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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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to the monitors. >>reporter: two deputies watching surveillance footage noticed something strange on sunday afternoon. >> when they saw movement on the camera they started calling out deputies. >>reporter: this is a still frame of what they saw. an inmate upside down shimmying along a power line in an attempt to get away. inmate cysts to boss catchy started his attempted escape climbing a fence inside the minimum security facility. he jumped on a roof and child a bigger fence leaving his sandals behind before crawling on top of what deputies call candy cane fencing. >> you can see where the fence was supposed to fail it did. the break away part where it won't support a person. >>reporter: with but boscacci kept going and played it to the power line to take off his shirt to protect his hands. >> he went across the power lines over to the east fences and he fell between the two fences. >>reporter: by that time deputies were enroute to stop him. >> he never breached the perimeter of the exterior.
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it was an attempted escape and our deputies did a good job. >>reporter: sheriff submit the cameras became inoperable. the new cameras became open rathbuntive following the death of michael tyree last year. smith said the cameras help capture crimes provide evidence for inmates who make claims against deputies and in this case they send a message. >> don't try to escape. he was in on a misdemeanor petit theft. now he's got a felony. >>reporter: boss catchy was treated for a minor ankle giraffe dropping 25 to 30 feet from the power line. he's in a maximum security facility. the main jail in santa clara. >> his climbing power lines what are they saying about the chances he could have been electrocuted? >>reporter: yeah that were very dangerous on his part. that's why he took off his shirt to protect himself. so things could have turned out a lot worse for him. they are actually quite sized he only had an ankle injury.
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the sheriff says it does give them a chance to revisit security policies but she says the system they have in place did work. >> thanks christina. in san pablo police have released the name and mugshot of a woman who escaped from custody last friday night still wearing handcuffs. police say 27-year-old any kia hutcher son of rodeo was being taken into the county jail in martinez when she ran off. hutcher son had been arrested for trespassing and vandalism. police and a k-9 unit spent two hours looking for her without luck. she is said to be about 57 wrath and weighs 120 pounds but police say she is not considered a threat to public safety. a school teacher is charged with smuggling heroin and cell phones into sanquin ton prison. guards say they discovered ziploc bags in the visiting area where 47-year-old terry nichols had been meeting with a death row inmate. the investigation turned up 18 cell phones and 18 phone chargers along with 3-ounces of
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heroin. nichols is a teachers assistant in the la school district sanquin ton says it will be reviewing its procedures to determine how its security was circumvented. republican presidential nominee donald trump is headed to the peninsula this evening for a fundraiser. we're hearing about 40 people have been invited to attend a dinner at the woodside state estate of private equity investor soul fox it starts at $5,000 a person go up to $450,000. guests started arriving about an hour ago but so far no sign of the candidate. we also learned today donald trump is getting ready to put some first campaign ads in the air in 9 battleground states. as karl cameron reports this comes as trump prepares for a major address on his signature issue, immigration. >>reporter: with the election 10 weeks from tomorrow donald trump plans a major immigration speech wednesday in phoenix to clarify weeks of mixed vague and contrary messages on what was once his defining issue. >> if i win we're going to
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build the wall we're going to have an amazing border. >>reporter: trump is off the trail today and shooting new ads in new york before a northern california fundraiser in the bay area. he's lawn ofing his biggest ad buy yet $10 million across 9 water grounds states where he needs to win. in addition to big immigration speech wednesday in arizona which has been postponed twice he is preparing for the upcoming debates with clinton regular strategy sessions. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani is playing a big roam in the campaign and suggest trump's immigration plans are open en. >> he's going after the most dangerous criminals first and less dangerous second. by the time we see what our population is . >>reporter: art part of out reach efforts trump will address the only african- american owned and operated
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national christian television network the impact network at great faith ministries in michigan this saturday he tweeted inner city crime is reaching record left trip americans will vote for trump because they know i will stop the slaughter going on. a individual freedom economic growth and global stability. they say it's still important for republicans to vote for house and senate members in order to protect in congressional majority. in san francisco karl cameron foxnews. >> meantime a new national poll out today shows hillary clinton with a 7 point lead over donald trump. that is down from a 13 point lead in that same poll a month ago. the monday mouth university poll also finds 35% of voters have an unfavorable sue of both the democratic and republican daughter. more than any other election in recent history >> i think you see democrats arguing that her untrustworthy numbers are so high in some
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polls higher than donald trump's but she's still ahead of him because people accepted she's not to be trumpeted but she's prefer able to donald trump. with just two days to go until the next federal reporting deadline for contributions both campaigns are pushing hard to bring in money as they head into the final ten whence weeks of the race. hillary clinton's top aide had you ma an deege is separating from her husband anthony weiner afternoon he sent inappropriate photos to another woman. they published photos including one showed their five-year-old son lying next to the former congressman. an dean released a statement saying she has chosen to separate from her husband but the two will continue to raise their son together. weiner resigned from congress in 2011 after revelations that he was sending women sexually explicit text messages. this country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all. and it's not happening for all right now. >> i acknowledge his right to do that but i don't respect the
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motivation or action. >> you have to show some respect especially in this position we're in. >> colin kaepernick may very well suffer because of this. this is not the same as muhammad ali. when i saw this my first take way was okay i'm cool with it. not everybody is going to agree with it and it will divide to some degree the locker room. >> the controversy surrounding 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick continues to grow tonight following his decision to remain seated during the national anthem during a game last friday. the reaction is pouring in on social media. former 49ers head coach and current michigan head coach jim harbaugh says i apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments to char fee, i support collin's motivation it's his method of action that i take exception to. got another one from former nfl quarterback matt hasselbeck easy way to make sure you're not the starting quarterback on opening day. aubrey huff you require him former giants outfielder he says this guy is a joke.
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get lost. you don't like it the country that has given you opportune to succeed then get out. finally we have this from dallas mavericks owner and billionaire mark cuban. he says, i may not understand his perspective or agree with him, but colin kaepernick taught us that we can still disagree in this country peacefully. we got more on all this from jesse gary he has reaction from community members in the bay area. >> who don't see speaking corporate board rooms you b. >>reporter: walter wilson of san jose african-american community service agency says the next battleground in this sit or stand debate takes place in board rooms across the country. earlier today the center of the societal storm went through the paces with his 49er teammates in santa clara. colin kaepernick is preparing for the preseason finale mindful the most interesting part of the game likely to take
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place before may begins. last week number 7 remained seated during the national anthem saying his inaction helps refocus the spotlight on racial injustice. >> were it not kaepernick would we be talking about. if it were you or i sitting down would it be anish. >>reporter: pro defendants and officers killed on the job has been followed by apparent lull in the discussion. by refusing to stand kaepernick has put the issue back on the front burner. dante moore thomas with the van joe state black student union. >> it definitely helps because if people aren't talking about it it's not going to get solved we can protest so many times we can have protests we can have silent protests we can say our lives really matter until people are actually speaking about it people actually say black lives do matter not just the black people we care about our lives we want to know we do matter. >>reporter: make sure everyone across all able and economic lines learns that lesson. walter wilson says it's time for those seated at the table of power to stand up for
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change. >> corporate america has great influence in this country in terms of policy and a lot of other things that happen. and i think that it's crucial that if they have an opinion that it be heard. >>reporter: how likely is that to happen? well if you're old enough to remember once upon a time u.s. corporations were heavily invested in south africa at a time that country practiced apartheid until mounting social pressure here forced divestment and then change social change in south africa soon followed. jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. the van fran police officers union today slammed some of colin kaepernick's comments about police shootings. in a letter to 49ers president jed york the poa asked the 49ers for an apology saying in part quote the law enforcement community cannot be continuously blamed for all of society's problems including racial divide in our country. it isn't fair and it isn't true. and the alameda county
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sheriff's department has invited colin kaepernick to visit their academy to see their use of new orleans training. quote we invite you to meet with our current academy and veteran officers to talk to them about their experiences and yours. in his interview yesterday kaepernick suggested that police have less training than a cosmetologist. coming up airport anxiety at 6:30 the incident at lax that's worrying travelers at airports across the country. i'm always you know afraid that some idiot will decide to you know go into a terminal and start shooting the place up. >> tracking that weather you see some high clouds out there tropical moisture will make for a nice looking sunset tonight. we've got some temperatures i think you'll be surprised at as we push into the end of the week. up next a bay area couple facing felony charges following the death of this dog.
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oakland police searching for a chief two months without a top cop. the mayor revealed a new plan for hiring a new police chief. >> paul chambers with us. several communities meetings are planned and the city really wants to get input from young folks. >>reporter: that's very important to them get the young folks the get the youth in
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there. that first meeting will be held thursday at castle mount high school that will be two meetings focused on and run by the you'll. the mayor says it's important those who are often left out are included. >> it's very important to understand the context. >>reporter: surrounded by the next generation of oakland leaders libby schaaf made a announcement about the search for new police chief. >> we wants to hear from the community before we finalize a job recruitment statement. >>reporter: there will be community forums where city leaders can hear what their residents wants in a new top cop. currently the job isn't posted but the mayor says by the middle of next month it will be. after most of the community meetings one of which this spanish another in canton he's and two why the youth are center stage. >> that this is the group that often feels most vulnerable and least connected to what our city currently has been doing around safety and justice. >> i'm not naive. i know not every topic is bad but i'm no sir going to sit
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here and say that i feel comfortable around all police officers when i'm driving and i see a cop car or i feel a little nervous. >>reporter: those are the feelings that the mayor says she doesn't want oakland's next generation to have. she wants their relationship with officers to be positive and not negative some of the young people here echoed that statement and add they want more communicate involvement from officers. >> i think most importantly would be trust and coming into the community getting involved. >> if you start with the community and kids at an early age when they grow up they won't think police officers are bad. they will remember the police officer that played basketball with them. >>reporter: the mayor hopes to selects a new chief by the end of the year with the start date january or february. log on to our web site to post asked us on our home page under local news. >> we have here san francisco also looking for a new police chief. are the two kinds of competing for candidates at all? >> miroslav said actually all
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eyes are on the bay area right now san francisco and oakland. so she thinks it's a positive and negative at the same time because whatever san francisco doesn't get or attract at least people are also looking across the bay at oakland as a possibility. >> they haven't officially posted the job. that is kind of surprising when we heard that. >> that's also interesting thing they want to wait to see from these forums they are going to wait through halfway through the month middle september to post the job talib good time they will have a guy edie what the community would like. >> thank you paul. >> new at 6:00 a burlingame couple is facing charges for the burning death of their dog. this is 2 year-old sprocket. owners shelby lujan brought it into a emergency clinic he was suffering from third degree burns and died within hours. they determined it was from the
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animal being put in scalding liquid. the couple faces felony charges. a measure that would increase penalties for sexually assaulting an unconscious or severely intoxicated person is headed to the governor's desk. the state assembly unanimously approved the bill today. it was introduced in response to the 6 month jail sentence for former stands ford university swimmer brock turner after he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. turner is actually scheduled to be released this week. the measure would prohibit probation in such cases. >> the highway patrol says a fire that burned at least 450 acres in northern california over the weekend was started by a woman who was driving under the influence of drugs. the car set off sparks as the woman kept driving on a flat tire. >> our neighbors were telling us she was there and she was watching the fire burning. >>reporter: homeowners on willow creek road in calvares county are frustrated with the
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dui driver the chp says sparked a 450-acre willow fire that burned dangerously close to their homes. >> it was like she disassociated herself. obviously whatever she was on she took no responsibility. >>reporter: the fire burned right up to the home of jeff and sandra. >> it was like wail over the hill, forcing firefighters to drop retard and obtain to the roof tom of their home and nearby garage. >> you see the black smoke you see the white smoke you see the clouds little different things going on and you're not really sure you know whose it is what it is. because you were on the other side of that hill. >>reporter: families like the saiders work to clean up their property. >> from what i understand from the investigating officer tried quite a while to get her attention. >>reporter: the chp is releasing new information about rene hogan the dui driver accused of starting the fire. >> for some reason her tire went flat this caused the shower sparks as she's driving down the roadway catching all
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the shoulder on fire. >>reporter: chp spokesperson says a witness who spotted those sparks tried to get hogan's attention but couldn't. so he passed her on mountain ranched road and blocked the roadway forcing her to come to a stop. >> meanwhile her car is on fire as well. he forcibly removed her from the vehicle. he detained her until officers could arrived. >>reporter: she was booked into the calvares county jail driving under the influence and suspended license. meantime neighbors are upset someone could be so careless during the middle of the fire season. we got some clouds out there going to make for pretty cool looking sunset these high clouds streaming in all the way from the sub tropics. pushing through the area. that's going to give us a nice looking sunset tonight and some interesting cloud formationness the morning. there's a little bit of patchy fog right off by the cliff house there at ocean beach. but most of the areas along the cold front are clear right now it's going to be a really
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pretty sunset in the sunset district. this is not fog it's high cloud cover. we have mostly high maybe middle clout cover moving in from take system. just kind of an interesting fall like feel to the air right now. 78 in fairfield. 79 in conger. temperatures looks like fall to me too even though it's still deep into summer. 3 degrees cooler in fairfield. then yesterday. five degrees warmer in santa rosa and 3 degrees -- this week reminds me of last week in terms of the kind of pattern we're up into. you know get the cameras ready because you know when that sun drops low this sunset is going to be money. it's already getting orange out there. some tropical clouds coming from that lower attitude have a lot of moisture and create some really kneel sunsets. and what you can't see the lower levels of the atmosphere a lot of moisture humidity in it. so you're reds already showing
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up. we'll see some sunset pictures sent in from you i'll let you know what the forecast will be plus the long-range forecast next time i see you. >> thieves stealing thousands of dollars worth of mail from bay area mailboxes. >> they were totally relaxed walked in knew exactly what they were doing. >> up next the surveillance video that could help investigators track down these two thieves. >> later in sports more on the colin kaepernick controversy when joe fons he returns you'll hear from the 49ers leading candidate for quarterback. plus opening up the skies. the new rules announced today regulating commercial drones.
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. the u.s. postal service is looking for two people caught on surveillance cameras stealing mail in san francisco as they are at the moriarity reports it appears those thieves have a master key that allows them special access. >>reporter: they look like they live here a man and woman buzz themselves into the apartment building in the city's cal hollow neighborhood. in just minutes they hit the locked mailboxes unloading dozens of letters filled with credit cards and passports and then take off. >> i was amazed they were totally relaxed they walked in knew exactly what they were doggie specially when they are carrying cups of coffee. >>reporter: paxton rose lives in the building on van ness avenue i showed a surveillance video of tree straight times where the thieves struck derek
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entering with authorities believe united states postal service master keyed. the burglars swiped a credit card from his box. >> these guys had stolen it on thursday well on saturday they charged like 5 grand in charges to local businesses. >>reporter: the mail thieves are using a physical key to break in. it fits right here into the intercom entry sell system which allows them to get buzzed into the building. it also works on this keyhole which is the mail bank door allowing the thief to open up this entire panel to access individual boxes. >> the mere possession of one of though cases a federal felony. potential penalty up to 0 years in federal prison. the theft of the mail is up to 5 years in federal prison up to $250,000 fine. >>reporter: u.s. postal inspectors are not releasing many details regarding the investigation but reportedly the mailbox bandits key fits into all uss presidents us -ps locks. >> we've been told it may be
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sold to them by disgruntled us abouts employee or it was stolen. >>reporter: rhodes says u.s. postal inspectors have known the problem for at least ten days but so far no locks have been changed a process he says was told would take $200,000 to fix. rose is hoping investigators will be able to close in on the thieves soon as he and his neighbors feel vulnerable. in san francisco terry moriarity ktvu fox 2 news. panic at lax as passengers mistake loud noises for gunshots. >> i probably would be doing the same thing. >> up next. >> i don't know what to believe. >> up next the latest on this incident and how it's shedding light on a growing fear across the country. also an investigation into negligence or fraud following last week's deadly earthquake in italy. plus how mark suckerburg is contributing to rebuilding effort. later how a northern california woman is coping with the 400% increase in the price
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for epipens. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. the oil companies pollute our air.
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. now today's top stories. #ers quarterback colin kaepernick is sticking by his decision to sit out the national anthem. kaepernick's


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