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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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there's anywhere safe a possible break and a search for christian smart. >> we're not stopping until we're able to bring it to a closure. and good news for the humpback, why most of these majestic whales are no longer considered endanger. the four on 2 starts now. police say this man, david lee russell tried to kidnap two women this past week. now is talking from jail. >> welcome to the four on 2 russell is a convicted sex offender and eluded police for days. >> reporter: we sat down with russell. he said he had no idea
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he was ain wanted man and when he found out he said he wanted to set the record straight. russell said all the accusations against him are lies. he was arrested yesterday after parentally switching -- apparently switching vehicles, shaving his beard and coloring his hair. after a friendly conversation at a good will store he tried to offer a young lady home. he said he may or may not have hugged her. prosecutors say he tried to throw sweatshirts over the victims' heads and force them into his suv. >> i never -- i don't understand how -- if you talk to somebody and say you need a ride and she freaks out. i didn't do anything. i didn't grab her. i didn't touch her.
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i don't understand. >> reporter: both of the crimes occurred in the same way. mr. russell put a sweatshirt over their heads and tried to drag them into their car. >> russell was arraigned today. his next court date is set for september 16th. >> thanks ann now you to a frightening home robbery in dublin. a family was returning home sunday night when four masked men forced them into their home. they searched the house and took cash and a couple of high end hand bags. they left in an white suv. >> it's scary i can't be safe
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in my own home. >> reporter: they say the suspects appeared calmed and well organized. no doubt about it those home invasions are really scary. experts say you need to have a plan. >> joining us now is lisa shelf own oar of -- what do you do lisa. >> we have a self-defense skill is listening to our awareness. hopefully you will be aware something feels wrong before someone follows you into your house. listening to your inns wigs. it's always based on something. if you pull up in your driveway and you feel like something is off, listen to your feeling and go get help and let someone know. once you're in a
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situation like that, it's a tricky situation. again lisa anderson arening to your instincts we have powerful survival intincts. the victims in all these recent cases did that and got out unharmed thank goodness. when someone has a gun on you, don't let them take you to a secondary location. you are better off fighting where you are because they're never taking you some place that's safer for you. if they're hold youing you in the house like in -- holding you in this house like in this situation, use your best judgment. lisa, talking to law enforcement officers they say to draw as much attention to yourself, scream, kick, whatever you can to get someone else's
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attention. >> absolutely. thanksgiving a great strag i did to use. -- stragty to use. if you are able to get out of the house in that situation, get you and your family out of the house to safety. that's always your best first option okay. >> what about running after a suspect there was a case down in the south bay. should yawled always let someone go. >> i'm not going to tell you to always something. you're a lot safer not chasing someone. there might be something there you think is risking. you need to think what am i willing to put my life in danger r for. lisa, thank you for the
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insight. what a scary situation in dublin over the weekend. thank you police in antioch looking for someone who put graffiti on a home and put the bushes on fire. they threw cocktails after writing the graffiti. >> i felt i need to find out who this person is so i can bring them to justice because i haven't bothered anybody and i adopt deserve this. it's just me, my son and my grandson and we don't harm anybody and i'm surprised this happened. the family has ruhr
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video. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. sann pablo police have two men in custody with the killing of a 18-year-old pregnant woman. these two men were captured early this morning. investigators tracked them to an apartment complex. he was found hiding on the roof. the victim 18-year-old ilasha mccoy. seven months pregnant. the child did not survive. >> at this point we're charging it as a homicide and we're going to be working with the district attorney's office and obviously providing them with the information they need to appropriately charge this case,
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especially considering that the victim was pregnant. the shooting happened just before 8:00 monday at 17th and suddenner. witnesses say they -- sudder. witnesses say they heard several gunshots and a car speed away. the san francisco police union publicly threw its support behind interim chief chaplain. >> he's not only been a street cop with a clear understanding of the challenges faced by cops but he's highly respected in in the community we serve. >> reporter: the commission will cut that list to three considerations by mayor ed lee. >> i think reform, reform is at
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the top of our list. >> the commission is expected to get an update on negotiations on the police new use of force policy. >> the accused lake county arsonist dollar started an august fire that destroyed 189 homes today. damon cash pled guilty to 16 different arsons. they say on august 13th he slowed down to 11 miles per hour of the sight before it started. he was placed at several other fires he is accused of setting speaking of fire danger it increased today as the temperatures have increased. a warm day out there.
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it's even warm in san francisco today. it was also spare the air day today. >> you can see all the haze across the bay area. temperatures went to the 80s. san francisco max td out in the low 80s. spare the air alert for today. we do not have one for tomorrow. today the hottest day of the week. look at the numbers right now. livermore 94-956789 san jose 90. san francisco 81 debrees. we have changes developmenting to our south with fog trying to regroup. as far as the temperature yesterday at 4:00 to 4:00 today, everybody up two to four to nine degrees warmer at this time. you can see what's happening as we expand the
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view. look at the fog bank close to mon ray bay. whenever we get this pattern we call it a southernly surge. the fog comes up the coast that will bring cooling. we'll tell you how cool it will get and update everything in a few minutes. president obama with efforts strengthening economic ties. and apple revealed its latest iphone today. the four on 2 will be right back. ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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all right apple at it again. the tech giant unvailed its iphone 7 and 7 plus and the models do not include a head phone jack. they will include wireless ear pods and a traditional one for those of us who want it. >> if you want to use apple you're going to have to buy their stuff. >> i'm quite the traditionalist but you know i feel like i always get used to the new upgrades they do. like everyone else, i'll get used to it. traditionalist as opposed
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to old fashion folk. that's what i'll call myself. apple sold about 15 percent fewer than last year. will the new phones bring in a boost. some people including myself aren't really ready for that. >> apple has had a good track record. lab tops used to have c.d. disk drives in them and everyone thought it was crazy when apple took it out. sure enough we moved away from it. the head phone jack is a big change. it will be annoying but there are benefits. once we move to wireless ear buds, we're going to see your head phones
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in your ears and you'll be able to listen to audio any time. i think we're going to get benefits out of this wireless head phone era. >> i see further self-installation a. -- inspiration -- self-insulation. i don't even like the ear pods. they don't stay in my ears. >> people are going to lose these like crazy. yea fell out of their ear, their baby ate it. >> i have not tried these new one with. the adopt tor, how much will one of these additional babies cost. >> they're not telling us yet.
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they should be within the range of 20 to $40. hopefully within a few years people are going to see the shift as something they should be getting on board with and instead of buying adaptors you'll just buy head phones. >> wasn't the idea to provide more on the phone, space is a feels yum on the phones. >> having that -- premium on those phones having that jack is taking up space. the new iphone will have stereo speakers. it should sound better. people watch lots of video without head phones other features of these new phones. >> the 7 plus, which is the bigger version comes with a
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tell low photo lens that will let you do two x optical zooms. it's like a point and shoot camera. they're more water resistent. everything will be faster. still, i don't think there's enough new going on here along with the fact some people are going to be apprehensive abbot the earphone jack, so it might be the workers selling iphone to date talk to me about the other iphone products. i heard you could play supermario. >> yeah. a new mario game called supermario run where your mario character runs across the screen where you have him jump
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to collect coins and points and you'll be able to challenge friends. pokemon go is coming to the apple watch. it is waterproof so you can swim witt. you'll be able to just bring your watch and it can help you get directions so you will know where to turn. >> josh, we'll see if your predictions play out. thanks. amazon may have jumped the gun. about an hour before the event started amazon showed iphone 7 accessories. it's unclear if amazon got a sneak peak at these iphone.
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>> i'm a creature of habit. >> we have a battle over the earphones already. i can't imagine moving to the buds i know. right. >> both presidential candidates are on the campaign trail today. we'll talk more about it coming up on the four on 2.
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keep calm, you internet's on. well, national security
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taking front stage for the candidates in the presidential race. donald trump outlined his military plan. he said he is looking to expand every branch of the armed services. >> immediately after taking office i will ask my generals to submit to me a plan to defeat and destroy isis. >> hillary clinton will be speaking in philadelphia today about her plan for national security as well. >> each candidate is giving inside access to the media.
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yesterday oranges were rolled on her plane. joe is with us. joe, a little shift on the hillary side. she was pretty evasive until two months ago a. why is she opening up. >> she's being called on it and how trustworthy she is. this is an effort to thaw that relationship with the media. when you're on the plane and on a bus, all these things you get more access to the candidate, more informal access. george w. bush, when he ran for the first time, that's where his reputation of someone you would like to have a beer with because she was very friendly with reporters on the plane and
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giving everyone a nickname. i don't think hillary will give everyone nicknames, but they will see a different side of her. on the trump side, he lifted his arbitrary bands on organizations that weren't that well enforced already. he wanted o to eliminate that perception he wasn't allowing people to cover him. is that accurate. >> yes. many of the reporters managed to get into the events somehow. i know a friend who worked at blitzico and the trump -- politco who got tossed out. who goes to a trump speech and starts typing on a laptop.
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it's not a media ball type of thing. once any candidate picks and chooses what media to cover them, that creates a crazy territory texas papers dallas morning news always endorsing the republican. this time they endorsed hillary clinton and not donald trump saying he's not conservative. people have people on the right and -- donald trump has people on the right and left hate him. how is he doing on the poll. >> we should you be aware of national polls. we're concerned about the electorial college and in most of those swing states, clinton is still in the lead, but it's still close and in many
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cases within the margin of error. this is certainly not a cake walk for clinton by any means. we're in the sixth or seventh inning of the ball game right now. >> does the dallas news page matter >> i hope our paper isn't watching. we trust the media that we trust if you will. if it's someone you agree with, you trust them but if you hate the dallas morning news, you don't care. i don't think it's going to swing a lot of people and i don't think texas is going go for hillary clinton. >> thanks joe. >> any time president obama spoke on trade issues. at a town hall event he spoke about his
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support of the transspecific partnership. >> if standards in countries rise, they're not going to be competing with u.s. workers just for who can pay workers the least or put them in the most unsafe conditions. instead they'll be competing for whose working smartest. >> the president went on to say he believes congress will vote in favor of the tpp but the gridlock in washington is workers than usual. still to come why a new set of dormitories is stirring up a fair bit of contra very sal. >> and the efforts to remove slave owners from some area bay schools and that includes washington and jeffer only have i'll talk to the behind -- man
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behind the proposed changes next. . it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good.
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weand sustainability goals asool one of our top priorities.mental i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california.
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an fbi team returned to excavate sites in cal polly campus in the disa appearance in the 1996 disappearance of
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kristin smart's disappearance. >> we're not stopping until we're able to bring this to a closure. the family mentioned that. it leads to some of the answers we've been asking for the past 20 years is the hope. >> they disclosed the excavation because of the high profile nature of this search. joining me now matt. >> what led police to bring the accident dogs o out in this area in the first place. >> the investigation has been going on for about 20 years. the sheriff's office assigned a full-time detective to the
4:33 pm
case. that detective has a lead and that lead has led them to believe the remains might be on the hillside of cal polly university hillside. >> any new developments from the searching of today. >> digging began late yesterday. today they used heavy many machinery to sift through these areas on the hillside. they're about 90 feet in raid yous and involve sifting through that dirt on the hillside today. it will resemble an archaeological dig with small hand tools.
4:34 pm
paul florez has maintained his innocence the entire time. there was speculation saying the body has been moved and put under concrete of his family's business. where is he now. >> we spoke to the fbi about him. last we were told he is somewhere in the alaska area. >> -- los angeles area do you think they have something they can move forward on and could be there a resolution o in this case -- in this case. >> yes. there have been seven searches we have known about in the last 20 years. the family released a statement saying
4:35 pm
they're hopeful it might bring closure to this case. they are keeping their expenn state peckations pretty tampered at this point. >> matt fountain, thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll stay in touch. cam approximate pus has shut down -- campus shut down as another for profit college change suddenly closes. >> more hot temperatures across the area bay area. i'm tracking fog talking about a cooler forecast. we'll let you know how much cooler things will be dropping off as we head into your thursday and the weekend. what happen --
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itt tech institution shocked students when every single campus shut down and classes ceased. >> i was pursuing my bachelor's and now i'm left with nothing.
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>> the neckty call school operated on 130 campuses across 38 states. it's going to cost more than 8,000 employees their jobs. >> my heart dropped. i look at it has two years of my life wasted right now and i just can't start off. >> 10 of thoughs of students are wondering what to do next on what to do next -- who do do next. >> i want the situation to happen again and i don't know what's going to work out with credits. >> i hope another school will take it so he can finished. webinars begin tuesday for
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students. drone footage is showing pit turest towns in italy completely destroyed after the earthquake. high-tech drones and earthquakes have been sent to show footage inside damaged building. a historic church lost half of its facade. last month's earthquake claimed the live of nearly 300 people and injured hundreds of others. >> conservation efforts have been so successful that the 19 of 14 humpback whales species were removed from the
4:41 pm
endamagedder species list -- endangered species list. obviously a good sign there. >> they're coming back. >> and mark is back. >> that video you showed was on the boat that i was on. >> you were. i don't remember that. >> yeah. it was a few months ago. it with was amazing because you're thinking you'll maybe see a little whale. >> where was this. >> just outside the gate. if you get lucky you might see a trace of a whale, but you we saw about a dozen of them. in the bay and inthe sea. the fog is moving in
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this area. we'll be watching out for more low clouds. you'll notice that change first thing tomorrow morning with cooler temperatures along the immediate coastline. san francisco showing you 81-degrees. that's happening today. lots of 90s to report. san jose 90. a cool down is in the forecast tomorrow. a significant cooling especially in the north bay. mid 90s go down to 84 tomorrow. livermore in the upper 80s and san jose cooling off ten degrees. you can see a little hayes out there. there's -- haze out there. around the bay 70s.
4:43 pm
warmest locations inland will be upper 80s close to 90 degrees. today we had some spots pushed into the east bay in this orange category. inarch the yellow has a moderate air quality by 12:00 tomorrow partly cloudy. you'll notice a change with more of an on shore breeze in san francisco. they'll be in the upper 60s for tomorrow afternoon. today clearly the hottest day of the week as the area of of high pressure built in. the offshore winds kicking up. we showed you the fog is developing to our south and that coupled with an on shore breeze will cool us off for tomorrow. temperatures stabling tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday.
4:44 pm
the fog is trying to generate in the south. that columned with an on shore breeze will cool off your entire bay area for thursday. san jose upper 70s to low 80s. the warm location near brentwood 89 degrees. san jose 83. santa cruz 73. your five day forecast temperatures about the same on friday inland upper 80s close to 90 degrees. looks like another drop off in temperatures sunday into monday. today fire danger on the rise. we'll talk more about that on the 6:00 show. it's right what you would expect this time of
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year, september and october georgetown university recently said to apologize for its admission into slave trade in the 19th century. this decision is spurring new debates on campuses across the country. in san francisco there's a push to remove slave owners from the schools. matt haney joins us now on what school names he would like to change and why. >> every school should have a name they're proud of and that's relevant and meaningful and know there's a process available if they want to consider a name change. i think we need to make sure we have names we're proud of that represents the heroes of our community and the diversity of our community and there may be schools that have names that
4:46 pm
are maybe not representative of who we are, have a ugly history and you named a couple around potential slave owners where those schools want to take the opportunity to put you up someone more representative now. >> are you saying george washington high school and monroe and jefferson are not schools we should be proud of. >> i think that should be up to the community. should be given the opportunity if they want to consider a name change to have a school board that is open to that. that's what i'm putting forward. it's a difficult conversation to have, but it's one we need to have. >> if you were to remove george washington from a school, what would you like to see in place. >> i'd like to see somebody
4:47 pm
who is a hero in our community. i thought maya angelou was a great idea. we want to make sure that the people in our community have made tremendous conscienceness triple digits brices. george washington is on dollars and coins and has schools all over the country named after him. maybe the anemia the george washington community maybe feel someone else they want to elevate and they want their students to look to someone else. >> some say this is political correctness out of control. george washington on currency and if a school is not worthy of his name -- photo and schools not worthy of his name, then
4:48 pm
who else. >> many of these school names were chosen 100 plus years ago. many of thunderstorm them don't reflect who is in that school now and what the message we want to community to our kids. that's the opportunity i'm asking for our schools to have that conversation. we don't need to go down the rabbit hole of president's day and all that stuff. i'm calling for who our heroes are in san francisco and who wasn't to have names on our buildings. everyone should be named on our school >> wouldn't that be expensive. >> only if a school wants to go forward in this process. there
4:49 pm
will be cost involved. we'll do it over time. this won't happen at once. we don't do this very often. we rarely update school names. this is an student opportunity for schools to have that conversation. >> what about those who say there's money that could be spent elsewhere, signs and things would have to be changed, so there is a expense. >> if they have that conversation and decide they want to do that, it might be something that happened over time. there have been a number of school systems that change their name in san francisco. it's something that happened over time to bring a representative to the community that reflects our value. right now there's no cost involved. matt haney, thank you so much.
4:50 pm
we'll be following your proposal. frank joins us live with the stories we're working on at 5:00. kaepernick was asked questions on wide range toppeddic -- topics. we'll have his answers coming up. >> and either pay up or personal information will be given out. we'll have that story coming up at 5 coming up next on the four on 2, why the school set aside a specific number of housing units solely for black students. y, free, the world before me,
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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mma fighter marcus and his wife said good-bye to their 15-month old son. he was taken off life support yesterday days after being prothunsed brain dead in california. his family kept his body hooked to life support for days after he was involved in an accident authored to donate his organs to other children in need. they shared on social media and called for families in need to reach out. >> anyone who met him knows his heart. up to eight to nine children will leave because of liam. >> liam and his 15-year-old aunt were hit by a suspected drunk
4:54 pm
driver on saturday. they were reportedly crossing the street a few feet indiana are where his -- feet away from where his dad was training. behind the wheel was 72-year-old donna wiggins who was arrested. a housing request that some are crying foul about. the university agreed this year to designate 20 spots in their 192-unit dormcomplex for black students. it's called the school dollars black learning and living community. it's for people interested in african-american issues to live in the area. there are 24 students living in the dorms and a waiting list to get in. people on social media are calling it seg dpregation -- segregation. >> we won't want to come across
4:55 pm
as seg gre gating ourselves. >> housing l.a. is defending. they say it's fair. the dorms are open to earn not just black students. after more than a year away from golf. tiger woods is making his debut in the bay area. he hopes to play in napa next month. he was out 13-month after undergoing back surgery. he's undergoing rehabilitation but optimistic enough to make plans. he dropped to 711th. he last won on the tour in 2013. a southern california community at odds. while the effort so clear out zika has become a controversial issue. we'll tell you about it when we return.
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some people in san diego county are upset about mosquito spraying in your neighborhooding to protect against the zika virus. yards in the mount hope neighborhood were treated yesterday by san diego county vector control. the pesticide is epa approved and poses low risk to people and pets. members of occupy san diego
4:59 pm
claim the chemical has been noun to cause health problems and residents weren't given sufficient notice. >> spraying across people's homes when they're on vacation, out of town, when they're at work, it's simply not fair and not right. >> the spraying comes after a neighborhood resident tested postive for the zika virus apparently contracted overseas but the types of mosquitos that can transmit the disease were found in the neighborhood and they want to keep the local mosquitos from becoming carriers of the virus. "ktvu channel 2 news" at 5:00 starts now. >> a black family wakes up to a fire in their home at antioch. authorities say someone through molotov cocktails at their house and painted a racial slur outside. >> we'll get to that story in a moment. first, we begin with breaking news out of oakland.
5:00 pm
this is where we're awaiting mayor shaft to announce the results of the investigation into alleged oakland police as well misconduct -- sexual misconduct. she's expected to come to the podium in a matter of minutes. this began almost a year ago with the suicide of one of the oakland police officers. and as they investigated his death, there's a young woman at the center of this investigation that reportedly had a number of swell encounters with oakland police officers as well as other law enforcement officers around the bay air. the young woman has been sent to florida to undergo rehab. but we're awaiting mayor libby shaft to give us details of the results of this investigation. >> when she begins to speak,


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