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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  September 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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motorcycle, then, hit by a truck, and he died at the scene. the man at the center of the bizarre kidnapping case and guilty, admitting, admitting that he worked - - broke into a home and cannot be woman, she and her boyfriend were accused of making up that story, he is expected to serve 40 years and this is your survivors of a train accident says that the commuter train does not seem to use the brakes, as it crashed through a barrier, killing one woman on the platform and injuring 100 others, investigators will be examining the data recorder to determine how fast that train was moving at the time of the accident and why it did not stop. you are watching fox news at 6:30. >> 40 days until election days, - - at the election day, the
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candidates are working hard to sway undecided voters. >> clinton campaign today, trump visited new hampshire. and doug has the report. >> i love the people of new hampshire. we are going to fill every wish, every single promise, we are going to do something very significant for you. >> trump returns to new hampshire today, seam state where he was able to win his first ever primerica trump continues to fight back against criticism that he did not prepare for his debate against linton. >> i had to put up with the anchor, and fight the anchor all his time on everything i said. >> taking time away from debate prep to defend his performance. >> trump has a plan, it is not prefabricated talking, it is a plan that works, less taxes,
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taxes, less regulation. >> clinton is back in iowa. in her visit coincides with the first day of early voting, and this is clinton laying out the stakes of the election and urging those in the hawkeye states to vote early. >> are you ready? [ cheering & applause ] [ crowd noise ] >> in iowa you can start today, a lot of folks don't have that opportunity across the country. >> the former secretary of state has been on the trail every day since the debate headline speakers including the obama family, and bill clinton and his daughter chelsea in washington, fox news. ceo of wells fargo is back, and he faced angry questions.
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john stump agreed to forfeit $41 million in pay, the bank announced a number of reforms, that did not seem to impress members of congress who continue to blast him for accounts created without customer knowledge. >> i'm committed to strengthening our culture, and taking necessary steps and actions in order to restore customer trust. >> you have broken long standing law, and defrauded customers, how can you rebuild trust? >> wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million in fines to settle for cases brought in connection with this scandal. >> presidents, head of state, members of the public, all coming together. and connor powell has our report now, from june - -
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jerusalem. >> president, prime minister, new will peace prize winner, he died wednesday, and he was perhaps the last link to the founding generation, remembered as a peacemaker who dedicated his life to the state. >> he wanted peace in the country, the world, the middle east. he was loved by all. >> significant, appreciated, admired, everyone shares this pain. >> people gathered to pay their respects, tomorrow, leaders including the president will be gathering for his funeral, they came together to secure the city. >> we are taking no chances on security, taking - - security measures continue as long as necessary. >> his death comes at a
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difficult time, and they are attempting to restart talks but largely it has failed. the palestinian president says he will attend the service, hoping to send a message and find consensus - - consensus even among enemies. >> the world lost one of its greatest statesmen, a giant. >> one doesn't world leaders are expected to join the president at the funeral, including prince charles, and the president of germany and france. >> coming up, and emotional message from the family of a black man shot and killed by police in southern california. >> he had no gun. he was not mental. no, just breaking down. >> less than $40 to fly to las vegas, a limited time offer
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that has just been extended. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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the family of a man shot and killed by police spoke out today, the officer shot him on tuesday, police say it appeared he was pointing a weapon, it turned out to be an electronic cigarette the - - device. and the mother accused authorities of trying to paint her son as someone with mental illness.
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>> he was not mental, he was just breaking down, there is a difference. >> reporter: he came to the united states in 1991, immigration officials try to deport him twice because of drug and firearm convictions but uganda refused to take him. president obama waiting on colin kapernick and his protest, and he told the audience that he supports his right to free speech but he wants others to do this in to the pain it could cause somebody whose spouse or child was killed in combat, he said that he should also think about the pain of someone who's loved one was shot. seats are being sold for just $39 each way, we did some
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checking, the seats are available starting october 3rd, the low fares exclude friday's and weekends, the tickets are part of the fall flash sale that was supposed to come to an end yesterday but it has apparently carried over for one more day. >> an early warning system that could save lives. >> minutes or even seconds could help us take medical immediate action. >> the push in sacramento for a statewide earthquake alert system. >> we are tracking the cooldown, and a chance for umbrellas needed in the forecast. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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new funding for technology that could warn california residents before the next big earthquake hits, governor brown signed legislation to advance the development of a statewide earthquake warning system, it could provides - - precious time to prepare before a large earthquake hit, the technology has potential to save lives. >> earthquake shaking expected and 59 seconds. >> you are listening to the earthquake early warning notification system. >> these are for earthquakes of significance that result in shaking. >> california has 570 earthquake centers and seismologists were unable to get the warning out to the public after recent earthquakes.
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>> it was not fast enough last time. >> today the office announced $10 million in new state funding, doubling the number of sensors statewide to 1100, providing extra time to react. >> minutes or even seconds could help us take critical immediate action. >> early warnings can also help mass transit systems. >> 40 of those trains are going to be traveling 70 miles per hour. if i have 20 seconds of warning, i can reduce that down. >> the one that it will take two years to roll out a new system, and it will take a massive overhaul of technology. >> most people assume that it will be on their cell phone, that is a goal but the system
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is not currently capable of delivering fast medications to millions of people. >> they have 20 seconds to slow them down. it could be a big difference. >> now you've got them going 80 miles per hour, that could cause more problems. it is an interesting deal. and in japan they been working on it for a while, it will be interesting to see how it goes. 50 seconds is is a not a lot of time to get it together. 73 in santa rosa, temperatures tomorrow are going to be about the same, these numbers are cooler than they have been, we've been working at that with temperatures on the downtrend, it has been cooler, it has helped firefighters, air quality, and we had a lot of heat around here sunday, monday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, air quality is changing except in the santa clara valley, smoke from the
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loma fire has been dropping down into the valley, creating issues for the summons and - - santa clara valley, with an air quality of the - - alert in effect, fog as you head toward the bay area on friday, more of the same, by sunday and saturday, by tomorrow, things are changing, the wind changes and by sunday, a chance of showers and sprinkles, san jose, right now, 67 degrees, easy sunshine, a lot of smoke in the area, partly cloudy tomorrow morning, friday morning, most of that fog stays north, late in the day, the clouds start to clear, smoke toward evergreen, down toward the southern side of san jose, san jose proper, by afternoon, daytime high under 70 degrees, a a big difference from where we were a couple of days ago, it difference from a couple of days ago, the low pressure center is the real deal, coming
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in from the gulf of alaska, you know, it is a cool system, temperatures on sunday are going to stay into the mid- sixties, cool, a good opportunity for sprinkles as that system gets closer, starting off with a little bit of wind tomorrow, interesting as it could cause issues for firefighters down here. this will help firefighters, sliding through sunday, monday, mostly sunday afternoon and monday morning, the tenth of an inch of rain in some places along the coast, san francisco, oakland, 51 hundredths is what you could expect. especially northern california. computer model does this, it looks like winter, late fall to me, there it is. it will evolve, change the timing, that is the sweet spot, lights out - - showers, it will
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all go off, you will just need a different set of clothes and outfits then you need to last week at this time. it is going to be cooler. there is the five-day forecast with the bay area in view, interesting, i'm reading a book called earthquake storms, they are talking about this history of earthquakes, they talked about how little they knew back then and how little we know now, it is crazy, 100 years of this, we are still trying to figure out more. we thought that we would have an earth cake - - earthquake warning system dialed in 100 years ago. >> bill, thank you. >> roto-rooter for - - to the rescue for a kitten, an assistant manager recalled - - saw the assistant manager and - - firefighters were trying to
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coax out a kitten, but she would not budge. they offered to use a camera to get a look at that kitty. >> we were using it to move it around a little bit. >> somebody willing to stop and say how can i help? and provided an opportunity to get that kitten out quickly. see the best part here, one of the responding officers adopted that and named her stormy, she said that she had been looking for the perfect cat but the perfect cat found her. >> that is nice. >> they just started training camp and believe it or not, they actually play the first preseason game this weekend in toronto, they hope new additions will divide muscle on the court this season, we spoke to a couple of them today. mark is up next with sports.
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they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. you will call, lady gaga
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sing the national anthem guy the super bowl is set for february 5th next year, in houston, and you can watch it right here. >> never too early to start the promo. >> it was awesome. yes. okay, mark, you are here, and it's going to be like this. >> last year, march, we said what else can you say about the team? how about happy birthday? 28 on 29, moving on from there, they have this nice guy image. and they have toughened up a little bit. and that is david west. both guys are now warriors but they had a little mixup last year on former respective teams, today, in camp, they gave the warriors a big
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presence, tough guy known around the league. they talked about their roles, their image, and whether or not they have - - been able to make up. >> have you talked to bob and steve about what they expect your role might be? >> we've had some conversations about it. yes. yes. i think every team needs a tough guy, without it, it is very hard, you know, play different positions. you know, play to my strengths. you know, it is about the impact of a basketball player, and being able to provide some leadership. [ crowd noise ] [ indiscernible ] >> we are not kids. you know, it is the first time
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and we come together and of course it is is a good thing. >> a good thing, give david west a hug, keep everything cool. giants could be out of the wild card slot if they do not win the game today, things are looking good for the cardinals. the perennial all-star catcher has himself a home run. and who is he pointing and waving to? it is his brother, brother, you may remember benji who helped out with the broadcast there, and that all game in the evening. giants fans hope that the score does not hold up, meantime, we will show you something funny. back in minnesota, americans
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against europeans. they are heckling, saying you cannot make that. justin says okay, you think it is that easy, yeah, come up here, the guy in his jeans, johnson steps up, they give him a punter, they go out its peer can here is what happens. >> he was reveling in his moment there. he also was able to win $100 that was put on the line. step up, put your money where your mouth is, he did it for sure, a fun afternoon over san francisco, and shaquille o'neal is pushing his new vodka, and
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he had a special message. >> this is personalized for julie, julie, this is shakeel o'neil, i love you, i love your work put a message on it. julie, this is for you, julie guy love you. >> pretty nice. >> i love it. i didn't get the bottle. >> fabulous young lady. >> pretty cool. way to go. >> your promotional team is doing the work. [ laughing ] >> i love it. >> serious stuff. >> he looked like he had a couple in him. >> what is his name? >> david johnson from north dakota. [ laughing ] have a good night.
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