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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. good morning rk the woman at the center of the bay area police sex scandal is expected to speak out today. plus new information about the woman accused of driving under the influence and causing a deadly crash. the crime she was arrested for three months ago. this is ktuv news mornings on two. good morning, it's went, september 14th. already the middle of the week. lets check the weather. >> it's going to be nice today.
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the system has moved out rapidly. there is a few clouds in the north and around santa curz. there are 40s and lower 50s in there right now. it's clear on the avenues this morning. but it's sure dark, there goes our cool looking low, i love that. a bit of fog in santa santa rosa and part -- santa rosa and parts of marin county. napa at 46, 49 in mill valley.
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there is some fog around peta leuma -- peta luma. temperatures are where they should be at the coast and bay. all right. anything on the screen for the traffic. >> we have slow traffic from tracy to 580 or 205. you will see some stop and go traffic from the mountain house parkway and also at 20 205 and -- 205 and 580. when you get into lufer more it
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-- livermore it looks good. the traffic looks good on the bay bridge. when you get to the poll plaza, the traffic is light. the woman at the heart of a bay area police scandal will speak out this morning. she is going to hold a news conference in florida where she's facing a misdemeanor battery charge. we have more details. >> reporter: good morning. it will be interested to hear what she has to say. she went to florida for rehab but was then charged with attacking a security guard there. keep in mind she's a key witness for prosecutors here. the county is trying to bring her back from florida to charge seven karnt and former --
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current and former police officers from the bay area. she is sex with the police officers while she was underage. a report from the richmond police department found out that the police officers were involved with her. none are facing criminal charges but they could be fired or reprimanded. it's going to be interesting to hear what she has to say when hee spokes out at a news conference in florida. we will be hearing her at 11:00 our time. we will have full coverage on ktuv news. antioch police told us the name of the suspect in an
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officer involved shooting. ryan kary hit the car, then the officer pulled out his gun and fired into the car. the man was not hit but officers said he still resisted arrest when they pulled him from the car. he's facing auto theft and assault a deadly weapon on an officer. the officer was not hurt sphcht two people have been arrested in a hate crime case in antioch. roy charles sorvari and christyne gail mcdaniel were arrested thursday. they fired bombed the hom of an african american family and painted a racial slur and swastikas on the house. it was because of a dispute
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with a person who lived at the house. >> it was an ongoing dispute between a relative of christyne gail mcdaniel and the person in the house. it was not a random incident. >> damage was minor and everyone got out safely. the charges include attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. a community in yuba county may have closure. two men have been arrested in the cold cases of two young girls. the dna tests linked them to the shootings in the hown of olivehurst.
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the victims were last seen heading to a mall. their bodies were found a day later. one of the girls had been sexually assaulted. the killings paralyzed the community. >> we were not allowed to go anywhere our parents were scared. >> the case went cold in 1976 but two years ago investigators tested dna which led them to the suspects. we are finding out more about the woman accused in a deadally car crash that killed a young boy. this photo shows yarenit
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liliana malihan. she hit a young boy. three year old elijah dunn was hit and killed. >> all it takes is one mistaib to change the livers -- mistake to change the lives of so many people. >> california highway patrol said yarenit liliana malihan had no other dui convictions. if the person requests a hearing their driving privileges are kept pending the outcome of the hearing. she faces charges of gross vehicle hik lar manslaughter and -- vehicular manslaughter.
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a fire caused several people to evacuate their homes. the fire started on the balcony on the second floor of the complex. it took crews 30 minutes to get it under control. two apartments were destroyed and four were damaged. >> the san francisco counsel will hold a hearing over a building, 400 people paid four condos in the towers. the super visor said the developers knew that the building was sinking from the beginning. this company said the city never required them to dig
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deep. engineers anticipate that the towers would sink four to 6 inches. it's now sunk 16 inches. >> the movement is not debt mental to the performance of the building. >> before the first shovel of the dirt, they knew that the building was sinking. >> the developers released a statement saying that to suggest that millenium asked for or received inappropriate treatment is outrageous. >> the governor has approved legislation to end killer whale breeding. the governor turned turned sea
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world's plan into california lay. it's illegal to breed whales. sea world said they will not making whales do tricks at their amusement parks. people are bent out of shape about the congestion in their neighborhood. san francisco unveiled proposals to handle traffic on lombard street. thousands of people travel through that area per day. proposals include adding more traffic signs, creating a revagues system for visitors and a passenger loading zone on nearby streets. >> i did not hear about the proposals. people have been working on them for a while. i do not know how you can put a loading zone in front of my house and not tell me.
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>> neighbors were angry that there was no plan for public comments. residents said they had no idea that the proposals were being formed. the proposal will be presented to the board by the end of the year. >> an 88 year old woman is fighting for her life after being attacked in her own home. we have the suspect that the police are looking for. >> hillary clinton gets ready to get back on the campaign trail and donald trump unveils a plan for paid maternally leave
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it's 5:15, in the race for the white house hillary clinton has plans to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. in the meantime she is relying on high level supporters to make her case and donald trump is trying to shore up his
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support among women. >> reporter: hillary clinton is taking her final day off the trail today. she will be back tomorrow. she is relying on help from president obama and from her husband former president bill clinton and donald trump is also relying on his family. donald trump's daughter eye trump -- ivanka trump was by his side. he wants to carve away at hillary clinton's lead among women. with hillary clinton taking a day off the trail, this is a good opportunity for donald trump, but hillary clinton has
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backup. bill clinton attended fundraisers and president obama spent the whole day campaigning and fundraising for hillary clinton in new york. he did not mention her health, but he called her tireless and he was relentless on his attacks on trump. >> he spent 70 years on earth showing no concern for working people. this guy is suddenly going to be your champion? >> reporter: you heard that dig at donald trump's age. 70 years on the earth. of course hillary clinton is not far behind. she turns 69 next month. we are keeping an eye on
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construction on the roads. hopefully its all finished by now. >> it's not too slow on some of the roads. no big slow downs. lets see what we have the commute from gilroy so san jose, not a lot of slow traffic into the valley. no problems coming in from some of the other ways into the valley. lets look at some live pictures. 24 looks good. someone is being pulled over on the freeway eastbound but it's not effecting anything. traffic is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. lets go to the weather. it's cool this morning.
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patchy low clouds around marin and santa cruz. it's clear, patchy clouds. we will have a nice day. near average coastal temperatures. the breeze is tailing off. there goes the low. some snow and rain gave us a cool pattern. you see some of that rain right there towards nevada and santa cruz into the santa cruz mountains. then it curves off. the sierras look clear. palo alto 52. danville, 47, dublin, 52, lafayette, 50, pat leuma, some
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clouds right now and -- pet leum some -- petaluma some clouds right now and is warmer this afternoon. 70s to lower 80s for the day. it's below average for the inland temperatures. they will make that up tomorrow. it's looking warmer as we go into the weekend. next cool down is around the 21st. thank you. in arizona a man faces attempted murder charges. he's accused of intentionally targeted three police officers with his car. we want to warn you this video
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is disturbing. he sent one of the officers flying into the air before crashing into the store. one of the officers got out of the way and arrested the driver who police said fought with the officer. >> these officers could have been killed. i thank god we are not planning three funerals now. >> the suspect is mark payne,s hea been charged with three counts of -- has been charged with three counts of attempted murder. >> coming up, the unexpected way that bono was hurt. >> keeping your kids safe. the online campaign too make sure kids are in the right car seat
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welcome back, a man in this stolen truck led police on a chase along southern california freeways. a man woke up to find his truck was gone. the suspect surrendered at a truck stop in river side county. the rig was filled with low grade hazardous materials. this is child safety we can. we have some help for parents.
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the organization is safe kids world wide. it's giving advice to parents about car seats for babies and small children. the group said thousands of children are killed or hurt every year because parents are not using car seats the right way. they have a free future on their web cite called the ultimate car seat guide. >> rules for seats can vary by state but we have tips from experts on what to do best to protect your child when they are in a vehicle. >> they said that the problem seems to get worse. last year there was a 10% increase in accidents for kids under five years old.
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a police department added a new truck, an armored truck called a bear cat. the police said it will be a critical resource for first responders but critics say bringing a bear cat into a volatile situation leads to a deadly outcome. >> the importance is we are keyingly having to deal with armed people. >> if you are met with a military vehicle, it often leez to death. >> the bear cat costs $3,000. most of the money came from homeland security sphcht self- driving uber cars are rolling out on the streets of pittsburg pennsylvania. we have information about the
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features that the cars have. an 88 year old woman, brutally beaten is fighting for her life. we will tell you what we are learning about her and the search for her attackers honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this!
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at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ good morning to you, wb to morning on two. -- welcome back to mornings on two. the weather looks nice, where it should be this time of
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year. a little cool, some patchy clouds but they will not stick around long. it's cool in parts of lake county. the breeze has tailed off. our low is flying out of the picture. some cloud covers in the sierras. patchy low clouds on the marin sonoma coast. overall lots of sunshine today. s ishes erra nevada looks good. 50s and upper 40s right now. -- sierra nevada looks good. 50s and upper 40s right now. we are pebting temperatures in
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the upper 70s -- expecting temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s today. if you are driving in, not a bad community from vacaville. 27 minutes into town. the traffic is moving along well. we are also looking at live pictures of interstate 880. the traffic does not look bad. nice looking dry on the -- drive on the freeway. this is a look at the bay bridge, lights have been turned on. there is a 10 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. the santa clara county sheriffs department are trying to identify two suspects wanted for the beating of an 88 year old woman inside of her home.
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we are at the home now. >> reporter: good morning. we finding out that flo, douglas is in serious condition. her family is asking for prayers. she's a widow and she lived alone in her home in san jose. her neighbors are heart broken to know that she was so badly beaten. they are hoaption to gather surveillance video from the neighborhood. at some point sunday night two men broke into her home, robbed her and ransacked her house.
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douglas was found 18 hours later. >> individuals that can do something like this should not be able to run free. >> reporter: that was her nephew, he has no idea who would target her and commit such a savage crime. she was active in her church. she owned sister's beauty salon in san jose, her loved ones have come from all over northern california to be at her bed. a california highway patrol officer is on paid leave after being arrested on charges of child pornography. he was arrested monday at his home in auburn. he's a 26 year veteran of the california highway patrol.
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he's accused of transmitting photographs online of children. investigators gathered electronic devices as evidence. he lives in a quiet neighborhood. one resident said he mostly keeps to himself. >> i am surprised and disappointed. in his demeanor, he acted like he did not want anything to do with anybody. it told me he was hiding something. >> he's free on $50,000 bail. california highway patrol has revoked his lawrpt powers -- law enforcement powers. a baby is missing. late last night police released a statement saying the mother voluntarily left the city with her daughter. no further details were
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provided. two firefighters from southern california who went missing in yosemite park have been found safely. they planned a six day backpacking trip. their loved ones called rescuers when their loved ones did not return yesterday. they were rescued yesterday. a gun buy back in marin county has a big success, these are photos from the facebook age of the marin county da's office. the district attorney's office said the $80,000 set aside for the event was used up by late afternoon. all of the guns will be sent to
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a recycler to be melted down. uc berkeley victims are being honored by people leaving messages on a wall. they said multiple assaults like this have not happened at that venue before. >> we take these crimes seriously, we are going to followup on leads that we get to locate the suspects and bring them to justice. >> extra officers and private security were on duty. happening today, san francisco transit officials are taking the first step in bringing cell phone service to people that use muni under ground service. they will announce a plan to
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keep riders in touch throughout their commutes. bart already has a cell phone network. now muni riders will be able to tap into that network. the vote is scheduled for advertise. uber's self-driving car hits the road in pennsylvania. passengers can get picked up by these cars. uber hopes that the cars will reduce costs and cut down on traffic. 1.3million people die every year in cash crashes. 94% of the crashes are caused by human error. during the experiment the cars are packed with features that
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allow them to navigate through tricky streets. >> it's amazing, it routes you, this is a three dimensional map of the city. >> as a precaution two uber employees will be along on the trip. one in the passenger seat and one seeing how the driving works. bono and officers samson have been partners for years but bono was injured in a competition in vacaville. >> i look at him, i know that
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the injuries are there. >> bono will have surgery today to help him return to duty. he's an ambassador for the canine unit by making pickup appearances. since he's young and strong everyone is hoping for a speedy recovery. a new ad promoting stanford football game draws angry comments. it shows a student wearing a hajib. >> coming up, the increased crack down between the united states and mexico borders. >> coming up we have a look at the communities. it's not too bad but there is already a backup in some areas, i will tell you where they are coming up. >> it's looking good for the
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welcome back, we are following breaking news at oakland. a lot of police activity next to the fruitvale bart station, several streets are blocked off. police are focusing their investigation on a car at the scene. we have heard reports of a shooting but that has not bng confirmed. -- been confirmed. this is live near the fruitvale bart station. tropical storm julia is
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bringing heavy rain to the north east coast of florida and south east georgia. the storm is expected to bring 6 inches of rain and flash flooding. it's in the north florida area and up the coast of georgia. ktuv news is joining television stations across the country to fight heroin and prescription drug abuse. abuse has soared in the past few years, the national association of broadcasters is teepg up with the partnership for drug free kids. federal agents are finding it challenging to fight the epidemic. we are live at the border crossing in southern
5:44 am
california. >> reporter: the western hem fierce -- hemisphire's biggest border crossing is a site for drug importing. customs agents are relying on intelligence more than ever before but they estimate that they can only stop 10% of the heroin. >> we have continued to see increasing interceptions of heroin. >> reporter: the drug is more deadly when fentanyl is added to the mix. >> it could cause an overdose. >> when you talk to addicts,
5:45 am
they say, fentanyl, that's great, it gets me higher. >> reporter: there is never been a drug more lucrative. >> there is a 3,000% markup. if you take a kilogram from china worth $5,000, it's worth $3 million in profit. >> reporter: that has the drug enforcement administration increasing the crack down on the united states side of the border. many believe it starts with
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doctors aifer prescribing -- overprescribing pain killers. the agents see 60,000 cars and 30,000 pedestrians each and every day. vaks even trials for the zika virus are underway here in the united states. some of the trials are being conducted at the university of maryland. 30 volunteers are getting the vaccine, most of the volunteers are graduate students. they are going to be followed closely. even if the trials are successful it may take months or years to have a vaks even available for general use. >> apple's latest i phone goes on sale friday and some people have started to lineup outside of their doors now. but a store in wisconsin is
5:47 am
causing causing confusion. they only sell the fruit apples. >> we get calls daily about how to fix phones and computers. we explain that these are the apples that you eat. the green bay apple stoor eepped for the season monday. they sold out of fruit before the day was over. >> so if i go apple picking, i will not get a new phone? >> no. sounds good. >> i love to go apple picking. but i cannot get a mac book
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pro. good morning, lets look at the people driving in from tracy, a lot of people on the road on 580 west bound. as you come in from 205 slow traffic there and slow travel on the altamont pass and on 6080 and heading to the fremont area. lets look at the south bay community. -- commute. that looks good. light rail service is delayed 20 minutes, the number 68 bus will provide service. bta is working on the issue.
5:49 am
now the weather, many of you travel across the pond. there is a typhoon moving north of hong kong with 180 miles per hour gusts. it's moving north of hong kong but the forecasts on the waves are 48 feet tall. a category five. a lot of energy. there is another typhoon behind that. that may take a northerly track as it weakens and goes across the pacific. the system we had yesterday brought us cooler conditions. that chewed up most of the fog. there is a little bit around
5:50 am
marin and sonoma. maybe a few popup clouds in the sierras. petaluma and santa rose look good. a cool morning and shen sunshine and nice temperatures. temperatures are where they should be. by tomorrow the inland tums will start to bump up. a cool morning and nice afternoon. maybe a breeze later on this afternoon. it's a quiet and warmer pattern if we get an offshore breeze. >> that's good. nice. >> it's 5:50. a new take on pizza delivery, a
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silicon valley startup looking to reinvent the industry. >> thin crust? >> sure
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welcome back, marin sheriffs deputies are getting a pay raise. there was a new account approved last night. the county will contribute more
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to cover deputies healthcare costs. the contract also calls for the county to stop contributing to the police officers pension funds. for the first time in eight years the average american family is seeing a better financial picture. the economics department released their annual survey for the year. the average is house hold rose to $56,000 a year. that's the first increase since 2008 p higher -- and higher than when president obama took office. the rice in incomes also helped lift millions of americans out of poverty. the nation's poverty rate fell to 13 and a half percent last
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year. that's the largest decline in poverty since 1999. get ready, a restaurant in mountain view may shake up the industry. zoom pizza uses robots to make pizza. they put on the sauce and pit them into the oven. they want to eventually have robots make the whole pizza. >> we automate the repetitive tasks. >> they said their most unusual tool is not the robot it's the truck. they have pizza ovens built
5:56 am
into them so the pizzas can bake on the way to customer's homes. the giants took the lead in the fifth inning. he homers to left. they increases their lead to three and then strickland gave up two runs. the padres win six - four. the a's were on the winning end of a rally. they beat the royals five - four. he knocks a two run double to the center. then an rbi sim and a home run in the ninth. he closed out the game for his
5:57 am
30th save of the year. people living on or near a san francisco tourist attraction are frustrated. >> it's a catastrophe, every weekend, it's there. >> the proposals to ease traffic jams on lombard street and why some neighbors are not happy about them. >> 25% of videos captured by police body cams are deleted. >> we have a video of a chase, we tell you what happened and what led up to this, coming up. >> after a couple of days of active weather things are calming down. we show you that coming up
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good morning, an
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investigation underway in oakland. we tell you how officers were alerted to this gunshot victim. police hillary clinton getting ready to get back on the campaign trail and donald trump unveils a plan for paid maternitiy leave and gets ready to release the results of a receipt physical. good morning, it's wednesday. september sphreenth. >> we have a -- 14th. we have breaking news. >> reporter: good morning, we know that a man was found shot to death inside of a car in this neighborhood a short time ago. this is the street that is blocked


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