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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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let's talk some weather shall we? we have fog around the lake county area and solano area, 50 on the temps, livermore and 52, 54 san rafael, calistoga 51 and so pretty cool, watch this, under storm activity will be front and center over the mountains. for us some may drifted back toward the valley but not here. systems will develop, is off to the east and the north will keep an eye on it, for us it is cool but that cloud deck will give away to 60s and 70s which is way below average on the temperatures. good morning sal. did you stay up until the earth? >> good morning steve, i was like no did i dream that? i'm going back to sleep.
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it was 12:50 am and there was an hour to sleep. i thought i imagined it did i wake up this morning and i see that on twitter. good morning everyone, let's take a look at what we have with the tracy super commute. those of you on 580 welcome and let's take a look at your commute over the altamont pass, not bad as you're driving on 580 westbound is a continues to look good driving to the area but a little bit of phone already. the bay bridge toll plazas shows traffic is light if you're driving at the toll plaza, no major problems getting into san francisco. 280 and san jose looks good up to highway 17 and continues to look good all the way to the west valley. let's go back to the desk. we are following a developing story in the south they were santa clara county sheriff deputy shaw suspect last night just before 8 pm at
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a home on titus avenue near prospect road, just a short distance from prospect high school, authorities are not releasing any details at this time which was why deputies were called to the scene in the first place. the deputy he opened fire as a veteran and no officers were hurt. >> our deputies do a great job every day and we know this job is inherently dangerous, we are investigating this and phone every standard protocol and procedure. >> lori smith has been told about the shooting this was the first a deputy involved shooting in the santa clara county sheriff's office this year. lay helpless are investigating a crush that seriously injured and 81-year- old pedestrian and police say the person was trying to cross sonoma boulevard at redwood street when a bobo hit him. officials that he is seriously hurt and they also say the driver of the volvo stopped immediately and waited for the
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officers to arrive and again the driver is a 73-year-old from the lay have an drugs or alcohol do not appear to be involved in the crash. the 49ers are 1-0 the chip kelly era and it was about rushing over the la rams in carlos hyde ran for 88 yards and two touchdowns and the niners defense grab two interceptions as well and cornerback blaine gabbert went 22 and 3538 yard touchdown pass to vance mcdonald early in the fourth quarter. the niners only had two penalties the entire game.>> there were a lot of things we need to do better and build on but it is a lot easier when you wind and when you lose to make this corrections. we had to get over that third- quarter, some of his kickoffs got out further than we thought, the first two come to mind for me. those are things we have to
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work on.>> the niners have 16 can's give - consecutive season openers but sunday they did play against the defending nfc champion the carolina panthers during a short week. off the field stories exactly what would happen during the national anthem and colin kaepernick and teammate eric reid was again took any and kaepernick started the conversation as we know during the preseason when he sat during national anthem to protest racial oppression and inequality did this times teammate eli harold also made up the statement but holding up the fence or fists and on the other side the rams players to the same, two of them and as they anthem played there was a big flag held over the field and after the game kaepernick said he appreciates the sport he has been given. >> i want these things to change and i do know the process and it will not change overnight. but i think there are major
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changes we could make that a reasonable.>> we just want to bring attention to it and we're not trying to disrespect anybody but bring attention issues we haven't at the end of the day what we're supposed to do, we've got to divan and get into the communities and make a change with a platform we have. >> kaepernick got into the game last night was just over two minutes in the fourth quarter and the ktvu photographers that were there said they heard a lot of doing when he came on the field and he was handed the ball three times before the 49ers punted. there were reports that some police would not work at levi stadium because of that protest and the santa clara police officers association sent a letter to the 49ers think comments about police violence was insulting and said that the police socks that were pigs last month or derogatory but the santa clara police chief said there were no problems getting officers were security duty for last night's
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game.>> the response has been fabulous and we fretful cop watch and - with had full cooperation and business as usual. >> the chief says for security reasons he cannot say how many officers work a games but if there are not enough to volunteer to work games he can order his staff to be there and police on security detail during the game earned as much as $65 an hour and the stadium pays the money not the city of santa clara. uc berkeley police are investigating three separate sexual assault at a weekend concert which happened during a sold-out greek theatre saturday night and in the first case police say an 18-year-old student met a man in the port of potty life later assaulted her, two other women also report big attacked by men they did not know, one student who works as an usher at the event
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says the assaults are disappointing that she is not surprised.>> just because everyone is taking substances and it is crowded so i feel it is easier to get away with that and it is really loud. a lot of stuff like that would go unnoticed. >> police say during larger events where there is heavy alcohol assumption sexual assaults are not uncommon and they are still looking into the attacks from saturday night but so far there are no similarities other than that all happened at the concert. the suspect of the first case is described as a white man between 5'11" and 6 foot tall, athletic build, brown hair blue eyes and was wearing floral short sleeved shirt and khaki shorts. the suspect in the second case is described as latino about 21 years old, 5'7" tall with a medium build and was wearing a multicolored tank top, dark shorts and a hat and
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so far no description the suspect in the third case. also uc berkeley people are looking for two people in violent robbery him the victim tell police he was approached on piedmont avenue and bancroft by two men yesterday and he said the men punched him and knocked him unconscious and when he regained consciousness his briefcase was gone. witnesses told police they saw a white car speeding away from the scene but they have few details on the suspect description, that victim was taken to a nearby hospital. governor. brown signed legislation giving farmworkers of the right to some overtime pay is other hourly workers in the new law is the first of its kind in the nation to end the practice of having separate labor rules for agricultural workers. currently farmworkers are only paid overtime after working 10 hours per day or 60 hours in a week and the new legislation will make them eligible for overtime after eight hours in a day or 40 hours in a week just like other workers. critics say the new overtime
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requirement mcarthur california farmers to remain competitive in that new law will be phased in beginning 2019. olympic swimmer ryan lochte rush to buy protesters and a 25 minutes of the chaos that led the two arrests in the middle of the live tv show. flames and smoke though the two-story building overnight in southern california and up next the explosive situation fire crews encountered as they went and to fight the fire. good morning we're seeing the traffic is doing okay so far on this early commute, not a big drive on 80 westbound.>> pretty cool pattern with low clouds although not as much as yesterday but check out the sierra. as advertised, we will see what is in store for those temps. j?j?j7
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intense flames lit up the sky downtown los angeles in the la times reports the fire crews encountered exploding gas cylinders during the firefight which ripped through this two- story building and amazingly the fire did not spread to any other buildings of no one was injured, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the fire in monterey county has been burning out for more than 50 days near big sur and now there are new evacuation orders and
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people from choose ridge south to talk the horror hot springs have been told to leave their homes, it is burned more than 100,000 acres. yesterday the driver of the water tanker was hurt when the truck rolled down a steep hill in a person was flown to a hospital for treatment but is expected to survive. firefighters say that warm winds are causing flareups and steep, rugged, inaccessible terrain, the fire is only 60% contained and investigators say it was started by an illegal campfire. whenever a wildfire threatens homes firefighters race against time and mother nature and sometimes protecting property means choosing to defend some homes and not others are talk to firefighters about how this difficult decisions are made. the five-year drought made this year's fire season one of the worst in california history.
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cal fire reports 4270 fires from january through august this year and those fires burned nearly 200,000 acres. it is more than anchorage. hundreds of homes have been completely destroyed in lake county alone, hundreds more up and down the state. firefighters say that one reason so many homes are lost are that many neighborhoods that got to what is called a wildland urban interface. >> of these neighborhoods are especially at risk due to several factors and one of which is topography. steep slope up on a ridge, lots of vegetation. >> vegetation specialist by jared mcdaniel drive around neighborhoods with firefighters looking for trouble spots.>> the main thing that we look for is 100 foot clearance around the house.
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>> defensible space, clearing the area around your home and we hear a lot about that though you might be surprised but what is considered the right amount of defensible space. >> we look for nonflammable, all the dead vegetation is taken care of many grass and other downed debris. and there can be plants, as long as they are spaced appropriately. >> even more surprising is what happens when you do not have a defensible space.>> there are three categories we look at, we can say this is not threatened, it is threatened a defensible, or threatened and non-defensible . >> houses that are backed up to open hardest to clear and hardest to save.>> there is the eucalyptus that is right up against the fence and the deck and latticework you cannot see over there and there are some trees that are really close to the hospital so depending upon the fire behavior, with the weather was that day, this potentially to be property that would be threatened and non- defendable.>> meaning you have to go on by this house to
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defend another?>> that is correct. >> older construction, particularly shake roof, could mean the difference between a home that is lost and one that is saved. >> we may be up here and there may be a house with a shake roof not even close to the fire and an ember could land on it and start a fire.>> we plan around your house makes a big difference when it comes to the fire burning nearby, for instance some plans are highly flammable.>> juniper is one of them, some types of bamboo, and the reason they are categorized as that is because they have oil and resin in the leaves that even though they are green year-round and i don't require much maintenance, they're pretty easy to have and that is why people planted them in the past, but they are highly flammable. >> good story and good advice because it is very important.>> it is alarming and it is something we all need to hear, and the really good advice he had as well was you can have a
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vegetation specialist and fire crew come out to your house and neighborhood and take a look and survey. one of the biggest problems is empty lots. the owners of empty lots if they do not take care of it can be fined. they do not want to do that but you can have them come out and assess your property.>> and knowing the wildfire danger in our state it is surprising to see shake shingle roofs.>> i know and you do not see as many of them here, down and marin county not a big problem but in lake county it is. 4:19 am, let's check in on the traffic. >> that was good reporting and i wonder who that reporter was? >> i like her.>> she has a feature in this business. [ laughter ] good morning everybody and happy tuesday to you both ntu at home and let's take a look at the gilroy commute. traffic is pretty good from gilroy to san jose and it is
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driving through morgan hill said for getting up early to be that traffic you can still do that as it looks very good all the way into the valley. there are no major freeway delays in the valley at all, 85 to 280 and 101, looking at 880 and the east bay and oakland is not a bad drive. traffic good in both directions. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the traffic is light a lot of people who get up early due to see freeways like this, there is not a lot of crowding at all. let's go over to steve.>> they have a future, and what i don't know.>> thanks a lot. >> yes nice job. >> thank you. >> somewhere down the road we have to warm up as it is technically still summer and 84 is what santa rosa should be on september 13, heyward should be 76 and livermore 85 and san jose 81, not even close today.
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71, 70, 75 and 73, heyward is close but most are well below average. that trend will reverse itself as we head towards tomorrow probably. over the sierra, well good morning, thunderstorms popped up and's could some drifted back? maybe towards lake county but probably sting out of the valley, the fog is there, actually it is not really fog but low clouds, drizzle up in the north bay, the delta breezes tailed off which makes sense as the pressure differences have relaxed. high-pressure does not like low- pressure and 50s are the tenants, livermore is a cool 52, also 52 in lafayette, pleasanton as well, mid-50s in antioch, 34 up in truckee and
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yesterday was 50s because of southwind but everything is changed, some of that is drifting back towards the sacramento valley and the mother lode, i think it may be lake county will keep an eye on things off to the east, low clouds and fog will be getting chewed up. below is bottoming out near us, today it is in the mix but ejecting out tomorrow, clouds being kept in an a low mix of sun and clouds, very close, clouds and sun, breezy and tomorrow morning if that low kicks out it is very cool, sunny and warmer weather back to near average and slightly above towards the weekend. the afternoon cues. >> cumulus clouds. >> i have to get those weather terminologies in place, if you're out in lake county, napa county and solano i would keep an eye on things. >> i thought it was pretty darn cool by the time the sun went down. the temperature dropped quickly.>> even in our neck of the woods, even where it is
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always hot. [ laughter ] it has now been almost 24 hours of relative calm in syria and coming up in 20 minutes the reason it is so important for the current cease- fire to hold.
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welcome back everybody, the ncaa is pulling seven championship events scheduled in north carolina for the
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upcoming year because of the states controversial lgbt law which limits antidiscrimination protections for the lgbt community and requires transgender people to use public restrooms based on their biological sex rather than their gender the currently identify with good ncaa this relocating out north carolina include women's soccer and lacrosse championships in the first and second rounds of the men's basketball tournament. the mba moved next year's all- star game from charlotte to new orleans because of the law. in lafayette woman is in jail and accused of attempted murder after house fire last friday and fire crews needed half an hour to control the flames at the house on betty lane. people question people living in the house that were told that one of the resident set the fire after getting into an argument with someone else living there. everyone else in the house got out but one person was burned in the house was destroyed. 53-year-old luisa stevens was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of arson and attempted first-degree murder. today san francisco
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giants catcher buster posey will spend time visiting with pediatric cancer patients at ucsf children's hospital, september is national pediatric cancer awareness month in earlier this year posey announced he and his wife were to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research for this saturday's game, the giants are donating tickets to survivors and their families, it's mark national pediatric cancer awareness month san francisco city hall will be lit up in gold on friday night. 4:27 am is the time and hillary clinton facing more questions over her health and bay area voters are reacting.>> there are many things in this campaign, there is a double standard and if it was a man we would not be talk about his health to the degree we are.>> how the presidential candidate plans to cover her campaign stops today. two men were rushed to the hospital after a shooting in elsa bronte and what police say were happening in the moments
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leading up to that gunfire.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 everybody, no music? no problem.>> you can sing for us. >> you do not want to hear that some of this is a beautiful morning on the bay bridge and lights are out there.>> ssshhhh. >> it is just a quiet view, i love this view, tuesday, september 13 a good morning everybody i am brian flores. >> and i am pam cook and it is it a brian flores back on his last week. i do not want to talk about that right now.>> we will not talk about it.>> stephen what is the weather like up high? >>


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