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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning everybody, i am frank in for dave clark, and welcome to monday morning, september 19. >> i am pam cook. that fog
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will be burning off and it will be slight cooling on the coast and bay. san francisco at 86, and this city is always the toughest. livermore hits 100, and better than 103, 93 in san jose and dropping to 90, and a cooler pattern will begin to kick in for some. this pattern is farther south, and i think my computer is stuck. there we go, and it had to wake up. oakland yesterday setting a record with a high of 89, richmond a high of 85, gilroy hit 102. you can see the fog roaring up the coast but not even to monterey, and no breeze to speak of. temperatures running much warmer than 24 hours ago, a lot of 60s in a few low 50s, north bay temperatures in the 70s, clear today, sunny and warm to hot, and a big change coming.
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this will all translate into some big-time cooling trend, but not today. 70s, 80s, upper 90s and possibly 100 or one more day. -- for one more day. the morning commute is often a decent start driving in from solano county. taking a look at interstate taking a look at interstate 80, and a 25 minute drive between vacaville in vallejo, and that is the normal drive. the traffic is wide open, no major problems driving through. driving through the cordelia jct., the traffic is winning off nicely. no problem at that intersection. let's go to interstate 880 northbound and southbound in front of the coliseum, traffic is moving well. the bay bridge toll plaza still looking good coming into san francisco with no major delays. 4:32 am.
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investigators that the menlo park are trying to determine the cause of the fire that damaged a day care center near highway 101 and willow road. we are live from the menlo park with more on that story.>> reporter: good morning. the home is still standing and the damages in the rear but it is likely that the home daycare center will not open today. the fire started at 6:00 last night on grace in court, and the woman returned home to find her patio on fire, and it quickly spread to the bedrooms in the home. she wanted to save her pet rabbits and ended up getting burned when she went inside. it took the firefighters about two hours to not down the fire, and the woman ended up getting treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns.
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the daycare is operating inside the home, and we have not had a chance to speak with the owners because it is too early to find out the impact of the fire, and how many children are served, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. a teenager was killed in two people seriously injured after a high-speed police chase in sonoma county yesterday morning. the santa rosa police officer tried to pull over a toy yoda and the cars sped off. the car crash the west of the santa rosa near highway 12. one person was ejected from the car, to make others were trapped inside and it is not clear who was driving or why the driver ran from authorities. the person died has been identified, romero of half in
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mendocino county. and speed may be to blame for deadly crash that happened in their southbound highway 101, and they said the white car was going about 95 and exited at the lawson hill road. the car slammed into a tree. a tree fell on the car as they were approaching the crash scene, and demanded the vehicle was killed. we know a piece of the metal pipe that smashed or the car windshield on highway 101 last friday killing the driver actually came from the caltrans truck in menlo park near the willow road exit. the victim has been identified as ,82 shafer -- 82-year-old shafer of mountain view. they say the object likely fell off of the caltrans water truck, and caltrans has offered its condolences to his family and friends. the fbi is investigating the saturday night stabbing at the minnesota shopping mall as
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a possible act of terrorism. nine people were injured before an off-duty police officer shot and killed a man that was stressed in the mall security uniform and had a knife. witnesses say the attacker made one reference to allah.>> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism, and we do not at this point in time know whether the subject was in contact with, had connections with or inspired by a four -- for in terror organization. >> all victims are expected to survive in they have not released the name of the attacker. the oakland police are looking for the person that shot and killed a musician and no arrests have been made, and henry lee has more in the bay area on unsolved.
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>> reporter: navarez was packing up his equipment and someone down the street fired a bullet that hit him in the neck. >> two men were in a dispute in one man was armed with a firearm and shot at the person that he had the dispute with but did not hit him, and he killed nevarez.>> it is a
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mercedes benz, four door and silver in color.>> reporter: the lead investigator says that even though he no longer works homicide that the case is still on his mind. act i believe we can solve this case, and somebody out there knows who these people are.>> the mother of nevarez is still grieving over her loss, and she had texted him wishing him a happy easter and did not get a response. back there's no moment in the day that we do not think about him because it is like he is still here in some way. i try to put myself in their shoes, and my feeling that i do not think that i could live life knowing that i had information that can help solve a case, especially in the case
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of my son, completely innocent and did not even know the person that was shooting the gun. i think that is what is hard, this could happen to anybody, a child, mother or another person on the street, somebody totally innocent, and we do not want that to continue. >> anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police. it is 4:39 am. toxic algae showing up in 40 california lakes and waterways, the highest count in the states history, and san jose among those areas, and the drought has a lot to do with the recent increase, and the regional water officials say there's not much they can do about the problem, and toxic algae can cause a rash, eye irritation, stomach sickness,
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and it can be fatal to dogs. being remembered for the heat, the temperature outside of the coliseum was 90 degrees when the rams and the seahawks took the field, more than 100 degrees inside the stadium that was packed with more than 91,000 fans. the paramedics treated 160 people for heat related problems, for two people -- for two people were taken to the hospital and had to be treated. in the rams beat the seahawks, 9-3, and both teams only scoring field goals. >> the rams have not yet scored a touchdown. back that was hot. a report of a raid happening at this hour in new jersey after explosive devices were found near a train station, and coming up we have the latest on that investigation, and the investigation into the explosion in new york city that injured two dozen people.
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one show making history, one winner focusing on the political climate, the highlights from the emmy awards. not a bad commute so far, and here's a look at highway 20 four westbound, looking pretty good up through the tunnel. technically it is still summer and fall begins this thursday. today is a transition day.
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last night was the 68th annual primetime emmy awards.>> the enemy -- the emmy award goes to "game of thrones." >> and "game of thrones" to
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come 12 awards including the best drama, now has 38 emmys, breaking the record for any series, and the political comedy also was a big winner, and julia louis-dreyfus took home an enemy. >> i think we have torn down the wall between comedy and politics. our show started out as a political satire, and it now feels more like a sobering documentary. [ laughter ]. i certainly do promised to rebuild the wall, and make mexico pay for it. [ laughter ].>> she seems to get prettier and funnier. "people versus o. j. simpson" "american crime story" were
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also included. the new tv season is here along with some of your favorite shows and new ones back on fox, and paul chambers gives us a look at some of the biggest premieres for the upcoming season.>> i am fresh back from la and i got a sneak week on the fox lineup, expect raised episodes from your favorite shows and familiar faces starting on the 19th.>> reporter: "golf boom" is back for the third season. -- "golf dome -- "gotham" is back for the third season.>> it is so gratifying and exciting.>> reporter: you can watch the new season of
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"gotham" monday nights at 8:00. we sat down with the two stars of the show, and the mother of lucifer.>> you are too young so how did you get that did? >> you had to have a human form.>> reporter: and also "empire" and "brooklyn nine- nine" and giving chestnut a run for his money in the heartthrob division is eddie syrian. there are familiar faces on the established shows, and we have two joining the cast of "scream queens." and also taking over the roles on "die hard."
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>> for the first time in history a woman has taken the mound in major league baseball.>> and she must prove herself.>> that was all part of the plan was to make sure that you were not taken out of watching the show by going, oh okay. >> that is a sneak peek of what is to come every day this week and we have your favorite fox stars that will be talking about the shows and the connection to the bay area.>> i think paul is in his element. i think he had six wardrobe changes when he was live. we
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were having a good buy for brian flores and he had so much fun. >> he had a lot of good stories and hopefully we can catch is reports because we have some good shows. good morning to you guys at home as we take a look at the commute, and the tracy commute on 580 westbound, traffic is already going to be busy up and over the altamont pass, stop-and-go traffic on 205 at the mountain house area. no problems into the livermore area or to the castro valley. reminding you that the oracle open world begins today and traffic will be impacted, and it will be slow because howard street is closed between third and fourth street. we have live pictures, san francisco on the freeways looking good on northbound 101
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approaching the 80 split. looking at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza ended san francisco, and traffic is mostly light coming in to the city. 4:49 am. we have the of the -- a big drop on the temperature starting later this week, livermore still warm to hot, hitting 100 yesterday, today 97. you will fill the first day of fall, and we had this low dropping in cooling for a few today, and the fog will alive -- arrived tonight and tomorrow. there could be snow in the mountains, and rain in southern california and arizona.
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hurricane moving 75 miles an hour and taking it into southern california, and did swinging over into arizona. anytime we have a tropical system coming up, it bears watching, but i think we will push it off to the east. records hit on sunday, and gilroy hit 102. this is the time of year when we can get very hot with that screaming offshore breeze. this fog will arrive tomorrow, but no breeze to speak of, and 60s on the temperatures, half moon bay at 53 but some locations in the 70s in the higher elevations, and 80s really popping up yesterday. 65 in lafayette and martinez, very warm. 37 in truckee with clear skies, and a breeze will kick in for parts of the coast later on. this bears watching for this drive system and possible
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precipitation and northern california and in the sierra. we will tackle that as we head toward wednesday and maybe thursday. 70s, 80s and 90s on the temperatures, and the trend is to bring it down tuesday and really bringing it down wednesday and thursday, leveling it off and warmer for the weekend. >> so the hundreds are gone? >> for now.>> we do not like it too hot in the bay area.>> we headed over to the bodega bay and days i'll just moments of the sun.>> they saw some. 4:51 am is the time as drivers lineup for the gas, and the leak that created the gas shortage and what the experts are advising the drivers not to do.
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at least 15 people were killed, dozens injured when a tour boat in thailand capsized. it shows the overcrowded double deco tour boat carrying over 100 people traveling down the river and they say the boat was operating recklessly carrying too many passengers, and it
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capsized after running into a barrier killing 50 people, 11 still missing, 30 people injured. the boat operator has been detained as they investigate. drivers in the southeastern portion of the u. s. are facing long lines at the gas pump as people line up to fill up after the pipeline supply broke, leaking hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel in alabama, causing big lines at the gas station.>> i went to a mackerel gas station earlier and i was wondering why there were so many vehicles, and over here it is the same thing. >> there is plenty of gas until everybody starts filling up in creating a snowball. >> the states including alabama, georgia and north carolina, and the company that owns the pipeline is working around the clock to build a
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temporary bypass, but they cannot say when the line will be up and running again. fireworks closing out the paralympic games in rio de janeiro last night. the paralympic games ended with a lively ceremony under the torrential rain, and a moment of silence held for the cyclist that died after crashing in the race. china won the most medals, the u. s. coming in fourth. steph curry trading in the basketball court for the racetrack, at the sonoma raceway to support his wife that served as the grand marshal of the indy grand prix of sonoma. before the race they took a test drive around the track in the indy car driven by mario andretti. >> it was thrilling, i had such a great time, it is crazy.
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>> steph curry said he was nervous during the first turn on the track but brine with mario andretti gives him a new appreciation for raising. -- racing.>> he is everywhere and everyone loves steph curry. following developing news out of new york, the police have identified a man that was stopped and questioned after the weekend explosion in the chelsea neighborhood in new york city, and will have the latest on that investigation, as well as the suspicious devices found in new jersey. the vote to make the muni line safer in the reason some neighbors and businesses say they do not want the improvement. we can still see a commute that is looking pretty good at macarthur maze coming around the corner.
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dannon whole milk yogurt, a natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. (security...) hi, i'm stuck in an elevator... with a cow. (a what?) all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back. breaking developments out of new york, a suspect has been named in connection with the
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weekend bombing in manhattan, who he is and new details were learning about the pipe bomb found overnight in new jersey. one of the most powerful figures in san francisco politics has died, but she never held in elected office, mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning, welcome back on this monday morning, september 19 and i am pam cook.>> i am frank mallicoat in fort dave clark today.>> it was warm, and a few people have written me on facebook, but don't worry, we have a big chill coming. temperatures are peaking out yesterday but still very warm today and then on their way


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