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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to mornings on 2 everybody, no music? no problem.>> you can sing for us. >> you do not want to hear that some of this is a beautiful morning on the bay bridge and lights are out there.>> ssshhhh. >> it is just a quiet view, i love this view, tuesday, september 13 a good morning everybody i am brian flores. >> and i am pam cook and it is it a brian flores back on his last week. i do not want to talk about that right now.>> we will not talk about it.>> stephen what is the weather like up high? >> probably rain.
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it reminds me a lot of san francisco where he's going good>> i know.>> how about let's look in the sierra, they have developed that line which is pushing back towards the sacramento valley say keep an eye on that up in lake county, from way too far to the west but it is close and for us the low clouds are in place there is a good fog bank. it tends to favor northbay right now and it should get chewed up later with the delta breeze cutting in half. in fact cutting more than that from yesterday with our very cool readings, 51 in san rafael, livermore at 52 and also palo alto, stanford right of 50 and los altos 49, in the sierras the lows hang around, the shipping of dry air to take the fog bank out of the picture
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but not until some combat back around to eastern napa county, salina, a cool day with breezes picking up later in scene 70s almost temps. when did november arrives how? >> that's right we were in the middle of june and now we're in the middle of november, good morning everyone, stephen everyone else, off to a good start. traffic looking good if you're driving and solano county from dixon, the fairfield traffic isn't bad and 27 minutes between those two points and and solano county, belay have to vacaville not a bad commute, no problems getting out to cordelia junction or the traffic spikes off. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it has been a very nice drive will have our
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friend the spider that is out there and we name the spider boris, good morning, 4:32 am it back to the desk. in the presidential race bill clinton is set to attend to fundraisers in los angeles today while his wife is recovering from her illness and hillary clinton is now say she did not think her pneumonia diagnosis was that big a deal.>> she was a no-show last night for campaign fundraiser at the masonic auditorium in san francisco and we have more from [ null ] hill were clinton ended up speaking to her supporters by phone .>>reporter: tickets to the fundraiser range from $250 up to $100,000 and donors had to take a rain check on seeing hillary clinton in person. >> i was bummed that she would not be able to make it today but she is got pneumonia and she has to do what she has to do rid >> the cancellation comes after clinton's campaign and dr. confirmed her abrupt departure sunday from the 9/11 memorial ceremony in new york in the
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awkward stumble was due to pneumonia and dehydration. at the fundraiser in san francisco lieutenant. governor. gavin newsom introduced hillary clinton who spoke to the crowd. >> she sounded really good on the phone. >> linda lyons said the clinton briefly discussed her condition. >> she said that she was so sorry to be able to have to follow dr.'s orders and not travel but she was going to take the day off because she has such a heavy schedule ahead of her. >> clinton's campaign said she was diagnosed with pneumonia friday and are exit sunday with no! still larger questions about her transparency.>> they want to know there is not something behind what they saw and this is where transparency is so huge. the clinton campaign could have come out quicker talking about hillary clinton may have to leave an event early here and there, it is just part of the theme.>> it is part of the theme of this campaign that you never get a full picture until they are confronted with cross examination.>> california's republican party vice chair
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says sunday's incident speaks with larger criticism of clinton not being forthright to americans. spirit this speaks to your email situation and what to happen in benghazi and how the clinton foundation has profited over the years from a number of unsavory servicers.>> someone getting a cold or have sniffles are having a cough, the conspiracy theorists are out banging on the door that she has some disease. >> lieutenant. governor. gavin newsom says clinton isn't hiding anything about her health and many say it is not an important issue .>> it is a double standard and if there was a man we would not be talk about their health to the degree we are. republican presidential nominee donald trump is campaigning in iowa today and what he says he hopes hillary clinton will recover quickly he attacked her comment last week that half of his supporters belong in basket of
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deplorables.>> while my opponent slanders us deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country.>> read violence broke out incomes raleigh north carolina yesterday is demonstrators interrupted incident several times and on one occasion the man you see in the crowd who was a trump supporter was seen punching and slapping two different demonstrators. security escorted the protesters away while the trump supporter was not ejected. two men are in the hospital after a shooting in gctc the man stemmed from a dispute between neighbors and that shooting happened at a home on the corner of el centro and lambert road early yesterday afternoon, neighbors southeast bay times they heard as many as 10 gunshots. one victim is 19 years old and the other is 37, investigators
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are not thing if you have a motive but neighbors say there have been several problems at that house.>> it seems to be a problem house from what the neighbors have been saying and so you see what i see, people shooting, so who knows. it could be anything.>> i am not surprised at anything that comes his way. he has done a lot of people wrong. >> contra costa sheriff's deputies found a suspected a nearby house and are not releasing information about that person. a teenager at the center of the bay area sex scandal could return to the bay area soon, the 19-year-old who uses the name celeste guap is currently in a for a jail after being charged with attacking a security guard in a rehab center and a florida prosecutor says she's been offered a plea deal that will not give details of the deal, guap has not said if you accept the officer and alameda dist. atty. wants her back in the the area
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as she is the key witness in the case of seven current or former local officers who face criminal charges in an alameda county sex scandal. the richmond police officers supposedly did not commit any crimes the department officials say an undisclosed number of officers will be fired, reprimanded order to receive counseling because they violated department policies. they say their internal investigation looked at 11 current and former officers and the city reports some officers were cleared on all counts. the marin county district attorney's office is holding a gun buyback and working semiautomatic handguns and assault rifles could get as much as $200 each, other guns as much as $100 each. residents from marin county, san francisco, contra costa and sonoma counties can turn in their guns with proof of residence. this event is from 11 am until
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8 pm at five locations in marin county, the chp office and corte madera, the novato police department, middle valley police department, san rafael and the marin county sheriff's office point raised substation. a doctor a marin general hospital wants to make medical marijuana available and it a meeting tonight this doctor will ask the marin healthcare district to start researching the clinical and legal aspects of allowing medical marijuana use of the hospital. he says he does not know of any other legally prescribed got they cannot be used at hospitals in california and says some patients are already using marijuana at the hospital but it is on a don't ask don't tell basis and the doctor says it could take a while to get all issues resolved that add even if medical marijuana use is approved patients will not be allowed to smoke it since all smoking is banned. new information about the victims of a deadly private ring crash at the reno tahoe airport one of the victims was san jose dale bondsman and
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private investigator ed member who is in escorting a woman who reportedly is skipped out on a bail agreement back to the bay area in the pilot was robert drescher who has a law office in half moon bay did the crash happened moments after the plane took off sunday night, no one on the ground was hurt and the faa and ntsb are investigating. a preliminary hearing begins one week from today for two of the three directors accused of killing a fairfax hiker and tourist in san francisco, morrison lampley and lila allgood appeared in court yesterday accused of shooting, killing and robbing stephen carter while walking with his dog on a marin trail and prosecutors say they also killed canadian tourist audrey carrion golden gate park and a third defendant sean angle did pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the others. ryan lochte says he is heartbroken after protesters rushed the stage following his performance last night on the
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show dancing with the stars. a news helicopter capture police handcuffing one demonstrator outside the studios, two men wearing antilock t-shirts stormed the stage after the olympic swimmer finished his stance with partner cheryl burke. throughout the incident the television camera stayed on one of the judges who yelled at the protesters to get off stage and not show went to commercial break, security removed the demonstrators and although lochte was never touched he said he felt hurt and ripped apart the will brush it off. this is a heartbreaking story when i first heard about it, the three-year-old boy killed in a suspected drunk driving crash, coming up at five, what we've learned about the driver is a child's father speaks out for the first time. hundreds of homes have been burned in many lives changed, the valley fire one year later, how some are rebuilding and the reason others say it will never be the same. we are looking
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at a commute that is still okay and in fact i'm liking what i see as you drive through the macarthur maze. no problems as you head out to oakland. if you're kind of weather is fall like today is your day, warmer temps are on the way but today we have well below average temps.
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well-connected mornings on 2, humanitarian aid organizations say they hope to begin moving into troubled areas of syria today if the new cease-fire holds. it has been almost 24 hours since the cease- fire arranged by the us and russia has took effect and it seems that most of fighting has stopped. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart
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spent weeks negotiating this cease-fire and kerry says he hopes this will hold her previous attempts have failed.>> i expect challenges in the data, and i think everybody expects that but despite that this plan has a chance to work.>> russia says syrian president. assad has agreed to respect the cease-fire but in comments yesterday president. asad said he is determined to recover territory taken by what he calls terrorists and that would seem to indicate he has no plans to start battling the rebels who have been battling for five years to over throw his regime. incitement number two we returned to the scene of the valley fire and make county when you're after it started and by now you would think the area would be bustling with construction workers as residents rebuild but that is simply not the case. ken wayne reports that this is the story of fire of
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overwhelming power that affect communities for years to come.>>reporter: 76,000 acres and 1955 structures including 1281 homes, four dead. this is what anderson springs road on cobb mountain looked like the night of the fire. this is what it looks like now. the valley fire has not only changed the physical landscape that altered the course of hundreds of lives. >> it raced up this hill and those houses along that ridge where it is clear now with the first homes to be destroyed. >> lee county supervisor rob brown took us on a tour of cobb mountain where the fire started misprinted middletown and hidden valley lake destroying hundreds of homes in its path. investigators say faulty electric wiring on a hot tub at a home behind this date in high valley is to blame. the fire erupted so fast it burned more than 10,000 acres in less than five hours burning through drive times and many
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diseased with beatles, leaping from house to house.>> there were gun safe out here that were rated at 30000 and it melted everything inside of them.>> the hill is covered with dead trees and empty lots and more than half the homes destroyed, 700 were hearing cobb and only a handful have been rebuilt.>> 50 are under construction and rebuilding, maybe only five or six or finished.>> gloria hayek is a real estate agent in cobb.>> people have to realize it is not anywhere near over and i have been told can't you people your lives together after one year? we're still waiting and we would love to be able to.>> she and her three adult children all lost their homes in the fire.>> the pace of construction here in lake county has been painfully slow
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that has caused a lot of frustration, anxiety and heartache and some to question whether they should stay here.>> some people have left and they are not coming back.>> bit you are saying.>> yes i am. >> because?>> my wife. >> she doesn't want to leave but it sounds like you do.>> i do. >> marks now started construction on their home last january and are just now moving in.>> it has been very painful and every day talk to someone else and it is a different battle at something else has happened in the county changes this ordinance or that. you have to fight every day.>> next door and r&b and some are living on the lots during construction. at nearby middletown middle school 246 of the 250 students who were last year last year have returned even though 46 of
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them lost their homes. >> i was amazed how resilient everybody was and i am happy to see our attendance is still strong.>> the principal said that one silver lining is that children have pulled together and bullying is way down.>> our students had to grow up a little bit and mature and become people that went through something that is unprecedented in their lives and they will be stronger for it.>> it will take years for the area to recover and some who had insurance can afford to rebuild that others cannot. it is estimated 40% of the homes lost in the valley fire will not be rebuilt, at least not anytime soon.>> we're spending more on the rebuild of our homes and the homes they were completed.>> the nerves are frayed and the rocky fire in recent clayton fire only increasing anxiety and every time the wind blows they turn to what if.
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>> it would be nice to get all of these trees down and we will get them down if they do not fall down first and was that is done in the grasses grown there is a good view of the mountains.>> how long will it take and you think you'll ever be like it was?>> never.>> that statement coming from a man who has lived his entire life in lake county more than 50 years.>> cobb and middletown will get better and you can see some people are rebuilding and it will take a lot longer than many people thought and it will never be the same as he said.>> and those people have gone through so much, just the fires of this past year, nerves are frayed.>> two years in the road, brian was not here yesterday but during this package i told him about the 911 calls that we heard yesterday and they were just heartbreaking.>> yes, those
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calls were really eye-opening to hear.>> it is frightening to watchfire move-in on your home.>> that is right. now let's start off with a look at the tracy commute for those moving through, already stop and go traffic, 580 westbound as you drive from tracy to altima past, it will be slow for a lot of drivers as you get into the main part of livermore it does look good to the dublin in a change. looking at interstate 880 n. and southbound that traffic is moving along nicely and in front of the oakland coliseum it has not been a bad driving continues to look good all the way up to the macarthur brainiest and the bay bridge toll plaza and still light of the toll plaza with no major problems getting it to san francisco and a couple of lanes have some grouting but nothing major. 4:51 am and let's get over to steve.>> thank you. by the way we talked about
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maybe tomorrow morning there could be some upper 30s, the national weather service in eureka has issued a frost advisory for parts of trinity county and also mendocino county tonight into tomorrow. now the red is a red flag warning because remember everything is pretty dry and the wind is kicking up. but the blue would be a frost advisory. if it feels cool wait until you get to tomorrow morning my friends. up in the sierra nevada we get some thunderstorm activity, more rain as of right now but some of that is drifting back into the sacrament about a week at the low clouds and that tends to favor more than northbay and that delta breeze, however there is upper 40s and the higher elevations, i think i saw 49 it altima past which is pretty cool, 40s to the north probably in the santa cruz mountains unless the cloud cover holds on. cupertino jackson it a cool 50,
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arcata 46 and truckee is 34 most of the activity will be up in the sierra and the mother lode , plenty is going on in their letter now and will only pick up later. sumter drifted back into eastern lake county and maybe napa, solana and contra costa and probably pushing it too far to the west. that is today and it will eject out of here today and in 60s and 70s, way below average for this time of year and the extended outlook has a truly cool wednesday morning but a slow we down inland with temperatures inland a little above average. back with more news on this.
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a san francisco man may have created a must-have device for people who want to avoid parking ticket. most streets and neighborhoods only allow parking for two hours at a time and this german invented what he calls a meter maid monitor that has a special camera that detects movement and uploads photos to a website and when a meter maid vehicle is spotted he gets a text that is two-hour parking countdown has begun and this invention appeared it tech crunch disrupt which happens in san francisco this week. after sweeping arizona the giants came back home i got shut out by the san
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diego padres and former giant hector sanchez playing for san diego hit a two-run bomb in the six which give the padres afford to nothing made which would be the final score and it does drop the giants four teams back of the dodgers in the division but they're holding onto the top spot for the wildcard. the oakland a's got swept anyone on the road that their biggest off of that output of the season and they beat the kansas city royals 16-3 and chris davis, marcus simeon each hit the three run home run for the a's. my goodness is it tuesday? the scene matched the season i was 17 hit and defending world champions are in danger of missing the playoffs this year. coming up in the 5 am hour three women were sexually assaulted during a weekend concert near uc berkeley and the reason that one student who worked at the event says she is not surprised. also coming up we will tell you how students can get a free breakfast courtesy of
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mcdonald's today. good morning, you can see that traffic is moving along well if you are driving this morning on 80 westbound headed out to the main. >> already some precipitation in the sierra nevada and it is a very cool pattern, we will see about this tuesday temps. kes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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we're live in saratoga where a deputy opened fire inside a home and will tell you what we know about the investigation. didn't shake you awake? a 3.5 earthquake hit the east bay overnight and we have details as mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us here, mornings on 2 on tuesday, september 13 i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark and let's talk about the weather things are changing in certain areas, steve paulson am i right?>> they had changed. there is also some rain up in butte county.>> wow. >> i first started in chico


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