> it is frozen. >> uh-oh. >> it happens >> would you like me to toss to -- >> what would you like me to do? >> we'll take it.
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>> on three, three, two, one. there is a new commercial out that kfc wants its customers to snell like fried chicken on the beach. they are launching spf 30 fried chicken extra crispy sun screen. they ran out in a few hours. last year, they came out with edible nail polish that smells like fried chicken. >> i would be curious but would not spend money on it. we'll show you a smart watch developed right here in the bay area that its creators says can save your life and accusation this is a uber is trying to sabotage its biggest competition.
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i know what we can do. what if papa tells us some stories? oh i don't think so... oh come on dad you have great stories, come on. well okay. you kids know how your grandmother and i met? not that one, skip. what? just next. swipe. i used to collect marbles when i was... next haha. thanks. swipe.
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the mayor of hercules delivered a handwritten letter asking for help after a series of east bay freeway shootings. the mayor took copies to the department of transportation secretary and also the governor's office. he asked for money to install cameras. the city of pittsburg did install more than a dozen
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surveillance cameras. donation, coming in for a woman who was hit by a branch. she was at the washington square park in august when a 100-pound tree branch fell on her head leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. her husband is taking time off work so he can care for his family. about $6600 has been raised. the family hopes to get to a total of $50,000. time is now 7:23. a preliminary report shows that construction in san francisco may slow down if developers are forced to comply with a law that requires them to build affordable housing. that may not be profitable for them if they have to fix the
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rate at 20%. 18% should be the minimum. and the san francisco chronicle requires the same affordability requirement for all neighborhoods instead of higher requirements in neighborhoods where long time residents have been forced out like the mission and tenderloin. a final report is expected next month. there is a war of words under way between the two best- known ride sharing companies, both based in san francisco. lyft is dismissing reports that it has either approached or held unsuccessful negotiations by other companies. the new york times reported they were google, app will and general motors. hitt said it had talks with some companies but would not discuss the topic. bloomberg reported that uber told investors they would not pay more than 2 million-dollar
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for lyft despite the fact that lyft was evaluated at $2 billion. she cannot drive, cannot vote but this 14-year-old florida girl is headed to college. up next, the skills that got her there and what she hopes to do in the future. san jose is declaring a state of emergency. the drastic measures that the city may take to put more officers on patrol. we are looking at a problem blocking lanes southbound 680 near south main. i'll tell you what happened here and what traffic is like in this area. sunny for some, foggy for others and a lot of mist, drizzle. we'll see what's in store for the temps.
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some people are saying, i have not heard this song? >> years and years. >> our director ken brought it out from the back of the closet. leo sayer, you make me feel like dancing. i hope you make this feel good. this is the best part. the buildup. >> you know you want to sing.
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>> i am mouthing along. i don't want to disrespect the artist. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. while you're feeling like dancing, dancing the night away, steve paulson is standing still but giving you your forecast. >> oh, and i need you. >> oh, you call out -- >> i call out, there you go. [ laughter ]. >> very good. >> don't make me cough. don't make me laugh. thank you, though. >> i have not heard that in years, decades. let's get to it. some drizzle, lots of drizzle, especially towards the north bay, maybe where you are as well. you can also let me know. 60s, 70s, 80s, some 90s in eastern contra costa county, eastern solano. but most have settled in a pattern here, low clouds. things are blowing up. they fall apart at night, lose their energy but they'll pick
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up rapidly. be advised. 50s on the temps, everyone is pretty close here. most locations have not budged at all. mid-50s. upper 50s, even antioch and blendwood. lots going on. even for the activities. four corners. pacific northwest. starting to cool off the inland areas. it's mainly, 60s, 70s, might stir that fog bank. today, right about where they have been. not changing too much. inland areas. >> all right, sal. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, steve. walnut creek continues to be a trouble spot. 680 southbound. left lane, injury crash involving a motorcycle. and traffic is backed up here. firetruck is still blocking that fast lane. the traffic is backed up out of concord. now, after the scene, it does
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pick up on the way to san ramon. you are looking at 680 southbound heading down towards san ramon and danville. a motorcycle and a minivan involved. when we pull back, you can see how terrible the traffic is there and even just trying to get to highway 24, even if you don't drive through this. remember, 680 is backed up well into concord, 242 is also slow. looks like they are making a little bit of progress here but still very slow in the area. all right. let's move along and take a look at the 580 interchange at 680. we had slow traffic there, because of an earlier truck accident, part of which is still on the shoulder. it is terrible traffic from livermore to dublin as we move over to the sonole -- not the sonole grade. but 280. this is much worst traffic than yesterday now to another live picture of the bay bridge. yesterday was a little bit slow but it was beginning to
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improve. no sign of improvement right now at the toll plaza, 25 to 35 minute wait before you make it on to the bridge. >> thank you, sal. the san jose police department has a major staff shortage. city leaders may declare a state of emergency just to put more patrol officers on street patrols. ktvu's janine de la vega, you are live in san jose right now. how bad is it? >> reporter: hiring officers has always been a challenge. you can see the now hiring signs. recruitment is low and to make the problem worse, right now, there are about 40 people within the department that are eligible to retire by january. so, it sounds like it's a case of desperate times calls for desperate measures. sit yesterday city leaders are
7:33 am
looking to move some detectives to put on patrol t the gang unit, sexual assault, robbery, financial crimes, school liaison, traffic, will lose people. the reason is that the police needs a minimum to put on the streets. >> we are talking about over 340 ten-hour shifts that need to be filled every single week and patrol. >> reporter: police union leadership is calling it a state of emergency and city leaders and police will be meeting to discuss the reassignment of officers. this comes as the department is trying to move forward on the november ballot. there is a measure that basically undoes the measure b pension reform and that's been blamed for hundreds of officers leaving the department. some say that if that new measure is approved, that will
7:34 am
lure qualified applicants back to the department. >> quick question. how is recruiting going for the police department in san jose, janine? >> reporter: in the last police academy, only seven graduates who will be part. the next academy right now, there's only 18 recruits. and i personally know, you know, several officers in the department who are already talking about applying to other cities and jurisdictions. i'm told that some these are veterans and basically until san jose police starts offering sort of better compensation, better pay, department is just going to continue to lose qualified applicant because there is so much competition in other cities and kownts offering big pay. >> maybe that big sign behind you may spur someone to apply for a job. all right.
7:35 am
janine de la vega, thank you. san jose police are asking for help this morning. they want to find whoever kill two brothers sunday night. 35-year-old arturo ramirez and his 27-year-old michael were both drivers and commercial truck drivers. at one time, they were in the gang life. they were killed in the drive- by shooting that riddled cars and homes in their block. >> you become no good to them you are a threat to them because you have been around them you know what they know. you have seen what they saw. you are in a little inner circle. you have been in meetings with them. >> the deaths bring the number of homicide in san jose so far this year to 33. that's more than all of 2015. police have not given us any information about a suspect or the vehicle descriptions but witnesses told the san jose mercury news a white pickup truck or an suv was used by the shooter. a hearing is scheduled to
7:36 am
continue today on whether or not to move the trial of murder suspect anthony gutierez. the man was accused of killing sierra lamar in 2012. although lamar's body has never been found, prosecutors say that dna links garcia torres to sierra lamar new this morning a deadly apartment fire killed four people, including three children. police have arrested a man who they sayintentionally started the fire. it is believed he started an argument with someone in the apartment building and then set the fire. two girls ages 4 and 7 died and a three month old baby and we are seeing some ununtended consequences caused by the massive release of personnel information by wiki leak. according to associated press,
7:37 am
wiki leak published medical files. that include family information, financial information. and wiki leaks named teenage rape victims, sick children and mentally ill. there have been no comments by wikileaks founder julian assange. and the court of arbitration has confirmed the ban of russia from the par olympics. an appeal by the russian appeal committee is possible but unlikely before the games open. ryan lochte may have done irreparable damage to his
7:38 am
replication and marketability. four companies are cutting ties with the swimmer which represents about one million dollars in endorsement payments. the companies are speedo, ralph lauren, a skin care company and a japanese mattress maker. he apologized for being less than truthful. he and three other american swimmers have been involved in the scan at that. he will may go to rehab to overcome his drinking habit and repair his image. lower lake high school is missing something that a lot of student -- students consider very important. it is a shed that contained $24,000 worth of softball gear and the girls soccer team uniforms. they are gone. the coach took them home to wash them before her house burned down and she lost everything. sports can help fire victims regain a sense of control after
7:39 am
a disaster. >> a lot of people lost their home. it's more important than softball and soccer but it means a lot for these young ladies who worked their butts off to get the gear. >> not having gear is def straight. i can't wait to get back to school. >> the football team lost a lot of its equipment. the school band lost many instruments but the school plans to hold homecoming on september 9th. vallejo native and well- known rapper e-40 will be helping students go back to school. he will visit his alma mater, franklin middle school at 8:00 just about 20 minutes from now. you are looking at video of e- 40 40 in the past. he will help give out $27,000 worth of back packs to the children at franklin middle school. a florida teenager is
7:40 am
gearing up for her first year in college. she is just 14 years owed. danielle carson is now the youngest freshman at stetson college. teachers could not keep up with her so she was forced to home school. >> we didalgebra and algebra 2 the first grade and then she was in college algebra. >> i can finally get the education that i'm supposed to be getting with other people. >> danielle is attending stetson on a partial scholarship. after getting her bachelors, she hopes to go to mit for ph.d. and hope to get into engineering for physics. >> look at her. >> yes. you better pay attention. a potentially life-saving smart watch that can tell you if there are problems with your
7:41 am
heart. pam cook is coming back to explain how it works. and good morning. we are looking at that crash on 580 that is still there blocking the fast lane on 680. see the other side, that's northbound 680. people are looking a look at that. traffic is blocked up from the al alamo area into walnut creek. >> we'll talk about the temps cooling off, staying the same or is there going to be one, stream coming into the weekend?
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7:43. happening toyed, john teixeira, a well-known softball player will be charged with killing
7:44 am
his wife. contra costa county prosecutors say that teixeira hit his wife in the head with a hammer more than 20 times. it happened in blackhawk. john teixeira has been held in the county jail in martinez since he was arrested earlier this month. the battle over proposed cigarette tax over a ballot measure here is heating up. one side is accusing the other of dirty politics. the measure is known as proposition 56. it would raise the cigarette tax and with e-cigarette. people went online to type in yes. they were automatically redirected to the no on 56 campaign website. >> it is called cyber squatting, yes. happen as lot on political campaigns they are redirecting traffic from yes on 56 to no on 56 and we contend that's a violation of california law and
7:45 am
federal law as well. >> the yes on 56 campaign filed a formal complaint. the no on 56 campaign called the use of the website an inadvertent error and, yesterday, they took it down. it's being called a smart watch that will save your lie and it's being introduced to the world right here in san francisco. >> i heard pam talking about this in the newsroom yesterday. pam cook is here now with more on today's money business. pam? >> a new wearable technology created by an already successful local entrepreneur but his motivation was much more than starting another company or making money. >> it scared me a lot and i thought about, you know, whether there is something that we could build within it. >> ryan howard's good friend died in his sleep from cardiac arrest at just 40 years old. he thought, there must be a way to alert emergency personnel and loved ones even if something is not right and the
7:46 am
person can't respond he created ibeat a 24-7 heart rate monitor. >> it can help if something erratic is happening if the person's heart racist beating at 240 per minute. in this case, that's just fluttering, not pumping blood. >> the watch has built in gps. if something is wrong, it notifies 911 and your predetermined emergency contacts. the ibeat smart watch will cost about $200. and a nominal monthly fee for the 3g and the gps. they start take orders in october. i'll have a preview on what they will look like. >> that has to be a peace of mind. >> yes. and it's going to look beautiful. no one will know that you wearing some kind of medical devierchlts thank you, pam. too many is 7:46.
7:47 am
let's check on traffic. sal, you have a lot on your plate. >> yes, the crashes have a lot of effects on 4, 684 and let's take a look at 680 here. this crash has been going on for 45 minutes and the traffic is now beginning to affect on the otherside of the freeway, northbound. you can see people are slowing. this is a motorcycle and a minivan involved. that left lane is blocked for an investigation. traffic is backed up to 680. once you get to 24 looks good but just getting there is just a big mess because a lot of people come from 680 to 24. coming to lafayette, they were in good shape because a lot of the traffic is being attenuated, if you l behind you. let's move along and take a look at 80 westbound, driving
7:48 am
out to the macarthur maze. some traffic issues along stretch. when you do get to the toll plaza, still a 25 to 30-minute delay. yesterday by this time, we were beginning to see things improving. today, that's not happening. today is very slow on all the approaches. and in san jose, just because san jose does not want to be left out, the commute has been terrible. once the crashes leave, unfortunately, the slow traffic does not. let's go to steve now. steve, i think i forgot to mention something. we have so much going on. >> do you have a lot. >> 580 at hop yard. that lane is still closed. today, -- >> when is is not a mess there, sal? >> yesterday was kind of light. today is the day, i said. and i was right.
7:49 am
>> well, you know. >> we do have a lot of fog and clouds a lot of drizzle. here are the drops, just drizzle, some areas get sun, others get fog. hint, first week of september can be interesting. what do you mean by that, steve? that means low pressure is coming in. that will scour out the fog if it's strong enough. morning fog, warmer inland. lots of things going on. lot of fires, smoke, haze. there's fires all over as you know. that draws up a lot of this moisture so the haze, smoke is in the air. i think we have noticed it now for about a week. temperatures, coast and bay have been below average here for a long time. san francisco cannot get above
7:50 am
62. 68 is the average. you are almost there but you are still below. plenty of low clouds and fog. thunderstorm activity which is gone, gone, gone for a long time finally re-established itself along the sierra. again, it's in the afternoons but tahoe and truckey getting big boomers, same for reno and parts of nevada west, west southwest, west, 23, gusts to 33. that's turbo charged out there. that tells me that temperatures are not going to change too much. peninsula temps settled a lit prit. you get a little southeast breeze. that's in the lowe 60s. 57 woodside, 58 belmont. also san mateo at 55. 43 in truckee. 80 in palm strings.
7:51 am
50 cool degrees in arcadia. some things are going on. it's that time of the year where things are developing. a little piece of that will continue to work its way towards us and i think that's going to give us the inland areas far enough inland, pretty good cooldown but not for the next couple of days. what you see is what you get in the next couple of days. breezy for some, local drizzle out there. so far, that seems to favor the north bay, 60s, 7:70s, 80s to a few 90s in there. walnut creek, 81 with a breeze. 68 in oakland. oakland has been cool for a while. 81 morgan hill. that's not bad. 60s, 70s on the coast, city and also on the peninsula. warmer inland, i think away from the coast wednesday, dave and looks cooler starting try
7:52 am
day, maybe significantly cooler by the week. >> time is 7:51. giants in southern california to play the dodgers. it's three of the biggest games of the season. l. a. is leading the giants in the standings by one game. they destroyed the cincinnati res yesterday, 18-9, hit 7 home runs in that game. the giants will send madison bumgarner to the mound. the giants can take back the lead if they play well and outperforming the dodgers. and the slump continues for the a's with a 1-0 loss to the indians. carlos santana, the other sarl carlos, of the indians, gave the tribe the lead. a south bay man is accused of canceling an airbnb
7:53 am
cancellation and then burglarizing the house. a disturbing trend that police want you to know about. here is our instagram pic of the morning. this was posted by a user. we want to see your photos. just be sure to include the hashtag ktvu. you may see your picture on tv. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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police in mountain view arrest add man accused of burglarizing an apartment listed for rent on airbnb. 35-year-old david la fever made a reservation and canceled at the last minute. the personal renting out the apartment got a call about somebody opening a credit account in his name and planning to pick up a new iphone at a nearby at&t store. detectives went to the store, arrested lefebvre and found several items from this apartment in his car. there is a very new trend where burglars get information about the home by getting a
7:57 am
reservation, canceling them. there is a special piece of wood that kotalik cross wants return. it is a piece of the cross from jesus was crucified on. somebody went through the glass. >> it's a shame that somebody takes is and prevents the congregation here of having access to that potential for a miracle and somebody is going to probably just try and sell it for a few bucks. >> church officials have now put a sign on the display case asking that thief give back the relic. no questions asked. time now to check in with mike and gasia. >> dave, thank you. livermore public schools under the microscope this morning after allegations of financial mismanagement as well as transferring foreign students to another school against their will and we are getting some
7:58 am
answers as to why residents in louisiana did not get more of a warning before a deadly storm hit. pretty tough traffic day today all over the east bay although it does look like some things are improving. it has done damage to the commute because of earlier incidents. honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i'm surfing!! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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sweetie, what are you doing? oh, i have no idea what games are streaming right now. so i thought i would just root for everyone. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. president obama on his way to tour flood-ravaged louisiana. why his visit is drawing criticism. ahead on the new school year, the alcohol policy for
8:01 am
student in stanford the ban now in place to reign in wild campus parties. this and more as mornings on 2 continues. good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday morning. let's check on the weather. steve paulson is here. >> thank you, gasia and mike. still in the 80s but not those mid-90s unless you are really far inland. 60s, 70s, also only 60s looking a little bit below. downtown, you'll be probably closer to 81 or 82. 77. most of the records set on this date. san jose record high. plenty of low clouds and fog. plenty of also reports of
8:02 am
drizzle. rosa parks, petaluma, many up to santa rosa was well. look at the thunderstorm activity which, again, since early june disappeared and it has now come back in a big way. be advised. they do pop up rapidly here, not just northeast california and tahoe and truckey but up at down the crest, west, southwest, gusts now, 28 miles per hour and for temperatures, 60s but everyone is pretty close here. southeast breeze, very warm bay temps other location, mid-60s, water temps have come up. those around the bay may notice some warmer lows here. everything calms down but it will pop up again especially on the lead side. reno, around topaz lake, kirkwood, big thunderstorms with hail and also big wind gusts and downpours. look at the four corners. it has been going bongers in
8:03 am
arizona. high pressure around arizona will back track into us. it won't happen until friday. a few high cloud in the mix as well but generally a low cloud deck. once that does burn off, there are a few breaks in the clouds. i know a couple of reports of a little bit of sun near dali city. a little bit. fog, sun. breezy for some there is a pretty decent delta breeze. below average temps which translate into 60s, 70s, maybe some upper 80s. all right. we'll toss to the break and bring it back after this. how does a girl go from this...
8:04 am
8:05 am
oh, "f" off. this. [ beeps ] i'm pregnant? you have no idea which of us is the father? surprise. [ laughs nervously ] bridget, who do you want to be the father? the billionaire? or the ex? bridget, i've missed you. oh, god. how would you like to give birth? quickly. [ moaning in pain ] just think away the pain. ahhhh! oh. just think away the pain. rated r. september 16th.
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8:07 am
welcome back to mornings on 2, everybody. let's check those roadways, bring in sal. >> you know, really has been a terrible commute. we can go right to our east shore freeway camera. 80 has been a mess. been a mess through fair field also a mess on the east shore freeway as we take a live look. traffic is going to be busy. very slow traffic also on the upper part of that east shore. that will be the part that would be west 80 coming out from fairfield to vacaville. very slow traffic there. traffic is going to be busy at
8:08 am
the toll plaza. contra costa will be a big mess. we had a crash at the walnut creek interchange. 680 slow in both directions. this is a combination because of a lot of crashes and people held out, taking their sons or daughters to school and on the way back. livermore to dublin is terrible. south bay, horrible traffic on 85 because of accidents. 85 and a lot of people on 280 and 101. silicon valley commute heading up to cupertino, heading to palo alto on highway 101 is slow especially in the southbound directions. >> president obama is in air force one right now headed to louisiana. he is expected to meet with flood victims as well as local officials to get an update on the damage. >> some are saying that president's visit is too late.
8:09 am
brian flores is here to explain how the white house is responding. >> they say this is all about perception when raul along the president knew and has been up to date all the whole time he is scheduled top land in baton rouge. the damage from the constant rain and just the period of days have been devastating, especially in southern louisiana. people continue to salvage whatever they can from the flooding, from what some say has caused the damage. the estimate is 60,000 homes have been damaged, 10,000 residents have filed for federal flood relief and 20 parishes have been declared disaster zones. criticism has come from republicans and from some residents. you can see pictures of donald trump and his running made. some are critical that hillary clinton has not visited also. >> the president has been
8:10 am
focused on the response and not, springily, as concerned with the optic -- frankly, as concerned with the optics as all of you seem to be. >> just help us. no red tapes. don't make us jump through all these hoops. some of us don't have anything. >> louisiana governor john bell edwards had reportedly told the president to hold off on visiting right away because resources will be taken away from those who need it the most. the governor has praised federal relief efforts which included 80,000 gallons of water, cots, and more. >> there are concerns including bacteria if people have open wound. as for the president, guys, he is scheduled top land in louisiana just before 10:00 and he is scheduled to speak jules before 11:00 our time. >> we'll have it at noon at least. >> thank you, brian the neaferls national
8:11 am
weather service in that state is now revealing why the residents in that state did not receive a warning in advance. the likelihood of receiving 20 inches in 24 hours was a .10 of 1% likely chance. the storm likely would have received more attention if it had been a hurricane but the winds never got strong enough to issue an advisory. we'll have a complete coverage of the president's visit on air as well as online. time is now 8:11. there are more than 500 new students in livermore public schools this new school year. according to the east bay times, 80% of those new students came from two embattled charter schools. livermore charter school and livermore valley charter prep si. the company that runs those two schools is facing allegations
8:12 am
of financial mismanagement and illegally charging foreign exchange students and then transferring them to schools against their will. a former santa clara county correctional deputy has been arrested and accused of assaulting an inmate three years ago. 35-year-old timmy tuy was working at the main jail when he kicked an inmade in the head and face. at the time, files were not charged. tuy says he was responding to calls from help from a deputy when he was grabbed in the leg by an inmate. he then kicked him in the face. this time, prosecutors decided to file charges. and a judge in a sex case has recused himself from making
8:13 am
a decision another sex case. judge aaron persky refused himself saying that some might doubt that he could be issue a fair decision. stanford university is putting new rules in place, designed to crack down on alcohol-fueled parties. >> alex savidge has more on the high-profile case. >> it appears as though the knee alcohol rules, more strict rules put in place are in response to the broc turner case. he was just sentenced two months ago. you will remember that prosecutors say that he had been drinking heavily here at a fraternity came pulse before he sexually assaulted an unconscious woman who had been drinking at that same party. under the new alcohol rules put in place, all hard liquor is banned at under graduate campus
8:14 am
parties. beer and wine is okay still. still allowed. in addition, under graduates are no longer allowed to have any bottle of alcohol that's larger than 750 millilitters. hose who break the rules could be banned from campus housing. i talked to a father who has a college-age son and asked him how effective these rules can be. >> they can try it. being more repressive usually does not work. so i kind of think that might be the case here. >> reporter: some victims advocates also criticized these new rules saying they put the focus on alcohol use instead of addressing the issue of ongoing sexual assaults on college campuses across the country. university officials, however, say that the new rules are based on scientific data and
8:15 am
information and previous study this is a -- studies that have been done and they are looking to change the alcohol culture here on campus and looking to limit the high risks. our question of the day, alcohol policies havedesigned to provide safety. some have gone the other way, banning alcohol all together new information coming out this week about who oakland police are stopping and searching. the racial group that's more likely to be questioned. and a large piece of world war ii history in the waters off the farrell islands. and we are still looking at a commute that is really terrible today. we had a couple of accidents to blame. also a slight change in the traffic patterns may be
8:16 am
toblame. >> the weather is not terrible. fog, sun. what about taking a look into the weekend?
8:17 am
8:18 am
following a developing story happening overseas. the nigeria military said that an air raid last friday killed the leader of the boko haram group. there is no con fir thanksgiving that the leader
8:19 am
was dead. nigeria has said in the past that they killed the leader only to have him emerge days later. thousands of neighborhood polling places could soon be eliminated under sweeping legislation making its way to the state capitol. instead of polling places, temporary election offices known as vote centers will be open. they will be spread through the community and would offer a wide variety of election services as well as a limited number of in-person voting booth. underred ville. every registered voter would receive a ballot in the mail and be able to turn them in. the bill faces an august 31st deadline to make it to governor jerry brown for his signature or veto. in the presidential race, donald trump is trying to clarify his position on immigration. he is now backing away from a commitment to deport all undocumented immigrants saying instead his priority would be to those who committed crimes. >> the police know who they
8:20 am
are. they are northern by law enforcement who they are. we don't do anything. they go around killing people. and hurting people. and they're going to be out of this country so fast your head will spin. >> meantime, hillary clinton was on jimmy kimmel live last night making light of her latest e-mailproblems as the state department is preparing to release thousands more. >> my e-mails are so boring. >> mine are. >> i'm embarrassed about that we released 30,000 plus so what's a few more. >> reportedly, the candidates have both started preparing for the first debate which is scheduled for september 26th at hofstra university in new york. the man who found the titanic is now exploring off the coast of san francisco and already found what he is looking for. last week, we told you about the underwater exploration. this is new video of the u.s.s. independence taken thus why morning by unmanned submarine. the in epps is a world war ii aircraft carrier that the navy
8:21 am
sank 50 years ago but the slow case was somehow lost. we know more about the moon than what we know more about what's under the ocean on our own planet. >> let's go to sal. you have been having a rough time now. >> yesterday was the first day of school in the east bay for a lot of people. i think a lot of people took the day off or at least the morning off and made it easier. today, not a lot of people taking the day off. this is a look at 880, jammed from san leandro in some pockets. let's go to the bay bridge. yesterday, at this time, it was wide open. remember that? today, backed up for a his trick delay. let's go to some these commutes. the south bay commute has been terrible. 85, earlier accident and
8:22 am
traffic is backed up. 280 and 101 taking a beating. again, 680 balls of some earlier crashes from concord to walnut creek is a mess. all the freeway is slow. this is the beginning of a new fall pattern here. 8:22. let's go to steve. >> we may have a hint of a fall pattern here. there are some signs of that. maybe low pressure pressure digging in on the west coast. today, we have the usual fog and low clouds. nothing new there. it's been there for a long time all the way back to june and july. and there's still a lot of report of drizzle, especially in the north bank. maybe hot if you are far enough inland. morning fog, teeny bit warmer. some forecast away from the coast. we'll see if we can get the fog to get chewed up a littlebit.
8:23 am
a lot of smog in the air. san francisco, 62. 58. not much of a spread on the high low. 69 is the average high. getting to september when that age high warms up. no sign of that, fog will retreat pack to the coast a few little breaks in there, but it's already over the sierras where things have really changed. big time thunderstorms popping up. they fall apart at night but stilt best time to go if you want to get up there is early. by the afternoon, they develop west, southwest, southwest. gusts of 36. 50s, 60s on your temps. 63 kelleyville. napa is in there. petaluma. also in fact, we may have some
8:24 am
mesh usual amounts. 46 in truckey. ukiah to sacramento. big news will be the thunderstorm activity. not only here but in the four corners. look at the systems. they'll make for an active day there. low pressure will work its way toward us and eventually a peeves energy will break off and form over the weekend. should cool down, inland temps will chew up the fog. fog, sun, cool. breezy for some. local drizzle. below average temps. in land temps are a little bit below to close to below. moles temperatures coast and bay have been below for the longest time. they really can't even get above about 68 or 70 degrees. that includes monterey, san francisco and many other coasts have had a it gray summer here. there are some hints that you may start to scour that out as you start going toward weekend. >> steve, thank you. time is 8:24. donations continue to come in for a san francisco woman who was seriously injured when she was hit by a falling tree branch. the family set up a go-fund me
8:25 am
page to help pay for her medical costs. she was at washington square park with her daughter on august 12th. the 100-pound tree branch fell on her head. her husband has taken time off work so she can take care of her family. we checked. about $7200 has been raised. the family hopes to get a donation of $50,000. 38-year-old juan sarante is of hayward is charged with dog abuse. he took the dog to get the nails trimmed, but later, the dog was bleeding from its mouth. veterinarian found that the dog had been strangling.
8:26 am
san jose is in crisis mode a state of emergency may be declared because of the low number of police. we'll tell you about the change that may happen.
8:27 am
8:28 am
what a great way to start your day. i hate to talk over the words of such a good song. >> great shot, too. >> if this is what you want, cloud, fog a reason to wear that brand new jacket to wear to back-to-school, you got it. a great picture to start the day. a busy tuesday morning. first day of school for some. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> that is a good idea to get a
8:29 am
jacket for adults as well as well as back-to-school kids. >> one for me, one for you. we'll get to sal but first, let's go to steve paulson. nice shot. >> it was. sunshine breaking through the fog bank there thanks, mike and gasia. plenty of low clouds. it's made some surge here. west-southwest breeze. that will help scour the haze and moisture there. tough to get it out of here until you can get some rain in here and strong wind. 60s, 70s, 80s, still warm inland. not as warm as a couple of weeks ago. we settled to near average except for day-to-day changes. pig thunderstorms over the sierra will continue to erupt. be advised. west-southwest. 50s, 60s on the temps. most locations pretty close here. occasionally some of this cloud cover can drift our way but most is heading off toward the
8:30 am
east and not impacting us but the fog is and that's not going anywhere. fog, sun, cool toll mild to warm. near average temps but below for some coast to bay that has not changed at all. 50s, 60s, 70s. what do we have, sal? we have slow traffic. just about everywhere you look, it's slow. traffic is going to be really busy and has been slow all the way up to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be busy. not just one area in the bay where you can say area a or b has a good commute because there is no area out there with a good commute. 101, 85, all of those have been affected by accidents. the bigger issue that a lot more people are on the road. not a lot of days off to be
8:31 am
had. dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge, 880, 580 is a huge stinking mess of a commute from livermore to dublin. that's right. we'll use a lot of adjectives here as we describe this tuesday morning commute. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. an american is dead and another wounded in an attack in afghanistan. they were patrolling a southern province with an afghan patrol. the u.s. released a statement. >> u.s. announced yesterday that it was adding another 100 troops to the area because it is being taken over by taliban unis your gents san jose is facing a severe police staffing shortage. ktvu's janine de la vega reports that city is actually considering declaring the crisis a state of emergency >>there is a big "now hiring"
8:32 am
sign here. the police chief is going to be meeting with the council in close session to talk about the staffing problem. the department needs a minimum of 500 officers far patrol. when it came time for officers to bid for shifts, only 413 officers were available for that duty. city leaders are now considering moving around 50 detectives and officers from special operations and investigate units to patrol. that means more focus on the streets and less detectives investigating thefts of property crime, drugs or nonviolent crime. >> we're going to feeling the effect. we're going to feel the effects internally. going to be widespread. there is going to be a widespread effect. >> reporter: many look forward to shift change, an opportunity to look around the department and work in different units. if the move i was made by cities, some officers will be forced into patrol. the union is calling this an emergency saying that, right
8:33 am
now, the department has 200 vacancies. from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox two news. a new study backs up previous reports suggesting that african americans are victims of racial profiling by oakland police. the bay area group a report by a court-monitored report. african americans were stopped at a higher rate. data revealed that police found more contraband more on on white people they stopped than on african americans. the police wanted to review some 15,000 cars and 2000 pedestrian stops. african americans made up for 28% of the population, they accounted for 57% of car stops and 59% of pedestrian stops. high murder case is back in court today.
8:34 am
garcia torres is back in court, charged with the murder of sierra lamar. although her body was never found, dna links him to lamar. and a former softball player is now charged with the murder of his wife. mark teixeira hit his wife in the head with a hammer several times. she had filed for divorce. happening today, students in the town of lower lake where the claytown fire has been burning are headed back to school but missing some very important sports equipment. a shed with more than $50,000 of softball gear was the own thing that burned on campus. girls' soccer team uniforms are gone. the coach took them home to
8:35 am
wash them but she lost her home and everything. experts say that sports can help people gain a sense of control. >> people lost their homes and other. it's more important than softball equipment but it means a lot to these young ladies who worked their butts off to raise money. >> it's our second home. i can't wait to get back. >> the still plans to hold homecoming on september 9th as scheduled. a man running for the school board in stockton may be the victim of a hate crime because of his disability. he was born without ears but he can now hear. he found a message scrawled right there outside of his home. someone spray painted the world "quit" and the space "no
8:36 am
special ed". i'm trying to advocate to parents that your kids are not broken. they could do whatever they want to do. it made me feel awful. i was crying. i was very in tear when i saw that happen to me. >> he says that he will not drop out of the race. for years, he has fought for people with disabilities. he was instrumental in getting sign language signers at public city meetings. city leaders went off to the home and scrubbed off the writings to show their support. a coyote was caught on camera. the coyote is suffering from mange, a skin condition. people in the community are letting wildlife officials know. >> it's refreshing to get all these calls, concerned about this coyote's welfare rather
8:37 am
than wanting to see it dead. >> expert hope that people will continue to let them know where and when they see the coyote. they don't want people to feed it or come near it because they don't want the coyote to run away. a sacramento bakery is getting criticism for a photo of a cake it posted on facebook. they made a picture of a ken doll dressed up as a barbie doll. the cake looks great -- there is a picture of it. others were not happy about the cake. there were rude comments on facebook that turned into an lgbt debate. >> first, i was shocked and then i was surprised and then i thought, well, you can't make everyone happy. >> the makery deleted a lot of negative comments and the feedback coming in is now mostly positive. the customers who ordered the cake were thrilled with the finished product people her age are getting
8:38 am
ready to go into high school but this 14-year-old is getting ready to go to college. good morning. we are still looking at a commute that's horrible in most areas. 880 still recovering from problems. coast and bay have been stuck here on a cool pattern. drizzle this morning the -- this morning. we'll see any drizzles are coming. ♪ ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
time is 8:41. a deadly shooting in east oakland is under investigation this morning. officers received a call last night. one man was shot at least once. that man laider died at the hospital. investigators believe there may be two gunmen but no description has been released. mountain view police are accused of burglarizing a home that he hate a rest stations for airbnb. he made the reservation, canceled it at the last minute. the person renting out the apartment got a call about someone opening their credit account in their name and planning to pick up a new i phone at a nearby a t and t store. detectives went to that storks
8:42 am
arrested lefebvre. they found several items in his car that were stolen. police say keep your prized possession like jewelry, electronics in a very -- in a locked safe or take them out of your home during the renter's stay. police also suggest to meet with potential renters in person to not only get a sense of their personality but verify their identities since many thieves tend to use fake names. it now costs travelers more to park at san francisco international airport. the airport raised parking fees by 40% over the summer. long-term parking was $18 a day, now $25. short term went from 25 to $36. airport spokesman says that this should encourage people to take public transportation.
8:43 am
there is a new member to the san francisco zoo family. a baby guinaca was born. this one is social special because it's the first guanaco birth at the zoo. she does not have a name yet. she weighs between 15 and 20 pounds. these pictures getting plenty of attention on our instagram page. you can see more images by following us on instagram at ktvu 2. >> i've been to that zoo 100 times. i have to make it 101 with this new addition. let's go to sal castaneda with the busy traffic this morning. >> sure has been. some commutes have become light. that was not the case this morning. westbound 24 still super heavy past the lafayette bart station. some people were behind schedule because of an earlier accident at the 680 interchange. traffic is going to be very
8:44 am
busy all the way to the touch. also looking at aa busy drive here. some of the worst commute in the east bay, 580 and 880 and peninsula, 101, getting into the valley. all the southbound freeways are jammed getting into the south valley. back to steve. >> a lot of fog, low clouds, stretching from cattadi, petaluma park, clover dale. low fog and clouds. a lot of smoke, haze in the picture here from so many fires. there are some signs that maybe it will start pushing a little more east and then south out of the picture but, you know, i we need a strong wind event to clear out that rain. may be better but there is still some hanging around. warmer inland tomorrow. a little bit. not a lot. cooler forecast for those
8:45 am
inlands as we head into the weekend. maybe strong enough to wipe out some of the fog on the coast which has been holding court there for the longest, longest time, keeping temperatures below average here from ped louima to roner park. as we set to cloverdale, the big news continues to be the thunderstorm right now. not right now but they'll pick up a little bit later. they were missing in july and all of a sudden, turn the page here into august and last few four or five days, things really erupted. today another day of that west wind, west-southwest, west- southwest, gusting to 30 out of travis. 50s, 60s on the temps here. most locations say either mostly sunny or cloudy depending upon your approximatity to that fog bank. 60s on the fog bank. sacramento at 59. thunderstorm activity collapses at night but it's going to pop
8:46 am
up again. area of low pressure continues to work its way south. some will carve out of the coast. some temps inland will be in the 70s. that's a long time coming for them. they have been stuck in the 90s. until then, what you see is what you get. a lot of that is drizzle in the north bay, 50s, 60s,70s. some areas that have been so hot are starting to come down. coast and day have been below average for, seems like, the beginning of july. cooler inland as we head towards the weekend. >> all right, steve. >> thank you, steve what do californians have in common with people in 31 other states. think about it for -- okay. it's done. has to do with finances and debt. >> pam cook is here with that
8:47 am
and a look at wall street in this morning's money business. >> good morning again. a lot of business news this morning. we also want to talk about buck five. we are expecting a disappointing report but better than expected. that stock doing pretty well this morning. markets in general are pretty mixed. let's take a look at the opening bell from just about two hours ago. those are two olympic swimmers who got to ring the bell this morning. that's maya dirado and j m mire. as far as the markets go, general numbers, wanted to grab those a little bit. pretty quiet as well but the dow now, down, but s&p up. a number costco members
8:48 am
received e-mails alerting them that their credit cards had been closed. members received e-mail is a dressed to other people that contained the last four digits of the other user's cards. that raised concerns that the accounts had been hacked. krity says that e-mails were intended to be sent to costco shoppers whose membership lapsed. it says that the accounts were not hacked. california is a lot like most other states in one way. across the country, the biggest financial stress for most people is being able to pay off their debts. that's number 1 on the list for californians and people in 33 other states. paying down credit cards and a lot of other debts would relief worries from their lives. nationwide, not being able to retire raines second. people worry about paying for
8:49 am
education and for americans over the age of 65, not having enough money to cover an emergency is the top concern. that survey was done by go banking rate. delphi automotive will start testing self-driving vehicles in singapore next year. testing will be limited to six vehicles with human backup drives. delphi says that automakers will be able to buy itssystem and install it in their cars. coming up at 9:00, the smart watch that is said to be able to save your life. i got forward to go see it aren't a lot more than texts and phone calls and what we are used to. >> okay. >> thank you, pam. he saved a woman from being kidnapped in san leandro.
8:50 am
the special honor at last night's a's game for that good samaritan. comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut.
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we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
8:52 am
time is 8:52. a preliminary report from san francisco city controller shows construction in the city can slow down if developers are foesed to comply with laws aimed at increasing affordable housing. the report suggests it may not be financially feasible for verls to pursue project who have to -- for developers to is your sue projects who have -- to pursue projects who have to philadelphia the requirements of afford many housing. giants-dodgessers, late august with meaning. does not get better than that, unless it's the month of september. l. a. up on the giants in the
8:53 am
standings after they bead the red 18-9. they have a game up on san francisco. they hit 7 home runs in that game. giants will send made -- madison bumgarner to the mound. indians extended the a's streak. carlos santana at the plate send this is one out the man who saved a woman from attempted kidnapping was honored at the game. leo saved a woman as a man pepper sprayed her and tried to drag her into a vehicle. police are still looking for the suspect and now say he may be linked to at least two other kidnapping attempts. a florida teen is getting
8:54 am
ready for college. she is just 14 years old. she is solving rubix cubes, and entering stetson college. her teachers could not keep up with danielle and so she was forced to home school her because other schools would not take her. >> first grade, she was in algebra, algebra 2. and then she went to college algebra. >> i can be with other students and get the association that i'm supposed to be getting with other people. >> danielle is attending stetson on a partial scholarship. she hopes to go on to mit and if into engineering or physics. the spelling team that riley curley requested and it does not include hoops.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
gear hearing from the mother of a woman who died while trying to save the life of another person. >> paramedic michele todd water today when the medical plane she was flying in crashed. the pilot, medical assistant were killed. to days after the -- two days after the crash, herstepfather found a letter that she wrote. >> this is a letter that's going to be tough to read. if you read, this you will read this after a phone call that into parent will get. you'll cry a whole bunch but i want you to remember. this i died doing what i love and helping people tarwater's mother reads that letter at least once a day and sometimes two or three sometimes the battle over a proposed cigarette tax on the ballot
8:58 am
here in november is heating up. one side accusing the other of dirty politics. >> the ballot would increase the cigarette tax by $2 a pack and increase taxes on e- cigarettes. until yesterday, people who went online and typed in yes on proposition 56 were redirected to no on pop significant 56. >> it is called cyber squatting. it happen as lot in political campaigns. that's a violation of california law and federal law as well. >> the yes on 56 campaign file add formal complain with the attorney general's office and secretary of state. the no on 56 called the use of the website an inadvertent ear an ear error and took it down yesterday. k f w wants its customers
8:59 am
to lie in the beach smelling like fried chicken. >> they launched their spf 30 extra crispy sunscreen in a few hours. a short tack of butter milk pancake will cost you just a few dollars at i hop. if you can't make it to hihop today, the promotion is running through september 25th at ihop's nationwide steph curry's daughter, riley curry has one of the best play houses ever. >> she had dreamed of a princess pony play house. that dream is coming through on tonight's debutepisode of play house masters. the main room has decorations, a large sofa, curb tapes,
9:00 am
vaulted and upstairs lofts. >> anynothing? >> better than ever i had. it is in the backyard of the curry's home in walnut creek. a couple of closely watched cases. a pretty sharp looking tuesday out there as you pan toward the city of of berlin


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