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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a tragic death on the streets of oakland. a 2-year-old boy running after a loose ball is struck and killed by an ac transit bus. a nightmare for the child's parents. our hearts go out to them tonight. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the accident happened about 2:00 this afternoon at 35th and penniman in the fruit vail neighborhood. witnesses say that the little boy chased the ball right into the streets just as the bus was going by. amber lee has been at the scene
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all night talking to family, neighbors, and police about what happened. amber? >> reporter: frank, the little boy was playing in this apartment of the complex as hechase -- boy was playing in front of this apartment complex before he chased a ball that went into the street. >> reporter: this is jeremiah of oakland. family members tell us that the 2-year-old and his mother were visiting relatives who live along 35th avenue. just before 2:00 this afternoon, police say the boy was chasing after a green ball into the street when an ac transit bus number 54 heading towards merit college struck and killed the child. we spoke to a passenger who is on the bus. >> we felt a thump type of feeling. >> reporter: the bus driver got off and they went to see what was happened. >> the mom was standing there holding her little boy asking for help and the family was screaming call somebody.
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and went over and started praying for her and the baby. >> the mother told them that she ran after her little boy, but it was too late. >> she was just kind of like dazed out and the little boy was just lying limp. she was really clinching him. >> reporter: a neighbor describes a haunting image of mother and child. >> they took her around the back of the ambulance and she saw what was going on. >> reporter: jeremiah died at the scene. a spokesman says as stand up procedure, the driver was tested for drug and alcohol and has been ac transit since 1999. police say they will be investigating whether speed was a factor with several chaplains on scene to offer grief counseling. >> it's a very tragic and heartbreaking understand can't. oakland is our community as we want to consider what we have as we would breathe it as well.
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>> reporter: they described jeremiah as a rambunctious 2- year-old who loved to play. he loved showering families with his sweet hug and sloppy wet kisses. >> i think about my own family, the little ones. everybody's children, things happen so fast it is such a tragedy. >> reporter: ac transit says that the bus was equipped with cameras both inside and out and that oakland police will be reviewing the video. the family tells me that they are struggling to cope with the sudden loss of the little boy they adored. in oakland, amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. happening now, a strong smell of gas may be the result of an oil spill near the carcinas street. the fire department has received about 500 calls from a strong odor in south vallejo. a shelter in place order was
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issued. pg&e crews and firefighters have been using gas leak detectors after widespread complaints about the strong smell. crews have not picked up abnormal readings in the air. but the oil sheen is from the water. some people are saying that it smells like gas and it is giving them a headache. some residence have gone to the hospital. they're telling people to keep doors and windows closed and air conditioners off as they try to determine where the odor is coming from. now the city of vallejo says they have activated their emergency operation center in response to this odor and again no indication of a natural gas leak. the leading series at this moment is that oil slick near the carcinas street. now to a developing story that we have been following all day long involving the crash of a u-2 spy plane. the u-2 was on a training run when both of the pilots were able to eject, but one died and
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the other was injured. >> the plane took off from beale air force space crashing about 15 miles away in the sit -- in the sutter butte neighborhoods. ken wayne is live at the scene of the crash where armed guards are stationed tonight to protect the debris field. ken, what can you tell us about the investigation. >> reporter: well julie about 13hours after that crash there is still a lot of activity. i'll step out of the way as you can see within the last couple of hours those tents have been directed to serve as a base camp for the investigation and the effort to try to find out what happened here. and then as we pan to the right, you'll see some lights that are set up off in the distance. 300 yards or more away. that is where the plane went down, the blackened area is the brush that caught fire after the plane crashed. if we zoom in real tight passing the markers that are put into the ground marking
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different areas of interest for investigators that you might be able to make out the tale of the u-2 in the -- the tail of the u-2 in the darkness there. as for the cause of the crash it is still under investigation. some kind of a mechanical failure is to blame. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the final moments of the u-2 dragon lady reconnaissance plane slowly falling to the ground before impact. michael berry was working half a mile away when he heard a loud boom. >> looked up and saw the white cloud of smoke. looked over and saw the plane kind of falling down. then somebody liked up and they realized that they were not going to recover. at that time we called 911 seeing a couple of parachutes display and then the clouds of smoke. >> it was pretty devastating and very quick in the way it formed. >> reporter: the air force officials say it is simply too early to know why the plane
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crashed. >> everything about the flight today was a routine flight. nothing out of the ordinary as far as i have been told. >> reporter: the u-2 was on a training mission with two pilots on board. the pilots ejected, their parachutes were visible as they drifted to the ground. one of the pilot's died. >> it is extremely emotional. and the squatter just a few moments ago. i know that i personally spoke with the squadron commander. as you would expect, it is very challenging. >> the u-2 has been a part of the air force aerial program for five decades designed to fly up to 70,000 feet for an extended period of crash. this will not affect their u-2 program. >> i would match the safety and recommendation answers. we'll continue to fly around the world and the clock. these incidents are hard for us to overcome and a tragedy, but
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they are incidents we do overcome. >> reporter: shortly after sunset a woman walks down the normally quiet two-lane road near the crash scene with a small bouquet. her nephew is in the air force. >> it is just sad. we are a tight community out here. >> reporter: what did you think when you heard what happened? >> that it is faded. that we are waiting to hear from their families and what they are going through. >> reporter: this is going to be a very meticulous investigation. the air force says that it could take three, four, five maybe then six days before they wrap up their investigation here live at the crash site. ken wayne fox 2 -- ktvu fox 2
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news. authority prosecutors charged ahmad khan rahami of using a weapon of mass destruction. ktvu cristina rendon tells us that the criminal complaint contains information about his alleged motives and his desire to become this. >> reporter: the father of ahmad khan rahami reported his own son to the fbi in 2014 after rahami returned from several trips overseas and turned violent. the fbi opened an inquiry and found nothing. >> reporter: people said that he did not suspect anything. >> you want him to be invisible and he dressed nice. that he did not speak much. rahami was captured after a shootout with police on monday in linden, new jersey.
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investigators found a blood- stained notebook containing extremist ramblings with reference to the drone strike killing and hasan the former u.s. army major who went on a shooting rampage in ft. hood back in 2009. >> this was the terrific police and best of gain. >> reporter: they do not believe that rahami is part of any terror groups, following the bombings that injured 29 people in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. rahami worked as an unarmed guard for private security custodies. his wife is reportedly cooperating with officials in the united arab emirates. rahami's wife filed for full custody of their son today. he also has a previous daughter -- has a daughter from a previous marriage. the latest statewide field
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poll finds that hillary clinton's lead has slipped in california, but it is still a substantial. clinton holds a 17-point advantage over donald trump among likely voters. her lead was 24 points back in july before the republican and democratic conventions. in the meantime 53 voters hold an unfavorable view of clinton compared to 69% for donald trump. apparently george h.w. bush is the latest republican in hillary clinton's corner. political reports says that the former maryland lieutenant governor townsend says that the former president told her that he plans to vote for clinton. a spokesperson said that bush has no comment on that report. the washington post claims that donald used 250,000 from his charitable foundation. all to settle legal claims for his for-profit businesses. the trump campaign said that there was no intent to make him proper payments. the state of new york is
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already investigating whether the trump foundation violated the law with a political donation to florida's attorney general. protesters clash back east. the deadly police shooting that prompted this angry backlash tonight. and our cooling trend is expected to continue as we get into your midweek wednesday. i'll have a look at what you can expect and how long this trend is going to last coming up. why should anyone believe what you're saying now? >> they told us that it was over. >> why do you have all these vans? >> reporter: but the banged up medical vans are still out there. why hasn't the state health detective or governor given answers? when the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. ♪
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for more than a year, 2 investigates has followed this man. >> why do you still have all these vans operating? >> showing the state his banged up, uninsured and unregistered van. now more than a year later, patients like this want answers from the state director. >> this is jennifer canton. >> reporter: even from the governor about why this is still going on. >> they need to check them again. >> 2 investigates has been checking for months, but apparently the state agency that is suppose to check has not done so. >> and all of this is costing taxpayers money.
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our investigative reporter ross palombo is here with a story only on 2. >> reporter: both issues that we have brought to the state's office over and over again. this woman right here, they're still getting picked up in uninsured and unregistered medical vans that the state has already blacklisted and the state is still using your money to pay for all these rides. now after overpaying nearly $2 million in the past, now the state doesn't know how many more of your money they are possibly losing. >> i can see you standing there. can you come and talk to us? >> reporter: six months since we first confronted this man about his medical van. he's a high risk on the streets. >> reporter: more than a year after exposing the risk. >> how much is due back to the state? >> reporter: exposing more than $1 million to taxpayers. exposing thousands of dollars owed to private citizens. and nearly a year and a half
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since we asked the state officials. this is still going on. >> it is old and beat up. >> that is a total shock. >> reporter: it began back in 2015 with cases like this. >> rear ended me out of nowhere. >> reporter: rear ended by an express van carrying a patient. >> it looked like a junky car costing him $4,000 in damages. >> turns out that the car, the registration on his plates with no insurance. >> reporter: they expose these vans driving on flat tires, broken mirrors and missing headlights. >> reporter: and soon after this former driver spoke, the state did shut down the medic medical enrollment for the other reason. for that the state had paid out
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more than $3.7 million for medic express rides over the five years. they ordered the company to pay back $1.7 million. but still months later, 2 investigates again found them transporting patients. a total of eight vans all with proof of insurance problems, registration problems or both. >> do you think like you have done enough? >> i feel like we have done as much as we can at this point. >> reporter: state health officials told us that they would not receive anymore taxpayers. >> i don't know what provider you're not involved with, for them to do anything at this point is great. >> that's correct. >> reporter: but now again for the third time we found medic express rolling down the street with unregistered and unenrolled vans. some of them are still paid for with taxpayer's money. the state confirmed that medical money that helps
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elderly patient mary mccorkel still again pays for this medex express ride just a few days ago. >> the state is suppose to be watching out for this. they are suppose to be protecting you and making sure that people are not driving around. >> boy, they need to check them again. because it is really unsafe for me and anybody else, you know. >> reporter: the person ultimately responsible for the medical checks and balances. but for more than a year the director of the state's healthcare services has refused to answer our e-mails or see us. the governor who personally gave her a $186,000 salary also refuses to speak. even the states spokesperson has been reluctant about it. until we twice surprised him
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outside his office. >> you had told us by the end of may that the express would no longer be receiving public money. >> that turned out not to be true. >> reporter: the state had no idea that we found two uninsured and unregistered vans that were driving around them at least three occasions in july sometimes with patients. >> so this company, they did not meet state standards, yet they were still transporting some people that we found. is that a problem? >> which problem? >> reporter: and the problem is not just for their patients, but the problem for the state's program that paid for it. because the california department of healthcare services now admits that they never told every provider to stop using medic express. >> why not? >> it was simple and a process for it. >> how much money did that save? >> i don't know how much from that point. >> i mean we are talking possibly thousands, hundreds of thousands? millions of dollars? >> i don't know exactly.
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>> reporter: we do know that medic express is now licensed and registered at least one van. it also seems to have abandoned their old lot and appears to set up shop now at owner nathan rob's million dollar home. the same home that was once raided by alameda county deputies and where they once arrested the two sons for multiple weapons violations. he has refused to go on camera. >> why do you have all these vans operating? is that safe for the patient? >> are you going to take back this -- these $1.7 million to the state? do you want to come to talk to us about these being unregistered? the state has recovered only $230,000 from him. but they now say that for the third time that no more taxpayer money will end up in his pocket. >> why should anyone believe what you're saying now?
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so working with this program to make sure that the members get the care they need. that is our top priority. >> reporter: a priority for patients like mary. >> i'm trying to get a ride and i'm trying to go in a way a this will -- in a way that will be a safe ride. >> what do you say to this woman? she blames the state for not looking out for her. what do you say to her? >> we're going to do everything that we can to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> well, we did finally reach owner nathan robbo by phone, which the van that the elderly woman was riding in is no longer owned by him and that he sold it. we asked for proof and he never provided it. the dmv says that the van was still registered in his company's name at the time we caught it. rob also claims that he did not receive any new medical money. the state has actually stopped this now, but as you have seen,
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they have promised that twice before. we will keep an eye on it and see if this happens yet again. >> to have the people who are suppose to be seeing this say anything? >> the director of the health department, we have reached her over and over again for more than a year. she has never come forward, never answered our e-mail. she keeps putting her spokesperson out there to answer questions. the governor who appointed her and gave her that enormous salary, he has nothing to say about all of this and all the money that we have already lost. >> ross, thank you. >> ross, thank you. if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we'd like to hear from you. just e-mail 2 or give us a call at 510-804-0222. still ahead the bay area city that took a stance tonight against the recreational marijuana initiative on california's upcoming november ballot. >> this is a proposition that will be ahead of the science.
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>> the reasons for and against tonight's vote. and in sports, the giants found themselves in another tight game tonight in los angeles. mark will show us if they managed to regroup after last night's meltdown. up first a deadly police shooting in carolina that has triggered an angry response in the streets.
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hundreds of protesters clashed with police in charlotte, north carolina tonight after officers shot and killed a blackman outside an apartment complex. family members identified the man as 43-year-old keith lamont scott. they say that he was disabled and he was reading a book in his car when the officers shot and killed him. police though have a different version of the event. they saw lamont get out of the car with a gun and he posed a threat to officers.
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police had actually come to the apartment complex to find another man who was wanted for an outstanding warrant. uc berkeley issued a warning today after a female student reported that she had been raped. police say that the victim told them that she was attacked inside a dorm. uc police are heading up the investigation. last week a male student was arrested after another woman reported being raped in the dorm. and on september 10, three women reported that they were sexually assaulted during a concert at the greek theater. san leandro police today announced that they made an arrest of a man suspected of trying to kidnap a woman almost two months ago. the incident happened on july 28 on washington avenue. investigators say that the man knocked down a 23-year-old woman and doused her with pepper spray and then tried to drag her into his car. the victim managed to get away after a good samaritan stepped in to help. today police said that the 43- year-old suspect had driven to the bay area from orange county ten days after he was discharged from parole. >> and we do have physical evidence from the orange county
10:27 pm
residence where he was living prior to fleaing the state. we also have evidence inside the rose queens -- inside the residence where he was staying in san leandro, california. >> police are not releasing the suspect's name or a picture. he was arrested in detroit and now awaiting extradition to the bay area. wells fargo's ceo gets grilled on capitol hill. here he is with his apology and calls for resignations. to legalize recreational pot or not. that is a question for california voters in november. why one bay area police chief today was urging his city to just say no.
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new at 10:00 the walnut creek city council passed a
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resolution tonight. passing proposition 64 and the chance to legalize the marijuana effort. there are serious concerns about public safety if prop 64 passes. ktvu joins us live from the -- ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live from city hall. >> reporter: four council members agreed with the police chief. one council member did not. the issues that were tackled here in walnut creek are the same facing cities and counties statewide if the state passes this proposition to decide to make recreational marijuana use legal. >> reporter: marijuana already is legal in california for medical use. now voters could decide in november whether to pass proposition 64 to make recreational use legal too. >> expect increase usage by kids. >> reporter: on tuesday night walnut creek police chief chaplain urged the city council to oppose prop 64. he said that police in two states, colorado and washington where pot is legal have seen
10:31 pm
impacts on public safety. >> where there have been increases in accidents, traffic collisions involving major injuries and fatalities. i would hate to see that here. >> reporter: he is concerned that there are no regulations for prosecuting people who drive while high. >> those standards don't exist right now. this proposition is ahead of the science. >> reporter: no one put up for public comment, but council members shared their other concerns about the impact on use, crime rates, and cultivation. one council member decented saying it is time for a regulation of substance saying that people are using it already openly. >> we need to turn a page in those 45 years of failed history of marijuana regulation this country or non-regulation and move to another year where we could regulate the quality of marijuana. >> reporter: after a brief debate, the council passed the resolution 4-1 joining solano county and 11 other cities.
10:32 pm
>> if any time a city has enough courage to take a position on something at the state level that encourages other cities to look at it as well and learn from what we have learned. >> reporter: public opinion polls appear to show support for prop 64. >> you might as well, you know, have it on the same level as cigarettes or alcohol. being able to tax it. >> i just think that it's going to be legalized sooner rather than later. i don't see what the big deal is. >> reporter: if it passes, proposition 64 would impose a 15% tax on pot products from recreational use as well as a cultivation tax. it would prohibit smoking in public, cultivating more than six plants for personal use, and selling recreational pot to anyone under the age of 21. reporting live in walnut creek jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. that investment group is
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offering to buy the oakland coliseum in order to keep the raiders from leaving town. investors with ties to ronnie lott are reportedly offering to buy the coliseum complex for $167 million. the east bay times says they sent a letter to local officials promising to either renovate the coliseum or build a state of the art sports facility. the goal would be to maintain oakland as a pro sports destination. the offer, of course comes as nevada is working very hard to try to get the raiders to move to a new stadium in las vegas. the ceo of wells fargo is on the hot seat on capitol hill today for creating millions of banks and credit card accounts without customer consent. fox correspondent peter barnes says that the ceo who earned $19 million last year apologized as senators called on him to resign. >> reporter: wells fargo's ceo john stumpf looked like he was run over by a stagecoach. his bank's corporate symbol after angry senators from
10:34 pm
bothparties slammed the bank for opening as many as two million deposits and credit card accounts without customer approval or authorization. >> you should resign and you should be criminally investigated. this just isn't right. a cashier who steals a handful of $20s is held accountable. >> reporter: stumpf scrambled to say what went wrong. >> i accept full responsibility of all sales in our retail business. and i'm fully committed to fixing this issue, strengthening our culture, and taking the necessary actions to restore our customer's trust. >> reporter: two weeks ago regulators fined wells fargo $185 million in this scandal, which hit customers from 2011 to 2015 and refunded more than 100,000 of them $2.5 million in
10:35 pm
fees. the bank blames dishonest employees and began firing them when they were caught in internal audits. more than 5,000 workers in all. their head of community banking took early retirement. and the bank announced reforms. but some senators are demanding that tolstead and stumpf refund millions in stock bonuses. bonuses that lawmakers charged from a result of a company higher stock price when executives pushed employees to sell more product to hit sales goals for more pay, which inflated profits. >> is that a pressure-culture situation putting tellers and personal bankers into a possible situation? >> senator, that has no place for our culture. i've asked that you read that and it hurts to say those words. a beloved art gallery facing eviction. still ahead tonight, the campaign to save a labor of love from being leveled. as we head into your bay area wednesday, our cool down is going to continue. it will be breezy in some areas by tomorrow afternoon, even a red flag for portions of
10:36 pm
monterey. i'll explain coming up. and a show of support tonight for the family of a transgender woman who died in police custody. what protesters are demanding from the city of berkeley.
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new at 10:00 a rally to support the family of a transgender woman who died while being arrested by berkeley police. the 41-year-old died three years ago when they responded to a call of a mentally ill woman in distress. he was schizophrenic and stopped breathing while being restrained by officers. the coroner found that she died from high levels of meth am met fien and codeine -- methamphetamine and codeine. but they believe that officers are to blame, filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and the police officer. they are calling for changes from the city council on how
10:39 pm
police confront the mentally ill. >> we are here to say that berkeley, the city of berkeley needs to move the resources from the police department and fund community over the mental health services. >> on friday a hearing in federal court is expected to determine whether the family's lawsuit could move forward. if it does, the case is expected to go to trial some time next month. fire investigators have figured out what started the fire that destroyed the home in san jose last night. the fire was started by a person who was deep frying a chicken in the backyard of that home near story and white roads. this afternoon investigators said it was not a gas leak thatfueled that fire, but rather a number of propane tanks. at one point flames reached 30 feet into the air. no one was hurt, but four people were displaced. samsung today announced the arrival of half a million galaxy 7 replacement phones following a massive recall. nearly a million of the phones were recalled last week after some caught fire or exploded
10:40 pm
because of a problem with the battery. samsung says that replacements will be available at retail locations starting tomorrow, but survey monkey reports that about one-third of the owners will be asking for a refund and that many intend to buy an iphone instead. on wall street, stocks picked up slightly today as investors waited for word from central bank. dow closed up nine points, nasdaq added six, s&p 500 was up a fraction. the feds' decision on interest rates comes tomorrow. an art gallery in san jose's japan town is getting evicted. the efforts to save the studios and the owner's vision to rebuild. and meteorologist rosemary orozco tracking changes in the weather. she is back with her complete forecast after this.
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community members are rallying against a cherished art meeting. >> yes, it is called empire 7 studios making way for luxury apartments. new at 10:00, they are at empire and 7th street with the campaign to try to save that gallery. >> reporter: well frank and julie, what makes it so different, it is owned by artists from san jose as they turned this eyesore as you can see it behind me. they would work from the other local artists all for free. and now they face an uncertain future. it's obvious as soon as you enter the studios here how much it is a labor of love for one. >> i truly love what i do. i wake up in the morning and it
10:44 pm
is a good day every day. >> it's a female artist. >> reporter: they grew up in east san jose turning to tagging. the 35-year-old dreamt of owning a gallery in their hometown along with their partner they turned the warehouse into this gallery. >> i wanted to be here in san jose and really cultivate something here. and grow here in san jose. i think that we have a beautiful city, that we have an amazing artist and talent here. >> reporter: the gallery providing at least one show a month with the artist mainly from san jose, including this one at the back of their building. then recently news they were treading. >> we are hoping that it will be years down the way. >> because the properties are selling, but some are not and he has been trying to sell it for a while. >> reporter: their landlord selling the property to real estate developers who would
10:45 pm
plan to build that luxury apartments. >> knowing how much you have put into it, you know, it hurts. >> reporter: it is a lot of memories here, even with us moving on, it's going to be sad when you see them come down. >> reporter: instead of giving up, their focus is rebuilding a bigger gallery and this building called the dragon club just a few blocks away. starting a gofundme campaign to own instead of rent. the goal is $1.5 million. some would call it vicious. but for them it is necessary. >> and i know how much that this will bring to those people, like how much joy that this brings to their lives. and that i just want people to understand that. >> reporter: in one day this campaign has raised $12,000 as they have to leave this building by january 1 so that they would hope to raise all the money before then so that they could keep providing free art shows in the community. live in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news.
10:46 pm
temperatures are cooling off this evening in the 60s. for many of us partly cloudy skies with the low clouds that are right up against the coastline. as we get into your wednesday, temperatures will continue to cool down and we're going to add wind to the mix. take a look at the beautiful bay bridge and the temperatures right now in san francisco, 57 degrees. 57 in santa rosa with the lower 60s at this hour. livermore upper 60s. san jose 57 degrees outside your doors. the winds are generally light out there with a look at their 24-hour temperature change as we have been tracking these the entire day since about noontime really begin to fall off as we were five to ten to 15 degrees cooler today than we were yesterday. still down by 11 degrees in areas like fairfield, concord, around the baby 4 degrees in oakland and five in mountain view. hopefully more comfortable at least if you would like to open your doors to get the cool air into the home. here is a look at what's going on from up above with the mid to high-level clouds that will continue to stream from the
10:47 pm
south. and these system coming up from southern california that you can see now well inland. also tapping into some of the moisture from tropical depression paine. this will continue over portions of the desert southwest over the weekend through wednesday. the southern edge of nevada and areas right around las vegas and southern california as well as you can see san diego is picking up quite a bit of rain at this time. for us, it's the system dropping out of the north that is bringing the cooler air. that on shore breeze with a deeper marine layer is going to continue to sink our way. we have a cold front that we call it, it will be moving through the bay area tomorrow right behind it. those winds are expected to pick up. so breezy conditions for most of us as we get into wednesday afternoon. right now we're seeing 18 miles per hour at fairfield. 12 in concord. the cool pacific air will be continuing to move all the way through the delta as we get going tomorrow morning. winds are not too bad, but by the afternoon anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour expected. and right over the soberanes fire there is a red warning specifically for these gusty
10:48 pm
conditions there. outside of that we're looking at temperatures to start the morning in the 50s. 55 for san francisco, 54 in hayward, and 56 for concord. afternoon highs for tomorrow not bad at all. 64 for pacifica. we have 65 expected for san francisco. upper 60s to low to mid-70s around the bay. upper 70s to near 80 degrees for our hotter spots. areas that were hitting 100 degrees yesterday barely getting to 80 for wednesday. then we will cool down a little bit more as we slide into the first day of fall. temperatures will rebound as we get into our bay area weekend. but with fire season now, of course at its peak those winds will tend to pick up at this time of the year as we will be tracking those. >> yeah, be careful out there. rosemary, thank you. sports director mark ibanez is coming up next to tell us how the giants and the dodgers played. we'll be right back. denny's introduced new buttermilk pancakes
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and now we're introducing free pancakes for kids. who's crazy idea was this? well, we're pretty sure we know who. for a limited time, kids get our new pancakes in any of these flavors, free.
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our sports giants and dodgers, giants doing what they have to do tonight. >> i don't know what i would do if they walked out of here, but let me tell you that the 9th inning just ended as they would say that this baseball version of the twilight zone for the giants would take a trip back in time. now remember back in 2012 when sergio romo used to take care of business as a closer? that is what they would resolve to tonight, however the victory
10:52 pm
does not come without going left to the silver lining. brandon crawford had been saying this for years. what was wrong with their slide for 100 years? you can make a case for crawford and their most valuable player on the team, day-to-day on that and their fifth inning, off the former deep, apparently that the ball would bounce back as they had to review it clearly where it was a home run. 1-0 lead. he was excellent again, however another concern right there on that pitch as he would tweak his left groin, strained it. he came out and looked at them just a little bit as he would say no. i cannot go any further that he would leave and you're thinking here we go, the bullpen is in, struggling through the all-star game as they would deposit this one to the deep right and his
10:53 pm
16th, 2-0 game. yeah, they are getting along all right. the giants and the dodgers, they would end up winning the scoreless innings out of their bullpen just five back. the a's would play a lot of exciting baseball late. but tonight it was kind of towards the end of the year. not a lot of excellent offense going on. up 1-0, scoring the only one on the ground. but they are off their glove there on into the right center field. gonzalez comes in to score with a 1-run game all the way to the 10th as i said to the a whole lot doing that -- as i said not a whole lot right there to the base hit scoring kemp with what turned out to be the winning run for the team. both teams pretty much on out of it. 2-1 is your final. we'll talk about some football as you knew having given up more than 1,000 yards in their first two games despite the fact they --
10:54 pm
despite the fact they ended up winning one of those. changes had to be made defensively. here is one of them. their rookie, the top pick number 14 in the draft basically recovering, taking it slow with them. they had a severe knee injury, but he is healthy and ready to go. mcgill to the bench. the rookie joseph is starting come sunday. >> he has been compared, you know, being on the sideline. wanting to be out there with the team, wanting to make plays to help the team win. so you know he's definitely a hard worker. we want to stay patient and just keep preparing all week like i'm going to get that opportunity. whenever i do get my opportunity i'll make the best of it. all right, the raiders will travis to visit marcus mariota and the titans in tennessee. in fact the next couple of games on the road for them. so we will see if that helps on defense. the niners didn't exactly
10:55 pm
put out a stellar performance themselves in carolina against cam and company giving up more than 500 total yards themselves. they cannot afford to lose any defensive help. in fact they do, the former raider ray ray armstrong has torn a pectoral muscle, being quickly put on season-ending ir. niners don't have a lot of talent to lose a player like that. they've been actually doing a pretty good job. all right, the rest of baseball with other activity to talk about. jon lester gives it up to brandon phillips with a nice play by chris bryant. but upon further review, look at him smiling saying that i got it all the way. that's how it is going for the cubs this year. big smile on his face. look at this. simmons lines it. but nick martinez behind-the- back catch getting the double play. watch the batter's reaction as he is like what?
10:56 pm
behind the back, nice play by martinez right there and the rangers are just rolling. in our continuing effort to bring you high school football every week, slowly getting a chance to vote for what game you would like to see on our online poll and you can check the one you want to see in monte vista, that's california, and freedom against bishop. monte vista is actually winning the poll right now. we'll cut it off at 10:00 on thursday night and show you the game that gets the most vote on friday night. >> no idea why that will be in the lead right now. >> what do you have the kid online 24 hours a day voting? >> they want to go, they're all tweeting. >> no stuffing the ballot boxes. >> oh no. >> all right, we are very unpartial. >> anyway have a good night. >> have a good night.
10:57 pm
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