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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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traveling very fast. -- taxicab driver was traveling very fast. she also knows the people that were hit. that they are friends of her and she watched as they were hit. she identifies them as saline and jeff. >> i just heard a crash. but what i did see was the older plan flying up into the air. like something in a movie. it's unbelievable. they fell on the ground and he wasn't moving. i couldn't make my way over there i'm shaking so bad. all i could do was call 911. >> reporter: at this point we don't know too much about the shoe shine workers, but there was a poster on the booth that said that one of them, saline had been shining shoes since 1999. it also said on that sign that he loved to give directions to tourists, he loved talking to locals. the best part of his job is meeting all the different parts of the people around the world. it appears that he loved his job very much and that is why a
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lot of the people that work in this area are very concerned in hoping that he will pull through because they think that he will be a picture here on the corner. the woman said the same thing that her thoughts and prayers are with these two men. as far as the taxi driver, we don't know how fast he was speeding. we do know that he was not traveling with a passenger in the backseat of that cab. but we don't know his status or how old he is. that is something we are waiting to learn. one thing that is a good report for them is that the woman who saw them take place that said the two men were hit and the taxi driver came to a stop. everyone rushed to make sure that they were okay that if anyone had anything good in that would come to their aide and that really showed the true spirit of san francisco to see so many people come forward in helping them. >> and looking at the debris and the scene there that it is just amazing that more people weren't hurt that it is such a busy area in that time of the
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day. >> reporter: yeah exactly. it was surprising that there weren't any people getting their shoes shined on the booth at that time either that it was very busy at that time of the day. four in the afternoon is when a lot of people are getting out of work early or heading home from their evening commute. it is jam packed with people right now and it has been for the past several hours. police say that they were lucky more people weren't hurt. >> just to confirm that you said the taxicab driver is in critical condition? >> reporter: that is the last thing we have heard from police. we have not checked with hospital officials at this point. one of the witnesses said she did hear that one of the shoe shine workers were in surgery. that's unconfirmed, but the police officer told her that. we are trying to confirm all the details around the taxi driver and the two pedestrians. we hope to have an update at 7:00 and 10:00. >> market street is fully open at this point, right? >> reporter: at this point, yes. market street is fully open. they are directing traffic, and things are slow moving through that area, but it has reopened
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at this point. to see if people can expect delays because of what happen -- people should expect delays because of what happened. >> at 6:30 we will bring you an update. we will also post the latesten -- latest on our ktvu mobile app. we are learning more about a horrible crash where a pickup truck with two young children inside went off the road and sank into the river. one was four and the other was seven, those two girls died. they were on their way to school when their mom fish tailed on highway 1. it happened in jenner along the sonoma county road. the highway was closed in both directions for much of the day. ktvu's tom vacar is now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: shortly after 8:00 this morning on a foggy and damp highway 1 beside the russian river on the jenner coast, a pickup truck plunged 40 feet into the russian river and sank. henry kenny and his wife were
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bird spotting nearby. >> oh my goodness it was a boat. then i would look again, it was a car or a truck. before i could recognize if it was a car or a truck, it went down and a bunch of bubbles came up to the surface. and then a woman came up shortly after that screaming my babies, my babies. >> reporter: the driver a jenner mother was able to get out of the vehicle, but two others were trapped, her 4 and 7-year-old daughters could not get out. divers recovered her daughters bodies from the vehicles. a coroner was called to the scene. officials closed highway one in both directions. a tow truck needing more than 330 feet of cable was called to the scene where they hauled the pickup. >> we were looking at this tragic accident. when we got out there we spoke to some witnesses that saw her driving maybe 25 to 30 miles per hour. it was just unusually slick conditions on highway one this morning. >> reporter: this small seaside
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community is in shock. >> we are very close, all of us. their little girls play with my granddaughters. they are all around. they went frolicking and played yesterday. >> we are just going to circle around the family and do whatever it is that we need to get through this that it is just a horrible tragedy. but again it's the community that will come together. >> reporter: and one thing that could have made all the difference in the world is not here. all along here there are no guardrails. >> i think that they will need to put those barriers on that side all the way around. that it makes no sense if they don't have barriers. >> reporter: one woman told us in recent years that there have been several recent river plunge deaths as people fail to negotiate their unforgiving narrow road and these tall cliffs. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. >> bart workers in oakland are cleaning up after someone went on a rampage today breaking station windows with a golf
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club. take a look at what happened. this is the west oakland bart station about 2:00 this afternoon. bart's spokesperson says that the man used a nine iron to smash dozens of windows. bart service was interrupted during the rampage. that lead to delays obviously for riders. the man was eventually arrested and taken into custody. new at 6:00 tonight, police in san francisco say they are stepping up patrols on twin peaks after an armed robbery of two tourists. the sight seers just finished take -- the sightseeing tourists just finished taking photos when the robbers came up to them. they demand their backpack, which was holding a computer, camera equipment, along with cash and dollars and euros. police say that robberies are not typical on twin peaks. they say that auto break-ins are a bigger problem. >> it is not well lit in that area so that is why a lot of people come in and they do
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their quick snatches and grabs. we don't typically have robberies of that nature in this area. that is a bit of an isolated incident. >> police are increasing patrols and have deployed a rapid response team for the twin peaks area. they say that undercover officers will also be monitoring the activities there. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight attending a very expensive fundraiser. this is the scene in piedmont where she is set to appear at that fundraiser any minute now. the clinton website calls the event a dinner conversation. and it is not cheap. $33,000 per person will get you dinner and a picture with hillary clinton. but for $100,000 a couple can attend both dinner and then a reception with hillary clinton. it's been a busy 24 hours for both presidential candidates and the running
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mates. fox news reporter lauren blanchard has an update from the campaign trail. >> reporter: while campaigning in colorado, democratic vp nominee tim kaine rolls out a new attack on donald trump, accusing him of making money off his donors by raising rent on his own campaign space. >> he was self-funding for a while. but once he started to fundraise dramatically, he immediately tripled the rent payment that his campaign was paying him personally. >> reporter: the trump campaign said that the increase from $35,000 to nearly $170,000 a month is for an expanding campaign office in trump tower. meanwhile trump is trying to keep attention on the clinton's overhousing foundation and how they accept donations. the republican ticket is calling for the charity to shut down. his running mate mike pence has also been busy, trying to clear those reports that trump was changing his tune on his deportation policy. >> something has changed. that you are going to hear donald trump continue to do
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that. and to give more and more details to the policies that he has been advocating from the very beginning of the campaign. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is also pushing back their attacks from trump over their health department and if they will be fit to leave. they joked about it last night on jimmy kimmel. >> well, this has become one of their teams, that you will take my house that i'm talking about. make sure that i'm alive. >> oh my gosh that there is nothing there. >> reporter: some unsettling polls means that trump in missouri, a state voting the republican for the last four elections, that they will only leave clinton by one point. in washington lauren blanchard fox news. coming up in the flood zone at 6:30 the latest from louisiana as president obama will get their firsthand look at the devastations during a visit that his critics say was overdue. >> and they were tracking all that fog out there and a warm up. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week and then those temperatures will want to go the other way asly let you know
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what to expect for your five- day forecast coming up after the break. >> at first the woman was paralyzed by the falling tree branch in san francisco and that they will be getting help from the city. details on the hospital visit by the mayor today. i saw her smile a couple of times. that it is a good sign. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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new at 6:00 the san francisco mayor ed lee visited a mother who is left paralyzed when a tree limb fell on her in a north beach park. the city is now offering to help that woman and her family.
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>> the mother has two kids and she simply stopped at the playground while taking her children to the dentist when the accident happened. ktvu's heather holmes here to tell us how the city is reaching out. >> well frank and julie, mayor ed lee would call this a serious tragedy as he came to the hospital today to show his support for the family. tony tan provided us a photo of the meeting that happened this morning. his wife ying was at washington square park with her daughters as you may remember back on august 12 when a limb from a pine tree weighing about 100 pounds crashed down on her. doctors say that her spinal cord was severely damaged. she told us that she is not sure if she will ever walk again. today the mayor said the city will try to work with her husband's employer to help him get some time off. >> i went to talk to my boss to leave work for maybe a few months or so, you know, hopefully that it could help me and help my wife. >> i saw her smile a couple of
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times, a good sign, especially as i try in my broken chinese to do the best that i can. and again, the constant support for the entire family that i think will help her directly that will help her recover quickly. >> reporter: the mayor may try to help get their two young daughters into schools that are closer to the mother. laguna hospital will be evaluating her recovery, providing her with physical therapy. that there is no way yet to know how long that will take. there is a gofundme page set up to raise money for her care and for the families and their living expenses. in the meantime that the park has seen two inspections of the pine tree and found it to be healthy. that it appears to be just a freak accident for him. >> what are the chances that she goes to the park and that something like that happens so fast. heather, thank you. there is a warning out tonight about scammers who are knocking on doors in fairfield and posing as pg&e employees. one person took pictures of the people who knocked on their door and then posted them on
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facebook to have warned others. the fake workers, they were asked to see their utility bills to tell them about their special discounts. well they said that they would never send employees to homes for personal information. police say that solicitors have to have a permit to go door to door and they must display that permit at all times. >> any time somebody is going door to door, that will be a dangerous scenario. >> police say that you shouldn't ignore a knock at the door. instead you should respond by talking through the door or window and so that they know that the home is occupied. another scam making the round sounds like something out of a movie. a phone call from a hidden number with your child on the other end screaming. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary tells us about a scam happening in the bay area that is being called the virtual kidnapping. >> that guy is always trying to create a new way to get your money or sucker people, good people out of their hard earned money. >> the phoenix police sergeant says that it is exactly what
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happened to a resident a few days ago. the unidentified woman received a call from a blocked number saying that her daughter was being held for ransom. a female voice that sounded like the victim's daughter was in the background screaming for help. the victim was instructed to go to an area wal-mart. once there, wire an undisclosed amount of cash from the bay area to a city in mexico. >> during the time the male caller would continue to threaten the mother that her daughter would be harm first- degree she did not comply. the caller stayed on the phone the whole time and then periodically the mother could hear a female that she believed was her daughter screaming in the background. >> reporter: it wasn't until after the money was spent that she was told she was scammed. her daughter was fine at a home in another state. in response to a rash of cases like this one, the federal agents compiled a tip list for victims, including trying to slow down the situation and ask to speak to the presumed victim. listen carefully to the kidnapped victim's voice, is it
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really your loved one? try calling, texting, contacting the victim via social media to see if they are actually in danger. don't challenge or argue with the unknown caller. remain calm and keep your voice low and steady. >> and somehow that these suspects were able to have personal information about their daughter and their mother and to have somebody that would sound like their daughter. >> reporter: they believe that it likely came through the internet where they would post so much of their personal life in the public domain. investigators believe that they found an accomplice to imitate the voice of the victim's daughter, gathered other basic and detailed information and went from there. police would like to hear from anyone who has been a victim of this crime or if someone has tried to pull this on you and it did not work. either way contact the police. jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. historic hurst castle remains closed today with the so-called chimney fire burning at two miles away. the stated parks department has
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canceled all tours at hirsch castle through this sunday. visitors with reservations can get refunds. we took these pictures yesterday as the fire started 10 days ago burning 37,000 acres. it's now 35% contained. for much of today it was said to be burning away from the castle. fire crews have been trying to protect the estate by cutting several fire lines in the area. and unfortunately for the castle, folks down there, the winds are southwest. the wind flow out of the southwest will take the fire away from the castle. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. we will be talking 102 and 101, but we are talking about
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straight up. low 90s at best. look at the fog that will be there tomorrow morning and in your neighborhood and it is blowing out there near the airport. the fog will cover some parts of all nine bay area counties tomorrow morning. current temperatures, then all the fog as you can see how high up it is. that it is not stuck back at the bridge and not stuck back up on the hill, but all over the place. so tomorrow in san francisco, you will be 63 degrees. berkeley 73 degrees. you'll get into the hill over the livermore valley and down towards morgan hill in the mid- 80s. if you look really hard, you might find a couple of these, but mostly mid to upper 80s in the hot spots for the warmest days of the week. when i come back, we will talk about the rest of the week and i'll see you back here after a couple of quick breaks. it is not just san francisco and silicon valley with a red hot real estate. home prices in oakland are on the rise. up next, the big attraction that we will explore and why so many people are looking to move here.
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and also the packers, aaronrodgers is coming back to the bay area this week. mark says he plans to suit up and play for the first time this pre-season. plus, another coyote sighting in an east bay neighborhood. this time by our own ktvu's photographer.
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message.
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tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. new doubters show home prices in oakland are nearly tripled in the past five years. in fact the online real estate company zillow says that rent and home prices are rising faster than any other city in
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the united states. ktvu's leigh martinez takes a look at why. >> reporter: oakland has crime and em battled police departments involved -- embattled police departments involved in a sex scandal over a large police protest. but people are fighting to live here. >> there is a bidding war depending on the properties, the locations, the conditions that are always very important. >> reporter: according to zillow while silicon valley's housing markets are cooling off that the east bay city is soaring and people are paying more than the listing price. >> what i have been seeing is about a 5% to 10% over the asking price depending on the properties. >> reporter: visit oakland says that the city's appeal is obvious that you'll get more for your money and better weather than san francisco. >> as we are standing out in the beautiful sunshine, that is the key. that's not new that we've had that for many years. the restaurants, the art scene, the lively music and the entertainment scene. that we have the urban wine trail opening up now. >> reporter: the realtors say
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that at any given time that there are only a little more than 300 properties for sale in oakland. that means that when there are, they will not last for too long. that is also making the market rough for renters. he spent the summer trying to find an apartment before he saw the fall semester begin in cal. >> i really haven't found a place. me and my roommates to be are on craigslist every day. we are trying to findplaces. >> reporter: they report that their rental prices would increase 15% in june compared to last year. now affordable rents go fast. >> yeah they are there for an hour and then they are gone. >> reporter: high housing costs come with the city's renaissance. but unlike san francisco, oakland has a plan for more housing. >> oakland has impact fees. and if you are looking to open and build a new conscious that they know exactly what the price tag is to begin to make their long-term plans to build
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that housing. >> reporter: in oakland leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00 another sighting of the coyote in danville this time bay member of our own news crew. ktvu photographer randy deason says that it ran right in front of his vehicle near danville boulevard. he stopped to talk to a few teenagers there trying to keep the coyote in sight while they called animal control. one of the teens said they were worried about the coyote running into traffic. >> well, this is like a really busy street, so i didn't want him to get hit by a car. >> what we would like to do is discourage people from following the coyote. when they see the coyote if anything, tell the coyote to go away and don't follow it. >> police came out to check on the coyote as it is not a danger to the public, but that people should keep their backyards locked up to protect their pets. people with wildlife emergency services are working to capture the coyote and get it to an animal hospital for treatment. we are continuing to follow breaking news.
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a taxicab will jump a curb and slam right into two people on busy market street. up next an update on the situation there. and also president obama will make a visit to the flood zone. the latest from louisiana on the visit that his critics say was overdue. plus, controversy over 400% price hike on the life saving device. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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take a look at the top stories as three people were seriously hurt this afternoon when a taxi jumped the curb in san francisco's financial districts as you can see the wreckage left behind at market and sutter street. police say that it all happened around 3:15 this afternoon as the cab hit a newsstand, a light pole, and a shoe shine booth. a witness tells us that two shoe shine vendors were taken to the hospital along with the cab driver. we are told that no one else was in the cab at the time of the crash. >> a horrible accident this morning. both of the young girls died. one was only four and the other was seven. the mother survived. in fact the witness said that she was screaming my babies my
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babies. a section of highway one has no guardrails and members of the community say that needs to change. >> reporter: security is tight in piedmont tonight where hillary clinton is scheduled to attend a big ticket fundraiser. supporters are expected to shell out $33,000 per person to attend or $100,000 that a couple could attend with the candidate. clinton is due to arrive in an hour. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. >> reporter: president barack obama is heading for a tour that has destroyed and flooded thousands of homes in baton rouge. >> it is a trip that some people say was overdue. the criticism and the help being offered by the president. >> coping with historic flooding for two weeks. meeting with the flood victims, the first responders, and the local officials, hoping to spread the message that their communities will be rebuilt,


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