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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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to search for survivors in italy, the whole ceiling fell in my head. >> the death toll rises after a devastating earthquake turns villages into rubble, the 4 on 2 starts now . it is video that frankly is hard to watch. welcome to the 4 on 2, i am heather holmes. >> i am todd rowlands, police are asking for help finding the suspect to get him off the street. >> we have tara moriarty live in washington park, we've seen the video and it is extremely disturbing. >>reporter: it is difficult to watch so if you do not want to watch i would suggest turning away, what we know is that a woman was walking on the sidewalk just around the corner
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from where we were standing when a man walked alongside her and for no apparent reason started punching -- punching her in the face. san francisco police released the surveillance footage, take a look, this happened at 7:45 pm on saturday and the woman is walking on the sidewalk that orders lafayette park, suddenly a man walks up to fight her, says a few words and starts punching her in the face. when he has done attacking her he tried to pry her hands off her face but the woman is able to guard herself. >> i believe he asked her to say you are sorry or something along those lines and she had no idea what he was talking about because she did not know him. >>reporter: the victim, a woman in her 50s called 911 on her cell phone and got help, she suffered a broken nose and was treated at the hospital. police believe the suspect was high on drugs or alcohol suffered from a mental illness. he is described as a white man 40 to 50 years old wearing a dark sweatshirt impossibly hooded. authorities have been unable to
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find any witnesses so they are asking anyone who could've seen anything to step forward. in san francisco, tara moriarty. >> again, nothing to provoke the attack? >>reporter: absolutely no motive. if you take a look around and then if i could get you to pan around, look at the neighborhood, this is a very nice neighborhood, we talked to a lot of women that we have seen walking over the past 30 minutes and they say i walk around here by myself all the time. of course at 745 at night now that it's summertime, it is light outside and you would not think that you would need to be walking with a partner at that time or take any major precautions. a lot of people are flabbergasted quite frankly that this happens. >> no relation to the attacker, it really is disturbing you look at that video and it's as random as it gets. >> this person needs to be found quickly. thank you. new information about one of the men hit ryan out of control taxi yesterday in san francisco. we spoke with one of the
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victims, mohammed day from his hospital bed, he fractured his hip and now has a pain in his knee. he has been shining shoes in the area since he was 12. he has been in san francisco since 1975 in that area. as for the other shoe shine worker that was injured, his name is jazz and his injuries are more severe. as for the taxi driver investigators say he may have had a medical issue just prior to the crash, the cab ran on the curb and slammed into a news stand a sure sign stennett setter and market at 3:15 pm, the driver has been released from the hospital and police are investigating the cause. san jose police say that an officer is under arrest as part of a month-long operation called king of the runs. his name is derek antonio and he was arrested for allegedly sharing law enforcement information with king members
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he is a nine-year veteran of the department was arrested yesterday as part of the major ping sweep that began in march. >> the santa clara dist. atty.'s office reviewed the investigation and issued warrants for officer antonio's arrest, charging him with 5 felony counts of an authorized computer access and one felony count of accessory after the fact. >> san jose police said they served 34 search warrants across the south bay and in the state of louisiana yesterday. officers arrested 23 members of the known street game and they also seized drugs including ecstasy, xanax, steroids and marijuana. we have an rubin working the story and she is more details at 6 pm. we are learning about the two sisters killed in the crash on the sonoma coast yesterday, the sheriff's department identified them as six-year-old
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caitlin marcus and her four- year-old sister hailey. neighbors enjoy a shared the photo with us in some people want to see a guardrail put up in the area. now they say they are focused on being there for the family during a difficult time. >> we are very close all of us in their little girls play with my granddaughter. they are all around, they were frolicking and playing yesterday . >> we are going to circle around the family and do whatever we need to help them get through this, it is a horrible tragedy. again it is the community that will come together. >> the sisters died when their mother's pickup truck ran over the highway and into the russian river plunging 40 feet down a ledge. the mother was able to get out but did not type back in to save the children. a 19-year-old woman is under arrest in the beating and torture of a man that was drowned in a lake in golden gate park. san francisco police say that
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samantha run strum was arrested in flagstaff earlier this week and 26 wrote michael grasso was arrested in san francisco, they are wanted in connection with the death of 66 wrote stephen williams, his body was found in a lake in golden gate park in late may. 2 other people are charged in his death and investigators say the suspects attacked williams over appearing and then dragging him unconscious into the lake to die. to developing story out of afghanistan where one person is confirmed dead and more than 20 others are injured in an attack on an american university. this happened at 7:30 pm local time and witnesses heard gunshots and a blast near the campus. professors and students took cover in classrooms and safe rooms while police d special forces surrounded the campus. early reports indicate the school was attacked by several gunmen but so far there are no suspects in the attack comes weeks after 2 professors were kidnapped at gunpoint on their
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way to the same university. their whereabouts is still unclear. in italy rescue workers are sifting through homes and buildings trying to reach people trapped from the earthquake that rocked the central portion of the country overnight and killed at least 120 people and leveling entire towns. john hedy is in one of the hardest hit areas. >>reporter: death and devastation in italy, a magnitude 6 earthquake striking as many people that were sleeping at 3:36 am wednesday morning. the quake leveled homes and entire towns in central italy 80 miles northeast of rome. several mountain villages were hit hardest in rescue crews pulled dozens of victims out of buildings alive but they are in a race against time to find survivors. we are trying to help pull out as many people as possible from the rubble. unfortunately 90% that we pull out our dead. some do make it out and that is
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why we are here.>>reporter: emergency workers say it is hard to estimate how many people are missing since the region season influx of summer residence in vacationing tourists. in the meantime president obama and secretary. carey have been in contact with italian leaders. >> to offer his deep console and says -- condolences on behalf of the united states and our people in president obama saluted the quick action of first responders. >> he offered assistance to italy could require and pledged to stay in contact. >>reporter: pope francis led public prayers and dispatch the rescue team to the zone. there are also narrow winding country roads that make it difficult to get in and out, especially ringing in heavy pieces of rescue equipment. in italy, john hedy, foxnews. two years ago today a 6.0
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earthquake hit nap at napa is still recovering that you can see there are plenty of signs of progress everywhere, especially in the downtown area. joining me now to talk more about earthquakes and the risk is dr. mia moto and you have an engineering and earthquake engineering firm, my first question is in regards to italy and when you look at the destruction there what does it tell you about the quake that hit overnight? >> there was an earthquake not far from the epicenter in 2009 and it's a mountainous area and it's very beautiful. the towns and villages are small ancient villages and many of them in town are made of bricks and that is extremely dangerous. some of the buildings the newer buildings are made of what we called non- concrete building or older concrete buildings prior to the 1980s are very dangerous.
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>> we see many like that in california from the bay area to la. >> let me talk with you about the fault that triggered the quake. it has tormented the italian peninsula for centuries and has made that portion of italy among the most quake on in europe, what can you tell us about the fault? >> they have frequent earthquakes going on mike 2009 in a similar area. the location is not a dense area as you can see with villages but the percentage of the death and destruction is high because of the strength and the shallowness and the shallow earthquake makes the energy transmitted through the ground surface efficiently and it makes it very dangerous. >> you talk about the century-
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old construction combined with the fact that the earthquake hit in the middle of the night when many people were sleeping, that obviously leads to a high death toll. >> i want to talk more about this area because the us geological survey has deep -- deemed it a high seismic hazard so what should people in italy due to better protect themselves? >> it applies to the people in italy and here in california as well. the older buildings are dangerous, anything builds prior to 1980s is something you should look into, especially concrete buildings. there are thousands of these in the area and in la and every where. believe it or not, it is actually feasible to strengthen them and there's something out there that is difficult in your thinking that, it actually is not. you can do something to address
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the deficiency of buildings and it makes a huge difference. >> i'm sure that something that will look at there in italy. i also want to talk about the 6.8 quake and not as much damage as we saw in italy and meet mr and several temples were damaged, what can you tell us about the earthquake and also earthquakes and not area occur regularly as well. >> most definitely, they also had one a couple of years ago and it is tremendously exposed. again the earthquake hit away from the big villages and that really helped, but we will not be lucky for ever and with the earthquake's upcoming wii will lose hundreds of thousands of people. >> for california we may not lose like that but we will lose thousands of people potentially in a san francisco earthquake and also the economical impact
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would be large. >> we can do something right now and that's the most important thing to take from this. >> it is definitely on the minds of many of us in california, thank you dr. mia moto for your time. >> yes. tornadoes ripped through small towns in indiana and we are tracking the storm system and the damage. donald trump going against the odds and reaching out to minority voters as hillary clinton raises funds in the bay area. >> in tracking the weather we will look at the tornadoes in the midwest and talk about the smoke that's back in your bay area forecast.
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four election coverage and republican donald trump is making a new plea to minorities, more with his efforts and ongoing questions about the donations to the clinton foundation while color clinton was secretary of state. >> what are you doing to reach out? >>reporter: donald trump meeting with volunteers before a rally in tampa florida where he tried to drum up the latino vote. >> i will fight to give every hispanic citizen in this country a much better future, a much better life. >>reporter: he also attacked hillary clinton over reports that donors to her foundation were given special meetings where she was secretary of state . >> hillary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third world country
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. >>reporter: in florida an average of polls show that trump is currently trailing and with some states leaning blue watchers say he needs to win in large swings straight -- states . >> you are left with a big play that trump has to execute and that is big states, florida, ohio, pennsylvania. >>reporter: the clinton campaign on the defense after an ap report found that 50% of her meetings with private citizens while secretary of state were with donors to her charity, her campaign manager pushing back saying the report is skewed. >> by our count there was over 1700 other meetings that she had, she had secretary of state was meeting with foreign officials and government officials constantly so to paul all of them out and cherry pick a small number of meetings is pretty outrageous. >>reporter: clinton continues her blitz on the west coast and
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her campaign says they are now halfway to their billion-dollar goal, born land should in washington, fox news. hillary clinton rate here in the bay area, in fact she is in silicone valley for a fund- raising lunch in redwood city and there will be an evening reception hosted by apple ceo tim cook and lisa jackson. last night after fundraiser in piedmont she got a rockstar -- rockstar welcome and you are watching this from supporters that gathered outside. we are seeing our first images of damages from 2 tornadoes that touchdown in central indiana this afternoon and there are no immediate reports of injuries but there is extensive damage and the national weather service issued this morning and described the twister as a large and extremely dangerous tornado. let's check in now with chief meteorologist bill martin.
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it was an interesting afternoon i was at home and i had the weather channel going and i was watching that as a popped up on the radar. whoever has an iphone there was a lot of amazing videos coming out of the ohio and mississippi valleys. let's look at what's happening, there are still tornado watches and warnings in these areas right to the north is the tornado watch, the storms are blowing up in the afternoon and you can see as they move off they are dying down a little bit because the sun angle is lower but we had a series of tornadoes moving through the indiana area and i had not seen -- have not seen numbers but very strong. some of the damage i saw was the starbucks that was leveled, completely pancaked. those things are built with a certain code so it was not like just a little thing that fell over, it got blown over by a significant wins. you'll see pictures of that in
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the later newscast. in the meantime we have fog along the coast and plenty of this will keep things cool around here. whom i kidding, it'll be the same deal tomorrow temperature wise, no changes as we move to the next couple of days. take a look at the forecast and you can see the fog offshore and the fog is basically just sitting out over the peninsula. you can see the temperatures come in and there's 85 in fairfield and 85 in livermore and 82 and walnut creek. 76 in fremont and those are the temperatures right now. temperatures tomorrow 58 tomorrow morning and 57 in fairfield and that is tomorrow morning. then you can see the forecast here, the fog forecast for the morning and take a look, the daytime highs, tomorrow, thursday, that went fast it is thursday. what is with the purple, it looks good? it is blue but i will tell you
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this was not preplanned. >> look what i'm doing, we are dialed in, all 3 of us. love it. thanks though. a smartphone 3 and out that works to promote neighborhood safety, now see the changes coming to the next-door app, perhaps you have it at your house and officials hope this will prevent racial profiling. for twenty years, box tops for education has helped schools earn over 750 million dollars to get what they need! families at lawton alternative school in san francisco collected box tops to help pay for field trips like the 5th grade overnight trip! don't be absent from helping your local school! buy 10 participating box tops for education items and get 60 bonus box tops with the just for u digital coupon when you shop today at safeway! offer valid 8/1 - 9/1/16. digital coupons valid when downloaded to your club card.
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will --
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most of the high school
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students that took the azt college and trends exam are not ready for college classes, that is what the company is saying after they looked at test results. there is format core subjects, english, reading, science and math in only 38% of all students that took the exam scored well enough on 3 subjects to indicate that they are ready for college level courses. the company that created the azt says they are not as the price because many states are paying for testing of all public school seniors. >> the social media site next- is restructuring policies in an effort to prevent racial profiling. the three -- free private form gives neighbors the opportunity to post about a range of topics from garage sales to lost pets to urgent alerts. the site came under fire after group called neighbors for racial justice complain that many posts on the site are
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about suspicious strangers who are usually people's color. they took the complaint seriously and hired consultants that had worked with the aclu and the department of justice to help them better understand the complexity of the issue and the site now requires users to describe criminal behavior instead of racially profiling those seen in the neighborhood. >> racial profiling is an extremely small percentage but even one post can be so damaging and so harmful that this is something we had to do. they hold private accounts for 110,000 neighborhoods across the us and it represents almost 70% of the neighborhood around the country and 1600 police departments fire departments and other public agencies that have joined next- door to better communicate with residents and they are also taking part. the public agencies and next- door are working together to recognize and prevent racial profiling. uc berkeley police want to
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know if anyone recognizes these 4 people suspected of vandalizing a campus library. this is still photo from surveillance video and they say that these 4 men are suspected of stealing and damaging property at the library on june 23. the video was taken at 10:20 pm after the library had closed. those are clear images and hopefully someone can identify them. it has been 2 years since the terrible earthquake in napa but the town is not totally whole yet, we update you on the repairs next. and the sexual assault case on the east coast that mirrors that of former stanford swimmer brough turner, we meet with our legal expert coming up next.
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former stanford swimmer brough turner is for his sentence another judges under fire for issuing sentence in a sexual assault case and we have ktvu michael analyst -- michael cardoza our legal analyst and michael this case in massachusetts, an 18-year- old kid who is a high school athlete named david becker, he was convicted of assaulting 2 18-year-old women why they were sleeping. he gets basically zero jail
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time and prosecutors wanted 2 years, something is going on? >>reporter: it is certainly different than brough's case out here in california because you have david becker back in massachusetts being convicted of indecent, assault, battery, indecent assault and battery and the judge put him on probation. he does not have him register as a sex offender. keep in mind that brough had to register as a sex offender. >> the kid is a white kid in an athlete and prosecutors wanted 2 years and he got nothing. >>reporter: i do not know the facts of the case, all of the facts of the case, yes, i agree, let him walk out of the
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court after what he did and what he admitted to is a bit shocking. especially not having him register as a sex offender. we are not privy to what probation said and what did the da argue? just because the answer does not mean the judge has to do that and the judges like a referee in the courtroom. they tend to ask more than they expect to get.>> what is your thought on this case in massachusetts? it is clear that he raped an individual because he apologized in a text message and there are a lot of similarities in the case, both the privileged white male athletes and they can afford strong legal representation both had lenient sentences, more lenient than the prosecutors or attorneys asked for and it is clear that there is a culture of normalizing and excusing sexual violence against women and it does have to stop. michael cardoza, you do not believe that the judge in the case should suffer any consequences even know you may not agree with his
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sentencing, why is it that you think that adam and the people in ultraviolet are off-base asking for him to step down? >>reporter: what will happen ted, i am not saying what he did is correct, i may or may not agree with the sentence that they put out there but the way ultraviolet is going about this, they are saying when they put billboards on the freeway or they fly airplanes over stanford and they say rape, stop, judge persky, get rid of him. it makes it seem like brough turner was convicted of rape and he was not. doing things like this will put ultraviolet in the position of running its course and they will say that was a good decision and we will let it go. this one is wrong. you do not do it that way, you put it before the commission on judicial appointments. they are the ones that decide
4:33 pm
whether a judge is doing a good or a bad job and in santa clara county to have a 170.6 and if they do not like the way a judge runs his court or meets sentences they can challenge the judge. they did not challenge here. >> this decision made millions of people furious, what is wrong with the argument? >>reporter: i believe that michael has facts wrong in both cases, it is clear that the individual in massachusetts, raped an individual, in turner's case it is definitely clear that he raped an individual and that has been widely covered. number 2, when he was sentenced he was sentenced to only a handful of months in jail and other individuals for these crimes get a lot more punishment. it is clear that for people with these lenient crimes that
4:34 pm
turner has gotten off because he is a white privileged male athlete just like judge persky and something needs to be done in this case to stop excusing normalizing sexual violence against women. >> that absolutely did not happen in either case, rape did not occur and that is where -- intermec >>reporter: can i ask what your definition of rape is. >>reporter: rapists penetration by a [ null ] he was chased off by 2 campus individuals. >>reporter: i understand that but when you say rape it is not rape, when we get non-attorneys running companies like this, ultraviolet and putting people together as a business, you mislead people and you have to let judges do their job. if they are not let the commission take care of them not ultraviolet. [speaker interrupted]
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>> there's no question on why it is agreed upon and i am afraid you are trying to split hairs. >>reporter: he raped an individual on campus and got a handful of months. far less than what was recommended. >> we will not be able to solve this during our time, obviously a disagreement and as a footnote, turner will be released from jail next friday. we will have much more on the story as the days continue. both of you, adam, thank you for your time. it has been 2 years since the napa valley region was devastated by the earthquake and it destroyed hundreds of buildings were destroyed them. for many of the victims, the recovery has been a slow one. ktvu has alex savage explaining why some of the repair work takes so long.>>reporter: the damage was not extensive, some cracks in the walls and a crumbling brick chimney that damien and melinda
4:36 pm
say it has taken nearly 2 years to repair their home which was yellow tagged after the quake. >> we did not know we could get in line to get it repaired because we saw other houses that were worse than ours. >>reporter: they had about $6000 worth of damage but they did not have the money and they grew frustrated trying to get federal aid. eventually habitat for humanity stepped in and did the work for free. >> the fact that we did get help from habitat and the community is a blessing. >>reporter: with the fireplace finally fixed they are now looking forward to the holidays. >> hanging stockings on the mantle and having the home be heated by the wood-burning fire. >>reporter: still today there are more than 700 buildings in napa to have some form of quake damage in downtown scaffolding surrounds the first
4:37 pm
presbyterian church where the violence shaking shattered glass windows rocked the foundation. just last month a major milestone. >>reporter: the congregation returned to its sanctuary after having to hold services in the gym for almost 2 years. >> it was never really about the space, it was about the people and how we as a congregation have really over those 2 years come together to think about what is really important as we worship. >>reporter: restoring the sanctuary takes a lot of time and a lot of money. to pay for the repairs the church relied on the generosity. and it was a true blessing from the community. >>reporter: the final step of fixing the house of worship is straightening the leading weather vane on top of the steeple. it has been an unmistakable reminder of disaster. >> it symbolizes the work in
4:38 pm
progress and we have straightening out to do. >>reporter: alex savage, ktvu, fox 2 news . we have more on our website, and we haven't been and now slideshow and tips on how you can prepare for the next big earthquake. imagined eating bits by a deadly snake, this happened to 15-year-old audrey and 10, she was with her family in belize when she was bit by a fair deadlock, the ultimate viper. it can be deadly and causes internal bleeding and kidney damage, after weeks in a hospital, the junior in high school is back home in american canyon and while she is on the mend she has more recovery to indoor. >> am not really sad but just frustrating noting that my junior year is important with my skills and my writing and my cognitive skills. getting in to school and sports
4:39 pm
and swimming. >> audrey is a swimmer and a water polo player has issues with her hands and fingers and motor skills. coming up at 5 pm we will hear more from her and her family about the harrowing ordeal. new numbers show that the soda tax in berkeley is cutting consumption of the drinks. 2 other areas could follow suit and issue their own tax, coming up next we talk with the opposition. it will cool down, it did not warm up that much but it will get cooler, we will let you know what to expect as we head towards the bay area thursday. >> announcer: ktvu news, dave clark, complete coverage.
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uc berkeley researchers found that consumption of sugary drinks has plummeted in berkeley ever since voters their past a soda tax. in 2014 they were the first city to pack test pass the tax and since it was approved there's been a 21% drop in soda consumption and low intercom session income neighborhoods. they also reported a 63% increase in bottled or tap water . as you may know by now san francisco, oakland, and albany all have soda tax proposals on the november ballot and joe arianna is joining me for the
4:43 pm
spokesman opposing the taxes in my first question is why? >> the bottom line is it's not a soda tax, it's a grocery tax. >> if you go to a store you will not pay tax on the drink itself. it's a small business owners and grocery owners and the people that will bury the brunt of this are passing it on to low income people and they spend a high portion on the income on groceries and they post this and said it is a progressive grocery tax. >> are you up was for philosophical reason in that you should be able to buy whatever you want? >> it affects people on the low income levels the most and these are hard-working people
4:44 pm
in oakland, san francisco, they want homelessness fix anyone cost-of-living to come down and here we are talking about a grocery tax that will put more burden on people at a time when they cannot afford it. >> research shows that it is leading more people to drink sugary drinks last often. isn't that good for low income neighborhoods so that they might be a bit healthier and do you dispute the connection between sugary drinks and health effects such as diabetes and obesity? >> if the study results were accurate and yes but these researchers went out on the street and did man on the street interviews and they gave them an incentive, a free water bottle, give us an opinion on sugar sweetened beverages. that is a huge red flag, why go to the doctor if they say how
4:45 pm
may times be worked out? you will say i worked out a lot. this is a case where it will inherently give you a skewed results and there are other reasons as well. in the people they interviewed at the beginning were not the same ones they interviewed, these are 2 separate people that were interviewed at random on the street. you should take what ever the study puts out with a grain of salt. >> isn't it true that the beverage industry spends lots of money to combat this? what do you say on this bottom line as it appears that $747,000 has been spent opposing these taxes compared to 23,000 by supporters and that is in oakland alone? >> it is bad policy, basically we are putting a policy in place of the tax passes that will hurt people at the bottom. and the backers of this measure
4:46 pm
is not what they say it is. >> they say it's not a grocery tax? >> people like bernie sanders who is mr. anti-tax are saying at the grocery tax, it's not just means, it's not just us, there is legitimate national debate about the term grocery tax. this is something where you pass this on to the people that can least afford to pay it. >> clear a few months away and will have to see how voters in san francisco, oakland and albany pay this out. let's go over to my blue matching partner here, bill martin. >> it is blue, right? >> it is blue, you coordinate. >> they just jumped on me and said i am colorblind in the control room, they said this is blue and you are blue and ted is blue? >> they get in my head and then they start to do my job.
4:47 pm
>> let's go outside. the fog is extensive and all over the place. it will be there tomorrow and some places a little warmer and others a little cooler. no big changes, big changes come over the weekend when things start to cool off. there is all the fog and temperatures outside her a little warmer than yesterday but just made 80s. i expect mid-90s. overnight lows not a surprise, mid-50s, low 50s and that is your forecast. fog seemed to be everywhere tomorrow morning fog thinks over the coastal health. it shoots on inland did not will set us up with a foggy start to tomorrow and a quick burn off tomorrow and temperatures just like they were today really, san francisco tomorrow 54 and cloudy that is the morning. here's the afternoon. just like today, 60 degrees at
4:48 pm
lunchtime and in san francisco 65 degrees for a high. when you've taken the high and sticking this down and it will be over by the ballpark and as he moved to the bay area microclimates tomorrow it will be cooler out in the sun set and we are just picking this spot in the middle. mid-70s tomorrow as you get into the oakland hills and then you get into the 80s and that is where stops, livermore valley upper 80s tomorrow and upper 80s in santa clara and the far southern end towards morgan hill and gilroy. the rest of us are looking at temperatures that will generally be in the 70s, good for fire danger and good for air quality and just a nice pattern. >> the smoke from these fires will start to move in as we had towards the weekend and i don't think it will be as bad as last time but the next time you see me in the 5 pm broadcast that will show you a trajectory of the smoke because the winds will shift income southwest. in the meantime there is your 5 day forecast and not too bad.
4:49 pm
look at the top tier of numbers, they are the numbers in the hot spots, they are much cooler by about 5 degrees than i would expect for this time of year. >> there you go. >> that is fantastic and more manageable. >> thank you. >> frink joins us now from the newsroom with a look at what we are working on for the ktvu fox 2 news at 5 pm. >> a working right now but there is a vision to potentially turn this into the oakland a ballpark and tomorrow there will be a key walk-through on the property. tonight at 5 pm here whether sports director thinks that the situation could be a bit different when it comes to keeping the a's in the bay area. >> that sounds like good news and hillary clinton here to pick up cash. >> she is ahead in the polls nationally and is back in the bay area raising money. tonight at 5 pm we are outside her afternoon fundraiser on the peninsula talking with supporters about what they think. >> we will look forward to
4:50 pm
that. zero 5 pm. >> up next, could it be signs of life in our solar system. science is finding earthlike planet and details about it when the 4 on 2 returns. kf it's extra crispy good. i know what we can do. what if papa tells us some stories? oh i don't think so... oh come on dad you have great stories, come on. well okay. you kids know how your grandmother and i met?
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not that one, skip. what? just next. swipe. i used to collect marbles when i was... next haha. thanks. swipe. get high speed internet from at&t with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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i love the story, and eight will go with a big heart using her sewing skills to help flood victims. taylor henry says that she was so sad to hear that so many people lost their homes in historic flooding that her and her school and church started collecting donations. she wanted to find her own health and she decided to stick together tissue holders and raise money for those in need. she has her whole family helping with the project and she never dreamed this would be such a big hit.
4:53 pm
>> i expected that 10 to 15 people would buy one i did not think it would go like this.>> so far she has sold more than 100 handmade tissue holders and she wants to reach a goal of 1000 by sunday. astronomers have found an earthlike planet in our own corner of the universe and the european southern observatory in germany said that the planet orbits a star in alpha centauri system it is the closest to earth over 4 ly away and it does not rotate so one side is always darken it travels quickly orbiting it start in 11 days. scientists say that the plan is slightly larger than a thin seems like it is warm enough for liquid water, a key component for life. in fact scientists say that they may have hit the jackpot. >> this one is special because it is a rocky planet like the earth. it is actually inhabitable, it has water and fluid so there could be a process that  generates life like it did on
4:54 pm
our own planet. >> i can hear the excitement in his voice. the scientist say they are hoping to launch a probe to explore the plan in the next few decades, it will take 20 years to get there traveling at 20% of the speed of light. certainly is interesting. lawmakers take a stand for equal rights, a bundle of bills that pushes for economic balance between men and women right here in california. stay with us, the 4 on 2 will be right back.
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hunt. los angeles police searching for 21 year old joshua robinson and two year old brittany humpry. they are wanted in the death of kimberly harvell. just about an hour ago, we learned police found the children safe in new mexico, however the couple is still on the run and police are warning those who may come in contact with them to use caution. >> included in the fray is the legislative women's caucus for economic equality. members of the legislative women's caucus celebrated bills yet to be signed by governor
4:58 pm
brown. their fight begins and ends with 4 basic measures. the group wants the governor to sign legislature they say is necessary including paid family leave and boosting child care. >> the point is that we are not going to be marginalized. we are not going to be diminished and we are not going to allow the biases and sexisms of prior generations to continue as we go forward. >> the paid family leave bill initially sought to give women up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. the current is 6 weeks. >> that's going to do it for us here on the 4 on 2. it's time to hand it over to julie -- >> it is a big effort and what's going to happen is tomorrow the oakland a's will
4:59 pm
be looking at this site here. it's the howard terminal site. that story coming up next. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> this is what the site for the proposed stadium looks like right now. sky fox flew over the howard terminal right now. there are giant ships, shipping containers and huge cranes that take the cargo on and off the ships. this is what it would look like for the oakland a's and tomorrow, key members of the oakland a's organization will be touring the land. it's just north of jack london square and the fairy terminal. it's right across thest iary from alameda. tom. >> reporter: frank, i want you
5:00 pm
to take a look over here. where you see those two large maston liners, if all goes well, there's a possibility there will be little boats out there like we see in mccuby cove waiting for baseballs to come over. this is what we learned today. the vast port of oakland has large underutilized spaces that can be used for sports venues. the a's confirm howard termal is under consideration. these drawings envision two pairs of cargo cranes framing a water side venue. >> there have been numerous expressions of interest the in howard terminal. right now it's used for maritime related purposes. and the port will listen to any appropriate use that makes financial see


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