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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the other injured. this is video of what was left of the plane, pieces of debris are scattered all around the crash scene. it seems as though you could kind of make owl the tail section of the ground. as you can see that they also started the fire that charred that hillside. >> this is video of the plane falling to the ground. both pilots deployed their parachutes. unfortunately one of them was killed and the other survived but was injured. you can see two parachutes in the air at the top of your screen. we're not sure how the pilot died. military officials spoke about crash about an hour ago. >> i'll share with you what i shared with the pilots. that these incidents, while extremely tragic and hard for us to overcome that they are incidents that we do overcome. i'm confident that the u-2 quadrant here and around the world will come up a lot stronger. >> military officials say that the aircraft was on a training mission when something went wrong and the plane went down. >> here is the exact location
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where the plane crashed in the sutter butte mountains in sutter county about 60 miles north of sacramento. >> ktvu ken wayne is outside the air force base at the main gate. ken, you talked to a witness of the crash? >> reporter: frank, julie, i'm outside the gate at beal air force base. you wouldn't know that there is anything unusual going on here based on the operations that appear to be normal. but we are half a mile from the crash scene. we want to show you pictures of the crash scene as investigators are going through the wreckage trying to determine exactly what happened to cause this crash. one thing that we can quickly rule out is the weather. it is clear and sunny and there was very light wind this morning. the wind is picking up now. weather should not be a factor in the crash as investigators will be trying to determine exactly what went wrong. i talked to the man that will be half a mile south of the crash scene.
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and they heard a loud boom and they looked up. >> we found the smoke and then we looked over and we saw the plane kind of falling down. and somebody looked up and they realized that it was not going to recover and at that time we called 911 and saw a couple of parachutes to play and a puff of smoke. >> michael barry says he is also with another man who served for the navy and the aviation and it is somewhat familiar with military aircraft and he said that when he heard that boom that man told him that immediately that the aircraft had lost an engine and that the engine blew up or powered out that something went wrong with the engine. and of course speculation on that man is hard, but right now it appears to be what could have happened based on the sound and smoke from the aircraft. those that live here, they are
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very familiar with u-2 planes, very distinctive, they stand out, they have a very wide wingspan, something like a glider, but much larger than that, so it is not unusual to see the u-2s flying around here, flying for almost 50 years or more. and this is an air force base and that they send those planes out on the missions. but it is very unusual for a u- 2 to go down. the last time it happened was back in 1996 near oroville. so again investigators are still trying to determine exactly how the plane went down and they are also trying to figure out how the pilot died. this was a two-seat u-2 a training aircraft. the u-2s that are used in military operations are single- seat planes. they only have one person on board. this was a training flight. so we don't know how that other pilot died. one thing that was brought up during the news conference with the air force earlier this afternoon was the ejection seats. the air force spokesman says
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that those ejection seats are very sophisticated, but they can be dangerous. you're basically blasted out of the aircraft when you pull that ejection handle to exit the aircraft. and there is a lot of force that's involved with that. it is not uncommon for pilots to suffer injuries when they are ejecting from an aircraft, but of course that's the last resort that you try to eject before the plane goes down. live at beal air force base ken wayne fox 2 news. >> ken, the witness that you spoke with, michael barry called 911 after the plane went down. what happened after that? >> reporter: he said he called 911 and specifically told the 911 dispatcher that it was a u- 2 that went down. they immediately switched him over to the beal emergency center here at the air force base. they transferred his call. they said i just saw a u-2 go down about half a mile away from me. he said that the dispatcher at
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beale was surprised, wanted to make sure he knew what he was talking about. and apparently that the emergency operations here at beale weren't aware of that crash at that time. and he said i'm positive it is a u-2, it's about half a mile away from me. he gave his exact location. and then they took his information and they said that they would get back to him, but he said as of now he hasn't heard anything from beale officials. >> ken, i don't necessarily know if you have an answer to this, but going back to the ejection seat, i know it is essentially like having a bomb underneath your seat as it shoots you out. presumably would the pilot have been alive in order to pull that or could the pilot or the second person in the plane have pulled that if the pilot was already in trouble? >> reporter: you know that's a good question. i've been thinking about that, i don't know the answer to that and that is one thing that the investigators were trying to determine when did that pilot die? did he die in the plane because of the possibly engine exploding or did he die because
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of the ejection and suffer fatal injuries from that? or did he die when he hit the ground? it looked like the parachutes were operating normally, but looks like questions that investigators will be trying to answer. >> all right, ken wayne live for us. ktvu tim is live with a look at the spy planes. >> first and foremost they are spy planes. nasa has a few for air nautical research and imaging things that they want to do to help farmers and things like that. the military version is purely a spy plane. the first one to fly was 61 years ago. the last one was built in the 1980s. the newest ones are more than 30 years old. only 104 have ever been built and that out of those 104, 53 have crashed. and they have, you know, they have a high level of destruction because of the very nasty environment that they fly in. they fly twice as high as an airliner and the air is so thin up there and that they have to
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fly slow enough to get the images. so they are only flying about five miles above their stall speed to lose their control and start tumbling. if that happens, then you might stress that aircraft to such a degree that it could be destroyed, but that did not happen in this case apparently. but what we're talking about is the aircraft that will be very, very hard to fly once they get you down to the lower atmosphere because they have no power or assist. because they have no power or assist, that they are truly athletes, battling the aircraft because it is in low thick air and that you're trying to move those flight surfaces as big as virtually those doors and in a couple wind there that they will be difficult to fly over at low speeds and very difficult airplanes to land. and all that stuff is working against you, that they will be superb by any sense of a word and that they are very famous. back in 1960 a guy named francis gary powers was shot down over russia and put on the show trial and later exchanged for a russian spy and then in
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1962 during the cuban missile crisis that the cubans shot down one of these aircrafts killing the pilot and that the crisis would happen for few days for world war iii. the plane has been used ever since that he would fly virtually every dangerous area that there is and it gathers a lot of information. it does things that will be better by satellite, which is why we keep them. >> reporter: they are fazing the program out after 2019. but we have all these satellites. the satellites are capable of getting great pictures covering the entire earth. you would think that the u-2s wouldn't even be necessary? >> they are necessary because some of the photos they could take are actually better. you've got to remember that there is an airplane that is also recently been kind of decommissioned and now that they have recommissioned the sr- 71. that has been the replacement for the u-2, but it was so good and so versatile that they kept that. and then they kind of got rid
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of the blackbirds, but now there are other spy planes. there is something good about being close to the ground closer to the satellite. you can gain a lot more information. you can sample things in the atmosphere. if you want to find out, you know, north koreans for example have set off the nuclear weapon that you can do things that you cannot from the outer space. >> how many are left in service? >> perhaps 30 of them. the air force has gotten very good at using the b-52 bombers, some of which are 50 years old. they are still in use. they don't do the old jobs they used to do, but they can launch the missiles. air force is the extension of the life of the vehicles because they are that good at what they do. >> amazing that they could fly up to 72,000 feet. they have a motto that says in god we trust all others we monitor. >> that's right, tom. thank you. >> thank you. if you want to watch more of the video after the pilot ejected we have posted it on our website at breaking news now from
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oakland tonight. a 2-year-old boy has been hit and killed by an ac transit bus. the accident happened at 35th and penniman. oakland police just wrapped up a news conference about half an hour ago. ktvu henry lee is at the scene now with more on what happened. henry? >> reporter: well frank, just minutes ago a large tow truck came in removing the ac transit bus from the scene. we're here at 35th and penniman avenue in east oakland. very much an active scene as oakland police investigate what happened here about 2:00. a 2-year-old boy was chasing a ball from his yard into the street when he was run over by this ac transit bus. as this bus was heading north on 35th avenue just south of penniman. we do have the victim's family here very grief stricken, very devastating to the victim's family as well as the bus driver. the bus driver is cooperating. we do have police chaplains here on the scene as well as david downing, the highest member of the oakland police
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department, the acting assistant chief. but for now, all indications are that this boy was chasing his beloved green ball into the street when he was hit by an ac transit bus. we spoke to police and a witness on the bus. here is what they had to say. >> we received a call regarding a vehicle over pedestrian collision in this area. when officers arrived on scene, they found a 2-year-old boy was fatally struck. this is a tragic and sad loss for the family and the community. officers and first responders are on scene and they are heartbroken by this incident. >> we felt a thumping type of feeling. and then the bus driver stopped. we got off to see what happens. and the mom was standing there holding the little boy and she was asking for help and the family was screaming call somebody. >> i think about my own family. the little ones. everybody's children, things happen so fast.
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it is just such a tragedy. >> reporter: this bus driver will undergo routine drug and alcohol testing as well as being offered counseling and therapeutic services according to an ac transit spokesman. they are on scene helping the victim's family as well. but to recap the 2-year-old boy chasing a ball into the street was struck and killed by an ac transit bus here in east oakland. live in oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry, the image, the picture of the mother holding her little baby there as he was dying just heartbreaking. it sounds like in this case that the ac transit driver had no chance to stop, correct? >> reporter: that's right, frank. the witness told me that as soon as the boy started running from his yard that the mom began chasing him and was just too late to stop him from being hit by this bus. >> henry lee in oakland tonight. henry, thank you. authorities say that a
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recently paroled ex-convict who tried to kidnap a bay area woman has been arrested in michigan. the attempted abduction happened on july 28 on washington avenue in san leandro. the man knocked down a 23-year- old woman and doused her with pepper spray before trying to drag her into his car. that is when a good samaritan stepped in helping the woman escape. investigators haven't released the suspect's name, but say he is is 43 years old. they also say he drove from orange county to san leandro just ten days after he was paroled from prison. >> we do have physical evidence from the orange county residence where he was living prior to fleeing the state. we also have evidence inside the residence where he was staying out of state that does tie him to the crime here in san leandro, california. >> the man was arrested in detroit and he is now awaiting extradition to the bay area. uc berkeley officials have issued a warning after female student reported that she had been raped. police say that the victim reported being attacked earlier
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this month in a dorm. uc police are heading up the investigation. just last week a male student was arrested after another woman reported being raped in a dorm and then back on september 10 three women reported sexual assaults during an electronic music show at the greek theater. new at 5:30, some horrifying details are coming out in court today about the so- called drifter murders including what the accused killers reportedly said during the killings. also ahead it is a warning system suppose to alert residence to emergencies in the east bay. so why isn't it working right now? and the man accused of the new york and new jersey bombing not a stranger to the fbi. up next, why the suspect's father called the fbi years ago worried about his son. another drop in temperatures over the bay area this afternoon with additional cooling expected for your midweek wednesday. i'll have a look at what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up.
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today the secretary of homeland security toured the site at new york city where 29 people were hurt when a pressure cooker bomb exploded on saturday night. in just the past hour, we learned that the man under arrest in the case has been charged now in federal court with planting that device and several others in new jersey. and also today the fbi said that they looked into ahmad khan rahami back in 2014 after his own father contacted them with concerns. rahami is expected to be the bomber in new york and new jersey. >> well frank, we are also
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learning that a notebook containing extremist rambles of ahmad rahami had reportedlyreferences to being killed in 2011 drunk driving attack. and awe san that went on a shooting rampage back in 2009. new video is emerging of what looked like rahami. the fbi looked into rahami two years ago after his father expressed concerns his own son might be a terrorist. he later told investigators his son was hanging out with the wrong crowd, but the fbi checked its data bases finding nothing and closed the case. >> you want him to be invisible, he was invisible. he dressed much, he didn't speak much. but when he did speak he was funny. >> reporter: the fbi has said that they do not believe he's a part of any terror group following the weekend bombings at seaside park new jersey.
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bombs found near train station in elizabeth, new jersey, and an explosion in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood that exploded 29 people. another undetonated bomb prompted one new yorker to call 911. >> i had a feeling in the back of my head that this was really weird. i came back to take a second look and i saw that it hadn't been thrown out with a lot of the trash that i originally thought. >> rahami a u.s.-born citizen in afghanistan worked as an unarmed guard at private security companies being held on $5.2 million bail, charged for the attempted murder of police officers he shot at before he was arrested. >> neither officers are out of the hospital tonight. rahami though remains hospitalized and he continues to be uncooperative with investigators. frank? >> cristina, julie, do we know what prompted the father to contact the fbi? >> he was arrested for stabbing his brother back in 2014 when his father talked to the fbi and expressed his concerns about his son being a terrorist. but his son was never
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prosecuted because a grand jury declined to indict him. >> what do we know about rahami's wife? >> reporter: she reportedly left the united states days before the bombings this past weekend. she was set to return to the u.s. this week. so it raises questions about whether or not that she knew about these bombings or could have warn authorities. we do know that she has spoken to u.s. officials in united arab emirates and the couple was married in pakistan back in 2011. just today though, we learned that she filed paperwork in court requesting full custody of their son and hasn't spoken to him since january. >> cristina rendon in our newsroom tonight. amazon is planning to use drones to make deliveries right to your door. but one tech company is delivering packages and groceries. in san francisco today, star shipped technologies sent one of their delivery robots on the trial run. a-- amanda nelson snapped these photos.
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the video from the company's website shows how the robot works. sensors and gps guided its way causing it to slow down. the driveways and crosswalks are when they encounter a pedestrian. the company is based if london and they are already making deliveries with robots in england, germany, and switzerland. they plan to start trial runs of their delivery service in washington, d.c. this fall. around the bay area this afternoon, temperatures fell off quite a bit. five, ten, even 15 degrees of cooling over most areas this afternoon. let's look at what's happening out there at this hour. temperatures are still in the 80s even a few low 90s reported. 90 degrees brentwood, 86 livermore, which is still a very warm day. but relatively speaking wow, what a difference. we had 101 in livermore yesterday afternoon. again a lot cooler than where we were. 68 in oakland, 68 in berkeley right now. low 60s in san francisco as well as half moon bay. 80 degrees outside your door in
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san jose. to the north bay we have 86 degrees in santa rosa. here is a look at the 24-hour temperature change. down by 9 in santa rosa and napa. down by 12 in fairfield and down by 10 around livermore. around the bay more of the same. down by 14 at sfo. into the south bay san jose you're 11 degrees cooler right now than where we were yesterday afternoon. the clouds continue to pour into the bay area. those mid and high-level clouds coming from the south. we have the low clouds banged up along the shoreline. the marine layer has deepened anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 over portions of the bay area. this will continue as we get into tonight and tomorrow that we will continue with the low to mid-high level clouds. the clouds will move off. it has to do with the system over here. we have one over southern california and we have tropical depression payne that continues to move inland. looks like southern california just the tip there, l.a., san diego area maybe las vegas picking up on a few scattered showers. but they're really looking at places like arizona where they are expecting some flooding
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there at least for the next 24 hours or so. for us, we are just picking up on some of the high to mid- level clouds. this is the system here that is actually dropping in. we will continue to deepen as we get through the next couple of days. we'll continue to drive our temperatures down. so tomorrow is going to be even cooler than what we experienced for today. the on-shore breeze, you can see the winds there by tomorrow. those winds are going to pick up. it's going to be breezy and even windy in some areas. there's a red flag warning right in this soberanes fire area expected for tomorrow as well. for us here at home, we have temperatures that will continue to fall off all the way into thursday. the first day of fall is expected to be the coolest day. here is a look at your forecast starting for you tomorrow morning where we are looking at light winds for the most part. but by the afternoon you can see that they do pick up quite a bit anywhere from 15 to 25 miles expected. temperature wise in the 50s to start the morning. for the afternoon upper 70s for santa rosa. we will go 68 for oakland, 65 for san francisco. upper 70s for the inner east bay. 76 san jose. your extended forecast
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temperatures will be continuing to cool into thursday. we do rebound as we get into your bay area weekend. temperatures are back into the low to mid-90s, perhaps even lower 90s for sunday. with the offshore winds we're into the peak fire season and even that wind that's coming your way tomorrow expected to bring a red flag warning to the monterey area. >> yeah, you can't be too careful out there. >> it is suppose to cool down there. >> yeah, thank you. coming up new at 6:00, free wifi offered by the bay area's largest city. the vote today to keep people connected. you cannot do school work today in silicon valley here in san jose without their wifi connection.
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the san francisco city attorney's office has served subpoenas to the millennium partners. the developers of the sinking 58-story luxury condo towers south of market street. as ktvu tara moriarty reports now, millennium said they will fully cooperate with the investigation, but pending the sinkage problem on the transbay joint powers authority. >> reporter: after weeks of silence about the sinking millennium tower, today its founders lashed out at the transbay joint power authority with pgpa for what they call wreckless behavior. >> the behavior here is so outrageous. >> reporter: developers of the 58-story luxury towers says despite it sinking more than 16 inches since construction, it is 100% safe and the city approved it. millennium officials said that when they broke ground on the transit center next door it
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compromised the foundation of the tower. >> if you dig a 60-foot hole for six years and drop the water table by 20 feet on a major high-rise structure you're going to cause a problem. >> reporter: engineers say that dewatering is a process used on buildings like the transbay terminal and the millennium tower, which are built on mud and landfill. take a coffee ground. this needs water to create more stability like this one that you can see is a lot more firm. but if you pull out too much water, you can see that it affects everything nearby. >> and now the amount of the watering is staggering. up to five million gallons per month. >> reporter: which translates to 60 million gallons each year. now millennium says that they turned off the measuring devices as if to hide something. >> to shift the blame exclusively to the transbay joint powers authority is a fiction. >> but mark gray an attorney
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representing the millennium tower says that developers should have anticipated the transit center excavation. >> they should have designed a foundation system anchored into bedrock that would have resisted the dewatering that they are now trying to use as an excuse. >> reporter: millennium as well as the sales force tower and the marriott are not anchored if bedrock 200 feet deep, but rather 80 feet deep down into sand. critics say it is a savings to build. but other buildings are just fine proving that it is the bad neighbor that created this mess. in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here more on the deadly crash of an air force spy plane in northern california. in a moment we'll go live to the scene of the crash and have more video that is taken by witnesses. a bay area camp counselor that is suppose to take care of kids is now accused of abusing them. where police arrested them just hundreds of miles away.
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giants fans are getting nervous. players are getting testy. a lot of questions tonight after a potential back-breaking loss to the dodgers last night in the bottom of the 9th.
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back now to our top story, an air force pilot was killed this morning in a training mission about 60 miles north of sacramento. this is video of the wreckage
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and the u-2 spy plane as you can see that the debris is scattered over a blackened hillside. >> and now here is the exact location where the plane crashed in sutter county. the plane took off from beale air force base just minutes later something went wrong. >> both pilots deployed their parachutes. one was killed, the other was injured. >> the reporter mike mibach is near the latest. >> reporter: the wind is starting to pick up here at the sutter butte. and also a very significant new development to report at this hour. it is a little bit back that may be hard to see. but take a look behind me, you may be able to see about six or so investigators in white hats and white jump suits collecting evidence, forensic evidence of this crash scene. including some of the orange flags that you can see there that they are taking a look at the other parts of the u-2 plane that crashed here about 9:05 this morning. >> reporter: this video is taken from an eyewitness
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showing the u-2 plane spiraling out of control. then moments later, this eyewitness video reveals the wreckage of the the u-2 spy plane after they slammed into the sutter buttes. >> you can tell that it exploded. >> reporter: chuck jones saw that the plane was in trouble just moments before it crashed, but also noticed something else in the sky. >> it appeared that it was lead over here with the initial blast. we would see one parachute come down that looked pretty small in nature after running to the corner and came around on the road on the backside is where we would see the other two parachutes come down. >> reporter: the other incident was also witnessed by students at sutter high school. >> we saw the plane spinning. >> i thought it was other people, because i didn't know what happened. >> reporter: the crash cause add series of grass fires to erupt in the surrounding hills, pushed by the swirling winds. keeping firefighters busy mopping up the hot spots. the u-2 spy planes are based at beale air force base, a critical weapon in the arsenal graphing them as high as 13
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miles above the earth. the range is 6,000 miles. the one that crashed today is believed to be one -- to be one of only five to be a critical loss. >> it is pretty devastating and very quick in the way it formed. >> reporter: and they have been flying out of the beale air force base since 1955. in the meantime today's crash is believed to be the second one in northern california. the other one occurring about 20 years ago in oroville when the u-2 pilot was killed along with a civilian on the ground. reporting live for ktvu fox 2 news. >> michael, i'm a little confused by what the witness said. he seemed to indicate that there were three parachutes. any explanation for that? and also the person injured do we know how that person is doing tonight? >> reporter: yes, the injured pilot, we don't have anymore further information on his condition. the air force has not released that yet. as for the parachutes, he did report three. two were involving humans, the other he believes was carrying
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equipment. that's a part of the investigation underway right now by the air force. >> i know we don't know much about the pilots, but do we know where they were from? >> reporter: they haven't identified them yet in terms of names or hometowns. we're still waiting for that information from the air force. >> all right, reporting live near beale air force base. thank you, mike. now this isn't the first time that the u-2 plane has crashed after taking off from beale air force base. in august of 1996 a u-2 from the base crashed into a parking lot next to a newspaper building killing the pilot and at least one person on the ground. two other people were hurt. the pilot had declared an in- flight emergency 15 minutes after taking off. investigators say a fire had broken out in the plane's air- conditioning unit. a san jose -- san jose police are investigating a shooting of a man found dead on a sidewalk this morning. officers responded to a 911 call finding the victim alone near bluff way. they said he had at least one gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators still haven't
5:37 pm
released his name and no suspect information is available. this was san jose's 36th homicide of the year. in marin county some graphic testimony today during the preliminary hearing for two drifters accused of murdering two people last year. and one of the victims were killed while walking on the hiking trail. the other victim was killed a young woman and she was in golden gate park visiting from canada. ktvu rob roth was in court today, revealing new information about what happened. >> reporter: the marin county courtroom today where lila alligood became emotional at times appearing to tear up. morrison lampley displayed no emotion. the two were charged with shooting to death a man who was walking his dog on the marin county hiking trail last october. in testimony today marin county sheriff department investigator scott buer would describe the scene on the trail. >> they were shot and will have blood all over them.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: his dog survived, but steve carter died. they were also charged for killing audrey carey a canadian tourist. the third suspect sean angold has struck a deal with prosecutors pleading guilty to second-degree murder, expected to testify against the other two. investigator buer also testified that when he first interviewed alligood she said angold fired the gunshots, but later told him that it was lampley. >> she stated that she was protecting lampley and that she loved him and that it is the only thing she had left. she would do anything for him. >> reporter: buer testified that alligood's cell mate said that the three shot carter for his car and wallet. the cell mate said that before killing carter the three drifters had befriended audrey carey in golden gate park and that carey thanked them for being her friend. but she says they stole her wallet and alligood told the cell mate that lampley suddenly
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shot carey and that brains and blood were everywhere. they used the stolen money for marijuana and methamphetamine. the preliminary hearing should go for five days. the key witness sean angold could testify later this week. in marin county rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco police have arrested a camp counselor on station charges. authorities say that 24-year- old evan blanchert had inappropriate contact with three juvenile campers. he's also charged for sending sexually explicit photos and videos through social media. he was arrested last week in arizona and expected to be extradited back to california. it's a warning system designed to alert residence to emergencies in the east bay, but it's not working during the peak fire season. coming up, the explanation from city leaders in oakland. and a new level to the dodgers and giants rivalry. the new shirts that dodger players are wearing after what happened last night with
5:40 pm
giant's pitcher madison bumgarner.
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nice, deep, off the wall, there some -- they're going to wave in sager and this game is
5:43 pm
-- seager and this game is over. >> they lost to the dodgers in the first of the three-game series in l.a. >> they cannot get the final three out tonight and now the collapse in the second half nearly has them out of the playoff position. >> who would have thought a very short time ago and now we're running out of days on the calendar. last night is a quick summary of what their season has been since their all-star break. this is a team that going into the break would have the best record in baseball and it seems like an all, but sure bet to make the playoffs. and that it happened last night in l.a. they are boiling over in the form of madison bumgarner. >> it is a very positive way. >> reporter: the first time that the giants ace faced at that time what was the dodgers rookie phenom. it was june of 2013 and that puig took bumgarner deep the
5:44 pm
opposite way. since then there's been an incident in 2014 when puig homered and bumgarner took exception with puig's bat flip. bumgarner was waiting for puig as he approached home plate. every time the two have met since, it's must-see tv. >> slowly hit. bumgarner is going to grab it and they got him! >> reporter: then last night the latest chapter. puig grounded out, bumgarner making the throw to first with bumgarner yelling at puig not to look at him. brandon belt stepped between the two players and again the benches came on tot field for what was mostly an act -- onto the field for what is mostly an act of posturing. the exchanges between bumgarner and puig and the fact that bumgarner was removed from the game in the midst of a one-game shutout. the 9th inning proved to be an all-too familiar pattern for the giants. for the 29th time this year their bullpen blew a save opportunity. this one was an effort by committee.
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derek law, javier lopez and hunter strickland all had a hand in it. a fatal blow that drove in the winning run. >> nice, deep, off the wall, here comes seager, they're going to wave him in and this game is over! >> which brings us to tonight, bruce bouchi has been nearly flawless, but he has left himself open for second guessing. here is the new twist on tonight's game. adrian gonzalez made a response to last night's comments by bumgarner having shirts made up for his teammates. that's gonzalez, puig, other dodgers wearing shirts saying don't look at me as they would then hide their eyes. johnny cueto takes the mound and the the division championship all, but gone. but just two years ago the giants got into the playoffs as the last national league wild
5:46 pm
card. if you remember they won it all. but i would say that their bullpen was in much better shape two years ago than it is right now. >> we still didn't get an answer as to why officially that bumgarner was taken off the mound last night. >> we haven't gotten one in the pre-game either. giants fans collectively when the starting pitcher has a good game going into the 7th or the 8th, they are saying no, no, don't do it, they did it with cueto the other day. let's see what he does tonight. >> all right, thank you, joe. oakland's community warning those that they might be seeing upgrades and repairs. but some folks are asking why do it in the high part of the fire season. a cool down begins this afternoon. it will continue as we get into your midweek wednesday. we'll take a look at what you can expect coming up.
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the fbi is now involved in the investigation of the case of human trafficking. it was discovered by sheriff investigators near the town of mountain ranch where they seized more than 23,000 marijuana plants. the growers are accused of kidnapping four mexican immigrants and forcing them at gunpoint to work in the fields of the marijuana grow. the four men said they were held hostage and were beaten if they disobeyed. they escaped late last month making it to a neighbor's house where they called authorities.
5:50 pm
>> we've been here for many years. i know that they have been here, but they are coming forward and we're seeing the results of the cultivation of marijuana. >> two women are already in custody facing drug and human trafficking charges. but the investigators say that they are still looking for the other suspects as well. an eruption is sending smoke and ash spewing over parts of costa rica. take a look at this video released by the country's volcano observatory showing the plume reaching heights of 13,000 feet. it is about 40 miles east of the capitol of san jose. nearby communities were showered by the ash, but so far people living at the base of the volcano have not been evacuated. emergency officials say that they are standing by in case the eruptions will become more severe. >> so remarkable. all right, let's talk about our weather now bringing in rosemary orozco. a nice day, but certainly cooled off from what it was like over the weekend. >> a significant dropoff.
5:51 pm
livermore hit 100 degrees yesterday. today upper 70s to the lower 80s, a difference there. we will continue to cool it down for wednesday and the first day of fall arriving on thursday that will be the coolest day of the entire week. we also have wind to talk about. more on that in just a few moments. let's take a look at the current conditions. you can see as we look towards the west the low clouds up against the coastline and the marine layer anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 feet deep. the on-shore breeze is back. reporting about 80 degrees. san francisco 61, upper 60s in oakland. 86 in livermore and 80 degrees for san jose. definitely a better day for most of our inland cities and around the bay areas from oakland in through redwood city and down into mountain view and all felt the difference. if you're going to see them play later today, 65 degrees southwesterly breeze at 10 miles per hour. mostly clear skies cooling back into the lower 60s for the evening hours. nice out there for the tail gators, but -- tailgaters. but as we get into the evening hours it will be cooling back.
5:52 pm
if you are headed in that direction, be aware of that. take a look at the clouds with the high to mid-level clouds that have been streaming overhead. you have probably noticed as we get into the evening hours that this will continue to push east. they tell me what to do with the system to the south of us. that is continuing to move inland as well bringing moisture to areas of southern california. you can see it moving in to areas of arizona, the southern tip, las vegas expecting a little bit of this. this is going to go on for that area through about tomorrow. it has to do with not only one, but two systems. one of them is tropical depression payne. this is the system that is pulling into the bay area. it will continue to bring us the cool on shore breeze. cooler temperatures and gusty conditions are expected for tomorrow. we will be talking about it just a little bit. the soberanes fire area in particular of red flag warnings expected for tomorrow. the winds are offshore right now. 23 miles per hour in fairfield. so a little bit stronger than what we had seen in the last couple of hours. concord reporting 13, 16 in oakland, and moe have a doe reporting about -- novado about 12. we will continue with those
5:53 pm
clouds, but by the afternoon we're mostly sunny. look at the footprint here. we're looking at 80 for some of the hoer locations -- for some of the hotter locations. the winds will be expected to pick up in the afternoon anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour expected around the bay. 50s to start the morning with a few low 60s out there by the afternoon. 60s at the coast, mid-60s to mid-70s around the bay. upper 70s to near 80 degrees expected inland. temperatures will cool a little bit more on thursday warming back up as we get into the bay area weekend. >> all right, rosemary, thank you. >> thank you. still to come here, we are nearing the peak fire season and the system designed to warn you is it working in oakland? in a moment how long the city says the warning system will be down. later coming up new at 6:00, free wifi offered by the bay area's biggest city. the vote today keeping everyone in san jose connected. we have to give them access to the same tools that everybody else in silicon valley has.
5:54 pm
tomorrow tomorrow stroll corm
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storm storm testimony transform tropical we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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fire danger in the east bay hill is always high this time of the year. making matters worse the the siren system designed to warn residence about fires is not working. ktvu tom vacar went to the people in charge of that warning system to find out why it is silent. >> reporter: there are 27 very loud one-mile range sirens up in the oakland hills and the 880 corridor to pre-warn people about the serious events that
5:57 pm
are happening. such as a wildland fire or chemical spilled. after 15 years of weathering in a considerable amount of vandalism, some of the sirens are totally out, sot city of oakland has disconnected the entire system to fully assess it and upgrade it, a process that will take four to six months. some folks question the timing of the shutdown seeing how the fire danger is still very high. >> right now, here we are coming up on october. i remember when there was that big, big fire that took place years ago on october. it was a catastrophe. >> reporter: but also a fair question to ask. when is it not fire season anymore? so if you've got to make repairs or upgrades, you've got to make term had now. >> technology has improved. we also have other systems that we used to con -- that we use to contact the community, such as our system and what we recently transitioned to a new system, which will actually put up phone calls into residence to leave a message on their
5:58 pm
phone. or it will call their cell phone or send them an e-mail message. >> reporter: in other words the sirens are neither the only system available to residence, but really becoming a backup. it's a backup that will be put back into place and integrated into a more modern alert system. but it has taken the city a few years for the system to become unreliable enough to warrant this overhaul. >> and they need to do it well because their lack of initiative is affecting public safety. >> reporter: it'll cost about half a million dollars to reinstate the system, which should be back online this spring. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. breaking news out of east bay where tonight a 2-year-old boy is dead after being hit and killed by an ac transit bus. investigators are calling it a heartbreaking tragedy.
5:59 pm
good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it happened about 2:30 this afternoon on 35th and penniman avenues in oakland. witnesses say the little boy was chasing a ball into the street when he was struck. we'll get more now on this breaking news from ktvu's henry lee who joins us now at the scene with more. henry? >> reporter: well julie, grief- stricken relatives of 2-year- old jeremiah are gathering here just south of penniman avenue. about 2:00 is where this boy was chasing his beloved green ball down a driveway and into the street where unfortunately he was run over by an ac transit bus. we take a look at the video we shot earlier. this is a bus online 54 an ac transit bus was heading north on 35th avenue about 2:00 when this boy ran into the side and was run over and killed. his mother had to cradle her son and ask for help from
6:00 pm
sought witnesses. we had police chaplains as well as crisis intervention and the topmost head of the oakland police department david dunning here on the scene as well as ac transit officials. the chaplain obviously helping the victims grieve as well as the bus driver who spoke to oakland police and a witness on the bus when this happened. here is what they had to say. >> we received a call regarding a vehicle verses pedestrian collision in this area. when officers arrived on scene, they found that a 2-year-old boy was fatally struck. this is a tragic and sad loss for the family and the community. officers and first responders on scene are heartbroken by this incident. >> we felt a thumping type of feeling. then the bus driver stopped. we got off to see what happened. and the mom was standing there holding the little boy and she was aski


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