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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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they planned it. it was premeditated. one came from an alley and two came from up the street and they shot a group of people that were standing just over my left shoulder tonight. >> tonight another mass shooting this time in baltimore. this time eight victims including a child. >> who did this in our community? >> this suicide the apted -- as the suspected washington shooter is finally caught. >> and as police in charlotte
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finally relent and release their video of the deadly officer-involved shooting there. >> to those questions -- precious seconds justify the shooting? >> good evening everyone, i'm ross palombo. we begin tonight with developing news, police have caught the gunman from the deadly shootings at the washington mall. he's 20-year-old arcan cetin. four women and one man were killed at macy's. there was a press conference a little while ago where the arresting officer described exactly how it happened. >> i saw an individual walking northbound on the sidewalk and i instantly recognized that is the person i just viewed on my computer. i did an abrupt u-turn and hit my lights and pulled my gun and myself and reserve deputy eric took the individual into custody. >> the suspect was unarmed and was taken into custody without incident. according to his facebook page,
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he's originally from turkey and he knew information on the arrest and of course we'll get it right out to you. a style shooting in baltimore that wounded eight people including a 3-year-old girl. police say it was a premeditated attack by three gunmen. two with handguns and one with a rifle or shotgun. >> so they emerged from three different directions and they planned it. it was premeditated. one came from an alley and two came from up the street. and they shot a group of people that were standing just over my left shoulder. >> police believe this was retaliation for another shooting that killed a man and injured two other women one of whom was pregnant. they say all of the victims in tonight's shooting are expected fortunately to survive. and in charlotte tonight attempts to call violent demonstrations after the release of two videos of that deadly officer-involved shooting on a black man. one is from an officer's body camera, the other is from a patrol car dashcam. the body cam video shows a frantic scene right here from
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back on tuesday. you can see officers with guns drawn and 43-year-old keith scott in turquoise pants coming up right there. an officer opened fire because scott was armed and refused to drop his weapons. scott's gun though is never seen on the video but police also released separate photos of the gun today. they said it was recovered from the scene and had scott's fingerprints and dna on it. >> there's no single piece of evidence that proves all the complexities involved in this investigative process. relative to this case. >> scott's wife also recorded this video of the confrontation on her cell phone. she's heard yelling at police officers not to shoot her husband. she claimed he did not have a gun. police had previously refused to release the footage saying it would compromise my investigation. happening now in oakland take a look. about 100 people protesting the crowd is chanting revolt with charlotte. while marching through the
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downtown area. there is a heavy police presence including officers in full s.w.a.t. gear. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you any new information as it develops. and in san francisco, after nearly six hours of standoff is finally over tonight after police arrest a man they say wozzecking around the -- walking around the plaza with gun. the surrounding area had to be evacuated during all of this before the man finally surrendered. its turned out he was carrying an air soft gun that had the appearance of a real gun. who is he and why was he there and how did police handle this today? new details coming up tonight at 10:pro. in weather temperatures were up today but you haven't seen anything yet. they will soar tomorrow causing red flag warnings and air quality problems. mark tamayo has the details. >> the first weekend of fall ross, temperatures soaring so we start that trend today and get ready a few neighborhoods could be around 100 degrees for tomorrow. it will be a big deal weather the big story into the second half of the weekend. now temperatures have been trending up over the past few
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days including today. san francisco maxed out 78 degrees. santa rosa 91 and lots of 90s and san jose maxed out in the upper 80s, 87 degrees in the santa clara valley. outside right now mostly clear skies and fog free conditions out there and with the clearing skies, the fog the marine layer not a factors a all. in fact more of the offshore flow with that temperatures up a good fife to ten degrees as we head into the sunday forecast. that will translate into a heat advisory for the entire bay area for sunday and into monday. temperatures most areas will be in the 90s. that does include san francisco so 90 to 100 degrees for tomorrow and with the dry offshore winds fire danger a big concern this time of year. as a result we have this, a red flag warning in nice for the north bay hills and in fact we started 9:00 tonight an hour ago this is in place for the north bay hills, winds gusting to 45 miles per hour and relative humidity very dry down
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to right around 10%. coming up i'll take a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and also talking about the five day forecast. we have some eventual cooling to talk about. that update in a little bit. ross? thanks a lot mark. with only months left in office president obama now faces the first potential veto override of his presidency. and it's a topic that has ignited strong emotions in both republicans and democrats. caroline shively has the story. >> reporter: coming from republicans and democrats. yesterday, the president vetoed legislation that would have allowed families of victims to sue saudi arabia over its alleged ties to the 9/11 terrorists. the white house says it sets a bad precedent that if you let u.s. citizens here in america bring the suit, it opens up americans who are abroad to lawsuits in foreign courts including u.s. dim low mats and even our troops. but the white house doesn't appear to be putting pressure on law may,.
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>> if we're focused on the substancive long-term impact on our nation's national security, that's what's driving the position. that's what's driving the president's decision to veto this bill. not because it's politically convenient. it's not. >> i think that members think the families should have their day in court and i think the concerns the president has expressed are very legitimate. the families think they have addressed many of the concerns in the legislation. >> reporter: the veto vote will probably come mid to late next week. they need two-thirds of both chambers to agree and it looks like they have it. what they don't have is an agreement on a spending bill to keep the government if shutting down -- from shutting down. congress needs to approve an interim spending bill by the end of next week. >> i'm really not that worried. our members know we're going to have a no drama moment -- never no drama around here, low drama. >> reporter: that's the goal. but that looks unlikely.
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in washington caroline shively, fox news. >> meanwhile both candidates are getting ready for the first presidential debate. they'll face off on monday at hofstra university on long island. the clinton campaign says she's been practicing but the trump seam said very little about his preps. they will be asked questions on three topics, america's direction, achieving posterity and securing america. you can watch monday night's debate right here on ktvu it's expected to run 90 minutes with zero interruptions and also a post debate show with analysis all that starting monday at 6:00 p.m. on ktvu fox 2. california democratic party is now facing an ethics investigation after a report it pumped money into the governor's re-election campaign from oil and energy companies. officials say it won't include the governor himself. the probe follows a consumer
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watchdog report titled browns dirty hands. it claims that energy companies dope nated $4.4 million to the democratic party between 2011 and 2014. and it says the democratic party then donated about that much to brown's 2014 re- election campaign. the group also says that donations often coincided with legislation that was favorable to the energy industry. more alleged victims are coming forward tonight against the former employee from several youth clubs. the press democrat reports that complaints about incidents 30 to 40 years old are now streaming in. this, after a heels burke police arrested 68-year-old paul kill gore last week. his arrest first came after someone from the park point club says he touched two boys inappropriately in the locker room. kilgore has worked at the boys and girls' club after school program in petaluma at the sonoma valley youth club and at a community center in san rue know. he remains in jail tonight with
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bail set at $1 million. new at 10:00 oakland police are looking for a man they say tried to abducts a woman at gunpoint. it happened along 57th street this morning. that woman hope was able to get away and anyone with any information is of course asked to call oakland police. family and friends of a missing 15-year-old teen will march tomorrow night to keep her case alive. penson was last seen on her way to school walking across i-780 overpass when an armed gunman grabbed her. the day after the kid mapping, police killed the 19-year-old suspect in a shootout down in santa barbara county. penson has never been found. the march will begin at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. fund raiding continues in the memory of elijah dunn the 3- year-old killed by a suspected drunk driver. tomorrow the hop yard ale house and grill in san ramon will donate to% of their sale -- 20% of their sales to the family. his mother is still hospitalized and friends say
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the family needs help. his sister and 11-year-old brother were also hurt. a gofundme page for the family has already raised nearly 9$5,000. coming up, a campus wide warning tonight at uc berkeley after two women are sexually assaulted. in 20 minutes the hunt now for the man behind the attack. >> but first the growing chance of a major earthquake hitting the bay area. a new report that says it's much more likely than any of us thought. >> and calling for customers to close their accounts. this man who is striking back at wells fargo will tell you why and taking a live look outside right now. where the california sun will be in full force tomorrow. temperatures will be in the triple digits. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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new at 10:00 police are needing your help to identify two people who allegedly used a stolen credit card at a roan effort park target. surveillance cameras captured the images last month. if you recognize them of course call row net park police. a former wells fargo employee is calling on customers to close their accounts with the san francisco bank. he stood outside of the bank's headquarters today with a sign in his hands. banking regulators say employees opened accounts without customers' authorization while under
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pressure to hit sales targets. this former employee says he's angry that thousands of low level workers were fired while the ceo kept his job and his $19 million salary. >> i saw elderly people come in with their children. and asked bankers why they have five checking accounts and they're being charged fees. and you know the elderly customer will -- couldn't explain why they had the account. >> well, he also says he quit the bank after bringing up his concerns to his manager. wells fargo will end its system by the end of the year. several of the best known names in travel are now part of just one hotel company. marriott international has closed in on its $13 billion acquisition of starwood hotels and resorts worldwide. the deal unites the marriott courtyard and ritz-carlton brands with starwood sheraton
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and westin w and st. regis properties. they now all under the marriott umbrella and have created the largest hotel chain in the world. scientists now upped the chances of a major earth wake hitting the bay area. a new report says there's now a 72% chance probability of a 6.7 quake or great in the bay area before the year 2043. seismologists say that chance of such a quake happening along the hayward fault is 33%. 22% on the san andreas fault. there's word tonight that some san francisco inspectors may have known about problems with the leaning millennium tower as long as sing years ago. the "san francisco examiner" says that someone from the department of building inspections says there was buzz around the department about problems with the building for a long time. that same worker even wrote a letter but the department still certified it had building a short time later.
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the tower has already settled 16 inches much more than the four to six inches projected engineers -- anticipated over the entire life span of the building. a new ranking of the hottest real estate markets in the country includes a number of bay area cities. i guess that's no surprise but the list compiled by made the rankings based on how quickly homes sold in a given zip code. take a look. a this. pleasant hill is number two on the list with homes selling in just a matter of days. petaluma came in sixth and san jose was 14th and suisun city was fourth on the list. >> pleasant hill is not one of the most affordable places in the country. the median price there is like $630,000 but relative to san francisco which is a suburb of it's a very attractive place for young people to have a shot at getting into the housing market. >> and all of the cities in the
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top 20 homes sold in less than 25 days. that's 53 days faster than the national average. snap chat is evolving. it confirmed rumors today that it's about to release a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera. and that it's also modifying its corporate name. the new snap inc. as it's called posted a video on its website today of a product called spectacles. they're similar to google glass with a small circular camera in the corner and snap says it will connect directly to their app by bluetooth or wi-fi and it says they will be available quote soon. the new north bay smart commuter trains will give passengers a lot of privileges except though when it comes to cell phones. passengers will have access to beer and wine along with wi-fi and small pets will also be allowed. but sonoma marin area rail transit authority is reportedly considering a ban on cell phone conversations, it's one of 23
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rules in a proposed policy that includes things like one passenger to one seat. no feet on the seat. and mandatory use of headphones when a rider is listening to music. and in oakland's jack london's square thousands of people are taking advantage of this great weekend weather to visit the annual eat real festival. eat real highlights fresh and homemade food with a special focus on organic. local and sustainable ingredients. there are demonstrations there by chefs and food classes and two stages with live music. organizers say there are about 70 food trucks, booths and carts one vendor calling it the super bowl of outdoor food festivals. >> it's a great thing and it surrounds yourselves with the foodies and people that really appreciate food. those are the harshest critics and these are the people that we're serving. >> well, adds mission is free and children are welcome. the eat real festival runs through tomorrow afternoon and it's the seventh year for the
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event. governor just signed legislation meant to protect whales from crab traps. there were of is reports off -- 61 reports off of the west coast last year. many were in california. the legislation will let fisher maureen naylor collect abandoned -- fishermen collect abandoned crab pots. they can cost several hundred dollars. coming up, a spike in robberies at uc berkeley. in ten minutes the warning issued now by police. >> but first, more flooding hits the midwest. the evacuations in effect right now and what the people there can expect throughout the weekend. >> and in weather, it's a big story coming up this weekend. coming up, the neighborhoods that will be close to 100 degrees for tomorrow. the hottest day in our five day forecast at the bigger changes in the five day jut look coming up in a -- outlook coming up in a few.
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oh, weather the big story coming up for sunday and into monday we have heat advisories to talk about just to give you an idea of how much warm air we can expect at least for tomorrow. take a look at the highs from today and compare those into sunday. you can see temperatures this afternoon, they ranged -- we had 90s to right around 100 degrees and that will be the key headline for your sunday. 90 to 100. temperatures for today. livermore 9o and san josablen. everything back up to the 90s at least most areas into the 90s to right around 100 degrees for livermore and for tomorrow afternoon. so talking about a major heatup as we head into the second half of the weekend. outside right now, we still have mostly clear skies and in fact fog free conditions. here's a look at the satellite. you will see the clear conditions out there. the main reason is we have the clear skies is we have a pretty good northerly wind trying to develop. you can see the wind trajectory coming in out of the north. we have more of a northeast flow for tomorrow and as you
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know, northeast flow really warms up the bay area, that will be the case for tomorrow: even for the coast and even for san francisco, san francisco tomorrow morning is 7:00 58 degrees. by lunchtime we are warming up 84 and san francisco, there's a good chance tomorrow could be the hottest day of the year so far. in 20 receive. going to -- 2016. going to forecast high about 9ed of degrees by -- 96 degrees by 4:00. here's a quick snapshot of the highs for tomorrow look at the coastline. 84 in pacifica and a string of triple digits out to livermore and antioch. a heat advisory for your sunday. a heat advisory for your monday. but then we have some eventual cooling to talk about. we'll have more on that coming up in the five day in just a few minutes. ross? thanks a lot mark. more flooding may be on the way for cedar rapids, iowa. the national weather service is issuing a flood warning for the area including the towns of waterloo, waverly, hampton and eagle grove. the weather service says storms
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tonight and tomorrow will likely bring more heavy rain to the area which is already dealing with flooding from friday. >> just watching my forecast and we figured it'd be a good idea to get everything out of the basement and now we're just getting some of the important stuff out main level. just in case. >> officials say more flooding along the river is highly probable. they are asking anyone living below the flood level to evacuate by tomorrow night. president obama joins thousands of people in washington, d.c. today for the grand opening of the smithsonian's new national museum. the nation's first black president helped celebrate the special day with a dedication speech. former presidents george bush and bill clinton were also there've long with a vast number of shrek areties. oprah winfrey, will smith, patti labelle. president obama said african- american history is not separate from the american story. he said it is central to it and
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touched on some of the challenges the nation is facing right now. >> perhaps they can help the white visitor understand the pain and anger of demonstrators if places -- in places like ferguson and smart. >> the museum has more than 36,000 arty facts and expected to be the most interactive museum in washington, d.c.. the fbi has now released nearly 200 additional documents from its now closed investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail. they're heavily redacts but some of the aides got immunity from the ted in exchange for her testimony. for instance monica hanley said she had to receive security counseling after a classified document was left behind in a russian hotel room. we're also learning that clinton's former chief of staff mills and two other staff members were granted partial
10:26 pm
immunity in exchange for their cooperation. congressman jason cay fete called the news stunning. >> i'm just so disappointed in the fbi. this is not a real investigation. if you're handing out immunity agreements like candy. >> well, the clinton campaign is suggesting that house republicans leaked news of these immunity deals to coincide with monday night's debate. chaff etc. said they've been requesting the documents for weeks but the fbi only aproofed them yesterday. -- approved them yesterday. federal agents are waiting by the bedside of ahmad rahami. there was word his condition was worse than reported and it could be weeks before he recovers from his shootout with police. investigators say the afghan born terror suspect had planned this attack for months. and ordered bomb materials on ebay in june. the officials say rahami's family is cooperating and they
10:27 pm
are not suspects. coming up, two more sex assaults hit uc berkeley. the campus wide warnings issued by police. >> plus -- >> a police stand ow shuts down -- standoff shuts down civic center plaza for six hours today. i'll tell you what we're learning about the suspect coming up. ♪
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tonight we're learning new details about the man responsible for a standoff that shut down civic center plaza and city hall for six hours today. we're also hearing about the tactic police use today bring the situation to a peaceful end. ktvu's monty francis is live at civic center plaza with new details about man responsibility. monty? >> reporter: well, ross the suspect is in his hos from san francisco. -- 40s from san francisco. earlier today he reached a
10:30 pm
breaking point here at civic center plaza. for hours a man paced back and forth in front of san francisco's city hall yelling and waving his hands as police and s.w.a.t. officers sat back and watched. earlier at about noon saturday, the man had called police saying he was at the plaza with a gun and wanted to harm himself and others. with the entire plaza evacuated and surrounded by police, from sky fox we saw the man spell out a word in the dirt. massoud. police haven't confirmed the man's name but a facebook page belonging to patrick massoud contained a post from friday that reads in part -- neither thehe was disbarred two years ago by the state bar for filing frivolous lawsuits and was arrested last year for threatening public officials. as with a few other recent standoffs and this case police took a more passive approach. as negotiators talked to the
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man. six hours later, he surrendered peacefully. >> tremendous restraint that our officers had at that exact moment in realizing we need to take some time and step back, we were able to bring in the resources needed to help this person out. >> reporter: the man was carrying what police would later discover was an air soft gun. or a replica gun that shoots compressed air. >> if you look at the photo. it looks very relics. very hard to tell it was real. or fake. >> reporter: police say the approach to show restraint and to create time and distance between themselves and a suspect is what led to a peaceful outcome in this case. flush. >> we have the -- the opportunity to create that distance. then we can create that time. and when we have that time, then we have time to work with this individual and find out what he needs or she needs. get them the help that they need. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. at this point it is not clear what kinds of charges he will
10:32 pm
face. ross? >> monty is that tactic now to sfpd? >> reporter: well, there is a new emphasis on deescalation and the police cited two recent incident where is they used this tactic and had positive results. ross? >> all right, monty francis live for us tonight in san francisco. thank you. new at 10:00 uc berkeley police tonight put out a campus wide warning about two recent sex assaults. police say the first happened just before 6:00 last night in the student union. a witness reported man in an electric wheelchair touched a female victim inappropriately. the short time later police say they got a similar report of a man in a wheelchair touching females in other part of the campus. police say so far, no victims have come forward though. the man in the wheelchair is described as a white male with curly brown hair wearing a black shirt and jeans. also in berkeley, police say they're investigating two robbery incidents near campus that could be the work of the same man.
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both happened wednesday night. the first on virginia street on the north side of the campus. officers say the victim ran away and nothing fortunately was stolen. the second happened in the area of college avenue and parker street. the robber stole valuables from three victims there. that robber is described as a black man 20 to 30 years old and 5'7" tall with medium build and a light complexion. anyone with any information about the crimes is of course asked to contact berkeley police. oakland firefighters tackled a grass fire today that began with a burning pickup truck pulling a horse trailer. the truck's driver pulled to the side of the highway there highway 13 near joaquin miller road about 3:to this afternoon. firefighters say there were smoke coming from underneath the vehicle. and that sharked a brush fire that began moving up a hill. the driver and the horses though did get out safely but highway 13 was temporarily shut down. the fire was out and the scene was cleared though about an
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hour later. a 75-year-old woman who went to the sonoma coast to memorialize her son was swept out to sea and drowned. the press democrats that evelyn moore was standing on the edge of the surf in jenner yesterday and had just thrown flowers into the water when several large waves knocked her into the water. a friend who was with her tried to save her but simply couldn't. a lifeguard even swam out and pulled her to shore. he attempt today give her cpr but it was unfortunately too late. san francisco's city and community leaders came together today to celebrate the life of rose pack. pack was a political powerhouse in the city and her tireless efforts on behalf of the asian american community left an undisputable legacy. she died sunday at the age of 68. her funeral brought together a who's who of san francisco politics. rose pak never held political office yet what she thought helped shape the city of san francisco.
10:35 pm
>> rose wasn't a power broker. rose was the power. >> well, pak was remembered as being responsible for getting asian americans involved in city politics and appointed to office and being the daving force behind the construction of the chinatown subway. the chinese hospital and the asian museum. well, the right to rescue. coming up next, the bill signed by governor jerry brown allowing citizens to rescue animals left trapped and suffering in hot cars. >> and taking a look outside. calm temperatures right now. but that's about to change. heading into sunday. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking your bay area forecast next.
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well, summer may be gone but triple digit temperatures are headed to the bay area tomorrow. meteorologist mark tamayo will have the latest coming up just minutes. the governor approved legislation that gives people the right to free animals trapped in hot cars. the right to rescue act was put together by a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers. and several participated in a hot car challenge to promote the legislation. someone rescuing an animal must first call local law enforcement if officers don't arrive quickly, and the animal is in imminent danger, that person is allowed to break windows and release the animal. the rescuer must also remain at the scene. that law takes effect next year. a student in a wheelchair in a stanislaus county is
10:39 pm
refusing to let her physical challenges stop her from playing a sport that she loves. 16-year-old mariah mercer has spine that by da. however she still -- spina bifida. however for the second year in a row she is playing center in the powder puff football game. it's a flag football game featuring female high school students. >> it's fun. it's like nerve-wracking because i always feel like what if i drop the ball? or what if -- this happens? but i always like second guess myself and i do fine. >> that's awesome. mariah thanks her parents for encouraging her to pursue all of her dreams. mariah tells everyone don't sit on the sidelines and don't ever let anything hold you back. well, temperatures really trending up as we head into your sunday forecast. widespread 90s across the bay area. the hot spots right around 100 degrees so that will be the big weather story as we head into the second half of the weekend. the warm to hot out there and
10:40 pm
temperatures around 9o to 100 not only for your sunday but also into monday as well. so we have a heat advisory to talk about for tomorrow. and then once again into monday. right now, on the satellite, we're looking for the clouds. the fog. and there's no fog out there. you can see the main reason why, we have more of a northerly flow trying to set up and with that it's pushing the marine layer the fog completely out of here, so first weekend of fall, we are in the clear. we are heating up those numbers as well. take a look at some of the current numbers san francisco still a mild 62 degrees. san jose 71 and lots of low 70s still out to livermore and walnut creek and concord. santa rosa checking in 63- degrees reporting mostly clear skies. so right now we do have a relatively clear conditions over a good portion of the region it's for your saturday night. and then right now, we do have this. a red flag warning in place for the north bay hills until 3:00 p.m. sunday we could have wind gusting to 45 miles per hour for the higher peaks up above 2,000 feet. very dry out there as well. there's the chance just going to be expanded to include parts of the east bay hills as well.
10:41 pm
let's watch this with fire danger definitely going up for tonight and into sunday. you see the big circulation out here and in the pacific this is an area of high pressure that's going continue to build in. this will be the source of some warming for tomorrow. high fire danger and heat advisory for sunday and monday. and inland spots right around 100 degrees. around the bay area in the 90s. the coastal spots in the 80s. low to mid-80s for tomorrow afternoon. here's the plan. typically we can show you some fog out there for the morning hours. but we are in the clear. so as you know, this time of year the bay area warms up and heats up and that's happening for the first weekend of fall. eventual temperatures for tomorrow afternoon close toable 0 degrees coast side and hottest locations include in the upper 90s and close to 100 degrees. the beaches a great destination for tomorrow. so temperatures there in the a's, sunny and -- 80s. sunny and hot but just be extra careful. waves approaching five, six, seven feet. there'll be a lot more visitors to the coast for tomorrow.
10:42 pm
just keep that in mind if you are heading to the shoreline for tomorrow to at least cool off. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, look at all the 90s, santa rosa, sonoma, napa, vacaville is hundred degrees -- 100 degrees and look at triple digits for livermore and pleasanton. and antioch and brentwood. san jose look at 94 and gilroy 99. and san francisco downtown tomorrow potentially could be the hottest day of the year so far. we'll go with 90-degrees and even the coast in the 80s for tomorrow afternoon. here's a look ahead your five day forecast and ross another day of heat into monday. heat advisory for sunday and into monday. and then if you want some relief for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we will eventually bring in some cooler temperatures out there. but folks not used to the hot temperatures. >> no. >> it will be -- it will be definitely a different feel for tomorrow. >> it's tough in the city with no air-conditioning right? >> absolutely the fog will not be anywhere in sight. >> we'll be sweating. >> all right thanks a lot mark. well, that does it for us. thanks for watching tonight.
10:43 pm
"sports wrap" is next. coming up, the giants with an extra inning nail biter against the padres. and we'll have all the highlights from action packed college football saturday including the drive in the stanford game that you have to see to believe. "sports wrap" jason applebalm, bolt, next.
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hello everybody and thank you for joining us tonight. nothing has come easy for the giants this year. tonight they built a six run lead in san diego and then they watched it slip away. needed extra innings to decide this one. madison bumgarner didn't pitch great tonight but he


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