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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> we want them to have the skills to go out and meet people, get out of the police car, walk the beat, shake hands, get to know the people that live and work in their districts. >> reporter: this walking tour is to better understand the community they plan to serve. >> i think there's obviously a lot of great work being done here and it's a great opportunity for us today to interact with the community and figure out what are the needs here so we know if we do come here that we can serve in a better capacity. >> let them know you shouldn't be scared of us, that we're here to help. >> reporter: the recruits stopped at an after school program for kids talking with them playing games and helping with homework. the executive director of the program hopes these recruits are just as successful as the currents officers she works with in the mission. >> the kids enjoy working with them. they play with them at the park. they go out on field trips with them and i think that is good for our community. i need to see more people
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acting with the police than always saying negative things. >> i just want you to know being able to help the community especially for minorities because i'm a minority and i want them to know that i'm here to help. i'm just like you. >> reporter: in addition to this type of training, the recruits must also complete volunteer work on their own time and this class is set to graduate next month. >> it looked like a big group. how many cadets are in that class? >> reporter: it's a pretty big class size. there are 46 recruits in this current class ranging in age from 21 to 55. 31 are men, eight are women and it's 63% diverse, so that's pretty good for this group. >> christina rendon in san francisco today. a not guilty plea comes in court today over a year since
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scott lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop. this is a picture coming up of defendant mark estrada taken during an earlier court appearance. today lunger's fellow officers packed the courtroom to show their support for the sergeant's family. >> logistically sometime it's not possible for everyone to be here. we will try to show force when we show up to these things and show our support to the family and community. >> sergeant lunger was 48 years old and the father of two girls. prosecutors have not decided whether to pursue the death penalty against estrada, but it is a possibility because the murder charge against him includes special circumstances. a father behind bars accused of abusing his 6-week- old newborn daughter. that infant is now in intensive care with multiple broken bones and a fractured skull. >> to be able to break the skull, that's quite a bit of force. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff's deputies arrested matthew zabala tuesday
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charging him with child abuse and domestic violence. investigators say the crimes happened as recently as sunday when a 6-week-old girl was brought into valley medical center in critical condition. detectives went to zabala's home in the 50th block of boston in an unincorporated area of the county. he was arrested and charged. the sergeant says the girl had broken bones in 14 different locations over her body and a skull fracture. >> it's a horrific crime because you have a 6-week-old victim. she can't call 911 or tell you what's hurting. it's just horrible. this victim can't defend herself whatsoever, can't even feed herself. >> they're just a puddle of muscles and bones and really not able to do too many things, maybe lift their head. >> reporter: san jose pediatrician dr. albert shin says the prognosis for recovery is unclear considering the amount of internal damage that may have been done.
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>> i probably would worry about the nervous system plus back of the eye, retina, places like that because to generate that kind of force the acceleration, deceleration, i'd be very concerned about that first and foremost. >> reporter: dr. shin says if the broken bones are in the growth area of the body, they may never fully really. as for matthew zabala, he's held on a half million dollars bond and will be arraigned tomorrow. jesse geary, ktvu fox 2 news. we learned today the trial of the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year- old sierra lamar will not be moved from santa clara county. sierra lamar disappeared from outside her home in morgan hill in 2012. her body has not been found. the judge denied a change of venue for the man charged with her murder. the judge said the court did not find a reasonable likelihood that antolin garcia torres could not receive a fair trial. jury selection is set to begin
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next month. police in mountain view arrested a man accused of making threats and recording a woman and toddler with a hidden camera. jose ballesteros was arrested by the cyber crimes unit last week. the victim called police after receiving threats online which included private pictures of her and a toddler in a bathroom in the home. there was a camera underneath the bathroom sink and a cable leading to a rented bedroom by the suspect. the bay area lawmakers pushing for guardrails along highway 1 after two young girls died when their truck crashed into the russian river earlier this week. 6-year-old katelyn marcus and her 4-year-old sister haley died after their pickup truck their mother drove plunged 40 feet down an embankment and then sank in the russian river. it happened outside of jenner on the sonoma county coast. the mother broke the driver's
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side window and got out. she tried to save her little girls but wasn't successful. today state senator mike mcguire announced he's pushing for guardrails along that stretch of highway 1. >> we need to look at a guardrail and additional safety enhancements the community asked for months ago. that meeting should be taking place as soon as possible. >> investigators say they think that the mother lost control of her pickup truck because of slick road conditions. a healing gathering is sent for friday night at the jenner community center. today we are getting a first look at new drawings of a proposed stadium for the oakland raiders in las vegas. the team president gave a presentation to tourism officials there. the team would pitch in $500 million toward the $1.9 billion facility. a proposed hotel tax would add $750 million more. the tourism committee expects to make a recommendation on
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that tax next month. we've also learned the raiders applied for the trademark of the name las vegas raiders. nfl owners would have to approve any move. there's also the question whether las vegas has enough fan base to support an nfl team. some say they don't see why public money should go to help billionaires build a stadium. representatives of the a's discounted a possible site for a new waterfront -- scouted a possible site for a new waterfront site this afternoon. they looked at the howard terminal not far from jack london square. ktvu's tom vacar now with what may be an option to keep the a's from leaving town. >> reporter: at about 2:30 this afternoon a bus carrying representatives from the oakland a's arrived with key representatives of the port of oakland. those key port people will explain if and how the 50 acres of land currently known always
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the howard terminal current listen used for port shipping -- currently used for port shipping activity might be converted for use as a major league ballpark. >> engineering, commercial and maritime divisions. >> reporter: chris dobbins, the commissioner of the oakland alameda coliseum thermometer, talked to the media. >> it's a beautiful site here if it could come to fruition. you look at what the giants have done developing the market because they put at&t park. this should be rivalling there. >> reporter: the terminal sit right next to jack london square, a major restaurant and entertainment complex still struggling to attract visitors. >> they've been talking about revitalizing jack london square, this would really revitalize the whole area. >> reporter: besides the ballpark many improvements would be needed to provide access to gameday and event crowds and since this is on bay
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fill, costs for a park would be elevated by earthquake codes. codes require the whole complex be built upon hundreds, if not thousands of steel footed pilings pounded deep into the ground. they would go through layers of loose soils, clays and muds to hit a solid rock foundation. this is possible if the support, engineering, permits and finances can be arranged in a way that does not hamper the giant economic engine here that is the port of oakland. >> there needs to be a formal proposal before you can investigate what, if any, impact there would be on other port operation. >> reporter: the inspection lasted 40 minutes, plenty of time for a look-see, especially when you're considering other sites, all of which have pluses and minuses. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up knbr earn benched by the warriors. we'll have more on the new
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radio deal making waves in the sports world. >> we're tracking some of that smoke in the bay area from those southern fires, also the bay area weekend. we'll talk about the cooling trend headed our way. >> later caught on camera a violent attack on a cab driver in san francisco. in 10 minutes a closer look at this dashcam video that hopefully could help police make some arrests. >> you could see the cabbie literally jump from the driver's side to the passenger side.
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the golden state warriors announced today it is leaving knbr after 32 years and moving to 95.7 the game on the fm dial. >> our sports director joins us now. why in the world would the warriors want to leave knbr? >> that's true. they're a 50,000-watt powerhouse. there's a lot of reasons, but at the top of the list the golden state warriors are without a doubt the biggest and most popular franchise in the country probably right now. they've usurped the giants as the most watched and paid attention to franchise in the bay area. so in short any radio station would love to have the warriors on their network and i'll tell you why one of the big reasons this happened is because the giants had no.
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1 priority on knbr. they kept getting usurped by the warriors. you want to listen to the warrior game, the giants are on the radio. so where do you find the warriors on your dial? so people are searching all over and one of the catalysts, too, i've heard is the warriors, the night they won their 73rd game to break the record the giants were broadcasting an exhibition game on knbr. so those kind of things hurt when you're the warriors wanting the best production for your team obviously and the warriors' president seemed to agree they don't want to be second fiddle to anyone now because they don't have to be. >> we have great respect for knbr and the giants and what they have built. there's a lot of programming on knbr, a lot of teams and there are commitments that were in place before the warriors became what the warriors are today. so we certainly respect those, but for us i think it's the right move at the right time.
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>> so they're ecstatic about that and the main thing is their product will now be in first position over on knbr it's always all about the giants. you can understand it. it's a business deal basically is what it boils down to, but it also kind of signals a shift in sports broadcasting now to fm where you can hear it better and you're starting to hear less and less games broadcast on am. the 49ers and the giants still are on knbr, while this up and coming 95.7 have the warriors, raiders, the a's and the sharks. >> will this hurt camden yard at all? >> the warriors have to be the most popular -- will this hurt knbr at all? >> the warriors have to be the most popular franchise right now. >> it's a big changeover to fm. >> that's why it matters to
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sports fans for sure. american swimmer ryan lochte is facing charges in brazil for falsely reporting a crime. police in rio asked a judge to issue a summons for the olympic gold medalist. lochte would not be required to appear in court in person and could send an attorney instead. lochte initially claimed he and two other swimmers were robbed at gun point in rio and then admitted that he exaggerated. most people say lied about the story. surveillance footage showed lochte randallizeing a gas station bathroom and then being -- vandalizing a gas station bathroom and then being confronted by armed security guards. donald trump defended himself against accusations of racism by hillary clinton. >> when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist. >> during a stop in new hampshire trump said clinton's aim was to distract from claims
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that she gave special access to donors with the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state. in an efforts to reach out to minorities trump held a roundtable discussion in new york today aimed at finding a way to help african american if he is elected. yesterday he called clinton a bigot and said she takes african american votes for granted. today hillary clinton was in reno and offered her own list of reasons why she believes donald trump is not qualified to serve as president. vicki gonzalez said trump is linked to individuals and groups with hateful agendas and she accused him of running a racist campaign. >> reporter: polarizing beliefs bouncing off each other outside truckee meadows communities college. >> >> reporter: as opposing but equally passionate voters wait for hours to join in on a
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divisive presidential race. >> she's been fighting the last several decades of her life for people like me, women, children, education. >> we just want her e-mails. if she doesn't want to release them, what else is she hiding from us? >> reporter: hundreds spill into the reno auditorium as hillary clinton takes the stage. with the democratic presidential nominee's strong focus on donald trump's most extreme supporters. >> this is someone who retweets white supremacists online. >> i don't know anything about white supremacists. >> reporter: just hours before clinton's campaign matching words with controversial images in a new ad. >> the preen a lot of klan members like donald trump is because a lot of what he believes we believe in. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paronoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign quickly calling the video a disgrace saying this type of rhetoric and repulsive
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advertising is revolting and completely beyond the pale. >> unless we move forward together. >> reporter: thursday's rally creating a further unconventional wedge in the race to the white house. >> america is great because america is good. thank you all. nevada is a state president obama won twice, but now it's considered a toss-up. clinton holds a slim two-point lead in the real clear politics average of polls there. so we're tracking the forecast for your bay area friday now, a lot like today basically. we'll see fog in the morning, afternoon highs in 80s, a lot of fog pushing onshore. if you have stuff going on outside, it's cool. it's jackets in san francisco, berkeley and oakland and alameda as well and jackets in danville by 9:30, 10:00 tonight. there's a lot of cool air filling in our way.
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76 in concord and livermore. the fog is up and thick and shooting across the bay. it looks cool out there. there's the forecast model and it supports what i'm saying. look at the fog forecast. it's all the way into san jose working in towards evergreen. that's how it starts out tomorrow, so cloudy and then it clears out, but some of the southerly winds want to pull in some smoke from the soberanes fire. the yellows are 70s, most of us, and low and mid-80s in the warmest spot. 90s are barely showing up in sacramento. so a mild day, great for firefighters. this is your bay area friday forecast. as we move towards the weekend, more cooling in the forecast if you can believe it. schorl for saturday and sunday. we'll talk about that -- so
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cooler for saturday and sunday. we'll talk about that when i see you next. hundreds dead falling the earthquake in italy. at 6:30 the latest on the rescue and recovery efforts in the most devastated areas. >> a cal bear goes beast mode on a rugby field in australia as the cal football team prepares to kick off a new season down under. >> up first a bay area cab driver tased, pump punched and robbed. -- punched and robbed.
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an attack on a cab driver in san francisco caught on the victim's dash camera. the attacker reaches into the driver's side window and then uses a taser on the driver who immediately leaps over into the passenger seat. now san francisco police are looking for the four people involved in that attack. >> ktvu's tara moriarty has the latest on that investigation. >> reporter: tuesday august 2nd around 4:00 in the morning two men and two women are picked up from market and mason streets. you can see them smiling talking to their taxi driver as they head home to the bayview neighborhood. >> then one of the suspects asked if it would be okay if he can go to the top of potrero hill. the driver complied. >> reporter: this is the dead end where the four suspects brought the cab driver and told
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him to wait in his car while they ran inside to get some money. it was either this building or that one according to officers who couldn't tell which apartment they ran into from surveillance video. >> a few minutes later the suspect is back and the window is rolled down and he's tased directly in the neck. the cabbie jumps to the passenger side to escape from this taser. >> reporter: then a second suspect opens the passenger door and starts punching the driver who eventually gets away and runs off. the four rob the victim of his wallet, cell phone and backpack. >> they're identified as african american in their early 20s. >> reporter: officer brandon thompson patrols the area daily and didn't recognize the suspects. >> we don't know if they lived here. there's vacant units almost in each building. >> reporter: officer thompson said random people can crash in empty unit for a few days. it's a problem the city is trying to clamp down on. >> there have been narcotics and narcotics arrests to guns and different parole violations
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and things like that all regarding vacant units. >> reporter: more cameras are supposed to be installed to help crack down on criminal activity. meanwhile police want you to take a hard look at this video and call them if you recognize anyone. >> the last thing we want to do is make it people unsafe for our cab drivers and even our other drivers like uber and lyft. >> reporter: in san francisco tara ktvu fox 2 news. coming up more aftershocks in italy, up next the latest on the rescue and recovery efforts still underway. >> plus stanford mourning a visiting scholar killed in an attack on a university campus in afghanistan, how he's remembered tonight. >> plus a closer look at problems caused by the state's new vaccination law, how bay area schools are working with parents to comply. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. a san jose father is behind bars on a case of child abuse. investigators say 32-year-old
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matthew zabala of san jose was arrested on tuesday. a baby was taken to the medical center after cardiac arrest sunday. x-rays found she had 14 bone fractures including a skull fracture. a judge in santa clara county has denied a change of venue motion for the trial of garcia torres accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year- old sierra lamar of morgan hill in 2012. her body has never been found. the judge determined that there is not a reasonable likelihood that garcia torres would fail to receive a fair trial. and the oakland a's are scouting a new site for a possible waterfront ballpark. this afternoon a's representatives toured the howard terminal at the port of oakland. it's a 50-acre plot on the estuary current lip used for shipping. one drawback is the lack of freeway access or mass transit. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. more than 400 aftershocks have rattled nerves in


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