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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the bay bridge where a couple of lanes have been taken away for police activity and we will let you know more about that straight ahead. one thing about september is you can get a pretty good swing on attempts and yesterday was all about warm temperatures and today it is about cooler, fog is up the coast and water temp about 53.
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good morning everybody and welcome back to mornings on 2, thursday i'm a friday i'm a friday, september 8 and i'm brian flores. spent good morning i'm pam cook and it is 4:32 am and we're going to start with sal castanada , we usually go to see first though have a couple traffic problems to let you know about that one is getting better is that right?>> 680 southbound has reopened, as you drive past washington, there is still slow traffic here, there was a crash right here, i will put the indicator where the crash was and that is gone now, traffic is still recovering. there were several lanes closed
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and you can see traffic is still slow and it will take a while to recover. the other incident is eastbound bay bridge from san francisco to oakland. there are lanes closed on the bay bridge and these are photos taken of the lane closure. we also do have live pictures if we can use those, this is eastbound on the bay bridge, traffic will be slow as you drive out. there is also a picture from one of the new screws on the scene, there it is, some sort of police activity here with firefighters and police and chp on the scene of eastbound bay bridge. and there is intimate from one of the south of the market fire stations, the three left lanes are shut down and so two lanes are getting through. obviously as the morning wears on, having three lanes taken away from the bay bridge is going to cause a traffic jam into san francisco. we're hoping the situation will be resolved soon but we really
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don't know. authorities are not telling us much because they are busy taking care of this incident. let's talk about the commute. i will go back to the commute here and so let's go over to solano county, you can see traffic from vacaville, fairfield and calleja looking good, no major problems driving at 680 as you head down out of the cordelia jct. route now let's go to steve with the weather. do you know any of the firefighters on engine eight? you usually do. >> i deftly do know some of the firefighters on engine eight and it is station down by at&t park.>> thank you sir. fog yesterday was not a factor but this morning it is, it is boot scooting along as we like to say, it is flying up the coast in santa cruz may not get over 68 today and there will be about a 15 or 200 drop. this is a really cool pattern
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for santa rosa and they may drop around 150 as well. i would just focus on that. newton did not make it is a tropical storm and arizona and there were only five in history, it was close i'm a and coordination with tucson and the national hurricane center they figured it was not a tropical storm strength for the senate finally arrived. but there was very heavy rainfall totals and record amounts in tucson, things are now moving towards the plane. a big fog bank came up for monterey yesterday and now that delta breeze is kicking up west southwest at 22 and is a southeast breeze from san jose and amount of you as well, the wind direction is generally favoring an onshore breeze, 50s and 60s on attempts, some are mild but we do get upper 50s, san mateo 59, stanford 58, about 50 warmer than yesterday. the fog wins, but shallow right now but it is on its way up and that means 60s, 70s and 80s, temperatures way down for
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some. san jose police have arrested a man accused of shooting at cars along blossom hill road, bute 30-year-old michael lewis is suspected it shooting at 10 cars since may. police say that lewis was arrested last month on unrelated charges but officers then seized a handgun and they searched his home and they say the shell casings matched the bullets recovered at four of the shooting scenes. all 10 shootings happened after midnight in the area of blossom hill road and monterey road, no one in the targeted cars was injured. lewis will be booked into the santa clara county jail on four counts of attempted murder and for being a felon in possession of a firearm good a convicted sex offender says he's been falsely accused of kidnapping, san jose police say david lee russell assaulted tried to kidnap two women on separate occasions last week. yesterday russell talk with reporters from the santa clara county jail.>> i need to clear
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my name. >> russell looks different now than he did one week ago. he shaved his goatee and he dyed his hair and he said he did not grab either woman and he said in one case he was just trying to give a right to someone in need. >> i told her to make her feel better, she could take a picture of me and the car and we could call her mom and i gave her my phone number. i do understand, if you talk to somebody you say give me a ride and they walk away how did i do anything? >> prosecutors say russell is a convicted sex offender and a dangerous man and he was arraigned yesterday on charges of attempted kidnapping and he is scheduled to be back in court next wednesday we are learning more about disturbing allegations of sexual harassment from a student against a professor at san jose state university and is ktvu as that smith - is
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enough smith explains we have more good>>reporter: the nameplate for professor lewis aptekar hangs outside his door but his future was in is a university is in turn after a student accused him of sexual harassment .>> i was shocked we do not know too much about it and it apparently happened last year. >> the students deserve the right to feel comfortable and safe in their environment, whether they are undergraduates or graduate. or even employees. you should not have to have that hanging over your head. >> on to a report from the bay area news group education professor allegedly asked a student if she was single and made comments that he wanted to date her during class last year and students tell us he was the chair of the college of education's health education department last year but suddenly stepped down. in the wake of the new reports the school president. issued this response , we're looking into them and we will learn from them and take appropriate and systematic actions based on what we learn. >> with the statements that we
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can submit we are taking into that. >> the client is denying the allegations and calls the investigation process plot and evidence refuting the students claims were not taken seriously putting witness statements and support of professor lewis aptekar . >> these communications were submitted but not given any consideration it >> this amidst recent scandal of uc berkeley sexual harassment and the chancellor that school stepping down last month.>> i'm not surprised at all because i know it happens all the time and i am just glad that finally people are taking action to notify people.>> for us it points to the pervasiveness of sexual harassment.>> the silicon valley ywca nonprofit that helps sexual assault victims is commending the university for taking a stance. >> i appreciate the president is saying we want to take action and i appreciate that
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the president is encouraging people to come forward. >> azenith smith ktvu fox 2 knows . as san jose man was killed when he crashed a rented ferrari, the 46-year-old driver was traveling with other exotic sports cars on highway 84 yesterday afternoon, he failed to negotiate a curve any hit a tree near skyline boulevard in the chp says the man was thrown from the car even though he was wearing a seatbelt and was pronounced dead at the scene, chp is looking into whether speed or an unsafe turning movement played a role. 4:40 am and a man has been arrested in connection with a fire at a motel in palo alto on tuesday night which started on the second floor of the glass slipper in good 20 motel guests were evacuated and the firefighters were able to put out the fire, the only room damaged is the one where the fire started and investigators arrested a 22-year-old man who
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they suspect of setting the fire and they say that his wife had rented the room where the fire started and that she had a restraining order against him. new information about a home invasion in dublin and we reported yesterday on mornings on 2, police of increased patrols in the neighborhood were four masked robbers forced their way into a house sunday night. they terrorized a mother and her three children that had just returned home and a couple of the robbers carried guns as they ran back to the house and they left about half an hour later with the victims unharmed. authorities say the robbers were calm, organized and methodical leading investigators to believe they've broken into homes before.>> burglars want to go to a house they know is empty so they can go in and get what they want and leave. in this situation they were more brazen knowing that someone was home and knowing they would contact somebody and going inside. >> a neighbors surveillance video recorded a late-model infinity fx 35 suv leaving the area after that home invasion. there is the video did the same
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vehicle was seen in the neighborhood before the robbery possibly casing for victims. this dublin robbery has some similarities to another home invasion in fremont two weeks ago. the surveillance camera in the house recorded five armed men waiting for the homeowners to return but the security system alerted them of the intrusion and they called police did dublin investigators are comparing notes with other police departments including fremont to see if there are any connections. back to our coverage of 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick and his protest, hall of famer jerry rice talked to our mark ibanez and joe fonzie about it.>>reporter: i am one of those guys that felt like whatever your political beliefs are you do not take it into the locker room and bill walsh was one of those guys and he did not want that. he said politics and religion, you do not want to bring that into locker rooms. >> rice did say he respects
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kaepernick's decision in most people seem to agree kaepernick has the right to protest, the difference in opinion is over what is considered to be appropriate, time and place. you can watch jerry rice entire interview with mark and joe on a 30 a.m. sunday morning mercedes-benz sports weekend. last weekend soccer star megan rafa note took a knee and national anthem and solidarity with cabinet and she plays for the seattle rain and last night their opponents, the washington spirit alternates pregame surmise and play the national anthem while the teams were in their locker room. they said they did not want to subject fans and friends to the disrespect they feel the kneeling represent sprint after the match she said she was saddened by the move and she said she plans to continue to take any during the national anthem. 4:43 am and it is one of the worst toxic sites of the nation and in 25 minutes the major cleanup effort targeting an historic gold mine in
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northern california. also, 400 acres of new land, yosemite's largest expansion and 70 years and up next the donation that made it all possible. good morning, we do have slowed traffic out there if you're driving on the lower deck of the bay bridge, a couple of lanes taken away for police activity. c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next.
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and underground electrical fault exploded late last night in castro valley which knocked out power to more than 8700 pg&e customers and the alameda county fire department tweeted two pictures from the blast and was first reported just before 10:30 pm last night at center street and grove way of of interstate 5 80 and the explosion shredded a manhole cover into tiny pieces, take a look, by 12:45 am there were
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only 345 pg&e customers without power, electricity has now been fully restored. no one was hurt in the blast could how would you like a flight to barcelona nonstop for less than $200? >> yes. >> me as well, norwegian air is expanding its us service, it will begin nonstop flights between oakland and barcelona next summer, there will be an oakland and copenhagen route next march but both flights are less than $200 one way and these additions also make oakland international airport and bigger player to the european market. still $400 round-trip.>> that is pretty good.>> what if it is introductory and they will raise it after so we will see.>> now let's check in with sal castanada and are still problems on the lower bay bridge deck . >> that's right, leaving san francisco headed out to oakland a's police activity blocking
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lanes in this is breaking news for those of you trying to get over to the east bay. the police and chp and the fire department are there trying to contain whatever situation it is, the three lanes are blocked eastbound as you drive out of san francisco and head over to the oakland side. there are three lanes down right now and right now traffic is a very light into lanes are getting by. but this is obviously going to take a lot, let me start that sentence again, if they do not remove it soon it will add a lot of traffic to san francisco commute. we will keep a close eye on this obviously. let's move along and take a look at some of the other commute, 580 as you drive from the altamont pass and deliver more you will see slowed traffic, the traffic will be busy on the altamont pass as you drive on 580 this morning and also 1205 getting to the
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altamont pass to give yourself plenty of extra time to this is to 80 and san jose and that traffic is moving along nicely as you drive up to highway 17. 4:49 am and let's get over to steve >> a rapid warm-up yesterday and the coast, billion inland everyone got in on the subject, 80s, 90s and even 101 at gilroy but look at the drop, santa rosa from 95 down to 78, livermore 97 down to 84. and gilroy that is the pattern, a big drop in the temps for morgan hill, gilroy is in martine and along the santa cruz coast. there it is, that frog is flying and it wasn't - that followed is - that fog is flying. high yesterday a 77 which ties
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a record low maximum going back to the date 1990 and you can see were all of the moisture is streaming to parts of the texas panhandle and back into wichita in kansas city and all the way out to parts of the great lakes as well we get the big fog bank surgeon from the south at the monterey peninsula and it is taking a turn and it is flying as it was the delta breeze up to 22 which i think it will hold a little bit of a southeast breeze and san jose and mountain view with more the westerly breeze for some, 50s and 60s on the temps, south bay temps 59 saratoga and santa cruz, this is a pattern where they stay pretty socked in, 50s and the santa cruz mountains as well a couple days ago they were 40s but the temperatures have come up. they will start a trend downward today, 57 down in monterey and the fog continues to work its way right up and it is flying putting all the way up the mendocino coast. 60s, 80s and if you upper 80s
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as well and 90 as well inland but a big drop in a lot of these temperatures today. a slight warm-up inland on friday and saturday and then transition day is sunday to what looks to be a much cooler, breezy and wendy pattern and i think mountain showers on tuesday.>> any rain in the bay area? >> will be wendy and cooler with highs of 76 but in the tahoe truckee area tuesday afternoon. >> thunder and lightning?>> possibly and maybe a dusting of snow in a higher peaks. yosemite national park just got bigger, the park just expanded its western boundary by 400 acres. a new area is a combination of meadows and forests and will serve as a habitat for protected wildlife. the land was previously owned by a couple who sold it to a public land trust for $2.3 million and the trust been donated it to the national
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park. this is yosemite's biggest expansion an almost 70 years. it is 4:52 am in the toughest climate change law and us got and expansion i'm a the announcement governor. jerry brown plans to make today to help clean our air. it is known as the in and out of the midwest and now it is coming here to the bay area. where you can find a steak and shake. [ laughter ] and how soon you can try the fast food favorite.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the nfl season kicks off tonight with every match, the carolina panthers but the denver broncos in denver and the defending champion broncos are of course without cornerback payton manning who retired after that victory. trevor siemian will be denver is starting qb against cam newton and the panthers. the raiders play the saints in new orleans on sunday and the 49ers open season at home, facing the los angeles rams and monday night football. one day after a victory the giants bullpen had a massive collapse and the colorado rockies came away with a walkoff win in series victory. things start out pretty well for the giants, brandon belt had a two-run shot in the second and that gave the giants a 3-1 lead. but yeah, things unraveled in
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the nights, santiago castillo gave up a home run, joe nathan came in and gave the single and a walkoff double, this is a recurring theme with the giants bullpen, come on boys let's go in the rockies went 6-5 and the giants are now five games back in the dodgers barely holding on to the top wild-card spot with a half game lead on the cardinals. on the other hand they scored a series win over the angels and the pitcher jarrell cotton was making his major league debut in oakland and he got defenses help early on with this great grabbed by jake smolinski, nice catch, cotton got some run support in the fourth with a couple of hits that gave a 2-0 lead and cotton pitched six and this shirt third with shutout innings, the a's one overall 4- 1 and cotton got his first major league victory so congratulations. move over in an outcome a new burger joint is make its way to the bay area, it will be home to the various first steak
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and shake set to open one week from today on e. market st. various first steak and shake set to open one week from today on e. market st. the chain has locations all over the midwest and south and steve says it is a st. louis chain. we will double check that steak and shake is it known for his burger blend brown round, sirloin and t-bone and forth classic milkshake and chile which is a weird combo and a second bay area location, i do not like my milkshakes with the food chile. at the end of the year and campbell they will open another one but if you have iannetta steak and shake tweet s or facebook and let us know what it is all about and if you like it and how it compares to other such establishments. >> i will miss in and out burger.>> i will check this out, you could invest in steak and shake.
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coming up and the 5 am hour, punishments are being handed down and what oakland mayor has just announced regarding the officers connected with a sex scandal that has been plaguing the police department. good morning, we still have a commute that is mostly good, this is a look at westbound 24, looking good to the tunnel. wednesday was warm to hot with 80s and 90s and a couple of low 100s but not today. there goes the remains of newton as it takes off from arizona and new mexico and heads into the planes.
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oakland mayor kelly addresses the scandal that has hung over the department for months and the punishment now being handed out officers. more from colin kaepernick and his latest comments regarding the quarterbacks controversial political protest and the new voices reacting to his stance, mornings on 2 start now good>> this is ktvu mornings on 2 welcome back to mornings on 2 thursday, september 8 and i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark and let's talk about your weather thursday morning, steve paulson is working hard.>> it is cooler, steak and shake pam is not a public company.>> i am looking to


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