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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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so again the search does continue for the other possible suspects and anyone with any information on this case is asked to call police. guys? >> and so cristina, do they think that it was an isolated case? >> reporter: well, we do know that a burglary happened in that same area about a month ago. and it is something that they will be looking into whether or not that it was connected to this crime. but we have not heard back from them. >> okay, cristina rendon, thank you. hayward's police chief on leave. tonight city officials will only say an investigation is underway and that they are focused on, "personnel issues." >> reporter: frank and julie there are a lot of questions and very little answers. rumors and speculations are out there. white chief was placed on leave. it will be irresponsible for us to comment on what we have not confirmed. but we do know that the chief has hired a lawyer and a city manager, elevating a current captain. to serve as acting police
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chief. her name is on the building, start year 2011. that's when diane urban now diane stuart became the city of hayward's first police chief. right now there's no end date, but that could change depending on the outcome of the city manager's personnel investigation into her position. >> we went to hayward police department to get reactions. they would not go on camera, but confirmed that the chief is on leave and requested all city manager interviews to go to city hall. we were told that the city manager wasn't available. however she responded to me through e-mail saying that at this time she is asking everyone to respect the investigation process. she won't be making comments regarding the personal matter. back in july ktvu's claudine wong profiled stuart. a woman who takes her job seriously. >> how is everything going here? >> good. >> are you happy you made the jump? >> i'm the chief of police in the city of hayward. and so that is what it is. >> the first female chief in
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hayward. my five-year anniversary is coming up on august 9 of this year. >> the city officials say that it will be business as usual for the police here in hayward for public safety being the number one priority. >> what is the rank and file saying about all of this? >> they like her a lot and they enjoy her. we have not heard anything negative. no one really knows what's going on. there are a lot of unanswered questions. we'll stay on top of this. >> paul, thank you. >> thanks, paul. we have new information now on a suspicious dice found. the bomb squad has rendered the device safe and will is no danger now to the public. the device was discovered as officers responded to reports of a burglary shortly before 3:00 this afternoon at a storage unit on north fourth street near east hedding street. the san jose police department is moving forward with a plan to shift resources now due to a shortage of police officers. within the last hour the city
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council passed an emergency measure to deal with low staffing levels. the vote was 10-1. the decision means 47 officers from various departments will go out on patrol. over the past decade the number of full duty sworn officers have dropped from about 1,300 to 812. >> ultimately we felt in order to keep my officers safe and reduce, you know, quite frankly some of the fatigue and also to keep our community safe that we needed to do this and we needed to do this quickly. >> the department says that there will be nearly 350 10- hour patrol shifts each week that they cannot currently fill on overtime. changes are to come on september 11 and they will stay in place until march. 49ers head coach chip kelly says that colin kaepernick's decision to sit during their national anthem has not become a distraction for the team. and kaepernick's refusal to stand and his subsequent comment have prompted strong
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reaction from both supporters and critics. coach kelly spoke to the media today saying that there have been no discussions about cutting colin kaepernick before it had thursday's last pre- season game against the -- before this thursday's last pre- season game. >> i think that we need to talk to the players. they're focused on the 2016 season and how good of a team that the san francisco 49ers can be. like we have said all along that we recognize his right to speak his feelings. but that is not what we do at 8:15 in the morning until we leave at 8:00 at night. >> 49ers wide receiver jerry rice is weighing in on the controversy. rice tweeted in today, "all lives matter." so much going on in this world. can we all just get along? colin, i respect your stance, but don't disrespect the flag. and writing in the washington post former nba star jabar says what should horrify americans is not his choice to remain seated during the national
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anthem, but that nearly 50 years after ali was banned from boxing for his stance, we still need to call attention to the same racial inequities. failure to fix this problem is what's really un-american here. kaepernick says that the reason behind his protest is the unfair treatment of black people by law enforcement. that lead the alameda sheriff's department to issue a challenge to the quarterback in a facebook post that has since gone viral. ktvu christien kafton now with that part of the story. >> reporter: it is day two for the latest training academy at the alameda county sheriff's office. the cadets are still getting the basics of stress training. learning how to function in high-stress environments. >> this is why i'm training you to become a police officer. >> reporter: instructors here say it is a part of a comprehensive education program aimed at turning out good cops. >> we are always training.
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our sheriff always stresses if you are not learning something new that you're falling behind. >> reporter: on sunday 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick said a part of the reason why he did not stand to the national anthem is due to high- profile cases of police shootings. saying that there didn't seem to be enough training for all officers. >> you have people that practice law to be our lawyers going to school for eight years, but you can become a cop in six months and don't have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist. that is insane. >> and the alameda county sheriff's office responded with this facebook post, which went viral. >> our facebook page is well over 800,000 hits in a day. >> reporter: the post invites kaepernick to see the training for himself. j.d. nelson from the sheriff's office says that the post was made with sincerity. >> so we said you know, let's get him out here. let's talk about it. let's open the dialogue. >> reporter: students here study for 28 weeks. some say they're the hardest 28 weeks of their lives. lauren lestrap says that it will help make him a better
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officer in the long run. >> there is something individually, some passion or fire that brought you to this calling. it really is a calling. >> reporter: they stress that the officer's education isn't over when the 28 weeks are up. >> and then they go on to their field program, the jail training program an additional 12 to 15 weeks of training. then we receive countless hours through our career of training professionally. >> the alameda county sheriff's office says that so far they have not heard from colin kaepernick or any of the representatives, but they know that he probably has a lot on his mind. and with their season beginning on september 12 against the rams for monday night football. we are following some developing news right now out of riverside county in southern california where a fast-moving wildfire has burned more than 700 acres. you're looking at live pictures. the fire start just before 12:30 this afternoon and the
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cherry valley committee of riverside county. the so-called bogart fire is 5% contained. some 700 people have been displaced and about 200 homes have been evacuated. one firefighter has been trans- - transported to the hospital. and chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. what are the weather conditions like for the firefighters? >> it is very similar to what it has been like for you all summer, dry, warm, hot. but it's not out of control. the blue cut fire, when things will be really going off a few weeks ago that they will be howling and those temperatures will be up in the lower 100s. but today in this fire zone we don't have as much wind, but you will be down. and the humidity is down. that it is about where they were 15%. but they are just looking at pictures from the chopper. we have some video to show you as you can see what you are in here and that these fires, they don't have it. but because of the similarities that you would think about it and you worry about the, you know, the rapid spread and this
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explosive growth as you would see here. that they look to be very different. the weather conditions are better, the terrain looks like it will be more manageable and already as we would look at their live pictures, which we don't have, maybe you'll need to come back here to me and that they will use their hands. but when we were looking at the fire that you can see a lot of red and so that it will be doing the raindrops all across the area. really good news in terms of response to this fire and coming off of what we would see a few weeks ago at the blue cut and these conditions that they could be much worse. we will keep an eye on the live chopper shot that we were hoping to show you guys to illustrate what we were talking about. but just suffice to say it's a different fire environment than what we saw a few weeks ago where it was just so explosive in southern california. the national weather service issued a hurricane warning today for the big island of hawaii. they say that right now hurricane madeline is tracking towards the big island with
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their maximum sustained winds of 115 massachusetts -- 115 miles per hour and predicted to be closer to hawaii on wednesday. you can download the free ktvu weather app for the latest on the hurricane and the fire burning in southern california. we are also posting updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. coming up here, a war of words on the campaign trail. at 6:30 the latest attack today. this time from have the presidential canned -- this time from the vice presidential candidate. >> the trump campaign feels like the next big time. and up next just into the newsroom, singer chris brown arrested following a stand off that lasted for nearly 12 hours. what we're learning about the incident that all started it and the charges that he is now facing.
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in the los angeles area singer chris brown was arrested late this afternoon following a standoff at his home that lasted for nearly 12 hours. chris brown is now facing some serious charges. heather holmes is in the newsroom now with what we know so far. heather? >> reporter: frank, police say that chris brown was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon with just a felony. officers were first called to his home around 3:00 this morning by a woman who reported that he had pulled a gun on her. and now that standoff began once police arrived at brown's home in the l.a. suburb of tarzana. for hours officers waited outside the residence for a search warrant. according, to mz while brown was -- and according to tmz,
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while brown was held inside, he posted two videos. he had angry reactions to media reports about the barricade. >> and barricaded myself in my house? have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself. i'm not coming out for what? good luck. when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do that you're going to walk right up in here and you're going to see nothing you idiots. >> and now at 1:00 this afternoon, police got a search warrant and they went inside. during the search you could see brown actually outside sitting there on the ground. the woman who -- the woman who accused brown of pulling out the gun spoke to tmz. >> he threatened me with the gun and that is when i just left. >> reporter: now the grammy winning singer has had multiple run-ins with the law, spending
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six years after pleading guilty to attacking his former girlfriend, talking about rihanna back in 2009. tmz reporting that brown is being taken to a los angeles police station for processing. we will keep you posted on what happens later tonight. >> all right, heather thank you. san francisco police say that a report of gunfire from inside a home lead to the discovery of dozens of guns. it happened last night in the cal howell neighborhood near octavia and green. neighbors called in reports of multiple gunshots from inside a home. officers arrested the man inside and then they discovered 60 guns. police say that it appears that some of those guns were owned legally. the city of berkeley announced a $15,000 reward for information that helps solve its first homicide of the year. 22-year-old alex goodwin jr. was shot and killed just before midnight on august 18 outside his home on maybelle street. he did not recognize person ringing the doorbell as he went out to have a better look and that is when he was shot and killed. if you have any information
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about their death, oakland police would sure like to hear from you. president obama is heading to lake tahoe tomorrow for the annual tahoe summit. the senators are all set to attend. as mike tells us, this meeting has a theme that is familiar for anyone that loves the lake. >> reporter: preparations are underway now at harvey's outdoor amphitheater. president obama will be the keynote speaker. at the top of the agenda, keeping lake tahoe blue. >> it is a beautiful lake. it is the most beautiful lake probably in the united states. >> reporter: and tahoe is also a recreational paradise. >> this gives us a great view of san diego. you know, we just started taking advantage of the lake, kayaking, trying to paddle board for the first time yesterday with my girls. >> reporter: but data from the uc davis tahoe research center shows that the lake had warmer temperature readings last year than ever before. >> and we had rain run off as
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opposed to melting. it floats across the surfaces of the lake carrying the contaminants. and that is what the measurement of clarity is. >> reporter: a century ago they had a clarity of 100 feet in depth and now scientists at uc davis say that it will be down to just 73 feet. that's not the only issue that governor brown and president obama will hear about tomorrow at the lake tahoe summit. >> we have things like aquatic and invasive species here. we will be looking for efforts to try to help prevent that from going into the lake to help create that catastrophe. >> they will attract their environmental experts from across california and nevada and clarity is a constant challenge here at the lake, along with their wildfires and the impact on their forestland. issues that they will hear about firsthand tomorrow at the lake tahoe summit. kcra 3 news. we are tracking the weather around here, which has been very advantageous to firefighters in northern
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california certainly. southern california we'll talk about the fire down there. we do have red flag warnings out in ventura county and santa barbara county areas. but for us we're under a mild pattern. it's not cool, but it is certainly not hot. it is just right actually. along the coast we've got patchy fog now. there is the winds that are blowing. we have a little bit of wind at sfo gusting at 22. 84 in concord right now, 83 in fairfield. it's feeling a lot more fall like around here. it really is. i mean look outside, right? some of that subtropical moisture to give us the real amazing sunset. tonight will be a good one too. that yesterday will be all time and tonight will be good too. if you've got your cell phone cameras pointed out towards the west tonight that it does not matter if you're inland, but pretty. there is the forecast for the fog tomorrow morning. there's a bit of it. and then the forecasted highs for you tomorrow afternoon that you're going to find the yellows or your 70s, the oranges, right? 80s. the reds are 90s. this pattern is cooler than what we have seen the last
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couple of days. those temperatures would go up like this and today was a little warmer than yesterday and those temperatures will come down just a little bit. i mean it will be a great deal. and as we will head into your bay area wednesday, get ready for a very nice day. mild day, fall-like day with the fire dangers. that they could basically cut it in half because of some of those cooler weather patterns that we're experiencing. the long range forecast, and when that heat will come back in and because you know that it is still august. well barely, but it is still the time of the year to get that heat in here. water districts will have new tools to crack down on water wasters as they enter their fifth year of drought. a bill signed by the governor will require the urban water suppliers to set their rules to identify households that use large amounts of water. the districts could either create local ordinances to set fines for excessive use or that they could use their rated tears to charge customers more if they go above a certain amount of water. the measure is set to take effect on january 1. apple accused of owing
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billions of dollars in back taxes to ireland. coming up next the legal battle now brewing and how they could affect their international relations. the nfl season has not even started. another team has lost their starting quarterback to injury. mark ibanez will tell us about that later next in sports. and a judge of a recall effort is fighting back. the website launched following the controversial sentencing of former swimmer of stanford convicted of sexual assault. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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eu regulators are demanding apple pay $14.5 billion in back taxes. but eu ruling says that ireland provided apple with illegal breaks in exchange for apple creating jobs, demanding them to pay their back taxes, plus the interest for the irish government. they say that the tax assessments are unfair. and they say that the obama administration, they want to work with europe to ensure that no country would get swindled. >> and president obama has demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that the taxpayers and the businesses, that they will be treated fairly because it will be in their economic interest to see them being treated fairly around the world. and am's ceo tim cook responded to the ruling with the open letter to the eu. they say that the company, they have followed all international laws, and that they will be confident that winning an
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appeal on the unprecedented ruling. the santa clara county judge of santa clara county has now lost their own website. and to fight that recall effort, following their controversial sentencing of the brock turner sexual assault case. the website is called retain judge persky. judge aaron persky is defending himself writing, "i believe strongly in judicial independence. i took an oath to uphold the constitution, not to appease politicians or ideal logs." persky is being removed from presiding over criminal cases in his own request and being assigned to civil cases next week. brock turner is scheduled to be released next friday. he only needed to serve three months of his six-month sentence for felony assault with an unconscious woman. that is because of automatically applied credits for good behavior. turner faces three years probation though and after he is released. he'll also be required to register as a sex offender for
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his whole life and finish a sex offender program. coming up, vt candidate tim kaine is taking aim -- vp candidate tim kaine is taking aim at donald trump. >> it is like he thinks we're gullible or suffering. >> up next the latest developments from the campaign trail. and plus we're learning about key spokesperson for isis reportedly killed. later he may not be a bay area favorite, but lebron james is getting a big thank you from a bay area business owner. we'll show you why when ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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checking our top stories at 6:30. hayward's police chief has been placed on administrative leave as a part of a personnel investigation. police chief diane stuart formally diane urban has been in charge of the department for five years now. we are being told this is a confidential matter. captain mark koller has been appointed as acting chief. no word on how long this investigation involving chief stuart will take. police in oakland say that two elderly men were suspected of a violent home robbery that happened earlier today near sequoyah country club. one of the victims were hit in the head and treated at a hospital. investigators say two teenagers are now in custody.
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they were found in a stolen van with items from the robbery inside. officers are searching for more suspects. 49ers head coach chip kelly says he plans to play quarterback colin kaepernick in this week's pre-season game against the san diego chargers. kaepernick is in the spotlight, of course for his decision to sit out the national anthem. thursday's game in san francisco is the charger's annual salute to the military. the team says it is unclear if security will be adjusted. kaepernick says he is protesting unfair treatment of black people by law enforcement. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. hillary clinton and donald trump were on opposite sides of the country today. >> as fox news reporter lauren blanchard tells us that clinton is fundraising in the northeast, donald trump is campaigning and raising money on the west coast with a stop in washington state tonight. >> reporter: back on the stumps today, donald trump is first fundraising out west, preparing to talk to voters tonight.
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meanwhile his running mate governor mike pence in georgia rallying support for the republican ticket. >> if you want a president who will protect this nation, rebuild our military, secure our borders, enforce the laws of this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking another day off from the campaign trail. instead sending out senator tim kaine. >> the trump campaign just feels like trump's next big con. it's like he thinks we're gullible. it's like he thinks we're suckers. it's like he thinks we're marks and that he can con us. >> reporter: clinton's vp pick is in pennsylvania where they show keystone state voters prefer clinton to trump by eight points. but brand new numbers now show clinton's national lead narrowing. a poll out has clinton ahead just by seven percentage points. however despit


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