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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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palo alto up to menlo park, all those surrounding streets have been jammed because of the backup that was on the 101 earlier this afternoon. let's take a look at our video. this was around 1:00 in the afternoon. chp tells us an 82-year-old man was driving northbound on the 101 between university and willow road overpasses. investigators say the projectile was a large nut. it came from the opposite side of the freeway. it went through the windshield of the white van, broke it, leaving a hole. that object then hit the driver in the neck. he crashed into the center divide and the vehicle continued to roll. first responders tried to save the unidentified man but they were not successful. >> at this time we don't have any idea what the projectile was. we are looking into any possibilities. it could have been debris. it could have been anything. we're looking for witnesses to hopefully give us a little
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information on what this could have been. >> updating with you the new information that we just got about 90 seconds ago they do know what the projectile was. it was a large nut. i'm supposed to be sent a picture. as soon as i get it we will bring it to you. but right now the question is what exactly is it. a large nut. i'm told it's too big to be a lug nut off a vehicle so it's something else, and where did it come from? how did it get in the roadway, et cetera? the officer was telling me it's very important if you're transporting goods on the freeway to make sure everything is secure so that nothing falls off onto the roadway, because when somebody drives over it at a high-speed, 1:00 in the afternoon, on the 101, traffic is moving at a pretty good clip because rush hour hasn't kicked in yet. that can get caught up in your tires, spun up and shoot out from your tires. in this case it went to the opposite side of the 101 freeway from the southbound side to the northbound side,
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went through this gentleman's windshield, hit him in his neck, killing him. he crashed in between the university and the willow road overpasses. so now the investigation, what exactly was the object, some kind of nut, but specifically what it is and where did it come from. live in menlo park, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it's just horrible. jesse, obviously they're looking into whether this may have been accidental but are they also looking at the possibility that maybe someone threw this off an overpass or that someone chucked it out the window of a car going in the other direction? >> reporter: you know, anything is possible. that's what they said to me, frank. anything is possible. could somebody throw that off an overpass with enough force to get it to go through a windshield? maybe not. but if an object like that were to get caught up in tires of a moving vehicle that's doing 65, 70 miles per hour that could give it enough speed and force
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to shatter through a windshield and hit somebody and kill them. so that's probably where they're going to go with this. it doesn't at this point appear like it was thrown. it looks like it may have been an object in the roadway. as soon as i get this text, i was hoping i would have it by the time we hit air but as soon as i get the picture of this item, as soon as i get an idea i will put on my social media, we'll put it out there for everyone to see, and we can update the story that way, frank. >> all right, jesse gary along highway 101 on the peninsula, thank you. also on the peninsula a small plane landed safely just shy of the water near menlo park. police say the plane went down 2:45 this afternoon. from skyfox you can see a chp helicopter landed nearby to help with the rescue. responders say it looks like the two people on board got out safely. authorities say the plane landed near the ravenswood open space pre seven three miles
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north of the palo alto airport. no word on what caused the pilot to make the emergency landing. breaking news now from the bay area police sex exploitation scandal. two big twoments to tell you about at this hour. criminal charges have now been filed in this case, and attorneys for the young woman at the center of the scandal took the first step today towards a big lawsuit against the city of oakland. >> our ktvu crime reporter henry lee has been following the case from the beginning. let's start with that claim. they're asking for a lot of money. >> that's right, $66 million is being sought in damages by this woman now known as jasmine abuslin against the officer who took his own life last fall. this is the first step in the lawsuit. the city attorney has received the lawsuit but has not commented on it. >> it also comes on the same day that charges have been officially filed against two
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officers linked to this young woman. >> that's right. the first officer is former livermore officer dan black. the d.a. says that dan black picked jasmine up in his rv and tack her out to dinner and said i'm not paying you but i will buy you dinner. the two allegedly had sexual relations in his rv in a public place. he is charged with misdemeanors. the other officer, and before we go to that, also we found pictures of dinner plates that jasmine posted on her social media that do seem to jibe with these dinner dates, one at spanger's in berkeley, another in albany. she talked about having dinner with this former officer, dan black. now, a second officer, who has since resigned from oakland police, sergeant leroy johnson, is accused of failing to report child abuse as a mandated reporter. he allegedly had some facebook chats with jasmine in which she
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said she was having sex with other oakland officers. she asked him not to report it. he said he would not. investigators found another screen shot of their conversation where he asked, i hope you're an adult, and she responds, i would be lying. so very serious allegation. these are also misdemeanor charges filed against that retired oakland police sergeant. >> could we see more charges down the line, and also we have this claim now, the precursor, if you will to a lawsuit, asking for $66 million against the oakland police department. are you getting the sense that we are also going to see lawsuits against the richmond police department, maybe the alameda county sheriff's department, and some of these other departments, perhaps even the livermore police department, that are caught up in this? >> that's right. jasmine's attorneys have told us they do intend to file litigation, first in the form of claims. i will note that sergeant leroy johnson and others are also named in the civil claim, and al immediate that county d.a.
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nancy o'malley has said from the get-go i intend to charge seven officers. she has now filed against two so we do expect five more in the pipeline. >> big developments today. >> would these all be misdemeanors, or when she comes back and starts testifying could the charges be upped? with we looking at potential felony charms? >> potentially but against these two these are all misdemeanors. the charges differ from one person to another. >> just the beginning. henry, thank you. police released video they say shows a man who set fire to a 9/11 memorial flag display. it happened at the east palo alto fire department last sunday on the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. firefighters had put up 343 american flags representing each of the firefighters who died in the collapse of the twin towers. police say about a dozen of the flags were destroyed or damaged by the fire. if you recognize this man, east
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palo alto, the police department, would sure like to hear from you. well, the conspiracy about president obama's birthplace resurfaced today on the campaign trail. as joel waldman tells us, republican nominee donald trump held a news conference where he abandoned his birther beliefs. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: donald trump putting an exclamation point on the birther controversy pinning it on his political opponent despite cries from some that trump himself started it all. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> the hot button issue reignited by rival hillary clinton during her return to the campaign try. today the democratic nominee reasserting the claim from the very beginning reeked of
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bigotry. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country. >> reporter: speaking from a black women's agenda symposium clinton was just blocks away from trump's new d.c. hotel where he countered her claim of racism but not before decorated of the military threw their support behind the republican nominee. the latest tension as a new poll shows trump and clinton separated by just one point nationally with just 53 days to go before election day. >> hillary clinton's number one challenge and problem is in getting the democratic activist base enthused about her. >> reporter: president obama himself also weighing in on the birther controversy today saying, "i'm pretty confident where i was born." in washington, joel waldman, fox news. she was on a walk with her daughter and her dog and out of
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nowhere three coyotes charged at her golden retriever. what daly city police told us they plan to do to deal with the threat of coyote attacks. plus, fire crews had more than just flames to deal with at a house fire today. why a woman fought with crews to try to get back into her burning condo. the weekend is here and we have got some warming or increasing temperatures to talk about for your saturday and sunday. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ a woman from daly city says three coyotes tried to attack her dog while she and her eight- year-old daughter were walking in a park. the attack happened yesterday in the westlake neighborhood near lake merced and the
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olympic club. tara moriarty talked to the daly city woman and her daughter about what happened. >> we were throwing the ball for the dog, and the next thing i happened to just look and i was thinking, what are those. >> reporter: around 3:45 yesterday afternoon anna marie done and her eight-year-old daughter say three coyotes charged at their golden retriever millie. >> three coyotes came out of nowhere chasing her, trying to attack her. >> my mom yelled, oh my god, there's coyotes. i thought she was kidding, but then i saw them, and they nearly bit millie's tail. >> reporter: she says she has seen coyotes before -- >> but this is the first time that they've been aggressive and they've tried to attack. this is the first time that that has happened. so, yeah, i think something definitely should be done about them. >> reporter: as you may recall coyotes killed two dogs in san francisco and injured many more. when the city announced that residents would have to learn
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how to coexist with the wild animals many people were outraged. >> we don't after plan to eradicate coyotes obviously. >> reporter: daly city says they will adopt a plan similar to san francisco's and post warning signs. >> parents with young children should be aware of their sur roundings. >> reporter: officials secured garbage and tried to educate people about not littering or feeding the coyotes as well as keeping their dogs on a leash but many felt that wasn't enough that perhaps the city needed to consider injecting the animals with some kind of birth control. officials say they will discuss the issue at a city council meeting september 27th at 7:00 p.m. in the meantime, this woman says she knows what to do if she spots a coyote again. >> i think i would scream and shout to make them scared, because then they'll go away. >> reporter: in daily city,
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tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> officials on the peninsula are working to determine the cause of a fire that killed a beloved pet. flames ripped through a townhome unit in the 2300 block of ticonderoga road. the fire destroyed one unit and damaged two others. all of the residents were able to get out safely but a dog unfortunately was trapped and ultimately died. the animal's owner became overcome with grief and tried to get past police in an effort to save her dog. >> it became very apparent that she was a danger to herself. she made statements such as, i want to die with my dog so the only thing we could do to protect her and the community and protect her from herself was to place her under arrest. >> the dog had been sick, and sew was on medication, so probably did not realize -- wasn't even able to bark. >> after a short time in custody, the woman was cited and released. officers say they've already contacted the d.a.
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and have no intine filing charges against that woman. the impact residents are said to be staying with residents until repairs are made. some experts say that half of all firefighters in san francisco will develop some form of job related cancer. it's an astoppedding figure. so starting today dozens of photographs of san francisco firefighters are on display at the harvey milk photo center at debose park. "the art of fire" exhibit is free but organizers hope it will drum up support for the cancer prevention foundation. >> what people aren't aware of are the stories that happen 10 years down the line, and that is the men and women of our profession catching cancer at very high rates. not only in san francisco but throughout the entire firefighting profession. >> retired captain tony stefani
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battled kidney cancer for years. he hopes this will draw sponsors for a dinner to raise money for cancer prevention and treatment. well, as we take a live look outside at mount diablo a reminder, everyone, that tomorrow is a spare the air day. it is the 20th alert of the season. high temperatures, light winds all expected to push pollution to unhealthy levels. so people are urged to carpool, bike, or take mass transit. that recent video of a shark leaping out of the water on ocean beach isn't keeping sirves out of the water. this group was out today making the most of the waves and the mild weather. yesterday we showed you the video of that great white as a shark researcher reminded us just because you don't see sharks doesn't mean they're not out there. great lights and others often cruise offshore but usually out of sight. let's bring in our chief
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meteorologist bill martin who has been sunk for years and years. i'm pretty sure i know the answer, but if you see a shark like that, you are going to go out and susan. >> yeah, because it's just like if you go hiking in the hills and you come across a mountain lion, it's kind of a weird feeling. it's not statistically correct to be scared of sharks just because it doesn't happen. think about how little it happens. 35 years of surfing, i've never been -- i know guys that have been bit, and i have seen them, but 35 years. think of that. >> it's just so jarring when you see a picture like. that. >> yeah, i think so too. >> that shark couldn't have been more than maybe 75 yards offshore. >> the ironic thing, right now the cereals pupping. this is when the whites come in. this is when the sunk gets really good between now and christmas. so it's this convergence. you've got these guys showing up to eat the baby seals along
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the marin county coastline and the fairlawns, and then you've got sirves who are like, well, the winds are dying down. this is the best time of year to surf and it's the most sharks you ever see, although this year is going to be interesting because with all the humpback activity, i have never seen sea life like this. we've add proliferation. >> big whales out in the bay. >> it's crazy. we've never seen this. all bets are off how many are out there. we talk about it all the time. it's a primitive fear. it's hard to shake. i worry about it, but it's just funny. you drive on the freeway, they're dangerous. we go outside. st. louis, down towards louisiana, you guys are getting hit with heavy rain and we're thinking about college football saturday. especially down at lsu, a big game, and i think they're going to be real wet there. we'll be watching that through the next couple of days as the rain continues to move through the nation's midsection. fog along the coast for us. there it is. it's warming up.
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there's a spare the air day. heather told you about that. the good thing about a spare the air day on a saturday, you don't have commutes. so it does put a squish on your barbecues. you're not supposed to barbecue. you can use gas but you can't use charcoal technically on a spare the air day. it is going to be hard with the air sinking. that's why there's the spare the air day. it is going to be hard to monitor people out in danville and crockett. if you want to light your barbecue, you're not supposed to but how are you going to monitor that? it's saturday. >> but let's hope that people don't. >> but it's a weekend. they typically don't do spare the air days on the weekend because there's not traffic. but people work hard all week, then they go, i want to have a barbecue. >> what do you think it is then that's causing them to call the alert? >> there's some smoke from the soberanes fire, and they're being cautious, and they should be. >> because the temperature sin
5:21 pm
creasing? >> yeah, and the lid on the atmosphere, but that's a hard thing to do, to tell people that work hard all week, kids in the backyard, they want to barbecue. use gas barbecues. you're fine. >> bill, thank you. the lines weren't as long as they have but in past years but the enthusiasm for the new iphone seems just as strong. we're also going to tell you about the popular person that was part of the welcoming crew at one apple store on the peninsula. >> a big, big name. and coming up at 6:00, controversy surrounding the national anthem continues. the bay area high school football team that's planning on taking a knee tonight in support of colin kaepernick.
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new information about the case of that locked iphone in the terrorist attack in san bernardino. the associated press and two other news organizations filed a lawsuit against the fbi to learn who the agency paid and how much they paid to hack into that locked phone. the fbi says hacking the phone was necessary to investigate the massacre. syed farook and his wife killed 14 people and wounded 22 others. the media organizations filed the lawsuit under the freedom of information act. so far the fbi has only said that it paid more than a million dollars to a third party to break into the iphone of one of the shooters. apple's iphone 7 release had folks lining up all over the world. >> those in line hope to become
5:25 pm
some of the first to get their hands on the new device. apple's ceo tim cook stopped by the store in palo alto. christien kafton talked to some of the people who lined up at the store in union square. >> reporter: lots of excited apple fans, iphone fans already here inside the store at union square getting a chance to check out the iphone 7. doors opened at 8:00. fans flooded inside. we showed that you initial rush this morning as the first 24 iphone fans got to check out the new iphone 7. we were also over at at&t and got to preview that new iphone. we can tell from you personal experience that it is very responsive and is able to call up screens in just an instant. that phone expected to be very popular. some models have already sold out here at the store. fans this morning say they think the new phone will live up to the hype. >> i got the iphone 7. i waited 12 hours to get this. and then i have the smart case
5:26 pm
for it, too. >> reporter: you don't want to drop that phone and break it the first day. >> definitely not. >> reporter: we also talked with fans about the fact that this model does not have a standard headphone jack. they say getting rid of the old jack allows apple to pack this device with the latest tech. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, it's a service that allows you to report prostitution but instead of the prostitutes it allows you to call out the men who are looking for sex. plus -- >> at a time of year when our gas prices should be going down a bit, they're actually up 6 cents in the last week. but on the east coast where there's a major gasoline pipeline break, they're actually going down. what gives?
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oakland is set to take an unconventional step tomorrow in an effort to fight prostitution. >> it is designed to shame johns. >> reporter: the website is called people can now go on line to report possible prostitution activity in oakland. you can post pictures of what's going on and where, provide a license plate and the description of the people involved. that information goes to the oakland police department which sends warning letters to the registered owners of the cars as officers have been doing for
5:30 pm
several years. the letters advise that their cars were spoiptd an area known for human trafficking and prostitution. >> it does not result in a criminal charge or conviction, but we believe that exposure and shame can be just as effective. >> reporter: the new program comes as oakland mayor libby schaaf is dealing with a sex exploitation scandal involving officers in her police department and a self- proclaimed teenage sex worker. the mayor says she wants anyone involved in sex trafficking to be put on notice with the click of a button. >> this empowers the community to take action. >> reporter: but one city councilman who represents the fruitvale district isn't sold on she says if johns' cars are impounded that can make a difference. >> i can send you all the letters but we've been doing this for millions of years. >> reporter: and spouses and employers could get these warning letters when the drivers may not have done
5:31 pm
anything wrong. >> if you have nothing to hide you will be fine. >> reporter: so this website is up and running but it remains to be seen whether it will actually act as a deterrent. >> on the four earlier today i was speaking with someone who is part of a coalition, and she believes it will in fact be impactful because some people might be so embarrassed that perhaps they won't do it again. >> so there are no teeth to this, henry, but it's kind of like, we're watching you, we're on to you. >> reporter: quite frankly, there's going to be hell to pay if your spouse or loved one opens up this letter from the oakland police department, sees this and reads the verbiage. would you probably have more to pay at home. >> family and friends are set to gather in san hoe zane support of the 88-year-old grand mother who was savagely beaten and robbed this past weekend. she is known as miss flo and is still hospitalized tonight. investigators say 19-year-old zachary broke into her home,
5:32 pm
robbed her of her jewelry, ransacked her home and beat her. court documents show that the two live less than half a mile apart. investigators say it's not clear if the suspected an accomplice. his arraignment is set for monday and he is current being held without bail. governor brown today signed a bill permitting colleges and businesses to stock up on epipens. previously only hospitals, emergency responders, and other medical professionals were allowed to stock the life saving devices. in signing this bill the governor also blasted the pharmaceutical company myelin for raising the price of epipens by a staggering 500% with a pack of two now selling for more than $600. the governor also called on congress to reign in what he called predatory pricing on epipens which can save the life of someone. gas prices in california have gone up 6 cents and they have gone up 15 cents in the
5:33 pm
last month, all this despite any major disruptions in the local supply. tom vacar tried to figure out why prices are going up here. >> reporter: oil companies have always maintained that the price you pay at the pump is a direct and accurate reflection of the free marketplace. they argue that the price of crude oil, disruptions in supply, and refinery problems are what cause price spikes. well, a week ago a major gasoline pipeline running from texas to new york ruptured and was shut down after spilling a quarter million gallons of gas. by any standards, a major disruption. nub the less, in checking today's prices versus a week ago, i found that in the 12 states where the pipeline runs, the price is actually down an average of almost a penny a gallon. only two states had very small increases. >> a huge pipeline break, five days later we're seeing flat prices. that is in any mark just crazy.
5:34 pm
really still nutty that we don't see any type of price movement when we had this type of major pipeline break. >> reporter: but in california, prices are up almost 6 cents in the last week with no unfor seen problems as well as during the post-labor day period when prices traditionally go down. >> in california you have normal operations, and a refinery going down for normal maintenance, and in san francisco you see a 6-cent jump. >> reporter: after hurricane sandy, extra storage for gasoline, much of that in the hands of state government, were put aside to handle any disruptions of supply. >> we don't have that despite the fact that the attorney general in california nearly 16 years ago recommended we have those types of gasoline reserves. >> on average, bay area customers are paying 60 cents a
5:35 pm
gallon more than the national average. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. a federal judge denied donald trump's request for a five-week delay in the trial for trump university. the judge in san diego ruled that the trial will begin november 28th as previously scheduled. trump's attorney asked the judge for a delay because the attorney has a scheduling conflict with another trial. the judge said the class action lawsuit against trump university is more than six years old and trump's attorneys did not raise scheduling concerns until late august. trump has repeatedly criticized the judge's handling of the case noting the judge's mexican heritage. it may be just mid- september but a lot of people are wondering if we're going to get a lot of rain this winter. it's crucial that we do. earlier there was talk of la niña winter, but things have changed. meteorologist mark tamayo will be here to go over the details.
5:36 pm
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honey it's not swiping. come on i need it to swipe. i know i need to swipe something. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. some breaking news to pass along to you if you are planning on using bart or if you are waiting for someone on bart. there's some trouble to tell you about. >> right now bart trains are not stopping at the concord station due to police activity.
5:39 pm
we don't have any other details, just that there is some type of police activity going on in that area. we are working to get more information, and we will keep you posted if we learn anything else. a usc football player charged with rape in utah is out on bail tonight. messina left the jail in salt lake county early this morning after posting a $250,000 bond. messina is accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman in july after a party in a suburb of salt lake city. the woman told police it happened after she drank alcohol and smoked marijuana with messina whom she says she's known for several years. messina admits having sex with the woman but he says it was consensual. he's also investigated for another alleged assault against the same woman in southern california. that case led to him being suspended by the team. three high school football players from a small central california town have been charged with hags.
5:40 pm
police say three varsity athletes hazed at least one member of the jv team last week. the superintendent says it happened on campus after last week's practice. the merced sun star reports that one 16-year-old and two 17- year-olds face felony false imprisonment as well as misdemeanor hazing charges. police say there could be more victims and possibly another arrest. two cities in the south bay have been named as the top swimming locations in the country. san jose and santa clara which were considered together as a combined area ranked number one on a list compiled by usa swimming. the organization uses a number of criteria to make its list including the number of swimming pools, registered swimmers, and olympic qualifiers in any given area. ann arbor, michigan and stamford, connecticut rounded out the top three. veterans helping fellow veterans. those who have fallen into homelessness.
5:41 pm
for the next three days those vets are receiving care through a massive volunteer effort in alameda county. rob roth reports on east bay stand-down. >> reporter: they served their country, received honorable discharges, but life outside the military has led them to living on the streets or drifting aimlessly. >> couch surfing and it's pretty safe because there's friends and family you're staying w. >> reporter: this former marine is one of 400 homeless veterans taking part in east bay stand- down. it's a three-day program that brings scores of services to service vets who have fallen on hard times. >> they're helping me try to find a place. i will talk to people, try to get work again. >> reporter: little sponsored by veterans who want to help fellow votes. they have enlisted an army of volunteers to provide clean clothes and counseling and
5:42 pm
dental care. and even free legal help. >> by having these cases adjudicated, it allows them to go to our next tent over which is operated by the department of motor vehicles, state of california. they get either an -- they can get an id card or a driver's license. having these records clear. >> reporter: volunteers call this giving a hand up, not a hand out. and they say the last time they held an event like this two years ago, they got almost 100 homeless veterans off the street. one of them is former private first class david boatwright who says he went from the army to the streets, often sleeping behind an east oakland gas station. >> i found drinking and using to be my answer to cover up the nightmares. >> reporter: then he came to east bay stand-down two years ago. >> some veterans reached out to me and guided me to different resources so that kai start pulling my life back together. >> reporter: there is a credo
5:43 pm
in the military, no one gets left behind. and now that includes here at home. >> if it wasn't for the grace of god, there goes us. and that we realize that they have contributed to our society, and they deserve to be cared for. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> can't do enough for veterans. >> nope. still to come here, it's probably not a word that mark zuckerberg is used to hearing. no. why plans for his home in palo alto have been rejected, and what happens next. tracking a big warm-up for the bay area weekend. we might see some upper 90s, maybe a triple digit number shows up. i will let you know which day is the hottest and what you can expect for your bay area weekend. ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side
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♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ two major ski resorts in tahoe plan to open earlier this year than in past seasons. these pictures were taken from kirkwood earlier this week. you can see snow at the top of the mountains. squaw valley and alpine meadows are planning to open between november 11th and the 18th. that's a week and a half earlier than normal. hopefully there will be enough snow. obviously they will also have their snow making machines going full blast as well. last year being an el niño year, one of the most powerful el niños, expecting a la niña, things are starting to change around. mark tamayo took a look at what we can expect for next winter as we push forward.
5:47 pm
the dusting of snow this week was a good reminder that winter is not far away. that this is an exciting time. last year was october. this year it's september for that first snow. >> what about this winter? last year at this time we had the very strong el niño developing, all these bright colors in the pacific showing water temperatures warmer than normal. the opposite of el niño is la niña with those water temperatures cooler than average. earlier this year there were initial thoughts that this would be a la niña winter but things have changed. in fact, we have neutral conditions for this portion of the pacific and there is a hey chance this will persist into the upcoming winter. what does that mean? here is the climate prediction center's forecast. december, january, and february show a higher chance of wetter conditions to the north, drier conditions to the south, extending into southern california and approaching parts of the bay area. this is a very general forecast for a little more of a closer look we talked to the national weather service. >> what we're telling people from our end at the weather
5:48 pm
service is that we're looking at a more normal year for precip. nothing astronomical out of the ordinary. but be prepared for that, because any given year, there's always the slight chance that we could get hit with some strong atmospheric rivers. this pattern could swing wet, it could swing dry or hit in the middle and be normal. the best thing to do since we're still in this drought phase, we want to continue to conserve water. >> reporter: there are no storms on the horizon just yet. any long-range forecast is accompanied with a bit of unsearch. water conservation is still the top priority. mark tamayo, ktvu fox 2 news. >> bottom line, what does this mean bill? >> to me it means an opportunity like the gentleman mentioned, atmospheric rivers, our flooding rains, strongest storms come outside el niño. they come outside la niña. so when we're in an in between
5:49 pm
season where they're not categorizing it as either, the potential for flooding rains and massive snowfall is there. we get a lot of rain during el niño but those one punch, two- punch storms that come in, those come outside of those. as we look at this season moving forward we're going into a regular season which means the potential exists for those very strong storms. we didn't really see last year that in the el niño storms. we saw lots of rain but not those big punches. our temperatures today did warm up. highs tomorrow are going to increase. 89 in antioch, 90 at livermore. tomorrow's highs coming up again. we are going to see some mid- 90s. by sunday, the warmest day, we could easily see temperatures into -- well, markey said low 100s. he's probably on to something there. probably the eastern edge of fairfield, livermore valley. it's definitely going to be a
5:50 pm
very warm day on sunday, the warmest day we've seen in awhile. 88 inwalnut creek, 86 in concord. obviously warmer today than yesterday, by four degrees in fairfield. the trend is continuing. there's the fog. fog will be around. it's kind of going to be limited at the coast, just the sea surface temperatures are coming up, days are getting longer. it's getting cold overnight so the onshore flow, the land sea breeze is starting to slow down even though it's getting warmer this weekend, look for less fog formation the next couple of days. there's those 100s tomorrow, those purples. there's your temperature footprint. that's the spare the air day for the bay area tomorrow. if they issue it tomorrow, they've got to issue it sunday so look for a spare the air day on saturday and probably sunday as well. san francisco we are looking for 60 degrees. it's 60 now in san francisco. but as we go into the morning hours you've got some fog and low clouds, temperatures in the 50s. sky cover in the afternoon, 64. and then you get into late
5:51 pm
afternoon, you've got a few more clouds. look at the direction out of the north. 69 degrees for your daytime high on saturday in san francisco. 89 in napa, 87 in vallejo. these are the highs tomorrow. 96 in vacaville. sunday you can add maybe three or four degrees to some of those inland spots. spare the air day tomorrow. a good shot for sunday. i don't know how they can get around that. if they issue it for saturday, they've got to issue it for sunday. 64 in pacifica, 64 in hassle moon bay, 63 in daily city. there's the five-day forecast. it's interesting, frank and heather, the really big west coast extratropical storms that we get where we see big wind, heavy flooding, that happens outside of these two events, el niño and la niña. >> i didn't realize that. >> a lot of people don't. >> just hope we get some. >> we'll get some. >> thank you.
5:52 pm
mark zuckerberg wants to make some big changes where he lives in palo alto. >> as far as i'm concerned they're wonderful neighbors. >> what he and his family want to do as why the city of palo alto is saying no. also new at 6:00, an 88- year-old woman now clinging to her life after she was attacked 18 south bay home invasion. tonight a prayer vigil scheduled in support of the woman known affectionately as miss flo.
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the state of michigan has delivered a blow to palo alto based tesla motors. officials in that state have official rejected the company's plan to open retail stores there. the nation's three big automakers are based in michigan and the industry has been resistant to tesla's sales model which takes car dealerships out of the equation. other states including texas also oppose tesla's business model of selling its cars direct toll consumers. tesla announced today it has a contract to build a battery system for southern california edison. once completed, tesla says this project at the mira loma substation in riverside county will have the ability to produce the largest output of any existing lithium-ion storage facility or enough to power 2500 homes. the utility says wants to increase the reliability of the electric grid by using the storage facility to help send power to its customers during
5:56 pm
peak hours. tesla hopes to complete the project by the end of the year. mark zuckerberg wants to demolish and rebuild four houses that he owns in palo alto, but the city board says not so fast. they worry that he's creating a compound which wouldn't be consistent with the city's zoning and land use rules. ktvu's ann rubin tells us what happens now. >> reporter: it's back to the drawing board for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. his plan had been to tear down the four houses surrounding his own, putting up small ercot tajes. now the architecture board says they won't support the building of a compound. >> the design would turn the development away from the street, so that was a concern. >> reporter: he initially bought the properties for $43 million as a way to ensure his privacy. the new smaller structures could have been used for guests or entertaining. for neighbors like steve the
5:57 pm
project raised some red flags. >> i think it was the right decision. i just don't like to see homes in palo alto turned into large compounds for wealthy people. i have nothing against zuckerberg. >> reporter: some neighbors support the project specifically because they like zuckerberg and his wife. >> as far as i'm concerned they're wonderful neighbors and we have the benefit of these nice guards up and down the street. >> mark zuckerberg and his wife have really done great things for the community, and i think it would be a tasteful project if they just made some revisions that would make it more appealing. >> reporter: in a quick call to the city the architect said that was their intent to revise and resubmit their project. >> we anticipate that they're dog to make some changes to the design. they might also look at differentiating the homes from -- in terms of color or materials a little bit more. >> reporter: still, those changes won't save the existing homes from demolition, and for that neighbors say they're.
5:58 pm
>> changes happen as time goes on. changes are good. but character of a neighborhood is important, you know, for the people who live here. >> reporter: the revised project will likely go back before the architectural review board in november. in palo alto, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a legal claim is filed against the city of oakland alleging police officers exploited a teenage girl who the claim says needed help and needed to be rescued. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. within the past hour ktvu obtained those documents filed by the attorney representing the 19-year-old woman at the center of the bay area police sex scandal. her lawyers are seeking $66 million from the city of oakland. >> our crime reporter henry lee joins us now. you have been following this case from the beginning. let's begin with the claim just filed on behalf of jasmine
5:59 pm
abuslin. >> the claim is a precursor to a lawsuit. it includes the late officer brendan 0 brant whose suicide note sparked this investigation. the city had no response to the claim today. among the allegations in the document are that officer o bryant and his fellow officers continued to traffic, rape, and victimize a teenage girl who needed to be rescued. the claim also alleges that the oakland police department failed to provide adequate training on identifying victims of sexual exploitation and abuse and allowed improper access to criminal databases and failed to put in place adequate policy and training on social media use. again this claim is seeking $66 million in damages. >> this claim filed on the very same day that we found out that two officers now formally charged in this scandal. >> that's right, heather. one is an ex livermore officer, dan black who you can see here. he allegedly had dinner twice
6:00 pm
with jasmine abuslin, then engaged in sex acts with her in his rv parked in a public place. black allegedly told her, quote, just to be clear, i'm not paying you, but i will bay you dinner. we found pictures of food that the woman posted on facebook that seemed to align with those dinner dates. a second defendant, former oakland police sergeant leroy johnson has been charged with failing to report child abuse. she allegedly had a facebook chat with johnson in which she said she had sex with other opd officers and told him not to tell anyone. he reportedly agreed not to and the exchange was captured on a screen shot on her phone. investigators found another screen shot in which investigators asked abuslin, quote, tell me you are an adult, and the woman responds, i would be lying. the charges are misdemeanors. >> and we could see even more charges here down the line and potentially more claims and leading to more


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