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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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bad news out of san francisco's china town. long-time political fighter and social activist rose pak has died. tonight the community remembering the legacy she left behind. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. >> rose pak spent decades getting asian-americans to fight for improvementeds to san
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francisco's -- improvements to san francisco's china town. she died in her home today after a long illness. ktvu leigh martinez joins us in china town where the community is remembering pak as an icon. >> reporter: ms pak worked for china town. it is only fitting she spent her last moments here in her modest home right next to her baby the chinese hospital that she worked so hard to get for china town. just a few months ago she was honored with having the alleyway in between the hospital and where she lived named after her. for sandy wing they hold a special flower for her beloved neighbor. a fitting flower for its name sake rose pak, a dynamic woman who would help find a voice in san francisco politics. >> she loved everything. i would come by and say hello
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with money, she is a real nice lady. we knew her before like newspaper our radio or television. she was doing a good job for the community. >> reporter: pak was born in china and immigrated to san francisco. for several years she was a reporter for the san francisco chronicle. but in the 1970s, she left to become an advocate for the city's growing asian american population. >> for all the power and influence that she had, she lived a very simple life, a very simple life. her life is truly about service. >> to me, she is like a giant among giants. >> reporter: she fought to be heard in a man's world. >> and it is really an incredible strong chinese woman who really did not fit the stereotype of what they have of an asian-american woman. >> reporter: she exceeded in getting services to china town and more involved in government. last year pak moved to china
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for a kidney transplant returning in may and went right back to work on affordable housing issues. but this morning she did not greet ms wing. ms pak had pass aid way. a crowd gathered outside her apartment building. a police escort carried her away. >> i think she wants to be remembered as a person that helped those in the lives of people. certainly she did that. >> reporter: well ms pak was ill with kidney failure last year. politicians who saw her as early as last week say she looked healthy and was energized working on multiple projects. in china town leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. new at 10:00, parents taking their children to a mental park daycare may be turned away tomorrow because of fire damage. they say that they were called to a home this evening that doubles as a daycare. it is a three-bedroom home on grayson court as no one was
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home when they broke out. but two adults would live there with two children, a dog, and rabbits. one adult returned home before they arrived suffering minor burns. firefighters say that several bedrooms sustained damage, but an enclosed patio is completely destroyed with smoke and water damage throughout the home. >> we now know that the metal projectile that broke through the car windshield last friday killing the driver came from acaltrans truck. the victim has been identified as 82-year-old louis schaeffer of mountain view. the object that hit schaeffer likely fell off of a caltrans water truck. caltrans offered its condolences to schaeffer's family and friends. the surveillance video shows the moment that a bomb exploded last night to new york city injuring 29 people. tonight, a thousand additional officers are patrolling the
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city's streets. investigators say they believe the explosion in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood was an intentional act. however they have yet to link it to the organized terrorist group. brian yennis has the latest from new york. >> a powerful explosion rocking manhattan on saturday night injuring 29 people. the blast sending panic, people scrambling for cover by sunday morning. all those injured were released from the hospital. >> i heard a huge explosion. i saw the analyst, you know, the fire trucks and the firefighters and everything. >> reporter: the blast happened around 8:30 p.m. on west 23rd street. officials say that the explosion was intentional and did not appear to be linked to international terrorism. >> we know there was a bombing. that much we do know and we know that it will be a serious incident. but we have a lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of motivation was behind this? >> reporter: less than three hours after the explosion, a second device was found on west 27th street that appeared
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similar in design. police continue to scour the areas for evidence as they try to pinpoint exactly what and who caused the blast. >> we don't know what if there is any political or social motivation, but we definitely had a bombing last night on 23rd street and we had a suspicious device on 27th street. >> reporter: speaking from the scene of the blast, the governor pledged to find whoever is responsible and bring them to justice. >> whoever places these bombs, we will find and they will be brought to justice. we will not allow these types of people and these types of threats to disrupt our rights. >> reporter: governor cuomo is encouraging new york to go about their daily lives as usual and sent a thousand additional law enforcement personnel to be deployed throughout the city as a precaution. in new york city brian yenis fox news. and now to the campaign trail there are just 51 days to go until voters cast their
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ballot for president. with hillary clinton's lead over donald trump slipping her running mate acknowledged that they now have a real race ahead of them. >> obviously we've got a real case to make between now and november 8 that our vision of stronger together is the division that americans should embrace going forward and we have confidence that we will. >> according to real clear politics, clinton's lead to over trump has dropped to 1%. that medical incident prompted questions about her health and her transparency with voters. she also alienated some people for her derogatory comment about trump supporters. she'll be in philadelphia tomorrow talking to millennials about making college affordable for everyone. clinton's challenger in the meantime donald trump was huddled down today with his advisors preparing for the first face-to-face debate between clinton and trump one week from tomorrow. even though the gap with clinton is closing a fox news poll shows the majority of voters say trump is unqualified
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and doesn't have the temperament to be president. but the trump campaign is doing damage control for a comment that appears to incite violence against clinton. >> they take guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to them. >> that is absolute non-sense. his comment is that if she didn't have all that security she would change her attitude about the right to keep bear arms. >> the trump campaign is trying to put the birther issue to rest now that he agrees that president obama was born in the united states. trump is headed to fort myers tomorrow. e-mails from colin powell and the democratic national committee being released. but could a hacker actually change your vote? and as eric shawn shows us, it is a very real possibility. >> can a machine be hacked? >> i have demonstrated how to hack the abc advantage voting machines that we use in new jersey. >> reporter: it is the election
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officials. because the university professor says that the type used in about ten states can be tampered with. >> it unlocks the back door. >> reporter: in 2008 he demonstrated how as a part of an election lawsuit against new jersey officials. he knows that there is no documented case of a machine actually being hacked this way in the u.s. election. he says that it could happen. by simply swapping the machine's computer chip for his own. >> and that i just need to replace this one with a fraudulent computer program. >> reporter: and he was able to change the votes the machine counted. >> i figured out how to make a slightly different computer program that just before the close of the polls that it shifts some votes around from one candidate to the other. and that i wrote that computer program to a memory chip like this. and now to hack a voting machine, you have to get seven minutes alone with it with a
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screwdriver. >> and i will experience it here in this office as we all con cure that we have not seen one documented case of a machine being compromised. >> reporter: the deputy superintendent of the election says that in real life it cannot be done. he points to multiple safeguards that protect machines, which they are locked in secure areas under the camera surveillance and broken security tape on vital parts showing any violation. >> i don't know how you could possibly do that to 500 machines. and to get the secrecy and the time to do so, i don't believe that it is possible. >> reporter: but the professor insists it is. >> the good news is that it is not something that you could easily do from russia. but the bad news is that it really is possible to do it. >> reporter: the voting machine company dominion tells us the demonstration is not a realistic assessment. not a credible test they said because it was not conducted
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during an actual election. but the professor says that the exposed to weakness thinks that the country should vote with the machines that have paper ballots. coming up new information about a stabbing attack at a minnesota mall. why authorities now say that the attack may be linked to terrorism. plus, i had a chance to hit the skies with the iconic stunt pilot shawn tucker and the heart pounding maneuver coming up. and in weather temperatures are soaring today across the bay area. a few records to report. outside right now we do have mostly clear skies. coming up, if we have another round of heat in your monday forecast and the bigger case is showing up in their five-day forecast.
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an isis media organization is now claiming the man that stabbed people last night is a soldier for the islamic state. chaos erupted after they stabbed people at a cross roads center. nine people were hurt in the attack, not eight. dan springer has the latest on the investigation. investigators are reviewing the stabbing attack as a possible act of terrorism. >> we are currently
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investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. we do not know at this point in time whether they were in contact with, had connections with, were inspired by the organization. >> reporter: the chaos unfolded in st. cloud. they began stabbing people. nine people were injured. moments later they shot and killed an attacker. >> he clearly prevented additional injuries and the potential -- potential loss of lives. >> reporter: they are now digging into the attacker's background. they say that they mentioned to ask at least one victim. >> we have executed two search warrants. >> reporter: isis claimed
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responsibility for the violence, calling them a soldier of the islamic state. >> our community has no relationship with isis. >> reporter: it is not known if they would help plan the attack or nearly inspired it as another lone wolf attack in the united states. in los angeles fox news. here is a look at their cam from late this afternoon looking at the city as you can see a lot of haze in the air and the high temperatures across the bay area today that would contribute to the other spare the air day. temperatures would sore, some into the triple digits of the county. mark tamayo is here with how hot it got and if the warming trend will continue. >> they'll go in the other direction over the next few days, popping up a very hot sunday across parts of the bay area with a beautiful sunset.
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we have three records to report. richmond is tieing the record at 85. breaking the old record of 98 set back in 1984. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. santa rosa at 98 degrees. the second hottest day this year so far. i was back in april, 87 degrees. very close to being the hottest day today in san francisco. right now mostly clear skies. they're trying to regroup offshore with a few patches near their immediate coastline for tomorrow. take a look at those numbers of the 10:00 hour and some 70s to report for concord and livermore and san francisco, 62 degrees. checking in the upper 50s at half moon bay. beautiful outside right now.
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the lights there and the reflection off the bay waters, mostly clear skies for them in san francisco. as i mentioned we could have a few patches of fog tomorrow morning. but then tomorrow will be a little bit cooler than today. still hot numbers inland in the mid to upper 90s. most areas will be coming down about three to five degrees for their highs with the timeline of walnut creek with the forecast high of 96. and bigger changes are showing up in their five-day forecast and the big-time cooling trend as we'll have more on that coming up at 10:35. one of the best pilots in the world is in the bay area tonight. tucker is the lead pilot performing at air shows around the world. today i got to fly with him. >> reporter: i'm about to climb into the extra 300, the air battic plane for a few thrills with more than 200 miles an
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hour. it is something that he has done more than 1,200 times for more than 100 million fans. >> the air shows, they're like the top gun indianapolis 500 all rolled into one. it is about celebrating our freedom as americans. so it is very patriotic. what i get to do in an air show is share that magic. >> you can help me fly this thing. and they said that it will be their fingertips with the stick between their legs, that's all that it would take. >> and just in case that anything goes wrong i'm wearing a parachute. >> i just pulled that rip cord once. moving towards the surface of the water, right? >> reporter: we'll take off from san carlos for san francisco, flying in formation within a few feet of the chase plane. >> we'll cruise over where they are gathering for the open world and head out across the bay. after a few minutes of sightseeing it is time to break away to go and do their thing.
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>> that is perfectly great. >> he talks me through the maneuvers that we're going to be doing. >> we are going to relax and role. >> and when you take that energy above the horizon, now wow you have all the time in the world and you'll be showing the pressure just like that. and that is nice. i'll let that move out again as we will be weightless for about 15 seconds, as you might through their forces. >> we will pull that straight back, okay? and they are just going to hold it. once you pull it, you hold it there as it will go around the
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circle and then you'll need to get more speed there. >> at one point i got distracted by that jet, but they knew that there was no real risk of collision. how often do you look up at the ocean? and then look down at the sky? >> convincing young people that just about anyone could become a pilot. >> i wanted to enchant them that they will go out there and give flying a chance, but a third dimension is where you will be free. >> i mean it is pretty quiet and great. >> and number one. it is all about challenging yourself because it is scary in facing those fears, conquering the fears, becoming stronger
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because of it. >> learning how to fly doesn't mean that you have to do those roles, but the idea is to get people to realize that it is not as hard as you might think. and there is demand for all kinds are you ready go? >> that looks scary, but you are so good at that. >> it is a thrill as he is one of the best. as we got a few feet of the wing of the plane that would have them in the other camera with a little sign that says if you can read this, you are too close. unless you're sean tucker. he is that good. he is truly amazing. >> yes, you need to put some of those on facebook. the pictures are amazing. i like what you said about the bananas. because they give you a little bit of advice on what to eat. >> right, they taste the same coming out as they do going in. eat bananas.
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>> that didn't happen to you? >> that didn't happen. coming up next, giants look to finish their home stand with a win before the big series with the dodgers. can the raiders carry the momentum of last week's home opener? jason appelbaum is standing by with sports.
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new at 10:00 tonight, while speaking to reporters this evening, nfl commissioner roger goodell expressed optimism that the raiders could stay in oakland. st. paul pioneer press sports reporter brian murphy reported on twitter that goodell said, "no market should lose their team once let alone twice. i believe there is a solution in oakland." jason joins us now. i mean they are hoping the raiders will stay in oakland. >> i hope that there is a solution. they have to go to the governor and the legislature. but the city of las vegas is paying for a new stadium.
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i believe that the first city that offers him a stadium that he'll go. >> and he will not get their money here in oakland. on the field, the raiders missed a golden opportunity to start 2-0 for the first time since 2002. one of the highlights of the game, on the game and the field to honor the recent hall of fame inductee. he continues to gamble, it's good to amare or michael crabtree for the touchdown game tied up at 21. but the raiders and their defense struggled all game long. and raiders gave up 528 yards. raiders are gambling again.
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just tough on 4th and 1 and they would turn that short field into another touchdown with just dropping 1-1 on the season. both drafted them in the first round. panthers up by a couple of touchdown, the second touchdown of the day as they look like a route, but no, they would storm back with a nice little block by clinton patton right there and as the 49ers cut it to a touchdown 34-27. but they are down here and gabbert to macdonald again as it looks like it could have been a big play. niners were down 10, but he drops that pass. on the very next play gabbert picked off by luke kieffley. gabbert had two interceptions on the day. after shutting out the rams in
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week one, niners gave up 46 to the panthers and they lose 46- 27. the giants had a chance to put a little distance between them and the cardinals, but it did not happen. yeah, they are enjoying this scoring day. giants would be shut out for their 12th time this year and they are now a game back of new york. certainly one of the few bright spots this season. that is home run number 40 on the season as they go 6-1 on this road trip.
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>> drivers, start your engines. >> the grand marshal at the sonoma grand prix and you know that it is not a lot happening here, only one car will stall, but it is all simon who lead wire to wire and locked up the first career championship. it was pretty cool before the race they were racing around the tracks. >> all right, that's coming up. we're coming up at the end at 11:00. >> yes, jerry rice will be here talking about what went on with a full report coming up later on. >> thank you. coming up, here to investigate the overcrowded dangerous conditions inside their emergency rooms. involving murder and a multi- million dollar lawsuit. >> and the university is giving students a high-tech safety tool. up next how they work on and
10:29 pm
off campus.
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for the last four months, 2 investigate has been exploring the overcrowded conditions of the emergency room. tonight, a troubling incident involving a repeat patient. one that involves murder. >> this is a story of a mother who lost one son to violence. >> i think about it every day. and another to jail. >> he came in my house and asked me if it was true. i said yes. you need to turn yourself in. >> reporter: he was in and out of john george for years. he had been on psychiatric
10:32 pm
medication since the age of 14 suffering paranoia, schizophrenia, ptsd and hallucinations. records show that he suffered child abuse acting out with assaultive behavior. for attempted robbery, battery, other charges. in may of 2015, he overdosed on the prescription drug. telling his brother that he wanted to kill himself. his brother called 911. >> he wanted to harm his brother for calling 911, he wanted to die. >> he said he wanted to kill him, didn't he? >> yes. >> reporter: he didn't want to go to john gorge as he was there before, meaning he was a threat to himself or others. doctors noted that those asking for psych resource, but does not want to go to john george. patient needs more support than in-patient admission and becomes agitated. once tried to strangle his
10:33 pm
mother. he ignore -- they ignored these facts. >> they shouldn't have let them go. and they shouldn't have period. >> when he arrived on may 7 at 3:00 a.m. he was restrained for unpredictable and aggressive behavior. it was noded that there was no need for restrainted. he spent less than nine hours in treatment. >> they made a life altering mistake, not a decision when they let him go. >> eight days later after he threatened to kill his brother, he allegedly stabbed his brother once in the chest piercing kevin's heart. they went to identify her son's body. >> i told him i was sorry. >> reporter: kevin's remains are in this urn. demetrius is in the santa rita
10:34 pm
jail. >> you cannot bring kevin back. i'll never know what he might have become. i'll never know. demetrius and kevin for potential. >> reporter: her son should be charged with manslaughter not murder. >> mistakes, displace mistakes. >> protested outside saying that alameda county failed to give him proper psychological care. that she says that the care givers are just as responsible as her son. >> what do they get nothing? they need to sit in there with them. she is suing them for emotional distress. >> they are responsible. i didn't say that he was blameless, i didn't say that. but the ball was in their court when they had my boy. >> and they say that alameda health officials had a duty to warn kevin about the potential threat to his life under a california statute, but the family was not contacted.
10:35 pm
alameda county health systems told us they could not comment on pending or active litigation. demetrius sells is back in court on monday in the murder case. new at 10:00 tonight, terrifying moments when their bus crashed in north carolina killing several people. the bus was taking more than 45 students from a private school in south carolina to their game yesterday when it crashed into an overpassed bridge. authorities say that four people were killed. a driver and an 8-year-old boy are among the dead. at least three dozen other people were rushed to nearby hospitals. a preliminary investigation indicated that the front tire blew out causing the bus to lose control. all new at 10:00, cal bay east bay is arming students with personal alarms to help them feel safer. the key chain-size robocopp
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emits a sound as -- as loud as a siren. once activated, it will go off for 30 minutes or until the pin is reconnected. still ahead tonight, the goodyear mayor may have flown out today. but before leaving, ktvu got a rare look inside. up next, hear from two of the female pilots. and meteorologist mark tamayo has your detailed bay area weather forecast when we come back.
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the goodyear blunt made its way up to oregon after last night's football game. >> did you know that there are only three female pilots in the
10:39 pm
world license to fly blimps? in today's segment two, we had a chance to fly on board the spirit of innovation with two of them. >> two can fly. >> it is historic. they definitely did not see that position. phase ii. >> my name is taylor and as people often ask are you a stewardist? you say no, i'm a pilot. i'm one of three active blimp pilots in the world. two of us operate out of california, myself, and we all knew each other, which is a small community. you're looking at the cockpit of the spirit of innovation. kind of a little bit of a cross between a helicopter, an airplane, a boat all in one. i offered to control all my elevator wheels right here, move forward or go down or back to go up and a runner pedal on the ground, right to the right, left to the left working just like a boat. but it is just like water is a fluid and helps move us through
10:40 pm
the air. if you look outside the ship that you can see the length of the ship, working all the controls that you see. it is like being in a ship out at sea, but the best way to describe it because you are using buoyancy as you're flying around in the current. so it is very similar to being on the ocean. >> we did our first aerial event in 1965 for the rose bowl. we've got quite a history in television. >> in aviation, it is always male-dominated. only 4,000 of the pilots are females. there's not enough women flying. >> i found my job on google. >> and just hearing that, it is really cool. but also that it translates it so much as you see all of these effects and that you'll notice that and it is everything. >> the hardest thing is definitely landing to the crew,
10:41 pm
where you would need to land out of the runway with nobody on it. for blimp, we are actually landing into the crew of your friends and your teammates, you know, your fellow employees to not come in too fast or not to endanger anybody. i think that every landing, it has to be perfect as you would have that challenge there to make sure that you're going to be that good testified day. >> it's challenging for us. >> the variety is a lot more fun than flying a plane. we're lucky. >> well very interesting. always look for the blimp in a little different way. we'll get you some beautiful scenes out there over the aerial shots of the bay area. today though still beautiful out there as well. fog-free conditions. take a look at their highs today and where they will be headed for tomorrow. everybody will be cooling off just a few degrees, still pretty hot inland. keeping them from going 100 degrees down to 95 tomorrow. on the satellite, mostly clear skies over a good portion of
10:42 pm
the bay area with a patchy fog bank just offshore trying to work their way closer off the shoreline. take a look at those current numbers with the 70s out towards concord and walnut creek and san jose 76, oakland 69. san francisco checking in at 62 degrees. so tomorrow will be a little bit cooler to begin to cool things off across the bay area with a live camera looking out towards the bay bridge lights and the plan for tomorrow the beaches in the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. the locations in the 80s. inland neighborhoods once again, back up into the mid to upper 90s. first thing tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies and the patchy fog hanging out coast side south. and those temperatures will start out your monday morning in the 50s to the lower 60s. and still a hot forecast inland as we are still thinking the mid to upper 90s to begin to cool things off with a few degrees on your monday forecast, then more significant cooling as we will head towards tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. major cooling and some gusty
10:43 pm
winds that they will need to keep an eye on thursday that they could have an increase in the fire danger later on this week. it is that time of the year, whenever you would get concerned out there, something to be watching for later on in the week. as you can see the system right now, and that right now with the winds going 70 miles an hour. here is your forecast track. not expecting it to become a hurricane, but the moisture could be working their way closer to southern california and possibly the bay area. that could be into tuesday and wednesday and so it could feel a bit muggier out here and possibly some showers towards our south. and also to the east as well. temperatures for tomorrow, still some hot numbers out towards fairfield and vacaville. sausalito at 78 degrees. right around the rim of the bay some 80s here as you do work your way inland and back up into the mid to upper 90s. not much cooling maybe about three to four degrees of some cooling for tomorrow compared to today. san jose we go 87. gilroy at 96. san francisco puts you right in
10:44 pm
the mid-70s at 75 degrees. beaches mainfully the 60s with a look ahead to your seven-day forecast and temperatures will continue to bring in more cooling for tuesday and wednesday and just in time for fall and that we'll be talking about the readings only in the 60s and the 70s. but with these cooler temperatures, that they would have stronger winds as well. late in october and september and always on the table. somewhere to keep an eye on for lathe this week. >> okay, thank you, mark. >> thank you. in about 15 minutes until the top of the hour, which means that it will be time for sports wrap. joe fonzi and jason appelbaum have a preview of what they are working on. >> a lot of bad defense for both the raiders and the 49ers today as they would cross them. we'll show you what happened in both of their games straight ahead. the giants offense, mia again. we'll update those races on sports wrap coming up at the top of the hour. up next, this murder is unsolved. despite a number of leads. why police remain hopeful of
10:45 pm
the family of the musician hit and killed by a stray bullet. they would still see justice served for his murder.
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10:47 pm
he was a musician who had just finished a gig downtown oakland when a stray bullet took his life. despite a number of leads no arrests have been made. >> the crime reporter henry lee has more on tonight's bay area unsolved. they would play base and sang for the lucky egypt the oakland punk rock band. early morning easter sunday they were getting ready to leave as they were performing at a birthday party. he was packing up his equipment after the gig here at the golden nightclub downtown oakland where someone down the street fired a bullet that would hit him in the neck. >> two men were involved in a
10:48 pm
minor dispute. it appears that one of the men were armed with a firearm. and they shot at that person, but they couldn't hit him. >> reporter: police released surveillance photos of two men and a woman that they believe are linked to the killing. >> it's a 2001 to 2006 mercedes benz. it's a model s430 or s500. it's four door and silver in color. >> reporter: the he was one of the lead invest -- he was one of the lead investigators on the case, it is still on his mind. >> i believe that this could be solved. this case in particular that we have the photos of the people involved. somebody out there knows who these people are. >> reporter: his mother is still grieving over her loss as she had texted her son early that morning wishing him a happy easter as she did not get a response. instead, she got a call from
10:49 pm
oakland police. >> and there is no day or a moment in the day that we don't think about any of the others. and it is like he is still near some way. >> reporter: she says that she knows that people might be reluctant to come forward. >> i try to put that in my shoes. and my feeling that i don't think that i could live life knowing that i knew information that could help solve a case. especially in my son's case, where he was completely innocent. they didn't even know the person shooting the gun. they did know that person and that is what is really hard to happen to anybody and a child and a mother and another person on the street. we don't want that to continue. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. for bay area news, henry lee fox 2 news. still ahead tonight, a new
10:50 pm
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a new tv season is just getting underway. ktvu is looking to bring back some of your favorite shows along with a new one. >> paul chambers gives us a look at some of the biggest fox premiers for the upcoming season. >> i have a sneak peek of what is to come on the fox prime time line up. expect fresh line up with new familiar faces as they start on the 19th. >> kicking off the premier week with gotham back for its third season. >> just remember penguins eat fish. >> reporter: while in l.a. i get a chance to talk to two of the stars, corey michael smith who plays the future riddler and robert taylor who plays the penguin. >> finally people get to see what we have been working so
10:54 pm
hard on. >> what can you expect to see on it? >> reporter: i guess that you'll need to wait to find out. you can watch the new season of gotham monday nights at 8:00. after that, it's a brand new season. as i sat down with two new stars of the show amy garcia and trisha hellford. >> i mean, come on. how do you get that gig? >> well, mom is a being that did not have human form. >> reporter: several shows are returning as we have access to some of the top stars. from empire, chelsea perreti and hannah simone of new girl and jamie lee ortiz. giving them a run for their money in that heartthrob department is new addition eddie simuron. >> you don't even try. let them handle all of that with familiar faces on those established shows.
10:55 pm
taylor lochtner. but two of their biggest shows will come in the middle of the week and the new series lethal weapon starring damon waynes taking on the role made famous by mel gibson and danny glover. on thursday night, for the first time in history a woman has taken the mound in a major league baseball game. >> it is jimmy baker major league's first ever female pitcher who must prove herself as a catcher played by mark who thinks that the executive producer was hiding behind the new beard. >> yeah, it is all part of their plan to make sure that you weren't taken out of watching the show by going oh that's it. >> no, that is just a sneak peek of what is to come every day this week. i'll have some of your favorite fox stars talking about their shows and also about their personal stories of the bay area. until then i'm paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. >> i think it is a little hard
10:56 pm
getting him to come back from l.a. that he likes it down there. >> they have pretty good parties after that interview, we are just saying. >> and let's get a check on the weather, which it was just hot. >> weather was a big story for them to report 100 degrees. today the second hottest day in san francisco of the year is 86 degrees back in april 87. tomorrow will begin to cool things off, still pretty hot especially inland with the upper 90s. more significant cooling just as we head towards fall to be tracking those gusty winds as well that could boost their fire danger. >> a gusty winds, maybe more? >> maybe 25 or under, yeah. >> all right, thank you, mark. >> thank you for making ktvu news. sports wrap is next. >> enjoy the rest of your sunday evening. good night.
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straight ahead another raider nail biter. why the coach is displeased after a dreadful defensive effort. >> i'd say if you want somebody to blame just blame it on me. >> a rough day for the 49ers on both sides of the ball. >> you are just going to lose that swagger just a little bit. >> why the goat says that the -- why the coach says that the quarterback change might come sooner than some people think. after a promising series start, the giants offense goes dormant again. the sonoma crowd comes alive thanks to a special grand marshal. sports wrap strutting our stuff and taking flight now. fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. all right, hello everybody thanks for join


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