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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> hillary clinton unleashing a new attack on donald trump, trying to link him to the kkk. we'll tell you how trump is striking back. the latest in the race for the white house, as mornings on 2 continues. downtown funk. and downtown oakland. right? uptown funk and downtown oakland. that's what i meant to say, right? >> well, i don't believe you, so wile watch. >> thank you. nice start to the morning, friday, august 26th. thank you for waking up with us am i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your downtown weather for you. steve paulson has the weather for friday. >> downtown hasn't changed much. foggy ask cool. >> in months. >> seems like it. since the beginning of july. inland temps have been warm to
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hot. but they have been kind of ratcheting down a little bit. and they'll continue to come down today. most locations will drop into the 70s and will still be in the 80s. i'll tell you, it looks pretty cool out here. look at the fog bank. from eureka to san diego. no thunderstorm activity in the sierra, so you're good there. still west 26, gust to 33. that will do it every time. the lows are on the milder side. upper 50s to low 60s. but tahoe, reno, truckee, looking good. 60s for many. 70s now inland or low to mid- 80s. all right, sal, anything on a friday or are we still okay? >> we're okay we do have a couple of minor things that could cause delays. but for the most part in general, i like this start to the friday commute. we have slow traffic. it's not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. there is slowing on 205 westbound coming up to the
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altamont pass. you will see traffic once you get into the livermore area. looks okay. it turned out to be a noninjury crash that they were able to move rather quickly. so it did not have a lasting effect on the 680 commute. the road sensors are showing traffic there. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza here. where the traffic here still look light on the way into san francisco. that includes the entire bridge. also looking at 280, looks good. we have a crash reported southbound at bear creek road. a car hit a deer. it's on the right shoulder. but watch for it if you're coming up on bear creek road, any time in the near future. now, at 5:02. let's go back to the desk. >> the golden gate bridge may be getting a high-tech update to take tolls. ktvu's christien kafton is taking a look at the proposed changes. good morning, christien. >> yeah, good morning, david. as you know, when you cross the
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bridge southbound, from marin county, into san francisco, this is the iconic toll plaza where you pay your toll, built in 1937. but according to the marin i.j., there is a plan to keep that iconic look and add a new gantry, over just about 100 or 200 feet south of the toll plaza right over in this area here. we have an idea of what that might look like. backers say they need that new gantry to hold the technology to read transponders. right side now, say say there is simply not enough space on the old toll plaza. officials looked into that and say the optimum sight again, about 100 to 200 feet south of the toll plaza. board members are hoping to have that in place in september 2017. no word yet on the cost. so are far, there are no plans to demolish the original art deco plaz a. but some have
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raised concerns about how how narrow those lanes are. also, no plans right now to get rid of the iconic neon clock here, which has been telling commuters the time for 79 years as they cross from marin county into san francisco. >> christien kafton in san francisco from the golden gate bridge. thank you. we'll talk to you more later. new investigation into the death of a man found under the freeway intersection of 280 and 101 in san jose. police got a call just before 8:30 last night, about a possible dead body, at harold and bonita avenues. police found a man with severe injuries. he was pronounced dead at the scene. now, the police homicide and crime scene investigators are on this case right now. so far, no arrests have been made. >> the judge who sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to 6 month negligence jail for sexual assault, will stop presiding over criminal cases. upon his own request, starting
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september 6th, judge aaron perski is being reassigned. he sparked a national firestorm for the controversial sentence. but a stanford law professor, who wants to permanently remove pers frethe bench says a recall effort will still move forward. >> we believe that judge perski does not understand the harm and severity of sexual assault. i think that was clearly on display, and his sentence for brock turner. >> the head of judges in santa clara county says he still supports perski. but that pers key will aid the public by distractions. the judge takes over his new duties on september 6th. meanwhile, turner is scheduled to be released from jail on friday. time is 5:05. happening today, a judge will meet with lawyers today, about the major new development involving the man who is accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar. the judge will talk about a
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decision she made yesterday to turn down the request to move the trial out of santa clara county. the defense is claiming too much media attention makes it hard for the defendant, torres, to get a fair trial in the south bay. but the judge disagreed. the judge will also go over the evidence in this case, with jury selection due to begin next month. well, police in mountain view arrested a man accused of recording a woman and small child with a camera, hidden in the bathroom. 34-year-old jose ballesteros was arrested by the cyber crimes unit. the victim called police after getting online threats that included private photos of her and the child in the bathroom of a home on middlefield road. now, detectives found a camera, underneath a bathroom sink. and the cable leading to an adjacent bathroom that was rented by the suspect. >> it's outrageous in any sense, but especially when it
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involves children, that is extremely disconcerting to us. and we want to ensure that everyone feels safe in their home, as anyone should feel in any city. >> balesteros is charged with child porning pornography and three counts of using a hidden camera. police believe there may be additional victims and they hope those possible victims will come forward. a 6-week-old baby is in critical condition in san jose. the baby's father is due in court to face felony child abuse charges in this case. sheriff's deputies arrested 32- year-old matthew zavalla tuesday, two days after the baby girl was taken to the hospital. doctors say the baby had a fractured skull and several other critical injuries. hospital staff then alerts authorities who went to the child's home. sheriff's deputies say there was enough evidence to arrest the father for child abuse. his court appearance comes as doctors closely watch that
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little baby. >> i would probably worry about nervous system, plus half an eye, retina, things like that. when you generate that kind of force, acceleration, decelleration, i'd be very concerned about that, first and foremost. >> zaballa is reportedly a convicted child abuse killer, who served time involving a case with another daughter. let's take you to breaking news now. we understand there is a fire in emeryville. caught on one of our traffic cameras. sal, you have more details? >> reporter: yes. it's fires in trees and brush in berkeley, on the on-ramp to 80 westbound. you can see that the flames are coming up pretty good. it started off as a smaller fire. i do not see the fire department on the scene here t. here they come. looks like they're coming up, rolling on the scene. so this fire which is plainly visible from the freeway, is growing pretty big. some of the tree and brush
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there on the ashby avenue on- ramp. chp just arriving on the scene as well. looks like they have closed that off-ramp. looks like chp is shutting down that ramp right now. couple of minutes ago, we saw cars driving next to the flames, which was pretty dangerous. so the fire department in traffic. you can see them arriving. and we'll let you know. again, this is on the ashby avenue on-ramp. and that on-ramp is now closed. here comes the fire department here. looks like they might be able to get -- doesn't look big enough so that it's going to be -- going to last long, once the fire department gets there. but we'll keep an eye on it for you. >> and sal, just before you go, really quickly. this is on the east side of the freeway, right? >> it is on the west side of the freeway. >> west side. okay. >> if you're driving from the richmond side down, it will be on the right-hand side. we're pulling back to give you the perspective, pam. you can see, that's the east shore freeway, westbound. as you head out to the maze
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westbound. and the traffic is clearly slowing because of this fire that you can see from the freeway. >> thank you, sal. we'll stay on that. time is now 5:09. san francisco police want to know who stole valuable pieces of artwork from a high-end gallery. and some back to ancient greece. the front door is left open earlier this month through a remodeling project. but the owners didn't discover the theft until they return monday. the stolen items include three vases from the sixth adventure, b.c., and two lacquer boxes from japan from the 1800s. valued at an estimated $15,000. >> somebody must have seen us carrying the things in and out, and we were vulnerable for just -- it would take one minute. they dashed in, grabbed the pieces, maybe they had a backpack. >> now, on august 1st, just steps away from the foster gwen
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gallery, somebody broke the window to the daniel stein antique store and stole items, including silver candlesticks. police are looking into whether maybe these two cases are connected. investigators hope surveillance video may provide some clues. in the presidential race, donald trump and hillary clinton are accusing each other of racism. and as the attacks get sharper, a new poll shows the margins get wider. a new quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton now has a 10- point lead nationally in this race. that is a lot of ground for donald trump to have to make up in a relatively short period of time. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump taking their new attacks to new heights or new depths, depending on your perspective. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> reporter: clinton in reno, going after trump's ties to the
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so-called alternative right. and her campaign didn't stop there. >> raising a lot of klan members like donald trump, because he believes a lot of what we believe in. >> reporter: a new web ad even uses images of the klan. >> shame on you! >> reporter: and trump on the counterattack, culling clinton a bull -- calling clinton a bully. >> hillary clinton isn't just attacking me. she's attacking all of the decent people of all backgrounds, doesn't matter, of all backgrounds, who support this incredible, once in a lifetime movement. >> but trump facing another complication this morning. a report from politico saying his new campaign ceo, steve bannon, was once charged with domestic violence involving his ex-wife. it was 20 years ago, and the charges were later dismissed. clinton, meantime, keeping most reporters at arm's length, leading to an awkward moment yesterday, when she ignored one
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question after another to focus on chocolate. >> secretary clinton, any comment -- >> love this chocolate. >> any comment on your husband leaving -- >> and that appears to be the clinton strategy now. to run out the clock. keep the media largely at bay, and carry the lead she has nationally now, all the way through to washington. doug luzader. a cab driver, attacked with a taser. coming up at 5:30. the string of events, leading up to that attack. and the search for the people involved. but first, more fallout in the price hikes of the epipen. up income, a famous face, speaking out and cutting ties with the company behind it. we have a fire. looks like a brush fire or trees on fire. blocking an on-ramp here in berkeley. fire department got there and knocked it down rather quickly. we'll tell you what is going on and what is closed getting onto the freeway on 80 westbound.
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looks like some of that smoke is blowing across the freeway right now. well, a very fall-like feel to our pattern. it will be cooler inland today. with some of the temps coming down, under 80 degrees for many.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 5:15. we have breaking news.
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it could certainly affect traffic this morning. looked like a pretty big fire cell in berkeley. we could see it from our emeryville camera. >> yeah, you know, the fire department got there, and just as we suspected, they're able to get on something like this rather quickly and get it under control. so what had been flames and smoke now is reduced to smoke. so they took care of it. however, the smoke is blowing across the freeway, and you can see traffic on the east shore. it's a little slow. and part of it is also because that ramp is closed a lot of lights over there can be seen by people. but that ramp is not accessible right now, onto 80 westbound. it's one of those things where it shouldn't be there for too long. but there are going to be some ramps closed in the area. >> and any idea what was burning? because there really isn't anything burning over there, is there? >> trees, pam. trees and vegetation. pretty tall trees there that were on fire, according to someone who call today in. and when the fire department got there, they just hit it with pretty good burst of water
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and knocked it down. so it's nothing like a car or building. it's just vegetation. but you can see, the flames got pretty big at one point. >> okay. thank you, sal. >> let's move along. and now that this has been taken care of. we're going to take a look at some of the other more normal commutes here. commute from gilroy to san jose does not look bad. as a matter of fact, it is a nice-looking drive on northbound 101, driving up to morgueon hill into the main part of the valley. and it's not a bad commute. this is a look at interstate 880 now, in oakland. you can see traffic is moving well. yesterday, we had an unexpected slowdown that messed people up yesterday. i'm happy to tell you, traffic is back to normal, which is i light for this hour. and if you're at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's going to be light. today, if it's lighter, those lights may not go on. or even if they do, it's still light. we'll see what happens on this friday. we're hoping for light traffic,
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steve. on friday light friday, right? >> don't you usually see that, folks, generally speaking, right? >> used to be old days, it was definitely friday light. >> in the old days, we didn't even start our show until about 5 5:00, right? -- 5:00, right? >> those are real old days. cooler patterns for inland. i have some people say, what do you mean, cooler? i'm freezing. i understand, believe me. people say, i got a fire going. i understand. 60s for many. drizzle out there. and inland temps will continue their march down. 60s and 70s. couple of things. fog has made it pretty far inland. and areas that don't usually get the fog. so i mean, this is a really good push. so there will be more 70s than 80s inland. and you can see, it continues to head to the east. not any tropical moisture or thunderstorms. unless you're heading down to arizona, which is going bonkers
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lately. they couldn't buy a raindrop. now they can't stop it. west/southwest, 23. gusts to 30. travis, good delta breeze. west, west, west. i think you get the idea. it's a westerly breeze. 50s, 60s on the temps. low 60s, upper 60s on the peninsula. 59, belmont. 60 at stanford. 36 in truckee. 56, ukiah. and monterey, about the same. tahoe and truckee and reno. couple of systems here, working that fog bank. i think by this time next week, an even stronger picture might be moving into the system. could be stronger than the fog. might also give northern california its first rain around the fourth or fifth of september. i like what i'm seeing. today, if you don't like the fog, you're stuck. 60s, 60s and some sempghts and 80s. but even the most inland locations are cooling off. mendocino, to lake county,
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cooling off. slightly warmer, sunday into monday, in the next week, as we say, in the weather business, interesting. >> interesting. sometimes we don't like "interesting" when it comes to weather. >> there's a definite fall feel already. >> yes. i can agree. >> many have said that. leaves are turning. a lot of that has to do with drought. multi year drought. the trees are stressed. but i think we are going into an early fall. >> okay. hopefully early rain. >> i hope. >> all right, steve. time is 5:21. we have a recall to tell but this morning. it's for a baby stroller. the u.s. consumer product safety commission is recalling these, about 25,000 strollers, named safety first step and go travel systems. there have been 30 reports of the front tray of the stroller detaching on one side. and there are fears the baby could fall out. but so far, no injuries have been reported. sarah jessica parker is ending her professional relationship with the
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pharmaceutical giant milen. she said she was outraged with the company's decision to dramatically increase the price of the epipen, emergency allergy treatment. her son has severe peanut allergies. she was featured in a commercial for milin this year. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte now in the news for allegedly lying about being held at gunpoint in rio, at the olympics. i need a fire extinguisher or garden hose. >> a police officer rescued a man from the burning car. we'll show you the dramatic video that has been released. can we at least not drive by.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 at 5:25. developing news from indiana. national weather service confirming at least a dozen destructive tornadoes have hit indiana in the past two days. and montgomery county is one of the hardest-hit areas. lots of destruction, as far as you can see. homeowners say the devastating winds snapped off tree limbs like match sticks. >> we were in the bathroom. didn't actually see it come through. but heard the crack of the tree in our front yard come down. >> wow. >> there have been at least 15 injuries across indiana, but so far, no one has died. now, yesterday, mike pence, indiana's governor and the republican vice presidential nominee, he left the campaign
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trail to go back home to get a firsthand look at the destruction in indiana. well, president obama today will create the world's biggest marine-protected area. he will quadruple the size of a marine national monuments site, off the coast of hawaii. the white house says that designation will protect pristeen coral reefs and deep sea habitats. the president will fly to hawaii next beak -- week. he will address an environmental conference on wednesday. volkswagen will compensate 650 u.s. dealers for the losses they suffered in the wake of the emissions cheating scandal. the value of the settlement, that has not been released. but sources are telling reuters, it will be more than $1.2 billion. vw previously reached the agreement with car owners. vw said it would spend up to $10 billion in that deal to buy
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or repair vehicles with the emission cheating devices. well, a police officer in georgia is being cauld a hero, -- called a hero, after saving a man from a fiery wreck. it shows the athens officer putting his own life at risk. officer dan whidbey, ran to the car, smashed out a window and pulled the man to safety just moments before the car exploded. >> i need a fire extinguisher or a garden hose. get a garden hose! >> reporter: the man who was pulled from that car, he was sitting in the back seat. according to police, the driver of the car was killed in the crash. two people said they would not be sending medical bills to the victims of the nightclub shooting. they treat 53 wounded survivors back in june. but hospital officials say they're waiving those medical bills because they want to join the rest of the orlando
5:28 am
community in supporting these surviving shooting victims. now, they're going to bill the insurance companies if a patient has it. but they won't charge any outof pocket costs. the hospitals expect about $5 million in unreimbursed costs. if you recall, 49 other people were killed in that attack. time is now 5:28. turning a family tragedy into a push for road improvements. coming up, the new effort for more safety along a stretch of highway 1, where those two little girls died just days ago. also, an occupancy policy is stirring up controversy. in minutes, the white-only- residency rule that has a northern california neighborhood in an uproar.
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♪[ music ] the music of stevie wonder. very superstatue of libertystitious -- very superstitious, as we look live. nothing superstitious about it. it is friday, august 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's not friday the 13th. >> no, it's not. >> that would have been perfect timing for that. >> let's check in with steve. it's looking pretty in the city. >> pretty cool, though. >> yep. >> it's been cool for a while. >> most people in san francisco
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like it that way, though. you don't move there for the heat. >> true. but they like a little sun, too. >> the sun is nice. >> let's get to this. cooler pattern. see if i can make it. >> hang in there, i got your back. >> man, brutal. >> 60, 60s, 70s inland. more 70s than 80s am fog, cloud, drizzle. cooler. no thunderstorms. a flow-master on that delta breeze. so it's roaring. westerly breeze. temperatures, 60s or 50s. the lows are up. but the fog is making a huge push. looks good up in the sierra. don't have to worry about thunderstorms. cooler pattern for us. big fog bank from eureka all the way down to san diego or areas that don't get fog here. 60s, usually. 60s, 70s and a few 80s. all right, sal. you had a berkeley fire on the off-ramp. you want to talk about that or what? >> well, we're also talking about the whole thing, steve. 80, from starting as far up as
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solano county down to that spot you mentioned, in vacaville. fairfield, dixon. this whole commute here is not a bad one. it's getting more crowded, though. but today, it seems to be a little friday light. i think people look forward to having it lighter than usual on a friday. that's exactly what is happening. 680 and 80. when you get to the shore, steve mentioned t. the off-ramp at 80 at westbound ashby is still closed. you can exit on the frontage road. but right now, traffic is going to be not really that bad as you drive through. you can see the flashing lights. the fire department did knock that fire down rather quickly. let's go to the bay bridge. this is a first sign that it is not quite what it normally is. some days at 5:33. at this point, we have traffic that is backed up all the way to the maze. there's a small backup. but again tseems to be a little better than normal for now. at 5:33, let's go back to the desk.
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>> all right, thank you, sal. new from overnight, oakland police are investigating a serious, one-car crash. authorities are not saying much about what happened. but we do know that this was about 9:30 p.m. at san san pablo avenue at 34th street. a person in the car suffered life-threat i didn't think -- life of threatening injuries. a driver's dash cram ra -- camera caught it all. you can see the suspect reaches in the driver's window, tazes the driver, who immediately leaps into the passenger seat. san francisco police are hoping you can identify four people who are riding in that cab, just moments before. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us what she has been able to learn about this. >> reporter: tuesday, 4:30 in the morning, two men and two women are pick up from market and mason street. you can see them, smiling and talking to their taxicab driver as they head home. >> then one of the suspected
5:35 am
ask if they could go to the back of the texas fire drill road. and the driver complied. >> this is where they told him to wait inside the car while they ran inside to get money. it was another to this or that one according to officers. they couldn't tell which apartment they ran into. >> a few minutes leartsdz, the suspects come -- later, the suspects come back. and without him realizing it, they taze him in the neck. >> reporter: and a second suspect opens the door and starts punching the driver, who eventually goes off. >> they're identified as african american. and they're in their early 20s. >> reporter: officer brandon thompson patrols this area every day. he didn't recognize the suspects. we don't know if they lived here. there's a vacant list almost in each building. >> reporter: officer thompson
5:36 am
says vagrant people tend to crash in vacant buildings. >> there have been arrests from narcotics to guns and different parole violations and things like that. all regarding vacant units. >> reporter: more cameras are supposed to be installed to help crack down on criminal activity. meanwhile, police want you to take a hard look at this video and call them if you recognize anyone. >> the last thing we want to do is make it feel unsafe for our cab drivers. and even our other drivers like uber and lyft, where they feel like they might be assaulted. >> tara moriarty, ktvu5 news. a vallejo man, accused of starting a house fire that killed his girlfriend and their 5-year-old son, is due back in court this morning. police say 53-year-old dara long shumake threw gasoline on his girlfriend, and set her on fire on may 22nd. their son was sleeping nearby. the child was trapped by the flames inside the house and he died.
5:37 am
his mother, who suffered second- and third-degree burns, died last month. an oakland man, accused of killing a hayward police sergeant, has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. the plea comes more than a year after sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop. mark estrada has been charged in sergeant lunger's death. yesterday, lunger's fellow officers packed the courtroom to support his family. >> logistically, sometimes it's not possible for everyone to be here. but we will try to show force when we show up to these things and to show our support to the family and the community. >> prosecutors haven't decided whether they're going to persue the -- pursue the death penalty against estrada. but it is a possibility because the murder charges against him include special circumstances. one of six case -- charged in the case has pled not guilty. michael grasso. police say he's responsible for the torture, beating and
5:38 am
killing of 66-year-old steven williams back in may. williams' body was found in alvert lake in golden gate park. a female suspect was also arrested this week in arizona. four other suspects were taken into custody in san francisco in june. san francisco police are also investigating a report of a attempted kidnapping. police say a 13-year-old boy told officers that a chubby man tried to abduct him from a muni platform in the city's muni terrace neighborhood. the boy told police he had just gotten off a muni car, off third street, after a man tried to grab him, after asking him if he wanted to make some money. the 13-year-old was not hurt. the boy describes the man as african american, 6'tall, about 220 pounds, wearing a black shirt, brown sweatjacket and brown boots at the same time. the boots are splattered with white paint. more than a dozen cell phones have been stolen on bart trains and in bart stations over the past two weeks. according to the bay area news
5:39 am
group, at least 13 robberies occurred at nine stations in san francisco and in oakland. the bart police say in most cases, the suspect took the phones from the victims while they were on the train, and then ran onto the platform. bart advises, be aware of your surroundings. and make sure, secure your phones, especially near train car doors. well, a community meeting is planned for tonight to talk about this week's deaths of two little girls on highway 1. on the rugged sonoma county coast. it happened tuesday morning. just outside of jenner. 6-year-old marcus and 4-year- old haley, died after their mother's pickup truck, plunged 40 feet down into the russian river. this tragedy could lead to some positive changes. state senator mike mcgwire is now pushing for adding guardrails along that stretch of highway 1. we need to look at a guardrail. we also need to look at additional safety enhancements that the community has asked
5:40 am
for months ago. that meeting should be taking place as soon as possible. >> those proposed safety improvements will likely be talked about again at tonight's community meeting. it's going to be held at the jenner community center. a pittsburgh police officer is recovering from surgery, after he was injured during a dramatic rescue. now, police received a call about a house fire wednesday night, when they arrived on the scene. they learned that a blind man was trapped inside. one officer, severely injured his arm, when he smashed a window to try to get inside. another officer was able to get in and pull that unconscious man to safety. palm up, fingers relaxed. and so i told everyone, see a hand of what was going in. crawl underneath the smoke. grabbed him. >> the man was taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. the injured police officer may have suffered nerve damage to his arm. he did undergo several hours of surgery. both the fire victim and the
5:41 am
officer are expected to recover. your time is 5:40. a family moving into a subdivision in el dorado county is fighting to change a policy that is decades old that discriminates against minorities. the foster family bought a home in the lake hills subdivision. they were surprised to find out about an occupancy rule for that community that says that only white people were allowed to live there. now, that rule has been in place since 1961. it appears that officials thought minorities would lower the property values. >> it is really kind of awful. and racist and terrible. >> well, the fosters have now gone on social media, raising awareness about this. although some minorities do live in that development, the general manager said the policy will be officially changed. it's 5:41. and giants pitcher matt moore came within one out of a no- hitter. coming up at 6:00, we have reaction from the team as they
5:42 am
salvaged the series with the dodgers and head back home. and still ahead. patching a security flaw in the iphone. the spy wear that -- spyware that alows -- allows hackers to read your texts and e-mails. traffic is doing well on the drive to caldecott. we'll let you know more about that straight ahead. a lot of fog out there. inland temps will come down. we'll show you how much coming up. up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. apple says if you use an iphone or ipad, update the operating system software. apple has created a patch to fix a security system flaw. investigators say a company from israel produce spy software that can read text messages and e-mails and also track calls and contacts. security flaws in apple's
5:45 am
operating system allowed that software to be installed if the user clicked on a specific link that was sent. well, some of the nation's top retailers are now being investigated for possibly selling bed sheets they falsely claimed were made of authentic egyptian cotton. wal-mart, jc penney, bed, bath & beyond, are all involved in this investigation. the company that supplied the cotton, well spun, indiana, is being questioned for supplying those stores with fake or phony egyptian cotton sheets. stores often charge customers a premium for the high-end material. last week, target said it was pulling it off the shove shelves,a ever finding that well spun used nonegyptian cotton for almost two years. giant pokeballs are showing autopsy the -- showing up at target stores.
5:46 am
giant red sneers have been -- spheres have been painted. targeted said it wanted to create an extra special experience for its biggest pokemon fans. the ball being painted at target stores throughout the country. police in michigan have arrested a pilot for trying to fly a plane while drunk. it was set to take off yesterday. but the pilot realized there was something wrong with its copilot. the copilot breath test showed an alcohol level of .3, which is four times legal limit. olympic swimmer, ryan lochte has been charged with falsely reporting a crime in rio. lochte only needs to send a lawyer for him. he doesn't have to appear in court. lochte at first claimed that he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in rio. after surveillance video showed
5:47 am
lochte vandalizing a gas station, then being confronted by armed security guards, he admitted he exaggerated the story. if he is convict, lochte could face between 1 and 6 month negligence jail. or the judge could simply impose a hefty fine. well, happening today, expect a lot of traffic in santa clara. the 49ers are hosting the green bay packers in week 3 of the nfl preseason. game starts at 7:00 tonight at  levi stadium. but collin colin kaepernick is expected to play for the first time in a while. after tonight, the 49ers have one more preseason game that will be against the chargers, pam. >> yep. >> then they open the season, hosting the l.a. ramos september 12th. 5:47. >> uh-huh. >> let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> i just realized, you guys
5:48 am
match. we are wearing pink. and a have a -- i have a special pin on today nhonor of kay, our colleague who lost her battle to cancer. she's such a wonderful woman and reporter. >> tomorrow is a breast cancer walk, 5k at lake merit in oakland. it's going to be a great event. frank somerville is going to be out there. and a lot of great people wearing the pink. >> wearing the pink. >> that warms my heart. you guys are okay by me. and i loved faith. >> i know you did. >> she was a wonderful person. >> yeah, i was a new reporter when she was a veteran reporter. and she never big-timed me. she was always very nice. so as long as you're new, you have to feel the love. let's go ahead and take a look at the commute. westbound 580, as you drive from 205 to 580. you will see the traffic is slow. we had a couple of minor
5:49 am
incidents on the center divide. nothing major. just pushing in a little bit here to see the little more detail. the speeds are down. but it's just a little better than it was yesterday in the first four days of the week. down to some slow speeds, though, at the 205-580 merge. let's move along to 880 in oakland. north and southbound, traffic is moving along very nicely in both directions here as you pass the oakland coliseum. let's take a look at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. but the traffic, you can tell, is just a little lighter. and we are hoping for the whole friday light thing to stay with us for the entire commute. you can hope, right? 11 minutes before 6:00. let's go to steve. >> sal, i agree with you on faith bander. i walked in here in 1999. and she was as nice as she could be. right? >> there you go. >> everybody was. >> except that brian. he was so mean. [ laughter ] >> she was great, though. let's get to it. we have a huge fog bank out
5:50 am
there. i tell you, i think we're going into september with a very fall- like feel. there are signs our series alone is dropping in. if you're up in mendocino county, your first rain of the season is going to drop in about seven to 10 days. i've been doing this a long time. and i can feel it. and it sure feels like it to me. and the forecast models are showing it. we also have a bigger fog bank. the base has lifted. so joann marchety house says i can see the city lights from the el cerrito hills this morning. >> the fog was down here. now, it's up here. i believe that. it has moved inland. the fog has made it, the last cum of mornings, all the way out to morgan territory, which is past clayton. that is really rare for august to get fog that far. now, i mean, it can make it out to fairfield, vacaville. but usually puts on the brakes. but it has been making a huge push the last couple of days. it will not stop raining down in phoenix.
5:51 am
they couldn't buy a drop in winter. and now, since about the end of july, right about after i left. no, seriously. we had one day of thunderstorms. it was 115. and since then, it's been -- thunderstorms, rain, rain, rain. some of it made it to the sierra, but has now pushed off to the east. the upper atmosphere is not positive for thunderstorm development. 23, gust to 30. yes, i'm trying to not cough. west, west, west. the sea breeze is there. the fog is flying inland. the lows are up. the water temps are up as well, about 58 to 60. so that's why some of those lows are warmer. gilroy, 57. 55, scotts valley. santa cruz, 59. saratoga, cupertino. 36 in truckee. 56, ukiah. i'm almost there. i'll make it. clear over the sierra. and the reason being, series of lows, the first of what looks to be three over the next seven to 10, maybe even 14 days are
5:52 am
starting to work their way along the west coast. that enhances the fog. gives us drizzle. also lift its. so low clouds, cooler, a little warmer. sunday into monday. but then i think another big drop as we head into midweek, next week, end of august into september. september looking very -- start off with, at least. might get rid of that fog. 190 today. clearly maybe up to uky a. but everywhere in between. 60s and 70s. low to mid-80s. cooler. brentwood in antioch. yes, i said cooler. brentwood and antioch. 70s. 79 gilroy. 79, saratoga. 60s on the coast. 70s on the peninsula. cool pattern. a little warmer, sunday, monday. but not much. i think we're in a pattern here that is going to stay below average here for a while. >> okay. >> all right, steve, thank you. ioman -- yoman's job. >> we'll get you more tea and a
5:53 am
throat lozenge. special honor for a rabbit. the pet bunny that will now appear on the cover of a cereal box.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:55. happening today, you know every dog has its day. and this is it. the 26th of august is national
5:56 am
dog day. celebrating dogs of all shapes and sizes. and looks like happy the wonder dog. several events are planned here and the bay area, and all across the country, honoring man's best friend. well, there's a rabbit in sunnyvale that will become a very familiar case. if you love cereal, cheerios. 5-year-old chestnut, won a national contest and will now appear on the cover of commemorative boxes of honey nut cheerios. chestnut beat out fellow rabbits and cats and dogs and other animals. general mills, makers of cheerios held the contest, promoting that it's removing artificial flavors and colors in most of its cereals, including trix and cocoa puffs. there's a new school in oakland. lighthouse charter community public school. it is located on coolidge
5:57 am
avenue. both mayor libby shaf and the school superintendent are scheduled to attend the ceremony. it will open with 240 students from kindergarten to sixth grade. >> and lighthouse is a very good school. i've seen their work. way to g. living in rvs, outside the police department. why some san jose police officers are not going home in between their shifts. plus, more fallout from the brock turner case in the south bay. judge aaron persky's request to be reassigned. good morning. we're looking at a commute that has been slightly better than it has been the rest of the week. so far, traffic is doing well on highway 217.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we can spark some momentum, heading into home. and get the ball rolling. >> hopefully they're getting on a good streak. pitcher matt moore came within one. fans hope it is the start of a second half turn around. morning on 2 continues.
6:00 am
good morning. and thank you for joining us on this friday morning. august 26th. i'm pam cook. >> what day, pam? >> friday. >> you like friday. >> we made it to friday as you like to say. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we also made it to steve paulson. he's checking your weather for a friday morning. >> cooler inland. >> felts it -- feels it. >> coast and bay people are saying, don't tell me cool. it's already been cool. bases are higher. it's more of a loy low cloud deck. many of you are listening. multitasking. not watching but listening. when it make its out that far. that's a pretty good push on the fog bank. more 60s 60 -- 70s than 80s inland. fogs getting helped along boy a system dropping to the pacific northwest, the first of what could be many here over the next seven to 10 days. nothing to worry about along the crest of the sierra for


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