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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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second suspect. donald trump on doctor oz. >> should i do it? i don't care. how did a major party presidential candidate end up releasing medical records on a tv show. we'll find out. look closely, some great white company for surfers off ocean beach. the 4 on 2 starts now. well health is still the number one topic on the campaign trail as hillary clinton returns after facing a bout of pneumonia ma. . >> both of fit to be president according to thr respective doctors. hillary clinton bounces back from a bouts of pneumonia hitting the campaign trail after a 3-day break after she is admitting was well needed. wal wal is n with the campaign
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trail a new national pole showing the democratic nominee in a dead heat with donald trump while an occur survey of key swing states has her trailing in both ohio and florida. kin ton stopping in another critical battle ground state this afternoon north carolina. >> even i had to admit maybe a few days of rest wada me good. and that did help me reconnect with what this whole campaign is about. . >>reporter. clinton's near fainting spell this past sunday pushes the health of the candidates to the forefront. prompting donald trump to show doctor oz the results from his most recent exam. while tufrp himself admits he could drop a few pounds, he says he has the energy to be president. >> i don't know if this makes sense. i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: trump also concerned with the economic
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health of the nation. delivery a speech today explaining how he plans to create 25 million new jobs over the next decade through economic growth and propose federal budget savings. >> if we reach 4% growth, it will reduce the deficit. it will be accomplished through a complete overhaul of our tax regulatory energy and trade poefls. >> reporter: speak of finances paul ryan is calling for donald trump to release tax returns. joe wald den fox nudz. it is a little bit bizarre to see a marnl party presidential nominee release medical records on tv. this morning i talked to doctor oz about his interview with donald trump. >> i in invited both candidates to come on the show. arguing health had become a big part of the campaign cycle both their personal health and the nation's health. hillary clinton is considering our invitation.
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mr. trump confirmed last week and never asked any requests around the questions i would ask and didn't put any limb tagsdz i had asked. he pulled out the document and we had very limited conversations because they hadn't asked much of us and i was gratified to see the document when i obtained it and read through it which i did on the show. >> reporter: you didn't have a look at these before the show? >> nope, hadn't seen them is. >> reporter: had you had the opportunity to sort of review them at length would you have asked him anything different. >> it was we will crafted. signed by the physician. so it's pretty standard we'd review it and there weren't any big glarg issues either which made it a bit easier to digest. >> were you surprised that donald trump took you up on your offer. >> i was i was hoping to get the documents. we asked but hadn't gotten any closure on that. i mentioned there wasn't a lot
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of conversation going back except the acceptance of the have i tags. i think he realized to address an issue you brought up earlier. i'm a doctor. i host a widely viewed health show. the viewers are people interested in health. why not have me help interpret the document. it sometimes as logical as putting it out in a press release. >> reporter: okay from doctor oz to doctor larry. ktvu medical expert with us. first of all donald trump. bottom line he has released some documents. >> right here this one letter right here. >> reporter: he's a bit overweight but otherwise fit to be president. >> you know, that's kind of an odd question what does fit to president even mean. let me discuss what we have got at 236mbi -- bmi is -- almost over bees. this document doesn't say he
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has high close trol that's odd. >> we could assume that. >> you could say you're taking it to lower the risk of heart tack. so that's unclear what was his close trol before. trump notice to her i couldn't sayly has poor lifestyle choices. eats fast-food and doesn't exercise these are some of the concerns. that said, we would call him low risk to have any complications in the next 10 years. meaning, less than 10% chance he's going to have a heart attack or major event. >> reporter: hillary clinton also released medical information today not much. what stands out to you in terms of the pneumonia diagnoses and anything she released. >> so the hillary documentation further splans here on ktvu, did they get an x ray i want more information. they actually noted she had a
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cat scan which is a better test than an x ray. pretty much satisfied the questions i had regarding this pneumonia. >> reporter: still not all the information you would like to have. >> right, so trump we can talk about his weight at 236. i went back and looked at the 2015 letter that hillary's doctors released and her recent one her weight is left out. again this is bizarre in a medical setting. weight is a big thing. i know there's a lot of other issues around that especially politically. >> you never ask a woman her weight, doctor. >> that's a good point. >> unless you're a doctor. >> well, yeah, i think that's relevant medically. these kinds of things like trump does he have high cholesterol and where's hillary weight that's what leads us to question the document. >> reporter: you've you've seen the video and diagnoses for the video we've talked about it the other day. yes or no you satisfied that was a dehydration scenario
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complicated by pneumonia. >> yeah i think there's plenty to explain what was going on. there's no cancer. she had very specific pneumonia. we had a lot of information. i don't think i need any more info on the hill tlaer stumble after what they released. >> sounds good. doctor larry, again. thank you gentlemen here we are less than 8 weeks before election date. the first debate getting closer. poels show this is a very tight race. i want to bring in our political analyst. it shows clinton with 46% support compared to trump. this race has clearly grown tighter. why is that? >> obviously this last week mrs. clinton did not have the best of weeks both deplorable comment she made which may have inner guyed donald trump's base
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a little bit. but also obviously her health issues, the visual which spoke for itself of that video, which was damaging, obviously, and i think beyond all of that, both of these candidates are also very much dis liked by a lot of voters. so when a race like this tight yenz, when 1 person has a resume that says she should be clearly ahead of the other. both of them more or less are in the same place and neither of them at 50% what it really says is not how they're doing but how much voters are not happy and the point i wanted to make that you can also find in this poll that we saw in other poels, heather, the thuchl factor which is important to turn out to vote is telling in the upcoming polls donald trump's voters, the people who say they're going to vote for him self identify as very it is thuz stick, clinton's voters say they're less than thuz stick. the risk with that is some of the people may not turn out to vote which means that her lead
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in the other polls may not be substantial as we think it is. >> i want to go back to the fact that hillary clinton had been off the campaign trail for a couple much days and trump really was everywhere making a number of appearances using that absence to talk about a number of things including his child care policy. do you think that trump used that timewisely? >> well, he was obviously in the news. but i have to say he's in the news every day and if he's not making appearance he sometimes to manufacture something for us to talk about. if i'm going to grade what he did in the time she was absent, i would say it's nice he for example made an appearance at an african american church but i think he missed his opportunity there by tearing into mrs. clinton when he really should have been talking and listening in that community and not being in a church but being out in the neighbors as well. these were all missed opportunities. the good thing i think he's done or the effective i think he's done to answer your question he's really begin to focus on the where voters give
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him more credit than mrs. clinton on how to handle the economy. he's talked substantively about that. sort of a word play reminds voters about the things that are poz for them. i think these are things he's done effectively. >> do you think clinton will see a bounce now that she's back on the campaign trail. >> if we take this away from the national polls and look at the electoral college vote in the 11 states that matter she's still doing better than he is. sometimes the margin is only a point or two, a very, very tight race. i think she will get a bounce and i will also say she will raise money with people who feel sympathetic to her since she was ill. >> thanks again for your political analysis. change in the works after deadly fal cone at u.c. berkeley. the bill signed into law by governor brown. the woman at the center of the bay sex scandal back in california this afternoon.
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her attorneys claim there was another reason for that trip to florida. an 88-year old woman is recovering after a savage beating the community raeblthing and taking action today inside the community center. what's going to happen and why. coming up after the break.
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tips from neighbors and evidence left at the sooerp of a home invasion and brutal beating of an elderly woman led to an arrest.
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>> this man is behind bars. it is a crime that has shaken the allen brock foot hools community. gather gather ask live where it an emergency community meeting is slate for this evening. >>reporter: that's right. two community residents contacted the city and called for the emergency meeting. it's slate to begin at 7:00 across the street behind me at the community center of the saint john catholic church. represent activities from the city as well as the sheriff's office all put in motion before news of an arrest in this case. last night the defendant was arrested. his birthday is today. he's being held incomes of a brutal beating during a home invasion and robbery. the detect activities say sometime between late sunday night and early monday morning he broke into the home of a woman known as ms. flow. he ran sanked the home and savaging beat the woman and robbed her of jewelry and her
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car. con served neighbors noticed her car abandoned down the block on monday. she's clinging to life inside the icu of san jose hospital. >> it was my grandmother. could be yours or your mother. please, if you have any additional information, call -- call, text, please don't let this go away because the person should be apprehended. >> reporter: investigators said ms. flow told them there are two attackers. it is unclear if there is still a suspect on the loose. as for the defendant, he was arrested for vehicle theft, selling stolen property and hit and run accident that was all back in february. he served 43 days in the santa clara county jail before being released in may. he was on probation for three 3
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years at the time of the climb against ms. flow. investigators are asking for anyone who have surveillance of her house, if you have turn it over to them it may show the second suspect she identified. . >> ms. flow a treasurer in the neighborhood and she is still in grave condition? ? >>reporter: that's what the family tell us me. very grave condition. touch and go quite honestly. they're very torn up about it. people at her church here in east san hose hose they're very torn up about it. they told me yesterday they don't condone the act but they are willing to forgive at least the suspect that's in custody right now. they're still trying to determine if there is in fact a second suspect, guides. >> incredible woman. gather gather live for us in san hose hose, thank you. the woman at the center of the police bay area sex scandal now returned home from a
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florida rehab facility to testify. attorneys for the woman, jasmine who was formally known as is he celeste guap sfroek the steps from the city hall saying the police department paid for the trip to the rehab center. despite the fact that the woman is a key witness in a criminal case against 7 police officers none of them richmond police officers. her attorneys say she doesn't have a drug problem and certainly did not need to go to the other side of the country for treatment. >> she didn't voluntarily go to florida. rather she was told that she needed to go to florida because she had dab beld in drugs and this would be like a vacation and she needed to go urgently. >> now the woman's attorney said she tried to leave the facility and was restrained by staff and she ended up biting one of them in the arm and was charged. those 7 officers are accused of having sex with her at times while underage. jasmine said she had sex with a
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total of at least 30 officers from several east bay police departments including richmond and oakland ifrments today governor brawn signed a bill to step up oversight of contractors in the wake of the deadly balance cone collapse in berkeley. the collapse killed 6 people and injured 7 more mostly students from you're land. the bill trierz contractors to post past settlements to the state licensing boards next year. the collapse from rot ton beems mooi been avoided if the lntsing board had known about the builder's previous defects settlements. it is san francisco distinct attorneys is expected to take the lead on all shootings involving city police officers. right now they are investigated by the police department itself. the city is in the process of creating a new unit within the district attorney's office that will take over the cases. the mayor approved final funding for the new department. the money will froome the city's police reform budget.
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at least 10 deadly police shootings in the city are currently un resold. the superintendent of hayward unified school district is out. late last night the school board trust yeedz announced the tra significance to fire him. it comes after an investigations and disputes. a physical confrontation between the superintendent and some trustees broke out during a closed door meeting. he had been the district superintendent for the past 3 years. could it be good-bye oakland and hello las vegas. the ruling today that brings the raiders one step closer to leaving the bay area. and i'm meteorologist with a view surfers but yesterday completely different story. amazing video of a shark breeching and we'll let you know how big the shark was.
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coming up next.
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take a look at this incredible video. a juvenile great white shark jumping out of the water within a few hundred surfers at ocean beach beach. we know there are sharks out there but seeing the video is a bit startling. >> we want to bring in our resident surfer he is at ocean beach. mark, would you have been a little freekd out had you been in the water yesterday when the
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shark breached? ? >>reporter: yeah, i think my heart would have been pumping quite a bit if i saw that yesterday. in fact, yesterday there were about overthrow dozen people out here. today a completely different story. lots of fogs and a couple surfers out here maybe one guy out in the distance. very interesting what happened yesterday when you see the amazing video as i mentioned just overthrow dozen surfers out there yesterday morning. one surfer saw the breech and what's really unique about this specific area of ocean beach there's actually a web cam, a high definition web cam that's stationed here and kind of scans the area picking up images of the waive and after he saw the breech he went back home and saw what he saw with his own eyes with the camera. so it's amazing footage of the shark jumping out of the water. estimates about 7 to 8 feet a juvenile great white, yeah, we are in the red triangle.
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today a completely different story. this is mike from san francisco and i just showed you you had no idea and you were out there in the same exact spot. >> spook key. >> how does that make you feel when you see that? is it something maybe when you wake up tomorrow you want to sufsh early in the morning by yourself you might think again? >> i alice know they're there i don't see them but i know they're there. it's kind of cool with the hard proof it's nice it's not a huge shark makes it a little less spook key. they are there and so are schools. >> an a lot more schools lately but that could just be me, who knows. >> reporter: thank you for your time i know you're waiting here shifring here the water is cold. >> no worries have a great one. >> reporter: we are talking about the red triangle from the bay out to big sur and this time of the year as we approach
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the fall time months that's when the shark converge in the area. when you're suffering, you have an idea there might be a shark out there but you just never know. when you see the striking video of the shark bursting out of the water, very dramatic and a good reminder they're out there just don't forget. >> yep. >> i hope i don't get too close, thanks, mark. yeah, i don't know what i would do if i was out there and saw that. >> yeah. >> i would swim really fast back to shore. all right the nfl teemg up with twitter we'll tell you about the partnership and what it means. more eyes on the nfl games during the week including tonight in buffalo. next how the mayor is reacting to a decision that could result in the raiders moving to las vegas that's coming up on the 4 on 2.
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tourism officials in nevada took an important step to bringing the oakland raid yeshz to nevada. the tourism infrastructure voted unanimously to raise the hotel tax by less than 1%. that would bring estimated $750 million for a new stadium. the 55 thousand seat stadium would cost over $2 billion overall and the governor would have to call for a special
4:29 pm
session of the legislature to vote on the project n. a statement just this afternoon oakland mayor said oakland is not giving up on keeping the team in oakland. she said quote i will continue to work with the nfl and the raiders designee larry mk neil to iron out adele that works for the team, the league, the fans and the taxpayers in oakland. there are still some hurdleses in the way for the raiders to actually move but today was a major step. >> today on the phone we have a sports columnist with the sports journal you were there, what was it like? ? >>reporter: yeah i've been at every committee meeting since april. this is a slow process. but when you look at the big picture it's come together quickly for las vegas and the raiders and potentially the nfl which has warmed up to the idea of las vegas quite a bit. oakland has had a lot of time to get something done and it
4:30 pm
hasn't happened. the overture was overly positive no doubt about it. optimistic. you've got 11 person panel and different entities represented on the panel. all the major casinos and don't always have the same agenda. to get all 11 to vote unanimous musly in favor of the proposal was really a major sign of progress for this whole project. and mgm resorts probably the most powerful of all the casinos i thought potentially could throw up a roadblock for the whole project because this is going to get through the state legislature. i really felt like they had to have mgm resorts behind it and they voted for it and i think that was a major step in the right direction. >> to get through the state legislature it is different in the nevada than california because the legislature doesn't meet very often will this be a special session or the next meeting in february february?
4:31 pm
how will it play out in the next few months. >> you're right about nevada and california are world's apart. the special session will be called i would guess in early october. they want to get this done before election season really let's up and wants to forward this to the nfl by january. i think we'll see a special session in early october. >> how rare is it for a special session to be called. >> it's pretty rare i'm not a political analyst i'm a sports columnist butter i know it doesn't happen often. it's a process very powerful people are behind. nfl fran chiesz especially one as high profile as the raiders they don't fall in their lap and it's a great opportunity for nevada and i think everybody realizes that and they're trying to push the project forward. >> quickly before what did the raiders have to say? >> i talked to mark davis
4:32 pm
briefly today. he's really excited about the project. he knows there's still a lot of work ahead. they have a couple more major murmgdzs to get over here. but i think he was -- mark's an optimistic guy. he's been very optimistic throughout the project the whole time. he's really excited about what developed today with the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee vote. he's no doubt feeling that the odds are in his favor. >> yeah. >> as far as this goes the raiders president said the same thing. a lot of hard work to get to this point. but they're all really optimistic on the raiders side. >> thanks so much while management maybe optimistic there are an awful lot of raiders fans in the bay area who are not. >> very sad. >> yeah. >> thanks to you. speaking of the nfl there is a major change starting with tonight's game in buffalo. you can stream via twitter in
4:33 pm
full hd. this could be a game changer for not only the nfl but for twitter. joining me now is paul vern that with e marketer and paul, first of all give us a sense of how monday mental this is specifically for twitter. >> well i think it's very important for twitter's business. they're user growth has stalled and some of the other things they've tried haven't really materialized in a way they would like. so this is part of a trance formation for them to become more like almost like a tv network. so it's a first step. they're going other things but definitely important to get this right. >> what they do have on their side is an existing group of people followers that have twitter and the ability to sign people up in an instant. are they one of the few players that can really jump into this role as being a broadcaster, facebook, twitter maybe a few others. they're in a unique position, are they not? >> i think there are other
4:34 pm
players that could have done this. they would have done it differently from how twitter is doing it but -- it all starts with having the user base and having the brand and of course, having the technical capabilities to pull it off. but i think what it -- makes twitter unique the way they'll carry this is with the live tweet stream from sports reporters and from the fans and the players themselves. that sets it apart. even if you're watching on twitter in many ways it will look like a regular broadcast but in many ways there are will be thikz that only twitter can bring to the table. nfl doesn't give anybody anything. is this a gamble for twitter. >> it is a gamble, yes. ultimately the dollar and cents have to make sense, of course. you know i think it's part of a broader strategy and that's important to, you know, put it in that perspective. if it were just about this deal and having to make it stand on
4:35 pm
its own, it would be an even bigger gamble about but it's part of a broader strategy that vovlsz other sports content. involves political reporting, vovlsz financial and lifestyle and entertainment, so i think all of that amounts to a trance formation and you know, this is one cog in that wheel. >> yeah, theoretically we could watch a nfl game on twitter and it is academy awards on the following weekend. it does open up everything really if they have the money to pull it off and they end up getting the followings, fascinating. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. all right. fighting back against what the fashion world and advertising world say us women should look like. >> would my life be better if i were thinner? no. but it would be better if i wasn't treated so poorly because i'm not. . >> the news campaign elm pouring people to accept
4:36 pm
themselves as they are. something a south bay business owner has been doing for years and we're going to talk with the owner of this plus size laung ray store about the mission to get everyone one step closer to body pos activity. i'm meteorologist cool and foggy here. still a few surfers out there. we talked about the shark sighting and we'll talk more about your forecast coming up in a little bit. the bay area's choice for weather ktvu fox 2.
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about your risk for shingles.
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i am beautiful, i am sexy, i am everything. well for years, real women pushed back against the fashion world that has long defined what it is to be beautiful and it appears more people are listening. that was a clip from jp penny's new campaign called here i am. it highlights plus size women to find the spirit and beauty found in everybody. we have an owner of occur vi girl lingerie in san jose. this is something you worked on for several years. what do you think about the new campaign? >> i think it's so beautiful. all ages, all sizes, all et nis cities. we want more representation i think that they did such a brilliant job of that. >> reporter: it sometimes like more people are on bored with this. meaning that the average size of a woman is not what you see on the runway. and that designers need to be
4:40 pm
designing for real women. >> please really would you. we have so much money to spend and they baler design for us. there's 150 stores at my favorite mall, i can spend at three. that's sad. i want to spend my money and buy stuff. >> reporter: when i watch the clip. each woman described the hateful things said to them. in fifth grade she was called a hip pea. i'm sure that you unfortunately have had to deal with the same sort of negativity. >> i'm sure you have to. >> reporter: there are haters out there everywhere. >> doesn't matter what you look like someone will hate you. >> we get a lot of hate because they think it's rude or disgusting or should just go hide and don't come out in the light and don't try to be sexy. >> reporter: i want to show one more dmrip the ad because it really does push the message of elm pouring women especially plus size women to be proud of
4:41 pm
what you look like and so let's play this next clip. >> fat girls can do whatever they want. you can do yo ga. rock climbing. fat girls can run and dance. can have amazing jobs. are you ready for your jacket? >>reporter: the last woman you saw she recently won project runway and she is designing clothes for plus size women for penneys. >> she has a new collection for penny's design gs clothes from size 12 to 30 which is really rare. and two of her models will be in my fashion show on sunday zoo. >> reporter: i wanted to talk to you about that you've been doing the fashion show since 2013. why have the fashion show? >> every year we do this we're here to show representation to show all bodies, all ages and all abilities and i in invited jeff and valerie to be a part of t. like if you're a women of
4:42 pm
size come join us on sunday you will find your tribe. we will all be there. 200 of us. occur vi or fat or however you describe your body it is elm pouring and powerful. >> reporter: what do you say to those who look at you and say you're un healthy. >> yeah, i know. i haven't noticed anyone of them paying my bills and really checking in with me to see how am i. they go online and talk about what they think my health is. there's a lot of very thin people that are un healthy and a lot of fat people that are healthy and not healthy. that's not my job i'm here to help women feel beautiful and sexy. >> reporter: tell me again where the fashion show is. >> downtown campbell very close to my bo tuk if you go to my blog occur vi girl i think you can find all the info. >> reporter: thank you we are now going to send it over to
4:43 pm
ted. thank you heather and crystal. send it out to mark who is out on the beach in ocean beach where shark sighting rattled a couple of nerves with surfers but it was a cool shot. >> dramatic shot. a couple surfers out there right now and a few talking about that from yesterday. we'll talk about the forecast. i'm probably the only person on the beach wearing a suit and being completely barefoot it is cold out here. parts of the bay heating up and others not there. there are cold and fog. it formed early this morning and still a factor on the coast. as far as current numbers out there. san francisco a chilly 56 degrees. sanity rows rows 78. 80s out toward walnut creek and livermore. here we go with forecast highs for tomorrow. the main story is this: we are expecting warming especially inland back out to close to 90 degrees for tomorrow around the
4:44 pm
bay 70s and 80s. but here in the bay area still a big factor. beaches in the low 60s maybe partial clearing for afternoon hours. a look ahead 5-day forecast into the weekend. temperatures heating up inland especially on sunday. mid 90s around the bay this weekend. the upper 70s to close to 80 80 degrees in the beechs holding at 60s. cool thikz off into next week for monday and into tuesday. away from the shoreline get ready the temperatures soaring. out here back live hat ocean beach as you can see the chop on the ocean waters and a few people out there trying to catch a few waves but the waves today not the most exciting or not the greatest quality but still getting a good work out this thursday afternoon. we'll talk more about that amazing shark video coming up during the 5:00 show, guys, we can not get enough of it. once again talking about the story behind it. when you come out here surfing you wonder if there's a shark
4:45 pm
out there. there could be. when you see video it reminds you yep, they're out there and this is their home. >> absolutely. >> they're out there (lauging). >> stay out there. yeah. >> thank you, mark. well next on the 4 on 2 the drug used for pain relief will be in the same claims at heroin and cocaine. those who use the drug disagree strongly with the latest ruling. ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
4:46 pm
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ we're following breaking news happening in southern california. i want you to focus right now on your screen and towards the left you can see the suv. a travis 4 driving pretty fast. you can see it passing other motorists. we're told there is a male
4:48 pm
driver and a female passenger and this vehicle was in fact stolen. and you're looking now at the pursuit by authorities there in sanity that anna. we've been watching for the last few minutes and this driver has been driving rather ear radically you saw him swerve around that vehicle and going the wrong way on streets and this looked like some sort of parking lot and he is cruising through the area. again police pursuing a wanted suspect for stealing the toyota travis 4. you can see right there. >> this started on the 5 freeway apparently and not only on surface streets and literally in a parking lot. this is very dangerous for the potential for pedestrians as you see him trying to maneuver around him. police are trying to back off. you don't see officers in the shot in terms of cars likely they do not want the individual to go too fast especially now that he's in an area where there could easily be
4:49 pm
pedestrians, boy, this is very dangerous. >> yeah, i think that there was a little bit of a surprise whenever he kind of swerved around that vehicle. i thought that maybe he was trying to get to an open road. but what you're seeing now he is in fact in a parking lot of some sort of biz or something and has been avoiding -- we saw him avoid a big rig. >> yeah. >> nearly complied with a light poll there. >> he has started to slow down they have backed off and they want him to go. they have his license plate and chop perz in the area. he's not going anywhere they wanted to reduce the potential for a horrible end to this. we'll see how that pans out and we'll continue to monitor it as this chase continues down in southern california in orange county. all right. well a northern california man says he was robbed at gun point by two boys and he says they were just 11 and 12 years old. now the victim did not want to show his face or give his name. he says that those boys came up
4:50 pm
to him outside his home in your ba city on monday night. they told him to go inside and get whatever cash he had. he spoke through a trance lafrpt who said just then his wife happened to call. >> they found out he had a phone and took his phone and his watch and they punched him in the mouth. >> reporter: now the man told them he would go inside and get the money. that's when he called the police. the two boys were taken into custody. now police say a separate case a 12 and 15 year old were arrested earlier this week in neighboring marry's individually for attempted robbery and carjacking. well a drug called kratom is made from the leaves a tree native to southeast asia that is relative -- a relative to the coffee plant in the u.s. kratom has become popular with people copying with chronic pain and people trying to wean themselves off of opioid. they are placing it in the same
4:51 pm
class at cocaine and heroin. our sister station in las ang ang spoke to one woman said she'll be affected dramatically because of the change. >> kratom a stance for sale in smoke shops and all over the internet that people say is good for pain. >> i'm 36 years old when i was positive years old i was diagnosed with ms. >> reporter: for the last few years she's used kratom to he's her pain. >> i could take it once a day and be comfortable and almost forget i have the fiber row myalgia pain and ms pain and chronic discomfort. >> reporter: federal officials say people are abusing it and because of that the drug enforcement administration wants it to be a controlled stance that you can't buy online or in a smoke shop. according to the feds the law enforcement seen more kratom in the first half of 2016 than any
4:52 pm
previous years and accounts for lots of doze ages intended for the recreational market. 57 thousand plus offered for i am port but awaiting fda admissibility decision but all of this together, they say is enough to make (1) 200-0000 doses much kratom. >> i think it deserves attention. >> this doctor is a little am beverage husband about regulating the drug. he thinks it's about saving lives and preventing addiction. >> i think we need to open our eyes and do a little morrow search about it. jumping to a category 1 off the top i don't know that's the right cat gore sglags of it but it definitely deserves attention. >> this woman doesn't like the government stepping in and make it go a category 1 prescription drug because -- . >> this is a truly natural way with not a lot of down sides. >> the dea say down sides can
4:53 pm
include seizures and death. according to the federal agency there were 15 deaths from 2014 to 2016. fox 11 news. well a newly renovated and expanded cancer resource center is now open in san hose hose. resource center is part of the prefrj medical center it provides patients with different information about cancers and treatments. there are books, computer stations, nurses and also a wig room for people who lost hair during treatments. >> to have something a place where they can go and be cared for and taking care of. >> this is the place you can come for hope, help, and assistance. >> reporter: now the hospital ceo says the center has already taken care of more than # 1 thousand people and expects the number to grow after the expansion. they can provide the services for free thanks to a generous gift from the hurs family.
4:54 pm
coming up president obama looking to save the world's natural resources. stay with us. we'll be right back. 4 on 2. stay with us.
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shortly after creating the largest ecologically protected area on the planet president obama is now setting his sights
4:57 pm
on the atlantic ocean. more from washington. >> reporter: world leaders joined the obama administration today to protect the world's natural resources. secretary of state john kerry is hosting the third "our ocean" conference with representatives from more than 20 nations to announce the creation of protected marine area. >> the sea itself will never cease but the same cannot be necessarily said for us, or for the life within it. >> reporter: president obama made an announcement of his own by designate ago nearly 5,000- square-mile area in the atlantic ocean as a marine national monument. >> we're protecting fragile eco systems off the coast of new england. >> reporter: the announcement comes after at the present time expanded a national monument off the coast of hawaii last month creating the largest marine protected area in the world. >> nature is actually resilient if we take care to just stop
4:58 pm
actively destroying it. >> reporter: president obama was followed by leonardo dicaprio who serves as a messenger of peace with a focus on climate change. >> as a global community we must protect and value vital marine eke company systems rather -- ecosystem rather than treating it as a dumping ground for our wea. >> reporter: some worry this will hurt the commercial fishing industry but president obama says it will be done in a way that respects the industry. las vegas is moving forward, the ball forward, in a plan to bring the oakland raiders to sin city. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. in a unanimous vote a nevada
4:59 pm
tourism board voted to hike the tourist tax by just under 1%. las vegas is in clark county and you as a visitor pay that tax every time you stay in a hotel there. that would bring in an estimated $150 million for a stadium. we spoke with a column west the las vegas review journal who was in that committee meeting. >> i talked to representatives about the project. this is just the beginning phase because there are a couple more major hurdles, but mark is an optimistic guy. he has been very optimistic the whole time. >> that columnist said the nfl seems to be warming to the idea of a raiders move to las vegas and that the atmosphere today was positive and optimistic. in a statement today oakland mayor libby schaaf says she will remain focused on trying to keep the team here responsibly. she said, quote, we have learned from the mistakes of the past and we won't repeat
5:00 pm
them. now is the time for everywynn our region to pull together to show the nfl and the raid theres their future is in oakland. >> ktvu's mark ibanez joins us now. so this doesn't mean the raiders are packing up but still not great news for raider nation. >> i think it's important not to overreact to the. not close to a move. still plenty of hurdles, but i was thinking, wouldn't it be ironic raiders are finally an up and coming team, very successful, and the raider fans have hung around so long and could have the rug pulled out from under them. it's important to remember this is just one of many steps that have to be cleared to get this team anywhere close to moving to las vegas. and, in fact, the first step would be, of course, getting approval from nfl owners. they have to have 75% of those. what this was today, a strong message, of course, to the oakland contingency. the raiders are serious


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