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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a deadly motorcycle asking -- accident on interstate 80 in vallejo. tonight we learned the victim was an off-duty police officer from the city of san pablo. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a sudden loss for an east bay police force. 53-year-old william zink was killed this morning on his way to work for san pablo pd. he was a school resource officer and the father of seven children. ktvu's debora villalon in san pablo where we're told he was
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beloved by officers and the community. debora? >> reporter: in vallejo a bad crash just before 7:00 a.m.  that jammed interstate 80 for the morning commute. and at the middle school in san pablo word spread. that traffic accident had cost them someone dear. >> he loved our school. he told me this was his favorite job. >> reporter: 53-year-old ken zink was the school resource officer. bringing a big heart to his job. he took students to a's games and went to their homes in times of trouble. >> he was a rock for them. helping them bridge with their families. when there's problems, helping them at school and if they can't concentrate. >> reporter: this eighth-grader is one of those kids. >> asking me are you okay? like i had problems. and he used to like support me and told me what i should do.
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>> reporter: chp says he was on his harley-davidson riding in between a nissan titan and a big rig when he collided with the pickup and fell onto the tractor-trailer. he was dead at the scene. >> a hard devastating loss for all of us. >> reporter: san pablo's mayor described a somber city hall. flags lowered and work set- aside. >> it's been a slow day. you know, on purpose. deliberate. we have to allow everyone to process and i think it was relaxing for him to get on his bike and just ride. and unfortunately in the bay area, it's not a safe way to travel. >> we work hand-in-hand on that campus. trying to give these kids alternatives. >> reporter: those who worked alongside say he saw the big picture. >> when a kid would get into trouble that he was there to punish them but he would actually walk them to the process of change. amazing man. amazing. >> reporter: he also rides a motorcycle. >> on a harley once you are going a certain direction and the weight goes, you are going with it.
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>> reporter: does it make you rethink lane splitting? >> definitely. i'm going to be a lot more careful now. >> reporter: the chief spent the day with zink's family. he was a father of seven, coast guard officer, spent six years with el cerrito pd and then nine in san pablo. >> you could see officer zink with this amazing smile. >> reporter: at an awards night with a star wars theme ken zink dressed up as obi-wan kenobi. in a school of 1000 children, he was always smiling and connecting. >> almost everyone told me they talked to him just yesterday. amazing how many people he talked to yesterday but i believe it. that he did. he checked in with everyone. he knew us by name. it's incredible. >> deborah tells us students are asking if september 29 can be officer zink day going forward. a gofundme is set up for his family and we have links to that at new questions tonight about railway safety after a commuter
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train smashed into a train station in hoboken new jersey. one person on the platform was killed. 114 other people were hurt. this is just the latest in a series of commuter train wrecks across the country over the past two years. while the cause of this accident is under investigation, it highlights how many transit agencies have failed to install the latest technology despite requirements to do so. fox news reporter joel waldman is in hoboken tonight at the crash scene. good evening, joel. >> reporter: frank, good evening to you. ntsb earlier today said they were going to be able to get to that event recorder which is like a black box on an airplane of course, send that out for analysis which should have a lot of answers. but witnesses had answers saying this train did not stop at all crashing into one of the busiest train stations in the new york city area. >> we'll be pulling the event recorder this evening. from the event recorder we hope to get information such as
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speed and breaking. >> reporter: trying to learn what went wrong around 8:45 a.m. thursday causing this commuter train to speed off the tracks and crash into one of the new york city areas busiest train stations right at the height of morning rush-hour. the crash killing a 34-year-old new jersey mother standing inside the station as the impact caused part of the station's roof to collapse. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in all more than 100 people are confirmed injured in the crash including the train's engineer. >> he's been released from the hospital and we will be interviewing him. >> reporter: as part of their probe, investigators say they will look at positive train control. a safety technology that federal government has been pushing railroads to put into place for decades. >> i'm concerned that new jersey transit as of the 2016 filing that they had to file with the federal railroad administration has no positive chain control in their locomotives.
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>> reporter: now, that positive train control is something the ntsb has been trying to institute for the last 40 years. today house minority leader nancy pelosi blasting congress for not giving them funding to institute and implement that. meanwhile learning more about the one woman who died today. 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon. reportedly came here from brazil a year ago. with her 1-year-old daughter julia. who today she dropped off at daycare as she went to look for new homes. tragic story here. >> frank? >> joel waldman in hoboken, new jersey thank you. harvard educated lawyer accused of a bizarre kidnapping in vallejo pleaded guilty today in federal court. 39-year-old matthew muller of south lake tahoe admitted guilt on the kidnapping charge as part of a plea deal. the maximum sentence is life in prison. but in return to the guilty
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plea, prosecutors agreed they wouldn't ask for more than 40 years. mueller is scheduled to be back in court in january. cameras were not allowed in the sacramento courtroom for today's hearing. mueller admitted he broke into the home of aaron quinn and denise huskins, drugged them and kidnapped huskins. mueller held her hostage at his home in lake tahoe and demanded ransom. he then drove huskins the woman right here to her hometown of huntington beach and released her. >> mr. mueller was trying to show that he was accepting responsibility and we feel that this is the way that will someday open a door for him to return to society. >> attorney representing huskins and quinn said today's guilty plea is a big step toward justice but he also said vallejo police and the fbi mishandled this case by initially calling it a hoax. >> they didn't do a good job in this case. they impeded the investigation to the point where they had to
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suffer through two days of anguish and assault. >> douglas repertory says when huskins was being held, quinn told investors that the kidnapper planned to call him but the detectives put his phone on airplane mode and then missed the call. another attorney is representing the couple in a civil lawsuit against the city of vallejo. new numbers to share with you tonight from the loma fire that's burning in the santa cruz mountains. cal fire says containment has grown to 34%. but the area burned has also gone up to 4100 acres. and the number of homes destroyed is up to eight with 300 more homes still threatened tonight. to attend ktvu's paul chambers is along summit road where firefighters brief residents at a community meeting. what did they tell them, paul? >> reporter: i would say that that meeting wrapped up a little bit more than an hour ago and loma prieta elementary. we found out that one firefighter was injured earlier today.
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battling the fire not sure exactly what caused it. i will tell you for the last hour there have been people out here filling up the water tanker trucks. a few miles away so they will fill up and head back out to the fire. many people here tonight wanted to know if the fires will make them not have a home to go home to. >> out there assessing everything right now. >> reporter: more than 100 people packed the elementary school all in attendance were hanging on cal fire's every word. >> yeah. i've been out of my home living in hotels. >> reporter: david strong is one of dozens of people displaced by the loma fire. which has been burning since monday. >> it's like hell. like hell came in and it's burning. everything up. >> i decided to go back up to save my dog. when i was trying to get my dog, the fire all up and down the mountain here. >> reporter: his dog survived. cal fire says the latest numbers show eight homes destroyed, and nine other structures with one on damaged. >> all the paintings.
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and my photo equipment. my grandma stuff. and -- everything -- >> priscilla uber lives alone with chiquita rose where cal fire says the fire started. she says at this time she's not sure her home is one of those destroyed. but her friends have lost everything. >> we just have nothing. it's just -- lost everything. we're not out of danger. >> reporter: officials say with the temperature dropping the weather condition has changed. increase -- has his firefighters preparing for the worst. >> this predicted winds up to 30 this weekend. which is something we take very seriously and we will plan for as we attack this fire. >> reporter: cal fire says the fire is still burning in an area that is in steep terrain that they are not able to access at this time. overnight cruise will continue to work the containment line and i will say they still say they do not know the exact cause of the fire.
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frank? >> paul chambers reporting live, thank you. there is some good news tonight in sonoma county where firefighters have the saw mill 100% contained. the fire started last sunday and burned 1600 acres near the geysers about 10 miles east of cloverdale. to minor injuries reported, no structures were damaged. because is still under investigation. the temperatures have been cooling off. we even as we press into the weekend here have a shot at some showers. i'll let you know what you can expect for your friday and the weekend. ahead in 11 minutes the youth football team cut by its league. by parents and coaches told us about the setback and the young players who refused to be thrown for a loss. he was incredibly charming, intelligent, passionate and compassionate. >> israel's former president being remembered as a visionary in the bay area. up next the gathering of world
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leaders in jerusalem for a state funeral.
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world leaders gathering in jerusalem as our where funeral services for israeli leader and nobel peace prize winner shimon perez are set to begin in just three hours. ktvu's jana katsuyama spoke with people in san francisco about their memories and his bay area ties. jana? >> reporter: shimon peres visited the bay area as
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recently as four years ago. tonight at funeral set to begin in israel, people here are reflecting as well. >> long lines of mourners filed past the flag draped cop it -- coffin where israel's ninth president shimon peres lane state outside the parliament building. former president bill clinton arrived and paid his respect as president obama boarded a plane for israel where he will join hundreds of world leaders for friday's funeral. israeli flags at half staff, american flags here, also lowered at federal building. including the federal courthouse in san francisco. >> i know a lot of people who are mourning today. in israel. and i know that san francisco has shown me that it is morning with us. and i'm thankful for this community for doing that. >> reporter: israel's consul general dr. auntie david new shimon peres and says he was a man looking to the future meeting with ed lee last year and with top tech leaders
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during a bay area visit four years earlier. >> he met with mark zuckerberg and sergei, he met with mark benioff. >> reporter: congregation emanuel in san francisco showed us where mr. perez spoke to an overflow crowd during that visit. >> he stood right here and he spoke and he was incredibly charming, intelligent. passionate and compassionate. >> reporter: a man who she says kept dreaming of peace. long after the historic 1993 israel palestinian peace agreement. >> 90 years old not only not retired, didn't seem like he was tired. seemed like he was filled with passion for the work that had carried him up to that point. >> reporter: a life's work reflected by the fact that mark buda boss plans to attend the funeral. a memorial in san francisco is being planned for san francisco. >> it will be a tribute to his life and to his dreams, his
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hopes. to be here in support of not just his past but the future that's ahead because of him. >> reporter: the consul general says starting tomorrow they will have a condolence look for the community to leave messages. nancy pelosi is part of this u.s. delegation that is going to jerusalem for the funeral. that happens in three hours. >> a man who really continued his life's work up until the very end. >> thank you. richmond police have identified a suspect in a deadly shooting and now asking for the public's help to try to locate him. 20-year-old jeremy moore is wanted in connection with the shooting of 18-year-old khalil martinez on september 19. police don't know the motive but they say the attack was unprovoked. moore is 5'8", 130. if you seen him call 911 immediately.
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a pair of unsuspecting tourists were mugged in san francisco and had their cameras stolen at 145 yesterday afternoon at the corner of greenwich and leavenworth near the bottom of the crooked section of lombard street. investigators say they claimed to have begun. the victims were not hurt but the robbers got away on foot with their cameras. is the latest in a string of similar crimes in that area which is often filled with tourists. some people in the castro restrict art on edge after the release of a convicted arsonist. david munoz diaz was in jail for selling a string of fires in the castro. before that he spent three years in jail for involuntary manslaughter. he strangled his sex partner in buena vista park and then set the body on fire. >> i think the thing with arsonist is pretty scary but it points to a bigger problem. we're not dealing well in society with repetitive offenders. >> police say for the next six months diaz was banned from 18th street between castro and
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hartford. officers tell ktvu they plan to circulate his pitcher to every business within 150 yards of the bar on 18th. which is owned by diaz's former partner. a 64-year-old algebra teacher is under arrest for the alleged sexual assault of a student. david graham was taken into custody at harker academy. he faces felony charges for sexual assault of a minor under 14. investigators say the female victim recently told a friend about the alleged assault which happened in 2007 when she was just 13. the victim's friend then called police. streets of downtown san jose were jammed today but not with cars. more than 1000 union electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers and pipefitters marched to a construction site near san pedro and julian. they are upset about a new luxury high-rise under construction at that location. demonstrators say the developer
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kt urban is bringing nonunion workers from outside the area who are doing the work for celebrate pay. >> more and more we see construction work going to workers who are from out of the area out of the state even, not getting paid good wages and not getting benefits. it's terrible for those workers, terrible for the local economy. >> the union workers are promising more demonstrations in the days ahead. we went to an office for kt urban but we were told they have no comment. temperatures continuing on the cool side after big heat earlier this week. saturday was hot, sunday records, monday records. tuesday, wednesday temperatures have been trending down. into today, where it was still a bit cooler. that helps firefighters and air quality and kind of helps the air-conditioning bill as well. there's the fog for right now. that's where it is. a bunch of it. the fog is going to be around when you get going. temperatures tonight down into the upper 40s and the cold spots. we're going to see a cool to
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mild friday. what that means is a day similar to the day today. inland valleys are going to be hotspots, upper 70s, mostly upper 70s. may below 80. and then around the bay, just in the 60s. at the coast, hanging with jackets all day. friday, into saturday, transitions occurring and as we get towards the weekend, we've got range talk about. next time you see me, talking about the chance of some showers for part and beyond -- actually for the tie and -- tail end of your bay area weekend. and also look at the showers that could end up being around here next week. regulators gave a sample of approval for two private companies to offer new commuter ferry service on the bay. one of the companies called prop expects to begin operating service between berkeley and emeryville and redwood city and san francisco at the start of next year. another company called tide line marine group says it will offer service between berkeley
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and san francisco starting at the end of next month. bay area woman with a quest to bring joy to children in refugee camps. >> they've been separated from their family. some of the families have been hijacked at sea. >> how she is trying to change lives one soccerball at a time. this heyward youth football team was cut from their lead. parents and coaches are pulling together to teach these kids a life lesson about facing adversity. --
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the parents of a youth football team say their league has suddenly cut their team. the parents of the hayward aggies reached out to us saying the decision affects nearly 90 children. ktvu's amber lee is a -- is in hayward where the players are still practicing even though their league has essentially kicked them out. amber? >> reporter: bret hart middle
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school, this is where the hayward aggies practice. on monday they were dropped from the lead. >> it makes me feel like -- like i could do something on the field. >> reporter: many of these young football players come from low income single-parent homes. the $275 needed to play each season comes from sponsors and fundraisers. >> helps me get fit and helps me keep my grades up because i really want to play high school. i don't know if i don't keep my grades up i won't be able to play. >> reporter: damien a two-time all-star was hoping to make it a third time this season. but the news came monday that the delta youth football league cut their team. lavelle renfro is the aggies head coach. >> everything is not going to go as scripted. it's how you handle it. as a person that defines how you are. >> reporter: the commissioner
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tells me the team has failed to meet minimum player requirements over the past five years. >> it's hard out here because parents have one or two jobs to survive in east bay. they don't have time to bring their kids to practice. it's hard to keep them. >> reporter: this season the failure to secure a suitable field for home games. and then the last-minute cancellation of a game saturday led to the team being cut. >> it was like devastating. frustrating. and like kind of sad. >> reporter: sad but not defeated. the parents and coaches all volunteers coming together to hash out a new game plan. the goal is to keep the youngsters safe and off the streets. >> just more than football. it's a family and it's really hard. so we're trying to stick together. >> reporter: and learning to face adversity with grit. >> things you can learn in winning and things you can learn in losing. that's what we're all about. so much more than football. >> down, set! >> reporter: resilience is in
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the playbook. >> nice move. the job, baby. that's the way you do it. >> i hope we can join another league. >> the aggies are considering asking for reinstatement but they've already lined up a game for saturday. they will be playing a team from another league. while it more -- they say it will count where it matters the most. frank? >> let's hope they can come to some kind of agreement and get them back in the league there. amber leigh, thank you. will the weather cooperate for a special fundraiser in oakland? look who was there. frank. >> a. >> he emceed the outdoor on the grounds of oakland museum. outdoor afro is the organization dedicated to helping black people of all ages reconnect with the great outdoors. oakland woman started this organization in 2009. it now has participants in 28 states. >> they do some great stuff. it was fun. gender-neutral bathrooms in california. the legislation just signed by governor brown.
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up next spreading joy through soccer. see how a bay area woman is trying to brighten the lives of children.
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on segment to a journey of love, bay area woman has taken on a big challenge with one simple goal. spread happiness to children uprooted from their homes in syria and living in refugee camps in greece. she says in doing that, she hopes to raise awareness about the sacrifice, danger and despair those children and their families face every day. >> reporter: smiles. laughter. soccer. >> 16. 17. >> reporter: three simple things behind one heartfelt mission. >> can you do my son's soccerball? please.
10:30 pm
it's like liquid gold right now. i didn't know that when i started but it was a nice validation to hear that from them. >> reporter: alexandra chris is a young woman with a big heart. >> be kind, be kind. >> reporter: it's her goal to make a positive impact on the world and she says she plans to do it one soccerball at a time. >> i think soccer is its own language. because it doesn't matter the color of your skin. doesn't matter your gender or your age. if i have a soccerball and i kick it to anybody in this park they'll know to kick it back without saying a word to me. >> she was born and raised in san francisco. she works full-time for a venture capital firm on the peninsula. but is now embarking on a.m. -- an ambitious new journey about to take her across international borders. permission? spread joy and raise awareness about syrian children in refugee camps in and around athens. >> i went through all of my checklists.
10:31 pm
and i thought soccer. i want to bring them balls and i want them to remember that someone gave them a ball and they were able to play for a small time. >> helping children is something everyone agrees is a wonderful thing. why help kids in greece? why not kids here? >> i feel like over there those kids don't have a chance. right now. they've risked their lives to get on a boat. they've been separated from their families. some of the families have been hijacked. >> reporter: her project centers around a simple act of kindness. chris says the idea came to her after she recently learned something about her own family. >> my mom mentioned that ice giving she said we could be syrian refugees. what do you mean? lebanese and greek. she said if your great- grandmother didn't put your grandfather on the boat, anyone of us could be a syrian refugee right now. >> reporter: she says that story haunted her but in a good way. >> this fact kept me up so many
10:32 pm
nights. look at the dark circles. you know what i'm saying? i lost a lot of sleep and then it came to me. my mission. called peace, joy, soccer. >> with the help of social media, chris set the fundraiser in july hoping to get donations to buy soccer balls. she also asked for handmade cards and selfies so she could pass them out to families in the refugee camps. as word spread about her mission, chris says she began to crush her goal almost immediately. >> i've been getting support financially from australia, new zealand, england. all over america. people from egypt reaching out and sending me messages. >> so excited. >> reporter: there is still one big hurdle. getting more than 700 soccerball therese. she contacted a vendor in pakistan who agreed to is make the balls and then ship them to her hotel in athens. >> he was like we want to do
10:33 pm
our part and help. we're going to throw in pumps for you and anything to make your project better because we love what you're doing. >> reporter: a youth soccer coach in marin county also heard about the project and it moved them. shea whelen says as soon as he learned about peace, joy, soccer, he knew he wanted to join the effort. >> a roller coaster of emotions feeling anxious, nervous. excited. timid. just so excited to get there and help those that are less fortunate and bring awareness here to the bay area. of those that are in need. >> like a soccerball being kicked back and forth, chris says life is about connection. with the hope to generate joy, camaraderie and friendship. >> i just feel that every home matters and if they can have a chance to have joy in their life i want to bring it. >> and she did bring it. alexandra and shea just returned home from their visit to greece. they were able to pass out those brightly colored soccer balls to children and a number
10:34 pm
of schools, orphanages and camps. alex says each of the camps is different and living conditions there are very poor. she also says getting access to them is not easy. you can't just show up. it can be dangerous. they had to get the blessings of local officials and then be escorted into those camps. >> i want to talk about her in a second. did she talk about the reactions of the kids? >> every one came into contact with felt blessed and honored that she was hear from the bay area from california over there to bring the balls. something she just started in july. she had an idea and she put it all together, tricky getting the logistics down, and some of the balls were delayed. so she was on the phone. i talked to her today getting those balls to go to even more camps. and more schools and more orphanages. she has a lot more to do and shea joined her and its peace, joy, soccer. >> when you see her smile, you can't help but smile back.
10:35 pm
is she really the type of person? i picture getting up in the morning thinking, what can i do that's good today? >> she is full of energy and she says my heart is happy. i feel full. just such a fun meeting someone like that who has such a good idea. >> i love the line. you kick someone the ball, they could get back to you. >> it makes you smile. gray story. jerry brown has signed a bill that would help eliminate any debate over who should use which restroom in public buildings. he signed the legislation that makes all single user bathrooms gender-neutral so anyone can use them. saying that it establishes the nation's most inclusive bathroom access law, he says it will counter hateful efforts in other states that discriminate against transgender people. >> earthquake. inspected in 59 seconds. the governor also signed
10:36 pm
off on $10 million in funding to get california's earthquake warning system up and running. the office of emergency services says the money will almost double the number of sensors statewide to about 1100. early warning could provide precious seconds for trains to slow down. schoolchildren to duck and cover. and automated systems to shut down gas lines. the warning system called shake alert is expected to be in operation within the next year or two. on wall street stocks fell sharply on renewed concerns that germany's deutsche bank may need a bailout. the dow fell 195. nasdaq was off 49. s&p lost 20. the giants need a win tonight to stay ahead of st. louis in the wild-card race. but they fell behind early. mark ibanez will show us if the comeback was enough and where the giants now stand with three games to go.
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the ceo of wells fargo is back on the hot seat facing questions from angry members of congress. this time john stumpf appeared before the house financial services committee. since testifying before a senate committee last week he has agreed to forfeit $41 million in pay and the san francisco-based bank announced a number of reforms but that didn't seem to impress members of congress today who continued to blast the wells fargo ceo for the 2 million accounts that were created without the knowledge of customers. >> you have broken a long- standing law and you've defrauded your customers. how can you rebuild trust? >> i'm fully committed to fixing this issue.
10:40 pm
strengthening our culture and taking the necessary steps and actions to restore our customers trust. >> wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million in fines to settle fraud cases brought by federal regulators in connection with the scandal. one of oakland's first new housing development in years is generating a lot of interest in west oakland. stationhouse west will have 171 two and three bedroom townhomes starting around $600,000. the new homes are just a few blocks away from the west oakland park station. the first 10 homes are ready for sale and already more than 1000 people have applied to buy one. locals worry the complex will drive home prices in the area higher. the developers say they are giving renters an opportunity to become buyers. bay area weekend almost here. looking for something to do there's a big music festival in golden gate park. best of all it's free. ktvu's rosemary orozco has that and more in our weekend watch. >> we head into the first
10:41 pm
weekend of october with a lot going on. celebrate bay day on saturday, annual event is a call for everyone to celebrate the bay from local parks and museums to other attractions. san francisco, it's the 16th annual hartley strictly bluegrass festival. the extravagance will be held at golden gate park and will host seven stages and over 100 artists. in san mateo had to the fourth annual bacon and brewfest will complete with craft brews live entertainment food trucks and events for kids, the festival runs saturday and sunday. in redwood city enjoyed an all- day waterfront festival at port fest. this event features free boat rides, live music, food, drinks, port fest is saturday 10:00 till 3:00 at the port of redwood city. in the east bay celebrate oktoberfest craft beer, food and entertainment can be found in oakland diamond district on saturday from 11:00 till 6:00. or head to clayton for their oktoberfest celebration which includes two fun filled days of live music german food, beer,
10:42 pm
wine and intimate. if you're close to the south page on the german tradition at mountain view's annual oktoberfest that celebration is planned for adults and kids saturday and sunday at the stein beer garden and restaurant. last stop the north bay where the sonoma county harvest fair is happening. this three-day event features vintages from more than 100 wineries craft beer and cider tasting food pairings and chef demonstrations. harvest there is at the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa. in sports niners giants and quakes at home, raiders and a's on the rose. -- on the road. i'm rosemary orozco. the nfl has chosen the halftime act for the next super bowl. also yosemite's chief retires amid accusations from park staff.
10:43 pm
♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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the head of yosemite national park is retiring amid claims of a toxic work
10:45 pm
environment. national park service says done new marker made the announcement yesterday. at a congressional hearing last week the parks fire chief said she was publicly humiliated by new barker. other employees described hostile and harassing work conditions. u.s. interior department has now launched an investigation. nfl made it official, lady gaga has signed on to headline the halftime show at next year's super bowl. >> [ singing ] and the home of the brave ♪ >> lady gaga saying the national anthem at levi's stadium before the last super bowl. that performance was a big hit and now she's getting the halftime gig. super bowl is being held in houston next year on set -- on february 5. you can watch it live on fox. temperatures today were
10:46 pm
cooling off a little bit. it's been a big trend downward since saturday last week sunday, monday with the record heat. tuesday doing pretty warm and then wednesday, thursday -- tomorrow temperatures continue to cool off. so that's what you're going to notice. that's with the daytime highs reflecting 85 in antioch, 79 in fairfield. that's down from 101 on monday and even parts of tuesday we've got triple digits. the fog is in. the fall-like weather pattern is with us and it's going to take us into the bay area weekend. fog tomorrow morning your bay area friday very, very similar to what we had today. in terms of sunshine, temperatures. winds sustained at sfo 20 miles an hour right now. that's an onshore flow that's how it's going to go for a little while. overnight lows, low 50s. chilly up there around sebastopol and santa rosa with upper 40s. fog forecast for the morning so tomorrow, and then yellows are 70s. look where the 70s are in the
10:47 pm
hotspots. couple days ago there's going to be 70s tomorrow. where there were 80s and 90s there's going to be 60s tomorrow. and microclimates getting slightly washed out because you're going to see 60s up to the coast with clearing tomorrow afternoon. the system gets in here sunday, brings showers sunday afternoon, into monday. maybe a little bit more into monday afternoon. and midmorning into monday afternoon. a little breezy tomorrow that's causing problems for firefighters down near the loma fire because the good wind direction moist and cooler, but it is wind. seems like they are doing a good job containing it. it's come down a lot and i know the cal fire weather forecasters and national weather service guys are all over this. they probably set them selves up so when the northwest or westerly wind flows they'll have it contained. this weekend here comes the system. cooler for sure on sunday with highs just in the mid-60s upper 60s. we're all the way to sunday lunchtime, there it is. that's what we've been talking about.
10:48 pm
your chance of showers, don't change your plans but it's going to wet -- it's going to get wet. quarter inch in santa rosa, half-inch around ukiah. and then flies out of here but look at lake tahoe, some snow with the elevations. how much rain could we see? not very much. .05 in santa rosa, .1 in ukiah. forecast highs tomorrow, look how much cooler they are. 70s. and then the five-day forecast, with the trend of cooler, i kind of smiled when we talk about the rain because or light showers, it is huge for all the fire. number of fires burning throughout the state. a little bit moisture will go miles. they'll have these fires really handled by tuesday, wednesday. >> that's good. thank you. did the giants do it? sports is next. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes
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on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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joining us now is --
10:51 pm
it is so coming down to the wire. only three games left. but they won tonight. >> yeah. i mean you just don't have the total buzz that the giants usually create. but i think it's would happen now with the dodgers coming in. and the giants playing a little better baseball of late. taking two out of three from colorado. to be honest i think there was more buzz about the warriors opening training camp but but
10:52 pm
giants are playing better. their pitchers struck out 11 batters in all three games against the rockies. looking good and the fans are into it. look at this guy. much to lose. two beers and the ball and then look out below. the gentleman with the giants cap on caught it. fourth inning, down 2-1. joe panik delivers the little slicer. starting to fall in, maybe. rbi single. hunter pence in. 2-2 into the sixth. 11 in so the giants lead 3-2. johnny cueto he lazed -- he lays down a beauty. the gold glover perennial gold glover at third nolan arenado throws the ball down the right- field line. two runs scored. the giants were on their way but look at hunter pence. a.k.a. kramer of seinfeld. he is excited. giants fans excited. they take it 7-2. i do not like instant replay
10:53 pm
in major league baseball. i'm going to give you another example why. giants fans want the cardinals to lose and instant replay had a little something to do with them winning. ninth inning bottom of the night, tie game, yadier molina, matt carpenter rounds first all the way around to score. and he is in with the game deciding run. however, that ball was actually a ground rule double. he should have been taken back to third. bryan price the manager and the umpires left the field. did not review the play. and they said price was just too late to ask for instant replay. so right in the middle of a pennant race, st. louis wins the game that maybe they shouldn't have. the giants are still one game up on the scene was cardinals. instant replay fails again. the a is -- the a's do fail in seattle. everybody trying to get it over with. but this was kind of funny.
10:54 pm
it is a nice foul ball attempt by yonder alonso. almost crashed into the two women there. watch. a pat on the head. just a little embarrassed by that but maybe liking the fact the big leaguer pressed against them for a moment. eighth-inning mariners up 2-1. marte adds a little insurance with the rbi stroke, 3-1. important because the a's score one run in the top of the ninth. but do fall cheyenne that one was a big difference 3-2 write there. plenty reason to believe the warrior image will change a little bit. always seems as real nice guys, they will have some attitude. lots of new guys on the roster. is up at julia in the middle with david west. -- zaza pachulia working out with the warriors as they continue their training camp on the way to their first exhibition game this weekend. already. and david west talks about his role and zaza pachulia, whether
10:55 pm
they've made up a little bit or not. >> have you talked to bob myers and steve about what they expect your role might be? >> we've had some conversations about it. yeah. i think every team needs the enforcer. every team needs a tough guy that goes without it it would be -- very hard to win pretty. you know, play a couple different positions. play to my strengths. mostly been about impact of the best ballplayer and obviously being able to provide some leadership. >> and now david west and zaza pachulia, escalation of tempers and verbiage. is happening here. >> we not kids. you know? this is a business. first time i gave him a good hug. we teammates now. we represent this team. we professionals. so tough guys together.
10:56 pm
for this team. that's a good thing. >> all right. for all of us out there who have had visions of grandeur, take a look at this practice round for the ryder cup. one of the hecklers in the gallery says you can't make that putt, to one of the europeans. team usa justin rose goes over and says you get out here, try into it. would you? that he does. >> one of the great pots in ryder cup history. he is he does ask what i don't believe it. [ cheering ] oh! >> dakota has his moment. justin rose also gave him 100 bucks as promised. >> to show that? couldn't even see it. >> cell phone video. >> what a shot. >> thanks, mark. thanks for joining us. see you later. u later. way
10:57 pm
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