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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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firefighters are trying to get a handle on the loma fire which is raging in the santa cruz mountains. we will have a live interview with the calfire spokesperson coming up. plus oakland is holding its last community meeting as a police department looks to hire a new chief. how you can take part coming up. the morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning september 28. i'm pam cook . >> we are at the staging area. firefighters are getting coffee and getting ready to fight the fire in the santa cruz mountains. we are out there live. i have dave clark. we are checking the weather this is a big part of what the firefighters will be concerned about. >> it will be better for sure. remember that is pretty high elevation. they are above 2500 feet. the fog is back. it is
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helping. i am seeing slightly cooler temperatures . you get below thousand the icy 50s and 60s but at this site 27% humidity westerly breeze. we will take that. anything -- it does look like the base of that fog will make a bigger impact up around 2500 or even 3000 feet.. is a little higher today. up and down the coast always down central california. a little bit of cloud coverage mapping background from las vegas. down to san diego. also la. kind of a tropical field. a little west/southwest out of travis. 40s, 50s and 60s are a few cool readings. fog will help along with any other inland tear. pretty significant cooling trend. couple low 90s holding on for
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one more day. sal, what do you have? see that we have slow traffic. we are looking at the macarthur maze, not a huge commute. it is getting busier coming around the berkeley curve. they call it the berkeley curve because you are heading to and from berkeley but it is actually in oakland. if you want to get technical the traffic begins slow at the macarthur maze . you can see the traffic at the toll plaza. we will show you it is pretty crowded. about a 15 minute wait before you get into san francisco before you get onto the bridge and then another 10 minutes for the drive into san francisco. looking at the commute in the south bay -- traffic along 101, 280-8285 you have an opportunity to get on the freeway before the major crowds. let's go back to the desk. firefighters in the santa cruz mountains still busy and on the front lines battling that out-of-control wildfire.
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>> this is day three and the fire is only 10% contain. janeen dela vega is down there today. certainly it has got busy back there. >> reporter: it is. new crews have started arriving in the last 30 minutes. they are going to relieve all the firefighters that are up in the mountains right now. they had been keeping an eye on the fire and fighting as best as they can. the last we heard the fire is moving along the ridges above morgan hill. the biggest challenge -- one of them has been the heat. it has been in the high 90s. today it is supposed to be cooler and that should help. the fire has burned 2200 acres. it has been spreading along the loma ridgeline and heading towards the creek area. closer to morgan hill. it is a difficult five to get a handle on because it is burning in steep, rugged terrain
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affected by the drought. we are joined by battalion chief scott maclean -- how does the fire behave overnight? >> it stayed within the perimeter that we wanted to keep it. however these fire burn as well as night as they do during the course of the day. our weather pattern is showing much cooler weather throughout the week which is great news. bringing humidity up. cooler temperatures slow the progress of the fire down. >> reporter: one of the big concerns -- 300 homes are still threatened. one has been destroyed. big priority for firefighters today? >> of course and to keep that fire away from the perimeter. we have three sources on the line doing an excellent job keeping this fire where it is. as you have been told you pretty much heard a kind of terrain we are dealing with. having difficulty getting
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resources in their. a lot of aircraft are available to us which is good news. the resources coming in are available so we should be doing really well during the course of the day. >> thank you so much to maclean . right behind me you can see this was a base camp and firefighters are getting serve breakfast right now. they are fueling up because they will be working for the next 24 hours. we will try to get a little bit more information because they will have a briefing at 7 am where they will talk about the game plan for today, where is the fire traveling, that sort of thing and maybe even get some updated numbers on -- have any more acres been bird. we would just have to see. before you go how does the weather feel right now out there? >> you know it is a little cool. i could use a jacket. no breeze but it is cool.
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that is good news. i don't think it is supposed to be as hot as it was supposed to be yesterday.>> thank you janeen. the bad air quality caused by the fire for santa clara county -- they have issued a advisory. take extra care regarding physical activity outside. smoke they increase over the next days and weeks but they are closely watching the situation. four homes were destroyed, eight damage when a spark on the edge of highway 101 spread into brush and ignited a row of eucalyptus trees yesterday afternoon. two people were injured -- a cal -- calfire dropped water on the trees to help stop it from spreading even further. coming up we will go live to see how the neighborhood is doing this morning. there were protests last night in the city of el cajon and san diego county. a police officer shot and
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killed an african-american man. about 100 protesters gathered at the shooting scene. it was peaceful and candles were lit to mourn the person who was killed. police say they responded to a report of a man walking in traffic and acting erratically . police say when they arrived the man put his hand into his front pants pocket, pulled something out, and pointed it towards them. what officer fired a taser another officer fired several rounds from his gun. >> the mail rapidly to an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together on an extended it rapidly towards the officer taking what appeared to be a shooting stance. >> at that time the police came on the scene in apparently he was tasered and that is the time the shots were fired. >> there were several reports that the man had a seizure. no gun was recovered at the
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scene. meantime police in phoenix arizona investigating an officer involved shooting that happened last night. according to police it happened during a traffic stop when a driver at a gas station parking lot. police open fired when the driver put his car in reverse and rammed into a police car with officers nearby. another officer in an unmarked vehicle says he saw the driver raise a handgun . that is when the officer fired at the suspect. the suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. what of the passengers in the car was taken into custody. police say they recovered two handguns from the suspect's car. >> the u.s. navy has lost an investigation into the case of a sailor who did not salute at the national anthem. the answer was being played during a recent morning flag raising at pearl harbor. sailor on the investigation is petty officer. second class getting irving. she has been threatened with
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jail time for her actions however a navy spokesman says it is up to the sale as commander whether she faces punishment. interface but post she wrote that she feels like a hypocrite thing about the land of the free when it only applies to some americans. >> president. obama and dignitaries from all over the world will attend a funeral on friday for former israeli president shimon peres. he died yesterday at the age of 93 . he suffered a major stroke two weeks ago and had been in the hospital ever since. he fought in israel's war of independence, served as prime minister twice and president of israel from 2007 to 2014. he won the nobel peace prize for his negotiations with the palestinians. this morning in remarks president. benjamin netanyahu praised
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shimon peres for his many contributions to israel. >> he devoted his life to the pursuit of peace he said his gaze on the future. he did so much to protect our people. he worked until his last days for peace and a better future for all. spirit the prime minister led his cabinet in a minute of silence to honor him.the body of shimon peres will lie in state at the israeli parliament tomorrow before there is a state funeral in jerusalem on friday. president. obama released a statement calling shimon peres the essence of israel and said that with his death a light has gone out but the hope you gave us will burn forever. >> we are waiting for details from oakland police about last night's pursuit of a wrong way driver. it ended in a crash
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with as many as seven pickles involved in possibly two police cars. officers began tasting a van on westbound interstate 580 just before 7 pm last night. the van got off the freeway but the driver turned back and went the wrong way up and offramp and back onto 580 the van headed westbound on the eastbound lane. the crash happened moments later at the harrison street ramp. we have not received any word on injuries or arrests we have also not been told what prompted the chase in the first place. the city of oakland will hold its 10th and final community meeting as a search for the city's new police chief. that meeting starting at 6 pm will be in spanish. it will be at the fruit dale apartment on east 12th apartment on e. 12th st. the goal is to gather what people believe is working with the police department and what needs to be improved. there is new evidence in
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an old case.
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the plane crash in eastern ukraine on july 17, 2014 killing all 298 people on board. about two thirds of the passengers were dutch citizens. crew members were malaysian russia continues to deny the allegations that progress at rebels were responsible. >> growing concerns in san francisco about the sinking millennium tower building have now let city leaders to block funding for another nearby project. >> alex savages live in san francisco talking about this project that could grind to a halt the trance bay transit center. >> reporter: yes it is a big deal. a morning. city leaders have decided to stop the funding of the trance bay terminal construction project in it is because of the problems with the nearby millennium tower which you are looking at the corner of admission and fremont street downtown. original reports predicted this tower could see anywhere between about four and 6 inches but the condo tower has now slipped 16 inches in the past eight years and
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experts say it potentially could sink another 30 inches and officials with the tower project have hinted that the trance bay transit center project may be to blame for that think it's. now work on the project could be delayed. yesterday at san francisco's city leaders devoted to withhold about $7 million in funding for the second phase of that transit project which is going to create extensions into downtown. according to the san francisco examiner, the trance bay joint powers said the entire project could be in jeopardy if that money is not released. >> city supervisors are concerned of course about that sinking millennium tower nearby. they are also worried about cost overruns on phase 2 of this project. bring you back over to a live picture . some condominium owners that millennium tower
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have sued the developer and the trance bay joint tower authority but funding is locked again for phase 2 of the project because of those issues with millennium tower just across the street. not going away anytime soon. >> let's go to sell. what days it? >> is hump day -- >> you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. let's see start with the commute that does get really busy at 5:30. it is busy now. that be the bay bridge. 20 minute delay which is rather ordinary. all bay bridge commuters want is ordinary commute with no surprises. it will take me this long. please do not surprise me.
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this morning we have not done that. bauta 10 or 15 minute wait. taking a look at the south bay we are looking at the traffic here. not bad. we are also checking out the peninsula on highway 101. still pretty good from san mateo down the bayshore freeway as you drive down into the valley in on 880 from fremont down to san jose. still a nice- looking commute. i want to take a look at 280 we could see people around the world -- the road. not a critical mass. public transit systems -- we checked in with a lot of them and we have not had any significant delays. for today's weather let's go to steve. >> thanks sal. reese is picking up. almost every wind direction is either wester southwest in san francisco. very thick fog working its way in. for those of you who have been saying steve when will it go up
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-- well it started a little bit yesterday. current conditions in vallejo 53 with eight finger of fog. >> out by the quirkiness street -- no wind yet. everything is starting to fall into place. now the low clouds that made to the santa cruz coast -- capital remember the fire is pretty high. above 3000 feet. the basin of this fog is below 1000. i think by tomorrow that fog lifts up to about 2500 feet and it will really poor in and that will help the firefighters. southern california if you have trouble plans dealing with the cloud cover rapid back in from
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arizona a few hit or miss showers. maybe into bakersfield california as well. west/southwest 12., . has turned into an entre direction. we have 40s at santa rosa. some locations still in the 60s but mill valley -- cool, 46. glen ellen wright at 50. above calistoga 63. not as warm as yesterday. 51 in monterey. 51 in truckee. big-time cold out all getting helped along by the system. still about a day away but the leading edges moving in.
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jetstream starting to dip in our direction. many signs that late sunday early monday -- first rate of the season is poised to move in here. 60s, 70s, 80s, few 90s. one more day. after that it will be about six days before we can put 90s into the forecast again. temperatures coming down as that breeze kicks in and fog makes its presence up taking us into a dramatic drop as we head into thursday, friday. saturday may be okay but breezy and on the cool side. rain at night . if it is not on sunday night it will be monday morning.>> not just sprinkles. >> no. rain. mountain snow. sierra snow. >> ceremonies scheduled today to remember a baseball star who died suddenly
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welcome back. police in martinez said 18-year-old randy henderson died when his car slammed into a tree last night on alhambra avenue. henderson was trapped inside the car. they could not get him out before he died. witnesses reported seeing henderson may had been speeding before hitting the treat. they do not know yet if drugs or alcohol were involved but if you have information call the
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police. now flights from los angeles to so returned after a report of smoke. the plane had flown for seven hours and headed back to lax when a smoke detector indicate if potential problem in the cargo hold. where the aircraft returned ground staff found no evidence of smoke. they think that it may have been an electrical malfunction drinking that false alarm. not other 353 passengers on board with her. east bay mud is telling water customers that your water may taste strange but it is safe to drink. east bay mud said the treatment plan was taken off-line for upgrades and some of those customers were switched to the san pablo and operate san leandro water treatment plant. the taste of the water described as earthy comes from reservoirs with dirt bottoms. it will probably disappear when the temperatures cool down.
6:26 am
water plant is scheduled to be off-line until april. a new study shows the deepwater horizon oil spill off the golf cart coast may have caused much more damage than originally thought. the 2010 spill was considered one of the worst. investigators are still finding out how bad it actually was. now researchers said the spill caused massive erosion in the saltwater marshes along the coast of alabama, visit sippy end louisiana. those marshes may never recover naturally. some of the sediment has washed away. >> a scientific breakthrough. the world's first baby with the genes of three parents was born to a family from jordan. the revolutionary ivf technique was used because the mother had a genetic disease. the technique involved removing some mothers healthy dna which
6:27 am
was injected into a donors egg and that was then fertilized. as a result the baby inherited dna from both parents and the egg donor. a healthy baby boy was born five months ago with the help of a new york city dr. some scientists are praising the method think it gives new hope for parents who have genetic diseases, but critics call it irresponsible. they said there is not enough research and this could lead to so-called designer babies. >> a couple thoughts of men were playing a joke but they ended up becoming victims. who police are looking for after the woman was shot and her husband beach and while they unloaded groceries from their car in front of their home. we are seeing the traffic is going to be busy in many areas already.
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that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. thank you for joining us. it is middle of the week -- wednesday, september 28. i'm dave clark. good morning i'm pam cook. time to check in with steve again on the weather. >> a little cooler. a lot cooler for some.>> may be needed jacket. >> some areas yes. >> inland areas still sunny and warm but not as hot as the past couple days. i think you will notice the
6:31 am
lows are cooler. there is a breeze picking up in temperatures will start dropping. this is fog in the background here below fog is moving in. sal this is for you. >> i appreciate that. >> that fog is just roaring in for some. the basins are still pretty low but it is making an impact to your coast and bank and it will help the firefighters. the fire is up pretty high. the fog will not help yet. fog is now beginning to fill in. a west breeze picking up 40s, 50s and 60s on the temperatures. there equal numbers in the north bay. novato is in their. mill valley 48. it is cool for some.
6:32 am
fault and low clouds will win out. 60s and 70s. now more 80s then 90s inland. >> well twitter has made my job in your job easier. >> change the dynamics completely. >> i think twitter is more immediate. >> thank you for all that info. lesko out and take a look at the east shore freeway. westbound 80 traffic will be busy. as you drive down to the macarthur maze it is 41 minutes already. it seems a little strange because it is still dark and in the summertime it is already light. but right now 41 minutes from the bridge to the maze. that is about normal for this time. when you get to the bay bridge another 20 before you make it onto the span. we already have an hour if you're driving from the cartoonist bridge to get onto the bay
6:33 am
bridge heading west into san francisco. let's talk about some of the other commutes. i have been keeping an eye on highway 17 because of the fire activity but the 17 still looks good into the valley. more so traffic onto 81 and 85 as you head over to sunnyvale in mountain view. let's go back to the desk. going back to the big fire in the north bay. four homes in petaluma destroyed by a fire. several others were damage. this broke out on highway 101 and was not fully contained until the evening. leah martinez is live where we can see the homes that did not survive. >> reporter: this just proves how dangerous conditions are for wildfires. yes it is cool out there right now. but the conditions underfoot, the vegetation is extremely dry. a fire that started out as a grass fire quickly spread to
6:34 am
the backyards of these homes and this house right here has been red flagged. completely destroyed. you can see what is left outside right now and it is absolutely devastating. people were home at the time and many said they had little time to react to the flames suddenly surrounding their homes. by the time fire crews had arrived houses were already on fire. four houses were destroyed and 10 more damage. a man suffered smoke inhalation and a young woman burned the bottoms of her feet when she ran barefoot out of her house to rescue an elderly neighbor. a cat also died inside one burning home. homeowners said they had little time to react or even grabbed the belongings once a notice the fire. >> five minutes of me going in and coming out all of the house were all on fire next to me. >> homeowners and calfire blamed the eucalyptus trees use as a buffer between the highway
6:35 am
and the homes for intensifying this fire. the trees ignited quickly and the winds blew the embers of the top of the trees and on top of houses. >> you can see this burnout and even some vehicles were damaged. a facebook page has been set up to help the people in petaluma. four homes completely destroyed . fire crews are now saying they believe the fire started off of the highway and they believed it was human caused because of the proximity to the highway . it could have been anything from a cigarette butt to a spark being kicked up by cars. >> a fire burning 10 miles east of cloverdale right now is 75% contain. yesterday it was only 45%
6:36 am
contain. 1500 acres have burned. there were two minor injuries but there were no more evacuations. because of the fire is under investigation. and oakland police officer arrested in connection with the sex scandal was booked yesterday. we want to show you the booking photo. beless posted and he was released from jail. he was arraigned last friday on obstruction of justice and engaging in prostitution charges. prosecutors accuse him of exchanging sex for tipping off celeste guap. it was that prostitution sting. she said she was involved with dozens of police officers some when she was under age. police in san jose are investigating a homicide. near interstate 280 in an apartment complex a body was found.
6:37 am
police were called to jean avenue near forest avenue. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. san jose police say it is a homicide and they are asking anyone with information to call police. police in our range that continue to look for two meant beat and rob the couple as they unloaded groceries outside their home. spalding says his wife picked him up and they went to safeway before heading home and moments later armed men approached them. his wife thought it was a joke and she fought to keep her purse. the arm suspect shot her two times. >> i was unloading my stuff and carol was standing in front waiting for me to come in and this guy comes up to me and then meanwhile the other guy
6:38 am
sort of jumped around on the stairs and when after carol. i got to the door and i called police. i don't remember the exact sequence of things. spalding says it will take three spalding says it will take 3 to 6 months for his wife to recover and she may lose mobility in her arm. one of three drift is accused of shooting and killing a woman has admitted to the killings. sean angle at a preliminary hearing described how he and two of the defendants went on a drug fueled crime spree tricky already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for testifying. >> you can see he has put himself on of position and that is not the way it went down.
6:39 am
angle also testified they needed a car so the next day they headed for marin county and that is when they targeted steve carter who was found dead on a hiking trail in fairfax. his car was gone. testimony and his preliminary hearing should wrap up today. later today there will be a funeral procession in miami for this post are jose fernandez who was killed in a boating accident over the weekend. marlins park will have fans there. a private funeral for the 24- year-old will be held tomorrow. he and two other people were killed when his high-speed bullet slammed into rocks on south beach early sunday morning. a television station reports that a bag containing jose fernandez is checkbook and for autographed baseballs was found near the site. 20 minutes from now the top executive at wells fargo is scheduled to answer more questions in front of congress about workers who opened an authorized customer bank accounts. ceo john stump will testify before the financial services
6:40 am
committee today. wells fargo is already laid off thousands of employees who created the bank accounts as a way to meet high sales goals. now john stump will give up $41 million in stock options and his salary until further notice and kerry tolson has also resigned. she will forfeit $19 million. >> in sports the golden state warriors are back on the court. they are getting ready for their first preseason nba game three days from now. kevin durant says he woke up extra early but he ran into some bay area traffic on the way to the traffic days practice. afterwards he said he was not used to our traffic after living in oklahoma city. the warriors start -- first preseason game is on the road. they will be playing the toronto they toronto rappers.
6:41 am
>> coming up the challenges firefighters are facing and the impact on the air quality. a trick with trump. one driver in washington state and what he was trying to get away with with this cardboard cutout of donald trump because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
6:42 am
every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter,
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and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. happening today the senate is expected to reject is obama's
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veto bill that would allow the families to sue the government of saudi arabia. and overwrite is scheduled for today. the president explained his veto saying he has sympathy for the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 that the legislation would invite lawsuits against the us and would weaken national security. two thirds vote is required to override the president's veto -- a bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in both the house and senate. congressional leaders appear to have cleared the way for short-term spending bill to keep the government running until december. progress has until midnight friday to pass a spending will to avoid a government shutdown. the senate blocked the latest spending bill as democrats demanded that include money to help flint michigan deal with its water crisis. now we are hearing that paul ryan and nancy pelosi have
6:45 am
agreed to provide $170 million to help flint michigan and other cities that have water emergencies. the hope is that will be enough to get the short- term spending measure approved in the senate. turning now to the presidential race. clinton and donald trump are both campaigning in swing states and talking about their first debate. clinton is in new hampshire with bernie sanders. donald trump is making appearances in iowa and wisconsin. candidates are looking ahead to the next debate in less than two weeks and they are both claiming victory in the first debate. did anybody see that debate last night? >> oh yes. one down -- two to go. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton -- big leg. big lake. the best -- the next debate is october 9 in st.
6:46 am
louis missouri. >> monday showdown was the most- watched presidential debate ever . 84 million viewers. that is according to the nielsen company. the previous record was set 36 years ago when 80.6 million people tuned in to watch president. jimmy carter and his debate with candidate ronald reagan. >> file this one under are you kidding me? someone burglarize a new apartment complex in the north bay that was set to house homeless families with children . just days before its grand opening organizers are dealing with a loss of about $12,000 in property much donated . we will talk about what is happening now to those opening day plans and the kind of help needed from the public. also near yankees and boston red sox -- realizes the ring
6:47 am
had fallen out of the box. after a lot of scrambling by a lot of people the sparkler turns out. we will tell you where it was found and what she said. they will remember this forever. >> meant to make those kinds of mistakes? >> i guess one of them does. you can see -- >> my goodness. it turned out well. i was stressed out just looking at that video. >> oh my gosh. he drops the ring. >> at a baseball stadium. >> okay. we can all breathe now. let's go out and take a look at the commute. we are looking at slow traffic on highway 24 and 68. we are looking at slow traffic on highway 24 and 680. beginning to fill in.
6:48 am
nothing unusual. slows again in lorenzo. if you are used to driving this every day i do not think you'll see anything unusual. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza back up again. very typical delay as you drive to their. there have been no major problems there. stop at 101 near san jose there is a crash. not much slow traffic and the southbound direction but some of the commutes are getting a little slower. no major problems there on northbound 854 n. on 281 or not by 101. let's go to steve with today's weather. lots of fog. the fog bank is pouring in. there it is. every observation i saw in the city has either a westerner southwest of action. so the pattern is turned. the tide has turned if you will.
6:49 am
bertha says patchy clouds. feels so nice. if it is making it there in vallejo that tells you it is making it over san pablo play -- bay. we are on our way for a dramatic cool down. today mainly will be coastal but eventually this will work its way in land a bit uphill and up the mountain. i do not think it will be enough today but it will be close by tomorrow if you get those bases up by 2500 feet. that will ramp up the westerly breeze and higher humidity. tropical clouds working its way into southern california. if you are heading out there may be isolated showers in the valley. we are too far to the north for that. for us cooler patterns are the big story. breezes picking up. southwind at 12. 40s, 50s, and 60s.
6:50 am
24 hour temperature change. santa rosa is 10 degrees cooler. hayward -8, san jose -5, oakland -3. fairfield is up a little bit but i expect that to turn. concord little more only one. 40s for a few but a lot of 50s on the peninsula. menlo park, woodside, all low 50s. 58 los altos hills . down dramatically from yesterday. 36 up in truckee . plenty of low clouds and the key to our cool down -- this system will dig in here and get reinforced sunday night and monday by another system. i think the north bay is all the down to san francisco maybe oakland as well and the east bay first who will deal with cooler patterns.
6:51 am
much cooler and windy tonight. tonight 67. couple light is holding on one more day and that will be it for the 90s for about six days. temperatures are way above. now they will be sliding way below. inland temperatures will take a drop today and then everybody gets it on that all the way into friday. >> all right . you heard it here. one driver in washington state unsuccessfully tried to have donald trump get into the carpool lane. a state trooper got a big surprise when he pulled over a man driving by himself in the age of the carpool lane in auburn yesterday because the driver had that -- a cardboard cutout donald trump said attached to his passengers the. while the trooper did find this funny is still issued a man -- the man a
6:52 am
$136 fine. >> celebrities who may give your computer of virus. the things you may want to avoid searching for. and refusing to remain silent. the every day site that spark an emotional online protest and post from serena williams that now has over 100,000 comments. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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welcome back to morning sent 2. activists protested in front of the hall of justice on behalf of the three people shot and killed by san francisco please. >> we the black and brown people are united. demonstrators said they are angry and frustrated that none of the police officers involved in the killings of jessica
6:55 am
nelson, luis tagore and mario which have not been held responsible's. it is taking too long for the district attorney's office to determine whether charges should be against the officers. white lies matter in san francisco. as they should matter. the problem is we now are confirmed that black and brown lives absolutely do not matter in san francisco. >> demonstrators marched to the das office and spokesman for the district attorney's came out and told the crowd that the three cases are still under review. >> tennis start serena williams says she can no longer state silent about police shootings of african-american men. serena williams says she was worried about a run-in with police during a recent trip with her teenage nephew. in a
6:56 am
post on facebook serena row about the alinda casteel shooting in minnesota back in july. now went williams and her nephew drove past a police car she said she remembered the quote -- horrible video of a woman who live stream the competition between her boyfriend and the police. williams said she believes that not everyone is bad but that there are people who are ignorant and insensitive who are affected millions of lives. >> all three national league teams fighting for two wildcard spots one last night. and they all scarred 12 runs. -- spots won last night. and they all scored 12 runs. the new york mets are still at the top. the giants are one
6:57 am
half behind in the cardinals are one game back. the marlins have been eliminated. the oakland a's will try to avoid getting swept in anaheim tonight. the angels beat them for the second straight game last night 8-1. most runs were scored in the fourth inning. the a's have only reported 10 hits in the last two games of the series. more fallout about the sinking millennium tower building in san francisco. the financial impact on another major project already underway. and there were protests overnight in the san diego area after police shot and killed an african-american man picked up next the medical problem he may have been suffering from just before the shots were fired.
6:58 am
6:59 am
hundreds of homes are threatened. they tried to get a fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. and, good morning.
7:00 am
we are starting with a wildfire. it is still raging out of control. >> new information, the fire has grown in size. and, jeanine is live at base camp. and crews are battling the fire. hundreds of homes are threatened. >> reporter: yes. that is right. and now we have just been told that 1100 fire personnel are here. and, a portion of them are attending a briefing that is just about to start. you can see all of these firefighters here them all over the state. at the briefing they will find out how the fire is behaving where it is heading and what to protect. so far, the fire has burned 2200 acres and is 10% contained. they say the cooler temperatures should help them get a bad -- ahead of the fire. and, it was heading towards the drainage area.


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