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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it has been one year since the devastating valley fire in the lake county and why some residents said they are still struggling to recover. your mornings on 2 continues.>> this is ktvu mornings on 2, and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, september 12, and i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. be advised, well below average is for this time of year. it will be fall like with low clouds. and the base of that fog has lifted, and it will be cool and breezy. the highs only in the upper 60s and low 70s, and the breeze is not going anywhere. this fog bank with drizzle, and the main impact is late tonight
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and into tomorrow, and look at this, wind gusts up to 37, and at the altamont pass 40 miles an hour. hold onto your hat. 40s and 50s, and in the santa cruz mountains we have mid-50s. once this fog bank gets chewed up, a decent breeze for some and getting cranked up in the higher elevations. this low would drop into the picture sending the temperatures plunging. 60s and 70s. i know that people listen to what you say, and that we and is not only an issue at the altamont pass, but also in other areas. we will continue to watch this. as we talk about the altamont pass, steve just talked about the tracy super commuters, and it will be windy.
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you can see driving through this area would traffic already slow coming in over the altamont pass, so please give yourself extra time, especially if you drive a small car. big rig drivers may be affected, especially driving an empty trailer through the altamont pass, so give yourself extra time driving into the livermore area. as we look at interstate 880, no major problems from the coliseum, traffic moving nicely. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light so far getting into san francisco. 5:02 am. hillary clinton was supposed to be in san francisco today for big concert fundraiser at the masonic auditorium. she is taking a break from the campaign trail after nearly collapsing yesterday in new york. >> her spokesperson said she was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. this is raising new questions about the health of both major
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candidates. >> reporter: good morning. we may see more information about both of them, and hillary clinton taking a couple of days off of the campaign trail, essentially cancel he -- canceling that two days in california.>> reporter: hillary clinton had be propped up as she was loaded into her special equipped van after attending a 9/11 event in new york. she almost collapsed and lost as you. she emerged later walking on her own.>> reporter: are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you, very much.>> reporter: the campaign initially blamed it on the heat, but the weather had broken yesterday, and hours later they had a further explanation, saying she had been diagnosed with pneumonia days earlier.>> reporter: the health of clinton has been an issue after her recent coughing
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attacks, something she blamed on allergies, and the video creates the problems because it raises questions about her health and reveals that the campaign was not forthcoming with the information. >> she would've collapsed if she had not been held up, and then to pretend it is overheating on a beautiful september day, and then admits she was diagnosed days ago, and looks like she will never tell the truth.>> reporter: and donald trump and she have revealed relatively little about their health, and this may have up -- amp up the calls for them to be more open. all of this comes as the first debate is only two weeks away.>> i think as a political advisor i would keep her off of the campaign trail until the debates as much as possible.>> how can you do that? >> you just say no.
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>> reporter: you just say no but you miss out on things like the fundraiser, so there is a cost to the clinton campaign. in the meantime, the donald trump campaign is saying that he had a physical last week and they say they will release the results this week. your time is 5:05 am. the police in the south they are searching for a car in a hit-and-run crash were three people were seriously injured in san jose shortly after 1 am yesterday morning. it was a couple of blocks from the capitol expressway, and took emergency crews more than a half-hour to get the victims out of the wreckage. they were all rushed to the trauma centers serious injuries, and the search for the hit and run vehicle continues. they have released the name of the rodeo man killed in a hit-and-run, steven lee, 40 years old died just after 2:00.
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his motorcycle was rear-ended by a dark-colored van. he died at the scene, and the dark-colored van sped away. if you have any information call the chp. two of the three defendants accused of killing the a hiker from fairfax and the canadian tourists, due back in court today, charged with killing steven carter, walking his dog on the marin county trail, and audrey carry that was killed in the golden gate park last year. the third defendant agreed to a plea deal and will testify against the others. that led the judge to postpone the preliminary hearing that began in may to get the defense lawyers more time to prepare. the hearing today is expected to involve legal motions, and the preliminary hearing will resume next monday. a drunk driver arrested on suspicion that he started a fire at shasta lake that
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damaged three homes, burning 75 acres. josh will devaney -- joshua devaney crashed his car, it caught on fire and then he abandoned the car.>> it is one thing if it happens because of a lightning strike or some other act of nature, but the fact that it was a drunk driver at 3:00 in the afternoon that cost all of this devastation with people losing their homes, it is beyond maddening and adds insult to injury. >> the shasta lake fire is now 90% contained a. it was one year ago today that the fire erupted in lake county, the third most destructive fire and the history of california.
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it is estimated that only 40% of the homes lost in the fire will be rebuilt. we spoke with one man that study is just now moving back into his home in middletown. >> we would go to these meetings and they would say one thing, turn around and do another thing, and the playing field is not level for everybody. it is heartbreaking, and not a night that goes by that you do not think about this or have to deal with it the next day. >> 50% of the people are gone or bought elsewhere. it is a horrible and long process.>> some say that the cost of rebuilding is more than the homes are worth when they are finished. for those that do not have insurance, they can simply not afford to rebuild. some have moved away from the fire zone, others leaving the county altogether. our coverage for the first anniversary of the valley fire will continue through the day.
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tonight we will return to lake county to see how the area is recovering and we will talk to people to see how they feel. the biological father of audrey potts will hold a news conference, changing the california parenting lots, and audrey potts is the teenager that committed suicide after being sexually assaulted at a house party, and her biological father says he was unfairly denied access to his daughter and pushing for reform to the family laws. in 2005 the judge granted parental rights to lazaro. right now it is 5:09 am, and officials in florida are investigating a potential arson at the mosque that the orlando
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nightclub shooter once attended, and what they say the surveillance video shows just before the fire started. the holiest of pilgrimage comes to an end for muslims around the world, up next. were looking at a south bay commute right now, looks ready good. 280 northbound, you can see it looks good, but it is getting more crowded. it started yesterday, and that is a cooler pattern and breezy, ball like with numbers coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:13 am. millions of americans making the pilgrimage, and estimated that two men people made the journey to the holy city of mecca. today muslims in the bay area it will begin a celebration marking the end of the hajj, and several religious centers will be hosting events, the festival of sacrifice.
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the san ramon valley islamic center, south bay islamic association, just some of the places hosting events. samsara -- samsung is hit hard after owners of the new phone were told to turn off the phone immediately, and the stock has lost $14 billion and the overall value, and the concern is about the battery that could burst into flames. samsung says they sold 2.5 million of the phones that will now have to be replaced, and even after the battery issue gets resolved, it will not sell as well as it had in the beginning. all over the u. s. yesterday there were commemoration ceremonies of the 15th anniversary of the september 11 attacks, remembering the almost 3000 people that died on that day. president obama honoring those that died at the pentagon by laying a giant wreath of lilies.
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he said that the lives lost on that day in 2001 will never be forgotten. terrorists hijacked four passenger jets, and they flew two into the trade center towers bringing the skyscrapers to the ground. the pentagon, partially collapsing the building, with a fourth collapsing in pennsylvania, and crashing after passengers were trying to regain control of the plane that they believe was heading for the white house. there was a flurry of flags in honor of the families, and there was a yearly tribute on the overpass of highway 24, and rick dupont put together a tribute from the bridge. >> the deadliest terror attack in the world history, and the
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most serious attack on american soil since pearl harbor in 1941. [ music playing ]. >> i have never felt this so completely in total shock, i will never forget it. i came in and woke him up, and he just got a call from his boss telling us to turn on the tv. >> i was freaking out, one of those moments when you wonder what will happen next.>> i was at home, and i saw it on the news, and the first thing i did was to call my mom to see if she knew what was going on. >> at that moment you realize life is important, and those that drive -- that died in the world trade center, their lives were important as well. >> it put perspective on
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things, our loved ones. >> we must remember that these events define us.>> we don't forget those that are lost and those that are protecting us.>> it seems like other years just coming go, and i don't want to see that happen. >> i think in some aspects it is brought us closer together, and makes us more aware of what is going on around us. >> the local reaction taken by our photojournalist. >> i passed that display every year and i look for it. your time now is 5:17 am. i follow a lot of transportation people on twitter, and part of the flight attendant
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instructions on the airplane are if you have a galaxy note 7, do not turn it on. along with the little things that drop down. >> that is part of their prep about the exit doors.>> at least that is what they are saying on one airline. good morning everyone, and if you are playing, do not turn on your samsung note 7. looking at the kilroy commute -- you're a commute, not bad with no major problems. no problem on the silicon valley freeways, and this is the calm before the traffic storm. let's move along looking at the maccarthur maze, traffic looking pretty good. this is the time you have before it gets very crowded around the berkeley curb and up the bay bridge toll plaza. they call it the berkeley curb,
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but no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. 5:18 am, and steve, don't take that galaxy note 7.>> good advice. for about three months out of the year i sit here with my feet up on the desk because there's nothing going on, fog on the coast, sunny and warm inland, but technically it is still summer but it will feel like the fall. i notice yesterday. 76, the spirit for napa, 75 redwood city yesterday, today 68, and livermore 72. san jose 76 and today 70. 49ers and the rams, 63, colin breezy. if the low clouds are still hanging around, it will get chewed up with mostly clear,
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but it will be breezy and cool. this system dropping down from the pacific northwest and coming over the land, so not much to work with. but that delta breeze at 31 with wind gusts up to 37 and 40 at the altamont pass. west southwest, cranking up big time in the higher elevations. 50s on the temperatures, mid-to upper 50s and low 60s. glen allen at 50, the bottle at 50, napa 52. it is pretty cool and by wednesday morning we could see upper 30s if that breeze dies down. 44 in arcata, 52 in ukiah. we have a bit of thunderstorm activity yesterday, and tomorrow it will really developed. we may get some drizzle, and this low is dropping in, and if
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it sets up over us, and there are a few projections that but it close to us, and then i think that mendocino county and late county could see this system tomorrow. if you're heading, i think mendocino county and late -- lake county, 60s and 70s on the temperatures, and 70 in concord, unbelievable. 67 oakland, and a very cool pattern. tomorrow bill is windy. i put in showers again to the north and east, and chilly wednesday morning. warm temperatures kicking it at the end of the week and into the weekend. your time is 5:21 am. two san jose lakes remaining close after toxic algae was found, and they will
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not reopen until the bacteria returns to a safe level which could take several weeks. toxic algae can cause a rash, eye irritation, nausea, and it can be fatal to the dogs. the parks will be open but do not go in the water. coming up, why the crews were worried about what was left behind on the scene of a boat wreck.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:24 am. the fishing boat that ran aground in the bodega bay will be removed tomorrow, and the coast guard was notified that a 54 put fishing boat was on the beach. -- 54 foot fishing boat was on the beach, and they removed the fuel for safety. the annual recruitment fair in san francisco held at mission high school on 18 rate from 4 pm to 8 pm with more than 40 colleges and universities present with information and scholarships for those that qualify. the students need to bring their current high school transcripts, sat, and the fares will also be held in antioch,
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oakland and vallejo throughout the week. for those that let the dogs roam without a lease could be facing new tough rules, and the supporters say that the off leash dogs have chased wildlife, damaged protected habitat, even intimidating visitors. it will make the gg nra the only national park to allow off leash dogs. they have not said when the new rules will take effect, and they promised they will continue to fight the restrictions in court. the three-day event for the tech enthusiast kicking off in san francisco, featuring the revolutionary startups and technology. there will be a panel of speakers and long tech- athon. your time is 5:26 am. the tesla pilot update coming and what the ceo elon
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musk is saying about the improved driving system. we are live at the levi's stadium with the 49ers are kicking off the home opener tonight, and we will tell you how many more nfl players have joined colin kaepernick in his protest during the national anthem. tao or ba carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway.
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we have earth, wind and fire playing this morning, i director in the can cold -- in the control room, and here we have beautiful skies at 5:30 am. and i think that sal said that the busiest hour was between 5 am and 6 am, but you would think it would be earlier. it is windy as you can see. welcome back to mornings on 2, and it is monday, september 12, and i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, and it's 5:30 am this morning, and thank you for joining us.>> i'm doing some toetapping.>> it is going
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to be a windy day. we have low clouds, and there is usually fog on the cameras, but not today. we have a football forecast, and we will get to that. looking at that flag, 25 mile an hour wind gusts and up to 40 at the altamont pass and in travis. this breeze is kicking up big time. it will be blustery at the levi's stadium, 62 degrees at kickoff. low clouds, fog and drizzle with upper lows dropping down, thunderstorm activity taking aim at the sierra and more likely tomorrow. low 50s and upper 40s, novato 49, 50s for others or low 60s. low clouds and fog making for a cool day. we have a little bit of activity popping up in northeast california, and that low was dropping in to give us
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some fall like weather. 60s and 70s, way below average for this time of year. when we get in the rv, we will have to watch out crossing those bridges.>> we will take a little trip down to watch some sports. good morning everybody. the wind is an issue, especially if you're driving on the calls way. -- called away. -- causeway, and from vacaville to vallejo it is a 27 minute drive, though not that bad. the traffic looks good into the fairfield area, and if you are making the junction at 680, not that bad. the car nina's ridge -- carquinez bridge is still light. flashing lights past the lafayette bart station, but does not appear to be slowing
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traffic. switching to the bay bridge toll plaza, according to the metropolitan transportation commission, we have the most crossings between 5 am and 6 am. between six and seven, the traffic would be going too slow, so 5-6 is the busiest hour. it is still busy as you know, between 6-7 and 8-9. let's go back to the desk. 5:33 am, and it will be loud at the levi's stadium tonight for the 49ers season opener, but the game comes with controversy because holland kaepernick plans on continuing -- colin kaepernick plans on continuing his protest at the levi's stadium. we will talk about what to
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expect, and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are told by the police that they will not boycott the game and will be here to protect the public and the players. during the preseason, the 49er calling kaepernick -- calling kaepernick colin kaepernick did not stand protesting inequality in america. the seahawks players locked arms yesterday, and format dolphins ended up taking a knee. and during the kansas city chiefs opener, some protesting as well. the new england patriots players, some are raising their fifth in solidarity. some questioned the timing. >> 9/11, and a lot of people lost their lives, and they should show more respect.
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>> i think they should do what they want.>> reporter: there were earlier talks that the santa clara police officers would boycott the game but that is squashed. the police officer association says that while they feel the 49ers are ignoring the concerns regarding the kaepernick actions, they will have a volunteer officers at the game, and we are told there will be enough six have a volunteer officers at the game, and we are told there will be enough 630 and the people can feel safe at the game tonight. kickoff is 7:20 pm. the oakland raiders started the new season with a thrilling win over the new orleans saints on a gutsy call as they scored 22 points in the fourth quarter, 35-34 win over the saints, they tied the game with eight minutes left with a 75 yard touchdown. the saints took the lead back, and derek carr answers with 18 yard touchdown to seth roberts.
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instead of kicking the extra point, the head coach jack del rio said we would go for two. and they found michael crabtree for the go-ahead two point conversion, and they had a chance to win it but the kicker missed the 61 -- 61 yard field- goal drive.>> i said when we would score we would go for two and we would win it right here.>> it is hard to believe that trust that the coach has in us, and it gives us so much confident. as a player it makes you want to fight for him and play for him. when he did that, and we said yes sir.>> there you go. the raiders home opener is sunday against the falcons. people that live and work in oakland are invited to share their opinions on the qualities they would like to see in a new
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police chief, police meeting with teenagers to ask about their priorities for the new chief, and the meeting at 6:00 is open to the entire community at the senior center on martin luther king way, and the mayor says that two citizens will part of the process in choosing a new chief. the alameda county district attorney says there is a stumbling block in charging the law enforcement officers in the sex scandal, accused of having sex with a teenage girl that goes by the name celeste glock, and they say she needs to be in the bay area or the case could fall apart, and she claims she had sex with over two dozen officers, including when she was not get 18. at the scene of the deadly plane crash in reno, and
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reportedly heading here to the bay area, and the piper cherokee plane was heading to san carlos. three people died when the plane crashed at the reno in its national -- reno international airport, no one on the ground was hurt but at least 15 cars were damaged, and still no word on what caused that crash. there is a new development in the case of the freeway crash in san ramon were a three- year-old boy was killed on friday night, and the driver of the suv that crashed into the car that was stalled on interstate 680 is the wife of the alameda county sheriff's deputy, and she was arrested for driving under the influence. a three-year-old boy was killed, his mother seriously injured, and his 11-year-old brother and one-year-old sister were also injured. following a developing story in florida, a fire at the mosque where the orlando nightclub shooter once prayed
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and it is being investigated as arson. surveillance video shows someone walking up to the islamic center at 12:30 am moments before the flash was seen and the fire started. they have not yet released the video but say that they will, and the fire was put out and no one was injured. the mosque was attended by the nightclub shooter that killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub in june, and omar mateen was killed in a shootout with the police. tesla autopilot car getting an upgrade, and there is an over the air software update that will be sent. the upgraded system relies mostly on radar, and it will include new limits on hands-off driving which could have prevented the deadly crash involving the tesla model s and a truck in florida in may.
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oakland holding the annual gay pride festival and kicked off with the prayed along the broadway yesterday morning, the seventh anniversary of the oakland ride -- oakland pride.>> oakland has the largest concentration of same- sex families of any city in america, and they welcome all kinds of families and they have on together on oakland drive today. >> the long-term goal is to help to greet the lgbt community center in oakland. the new movie about the bay area pilot and his emergency landing on the new york hudson river is number one at the box office. >> our job is to investigate how the plane ended up in the hudson river. >> that is not correct, it is a four star water landing --
5:41 am
forest -- forced water landing. >> "sully" explores the miracle of the landing.>> it was incredible. 5:41 am is the time right now. hillary clinton nearly collapsed while leaving a 9/11 memorial event, and her doctor says she has the ammonia, and coming up, and how that could affect are planned visit to the area today. the housing group and tech giant come together to help homeowners and what the facebook employees did outside of the office over the weekend. good morning, right now traffic is getting busier in some areas, 24, highway 4 and 680, look at your morning commute coming up. the weather is getting busy with this upper lobe dropping in to give us that ball like feeling.
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-- fall like feeling.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:44 am. a car bomb in turkey, and the turkey president says there is evidence that the mayor supports the kurdish militants they should have been stripped from the role sooner. the united states and russia , under an agreement the syrian government and rebel groups are expected to halt all fighting and bombing, and this is supposed open the way for humanitarian group to bring in badly needed supplies to communities that have been cut off by the fighting. rebel groups in syria have
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expressed deep reservations about the deal. in birmingham, alabama, six people shot and one died after a peace rally at the public housing community. the gunfire began one hour after the rally ended in a nearby park and many were still outside after the rally. reportedly as many as 60 shots were fired but they don't believe the shooting is connected to the peace rally, and the six victims were all innocent bystanders. this morning, very intense training at the urban children training event will ramp up, and the law enforcement teams from all over the bay area, and from around the country and overseas, going through a grueling series of challenges in dublin. the urban chilled exercise -- urban shield exercise teaches scenarios on what to expect, but met by pro-crest.
5:46 am
they say the training militarize is police officers and two dozen protesters were arrested. a housing group and volunteers from face book giving homeowners some next needed help, and about 50 facebook employees go to the belhaven neighborhood, and they spent the day painting and doing yard work. they did not just stop at cosmetic fixes. >> we are doing safety improvements, adding the grab bars and then rails, general work around the house.>> volunteers say they enjoy the chance to give back to the community, and that the the date and honor of the 9/11 in honor of service and remembrance. it is 5:46 am. are we happy about the monday morning commute so far?>> happy could be an
5:47 am
overstatement. let's put it this way, we do not have any huge surprises for a monday. let's begin with the commute in the east bay, and we will talk about the tracy commute because it is slow. as you drive over the altamont pass, you can see that 205 and 580 have a lot of slow traffic. once you get into the main part of livermore, already slow getting into the dublin area. not great, but no huge surprises heading west to the dublin interchange. as we move and take a look at highway 4, slow all away through pittsburg and bay point, and at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a big back up, 15 to 20 minutes. a busy commute into san francisco. no surprises but it could be a little bit windy, especially over the altamont pass. 41
5:48 am
miles an hour at the altamont pass. and then she say could be windy? look at that flag, and i believe that is over the embarcadero. there are some good wind gusts, and there we go. we had a good day on saturday. temperatures are on their way down, and it started yesterday, 76 in napa and 70 today, 75 in redwood city but today it is 68, livermore 78 to 72, san jose from 76 to 70. let's talk about the los angeles rams. the hard knocks was actually very good. partly cloudy and 63, wind gusts up to 25. this fog bank is enhanced, and
5:49 am
i would not be surprised to see some drizzle. this is being helped by the system to the north, 31 for wind gusts in travis, and of lisi -- a breezy and blustering day for some. 40s, 50s and 60s, the trend is bringing in this cool air mass. novato at 49, calistoga at 51, napa at 52. warmer in this year with that southerly breeze, south lake tahoe at 56. if thunderstorms did not erupted there today they will tomorrow for sure. tomorrow is the key day. this fog eventually will be wiped out, and looking at northeast california we have developments taking place. if this ends up over the sierra it will be windy, but if it
5:50 am
settle send toward the sacramento valley, mendocino county and lake county tomorrow would be in line for shower activity. 60s and 70s, wind gusts up to 40, and a good 10 to 15 degrees below average inland. the coast and bay are about 5 to 7 degrees below where they should be. this means the fog will not be there tomorrow but of very chilly wednesday morning and in warmer weather kicking in at the into the weekend through the week end.>> okay. i have noticed my allergies are kicking in again. when the wind picks up. 5:50 am is the time right now. an unusual piece of property upper cell and alabama, the unfinished nuclear power plant, and the reason the largest federal utility is
5:51 am
trying to unload this 1600 acre site.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a crash at the denver
5:54 am
airport, 15 players were injured in the crash yesterday afternoon, and the team was returning from a tournament in southern california. for an unknown reason the driver was trying to circle back to the airport when she crashed into a pillar. the crisis jim -- the crisis team will be at the school to help the student this morning. an investigation under way and what caused a car to crash killing two people, and firefighters say that the victims were thrown from the vehicle, and they had to use ropes to recover the bodies as they cut through the heavy brush to reach the crash site. the license plate masks a missing car reported several days earlier. the largest utility in the country is putting 1600 acres of the waterfront property up for sale, and the bids are due today. the land in northern alabama includes a very unusual feature, the unfinished nuclear
5:55 am
power plant. the work on the belafonte plant started years ago, and the work stopped in 1988 the customers not enough demand to make the power plant necessary, and the utility is trying to get some of the money back by selling the land. >> it starts at $36.4 million, but what we would like to see over time with the spend a planned and economic development plan is how to get that $5 billion invested in the facility back over time.>> the current owner is open to close the sale by next month but only one company from nevada has expressed interest, phoenix, the phoenix energy looking for the plant to produce solar power. getting the win, hitting the leadoff home run for the
5:56 am
giants over the diamondbacks, and matt moore holds the diamondbacks to two runs over the seven innings, and hunter pence had a great series, including is two run double to the right in the seventh expanding the giants lead, and they win, 5-3, and now they are three games behind the dodgers in the division. the oakland a's are beaten by the mariners, 3-2 with a losing record for the year. making the second start of a career with a two run homer and the a's come back to tie the game with bases loaded and a walk sacrifice fly, but the mariners took the lead for good in the night off of ryan madson, and they win, 3-2 and sweeping days in this series. the a's heading on the road for a four-game series against the kansas city royals.
5:57 am
hillary clinton will not be visiting san francisco today as planned, after nearly collapsing yesterday, and the campaign says she was diagnosed with pneumonia and what could have in effect's on her campaign. lake county recovering after the valley fire anniversary. good morning, looking at a busy commute on the bridge getting into san francisco, but not a bad drive. this system dropping down from the pacific northwest, breezy and cooler continuing through today, and i would take my jacket tonight for the rams and 49ers. exg thrfect . boles toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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good morning. hillary clinton cancels or visit to the bay area over concerned about her health and we will tell you about the san francisco fundraiser that she will be missing, and what the doctors are saying today. a small plane crashed in the parking lot at the reno airport, three people were
6:00 am
killed. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, september 12, and i am pam cook here >> i am dave clark, unless check on the weather. i think i need some extra hairspray this morning.>> looking good, guys, and i would do a ponytail later.>> your hair always looks good. >> i try to put it up during the day. cool is the weather word today, plenty of low clouds with the breezy cranking up. way below the average, and san jose as a high today of 70 with an average of 80 and san jose as a high today of 70 with an average of 83. the lows are dropping down, and


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