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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: the alleged assault involves a 14-year old student and it happened before the ceo took over the livermore school. she said she has collected her own investigation. parents and students at the charter school have nothing but love for the school despite a string of allegations. >> they are saying hundreds of kids left. >> reporter: the latest accusations are against principal eric dillie and vice principal randy taylor. they are accused of failing to report abuse of a 14-year old student. documents show an after school tutor not officiated with the school accused the student of copying homework prompting the team to lose campus. he shoved the team into a car
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a car before bringing him back to campus. >> i never goti never got a sense that there was an injury. >> reporter: she is ceo of tri- valley learning. she says her investigation revealed that the 14-year old student was putting himself in danger and the adult stepped in to take him to safety. she had no indication from police there was any criminal wrongdoing. >> they did everything they should have done. >> reporter: in light of the charges she has placed the principle on administrative leave. >> i don't understand why this is happening. he is a professional. many parents love him. the students love him. >> reporter: the former vice president, randy taylor, resigned on sunday. the program was suspended months ago and the tutor accused of the abuse stopped coming to campus after the incident. parents say they feel the situation was taken care of.
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>> if there is mismanagement, deal with it, but that is not a reason to shut down a school that has high academics. what about the kids? >> reporter: she said when she took charge of the schools as she walked into a chaotic mess but she has made a lot of changes. >> du police believe there are any other victims out there? >> reporter: i don't think so, it looks like this was an isolated incident. we don't believe any other students are in danger. i spoke with the students today who defended the principal and the vice principal. it just seems to be an unfortunate situation. new information out of the
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south bay where a father was in court charged with murder in the death of his baby. now we have learned the suspect has already served a jail term for abusing a child. as jesse gary reports he is being held on $1 million bail. >> this is one of the most devastating cases you can work on as a prosecutor. >> reporter: this afternoon the prosecutor laid out the case against matthew zabala. he is charged with murder, salt in a child likely to call death and domestic abuse against her mother. overnight the baby died from injuries.
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documents site doctors at the hospital saying the child had nine broken ribs, a broken arm and multiple fractures. her skull had been crushed leading to unconsciousness. she stopped breathing and ultimately died at the hands of her own father. >> the bad guy is in jail. the person that killed the baby is in jail. >> reporter: police say these attack took place inside of matthew zabala's apartment. the infant's mother tells the police she heard a scream and found the baby unconscious. one neighbor says she wishes she knew what was happening. >> i feel really bad that someone that is being abused whether it be verbal or physical feels like they can't reach out. >> reporter: police say matthew zabala had a history of child abuse. he was charged in 2008 for abuse against his oldest daughter. after his release from prison he was able to be alone with his two children from a previous relationship. >> there were no prohibitions even though there was a conviction.
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this is his natural child. >> reporter: prosecutors say if convicted he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> we will do everything we can to hold him accountable and it justice for the baby. >> reporter: matthew zabala will be back in court september first to answer a plea to the charges. he is being segregated from other inmates. also the sheriff coupling with the medical center to establish a gofundme page to help pay for funeral expenses for the baby. jesse gary, ktvu. an appeals court upheld the dismissal of jaycee dugard. the court found the government is not liable for the actions of the parole officers who supervised phillip garrido. phillip garrido was on parole when he and his wife abducted jaycee dugard. she was freed in 2009. >> the courts are very protective of public employees.
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if we allow them to be sued all the time they will be afraid to do their job. the antipathies of that is you have at least covered in this case, a lot of over worked probation officers or probation officers that just did not care. >> the state of california paid jaycee dugard a $20 million settlement over its failure to properly monitor matthew zabala. a judge rejected a request to suspect the new assisted death law. the superior court judge denied the request to immediately suspend the law but is allowing opponents to pursue their case. the lawsuit claims of the new law is morally wrong and lacks safeguards to protect against abuse. a judge in san diego as of how the mandatory vaccination
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law. it requires students be vaccinated in order to attend school in california. opponents had challenged the law calling the requirement unconstitutional. today a judge refused to intervene. now to the election and donald trump is taking his campaign trail to lake tahoe tonight. he is scheduled to get to -- he is attended to -- he is going to host a dinner. in recent days trump and hillary clinton have turned up the campaign rhetoric on the issue of race. lauren blanchard has the latest. >> reporter: the white house now weighing in on mudslinging from the campaigns. as neither hillary clinton or donald trump backed down from saying the other is worse for minority voters. >> there is no denying that some of the rhetoric, rhetoric that we have heard from
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presidential candidates has been counterproductive. >> reporter: the clinton campaign out with another new ad attacking trump. >> what do you have to lose? >> these are racist ideas. anti- muslim, anti- immigrant, anti- women, they make up the emerging racist ideology known as. >> reporter: when pressed if she would call trump a racist clinton deflected. trump campaign end buyers are saying her new rhetoric is just a way to shift focus from controversy over the clinton foundation. >> she is trying to find a way to change the narrative. what she did yesterday is sad. >> reporter: trump is in las vegas trying to make his case to hispanic leaders. while clinton leaves
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campaigning up to her running mate senator can't -- senator tim kaine for the day. while clinton may have a commanding lead over trump in the newest poll it also shows with just 11 weeks to go voters see her as the more just the honest candidate. lauren blanchard, fox news. janet yellen signaled today that a hike a hike in interest rates could be around the corner. speaking at a conference she said the case for an interest rate hike has strengthened in recent months. she went on to honor an upbeat assessment of the economy noting that inflation is running below the 2% target. her comment had a mixed response on wall street today. the minimum wage will be going up in berkeley. at a special meeting the city council voted on an ordinance to
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raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2018. it is meant to be a compromise between two pay measures. the first hike will take place on october 1 to just over $12 an hour. coming up, a major ruling to tell you about involving swimsuits worn by muslim women. why some say the burkini ban is an infringement on human rights. >> we can say it is the end of the argument. in weather more low clouds coming into the bay area. we have cooled off a little bit today. coming up we will let you know if he have any warm up coming in your weekend.
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up next, the woman at the center of a sex scandal involving bay area police officers though going to rehab but, who is going to pay for it? henry lee has all of the details. let's take a look at the toll plaza for a look at the commute. not too bad here. some people in those lines are heading to the football game. -- some people in those lines are heading to the baseball game. it is slow going. keep that in mind if you are heading out tonight.
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new information about a a sex scandal involving bay area police officers. hours ago the woman at the center of all of it landed in florida to attend the rehab. henry lee joins us now. a lot of people asking the question, who is going to pay for this? >> reporter: that is the key question. celeste guap touched down this afternoon. while police may have been her ride the department is not paying for her rehab.
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celeste guap on a flight to friday, the day after she turned 19. she posted this picture on instagram of her ticket to fort lauderdale. police say she had been sexually exploited by police officers who may have had sex with her while she was under age. she told me she will undergo rehab for substance abuse and sex addiction. i exchanged text with her before she left. she said one reason her rehab is so far away is because it is to put you into a completely new environment. she said police are paying for her rehab but city officials said that is not the case. that know which one taxpayer dollars are involved. i asked for copies of the paperwork and she said the sergeant is handling all of it. that sgt., she said, is of the richmond police. i reached out but he declined to comment. in a past interview you can see he is standing outside the family justice center.
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it is a center for families affected by sexual assault from abuse and human trafficking. i asked the police chief if the center helped celeste guap in any way. she confirmed the partner did ask her to get some help. the police chief has declined to say who is picking up the tab. he said doing so could violate state law. the mayor says it should not matter who is paying for it. he told me, why aren't we simply grateful that she has found health and wish her success in turning her life around. civil rights attorney said he hopes celeste guap has not signed away her legal rights in the event she wants to sue the police. >> i would be concerned as to if she is getting a benefit here and giving up any rights she may have to file a claim. >> reporter: we have not got
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any clear answers as to who is paying but we are still looking. i did talk to a rehab center and they would not talk specifics. but they say they take most insurance. >> you actually spoke with her when she landed. >> i sent her a text. she said it is hot out there but she is ready to better herself. bart urging you to keep an eye on your cell phone. during the past two weeks 13 people have had their devices stolen. police say in most of the cases the thieves grabbed the phone from people who aren't paying attention. passenger say it is tempting to have your phone on the train. these days it can be risky. >> we always have our head down.
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someone can easily still your phone. i am aware of it. >> i keep my phone in my purse when i am on bart. it is a big issue. i don't want any trouble. i don't chance it. i know better. there is too much going on. >> bart says to keep your phone secure. don't let your phone to anyone. consider installing a tracking apps are just in it is stolen. a push for additional suicide prevention measures at the golden gate bridge. research shows more young people are committing suicide. police are working on a crisis line to help reach troubled teenagers before they attempt suicide at the bridge. this bridge patrol captain says the barrier could help in ways her officers cannot. >> i am the one who is usually in control in these situations i
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am not the one in control, the suicidal person is. my plan has got to be flexible because their plans are not. they have their plan. by the time we see them they are committed to that plan. >> suicides of my people under 25 at the bridge have more than doubled in recent years. other changes coming to the bridge. we have the timeline for a makeover of the toll plaza. >> reporter: right now when you cross the bridge into san francisco this is where you pay. now there is a plan to keep the iconic look of the toll plaza but move way you play. the plan would build a new gantry near the bus stop. we have a rendering showing what that might look like. backers of the plan say they need a a new gantry to hold all the equipment.
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also, to use cameras to scan license plates. they say there is not enough space on the toll plaza. the bridge gave us documents saying that the new toll regulations will be going into effect in 2018. board members hope to have the new gantry in place by december 2018. no word on how much it will cost. it does raise the question, does it make the old tollbooth obsolete and does it mean it will stay or will it go? >> right now we are leaving the toll plaza as it is in its location. we don't have the funding to remove it. it is not part of the project. it does open the opportunity for us to re- envision the toll plaza. >> reporter: the bridge has said there has been an increase
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in the number of people who have hit the toll booth. we have seen vehicles too tall or too wide get stuck. but you heard there are currently no plans to get rid of the current tollbooth that stands here right now. christien kafton, ktvu. the golden gate great bridge has seen a lot of fog all summer. not too much change for today. temperatures ranging from the mid-60s on the coast. 69 in san francisco. a lot of 70s out there. some 80s towards livermore and antioch. concord only 76. we have showers across parts of the southern sierra. we have surfaced wind that helped transport trans the fog back to the bay. current numbers right now livermore 75. santa rosa 66, san francisco
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checking in at 63. tomorrow morning low clouds and the possibility of some drizzle around the bay. temperatures in the 50s to start out the day. 55 at lunch. wrapping up the afternoon partly cloudy, 65. temperatures tomorrow a little bit warmer than today. we will have more 80s towards antioch. san francisco 65. san jose 79. a few more changes on sunday and also into next week. we will talk about that in a few minutes. coming up, a bay area man shot and killed while playing pokemon go. now his family is speaking out. >> all of his dreams. everything he has worked so hard for it was taken was taken from him for no reason. >> the message they have for the sons killer. coming up in sports we will here from a brush with history.
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-- coming up in sports we will here from matt moore on his brush with history. -- coming up in sports we will hear from matt moore on his brush with history.
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health.
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now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. the family of a bay area man shot and killed in san francisco is speaking out for the first time. >> he was playing pokemon go
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when all of this happened. tara moriarty tells us how he is now being remembered. >> reporter: calvin riley was a college baseball player whose star was on the rise. >> as soon as he could hold a baseball he started throwing it. >> reporter: his father moved the family out to the bay area because he thought the opportunity it space bar was greater for his son. >> he was on his way. he was trying to reach his goal to become a baseball player. he was starting to get offers. >> reporter: but he never got his crack at bad. on august the 6th while walking with a friend a friend playing pokemon go he was shot in the back. he was killed instantly. >> it has been a nightmare.
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>> it was his best friend. they did everything together. he was stolen from us. the rest of his life was stolen. all of his dreams, everything he has worked so hard for was taken from him. for no reason. >> reporter: police released a statement saying police are still actively working to solve the case of the shooting. we have brought in extra resources, including other agencies with expertise in this type of incident to move the case forward. >> it is hard. we just need help to find a person that has done this. he was such a great kid. you know, you want the person brought to justice. a major willing to receive involving swimsuits worn by muslim women. >> i asked for a law forbidding
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it in the entire territory of the republic. >> coming up, why some say the burkini ban is in infringement on human rights. federal officials calling for zika virus screening on all blood donations. how mandatory overtime has some bay area police officers sleeping in these rvs. ktvu news at 6:30 is next.
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