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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> and i'm mike mibach. election day 39 days away, and the presidential nominees have been trading accusations on social media and the campaign trail. >> reporter: follow the money. donald trump's latest line of attack against his rival hillary clinton comes after his controversial debate performance monday night. but as he hit the campaign trail, he has been testing out new catch phrases as well. >> follow the money. the large corporations who support terrible trade deals. offshore jobs, they take these jobs, they offshore the jobs. they're donating to hillary clinton. it's called follow the money. >> reporter: hillary clinton has said by most of the mainstream media to have won the first debate, and why she did see a bump in post debate polls, it's unclear how much the debates matter. >> i expect clinton move up a point or two or three or whatever it is in those swing states. it's not going to be enough to get her iowa.
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it may not get her ohio, but it probably will restore some of her lead in colorado. >> some strategists say trump's reserved demeanor monday night was part of his overall strategy, and that he plans to go after her husband bill clinton, and his past infidelities at the next debate in st. louis. mrs. clinton says she's not worried about the speculation. >> i'm going to keep talking about the stakes in this election. i'm going to keep talking about my agenda that will, i believe, increase growth, make it fairer, have it be lasting, deal with the real problems that families are confronting. >> reporter: and for the first time in its history, usa came pretty close to endorsing a candidate this morning. the editorial board laid into trump with blistering criticisms, saying he's unfit for president. in washington, i'm gary tenny, fox news. some tweets sent out by donald trump early this morning are also making headlines. at 2:30, trump posted a tweet accusing hillary clinton's
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campaign of helping 1996 miss universe winner, alicia machado to become a united states citizen. trump suggested machado duped clinton in monday's debate. clinton responded just a few hours later by tweeting, what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories. she also tweeted that when something gets under donald's thin skin, he lashes out and can't let go. this is dangerous for a president. a new nationwide poll shows hillary clinton has polled 4 points ahead of donald trump since monday night's presidential debate. the public policy polling survey shows clinton with 44% support. trump with 40%, the next debate between the presidential candidates is scheduled for sunday, october 9th. >> we are starting to see the
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damage caused by the loma fire burning out of control in the santa cruz mountains. more than 4300 acres have burned. the fire is 34% contained. ktvu's janine de la vega went up to mount loma to see the destruction. >> a two story house once stood here, and now it is just a pile of rubble. devastated by the fire. the only thing left standing is part of the shower. this is a picture of what we believe is the same house engulfed in flames on monday when the fire started. the house below it was spared. no damage. this morning, an injured cat was found hiding underneath the house. she belongs to the family who lives in the home destroyed above. friend came to find her and another cat that had gone missing. her paws appeared to be burned. we're told the father and two young children who live there barely had any time to escape. cal fire says 8 homes are destroyed. residents we have spoken to off camera worry the number will
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climb. as we drove along the road, we spotted foundations of torched homes eaten by the flames. the hillsides are black, and vegetation is burned away. the fire is still active and crews are holding containment lines trying to protect the 300 homes that are still threatened. a lot of home inners want to know what caused this fire, and if someone is responsible. cal fire says they are still investigating. reporting from the santa cruz mountains, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. there is some good news to report from the fire lines in sonoma county. cal fire says the so called sawmill fire is now 100% contained. it started five days ago, about ten miles east of cloverdale in a remote area of the county. it burned through more than 1600 acres. two minor injuries were reported. no structures were damaged. investigators, though, still looking for the cause. police are asking for the public's help in their search for a possible witness to a hit-
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and-run crash. they've released video from an ac transit bus that was taken around the time of the crash wednesday night in the irvington district. investigators say the man may have information on the crash that critically injured a woman. it happened on fremont boulevard near chapel way. the man appears to be in his 40s and was reportedly driving a light colored toyota camry. an oakland police officer and a former contra costa sheriff's deputy are expected in court to face criminal charges connected to a widespread police scandal. >> crime reporter henry lee was in court and joins us with the allegations launched against them. >> one is still on the oakland force. the other resigned from the contra costa sheriff's office. both are now criminal defendants. oakland police officer, giovanni loverde seen here is accused of having oral sex with a minor. authorities say he first met this woman online while she was under age on social media at the time she was known as
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celeste uap -- guap police say the two engaged in a sex act in a place accessible to the public. giovanni loverde graduated from the police academy in 2014, and this picture here, he's receiving an academic achievement award from then police chief sean went. he resigned over his handling of the scandal. ricardo perez is also accused of having oral sex with the same woman when she was 17. the woman who now goes by her legal name of jasmine abuslin said he had sex with her many times. also told. the city of richmond says it's received a $30 million claim alleging improper conduct by officers. nine officers are facing
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internal discipline. none, though, have been criminally charged. abuslin filed a $66 million claim against the city of oakland. there are among 7 law officers facing criminal charges in alameda county. the contra costa d a's office says it's investigation is ongoing. henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. governor jerry brown, one of the bills requires state prison time for someone convicted of assaulting an unconscious victim instead of a shorter jail sentence like the one brock turner received. the second bill will allow sexual assault victims to say in court that they were raped even if the attack doesn't meet the technical legal definition of rape. turner was released from jail earlier this month after serving half of a six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. a san jose math teacher was arrested on suspicious of the sexual assault of a student.
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64-year-old david graham was arrested at harker school, and police say the alleged crime happened on campus in 2007, that the alleged victim was 13 years old. police say she only recently told a friend about the alleged assault and that friend is the one who called police. harker's school says graham has been placed on administrative leave. with three months left of the year, richmond has reached 21 homicides, the same number as all of last year. this comes two years after a safety campaign cut the homicide rate to eleven, the lowest on record. the east bay times reports the latest increase may be an anomaly because other violent and property crimes have gone down this year compared to last year. richmond police are increasing patrols and working with antigang fbi task force. violence erupts on the streets of a san diego suburb. >> the response to that deadly police shooting. the scene so chaotic, protesters got into fights with drivers and motorcyclists. we're feeling a big cool down around the bay area.
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it's not over. our meteorologist mark tamayo is here with your bay area forecast. and president obama calls him a hero of the 20th 20th century. world leaders say good-bye to former israeli president shimon peres.
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. president obama and other world leaders are paying their final respects to former
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israeli president shimon peres. more on the funeral and eulogy from president obama. >> reporter: world leaders gathering in jerusalem to say good-bye to shimon peres. laid to rest in israel's national cemetery. secretary of state john kerry, bill clinton, and president obama among the dignitaries in attendance. >> he knew better than the cynic, if you look out over the ark of history, human beings should be filled not with fear but with hope. >> peres died on wednesday, at the age of 93, two weeks after suffering a stroke. he's arguably best known for arguing the peace deal between israelis and palestinians. the three winning a nobel peace prize for their efforts. >> he started off life as israel's brightest student, became its best teacher and
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ended up its biggest dreamer. >> it is perhaps hit at this timing then, that paris' funeral prompted -- fitting, then, that. >> shaking hands with current israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu while there. >> he was a great man of israel. he was a great man of the world. >> reporter: this is the largest gathering of foreign dignitaries in israel since the funeral of former prime moneyer minister rabin. the two are buried next to each other. in jerusalem, connor powell. >> we spoke with people who met him during his visit to the bay area. >> not only is he not retired. it seems like he was filled with a passion for the works that had carried him up to that point. >> peres met also with mark
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zuckerberg during the trip. he says he's touched by the condolences condolences messages he's received. >> i know that san francisco has shown me that it's mourning with us, and i'm thankful to this community for doing that. >> there is a condolence book at the israeli consulate in san francisco for the community to leave messages. a memorial is being planned in san francisco in the coming weeks. shock and outrage this morning over comments from philippine president saying he would like to slaughter 3 million drug addicts in his country the way hitler killed jews. >> hitler massacred 3 million jews. now, there is 3 million drug addicts, i would be happy to slaughter them. >> he campaigned on a promise to end corruption and crime, especially illegal drugs. since he took office on june 30 june 30th, more than 3000
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suspected drug dealers and users have been killed. he's also threatened to execute drug traffickers by hanging, saying he didn't want to waste electricity on them. a growing number of international critics, including the u.s. voiced concerns over the killings and human rights violations. back in the states, a violent demonstration took place in el cajon against tuesday's deadly officer involved shooting in the city. police fired flash bangs to push back crowds of protesters. a group of 50 to 75 protesters blocked a major intersection in the eastern san diego county suburb last night. some demonstrators threw bottles at police and smashed car windows. protesters got into shoving matches with drivers and motorcycles. this was the third straight night of protests, following the shooting that claimed the life of alfred olongo. his mother spoke publicly for the first time about the death of her son. >> i know i'm telling you the
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truth, my son, the good loving young man. only 38 years old. >> olong o's family is angry that policed released this single still shot. the object turned out to be an electronic cigarette. his family wants the entire video released. police officers pleaded not in the shooting of an african- american man. betty shelby made her first court appearance this morning. she's charged with first-degree manslaughter in the death of terrence crutcher. shelby told investigators she feared for her life. a preliminary hearing in this case is set for the end of november. i've seen a good number of kayaks and boats behind us along the estuary on this fall day. last day of september as well. >> and it looks like we are heading, can you retoss that to
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me. >> and into the last day of september. >> i'm just getting warmed up. we're talking about a cooling trend heading into the weekend, and possibly a few showers, especially by sunday afternoon, up in the north bay. here's our live camera looking out toward the south bay. a bit of haze out there once again. we are watching the air quality in the south bay with the loma fire still burning. that will continue to be a factor as we head into the weekend. we have some clouds up to the north, starting to look like fall. this cluster of clouds up here, and rainfall, that's going to be a factor as we head into the weekend forecast. we have some scattered high clouds paying us a visit, and high clouds focused up to the north, toward mendocino county, closer to ukiah, eureka as well. current numbers out there showing you 50s and 60s. remember on monday, we had heat advisories, we had temperatures in the 90s in san francisco. right now, just some 60s out there for san jose.
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65. livermore at 67. and santa rosa at 63 degrees. a bit of a wind as well. fairfield, that's a gust to 30 miles per hour. oakland winds westerly, 17: and santa rosa not as strong around 5 miles an hour. more neighborhoods with sfo. that's a gust at 30 miles per hour. we have a bit of a breeze kicking up coastside and around the bay. that is expected as the first front moves in. not producing any rainfall for us. still a drop off in temperatures and gusty winds. cooler for today, a windy friday. we had drizzle near parts of the shoreline this morning, and then into the weekend, here we go, this front moves in, a breezy saturday, and we bring in the chance of north bay showers primarily, a slight chance as you work your way south of the golden gate bridge. here's the forecast model. we'll take this into this afternoon. a few high clouds, mainly in the north bay, and saturday, partly to mostly sunny skies. we're keeping our eyes up here. you can see the system moving from the north. and sunday morning, a chance of
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showers as early as 8:00. probably a better bet later into the morning into the afternoon hours. by 12:00, mostly cloudy skies and then maybe by late sunday night into monday morning, we could be tracking another round of scattered showers moving in, but most of your weekend could be dry potentially, but up in the north bay, that's the highest chance of picking up showers. temperatures for this afternoon, 60s and 70s out there. warmest locations in the mid-to possibly the upper 70s. breezy and cool for saturday. more sunshine and on saturday, actually on sunday, we bring in the rain clouds and a chance of a shower, primarily up in the north bay. a slight chance as you work your way south, and maybe a few more drops, keeping an eye on day five for tuesday. into the weekend, the cool down will continue. no heat at all, and the folks heading to the sierra might have a dusting of snow up above pass level. starting to look like winter out there. >> time for a change. a beloved police officer in the east bay who worked at a middle school was killed in a motorcycle crash.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. grief counselors are back today after the sudden and violent death of a police officer. 53-year-old william ken zink was killed yesterday morning on his way to work for the san pablo police department. the department has set up a memorial in the lobby.
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ken zink, as he was known won many honors for his police work over the years. what made him special was the way he had with children. >> in vallejo, a bad crash just before 7:00 a.m. that jammed interstate 80 for the morning commute. at helms middle school, word spread, that traffic accident caused them someone dear. >> he told me this was his favorite job. >> reporter: 53-year-old ken zink was the school resource officer since last year, bringing a big heart to his job. he took students to a's games on the weekend, and went to their homes in times of trouble. >> he was a rock for them, helping them bridge with their families when there's problems, helping them at school when they can't concentrate. >> reporter: this 8th grader is one of those kids. >> every day he used to ask me, are you okay. i had problems and he used to like support me and told me what i should do. >> reporter: the chp says zink
12:24 pm
was on his harley davidson, riding between a big rig, when he collided with a pickup and went under the tractor-trailer. san pablo's mayor described a somber city hall, flags lowered and work set aside. >> it's been a slow day, you know, on purpose, deliberate. we have to allow everyone to, you know, to process and i think it was relaxing for him to get on his bike, and just ride, and unfortunately in the bay area, it's not a safe way to travel. >> we worked hand in hand on that campus, you know, and trying to give these kids alternatives. >> reporter: those who worked alongside zink say he saw the big picture. >> when a kid would get into trouble, that he was there to punish them, but he would walk them through the process of change. amazing man. amazing man. >> reporter: he also rides a motorcycle. >> on a harley, once you're going a certain direction and the weight of the bike goes,
12:25 pm
you're with it. >> reporter: does it make you rethink lane switching? >> definitely. >> reporter: he was a father of 7, had been a coast guard officer, spent six years with el cerrito pd, and nine in san pablo. >> at a student awards night with a star wars theme, ken zink, he dressed up as ob1kanobe. >> everyone told me, they talked to him yesterday, it's amazing how many people he talked to yesterday, but i believe it. he checked in with everyone. he knew us all by name. it's incredible. >> a go fund me site has been set up for officer zink's family. we have linked to it at a 6-year-old boy in south carolina is many critical condition. two days after being shot at his elementary school. the family of jacob hall says he's now on life support. they held a prayer vigil for
12:26 pm
him yesterday. he suffered a major brain injury because of the amount of blood he lost after wednesday's shooting. investigators say a 14-year-old boy shot jacob. another student and a teacher on a playground at townville elementary school. the father of the suspect was found dead, not far from the school. the suspect is due in court today for his first hearing. the teacher and the other student were both treated and released. meantime, a volunteer firefighter is being called a hero for stopping that school shooter. police say jamie brock tackled the teen and held him on the ground until police could arrest him. brock says he and the fire chief rushed to the scene after the front office confirmed the shooting. when they got to the school, brock says the fire chief went to help the victims while he went to search for the gunman. brock says he did what any other volunteer firefighter would have done. stocks up across the board, looking at the dow jones, you can see it's doing very well, just about half hour ahead of the close, up more than 200 points. the story is similar over on the s&p and nasdaq, each of
12:27 pm
those indexes up by more than 1%. >> investors are shrugging off worries about the deutsch bank financial health. >> this friday morning, we are seeing stocks to theside, off the earlier highs of the opening bell. still up just under 100 points at this moment. most sectors have up roars including consumer technology, as well as terecome, and slightly to the downside for stocks and big movers include costco, and that's up about 4%. the spice maker mccormick a winner and we're keeping a keen eye on deutsch bank. there were liquidity concerns, and the ceo said liquidity is just fine. that moved to the up side today but has been under pressure as of late. stocks to the up side but for the month under pressure. on the floor of the new york stock exchange, fox business. a new housing development
12:28 pm
springing up in oakland. we'll show it to you and why it hasn't been seen in oakland in years. a bay woman with a joy for children in refugee camps. why she's trying to save lives one soccer ball at a time.
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now to new information
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about the deadly train crash in hoboken new jersey we brought as breaking news yesterday morning. officials retrieved one event data recorder. unsafe conditions are presenting them from reaching the car. doug luzader has more on the search for answers. >> the cause of the crash is still under investigation. this is once again raising questions about a safety system called positive train control, and why it isn't being implemented more quickly. >> for investigators today, trying to determine why this commuter train plowed into the hoboken new jersey station. the challenges are numerous. trying to find evidence in a still unstable environment. >> the canopy of the building is on top of the controlling car, and water has been leaking all day, so there may be some structural damage. >> reporter: one woman, 34-year- old fabiola bittar de kroon was killed. she had just dropped her daughter after at a day care center. >> i'm just in shock. i mean, this is a wonderful
12:32 pm
family. i mean, a wonderful mother, wonderful daughter. i'm kind of just lost for words. >> reporter: witnesses say the train didn't slow down as it approached the station. investigators are speaking to the conductor, thomas gag gore who himself was -- gallagher who was injured and brought to the hospital. the ntsb will look at whether a system called positive train control, which can slow down a train could have made a difference. >> will we be looking at positive train control. ptc has been one of the priorities, we know that it can prevent accidents, as to whether it is involved in this accident, that's definitely one of the things we will look at carefully. >> reporter: and congress has been pressuring railroads to adopt ptc systems, but the deadline has been pushed back. >> i think that was unfortunate that we couldn't stop that extension because we know that where it exists safety is greatly improved. >> in fairness, it was leaders
12:33 pm
of both parties that signed off on this extension. the railroads argue that implementing positive train control is complicated and costly. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the release of a convicted arsonist is making people n in a san francisco neighborhood. -- people in a san francisco neighborhood. david munoz diza spent three years in jail for involuntary manslaughter, convicted of strangling his sex partner in buena vista park, and then setting the body on fire. i think the thing with the arsonist is scary. i think it points to a bigger problem. we are not dealing well in society with repetitive offenders. >> police say diaz's ban from 18 18th street between castro, and hartford for the next 6 months. an officer's plan to circulate diaz's photo in 150 yards of the mix, which is owned by one of diaz's former partners.
12:34 pm
a new housing development is going up in west oakland the first one in oakland in years. many say new homes are badly needed during this affordable housing crisis, but as ktvu's rob roth found out, some residents of west oakland worry about the long-term consequences the new homes could have on their neighborhood. >> here in west oakland on 14 14th street, a new housing development is springing up. the first development for home buyers not renters built in oakland in years. the development will have 171 two and three-bedroom homes. the asking price is $600,000 and up. the first ten are ready for market, and already more than a thousand people have applied to buy one. >> you could buy a house here, and you're total payment at the current interest rates which were at historic allows -- lows is the same or less than you pay for rent right now. >> the development was built in an industrial area. it was a few blocks from the
12:35 pm
west oakland b.a.r.t. station and from there, just minutes to downtown san francisco. >> that opportunity for someone to live here and get to either san francisco or oakland, really anywhere in the east bay is unprecedented. there are no other locations right now, where you could buy a home, and have that level of access. >> reporter: but some west oakland residents look at the new development with fear, fear of gentrification. daris young grew up in west oakland. >> it's going to drive up the housing market, the cost of housing in west oakland, and because it's going to do that, it's going to start further displacing the residents who are already having a hard time paying rents. >> the opportunity to buy here for less than the cost to rent, you know, that's not gentrification. that's giving people that might be renting today in oakland, an opportunity to be owners. >> affordable housing to me,
12:36 pm
means building mousing for people who work every day. they may work in low wage service jobs. >> city leaders say more housing such as the new development will ultimately keep prices down for everyone. the city of oakland recognizes the real threat of displacement that so many are facing right now. that is why deploying multiple strategies. the last of the homes in the development are expected to be completed and ready for move in by next summer. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. two private companies will be allowed to offer new commuter ferry service on the bay. one of the companies expects to start operating daily ferry service between berkeley, emeryville, redwood city and san francisco at the beginning of next year, and there's another company, tight line
12:37 pm
marine group says it will offer service starting the end of october. governor jerry brown signed off on $10 million in funding to get california's earthquake warning system up and running. >> earthquake light shaking expected in 59 seconds. >> the office of emergency services says the number will double the number of sensors statewide to 1100. an early warning system could provide precious seconds for school children to www.andcover. thewarningsystem--toshakeand -- the warning system, to shake and cover. assemblyman phil ting of san francisco says it establishes the nation's most inclusive bathroom law. it will encounter hateful efforts in states that discriminate against
12:38 pm
transgender people. a bay area woman is taking on a challenge with one simple goal, to spread happiness to children uprooted from their homes in syria, living in refugee camps in greece. >> she hopes to raise awareness about the sacrifice, danger and despair those children and families face every day. ktvu's julie haener reports. >> reporter: smiles, laughter, soccer. three simple things behind one heartfelt mission. >> the moms are saying can you get my son a soccer ball, please, and it's like gold right now. i didn't know that when i started but it was such a nice validation to hear that from them. >> reporter: alexander crisp is a young woman with a big heart it's her goal to make a positive impact on the world, and she says she plans to do it one soccer ball at a time. >> i think soccer is it's own
12:39 pm
language because soccer, it doesn't matter the color of your skin, and it doesn't matter your gender or age, if i have a soccer ball and kick it to anybody in the park, they'll know to kick it back without saying a word to me. >> reporter: crisp works full- time for a venture capital firm and is embarking on a journey that's about to take her across international borders, her mission, spread joy, and raise awareness about syrian children in refugee camps in and around athens. >> i went through my checklist, and i thought soccer, i want to bring them balls and i want them to remember a childhood, that they were able to play and be children for a small time. >> helping children is something everyone agrees is a wonderful thing. why help kids in greece, why not help kids here. >> i feel like over there those kids don't have a chance right now. i feel they have risked their life to get on a boat.
12:40 pm
they have been separated from their family. some of the families have been hijacked at sea. >> reporter: her project centers around a simple act of kindness. the idea came to her after she recently learned something about her family. >> my mom mentioned and the thanksgiving, we could be syrian refugees. if your great grandmother didn't put your grandfather on the boat, any one of us could be a syrian refugee right now. >> reporter: she says that story haunted her in a good way. >> this fact kept me up so many nights, look at the dark circle, i lost a lot of sleep. and then it came to me, my mission, it's called peace, joy, soccer. >> reporter: with the help of social media, chris set up a fundraiser in july, hoping to get donations to buy soccer balls. she also asked for handmade cards and selfies so she could pass them out to families in
12:41 pm
the refugee camps. as word spread about her mission. chris says she began to crush her goal almost immediately. >> i have been getting support financially from australia, and new zealand, and england, all over america, people have been reaching out and sending me messages. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: but there's still one big hurdle. getting more than 700 soccer balls to greece. she contacted a vendor in pakistan who agreed to custom make the balls and ship them to her hotel in athens. >> you know, he's like, we want to do our part, we're going to throw in pumps and anything to make your project better because we love what you're doing. >> reporter: a youth soccer coach heard about the project and it moved him. shay whelen, as soon as he learned about peace, joy soccer, he knew he wanted to join the effort. >> a roller coaster of emotions, just feeling anxious,
12:42 pm
nervous, excited, timid, just so excited to get there, and help those that are less fortunate and just bring awareness here to the bay area of those that are in need. >> reporter: like a soccer ball being kicked back and forth, chris says life is about connection, with the hope they generate joy, camaraderie, and friendships. >> if they can have a chance to have joy in their life, i want to bring it. >> alexandra, and shay just returned home from their trip to greece. they were able to pass out those brightly colored soccer balls to children in a number of schools orphanages, as well as camps. still to come, a team cut by its league. why parents and coaches told us about the set back, and the young players who refuse to be thrown for a loss. it's much cooler around the bay today. we'll check with meteorologist mark tamayo for details on some possible rain in the days ahead. i'm an iraq war veteran. trying to convince bad for us. federal law. low level. companies' lies. vets. dollars a year. vote yes on prop 61.
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the parents of a youth football team say their league has cut them. >> the parents of the hayward aggies reached out to us, saying the decision affects about 90 children. as ktvu's amber lee reports, the players are still practicing, even though the league has kicked them out. >> it makes me feel like i could do something on the field. >> many of these young football
12:46 pm
players come from low income, single parent homes. the 275 dollars needed to play each season comes from sponsors and fundraisers. >> it helps me get fit and keep my grades up. i know if i don't keep my grades up, i won't be able to play. >> damien, a 2-time all star for the aggies was hoping to make it a third time this season, and news came monday that the delta youth football league cut their team. leveille renthrow is the head coach. >> it's how you handle it, you know, as a person that defines who you are. >> reporter: the lead commissioner tells me the team has failed no meet minimum requirements. >> they don't have time to bring their kids to practices. it's hard to keep them both. >> reporter: this season, the failure to secure a suitable field for home games, and then the last minute cancellation of a game saturday led to the team being cut. >> it was like devastating,
12:47 pm
frustrating and kind of sad. >> sad, but not defeated. the parents and the coaches all volunteers just coming together, to hash out a new game plan. the goal is to keep the youngsters safe and off the streets. >> it's just more than football. it's a family, and it's hard. we're trying to stick together. >> things you can learn in winning, and things you can learn in losing. that's what we're all about. it's so much more than football. >> resilience is in the team's play book. >> i hope we can still find teams to play, and join another league. >> that's our amber lee reporting there. the aggies are considering asking for reinstatement, and they have lined up a game for tomorrow, with a team from another league. >> dozens of students can now see clearly with their new reading glasses. >> a couple kids, their eyes
12:48 pm
got wider and they started looking around. all thanks in part to the san jose sharks, the donations from the sharks and kizer, the nonprofit vision to learn brought the van to lander elementary in san jose, they performed vision exams on 325 children in the last four years. 47 students at oleander got glasses and tickets to a sharks game. one of the students, 4-year-old nancy wasn't as excited as the others. >> who do you love. >> dolphins. >> good for her. as long as you love a team, that's great. vision to learn, gives one thousand reading glasses by the end of the academic year. giants tighten up the wild card race as they get ready to finish the final series against the dodgers. the giants were leading the rockies, 3-2 in the 5th 5th inning, laying down a bunt, no one seemed to want to field it when the third baseman grabbed
12:49 pm
it, he threw it wildly. two runs scored here, the giants won 7-2. now, the new york mets did not play last night, so the giants gained a half game, st. louis cardinals won despite a controversial ending. >> the seattle mariners beat the a's 3-2, mike zanino hit a go ahead home run to lead off the 7 7th inning for seattle. the mariners have a shot at an american league wild card shot, but are two games back. the a's have lost nine of the last ten games. behind us along the oakland estuary, we're seeing wind. i can tell it's clear and cold out there. >> like the fall chill, definitely feel a change in the weather pattern today with a brisk feeling. mostly clear skies. speaking is of wind right on cue, a little bit of a workout right now, still reflectly clear, skies -- relatively
12:50 pm
clear. big changes toward the weekend. we have a system up here that will keep us on the cool side, and could generate rainfall in the bay area as we med into sunday, primarily for the north bay. even by sunday night, that energy could be drifting to the south. look at this, a winter weather advisory being prepped for the sierra. this begins sunday, 11:00 a.m. all the way until monday, 5:00 a.m., so we could have a dusting of snow up across the passes in the sierra, as we head into the weekend. current numbers out there, showing you santa rosa, 63, livermore 67, and half-moon bay only in the upper 50s. 59 degrees, a bit of a breeze out there as well. look at fairfield, that's a gust to 30 miles per hour. oakland airport, winds westerly at 17 and more reports with san jose, and a northwesterly wind at 10 miles per hour, and look at sfo, this observation, that's sustained at 20, gusting to 30 miles per hour. outside right now, relatively clear skies, over the oakland
12:51 pm
estuary, mostly sunny and windy, fair skies and breezy for tomorrow, and a chance of scattered showers as we head into the second half of the weekend. dodgers in town for this weekend weekend. partly cloudy skies for game one of the series. definitely a breeze, and temperatures on the cool side around 56 degrees. so here's this weather pattern moving from the north, the cooler weather pattern, the temperature drop continues for today, winds around 20 to 30 miles per hour. keep an eye on this guy for sunday, especially up in the north bay. here's the forecast, you can see the action moving from the north. sunday morning, and then just some clouds across the rest of the bay area sunday afternoon. there's a chance of a shower, and maybe by sunday night into early monday morning, we could be talking about more showers pushing in. over the next few days, we could have rainfall amounts really accumulating in the north bay. santa rosa, let's keep an eye on this, you get the idea, the
12:52 pm
weather pattern changing into the weekend. 60s and 70s for today, that's just about it. and then into sunday, there we go with rain clouds, a chance of showers. that chance maybe could linger into monday, and maybe another round of a few showers possibly into tuesday next week as well. mike and gasia, things are starting to feel like winter out there. we're talking about a winter weather advisory in the sierra. just bundle up this weekend. >> monday morning commute, could be wet for everyone. >> you don't want to think about monday morning just yet. the weekend is almost here. definitely it will be off to a cool start, possibly wet roadways as well. >> sal will be all over it monday morning. coming up, the weekend is almost here as you are looking for something to do. let's tell you what's going on around the bay area in weekend watch.
12:53 pm
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12:55 pm
the weekend is knocking on the door, and if you're looking for something to do, there's a very big music festival now underway in golden gate park, and it's free. rosemary orozco has that and much more in today's weekend watch. >> we head into the first weekend of october with a lot going on, celebrate bay day on saturday, this annual event is a call for everyone to celebrate the bay from local parks and museums to other attractions. in san francisco, it's the 16 16th annual hardly strictly bluegrass festival, the three
12:56 pm
day musical extravaganza will be held at golden gate park, and over 100 artists. in san mateo, head to the 4th 4th annual bacon and brew festival, complete with craft brews, live entertainment, food trucks and events with kids. in redwood city, enjoy an all day water front festival at port fest. this features three boat rides, live music, food, drinks, arts and crafts. ten to three at the port of redwood city water front. in the east bay, oktoberfest, craft beer, food and entertainment can be found in the oakland's diamond district on saturday from eleven to six in mcarthur. and clayton, oktoberfest celebration, two fun filled days of beer, wine, food, and entertainment. join the german tradition at mountain view's annual oktoberfest, planned for adults and kids, saturday and sunday at the stein beer garden and restaurant. last stop, the north bay where the sonoma county harvest fair
12:57 pm
is happening. more than 100 wineries are, craft beer, food pairings and chef demonstrations. in sports, 9ers, giants and quakes are at home. raiders and a's are on the road. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. that's it for us at noon, see you back here for the four.
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