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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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harsh sentence. and they see the guilty plea is a large hurdle. >> strong, thoughtful, loving, caring, compassionate, people, who should never have to experience this, at the hands of the system. >> the attorney talks about - - >> they impeded the investigations. the media suffered through two days of anguish. >> huskins was sexually assaulted twice and quinn told investigators that the kidnapper would call him. the attorney believes detectives had tunnel vision. >> had the body never
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materialized, had she been found dead, i can guarantee you those seem expect - - inspectors would have made absolutely sure aaron quinn would never have seen the site - - the light of day. >> investigators shifted their focus, and they say they don't believe he acted alone even though he's the only one behind bars. >> if a man deserves life behind bars it is matthew mueller. >> reporter: they want to see prosecution for other crimes - - another attorney represents the couple in a civil case against the city, and it is still pending. >> the whole case is so bizarre, christina, i know the attorney also said that it was
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a case of mistaken identity. >> that is correct. the real intended victim of the kidnapping is a woman that appears to have similarities, as far as hair and body type, and today, he says he learned that the lead in the theater has a personal connection to the intended victim and calls at all conflict of interest. >> any word on how they are doing? i know they did not speak today, did they talk about it at all? >> one reporter asked how they are doing, they stood strong together, they were holding hands, you could tell that they did have a bond, and it is not a way to crew - - grow closer that is ideal, but it has brought them closer together. >> christina, thank you.
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>> you can click on the story at the top of the homepage for more information. a deadly motorcycle accident in vallejo, the victim was an off-duty police officer, the harley was heading west before 7:00 this morning when it collided with a car, the motorcycle driver was knocked off his bike and hit by a truck and he died at the scene, that motorcycle was lane splitting at the time of the collision. and we do have a crew that is finding out more about the officer that was killed, we will have that coming up tonight at 10:00. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a deadly train crash, the commuter train plowed into the station, injuring 100 people and killing a woman on the platform. we have coverage tonight, and first to joe, who is in
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hoboken, with the latest. joe? >> julie, frank, we now know the name of the woman who was killed, reportedly she was dropping off her young daughter and heading over to the train station to do some apartment shopping. 108 other people were injured, they see the train did not stop as it slammed into this train station in new jersey. >> lights went out. the train did not stop. the roof came down. >> the new jersey transit train and - - went smashing through a wall and pillars, ultimately collapsing a section of the roof. >> it hit his face right here. and he was still helping people. he did not realize he was injured. >> falling debris killed a
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woman. 100 people injured. >> extraordinary reaction. and civilian passengers assisted. they assisted with the triage. >> chris christie said that the engineer has been cooperating but is injured and in critical condition. >> we know that the train came in at a high rate of speed into this station. it crashed through all of the barriers, bringing it through the wall. >> the engineer was reportedly in critical condition, he has been released from the hospital and is continuing to talk to
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investigators and officials are saying they are going to try to get to the event recorder, like a black box on an airplane, that car is reachable but it is too dangerous to get into them, some cars are too mangled, they are under that structure which is not stable. >> is the whole station and shut down? or are some unable to use it? >> the trains are not running out of there, and those trains take people to lower manhattan, some of those are running through a different section of the building. for the most part, train service has been suspended, people are being shifted into other areas, you know, some other buses, things of that nature, and it is very, very,
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very busy. >> today we asked transit officials about the accident and what safeguards are in place to prevent something like this happening here, our reporter has more. >> some of the big questions about the accident revolve around positive train control, a system that revolve - - relies on radio and gps to monitor speed composition, and it can slow down or stop a train. currently none of the trains are fully equipped with positive train control, although it is being installed. and a train was involved in that crash not long before it happened. and it was being pushed by a locomotive. for some unknown reason, that train failed to break and smashed into the terminal, running through a barrier at the end of the tracks before it finally came to a stop inside of the waiting area, and a team at the scene is getting ready
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to pull black boxes from the train. the agency hopes to determine whether this train had any alert system to warn the engineer about excessive speed. >> this has been a priority. we know this can prevent accidents and as to whether or not it is involved in this accident, we will look at that carefully. >> as for the bay area of rail systems, we asked about the crash got , the commuter rail system is similar to one in new jersey. a spokesperson said while we are in the process of incrementing train control, the new system will not be fully operational until the end of 2016. and there is positive control. a spokesperson said that it operates under the train control system and a block system where they cannot move
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forward into occupied blocks. if there is a problem up ahead, the train slows down and comes to a stop. they have been pushing railroads to install positive train control for decades, but the problem, as it often is, money to pay for these systems. the industry has been under government orders. the date, extended, the current target, 2016. >> thank you. coming up, fighting for the undecided vote, at 630 o'clock, the latest in the race for the white house. >> i am tracking the cooldown, and the showers in the bay area forecast through the weekend. a bay area neighborhood on edge after a known arsonist convicted in a killing released. the bay bridge toll plaza,
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you would not know it. >> this does not look good at all, interstate - - interstate 80, looking that way in both directions.
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resident - - residents are on edge after a criminal was released from jail, convicted
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of involuntary manslaughter, he was later arrested a second time for arson, now he is free again. >> reporter: on - - in the castro district, typically it is colorful and mellow, but people here are outraged that a well known arsonist was released from jail just days ago. >> this could do something again to the neighborhood. >> this guy is obviously dangerous. >> reporter: munoz was convicted on an involuntary manslaughter charge, the 22- year-old strangled his sexual partner in the park and set a body on fire, he was released after three years and then several arson's - - incident of arson carpet in the area and he
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was sent back to jail. >> band for the next 177 days. >> we will post it for the employees, we will have a good look at it. >> officers plan to circulate that photo to every merchant. >> we've seen this with other people we've known to be incarcerated, incarcerated, they come out, they are back at the same old tricks. >> hill says that he plans to vote this november, , for a judge that is tougher on criminals. >> we've had a lot of judges and juries that don't give
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actual jail sentences, or the sentences are meaningless. >> it was the bottom of the cricket section of walmart - - of that street guy one of the robbers played - - claims to have a gun. and it was the latest in the series of crimes in the area. one person is dead after an early morning shooting, that shooting happened at the corner of ellis and jones at 1:00 this morning. and a 59-year-old man,, a 53- year-old man, and a 49-year-old woman also hit the gunfire, suffering leg and foot injuries. police have not made any arrests or commented on a possible motive.
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>> new information on a wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains, new numbers show 4100 acres have burned, tonight, the fire is 34% contained, and evacuation orders are in effect with as many as 300 homes still in danger, seven structures destroyed, and fire crews have their work cut out for them, and they hope to have that fire - - fully contained by monday. >> 1700 firefighters are battling the flames and they are getting an out flowing of support, including adjustment from a volunteer chiropractor. >> reporter: in a parking lot under a tree, an act of kindness, jeremy jones setting up his table. and he is offering free adjustments to firefighters working on the front lines, we've been in since the
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afternoon, hiking steve train and trying to put out flames. >> the tension that they go through, they need help, assistance, this gives them more energy to save our homes. please lie flat on your back down. >> firefighters wind up to get some relief. and there has not been time to relax, or to take a break. they try to bring food but it only lasts so long. donations have been coming into people dropping off food, water, gatorade. and it is one of the roads they are using to get to the fire.
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>> some say they will be here as long as needed, for jones, jones, he says he plans on coming back on saturday to help. >> this is my way of giving back. these guys right here. they are heroes. >> thank you. >> in morgan hills, fox to news. >> smoke from the fire impacting air quality in the south bay. health officials are warning people to consider limiting outdoor activities. they said the overall air quality is moderate. smoke has been worse night and morning, these are the high temperatures from today, these numbers are significantly lower
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than they were, temperatures have really been on the decline. and they are going to hover off now, most of our temperatures in the hotspots in the 70s, that will stick through the weekend. by sunday, a chance of showers, sunday, the hotspot in the upper 60s, fog along the coast, fog tomorrow morning, this is the area that has been having poor air quality. that is not expected to go away until the middle of next week. the fire will be helped greatly by that weather system on sunday. minus 7 degrees in nevada, minus 3 degrees in san jose. yellows are 70 sky greens are 60s. temperatures well below where
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they were when we go. and you will still find some though 80s, mid-80s toward sacramento, and saturday, sunday, monday, more 60s. we will see you back here with that forecast guy the computer model is lined up, and we will look at rain timing for the weekend. a new commuter ferry service across the bay, private companies that plan to operate the new connections through san francisco and redwood city. one of the companies expects to begin operating at the beginning of the new year and a marine group offering once per week service, the company says it will also expand service as demand grows. they will stop at peer 15 in san francisco, tied line will use here one point five next to the ferry. hundreds of construction
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workers are coming together at a job site, but not to work. coming up next, a demonstration in the south bay. >> shaquille o'neal, celebrating five, later in sports, what he had to say. >> also had, new developments in southern california following a deadly shooting of a black man by police, and accusations made by that victim's family.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms. not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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if you noticed congestion in san jose today, it was no accident. the tieups were a product of a large budget - - demonstration against a job site by union construction workers. >> what you are doing is wrong, you are hurting our families. >> reporter: for robert it is personal. and they gathered, and with signs, chance, and the gathering loved ones, they, they started to march. [ indiscernible ] >> stretching to the corner of san pedro, it took a matter of minutes, each step of the way, they went along. >> we had a widening gap between rich and poor, we need
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better family wages and that way the middle class can families. >> reporter: they say that non- unit - - union workers are coming in at half of their price per hour. c bc workers who are coming in, not getting paid good wages or benefits, and it is terrible for workers and economy. >> it creates a struggle that follows you home. it disturbs a family, it disturbs the community. >> we went to the office and asked about the new construction site, and the use of nonunion workers, company staffers told us they had no comment about the accusations. and members say one loud day will not turn the tide, so they are prepared to return to other sites until this unfair business stops. >> you should support your own.
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the union, it is all family. >> plumbers, pipefitters, sheet metal workers, they say they may sponsor an initiative to require local union members on sites like this. >> fox news at 6:30 is next with trump on the trail speaking out. >> i had to put up with that anchor and fight the anchor on everything i said. >> next, race for the white house, both candidates make a push for undecided voters. ceo of wells fargo back on the hot seat, tough questions he faced today on capitol hill. a statewide warning system for earthquakes, how it works, how it how it saves lives, fox news at 6:30 is next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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now the top stories, and off-duty police officer, the victim of a deadly motorcycle accident today in vallejo, before 7:00 this morning, the 53-year-old officer was lane splitting when he collided with a car, knocked off his
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motorcycle, then, hit by a truck, and he died at the scene. the man at the center of the bizarre kidnapping case and guilty, admitting, admitting that he worked - - broke into a home and cannot be woman, she and her boyfriend were accused of making up that story, he is expected to serve 40 years and this is your survivors of a train accident says that the commuter train does not seem to use the brakes, as it crashed through a barrier, killing one woman on the platform and injuring 100 others, investigators will be examining the data recorder to determine how fast that train was moving at the time of the accident and why it did not stop. you are watching fox news at 6:30. >> 40 days until election days, - - at the election day, the


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