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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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clara county jail. the powerful explosion in florida at the spacex launch site. just ahead of this weekend scheduled launch of the falcon 9. controversy around: it -- colin kaepernick's socks. good afternoon and i am like me back. >> we begin with an amber alert. in hopes of finding a missing bay area child believe to have been abducted by his grandmother. william brown was last seen at 8:00 last night at the fusco grocery store on williams avenue in for san francisco's bayview district. he was outside the store with his grandmother. 44-year-old bb -- phoebe haynes. when the mother came outside the store they were nowhere to be seen. police say haynes was driving a
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four-door white acura tl with a black front bumper. the child was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and gray pajamas with sharks. >> more about that tight security that will be in place at the santa clara county jail when 20-year-old brock turner is released from custody tomorrow morning. >> turner served three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside a campus party. a sense was far too lenient. alex savidge his life with what turner can expect as he walks out of jail tomorrow. >> reporter: good afternoon. 20-year-old brock turner can expect to see a sizable crowd outside of santa clara county main jail. tomorrow when he is released from custody because we are expecting a number of groups will be protesting his release. you can see outside of the front doors barricades are ready to go. they will set up tomorrow to recall -- control the crowd and allow 20-year-old brock turner
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a path to block out of the jail and go to a car which hopefully will be waiting. this case has sparked outrage across the country and many feel the former stanford student got off too easily and sentenced to just six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a campus frat party. turner only had to serve half of that sends because he had no prior criminal history. the sheriff's office said that turner will be released sometime between 5:00 and 9 am tomorrow morning and is expected to be let out of the main doors of the jail. the same way all other inmates are released although a spokesman for the sheriff's office told me a short time ago that could change if there is some sort of valid threat against 20-year-old brock turner. >> if there was a violent protest and if his life became at risk for any protesters or media were at risk we would make alternative arrangements to ensure safety. >> during the last three months turner has been in protective custody at the jail and once he
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is let out tomorrow he is planning on serving his three years of probation in his home state of ohio. he will be required to register as a sex offender. you remember the judge in this case judge aaron persky who handed him a sense is facing a recall effort and is no longer hearing criminal cases. only civil cases. the word we have from the sheriff is that 20-year-old brock turner will be released sometime between 5 am and 9 am tomorrow morning. he's expected to come out of the front doors of the jail like every other inmate although if there are security concerns the sheriff's office says they may make other arrangements. we will have to wait and see and we will have full coverage. to the spokesperson elaborate in terms of the other arrangements? putting him in a patrol car or van? >> well, as -- i asked if there are other ways to get an inmate out of the jail. the question wasn't answered to my satisfaction but certainly
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there are other ways to get out of the jail and if they had to make arrangements and bring them out of another door or bring him out in a car or van it certainly sounds like they have the ability to do so. the sheriff's office said they are not going to make those arrangements unless there is a valid threat in regards to the safety of 20-year-old brock turner. we will have to wait and see.>> we will find out. alex savidge live. alejo police looking into what have -- caused a car to crash into other vehicles in the building and injuring two people. the driver lost control of his car at the intersection of tennessee and amaral to callahan lane. the car hit a tree and one other vehicle and then flipped over. is limited to that office building at the corner. fire and rescue crews responded and the driver has a history of a medical condition which may have contributed to the crash. one person was hit i one of the vehicles and both he and the driver were taken to the
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hospital and are in stable condition. >> a suspect in custody after a stabbing near 580 in oakland after 3 am on harrison near maas avenue. police arrested a man who stabbed two people but this shows no word on the condition of those victims. police are trying to determine what led up to this morning's attack. a firefighter will make a full recovery after being taken to the hospital after responding to a car fire. this happened on portland near melrose had 9:00 this morning. firefighters arrived and found a car next to a garage engulfed in flames and they were able to put the flames out quickly. the injured firefighter dislocated his knee. >> san francisco police rolled out dozens of new body cameras, 250 are wearing these cameras while patrolling. >> we got a preview. terry ingleside was at the station and as officers received training on how to use the cameras.
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>> reporter: officers here at ingleside are right now receiving a demonstration from taser international which makes the body cameras. there have been some apprehension about these cameras but an officer we spoke to who was able to get the cameras a test run over the past month say they take getting used to. at first he says he felt self- conscious but now it doesn't bother him and makes him feel safeguarded. >> people make unfounded complaints all the time so it will be easy to look at the video and it is professional. i was nice to them actually and they didn't like whatever the outcome was if i give them a ticket. >> the cameras cost $500 and are on at all times. they don't record until an officer presses the button. the cameras record 30 seconds of video prior to that button being pressed. officers at bayview and
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ingleside stations are out -- outfitted in the next stations to receive the cameras will be northern, mission and the tenderloin. ktvu. powerful earthquake has chased people out of their homes in new zealand. the seven point one quake struck 100 ktvu. powerful earthquake has chased people out of their homes in new zealand. the seven point one quake struck 105 miles off the east coast of new zealand. there are no reports of injuries. there have been several strong aftershocks. authorities have asked people on the coast of north island to leave their homes as a precaution. in florida the cause of an explosion that rocked a spacex launch site is under investigation. we show this pictures live early on mornings on 2, a plume of smoke out of the kennedy space center. the explosion happened during space x routine testing of the falcon 9 rocket. the unmanned rocket was scheduled to take an israeli satellite into space this weekend. many people took the social media to report the force shook
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buildings miles away with multiple explosions continuing for several minutes. in the end no one was hurt. spacex officials are calling this an anomaly resulting in the loss of a vehicle and payload. donald trump in ohio after a speech laying out framework for his immigration policy last night in phoenix. >> was a speech enough to calm nerves of his supporters some of whom have been concerned over what they perceive as trumps softening position. joe waldman reports.>> reporter: we are going to get you fantastic service. it's going to happen. >> speaking for the american legion national convention in ohio donald trump focusing today on veterans issues. last night's immigration speech in arizona has everyone talking. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> the fire we address came hours after trump met with mexico's president.
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who tweeted afterward that mexico will not be paying for the wall. >> they don't know what yet but they will pay for it. >> trumps hard-line immigration stance softened in recent weeks. specifically his position on deporting the 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the us. while promising there would be no amnesty under a trump administration, he did stop short of pledging nasty deportation singling out those with criminal histories as the priority. >> legal immigrants say we don't want you. it's a trap for republicans. >> hillary clinton plastid a speech before the american legion yesterday. her campaign labeling this is donald trump's first foreign test failure. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. >> hillary clinton has a listed vice president joe biden to campaign on her behalf today.
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new polls suggesting that clinton's lead is narrowing as trump regained his footing in the wake of his campaign shakeup. joe waldman, fox news. donald trump also appointed to the shooting death of kate steinle in san francisco last july as an example of the country's failed immigration policy.>> on my first day in office i am also going to ask congress to pass caselaw. named for kate steinman. >> trump said he would create mandatory prison terms for undocumented immigrants who are deported but return illegally all -- steinle was shot and killed last year by lopez sanchez, an undocumented immigrant who had been deported to mexico five different times. coverage continues online, we learn today the dallas police chief david brown is planning to retire. he was in the national spotlight
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overseeing the response to the july 7 sniper attack that killed five officers. today he was issuing a statement said he will retire october 22 after 33 years with the dallas police department. he said he was prompted to become an officer in 1983 by a crack cocaine epidemic in a dallas neighborhood. he was named the police chief in 2010. in the past he drew criticism from police units. the city didn't do enough to retain officers and many left for better pay. state of emergency for dozens of counties in florida and minutes ago the national hurricane center says hermine has now strengthened to a hurricane as it gets closer to the sunshine state. a lot of sunshine here. clouds around the bay. we will check in with mark tamayo to learn if there are changes in store. 49ers gear up for the final preseason game. more controversy on this thursday afternoon surrounding colin kaepernick and his socks. the quarterback issued a
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moments ago tropical storm hermine was upgraded to a hurricane. people in florida are bracing. >> good news for those living in hawaii as it loses strike. jonathan siri has the latest. >> reporter: hermine is churning in the gulf of mexico but the storm is causing damage
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in florida. flooding forcing some folks in largo to evacuate their homes. >> we're still 4 1/2 inches of water in the house. make sure it doesn't grow mold because we don't know what is in it. >> hermine will make landfall on the panhandle sometime overnight. it could bring 12 inches of rain too much of the central and northern part of the state. tornadoes are also possible in both north florida and southern georgia. >> i'm trying to be as ready as i can. i don't want to lose anything and have to spend more money replacing it again. >> in the pacific madeleine passed south of hawaii's big island and the system is forecasted continued moving away from the state.>> it's amazing mother nature at work. we're sitting in our house thinking the storm is it too bad. >> hawaii residents not in the clear with another powerful storm leicester nearing the chain. >> i asked the people of hawaii to listen to your state and
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local officials and make sure you and your families are prepared. >> hermine is tracking over land and near the carolina coast over the weekend. in panama on a -- panama city beach. let's check weather because the clouds out there are still around. >> they beefed up in coverage and the cooler day across the bay today as a result. right now we're talking about a hurricane hermine with winds at 75 miles per hour. this is the radar loop and i will say this. this is the first landfall since 2005 in florida. this is when that 35 miles per hour and along this track expected to move inland later on today. as a category one hurricane. excessive letting and possibly around 12 inches of rainfall
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for parts of florida. to hawaii, a few systems with a tropical storm and a hurricane and the hurricane is a threat as we head to the weekend. here's tropical storm madeleine with winds at 50 miles per hour. they will be can and move to the south and hurricane lester, here is the update. winds now and 105 miles per hour moving just to the north, very close to the island chain into the weekend. thankfully it should we can along this path so now possibly category one hurricanes saturday. just to the north of the big island. in the bay lots of low clouds and fog out there. the middle of june it looks like. a solid deck of overcast and near the coast and you can see showing up on the satellite, as becoming closer, lots of overcast for ocean beach towards half moon bay and san francisco covered. but lots of sunshine towards concord and san ramon. san francisco you need a
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sweater. temperatures in the upper 50s. santa rosa 71 and upper 60s to the 70s for the in the neighborhoods. september clouds across the entire bay area, that area of low pressure to the north will stick around and will be moving around too much. today, areas of fog coast slide and more sunshine and no big changes as we head into the weekend although if you're looking for major heat that is not in the forecast. temperatures will trend down into saturday. forecast ties today, 80s towards antioch and brentwood. san francisco 64. half moon bay 60 degrees. san jose 76. lower 80s towards morgan hill and gilroy. five day forecast, temperatures are holding steady into friday and then saturday, some cooling into the weekend. morning fog for sunday.
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keep the sweater and the jacket around if you are hanging out near the bay because we won't be warming up anytime soon. president obama traveling today making a stop in midway. a speck of land between asia and north america. it's part of his today conservation to her. the president was in lake tahoe to meet -- be the keynote speaker at the lake tahoe summit to celebrate efforts to preserve the natural beauty. since the summit began two decades ago $2 billion has been spent to protect and restore the lake.>> as this space is sacred to native americans it should be sacred to all americans. that is why we're here. to protect this special pristine place. to keep these waters crystal- clear. to keep the air as pure as the heavens. >> president obama will go to midway because it is at the heart of a marine national
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monument that the president expanded to 4 times its current size is -- and it's the large marine reserve. the man who shot ronald reagan. doctors at the hospital where john hinckley has been confined said he no longer poses a threat to himself or others. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and order to be held at saint elizabeth's outside of dc for mental health treatment. hinckley will be required to live with his mother at her home in williamsburg virginia and go back to saint elizabeth to have his mental state evaluated once a month. students learning to code by designing their own video games. teaching coating games and the children love to learn.
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the seven-figure shipping company in the world is filing for bankruptcy. they are in the port of portland. the next hundred ship should arrive sunday but has canceled an open port officials are discussing how to deal with future deliveries. international ports are refusing entry to ships while other ports like los angeles and long beach are allowing the ships to be off loaded if they have been prepaid. stocks retreating and a choppy start. they are edging lower this
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afternoon and the nasdaq remains in positive territory. you can see the dow jones down 10 points. nasdaq up three points. full extent of a summer hack that happened in 2012. someone broke into the system of dropbox, a hosting service in san francisco. it reported that information from users was put on the dark web but now there are reports that hackers obtained information from 69 million users. information included emails and passwords. experts say dropbox was a young company and has since increased security. frequent dropbox users are encouraged to change packs words -- passwords. drones can improve mobile service during the giants game. at&t strong team operated a drone 700 miles away at the stadium of washington state in seattle. even with thousands of people using mobile devices at the giants game at&t was able to use the same communication
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equipment to fly the tron. the goal is to clear connection and less interference and fewer slowdowns. have the speeds that they seek and the downloads and the uploads. they can stream. they can do anything they want. at&t says with drone technology it can measure the signal strength customers are getting in one day instead of having technicians walking around and taking five days. extracurricular program has young children learning to code. >> instead of playing video games the children are designing one. as leigh martinez tells us the class is put on by google.>> reporter: most of children's stories begin but not the story. >> this kids a story begins when school lets out. eighth-grader sarah wong
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doesn't go home. >> my mom has to work. >> she's eager to sit back down for another class. >> i enjoy coding more than school to be honest. >> she is one of dozens of elementary and middle school students coding their own animated stories. this summer google teamed up with americorps vista volunteers to develop a coding class at the south san francisco boys and girls club. they are using their imaginations to create animated worlds. >> we also learn how to make rain fall from the sky. >> and writing their own future. >> i want a career where i can be creative. >> an opportunity many don't have in school. >> you have to replace whatever your elective is with special ed so you can't have this. >> coding earns more than a
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regular college graduate. these are tools for the kids. >> 120 children took the coding camp and it was so popular classes expanded into the school year. >> expanding to other sites as well. >> some again not knowing how to use a mouse and now they know advanced math. >> by the time they get to 5th grade or sixth grade and learning they are ahead of the curve. >> men dominate the tech industry but here girls make up 40% of the coding class.>> i recommend girls do it more because if it is just boys doing it then like it is not fun anymore. >> sarah thinks storytelling with code can one day help write her way to high-tech success. the courses are so popular that the americorps volunteers want to put them into more sites in san francisco. they do have a funding page to set up to fund raise for chromebooks to get the classes off the ground. leigh martinez, ktvu. industry veterans will
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receive prestigious oscar statuettes. the film academy announced its annual governors awards recipient after -- actor jackie can and casting director liz saul master and frederick wiseman will be getting the oscar. the recipients are true pioneers and legends in their craft. they will be presented in november. the search underway in oakland for a permanent police chief. city leaders are hoping to get input. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side
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♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ information on an amber alert. we have the license plate and fall. police are looking for a 2003 acura tl four-door with plates. seven hp y y348. it is driven by bb dell trina haynes who is a grandmother of 11-month-old william brown. police say williams was seen at 8:00 last night with his grandmother outside of a grocery store on williams avenue in san francisco bayview district while the mother was shopping. when the mom came out the to on your screen were nowhere to be seen.
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police said the child was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and pajamas we sharks. a search for police chief is underway. leaders will look to young people for input on who should get the job. >> christian captain says leaders will gather at castle mohn high school looking for the input.>> classes are underway at castle mohn high school. some students are here already and may be in for a long day if they want to weigh in on the next police chief. castle mohn has been the site of student protests with students walking out of class last september after a police officer shot and killed a man who had a pellet gun. young people are getting involved and what qualities they are looking for any police chief will be heard. >> we should have more input and they should listen to us because we have things to say. they don't have to say everything but they need to listen about what we have to say and get our input.
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>> 10 community forms are scheduled this month. tonight is one of the meetings that will hear from young people and officials are asking the public which qualities do you want to see in the next police chief. oakland will screen candidates in november and selected chief by the end of the year so the person can start in 2017. tonight's youth committee form starts at 5:00 at castle on high school. ktvu fox 2 news. dozens of people gathered outside police headquarters in san jose to pray for the city and its police department. it was in reaction to the recent spike in homicides. 35 people have been killed in san jose since the beginning of the year. earlier this week the city council approved a state of emergency. that means 47 detectives will be moved out of specialized crime units and put back on street patrol. that is not enough to meet minimum staffing levels. >> one of the things i'm
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concerned about is with the police shortage staffing shortage is that criminals are more active. because they know they are not -- there are not enough officers on the street. >> we have a small amount of officers doing the same work. the load is heavier. >> offices say this shows community support and makes it easier. investigators are hoping that released surveillance video will help them identify a burger who broke into a home in july. police it happened at a house on danby avenue in north san jose. the burglar broke into the backyard and made off with a mountain bike in tools worth more than $10,000. police say they believe he's 35 years old and 5'8" tall weighing 188 pounds. a man known as the clean- cut bandit will be behind bars for a long time. dearest gilbert was sentenced tuesday to 30 years in federal prison for his part in nine
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bank robberies. he was known as the clean-cut bandit because he -- he held a knife. he pleaded guilty in may and rob six banks in san francisco and banks in antioch, san rafael and elk grove. the judge ordered him to pay $148,000 in restitution and that is how much money he stole. more about the tragic car crash that took the lives of sisters from run-on park. they were killed yesterday when the mother's car ran off the roadway and the petaluma river. the mother, alexandra hernandez, survived with injuries. she did not have a drivers license. her nine-year-old daughter delilah and her seven-year-old sister sayra were belted in when the car plunged into the river or the great. there trying to determine what caused the crash. >> one witness said the speed was involved. a little bit of weaving. we will look at distraction in the vehicle and we always look for evidence of impairment.
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>> california highway patrol says hernandez passed a breathalyzer test at the scene and told officers and other vehicle cut her off forcing her to swerve. california highway patrol is looking for more witnesses. palo alto school district preparing guidelines for how teachers should interact with students. according to reports, this comes in response to questionable behavior and crimes reported. the guidelines will likely give reminders to maintain physical distance from students and avoid interacting with students on social media and not being the only person a student talks to about personal issues. three teachers were accused of having inappropriate encounters with students during the last school year. nonprofit in the east bay is closing its doors. the lions center for the blind in oakland said it's because of rising cost. >> cristina rendon reports hundreds of white people have to find a new place to go. >> reporter: it was 1942 when the lions center for the blind opened in oakland and it provides services to 500 people and reaches 3000. >> they have a respect for each
12:37 pm
person that they serve and they don't see each person as a client. >> and lack of funding and fixed reimbursement rates has forced them to close. >> the same cost we were receiving for providing services in 96 were still receiving the same cost and of course the cost to employ masters level staff and pay rent and cost of product. >> the center can't provide employment services or braille training or living skills like using an iphone. >> i've always considered myself a low techie and they were fantastic. with teaching an older person who has not used many of those things before. >> liz raymer is getting tech training on this last day and she became legally blind a few years ago. >> it has been so important as i get more blind to get
12:38 pm
services i need to keep my computer skills up. >> the facility says despite closed doors work is underway to ensure a smooth transition will take place for clients and staff. >> we are closing to move programs and staff to another organization who can continue much of our work. >> the lions center for the blind will announce next week who they're working with and things are still being finalized but it is a nonprofit organization that they -- is based in the east bay. cristina rendon, ktvu. part says trains will be quieter soon. brad thiessen writers are used to the loud noise but experts say it can cause permanent damage. prolonged exposure to 85 db or more can hurt hearing. we recorded noise levels at 15 db higher than that.
12:39 pm
writers say it is not a surprise. >> sometimes i want to stick my hands in my ears. >> the problem is over time rails become uneven and when the wheels travel it gives a squealing noise. they will start reshaping the wheels and grinding down the tracks to reduce noise levels. a report right -- from san francisco controller said the city may want to shift resources to address the needs of the homeless. 3500 people lived on the streets last year rather than in shelters. it suggests shelters incorporate elements of the navigation shelters like more relaxed rules and higher priority on helping people get into permanent housing. a report about hiv in san francisco during -- and it shows infections are dropping and the rate declined to 17% from 2014 to last year but
12:40 pm
there is still room for improvement. new infections are increasing among african-americans and black women had the highest hiv rate among all women. 49ers gear up for the last preseason game. a lot of attention will be on colin kaepernick. the latest on his protests over the unfair treatment of minorities and why people are talking about his socks. and mark tamayo will have info on the holiday weekend forecast. foe to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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49ers are in san diego for the last preseason game but the controversy around colin kaepernick is heating up. just a few weeks ago he was wearing a controversial sock during practice in san francisco. you can see them here. many are interpreting the images of the socks as pigs wearing police hats. this follows his decision last week to remain seated during the national anthem. just a short time ago he took to instagram to respond. he says in part, i wore the socks in the packs because the rope hops that are allowed to hold positions in police departments not only put the community in danger but put the cops that have the right intentions in danger by
12:44 pm
creating an environment of tension and mistrust. i have two uncles and friends who are police officers and worked to protect all people. joining us is kevin mitchell, a spokesperson for the 49ers fan club. he served in the navy for 14 years. i will start with your reaction to this sitting down for the anthem controversy and what you expect to see at the game tonight.>> again being a navy veteran it doesn't bother me at all. i want go back into the reasons but it took more courage to do what he did in his protest then it would've been for him to conform to that of the masters. as far as his appearance in san diego, as far as the fans i spoke to they are fine with that. again there is mixed feelings all over. you may hear something different depending on who you talk to. the groups of fans that i deal with our supportive.>> what you think kevin the 49ers will do.
12:45 pm
i want to get your opinion. let's say you are the head coach and kaepernick has a fantastic game tonight. do you keep him on the team or do you cut him loose? >> okay. in the event he performs tonight that is what it's about. and me being a fan he didn't perform well in the last game and i watched all snaps and he has room for improvement. if he has a great game tonight and he progressed i don't see why you wouldn't give him a chance to compete. he has done great for the team in the past. >> may be the organization will get heat for keeping him on the team. the pressure of selling tickets. when they are dealing with this. if he continues to protest.>> there are other athletes who have done things that stayed on teams. actually what he did, it was blown up by many extreme things.
12:46 pm
he did catchy but it is not something that has an effect that other athletes haven't done in the past. i don't think it's a problem. >> let's talked about -- talk about san diego. it is different. more conservative than we are in the bay area. do you think the wide reaction to kaepernick's actions and words is going to be more anti- kaepernick than we have seen in the bay area?>> i think the initial response would who -- would have been that of anti- kaepernick. over the past few days he has received support from veterans and mines have changed. you may still hear a few boos but i don't think it will be bad if you wouldn't have gotten the most recent support. >> you mentioned some mines have changed. have you had this conversation with people who might otherwise
12:47 pm
not be talking with you about police brutality and patriotism? >> i've had this conversation to the point of nausea them to be honest. mines are changing from good to bad and may be bad to good. i think more so more neutral now. once you have the explanation of why he did what he did i thinks began to turn. >> do you have a kaepernick jersey? >> yes i do. i have it on right now. tonight i will be on team kaepernick. >> we've seen video at people burning his jerseys. >> that is foolishness. seriously. >> i love the montana jersey. i can see we have one hanging on the wall. you are going to the game tonight, do you expect to win? >> yes. it would be a great birthday gift. >>
12:48 pm
>> happy birthday. >> there has been improvement with no injuries. it will be a win.>> let the chip kelly era begin for the 49ers. thanks kevin, appreciate it. the raiders playing tonight and hosting the seattle seahawks at the coliseum and while many teams are scrambling the raiders roster appears to be set. jack del rio has not said if he will play quarterback tonight. del rio played all the starters out of the preseason game. you can watch that here at 7:00 tonight. the giants begin the series against the cubs in chicago after defeating the diamondbacks. matt moore struck out seven batters and five innings for his first career victory at at&t park. san francisco had 11 wins and 16 bosses.
12:49 pm
the giants are a game and a half back from the dodgers and the national league west. in houston, athletics lost to the astros 4-3 wrapping up a rough road trip. theáscored three runs to get houston a sweep. the a's have fallen to 4th to last. they return home tomorrow night to begin the series against the red sox. the raiders playing tonight. let's check in with mark miles. >> bring the sweater and the coat and the silver and black for tonight because temperatures on the cool side out there. around 60 degrees into the evening. you can see the reason. just look at this. low clouds and fog and stubborn. we are not warming up much across the bay for this afternoon. starting to see changes appear to the north. rain showers around the pacific northwest and that is a sign things will be changing into september.
12:50 pm
right now the middle of june with the fog hugging the coastline. we have onshore winds keeping the fog persistent. relatively clear skies as we were closer to alamosa and the black hawk as well. more sunshine inland but no major heat in the forecast today. look at the numbers. santa rosa 71, livermore 71. san francisco and half moon bay only in the upper 50s. here is the live camera towards the bay bridge. nothing but great. today partly cloudy skies downtown but overcast towards san francisco. and golden gate park and toward parts of fillmore. for today cool coast and more sunshine. tomorrow warm inland and the cool to mild weather pattern six around. speaking of the game this evening, partly cloudy skies with temperatures at 60 degrees at kickoff and a
12:51 pm
breeze out there. winds on the southwest side and 15. we cannot shake the september clouds. the low clouds at their reinforced last night. we had this weather system appear to the north and it will keep temperatures tapped. into the weekend we will cool off more into saturday with minor warming and these are very tiny changes for sunday and monday for labor day. here is the plan for today. no surprises. inland with sunshine and 60s to the 80s with the persistent onshore breeze. once the storm moves down and sets up a different weather pattern that brings in the offshore wind that will clear out the fog as you would expect. we will see if that happens but today no major changes out there. the warmest locations around 85 towards antioch and santa rosa 80. more neighborhoods coming up today.
12:52 pm
half moon bay 62, and a look ahead at the five day forecast, temperatures with no big changes for friday. we cool off into the weekend and minor warming for sunday and into monday of next week. an interesting stat from august in the bay area for san francisco. the average temperature was 65 degrees and in february the average temperature was 66 point or. it was warmer in february than august. >> now we know. coming up, if you want to own one of those naked trump statues that have been appearing now you can. details coming up.
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the colin kaepernick controversy continues as ours countdown for kickoff tonight. we will report live from san diego. how a california lawmaker is working with the people at jenner to build a barrier along a dangerous roadway after a crash that left two little girls dead today on 2. a few minutes away from the closing bell. not a lot of activity today on wall street. the price of oil falls. everyone waiting for tomorrow's critical us jobs report to be
12:56 pm
released. changes ahead for the santa cruz beach boardwalk. they are planning a $12 million improvement project including a new main entrance seen here. the construction project is set to start next week after labor day. managers essay attractions will need to be closed during the construction but do not worry, everything should be open by the summer. one of the love -- life- size donald trump naked statues will be sold at julian's auctions and a portion of the proceeds will go to the immigration form and immigrants rights group. the statues popped up in san francisco, la, cleveland and new york. this is the video of the one in san francisco and the one being sold is from los angeles. the statue is worth between $10,000-$20,000. the statue is still in police custody. that is it for us. tonight the 49ers and the chargers game in san diego.
12:57 pm
we are all there. stay here on ktvu. the coverage starts at 7:00. we will see you back here.
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dr. oz: today on "the dr. oz show." michael strahan is changing the game. his rules to win at life. >> it's all about changing your mind set. dr. oz: how he pushes past obstacles. >> you can let it get you down or build you up. dr. oz: stays positive. >> my dad taught me this because he was a when guy, not an if guy. dr. oz: and wakes up a winner. coming up next. dr. oz: we will save lives today. you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause] dr. oz: welcome to the show. before y'all sit down, how many of you are


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