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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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shot? and that he had blood all over him. >> plus, ktvu frank somerville's exclusive access to urban shield. >> as it is happening when they first come in that you are just going. >> yeah. >> and it is over like that. >> the 4:00 on 2 starts now. terrifying moments caught on camera. a witness started recording seconds after two military pilots ejected from the u-2 spy plane and kept rolling as the plane plummeted to the ground. welcome to the 4:00 on 2, i'm ted rowlands. >> i'm heather holmes. first we've got breaking news to tell you about in oakland where sadly an ac transit bus has struck and killed a child. >> ktvu's henry lee is on scene at 35th and tenneman with the devastating details. henry? >> reporter: yeah, it's a horrific scene out here. we are at 35th street, hoping to take a look at what is still
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a very active scene. where she oakland police along with az transit officials here. as we take a look at the video we shot earlier, this has to do with an az transit bus online 54 heading north on 35th avenue with about four passengers and the bus driver heading north on 35th avenue when there was a noticeable thump. passengers came out and they realized that through horror that the boy describe about four to five years old had been struck and killed by the right- rear wheel of the bus. we had heard from witnesses that the boy was in his yard along 35th avenue when he was chasing a green ball into the street when he was struck. now let's hear what a witness who was on the bus had to say. >> we felt a thumping type of feeling. and then the bus driver stopped and we got off to see what happened. and the mom was standing there holding the little boy and she was asking for help and the family was screaming call
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somebody. >> i think about my own family, the little ones. things happen like that so fast and it is just such a tragedy. >> reporter: we have a chaplain intervention official here on scene for obviously the family of the victim's little boy describing to be about four to five years old. there is also support for the bus driver, a man clearly shaken as he came from the the bus and realized what had happened. at this point we're waiting for official word from oakland police to see the circumstances of the crash, but according to witnesses, here at 35th street in east oakland the little boy was chasing his ball, a green ball out into the middle of the street on 35th avenue when tragically he was struck and killed by the rear wheel of this az transit bus. this bus goes from the bart station to mary college in the hills. that's the latest from oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> just a devastating story, henry. thank you.
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man, i can't imagine. >> yeah for the bus driver or of course that family. all right, now to that developing story happening north of sacramento. a u.s. spy plane crashed shortly after taking off from beal air force base killing one of the pilots. >> the u-2 plane went down around 9:00 this morning in the sutter butte mountains about 60 miles north of sacramento. this is video of the plane plummeting into the ground. both pilots deployed their parachutes. one was killed, the other injured. you can see the two parachutes in the air at top of your screen there. we're not sure how the pilot died. military officials did speak about the crash a few minutes ago. here is some of what they had to say. >> i'll share with you that i shared with the pilots. these incidents while extremely tragic and hard for us to overcome they are incidents we do overcome. and i am confident that the u-2 squader here and around the world are going to come up a lot stronger than before. >> military officials say the aircraft was on a training mission. ktvu ken wayne is at the base.
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he'll have more on the deadly crash and the ktvu news at 5:00. this is the only crash involving a u-2 spy plane. also at 5:00, tom vacar will detail at least two other incidents including a deadly crash in oroville back in 1996. >> be sure to keep it right here on the latest for the developing stories. we'll be posting new information on and on facebook and twitter. a 43-year-old orange county man has been arrested and charged with an attempted kidnapping in san leandro. you may remember this incident happened on july 28 on washington avenue. investigators say that the man knocked a 23-year-old woman down and doused her with pepper spray before dragging her into his car. that is when a good samaritan stepped in and helped her escape. investigators did not release the suspect's name. they say that he drove from orange county to san leandro just ten days after he was discharged from parole. he was arrested in detroit and
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waiving extradition from california. >> some shocking testimony today in a marin county courtroom. during a preliminary hearing for those two drifters accused of murdering two people last year. >> one person was killed while walking his dog on a hiking trail. the other a young woman in golden gate park who was visiting from canada. >> yeah, ktvu rob roth was in the courtroom today. he joins us now live with the latest, rob? >> reporter: well heather, there was some disturbing new detail that came out of today's preliminary hearing. a judge let a tv camera in briefly for a short time. appearing to tear up. morrison lampley displayed no emotion. the two are charged with shooting to death steve carter while he was walking his dog on marin hiking trail last october. and canadian tourist audrey carey at golden gate park. today on the witness stand marin county sheriff department
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investigator scott buier said when he first interviewed alligood she said that lampley fired the handgun. >> that she loved him and that it is the only thing she had left and that she would do anything for them. >> alligood's cell mate said that the three shot him for his car and wallet saying that the old man had to die. and they also said that alligood told her before killing carter that the three had befriended audrey carey at golden gate park and that carey thanked them for being her friend, but says that they stole her wallet and alligood told her cell mate that lampley shot carey. using the money for marijuana and methamphetamine. this preliminary hearing should go for about five days. now the star witness sean angold could testify later this week. ted and heather? >> all right, rob roth for us
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live outside the courthouse. rob, thank you. right now we want to head on over to rosemary. a pretty nice day out there today, rosemary? >> yes, especially for those folks waiting for the cooler weather that did arrive. a huge drop in temperatures in most areas today. here is a live look across the bay into san francisco. you can see the low clouds there banged up against the coastline. the marine layer grew to about 1,500 feet. we have mid to high-level clouds streaming in from the south. here is a look at the on-shore breezes that will be back. definitely enough to help make a difference. fairfield 20 miles per hour with an on shore breeze there. napa reporting 14 and oakland reporting 12. let's get to the numbers. afternoon highs right now 82 degrees in santa rosa, 82 in napa. to the intereast bay we have 80 around the bay. upper 60s the low to mid-70s. 75 in redwood city. 80 degrees in san jose. probably the most impressive graphic may be this one where we are looking at a temperature change for the last 24 hours
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yesterday into today at this hour. 12 degrees cooler in santa rosa, fairfield, concord, livermore looking at 15 degrees cooler. down to 15 degrees at hayward and along the peninsula. sfo stretching down through mountainview and san jose 13 degrees cooler than where you were yesterday. when i come back, i'll explain what has changed and the cool down that will continue at least through the first day of fall which happens to be on thursday. more on that in just a bit. >> all right, up and down. thanks, rosemary. gun advocates pushing back against the initiative pushed by the governor. why they say that prop 63 isn't all that it seems. live interview coming up. next, the countdown is on to the first presidential debate. coming up on monday, we'll talk with supporters for each candidate about what they would like to see from trump and clinton.
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that is the question now being raised on the campaign trail, especially in light of what happened this past weekend in new york and new jersey. now both hillary clinton and donald trump trying to convince voters that the other would be a disastrous commander in chief. at a rally today in north carolina, trump pushed back on clinton's claim that his rhetoric serves as a recruiting tool for the islamic state. meanwhile clinton says she has the background to keep the nation safe. we're joined by the trump supporter and peggy moore who is backing clinton.
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thank you both for joining us today. peggy, i want to start with you. the events have refocused the presidential race on concerns about domestic terrorism and national security. clinton's approach seems to be that it is all about steady leadership and presidential bearing, but many people look at things and say simply that the status quo isn't working? >> well yes, you know, we are looking at who has the experience and that he is the leader that we need who knows how to resolve the issues on the -- the situations on the issues we have in this country. i believe she has demonstrated already that she is a leader that we need and just the experience she already has. i mean come on she was secretary of state. she understands more of the details that are going on than trump could ever understand them. knows how to respond to them in a way that we need to take care of our whole community. >> but aren't there some out there that are saying you know what, we need to get tougher?
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>> absolutely. our government's first responsibility is to keep its citizens safe. hillary clinton is still trying to figure out what's going on and meanwhile mr. trump is, you know, offering solutions, proposing the policies, offering solutions. he's not afraid to call it what it is, it's terrorism. >> but he is also saying that we need to profile? >> he's not ruling out profiling. this is not a religious profile or a racial profiling. there's all kinds of profiling and factors that could be taken into place here. and all of those things do need to be considered. hillary clinton proposes to get silicon valley involved in finding out who these people are. that was proposed last year and silicon valley has kicked back saying no, they're not going to compromise the privacy rights of their users. that's been weeded out as a non-
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factor. so we need to move on and come up with something that is going to work. mr. trump was endorsed by 164 military leaders. these leaders have already been endorsing mr. trump, showing that they have the confidence in him and they believe he's the right choice for president. they believe that he has the ability to keep this country safe. >> at the same time others have been quite critical of mr. trump? >> there is always people that are critical. >> specifically military leaders. >> yes, well we have like i said before there is 164 that recently came out last week and endorsed mr. trump because they believe that he has what it takes. he has the knowledge and the knowledge to keep our nation safe. >> all right peggy, obviously this is going to be a dominating topic during the debate on monday. what do you want to hear from hillary clinton as you know polls still show that she has that trust issue with a lot of voters out there.
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>> you know, absolutely. i'm very confident that as a debate that we will be able to draw constant strength in her leadership. we should make commander in chief for our country. she has the experience, you know, when you have been in it long enough you know that we hope to make all the right decisions. but for a while that she is the one to make that decision to help make them worth it. >> go ahead. >> do you see her going on the attack here? or do you think that she'll sit back and wait for trump to pass? >> i think that she will be firm and honest and i think that she'll tell the story. i think that she will speak from a place of confidence and a place from experience. so i definitely am very confident that she will hold her weight and represent the community in which she is evolving. >> karin, what does trump need to do? will he be the candidate we saw on the primary debates do you think? >> mr. trump is preparing for the debate the way that any candidate for president should be preparing for the debate and not traveling around the country in talking to the
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citizens of the country. as we are finding out what's going on, what's their problems, what would they like to see in their country? that he is identifying the problems and he is coming up with policies, proposals, and solutions. and that is the way that he will be preparing for the dewait. he's not a career politician and that is what this country needs. >> peggy, a lot of people are still talking about that skittles tweet. what do you make of that? >> you know, no comment on it. >> yeah, peggy, do you think that it was taken out of context here? is that really what donald trump jr. was trying to say? and to equate skittles to the syrian refugee? >> what he was trying to say is that we know if you would take a handful of something that just a few are bad and that it is not really about the skittles. i think that people, they are just reading too much into it and that you need to look at their bigger picture. >> should we reading much into
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it today? and that another republican and another story that george h.w. bush might be backing hillary clinton? >> i would like to hear or get a confirmation on that before i would offer a comment because so far that we have not seen any significant confirmation that has actually been asked of. >> peggy, is that the fact that the case, what do you think that it will do for hillary clinton's campaign? >> i think that her ability to be able to cross party lines and to have relationships that she is someone that would have experience and that it would demonstrate that we know and not only do we know, but those folks that would have experience that they know they would be the best commander in chief and that we feel like it will be a big win for us. >> thank you very much for talking to us. the countdown is on coming up on monday. thank you. >> thank you. well, san francisco mayor ed lee would join the other city leaders today to unveil dozens of new affordable housing units in the city. the new housing development is on beal street. it is a part of a collaboration
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between the non-profit mercy housing of california and the city of san francisco. the complex has 70 rental units set aside for low-income families and builders who are breaking ground on the other 124 affordable housing units set to open in 2018. one of the families that will be living there was forced out of their place in the western edition when the landlord raised the rent. >> i see so many people, so many homeless people that i feel for them, you know, laying them on the street, shooting up the card board boxes, you know, that they are kind of blessed. for them not to be in that situation and maybe that you could get more of these things happening in san francisco. >> the development was funded in part by proceeds from california's cap and trade program, which charges companies for their cargo emissions, the first time that the proceeds have been used in san francisco to fund affordable housing. >> well, san francisco city attorney served a subpoena on the developers of the millennium towers to determine if buyers were properly
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informed about how much the property is settling. a lawsuit claims that the luxury tower south of market has sunk about 16 inches and it is leaning about 15 inches out of line. the city attorney is looking to see if the developers have complied with state law by disclosing known structural sinking issues to the buyers of more than 400 residential units. the tower's developers have said digging on the transbay terminal project next door has caused the tower to start sinking. a lawsuit filed by residence blame a failure to anchor the high-rise to bedrock. well, they only handle the most dangerous situations. coming up next, we'll take you inside a training event for swat officers as our own frank somerville suits up to see how these elite teams prepare for the unthinkable. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident
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who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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on ktvu segment 2 now, urban shield like you have never seen it before. last week our own frank somerville began the first journalist to be embedded with the s.w.a.t. team from the alameda sheriff's department during the event. >> it's 48 hours of non-stop training. the s.w.a.t. teams essentially go from one scenario to the next all based on real-life scenarios that happen somewhere in the world. >> as we go along for the ride with frank, you'll see just how realistic that things will get. >> reporter: 5:00 a.m. saturday morning, terrorists have threatened to assassinate a diplomat and their family.
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and that is when it will all go down. the alameda county s.w.a.t. team jumps out of their trucks within seconds it is all over. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: this was the first of 32 non-stop scenarios that 36 s.w.a.t. teams would be going through. they were staged all over the bay area from a hostage situation inside the golden gate bridge to a gunman inside a train in the east bay. the teams are graded on everything, right down to the tiniest details, from the planning, to the execution. and then afterwards they are debriefed on what they did right and in some cases what they did wrong. >> you have heard that you put that up and for you that it looks like it will be game time. and the cohesion was there on the opposite side. your entry is off point.
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that you're left in those cuffs. >> reporter: 10:00 a.m. saturday morning, during this scenario, i'm one of the bad guys. that's me on the left. we've taken over a building and shot an officer. we are also holding a hostage. >> shut up. >> i have a gun that shoots what is called non-lethal ammo, but stings when you get hit. my heart is racing. all of a sudden s.w.a.t. team comes bursting in. i was shot in the heart, the head, and my thigh. again, it was over in seconds. >> i was so amped up before, but then as it happened when they first come in, that you're just going. >> yeah. >> and it is over like that. >> 2:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. >> they try to make the scenarios as realistic as possible. sometimes things go wrong.
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during this active shooter situation, the k-9 got confused and bit deputy shawn corey in his arm. he was bleeding all over. they had to call an ambulance. it looked pretty bad. but when they got him to the hospital, the punctures didn't go as deep as they thought. they stitched him up and deputy corey was back with the team about two hours later. 4:00 p.m. on saturday afternoon. it's time for the physical portion of the training. a 2 1/2-mile run up and down some very steep hills. with obstacles along the way. then at the end, there were even more obstacles. you have 55 minutes to cross the line. deputy mike dallas does it in 25 minutes. the rest of the team is not far behind. >> come on, run, run, run, run, run. >> reporter: i finished in 45 minutes. it is real hard, but i didn't want to give up.
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7:00 p.m. saturday night. it is time for the only live fire scenario. they go room to room searching for suspects. they have no idea what is around each corner. after the drill was over, they let me go through the same rooms. i'm carrying an mpx .9 millimeter rifle. it's the first time i've ever shot a gun with live ammo. >> good. >> on safe. okay. how did that feel? >> wow. >> the first time i have ever shot a gun before. >> really? >> reporter: the team is told limited information about what's going on. and then they are given just minutes to come up with a plan. team leader sergeant jeff hazlet asks lots of questions. >> any equipment that you can give us? >> no. >> do we have specific points?
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or do we need to find that? >> reporter: the assistant team leader poole maps everything out on a white board. then it's time to go. >> 11:00 p.m. sunday night. in this drill the team is loaded up on a zodiac. they have to climb a 50-foot ladder to get on board. it's not nearly as easy as it looks. but everything goes smoothly. 2:00 a.m. monday morning. >> i'm going to feel really good. >> this was the scenario that scared me the most. repelling down the side of a four-story building. i'm totally afraid of heights. i almost backed out. but to be honest, i didn't want to let the team down. i told them i was going to do it and i was true to my word. 4:00 a.m. on monday morning. by now everyone is exhausted. we've all been up 47 hours straight. but finally it's the last scenario.
4:28 pm
terrorists are inside a building with hostages as the s.w.a.t. team approaches there is an explosion. the team keeps moving forward and breaches the door. they come in and fire full blast. there was no hesitation. if they hesitate, the hostages could die. it's as simple as that. in the aftermatt hostages are stringed. it's chaotic, but it would happen in real life. that is why all of the s.w.a.t. teams take the training so seriously. >> you have to take the small criticism, the big criticism. the ultimate goal is to go home at night safely and calmly and accomplish this mission.
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>> reporter: and we want to join a press conference that's going on right now. we're going to talk to frank in a bit. but let's go to oakland where they are having a press conference where the little boy was hit by a bus. >> officers and first responders on scene are heartbroken by this incident. this incident is still being investigated at this time for further information. i'll take a couple of questions. unfortunately i can't go into any of those details right now. that is still being investigated. we can't say anything of that right now. i'm sorry. when he was struck he was by himself, that's correct. >> i can't give any protocols
4:30 pm
or details regarding the driver. just that he is cooperative and our investigator is speaking with him as well, and he has also spoken to our department's chaplain and support team as well. >> can you talk about the passengers on board, how many passengers on board that bus? >> i can't go into details on far as the passengers on the bus. we are very limited on the information. >> the passengers left the bus? >> i can't go into any detail. we do have witnesses that we have spoken to from the neighborhood as well as from the bus. as first responders from day one when we sign up for this job, it's incidents like this that we don't want to respond to or dread responding to. and the fact that we have our support team that's out here, our chaplain was out here. our assistant chief was out here as well and the commander
4:31 pm
was also out here. and the support that we're feeling from the department is there as well as from the community. and so all we're asking from the community now is to support this neighborhood and to also support the officers who were responding to this incident as well as other incidents throughout the city like this that are tragedies. >> oakland police are telling us what they can about this investigation into a deadly bus crash involved in ac transit bus and a little boy. our henry lee is at this news conference with oakland police. he'll be following the latest developments. we want to continue our conversation or start our conversation after watching your piece, frank on urban shield. what a great opportunity to really see upclose what was going on. what did you take away most from your experience? >> what i took away is that we are all programmed to believe that everything happens like the movies, everything happens like the tv. it is very clean. you can see the bullets flying,
4:32 pm
you can dodge the bullets. when you're actually there taking part and you're seeing what these people do, it is nothing like the movies at all. it happens so fast, it is so aggressive, it is so crazy, it is so chaotic. the bottom line if people think that you can shoot someone in the arm and leg, you would be crazy to even try to do that. you just aim for right here and you hope that you hit something. you are trying to neutralize the threat and save the hostages, that it is over like that. >> one thing when you came back from urban shield when you're talking about in the newsroom was really this bond that all of the elite officers that make up each swat team has that. >> you know what was nice about these guys they let their guard down and they let me in. they let me see their world. they didn't treat me as an outsider. at one point one of them, i was talking to one of them and they said that we'll take a bullet for each other. and it is odd to hear someone say that. and i realize that as he was saying that, he wasn't saying it for effect or trying time
4:33 pm
press me, he was saying it because they really will and that is touching. you get a sense of the kind of group that they have and quite frankly they would take a bullet for each other and they will take a bullet for a hostage because that's their job to run to danger as everyone else is running away u from danger. >> all right, frank somerville with the unique opportunity. thanks for bringing us along. >> my pleasure. >> thanks, mike. all right, did the family of the new york and new jersey bombing suspect have concerns? the accusations that rahami's father made about his son two years ago and what law enforcement did with that information. turning law-abiding citizens into criminals. that's what opposition to the new ballot initiative 63 are claiming about it. we will hear more on the arguments against prop 63 coming up right after the break. stay with us. y, is the intern? yes!!
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there is no protocol to actually get those guns away from those individuals who have been convicted. we'd had the first relinquishment procedure in america that we think is a game changer. >> all right, that is gavin nussance talking to me about prop 63 that he is backing, but opponents are calling it deceptive, claiming that it will criminalize many law- abiding californians.
4:37 pm
larry c. smith is an attorney and also the national spokesperson for the liberal gun club. you're not a member of the nra as you just said. and tell us why, first of all a complication. and the significant parts to it. we will start with enhancing the background checks. isn't this something that the majority of the americans want and what is wrong with the prop 63 version of this? >> the background checks with with prop 63 have to do with the purchasing of any ammunition? and the problem is that we will have a state law that will do this better. >> with guns? >> with ammunition. >> and the proponents of prop 63, they say hey, we are just making it exactly like guns, but they're not. they're making it more complicated for law-abiding gun owners. and even non-gun owners could buy ammunition. if we didn't have, well we would be saying hey, okay,
4:38 pm
let's talk about how this is set up. we have a law that says let's use the existing data base. at the point of sale that costs $1 for the purchaser. and we can tell right then and there. >> if that person is able to buy the ammunition? let's talk about one of those things that have gotten some support over the years. and that is a way to retrieve firearms after somebody that has been convicted of the felony. right now there isn't the mechanism for that. if you are convicted that your gun, we will not pick it up. why isn't that something that you should be addressing? that is a part of prop 63. >> there are two issues here. one all of prop 63 bad? >> no. >> but the problem with what is doing it through prop 63 that there is no funding for this. the reason that it is not being done now that they have required them for a while for the guns to be turned in. >> right. >> and no way to do it. but there is no money to do it. harris is already put in place. she is trying to get this done. prop 63 doesn't give any funding and they do give the
4:39 pm
legislature a way to fund it. this is the problem with doing it through a ballot initiative instead of letting them take care of the problem. >> for someone that says i am anti-gun and i see thousands of people hear about them dying every year from gun violence. i'm voting for it. what do you say to that person? >> i say that i completely understand why you feel that way. but this isn't the way to address this. that we just had seven new laws enacted in california. we already had an excellent record on some of those things that this addresses like the idea of criminalizing people who don't report a gun stolen. and the proposition was written that they don't tell them exactly when that has to happen. you're making victims into criminals with this. jerry brown has vetoed this twice because he says law- abiding donors are doing this and that it is true. that they do this in california to a higher rate more than
4:40 pm
anyone else. that we will be making solutions in search of the problem doing that. that we are not solving the problems with criminals getting guns. that this doesn't fix anything that our existing laws don't already fix that it will make it more expensive. >> all right, laura smith, thanks for coming in. we appreciate your point of view and we will have more on this as we get closer to november. thanks for talking to us. >> thank you for having me. >> i appreciate it. all right, questions this afternoon about what the fbi knew about the new york bombing suspect and why the man's father had called him a terrorist. outside our doors this afternoon a cool down underway and the cool down will continue for your bay area wednesday. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up.
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we are just getting word that the man suspected of setting off those explosive devices in both new york and new jersey over the weekend has now been charged in federal court. the fbi revealed today that ahmad rahami had a notebook with him. investigators say two years ago they looked into claims of their own father that he might be a terrorist, only meaning that the son was hanging out with the wrong crowd. so far no other suspects are in custody. they join us now live in washington, d.c. to update us
4:44 pm
on the investigation. thank you so much congressman. of course, you are on the house intelligent exit tee receiving an additional meeting here, what can you tell us? >> thank you, heather. >> and the questions that we'll have largely surround the issues of what did this terror suspect do when he was overseas? who were they talking to? were they working with another terrorist group in afghanistan and pakistan? and that there are dozens of them over there that they could be affiliated with. we are trying to get to the bottom of that to also learn more about his wife who has been as i understand detained in the united arab emirates and hopefully that they could go at her to see what they now know. >> do we think that they might have been involved in the planning of these attacks? >> well, you know, it is case by case, but as we know from san bernardino in that case, the wife was involved and that it is always a concern, you know, an assumption that is
4:45 pm
generally safer and generally, you know, that they do know more and you know that they will be learning whether there are others out there in the united states that will be priority number one here. >> yes, a lot of information came out here today including what the fbi knew about him and that incident that i mentioned back in 2014 in which his own father had tipped off officials that his son was a terrorist. what do you make of that? >> we will be briefed on thursday again. that is another question that we're going to have here, you know, what was done, was he contacted? who in his circle was also contacted because if it was passed along, then we are all going to have to ask, you know, what we could have done more to have prevented this from happening. and you know that it is the first question that members will have on thursday when we are briefed by the bureau. >> obviously that there are always a lot of finger pointing when something like this happens, but you do have the
4:46 pm
case of the marathon bombers as well as this case and in the orlando shooter that they all were somehow known by law enforcement officials, but in those cases they were ultimately cleared. do we need to take a look, i mean obviously that we do need to take a look and that it seems like the additional steps might need to be taken here? >> yeah. the additional resources as well. and so i continue to support getting the fbi and local law enforcement more resources to track people who are suspects, whether there is credible evidence that they might be preparing to carry out an attack. but in addition to any, you know, finger pointing that's going on that it is a little early for that. i do think that in this case, you know, after the bombing occurred and that they did ask the f -- they did act quite swiftly, the fbi and the police department to catch this individual. hopefully he's the only one out there. you know, i do think that they
4:47 pm
deserve credit for that. >> all right, thank you so much. we look forward to hopefully talking to you after that briefing coming up on thursday. outside our doors this afternoon, partly cloudy skies with the on shore breeze that will be back and the low clouds and the marine layer, anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 feet deep. as a result a big drop in temperatures came our way this afternoon, it was started by noontime and it continued into the second half of the day. here is a look at the beautiful shot into san francisco where you can see just the show there. the rest of it covered in the cloud covers right now. 64 degrees, santa rosa reporting 82, oakland 70. and 80 degrees yesterday at this hour where we had a lot of 90s from the peninsula and to the inner east bay where livermore topped out 101 yesterday afternoon. and so it is a huge difference as we showed you in the last half hour anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler at this hour than 24 hours ago. if you're going to see the a's play that it will be mostly
4:48 pm
clear. game time 7:05. southwesterly breeze at 10 miles per hour. it will be nice to start, but it will cool down as we get into the evening hours dipping down into the lower 60s by the end of the game. a look from up above, the low clouds banged up along the coastline. the mid to high-level clouds will be coming away from the south as we continue to see those clouds move through. a little bit of moisture associated with it, not for us, but southern california, just the southern tip there getting some of this with a system off of the point of the deception. we also have the hurricane that's beginning to move north and by those two combined we've got some moisture over southern california as well as nevada. this is the system here that is bringing us the cool down and it is going to cool to sink into the bay area. as it does we'll kick up our winds on wednesday. at this hour right now a mix of high to low-level clouds. reported in the round of bay area and through travis at this hour. as we get into wednesday,
4:49 pm
temperatures will continue to fall off, bottoming out of thursday. we'll be a little bit below the seasonal average for this time of the year. the first day of fall it will be breezy, windy conditions expected by tomorrow afternoon. i think the winds will be picking up. we can expect that as well as the cooler day. 56 degrees tomorrow morning in concord. 55 in oakland. 55 san francisco. 54 degrees redwood city and 57 in san jose. afternoon highs for tomorrow look like this. 60s at the coast. 60s to low 70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s to near 80 degrees expected for the inland cities. 80 degrees antioch, 77 concord. 68 for the afternoon and oakland and 72 redwood city. into the south bay 76 san jose. to the north bay we have 77 for santa rosa tomorrow afternoon. yesterday santa rosa in the mid- 90s. tomorrow 77 in the forecast with a look at your extended forecast as we get through thursday. temperatures will be bottoming out in the mid-70s for our inland cities. upper 60s around the bay, 60s at the coast. we begin to rebound for friday, saturday, sunday, it looks like
4:50 pm
it will be another warm one for sunday and low to mid-90s expected for the inland cities with the offshore breeze coming back. ted, heather as we know, we're entering into the peak of the fire season for the bay area. we'll be tracking those winds, of course. even a red flag is expected for the soberanes fire for tomorrow and into thursday. we'll be watching that as well. back to you. >> okay, thanks, rosemary. coming up next, one of the top power couples, what's up, details of the break up that will be brangelina when the 4:00 on 2 returns. you bought a wig, a jersey, and overpriced nachos...
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...don't let sinus symptoms bring you down now. get fast sinus relief with vicks sinex and get back in the game. sinex, the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head...
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...medicine. a bay area ceo is on the hot seat today during the hearing on capital hill by san
4:53 pm
francisco-based wells fargo. the chief executive officer john stumpf apologized for his bank employees opening millions of unauthorized accounts using customer money to meet aggressive sales target. sutmp -- stumpf accepts all responsibilities. the government fined wells fargo $185 million. the bank fired 5,300 out of the scheme. angelina jolie filing divorce from brad pitt. they've been together since 2004 and they have six children. tmz broke the story and earlier they said that jolie filed for the divorce papers yesterday citing differences. she is asking for physical  custody of all the children. levins says that jolie is upset with pitt's parenting methods that he's got a temper and smokes a lot of marijuana and drinks a lot. you'll hear more of my
4:54 pm
conversation with levin coming up on the 7 on ktvu plus. well fox premier week will continue tonight. next ktvu paul chambers speaks to some of the biggest stars of tuesday night's line up. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
it is tv season. tonight three shows return to the fox tuesday line up.
4:57 pm
scream queens, new york girl, and brooklyn 99. >> ktvu paul chambers spoke to some of the stars of the show to find out what to expect this season. >> reporter: fox tv night line up has three returning shows with familiar faces. >> i went to harvard. >> john stamos and taylor lochner are joining the cast of scream teens. >> they're all nuts. taylor and i are sort of normal. >> yeah, we are pretty mellow. there's a lot of estrogen going onset. >> they're super sweet, extremely good actresses. >> reporter: they must play the recipient of the first ever transplant with the role, stamos says that you'll see more of him than ever before. >> i've been naked about four times. he has avoided it already. >> already? >> over a new girl it is a new life for hannah simone who
4:58 pm
plays cc. >> just when i thought you couldn't make me any happier, look what you did today. >> picking up with the newlywed couple picking up in their new life. >> for five years we've been doing the storylines that are kind of emotional. breakups, getting back together. i mean it's been constant and kind of nice to play happily married couple. >> on brooklyn 99, it is back for its fourth season. while in hollywood we spoke to chelsea perretti who plays gina. she shared some of the things in stored for her character. >> some injuries occur that, you know, i enjoyed playing. when i read it in the script that i get to become severely injured at one point. >> reporter: she might be the only celebrity that we spoke to from the bay, but not the only one that enjoys spending time here. >> to the wineries and ice cream. >> it is beautiful. i have yet to go to a niner game. and that is on my bucket list for sure. >> i love the bay area in so
4:59 pm
many ways. >> of course no interview would be complete without asking the former uncle jesse about fuller house. >> people come up and say hey, come on in. >> if you really do that i wouldn't be there. [ laughter ] >> maybe i should be like a dead jesse or something. >> brooklyn 99 kicks off at 8:00 followed by new girl at 8:30 and screen queens at 9:00. -- scream queens at 9:00. an air force pilot is dead, another injured after ejecting from a u-2 spy plane north of sacramento. this swath of burned earth and debris is all that's left of the plane after it crashed and started the brush on fire. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the plane took off from bl air force base and crashed a short distance later just after 9:00 this morning. one of the pilots was killed,
5:00 pm
the other injured. this is video of what was left of the plane, pieces of debris are scattered all around the crash scene. it seems as though you could kind of make owl the tail section of the ground. as you can see that they also started the fire that charred that hillside. >> this is video of the plane falling to the ground. both pilots deployed their parachutes. unfortunately one of them was killed and the other survived but was injured. you can see two parachutes in the air at the top of your screen. we're not sure how the pilot died. military officials spoke about crash about an hour ago. >> i'll share with you what i shared with the pilots. that these incidents, while extremely tragic and hard for us to overcome that they are incidents that we do overcome. i'm confident that the u-2 quadrant here and around the world will come up a lot stronger. >> military officials say that the aircraft was on a training mission when something went wrong and the plane went down. >> here is the


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