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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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meanwhile his running mate governor mike pence in georgia rallying support for the republican ticket. >> if you want a president who will protect this nation, rebuild our military, secure our borders, enforce the laws of this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking another day off from the campaign trail. instead sending out senator tim kaine. >> the trump campaign just feels like trump's next big con. it's like he thinks we're gullible. it's like he thinks we're suckers. it's like he thinks we're marks and that he can con us. >> reporter: clinton's vp pick is in pennsylvania where they show keystone state voters prefer clinton to trump by eight points. but brand new numbers now show clinton's national lead narrowing. a poll out has clinton ahead just by seven percentage points. however despite what the polls
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find, election experts say that the race will come down to just a handful of states. >> we are really looking at the next contest in about ten, maybe 11 states here. hillary clinton is winning, we're tied in every one of those states. that's where i would rather be today. >> fox has confirmed that the clinton campaign is now cruising psychology experts. in washington lauren blanchard fox news. and our coverage will continue now, joining us now is the political analyst who is set to give a major speech on immigration in phoenix tomorrow night. that there have been questions about whether or not that he is changing his policy just a little bit. and how crucial is this speech tonight? >> and it will be very crucial for him since the immigration is the most important issue. that a lot of people have said that they will expect them to try to clarify his position and clarity being the goal i guess.
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i don't think that it is the case, but that they will reflect that new campaign management that they want to reflect the news narrative that accused him of flip-flopping and remove that. but i think that the direction he's going to go if he goes with the detail probably will move him to a new narrative, that i think that they will need to advocate some of their policies without crediting them. you mentioned the immigration issue. what kind of detail do you think he'll offer tomorrow night? >> in the last week, not this week but in the last week that he gave several speeches. this is where the suspicious about him beginning to soften the position came from. he said quite a few things including the idea of wanting to really go after people who are criminals and for everybody else who was here illegally, that those are not just calling them a criminal, but they broke that law coming here that you want to deport them and to allow them a pathway back in, which will sound very much like
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the approach of the obama administration. i would expect him to clarify something about that and the other thing that we expect him to do tomorrow night is to go after the cities including the cities here in the bay area that will offer those sanctuaries to those people here illegally. we all know what happened to the tourist in san francisco and who was murdered by someone who was here illegally. and that became their rallying cry, you know, that trump, her tragedy, it was just something that he would exploit in his rhetoric and he used her as that example. i would expect them to talk about that tomorrow night as well. >> let's talk about their polls because the national polls, they seem to be narrowing a bit. the most recent polls would have her up by five to six points. but how important are those polls? it is really the swing states and who is in the lead in those swing states. wouldn't you agree? >> yes, i do think that in your previous package that you would have a clinton official or somebody working the campaigns saying that she is ahead or she
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is tied in the most important states. that is one that i think will be accurate. but the important thing is that mr. trump, he is just recently making those major ad buys in six or seven of those battleground states, which are crucial states. he has a chance of winning. they are just about to spend the money. this race is very much in play and the other thing that nobody really factored in is that those libertarian and green party candidates are making a difference. that they are only pulling in single digits, anywhere from six to eight points, that they will be coming out. and actually it is both candidates, both trump and clinton in this case. and that it will make the difference and that it means if you are hillary clinton that you can flashlight take that race for granted. but if you are donald trump to start spending the money to go after those states to see what happens. it is still her race to lose. this is not a landslide for her by any stretch.
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>> all right, joe tuman, thank you for your perspective tonight. the terror group's chief spokesperson was killed in a u.s. strike in syria. mohammed was the target of a u.s. air strike in northern syria. but they say it is too soon to say if the air strike was successful. if confirmed, his death would be a significant blow to isis given that he was one of their founded members and one of their most visible members. coming up google going up against uber. the new service that the silicon valley giant could get ready to launch. a bay area neighborhood taking on uber. why people say they're fed up with that company. >> they have no respect for the people that live here.
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some families in daly city are butting heads with uber. ever since uber moved their support center from san francisco to san jose that they have turned it into a dirty mess. some neighbors want uber to move along. >> reporter: people that live on the west lake section of daly city say that uber is driving them crazy. >> i feel after 33 years that i'm a prisoner in my house. >> reporter: katherine writerman said that when they dropped next door, hundreds of
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uber drivers inundated her street. >> they have no respect for the people that live here and it is dangerous. we are afraid. they go so fast up and down this street. >> my daughter-in-law has a newborn and a 2-year-old in the car. they almost had a head-on collision because the uber was using his smart phone. >> they snatched up all the residential parking. >> after uber came the streets were littered with starbucks, coffee cups, i have seen diapers outside. people's leftover lunches. >> reporter: the residents have complained to uber and the city saying that nothing has been done to mitigate the problem. >> 2:00 in the afternoon when people are pulling into your driveway doing u-turns in the middle of the street, speeding down over 35 miles an hour. it is insane. >> reporter: uber is cooperating with the city to find solutions. we have opened up eight other satellite support centers
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around the bay area to reduce flow to daly city. we want to make sure that drivers who use daly city are local residents. but we met drivers from as far away as oakland, even sacramento. and all of them told us that they were not even aware that parking was an issue for the residents here. >> has uber said anything to you guys about the parking situation? >> no. i just found out. >> reporter: we spoke to city manager pat martell who said that uber misrepresented their use of the building when they applied for their business license. they asked for a dozen parking spaces for administrative staff. they never mentioned anything about uber vehicle inspections on site or hundreds of drivers that are needing to visit this location daily. >> and so uber, i encourage you to contact my office. i'll let you sit down with the neighbors to find concrete solutions. because right now according to the neighbors, you're being a bad neighbor. >> reporter: if the issue isn't resolved, the city says they will take legal action. in daly city. >> we would like our block back.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. >> there is more tonight that google is getting ready to launch a ride sharing service to compete with both uber and lyft. the wall street journal reports that google will base the service on the navigation service. unlike uber and lyft, waze aims to hook up riders with drivers who are headed in the same direction. waze drivers will make far less money than uber and lyft drivers. they have been running a pilot program in the bay area since may. well he may not be a bay area favorite, but lebron james is getting a big thank you from a bay area business owner. >> and now i'm a total lebron fan. i'm team lebron now at this point. >> how the mvp provided a boost to one woman's small business. we are taking a look at that forecast as we head into your bay area wednesday. it's going to be a little bit cooler in some spots. we'll let you know what you can expect tomorrow and beyond.
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so after this year's nba finals, lebron james is not exactly a fan favorite here in the bay area. >> but he is no one san francisco businesswoman who sent him a short video about her company. rob roth shows us what happened next. >> reporter: yolanda jones was never much of a lebron fan, but she is now. >> now i'm a total lebron fan. i'm team lebron now at this point. >> reporter: it appears that lebron has become a fan of
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hers. jones started her own business six years ago, yolanda's construction and control. they provide traffic safety equipment at construction sites including flaggers. jones heard about a nationwide contest called pitch lebron for small business owners who had 23 seconds to tell their story, hers was a social message. >> put the guns down, put the drugs down, pick up a flag and earn a decent living. >> reporter: it is a social media living for the reality tv show on cnbc about entrepreneurials. she learned that she had won. >> and i look like oh my gosh i really won. >> reporter: this is her prize. a mention on lebron's facebook page. that is a lot of exposure. she says that she wants her business to grow so she could hire more young people. people like this men who are constantly in trouble. >> keep me off the streets, out of trouble. >> reporter: she started yt at
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after her son was shot to death by san pablo police in 2009 while sitting in a stolen car. her business carries a message. >> if they were thinking about picking up a gun, robbing somebody, don't do it, okay? don't do it. if you were thinking about selling dope, don't do it. let me show you a better way where you can make just the same amount of money, but you don't have to risk your life. your mom does not have to cry at your grave. >> reporter: she is hoping that lebron will one day pay her a visit mostly so the teenage son could meet his next biggest idol after his mom. >> it is good to see all her hard work trying to help other people pay off and become -- to become bigger. and how cool would that be if they got a tap on the door and it was lebron james? >> their video was 23 seconds. >> yes. all right, let's talk about
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weather, bringing in the chief meteorologist bill martin. just like you have been saying mild all along. >> the flat line over the last couple of weeks as they head that way. this week too there's not a big change coming our way other than, you know, some fog in the morning and some high clouds that -- that is is making for a nice sunset tonight. there is a little fog working their way back to the coast as well as some middle to high-end clouds. today's temperatures generally warmer than they were yesterday by a few degrees. by some places seven degrees. 83 right now in fairfield. 80 in livermore. fire danger is down as frank and julie pointed out we are in a flat line of weather right now. that it will be balanced between a high and a low and that we are not getting too hot or cold that we are just kind of right. five degrees warmer in concord. seven degrees warmer today than yesterday. and up in the walnut creek area. 21 miles an hour winds out of
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fairfield. that is sustained. 25 miles an hour gusts at fairfield. and gusting near 30, which is a strong brisk westerly wind. 30 miles an hour at sfo so talented. that is giving you good air quality. and thick smoke, we are getting some smoke that will be built up in here too. we're up in san jose, the edge of mission peak. that it might be something coming up. the soberanes fire, they're still fighting that out there. a little bit of the smoke filtering into san jose area, the santa clara valley. but tomorrow in san francisco you'll wake up with clouds, fog, it will burn off. 63 degrees, partly cloudy in the afternoon and then you'll max out in san francisco. it will be warmer in san francisco, a little cooler over the inland bay valleys. so brownwood in september, late august early september, i would expect 90s. you'll be 85 degrees in
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brentwood. 83 in livermore and morgan hill and then your five-day forecast is just mild and nice. and it will be nice and mild and mostly sunny and mild and nice and just really what you need for this time of the year. because if you will notice in the newscast, we didn't do any fire stories. that's the keep the you get five days like this -- that's the key when you get five days like this, it is almost impossible for the response teams. but when it goes 98, 100 and it runs for four to five days. it depends on how hot it will be. >> most of those numbers about 96. the humidity is 18%. which is hot, but they're not getting the devastating winds that they would have last time. talking about the blue cut fire, which was so massive. >> in your long range do you see any big numbers coming up? >> no, i kept looking for it. i'll go out in ten days and i keep looking for the big heat and i'm not seeing it. >> yeah. all right, thank you, bill. >> thanks, bill.
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49ers head coach chip kelly spoke to the media today in regards to quarterback colin kaepernick. also, it looks like the a's, they have traded another one of their fan favorites, mark is up next with all the sports.
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but it is still with the 49ers and that they do have an exhibition game to play as they will be playing it in san diego. you know that we're going to move into phase 2. but in the meantime the practice team is down in santa clara. there is colin kaepernick the man of the hour. of course everybody, they want to know from chip kelly who will be the starting quarterback. if you know anything about football, they will not tell you a whole lot. but blaine gabbert will not play against the chargers on thursday in the final exhibition game. they don't want him to get hurt, of course. we do know that kaepernick will play. we don't know how much and we don't know if he will start.
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chip kelly talked about the process, the decision making that goes into making the final cut that this team now approaches that deadline date. >> there is always room for the improvements in the final stint. that's the way that it should be. but it is not like i could say hey that i would like to use that guy and that we are going this way. we have a real relationship. that's how we are handling the team in moving forward. i think the one thing about it is that we see things the same way in terms of how to build the team. >> all right, they may see things the same way, but people are not seeing the colin kaepernick issue the same way. everybody is weighing in and none stronger than this morning on kmbr radio. brent jones talked about how maybe bill walsh would have handled this back in the day when he was a player. have a listen. >> one of the things that bill was really focused on was hey if you have personal opinions
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or ideas or views, that is great off the field. the other thing is you never do anything that will become a distraction to your team. everybody has their own political ideology, but that's not the time and the place because it is bigger than yourself. and so that to me is a tremendously selfish move. >> all right, that is brent jones on the radio this morning. in the meantime this is like the last thing that you would want to have happen if you are an nfl ball club with contention in mind. the minnesota vikings get ready for the last game. teddy bridgewater, you hate to see this, a non-contact drill and he went down in a heap. it says that he has a torn acl
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and a dislocated knee. just a gruesome injury. obviously he'll miss this entire season if you think about it too. they said that he had to be sedated just to take his mri. he was in a great deal of pain and that as we say that you just hate to see that happen. and the a's, off the field you know coco crisp has not been real happy with the way that things have gone for him. he's been traded to the cleveland indians, the official announcement will come tomorrow. we'll find out who they receive in exchange that we do know that coco waived that no trade clause in his contract. 36-year-old outfielder will go to the indians. meanwhile the a's are in action as you'll see a nice play from rasmussen with the throw to the play of jason castro of castro valley and a stanford man. he makes a peg for the out. how many times have you seen it happen that a guy makes a great
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defensive play? and the next inning, rasmussen with a good arm and a good bat and the a's, they are trailing the astros 2-0. we have the giants in action tonight. they will be playing against arizona. the a's are the same in progress. >> yeah, that is just a star in the making and the vikings had super bowl hopes this year and he'll miss the action. >> i feel for him. >> thanks, mark. our coverage continues now over at ktvu plus with heather and kim. >> frank and julie, we will be following that frightening home invasion. we learned of two arrests made in that case. >> plus the latest on the sea otter killings off santa cruz. we'll have a live interview with the u.s. fish and wildlife service. they're going to bring us up to date on the investigation on the 7 on ktvu plus.
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