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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> we have the fog. what's new. fog, 60s, 70s, coast and bay and that has not changed one iota. inland 80s and 90s. tomorrow looks cooler inland. temperatures settle in and mainly low to mid-80s for some. probably not enough to wipe out the fog as the system comes in. there are hints of early september. and we'll see. i'm getting ahead of myself. west, southwest, 17 at travis. 50s, 60s on the lows. calistoga says 50. and petaluma. after an early start to the thunderstorms, they have pushed off to the east. and the fog says i'm large and in charge and not going anywhere. that system should cool down inland areas starting tomorrow. sal, what do you have? we have a lot of stuff to
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talk about. we'll start off with 580 and the altamont pass. we had an earlier accident and the traffic is just a mess. this is a look at 680, 24. and you can see traffic here is going to be okay as you drive south. there are no yore problems here. 580 westbound is going to be slow as you drive across the altamont pass. and 680 we had an earlier kept on the sunol grade. 680 is a mess out of pleasanton heading south. and we've had a crash or we had an earlier pedestrian on the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see the traffic is going to be slow. i just wanted to mention the crash interstate 880 southbound. southbound 880 is slow heading down to hegeen berger because of an earlier crash. i'm watching one of our cameras
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and next time i'll show you 880. it's going to be a mess southbound which is unusual. oakland a's executives will scout a location at the port of oakland for a possible new home for the team. the proposed site is howard terminal on the west aware a half mile. >> reporter: you saw the picture and you posted it on instagram and it looks like a beautiful site and a great place for oakland a's baseball. we're live in oakland. and mayor schaaf broke the news yesterday when she sat down with gasia. and a's officials and the port of oakland will be touring the howard terminal down the street
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from our station. i want to show you what it may look like. this artists rendering was down by the architect in kansas city. two cargo frames and the ballpark kind of reminds people of at&t park in san francisco. what we understand is what's happening today according to mayor schaaf is that the officials will do a technical tour. that's what she told us a on mornings on 2 yesterday. it's going to be mostlyiers. mayor schaaf said on mornings on 2 it shows the seriousness of the a's in building a stadium right here in oakland. the mayor says it would be good for the team. but this is very, very preliminary. and we did want to hear from a's faithful yesterday. >> i think it would be a great idea for the community. i think it would draw in a new
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fan base and keep the old fan base as well. >> if they put something nice out on the water -- >> the thought of having a stadium is a good thing to me. >> reporter: some of the pluses of the project include the site can canal ferry access. we talked about that earlier this morning. some of the minuses include -- quite a hike from the nearest bart station. and right now there's no direct freeway access as well. perhaps that will change in the coming weeks or months or years. the port is pretty open to new developments as long as it's financially feasible. a's officials and the port of oakland are expected here some time later today to tour the site, howard terminal, near the port of oakland. >> we've all seen what it's done for san francisco. it transformed the whole area.
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>> it totally did. we'll see what happens. >> thank you, brian. turning now to the devastating earthquake in central italy yesterday. now the death toll is at least 247. rescue teams are looking for any survivors from yesterday's magazine constitute 6.2 quake. people may still will trapped in the rubble of homes and businesses. thousands of people lost homes in the quake. it hit small occupy thes and villages -- small towns and villages in a mountain area. >> translator: we heard a horrifying sound and the bed started to shake and all the beds and cabinets started to shake as well. >> a drone flew over one of the devastated communities. these are the pictures it recorded. scientists in rome are monitoring aftershocks.
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just a 4.7 aftershock this morning. a earthquake rocked myanmar and killed four people. and it also damaged almost 200 buddhist temples and pagodas. it hit an area with buildings built in the 10th and 14th centuries. community leaders are worried about rebuilding them. it's a popular tourist attraction. but visitors may stop going because of the damage. these areas have very little money to rebuild. police in the east bay city of pittsburgh say an officer was injured while rescuing a man trapped in a fire. the fire was reported on west 11th near railroad avenue. contra costa officers tweeted out this video. two officers forced their way in and found a blind man lying on the floor unconscious.
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he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. one of the officers suffered a severe cut to his arm while forcing his way into the house. still no word yet on how the fire started. new from overnight. bart police are investigating a stabbing in which the victim was found on the platform of the san francisco civic center station. it happened around 10:00. investigators are not sure if the person was stabbed inside the station or on the street. but the person was rushed to the hospital. we have not received word on the victim's condition at this point. the incident forced the closure of the bart station. sf bart alert tweeted messages to riders, informing them that trains were not stopping at the civic center station because of police activity. they reopened 90 minutes later. if you have an errand to run on the way to work you maybe able to get it done while
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waiting for bart. janine de la vega is at the fremont bart station to explain all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. there's already a pilot program of this happening in san francisco. and the company partnering with bart wants to lure more retailers to more bart stations because they want to give more commuters more options. trans-mart the campaign working with parking lot held an open house. they showed off artists renderings of what the retail space would look like. they want to give riders more variety. we asked riders what they wanted to see. and one commuter thought of something useful. >> apparel. most of the money like on games, they can get apparel here too. and it could be much cheaper,
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affordable. i think that would be good. >> coffee would be useful and other times of morning goods and stuff, snacks, things like that. in general, i think it's just important to sell whatever sells. >> reporter: trans-mart started the program in november where a couple of companies are selling food and flowers. when more retailers are brought in the company would decide which of the stations should have it next. the length of the lease ranges from one to seven years. and rent can run up to $4000 a month depending on which station and how large the retail space is. >>ian january, thank you. the federal transportation safety anthony foxx is in the bay area to get a firsthand
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look at the bart station due to open this fall. the extension to north san jose is expected to start next year. secretary fox also toured the next phase of construction designed to bring bart to downtown san jose and santa clara. a half cent sales tax on the november ballot would raise $1.5 billion for the building. federal investigators have issued a report on george lucas' plan to open a museum the federal review of the controversial 2014 decision could not support the allegations of lucas supporters that the film maker was treated unfairly by staff members. he is now looking at sites on treasure island or in los angeles. the time is now 6:10.
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several tornadoes hit central indiana. coming up at 6:30. you'll see the damage that's pulling indiana governor mike pence off the campaign trail. a baggage blunder. how the olympic athletes poked a little fun after they had trouble finding their bags. some unexpected slowdowns like this one in oakland is making it tough to get to the airport. we'll tell you what happened here and how long it's likely to last. not much change in the weather. we'll take a look at the satellite. any changes for us? it's on the way.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. last night, hillary clinton wrapped up several bay area fundraisers, apple's ceo tim cook hosted the third fundraiser in los altos. mrs.clinton attended a fund raising luncheon in redwood city. supporters paid up to $27,000 to be there. in the crowd was at least one registered republican who told us why he's voting for hillary clinton in the coming election. >> my party has gone completely mad. i think hillary will be a great
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president and i hope four years from now i can go back to voting republican. for now, it's hillary. >> hillary clinton raised money in piedmont tuesday night. in three days she raised $12.5 million for her presidential campaign. today donald trump is meeting in new york with african-american and latino leaders. trump is trying to reassure supporters that while he may be softening his stance on immigration, he is not talking about amnesty. >> let me go a step further. they'll pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. but we work with them. >> a recent pew research poll shows donald trump with 2% support among african-american
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voters, and 26% among latinos. great britain's olympic team ran into a bit of trouble at heathrow airport in london. look. baggage collection could be real interesting. the olympic organizers gave all 320 athletes matching red luggage. how do you pick yours? >> the olympians said anybody seen my red bag? or mine is the red one. they had fun with it. great britain's athletes won 67 medals during the rio games. that was a record for the country. >> you need to put a bow or something. i have something very distinguishable. >> not a red one. >> they all look-alike. >> i have a black bag. >> nobody else has that. >> the trick is to get one of
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those baggage -- almost like a i don't know what you call it. it's escaping me. it goes around, >> one of the straps. it's just a strap. it doesn't do anything. but it's a different color. >> i've had to put a strap around the bag because i've overstuffed my suitcase. it does do something. >> a big bow of some sort. if you're getting on the road this morning you need to get out early if you're a 580 commuter or a 205 commuter. a very slow commute here on 580 and 205. it's always slow your say. but today it's bad. clearing an accident and traffic is backed up all the way out of pleasanton. and that commute will be a monster. take a look at 880 southbound. there's an accident at
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hegenberger road. if you're trying to get to the airport, this backup is not normally there. you need extra time to get to the hegenberger road exit. after hegenberger it's not bad. traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is beginning to normalize. 6:18. let's go to steve. >> a black bag. i never see that at the carousel. >> right? >> thank you, sir. let's get to -- our weather is pretty quiet. maybe a cooler pattern inland. and those in lake county are saying it's better than earlier in the month. a stubborn fog bank. it's latched onto the coast and the bay and every reporting station. concord says mostly cloudy. the radar from kokomo, indiana, yesterday showing right there. kaboom. that's why the tornado -- one
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of the many tornadoes, or funnel clouds spotted and came down, kokomo to indianapolis. that was the main line right there that went through. and there's 32,000 people without power. back home we find a big fog bank and local drizzle. it will get chewed up. but it peels back to the coast and not much change. 60s. and there's an okay delta breeze. when low clouds make it to concord and livermore, that's a good fog bank. 50s or low 60s and low 50s around concord. that's not buchanan. 56 san ramon. pleasant ton 56. and brentwood is in there. lafayette at 52. and no thunderstorm activity. it was a big time event but not now. the fog has been here since june, july. a little system dropping down should enhance the fog today
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and tomorrow. 60s, 70s, 80s, even with the fog it gets in the mid-60s for some or low 90s. but a cooler pattern for those away from the coast starting tomorrow. carrying into parts of the weekend. i think we need to keep an eye on early september. looks to be a system moving in. >> we'll see. >> it may stick around maybe? >> we'll see. it's a little early but there are signs of it. time is 6:20. new details about the san jose police officer accused of collaborating with a street gang. in 15 minutes, the charges he and almost two dozen others were arrested for. but first, changes to the neighborhood social media site next door. what it now requires of users after accusations of racial profiling.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 at 6:23. a nine hour siege at the american university of afghanistan has ended and at least 12 people are dead and many others are wounded. a government spokesman says seven students were killed along with three police officers and two security guards. it started with a suicide car bomb at the university entrance and two gunmen entered the
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campus. police killed the gunmen after a nine hour standoff. the second soldier killed in afghanistan this year has been identified. matthew thompson was from orange county. he was killed while on patrol. he was a member of the green beret and it was his first deployment to afghanistan after previously serving in iraq. 10,000 american troops remain in afghanistan in support of the goth's efforts against the taliban. state lawmakers passed a bill to require law enforcement officers to lock up guns that they leave inside of a parked car. the bill comes after the killings of kate stein lee and -- >> in both cases the suspected shooters used handguns stolen from parked cars. the measure requires all law enforcement officers to lock up the guns in a secure compartment in the passenger
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area of the car or in the trunk. and if they don't comply, they could face a fine of up to a thousand dollars. the new legislation is on the desk of governor brown. next is restructuring to prevent racial profiling. the free private online forum gives neighbors a place to post about a range of topics from garage sales, lost pets, and urgent -- >> many of the posts are about suspicious strangers who are usually people of color. next door hired consultants to help them better understand the complexity of the issue. now the site requires users to describe criminal behavior rather man racially profiling
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people. >> racial profiling is a small percentage of the posting. but one post can be harmful. >> the next door website holds private accounts for 110,000 neighborhoods across the country. police departments, fire departments, and other public agencies have joined next door to foster better relations. several sculptures have now been recovered. the contra costa sheriff's department posted photos on facebook. the statues were stolen during two burglaries at a home on -- they found the stolen items in el sobrante. in san francisco, what police say the suspect said to a woman before attacking her as she walked in a usually quiet
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neighborhood. commuters who drive along interstate 880 will notice new freeway signs that will be turning on today. we'll explain how the new signs on the freeway are meant to ease congestion. there's plenty of congestion on the roads right now because of the problems in the east bay especially. but also on the san mateo bridge. >> temperatures may start a cooler pattern over the next couple of days.
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday, august 25th. i'm dave clark. >> gap, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. and steve is here to talk about
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the weather. barely talking. >> not much i can tell you that hasn't been happening since august 1st. >> any sunshine headed for the beach? >> early september. and maybe some rain. there's hints around the third to the 5th. for those of you who work outside keep it in mind. a lot could happen between now and then. there are some signs, a couple of forecast models are picking up on a change. until then, we have a big fog bank, i mean a big one. and it's making a pretty good march inland again. livermore, concord, santa rosa, san jose, west, southwest vacaville. and even with the fog some of the inland areas are getting into the 80s to low 90s. and coast and bay changing very little if at all. approaching from the north you can see the leading edge of
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lower pressure. and that should enhance the fog bank and cool off areas. 60s and 70s and 80s and low 90s. a couple things going on. >> the east bay is a mess all over the place. and this is becoming normal. almost every day we've had something going on. this is 880 southbound. a crash approaching the hegenberger exit is taking its entitlement to clear and traffic is backing up. it's been very slow approaching hegenberger road. this backup is not normally there. and a lot of people are stuck in the traffic and thinking oh, my. i'm going to be late to work. if you're watching this, give yourself extra time or get on the road after hegenberger road. also part of the east bay commute has been hayward to the san mateo bridge area. the san mateo bridge is slow
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heading out to the -- there's a stalled vehicle. >> 580 is a mess through altamont pass. and 680 is a mess because of a motorcycle accident. and you can give yourself a lot of extra time. and the bay bridge toll plaza, i do want to mention that. that's backed follow up the macarthur maze and the metering lights are on. new electronic signs are being switched on on the east shore freeway in an effort to reduce congestion. alex savidge joins us live. and you're driving on i-80, alex. >> good morning to you, sal. and there's a lot of crashes on interstate 880. and the goal is to give drivers a heads up if there's an accident in front of them. we have a gopro on the front of our live truck. and you can get a look at the new freeway signs that are activating today. they are dark now but they'll turn on if there's a crash or if the lanes are blocked for some reason. let me show you how the signs
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will work. there will be green arrows above lanes that are clear ahead. and then a yellow x if the traffic is slow ahead. and a red x if that particular rein of the freeway is blocked up ahead for some reason. the goal is is to give drivers enough time to change lanes and it ultimately helps to ease congestion on this busy stretch of freeway. more than 100 of these signs are being activated on a 20- mile stretch of westbound interstate 880 between the carquinez bridge and the bay bridge and the signs are part of the interstate 880 smart corridor project and they include new metering lights and strong speed limit signs that adjust based on the traffic flow. these turn on today and we'll be driving interstate 880 throughout the day. >> talk to you later. time is 6:33. a woman suffer add broken nose after san francisco police say
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she was attacked by a man semidry at random. this is hard to watch. you may find the surveillance video hard to watch. it shows a man running up to a woman. the woman is walking. the woman is in her 50s. and he starts punching her in the face repeatedly. and he keeps doing it after she falls to the ground. this happened 7:45 saturday night on washington street bordering lafayette park in pacific heights. police say the woman did not know the man but he did saying is to her. >> i believe he asked her to say she was sorry. something along those lines and she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about because she did not know him. >> the woman was able to call 911 after the man finally ran away. police say the suspect may have been under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.
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authorities have not been able to find any witnesses. san francisco police are reportedly investigating another attack of a muni driver. a man hit that driver in the head with a skateboard. it happened on the 47 bus line at van ness avenue and bush street tuesday afternoon. the examiner reports the driver is suffered a cut on the forehead. video from the bus was handed over to the police. now this attack comes after another reported assault on a muni driver earlier this month. the deadline to apply for the san francisco police chief is about a week away. the police commission held a fourth meeting. a police commissioner tells us at ktvu news that the panel will narrow the panel down to three and pass the list on to the mayor. the examiner reports that an african-american police organization called officers
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for justice has a list of candidates it wants the commission to consider. that list reportedly included acts police chief tony chaplain and the current police chief of denver. the city of oakland will turn to -- >> mayor libby schaaf broke the news yesterday. the search follows a chaotic summer for the department. the police sex scandal led to chief sean went departure in june. we're going to be having public meetings all over the city. we're going to have an online survey. for people who can't make meetings, we want to hear from them too. >> and we spoke to people familiar with the process of finding a chief. the average search takes a minimum of four to six months.
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a veteran san jose police officer is out on bail after being accused of giving confidential information to a vietnamese street gang. >> the nine-year veteran officer was arrested as part of an investigation called operation gang of thrones. almost two dozen suspects who are linked to street gangs were arrested on charges that include public corruption, drug trafficking, and assault. police seized weapons, drugs, cash, and gambling machines but arresting one of their own disturbed the officers the most. >> sadly our investigation revealed that san jose police officer derek antonio was providing confidential law enforcement information to members of this gang. >> the nine-year police veteran is facing six felony counts. police say he's been on administrative leave since june. many of the people who lost their homes in this year's clayton fire packed a community
6:38 am
meeting in lake county. they were given an update on the recovery efforts following the fire that's caused $25 million in damage. the clayton fire burned 4000 acres and destroyed 200 homes. the task force is now shifting efforts to help the many families who lost their homes in the clayton fire. >> the list where you sign up through the hazard cleanup? >> there will be. we don't have that yet. >> is there a way to get the federal regulations waived? >> required to pay their fees. >> the damage to the lower lake area was not severe enough to qualify for federal disaster aid. that threshold is 800 homes, so state assistance programs will kick in. time is 6:38. a big cleanup is underway in indiana after eight tornadoes
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hit that state. the tornadoes hit central indiana destroying homes and businesses, knocking out power to thousands. eight tornadoes have been confirmed, three of them actually touched down. amazingly no serious injuries or deaths have been reported yet. but the people say it was terrifying. >> i tried to push the door. and the wind was blowing so fast. and i never seen it like this in my life. and then i shut the door and then it blew my window out. and then that was it. i just ran downstairs, i was just so scared. republican vice presidential nominee, the governor of indiana, left the campaign trail to go back to indiana. in louisiana, the governor there announced a program to get people back in their homes as quick as possible after the
6:40 am
massive flooding. governor john bel edwards said the program is called shelter at home. it's been successful in other states after hurricane sandy. fema is providing temporary housing and the governor says getting people back in their own homes is his priority. time now is 6:40. and we've been talking a lot about the possible new stadium for the a's. and we're following developments with the oakland raiders, coming up at 7:00. the big meeting that may impact the team's decision to move. first the world's first self-driving taxicab, now picking up passengers. why a massachusetts based start- up says singapore is the place to launch the autonomous vehicles. we're looking at a commute that's very slow all over the east bay including highway 4. it's slow out of antioch all the way to concord.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:43 is the time. the deaths of two young sisters is prompting some people to lobby for safety improvements along a dangerous stretch of highway 1 in jenner. 6-year-old kaitlin and 4-year- old haley marcus drowned tuesday morning when the pickup truck went off the road and into the russian river. their mom was able to get out safely but could not reach her daughters who were strapped in the backseat -- he immediately
6:44 am
contacted state officials to discuss improving safety. rumble strips, flashing lights and a guardrail are possibilities. the two men hit by a taxicab in san francisco two days ago remain in the hospital this morning. we spoke with one victim on the phone from his hospital bed. at first he thought someone set off a fire cracker. he suffered a fractured hip and a knee injury. the other man suffered more serious injuries. the taxi driver may have had a medical issue and hit the gas instead of the brake. he was also hurt and has been released from the hospital. the time is 6:44. city councilmen in campbell with us arrested on domestic violence charges. jeffrey christina was arrested tuesday morning. his fiancie showed up at a police station and told officers the two had a fight and that he would not let her
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use her cell phone to call 911 or leave the home. christina was booked into jail and later released after poeting bail. we want to check in with gasia for a look at what's coming up. we reported on the outrage over price hikes for the epipen. and in the past few hours we've learned that its maker is feeling the heat. the san francisco school district could get help in finding new teachers. how soon teachers in the city could get that help. i'll see you in a few with these stories and more. time is 6:45. the giants haven't been able to get out of the their slump yet. it was scoreless until the 4th
6:46 am
when justin turner did that. there was no question. johnny cueto knew it too. that was the only run of the game. the dodgers won run-zero. rich hill who was traded to the dodgers made his l.a. debut, pitching six solid innings. the giants couldn't capitalize with having runners in scoring position. for the oakland a's, took two of three from the cleveland indians and beat them 5-1 yesterday. the a's scored all of the runs in the second. kendall braveman gave up six hits, two walks and struck out two. the oakland a's are heading to st. louis for a three game interleague series with the cardinals. starting today, the world's first self-driving taxis will begin picking up passengers in
6:47 am
singapore. one of the reasons singapore was selected is because drivers there tend to obey traffic rules. for the test, the cars have a driver in the front who is prepared to take over if necessary. passengers have an invitation from the company to use the service. then they order it on an app. uber will begin offering rides in autonomous cars in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, in just a few weeks. >> it's here! >> could you imagine? >> i can't, i still can't imagine. >> there's still a human in there. >> it's really hard to believe. >> okay, sal. take care of our folks who are driving themselves. >> be prepared to wait for a long time. i want to give you a couple of heads up. 680 getting out of pleasanton and heading south. we had an earlier motorcycle accident at 84 or near 84 and
6:48 am
traffic is still very slow driving down south. and slow traffic on the altamont pass. and livermore looks okay. let's go to southbound 880 at hegenberger. there's guardrail damage from an earlier accident and this has been here for an hour of stop and go traffic. if you're driving this way, this is not normally slow. this takes people by surprise and makes them late. 880 is looking good through here. this morning it's not. southbound down to hegenberger. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. the to 30-minute delay. and all the commutes are beginning to pill up at this hour. 6:48 and let's go to steve. >> you know what everyone is can go me who lives near the coast? >> is it going to be sunny ever again? >> that's correct. eventually, yes. pretty good fog bank has made
6:49 am
it to livermore, walnut creek, concord, san jose, and just about everybody west. morning fog, cool to warm. more fog tomorrow. system drops and cooler inland. ukiah and clear lake and vacaville and antioch and brentwood and morgan hill and gilroy. not much change to the weekend. slightly warmer for a few. i posted on facebook for those of you who are curious or weather gurus or just work outside and need to know. there's a possibility around the third to the 5th of september. and i explain why it might happen. i think so. i think so. it feels like something is brewing. but today, fog and low clouds, and probably local drizzle. there's not much of a roaring breeze. 50s on the temps, a few low 60s. mountain view, san jose, low 50s san rafael.
6:50 am
and also novato. calistoga in the hills, 52 napa. 32 up in truckee. and look at arcata, 47. that's pretty cool for this time of year. the sierra was blowing up. but now all quiet with no thunderstorm activity. look at the fog and low clouds. and there's a system dropping down. could be the first of a few. that will enhance the fog bank tonight and tomorrow and bring in the cooler fog for the inland areas. cool coast, 80s inland today. and it does look like more low 80s, upper 70s as we go to friday and saturday. still 95 up in clear lake. probably close for ukiah as well. napa, sonoma, san rafael, petaluma. 86 out in fairfield. a couple of people have said these are nice temps.
6:51 am
60s to low 90s. 87 livermore. mid-80s, morgan hill and quill roadway. and saratoga -- cupertino, 69. 60s and 70s on the peninsula. i tell you, it just is incredibly stuck and looks cooler inland friday to saturday. >> i wanted to share a conversation on facebook about the ballpark. the proposed -- they are looking at a site for the a's and maureen says build it, we will come. >> i believe that. >> i believe that too. >> we're excited about it. it's a lot about money, right? >> paying for it, yeah. >> we'll see, but brian is out there talking about what's happening with the proposed site. and another talker this morning, a delaware woman left her eight and 9-year-old kids home alone. coming up in 20 minutes, the criminal charges that are getting a lot of reaction across the country. a big drug and gun bust in
6:52 am
northern california. the traffic stop that made them search a home in humboldt county.
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6:54 am
a traffic stop tuesday in san rafael led authorities to a stash of drugs, guns, and cash 250 miles away. a sheriff's deputy discovered
6:55 am
110 pounds of marijuana in the bed of the truck. the driver, a man from eureka, was arrested. the major crimes task force obtained a search warrant for his home in eureka. and they found marijuana plants, rifles, handguns, and $17,000. that discovery led them to another home in eureka where they found another gun. more cash, and $24,000 worth of marijuana oil. the man at that home was also arrested. the national parks service turns 100 years old today. the first national park, yellowstone, was created in 1872. but it was not until august 25, 1916 that president woodrow wilson signed a law creating the national parks service. there are 400 parks and monuments all over the country. and you can visit them free for
6:56 am
today through sunday. and check out google's doodle today. it takes you on a virtual tour of some of what can be found on the 84 million acres of land designated as a national park. >> nice. well a little boy in new jersey went all out to show appreciation for the local police department. he's just 5 years old. and he saved up his allowance money and treated his heroes to a free lunch. the entire department enjoyed the special treat from a little boy who is planning a career in law enforcement. >> he wants to be a police officer. and we look forward to that. >> i am so over the moon proud. i'm so excited for him. >> the free lunch is just the beginning. william is now planning to bring school supplies to needy
6:57 am
children in his city. future stanford student athlete katie ledecky can play baseball. [ cheering ] >> good throw. >> she threw out the first pitch before the washington nationals team. she had to hand off her five medals to reigning mvp bryce harper there. she's a native of nearby bethesda, maryland. >> she did good. a possible new home for the oakland a's at the port of oakland. up knicks, the benefits and also the drawbacks of the possible new site. plus traffic cameras capture the devastating earthquake in italy. what is hindering the efforts to rescue people still trapped in collapsed buildings.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. right behind me could be the new home of the oakland a's. what has the mayor encouraged today. bart riders may start seeing a change at some of its
7:00 am
stations. businesses selling more goods and services. what riders think as "mornings on 2" continues. 7:00 on the dot this thursday morning, august 25. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am dave clark. we are going to talk about your weather because some things are changing. steve paulson is back. good to have you back. you are fighting that little bug. >> am i? >> yeah, you are. >> much better, though. >> that's good. >> i have a lot of company out there. i feel for you folks. it's a tough one. we have an easy forecast though. fog, sun. 60s, 70s, 80s. san francisco has just been stuck in the 60s. one day this month at 70 degrees on august 8th. every other day 63, 64, 66. big fog bank. probably local drizzle. making a strong push inland. just about every reporting station says


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