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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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arson investigators sound an alarm about a possible firebug on the loose in the east bay. >> these fires are occurring on narrow walking areas, narrow walking trails with dry vegetation. wood fences, and homes on each side. >> fire officials won't put a number on it, but neighbors tell us, they've counted 30 or
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more fires. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the fire investigator tells us, the fires are happening at all times of the day along the fire horse train, and monument trail. jana katsuyama is in pleasant hill where people are worried about the safety of their homes. >> reporter: very worried, frank and julie. the arson investigator tells me this all started several months ago. the most recent happened just yesterday. the monument and iron horse trails popular paved routes in the area. an outbreak of fires. >> yesterday. yeah, yesterday. >> reporter: have left blackened, burnt out spots on both sides of the path. neighbors north of monument boulevard showed us this photo from july, when flames engulfed a tree among their homes.
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>> we're just concerned as a community. >> reporter: neighbors say they've heard of as man as 33 fires up and down the trail. >> the fires have occurred at all times. day and night, and that's especially concerning of the fire district. >> reporter: concerning, because captain george lang says this is the height of the fire season. >> these are the kinds of critical conditions, where any incidents of fires, especially in these narrow walking areas, could get out of hand quickly. >> reporter: one man, ray shepherd, and his fiancee tell us their car was destroyed in a car on sunday, in an apartment that's nearby this trial. fire investigators say so far nobody has been injured, but there has been damage to property and structures. they say anyone who sees anything suspicious should call the fire arson tip line.
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>> jana katsuyama in pleasant hill tonight, thank you. cal fire crews are making progress in the effort to tame a wildfire an loma prieta. the fire has burned 2800 acres and is about 22% contained. tonight, evacuation orders have been lift the in santa cruz county, but not in santa clara county, where most of that fire is burning. ktvu's azenith smith is live in the santa cruz mountains for a third straight night. you spoke to one man who lost his home, and his dog. >> reporter: yes, julie. his house was one of 300 homes threatened by this devastating fire. and now he has nothing to go home to. >> i was devastated at that point, i knew it was real. >> reporter: he can't get the image of what's left of his family home of 8 years on loma
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chiquita out of his head. the two inseparable, yet, he left him home monday, given it was such a hot day. he rushed to save tylan, but it was too late. >> i'm heartbroken. you know. seven years, he was with me. just like every day. >> reporter: all of this as he battles terminal cancer. in day 3 of the intense fire fight. sky 5 capturing plumes of smoke over the santa cruz mountains. an air attack made repeated drops on hot spots. >> rocky. there's a lot of heavy brush to
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cut through, and clear out of the way. >> reporter: as night fell, some evacuees gathered at the cal fire staging area in morgan hill with their belongings. watching the fiery glow from the ridge. friends are helping him and his family, collecting donations, and raising money through a gofundme. he says he's used to fires in the mountains, but nothing quite like this one. >> when something is that big and something is out of control had a much, it it doesn't matter how much preparation that you do. the flames looked so high to me. >> reporter: he has such a strong spirit. cal fire estimating the official number of homes burned down to one house. he expects that number to rise. cal fire hoping that this fire will be fully contained by monday. >> our hearts go out to mr.
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brenzell. is he staying with friends? >> reporter: yes, a lot of his friends are coming to help him and he is staying with friends in the campbell, san jose area. cal fire's treasurer says the sate is suspending all business with wells-fargo bank for one year. this comes after employees created some 2 million unauthorrized accounts. john chung says they will not allow wells-fargo to be the broker or dealer, and that the bank not be permitted to finance state bonds. >> the sanctions may escalate, up to and including a complete termination of our business relationship with the bank. >> chung also says he'll work with the state's teacher and employee pension funds to force the bank to clean up its act, or risk losing $2.3 billion in direct fund investments. we have new developments to
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tell you about tonight in the case of 20-year-old man who was shot and killed last month in san francisco's aquatic park. u.s. park police are investigating this case. they say that young man was shot as he was playing pokemon go. now police have released a sketch. the victim's family hopes the new lead will lead to an arrest. >> i want him back. >> reporter: calvin riley's parents say every day without their son is a painful one. >> it's real. it's sad. >> reporter: sean riley has no idea who would want to kill the 20-year-old. a popular student who played baseball for delta community college. >> every day it's sad. every day. every day i wake up it's sad, every day i go to bed. >> reporter: park police released this sketch to ktvu. a man described as african
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american who they say shot calvin on august 6, just before 10:00 p.m. at night. calvin had been walking with a friend awrong the water's edge playing pokemon go. >> cal was turning, playing the game. so he had turned like this way, and had his back to the shooter. and the shooter was up there, and hit him in the back. >> reporter: investigators showed us a surveillance snapshot of the getaway car, which they say was driven by a white woman with blonde hair. >> a white four door toyota avalon, that would have been traveling up and down van ness avenue. >> reporter: detectives say between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m., they were patrolling a section of van ness. it's a model car built between 2014 and 2015. >> yeah, it's hard. >> reporter: the rileys have two other children who are struggling with calvin's killing. the family used to walk here
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together before calvin was murdered. >> i know my son felt safe here. he felt safe, and he was just walking with his friend, playing a game. and was shot in the back for no reason. >> reporter: the rileys are begging anyone who saw something that night to come forward. >> i pray to all mothers and sons, and just anybody that's heard anything. >> reporter: catching the killer won't bring calvin back, but it will give the family a sense of closure, it definitely wants. in san francisco, tara moriyarti. tributes are being paid around the world to the late israeli president. his body will lie in state outside the israeli parliament, beginning tomorrow.
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the white house says president obama will attend the funeral on friday. formerrer president bill clinton and hillary clinton are also set to attend. >> he dedicated his life to the cause of an israel that would be safe, around secure, democratic, and free, in the homeland of the jewish people. >> shimon peres shared the peace prize. they were honored for their negotiations that led to the oslo peace accord. san francisco voters are being asked to create a new job at city hall. at 10:30, the role some call a watchdog. others, a waste of money. there is significant cooling around the corner. further cooling as we head into the next few days, and in the five-day forecast, a chance for showers. >> a construction site for some. an opportunity to steal.
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now a north bay burglary hit those least able to afford it. they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way,
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in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. new at 10:00, a heartless theft has hit homeward bound, a marin agency that serves the homeless. it's newest facility, not even open yet was broken into, and thousands of dollars of equipment was taken. this kind of rip off is
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increasingly common. >> reporter: yeah, julie. at construction sites, even when they're fenced in have overnight security like this one. sometime last sunday, their guard dropped. a place to call home has meant everything to this mom and daughter, who moved to the bay area from texas, and for a time bounced between she wanters. even lived in their car. >> i remember, it was very cold. i had to wear a couple of socks, because it was so cold. >> reporter: now they have their sights set on oma village. the project took years to pull off, and is just three weeks from opening. but now a wrinkle in the plan. a burglary. >> the refrigerator was right here. we had a stove right here. built in microwave. >> reporter: last sunday, the community room was broken into, and brand new appliances carted away. >> they had to have had a truck
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to haul off the stuff they took. >> reporter: total loss, more than $12,000. >> are you kidding? why would anybody do something like that? >> reporter: ripping off a nonprofit? thieves didn't know, or didn't care. >> they're out for themselves, or out to make some money quick and off someone else. hey, it happens. >> reporter: and it's happening all over. >> agencies in the south bay, the east bay, and some in the north bay have reported thefts from construction sites too. >> i wouldn't want to say there's a ring, but certainly with the number of burglaries and thefts have gone up since the beginning of the year. it would be hard to say these are all isolated. >> reporter: folks are glad their apartments themselves weren't attached. >> we'll be resilient, and we'll come back.
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>> reporter: a graduate of the shelter culinary program, she's working. selling dog treats. >> they've helped me tremendously. i ended up homeless with my daughter. it's been an amazing journey for me. >> reporter: grateful for the path their own. one they hope leads next to oma village. >> oma village is going to be pretty amazing for us. it will be a forever home, and we've never had that. >> reporter: this is a $6 million project. so a $12,000 hit isn't huge. but homeward bound was still raising the last $180,000. so now this loss gets tacked on. donations always welcome, and julie, since the burglary, they have received a few. >> it looks like a big place. when it's all finished, how many people can live there? >> reporter: 12 two bathroom, two bed units.
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it's going to accommodate quite a few households, and especially families with children. >> it will mean so much when they can move in. a jury in contra costa county returned a guilty verdict in the county's first death penalty case in years. darnell washington was found guilty in the fatal stabbing of susie ko back in 2012. the stabbing and robbery happened in ko's home in hercules. >> we're very grateful about the job the d.a. office has done. we're also very relieved, obviously, with the jury, the verdict outcome. and one step closer toward justice for my mom. >> the charges against washington also include enhancements that make him eligible for the death penalty. that phase of the trial comes next. a berkely middle school teacher has been put on leave,
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apparently for her participation in a protest. she is also a political activist with the group by any means necessary. back in june, she helped organize a counterprotest against a white supremacist rally. she punched a protester, and in the video, you can see she was also injured. >> to put me on suspension, because i stood up against racism, because i protested against nazis in sacramento, during my vacation, especially when i'm a teacher who teaches immigrant students, that's unconscionable, and it's illegal. >> the teacher's union has filed a grievance on her behalf. in antioch, police are looking for a 15-year-old girl they say disappeared 11 days ago. she was last seen on wolf way
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in antioch. that area is not far from deer valley road, and lone tree way. there are reports she had left a party with an older man who dropped her off at a friend's house at 7:00 a.m. but those friends say she never arrived. they say at least right now, they don't have any evidence of foul play. people burned out of their homes by a fast moving fire in petaluma yesterday say caltran should have trimmed a row of eucalyptus trees that helped spread that fire so quickly. the 3 alarm fire started on the side of highway 101, and quickly ignited the trees, which rained flames onto a row of nearby homes. four of the houses were destroyed. ten more were damaged. they blamed the eucalyptus trees for intensifying that fire. >> we applied to get rid of them. we talked to the city.
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and we asked for the wall. and you know, for last ten, at least eight, ten years ago. but it never happened. >> today, caltrans told us it could find no record of a complaint about the trees going back to 2010. the exact cause of the fire is under investigation tonight. but investigators say they know it started alongside the freeway, and that it was human caused. so it definitely cooled off today. here are the highs from today. here are the highs tomorrow. so you see another cool down tomorrow. some places were down 15 to 20 degrees from the day before. tomorrow's temperatures could drop another 5 or 8 degrees. the cooling trend is underway. the fog is at the coast, and it feels a lot like fall. with that in mind, look at how much fog is inland. that's good news for firefighters. it helps a lot, as the moisture drops temperatures. these are right now temperatures. look at the difference between right now, tonight, and last
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night. 14degrees cooler in fairfield. 12degrees. these are significant drops. just in the overnight. it was already beginning to cool last night. the temperatures are trending down. further dropping tomorrow. the fog, and low clouds well up over the gate right now. as you look at the fog forecast for the morning hours, it kind of pulls out of here. i think i know what it's doing. you're going to have good aerial coverage of fog. then by the afternoon, these yellows are 70. so most bay area cities are in the 70s. the hot spots tomorrow, fairfield, concord, livermore, upper 70s, low to mid-80s at the warmest. see you back here with the rain that is in the five day. steph curry's wife talks about a trick he pulled right after their first day. >> he said i'm going to make
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you a chai tea latte. i was like, you know how to make them? he's like yeah, i do them all the time. his sister comes down and says why do you have the container with the dog food in it it? look inside, there's two coffee shop coffee cups. >> curry will be talking about her new cookbook on the real. it airs tomorrow morning right here on fox 2. coming up next, homeless people being killed. what police are revealing about eight homicides this year involving transients. >> just four home games left for the giants. how each one will be crucial. >> up first, in two minutes, tonight's protest in the wake of a deadly police shooting in southern california, and new information about the object the victim pointed at the officer.
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tonight, a 14-year-old boy is in police custody following a school shooting in south carolina. police say the teenage gunman killed his father, then went to an elementary school playground, wounding a teacher and two students. fortunately, all three of the victims at the school are expected to survive. a volunteer firefighter pinned down the 14-year-old suspect until the police arrived. in san diego county tonight, several hundred protesters returned to the scene of a fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. the angry crowd blocked traffic. the protests in el cajon began shortly after police revealed new information about
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yesterday's fatal shooting of 38-year-old alfred yolengo. city and county leaders are promising a complete investigation. >> i would encourage all citizens to remain calm. to remain patient. to let the authorities complete their investigation, and not to jump to conclusions. >> el cajon police were called to a strip mall yesterday after receiving reports of a man acting erratically. police shot him after he pulled an item from his pocket, and pointed it in what they say is a shooting stance. now to the south bay, and a series of shootings at homeless
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encampments. investigators say the only real link here is that all of the victims are transients. >> reporter: one of the bodies was found here in this ditch. a second a few weeks earlier this been a few yards away. residents at the homeless encampment near bonilla and herald say they're on edge. san jose police have now posted flyers looking for information. there have been a total of 8 homicides, targeting transient men since january. investigators are seeking witnesses, they're also asking for calm. >> anything is a possibility, powerful at this point, there's nothing indicating that we have one person committing all these crimes. >> in fact, the crimes seemed to have more differences than similarities. one of them involved blunt force trauma. another was a shooting. one that happened tuesday, a stabbing. >> the methodology is the same in all of them. >> reporter: it's an added stress for an already
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vulnerable population. >> there's certainly a lot of fear and uncertainty. we don't really understand why this happened, so it's kind of hard to protect yourself from something when you don't really understand why it happened. >> reporter: eric von schultz who knew one of the victims. >> he was really kind hearted, and always lending a helping hand. >> reporter: one of the homicides has been solved. anyone with information on the others is asked to contact san jose police. ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. next month, san francisco voters get to decide whether to add a new elected position, called public advocates to city hall. find out why some opponents say it will do more harm than good. >> and hillary clinton hits the campaign trail with a familiar face as she picks up two big
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congress approved a stopgap spending bill tonight. it expands current government funding levels until early december. it also avoids an election crisis, to return home to campaign. among other things, the legislation provides money to fight the zika virus, and help people affected by the water crisis in flint, michigan. president obama is expected to promptly sign the bill into law. the presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail less than six weeks before election day. donald trump was in iowa today. bernie sanders made an appearance with hillary clinton in new hampshire today, in hopes of appealing to younger voters. >> reporter: hillary clinton getting a pair of big
10:31 pm
endorsements. one from former republican senator, john warner. another from the arizona republic newspaper, which has never backed a democrat for president in its 126 year history. the former secretary of state, also enjoying the support of her primary rival as they try to engage young voters. >> the next 40 days will determine the next 40 years. >> it is imperative that we election hillary clinton as our next president. >> reporter: sanders, not the only big name stepping up on hillary's behalf. >> hillary will be a president our kids can look up to. >> reporter: this ad rolling out, featuring michelle obama, never once invoking donald trump's name. >> when making life or death, war or peace decisions, a president just can't pop off, or lash out irrationally. no. we need an adult in the white
10:32 pm
house. >> reporter: trump, trailing clinton by less than 3 points according to the latest average of national polls, promising to hit clinton harder in the next debate with a preview today. >> how many more clinton scandals can this country take? and we can't take another four years of barack obama and we can't take another four years of crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: a new monmouth university poll reveals more than 2 of 3 voters say this presidential race has brought out the worst in people. a bill signed into law by governor jerry brown today eliminates the ten year statute of limitations on felony sexual assault cases. the new law was inspired by the bill cosby case. right now, rape charges in california have to be filed within ten years of the crime. the new law takes effect in january, and will apply to any case, where the statute has not
10:33 pm
yet expired. criminal background checks for rideshare drivers will be mandatory starting in january. uber, lyft and other rideshare companies will have to run comprehensive checks. the new law also bans registered sex offenders, and people convicted of violent crimes or drunk driving from this kind of job. the governor also signed a bill that expands a pilot program, requiring the use of ignition interlock devices on cars driven by dui offenders. drivers have to blow into a breathalyzer before it allows the vehicle to be started. the legislation extends the pilot program two years, and then expands it statewide in 2019. in san francisco, voters will be asked on election day if they want to create a new voice at city hall. prop h would create a public advocate office to address complaints about city services
10:34 pm
and programs. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee is at city hall after speaking to both sides tonight. >> reporter: frank supporters say prop h would allow the public advocate to handle a wide range of complaints. but the proponents say it gives one person too much power. that person's sole job would be to make sure san franciscans are treated fairly. >> prop h would be a wakeup call. >> reporter: the campaign manager for h says citizens whose complaints go unheeded will have an advocate. >> they'll be able to investigate, inform, and then will be able to introduce legislation if they need to to solve a problem. >> h is harmful. >> reporter: the no on h campaign started airing this ad yesterday, grouping it along
10:35 pm
with other propositions it calls dumb, harmful, and lots of money. >> reporter: instead of saving taxpayer dollars, opponents say a public advocate, with the power to hire staff will be an added, and unnecessary expense. david shoe says every elected official, including the city attorney and others are public advocates. >> i served on a board of supervisors for six years, and i received calls from constituents who felt like they weren't being heard, and we would investigate. we would follow up on their complaints. >> whistle-blowers who expose wrongdoing by high level city officials have been treated like threats, rather than assets. >> reporter: dr. derrick kier says when he exposed misuse of patient funds at laguna hospital and the unfair award of contracts, he was retaliated against, laid off after 20 years on the job. he says a public advocate would
10:36 pm
be a resource for other whistle- blowers. >> we went through the whistle- blower program, we went through the ethics commission. nothing happened. >> the idea that we would have another politician with his own agenda, with a seven figure budget to bring potentially political motivations with unlimited subpoena power just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: if the measure passes voters will get to decide the person they want. they get to elect that person in june, 2018. the city controller says it could cost up to $3.5 million annually, if the public advocate decides to hire a staff of about two dozen people. frank, julie? >> amber, thank you. coming up, a controversial new attraction at great america. the halloween thriller being called offensive to people with mental illness. >> the cool down is underway. it started big time today. it continues tomorrow, and
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there are showers towards the end of the week. i'll let you know when that starts. we'll see you back here. >> and a homicide at a park prompted us to ask questions about broken surveillance cameras. tonight, an update on the repairs.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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a single vehicle accident on interstate 80 in emeryville. it happened about 7:30 near the powell street offramp. the person in the car was the only one who was injured. a follow up tonight on a story we brought you last week about broken surveillance cameras at an oakland park where a double homicide took place. we learned the camera system has now been repaired. but as henry lee reports, the fix comes too late for the families of those two victims. >> reporter: the camera is now back online. >> the cameras that are at the park have been updated. they're fully functional, and have been strategically set throughout the park. >> reporter: these surveillance cameras weren't operational when two young men were gunned down on august 30. officials learned they hadn't
10:41 pm
been working for years. the widow of augustine vigil, who was killed along with his friend, sean chapman. >> i was very upset. i knew that was the only way to solve the homicide. >> reporter: the city knew a year ago, that this room had been funded by a nearby bathroom, but never got it fixed until this week. >> sadly enough, we had a tragedy, and now they're an operation where they shouldn't have taken years to get it done. but i can say they work. >> reporter: she has mixed emotions. >> it's a little relief, just to know not another family would go through the same thing, and there will be no homicide here that will be unsolved again. but there's nothing that would bring him back. it's already too late. >> reporter: oakland police are still working the case, and have not made any arrests. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news.
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great america shuts down one of its newest attractions. the halloween haunt that sparked a real backlash. >> and the return of some wet weather. chief meteorologist bill martin with a chance of showers in the forecast.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
california's great america amusement park has shut down one of its new halloween attractions. the ride is called fear vr. the riders were strapped into chairs, given virtual reality goggles, and transported to a haunted psychiatric ward. it outraged many mental health advocates. >> to reinforce that stereotype of the dangerous sociopath on the loose, breaking out of the hospital, it's just incredibly
10:45 pm
damaging. it's appalling in this day and age, things like that still exist. it makes you realize, there is still so much stigma against mental illness. >> the owner of great america issued this statement. the attraction story, and presentation were never intended to portray mental illness. at this time, we have decided to close the attraction. amoeba music, right on telegraph has been granted permission to sell medical marijuana. the store plans to transform its jazz section into a medical marijuana building with a separate entrance. they hope selling medical marijuana will keep the store in business, as it deals with declining sales of albums and cd's. we've got fog along the
10:46 pm
coast right now. there's a lot of it. we talked about the cool off today. it's going to cool further tomorrow. then we've got that chance for a shower. there is a chance for some raindrops on sunday. we'll see that in the five-day forecast. here's the fog. it's out there, significantly. i checked the inversion. something called profile that shoots up, and can determine the height of the fog bank, and it's about 2,000 feet deep. you can see it, the fog bank represented in these darker colored greens here. that's that cool, moist air, getting well in over the hill. so it's just 58 in fairfield, which is way down from where it was last night. look at that wind in fairfield, gusting above 26 miles an hour. sfo is sustained at 14 out of the west. the fog is out there. it's a big, deep, marine layer. this high inversion that gave us the bad air quality, spare the air, and the heat advisories is gone. now we're into in kind of
10:47 pm
event, where it cools us off, helps firefighters, and really sets us up with a cool pad everyone. this is a fall weather system, it will bring rain to the pacific northwest. as it drops down, it's going to get close enough on saturday night, into sunday afternoon, where we could see drizzle, and a few sprinkles. the main impact will be temperature drop. high temperatures will just be in the 60s in the warm spots. it won't just be in the inland valleys, 60s at the coast. to about 68 inland. a true fall weather pattern. as this goes in on friday, we'll see the winds kick up. as it pushes further sunday, there is a slight chance for some showers. which is encouraging. this is a pretty progressive pattern. i always liked to see it early like this. to me, it means things are starting to cut loose in the jet stream. 79 in fairfield. then you've got your mid-70s in
10:48 pm
san jose. just a few days ago, we're doing 90s, and tieing records. then there's the five-day forecast. these are the highest temperatures. the hot spots. let's say livermore. the high on friday in livermore is going to be about 72. the high in antioch on saturday, 72. then sunday, a chance of sprinkles, and down into the upper 60s. the upshot is we get a little rain in here, that helps firefighters, certainly on the loma fire. the fire danger, we didn't do any stories about fires breaking out today. that's because temperatures dropped, and they're going to stay low. so hopefully fires stay off the front page for a bit. coming up next is sports, and we're going to hear how those giants did.
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only four games left, every game counts now for giants fans. >> you know what drives giant fans nuts. last night, 12 runs. tonight, none. definitely the weirdest season the giants have come up in san francisco in my experience watching this team. they could have put some ground between themselves and st. louis. didn't happen, and they waste another good pitching performance from that guy.
10:52 pm
jeff smardja. come the 4th inning, this guy has been a constant pain to the giants. nolan arenado. a base hit to score cargo. 1-0, that was the only run they'd need. 2-0. what a weird item about this season for the giants, he haven't had one single 9th inning comeback all year. i don't think that's ever happened. st. louis, still though is a game behind the giants, and that's because san francisco gets help from a former giant. not mike matheny, the cardinal manager, nope, it's adam duvan.
10:53 pm
a little soft single. the mets beat miami 5-2. jay bruce finally starting to hit. that's a two run homer. a very emotional day in miami, as they had the funeral for jose fernandez earlier. as you see the two teams, exchange heartfelt moments. 5-2. the a's finishing out the season. a couple of things definitely worth noting. that would be their ace, sonny gray back on the mound. he was on the disabled list august 7. they let him start, throw 18 pitches. one inning scoreless. gave up one hit. a very encouraging outing. also noteworthy from the a's positive perspective. chris crush davis. that's his 41st home run.
10:54 pm
gave him an even 100 rbi's on the year. oh, yeah, the a's did lose 8-6. meantime, the golden state warriors. what can we come up with on this, the second day of training camp besides the usual? how about this. the warriors, they've been the darlings of the nba, all over the country. they have been the loveable team. everybody good with the chemistry. then they picked up that guy, kevin durant suddenly. i'm not buying it, all over the country, they're going to suddenly be the villains around the nba. draymond green, definitely ready if there's any negative to happen. >> they're going to bully us anyway, wherever we go. so that's fine. the most fun i have in this game is going on another team's court and quieting their crowd
10:55 pm
anyway. so boom. eventually, you'll shut up, and i'll laugh, and we'll laugh, and we'll keep on moving. >> boo. what all else fails. might hear a few of those at levi this weekend, if things don't go right for the san francisco 49ers. multiple problems in really every phase of their game. but it's quarterback, where the conversation always seems to lead back to. chip kelly, peppered with quarterback questions today. like will colin kaepernick, yeah, you got it, will he start soon? >> right now, he's other second quarterback, and blaine's our first quarterback. he has a chance every single day. every has a chance every single day. he's 100% healed from those injures, but he's not the same guy right now. all right, close out with a
10:56 pm
little baseball again. big papi. everybody has made a big deal about him retiring. he's having a great year and the red sox clinched the playoffs in the eastern division in the american league. tonight, big papi maybe having other ideas about what his future may hold. >> do you know any other players? >> david ortiz. he's retiring. >> he's my favorite. i have like two of his shirts that he wears. >> actually, all of my shirts are his shirts. >> really? cool. >> all of mine are too. >> because i'm david ortiz. >> oh, that was good. >> he had her going a little bit. david ortiz, better known as big papi. having a little fun. >> i love those. >> a fun guy to take a ride with. >> he would be. those are always fun. >> that's the sporting life. >> thanks for joining us. >> good night. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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what am i most afraid of? hmm, let's see. global warming. and getting a "b." the phone ringing in the middle of the night. that i'm too much of a perfectionist. honey, this isn't a job interview. oh, man. job interviews. nothing. yeah, right. what about the pigeons? oh, i don't like them. they're shifty. losing mitchell. oh! hotel bedspreads. never getting my driver's license. or getting one and the picture sucks. dying alone. claire: oh, haley, sweetie, did you find your shoes? mom, please, not today. i just wanted to know if you found your shoes. why are you hounding me? i'm freaking out right now! you need to relax. it's just a driver's test. it's my third driver's test, and if i fail again, i have to wait six months to retake it. that's six more months of you driving me everywhere.


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