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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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mornings on 2 starteds now. teds now. good morning, thank you for joining us, "mornings on 2", i wednesday, november second. >> i'm dave clark we'll get it your weather in a moment, first, breaking news from the midwest, two police officers were shot and killed ambush style attacks awhile ago. the attacks occurred two miles apart early this morning in des moines iowa. authorities first received a call of shots fired. when they arrived on the scene, they found an officer from a nearby city of irbeendale shot in his patrol call. 20 minutes later, a des moines officer was found shot in his patrol car both of those officers have died investigators are developing information on a suspect. they are not ready to release anything to the public as yet.
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police officers are pairing up as they go on patrols to better protect themselves. again, breaking news from iowa, two police officers shot and killed ambush style in their patrol cars. we'll bring you updates throughout this morning on "mornings on 2". >> tough way to start the day. >> 4:01 is the time back here in the bay area, feeling cooler. definitely cooler. >> it will be nice, dry -- >> pretty cool out there this morning, skies clear and the storm track goes north. yesterday was a beautiful november 1st, today, even sunny, we'll lose all of the cloud cover. clear on the chilly side. most of the state looks pretty good. whopper of a system out here. look at that, but it's going up and over, it will take the ridge and fire it up over us. 40s, mid-40s for some, alot
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cooler this morning than yesterday. yesterday, 39 in kelsey, 46, mill valley, high pressure says i think i'll come back and make sense after a record setting month in october. i wouldn't expect much. 60s, maybe a couple of isolated 70s, san jose. >> good morning to you, we are off to a decent start. we are looking at the super commute for you. off to a very nice start if you are driving on the approach from 580 or 205, it looks pretty good. no major problems as we drive into the valley. it continues to look good. also looking at interstate 880 oakland, both directions, traffic is moving along nicely. at the bay ridge toll plaza, traffic is moving nicely, coming into san francisco. at 4:02, let's go back to the
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desk. >> we are following a developing story about bart, trains will run as scheduled this morning after a minor explosion late last night in san francisco. a third rail insulator blue up. damage to train that passed by. there were no reports of -- there were reports of smoke at the scene and the problem will did shut down the montgomery station temporarily, causing system wide delies, lasting through early morning. >> we cleared you out all of the smoke. isolated the problems. engineers are working on the problem at the montgomery station. >> there were no injuries. bart said this periodically opens. repair crews have fixed the problem and service is back to normal. a 4:03, a silver alert to
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find a missing 74-year-old man. his name is jay nelson. his last fought toy last seen in mill valley. he is described as six feet tall, wearing a dark colored rain jacket, hiking boots and -- he may be carrying two walking sticks. his family said he suffers from a medical condition and he may be disoriented. again, look at his photo. if you have seen him, call the marine county sheriff's department. s department.
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>> later this morning, san francisco police commission will submit three names for the job of police chief. members met behind closed doors, the commission won't reveal the names to protect applicants that don't want to jeopardize their current job. amber leigh reports -- >> welcome to our special meeting, tuesday november 1st >> reporter: a small audience that attended the open portion of the meeting, which lasted about a half hour. most speakers are with the group made up of citizens from
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various neighborhoods >> we need someone that can make a dramatic change. ic change. >> reporter: chaplain is a bad choice for many reasons. he was endorsed by the p-o-a, which makes him a candidate toxic to the community that the community they need most to built trust with >> we all as commissioners have to be sure we are passing on names of people woe can deal with an incredibly difficult job. >> they will go back to the police commission to come up with three other candidates. one supervisor said the process makes sense. >> the mayor ultimately will be the elected official who is accountable. it's -- >> reporter: amber leigh, k-t-v- u fox 2 news >> they won't say whether the
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finalist comes from within or outside of the police department. in the past, the finalists names are sent to the mayor in a letter accompanied by information on each candidate time is 4:07, california consumer advocacy group is suing anthem blue cross, saying that company is misleading hundreds about the policies next year. p-p-o policies cover a portion of out of network doctors visits, and blue cross is shifting their customers to a different plan. where the out of network bills will not be covered, but claire laikaing the plans are similar. anthem said state regulators approved the changes and this lawsuit is without merit. an uber driver suspected of groping and talking a female passenger was arrested.
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saturday night, facing charges, including felony sexual battery. police say the driver dropped off a man and a woman at a home near the city line the woman said she called the driver after realizing that she and her husband with left a phone in the car. >> the victim went outside to meet him and retrieve the phone. after he gave the phone back to her, he kissed her and groped her breasts. she immediately pushed him away and ran back inside of her house the woman reported the insy department to uber. an hour later, the police officer poised the driver called the woman and she was in front of her home. the woman called place. uber released a statement -- ent --
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time is 4:08, a rockslide that closed down one of the roads leading to yosemite national park is now clear. crews blasted the rocks into smaller pieces to get them off the road. the park reopened that road late last night and everything is clear. if you want to visit yosemite today. >> the countdown to election day is really on. we are six days away, while cave is not a swing state, people here in the bay area are playing a very important role in the candidates nationwide campaign strategies. that's why many phone bank centers are going high-tech this election year. national headquarters for hillary clinton and donald trump can automatically send phone lists to the computers and phone bank stations in
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california where volunteers might call voters in north carolina, ohio, all in one shift. >> the system makes calls and if there is no answer, it goes to the next one, people, instead of having to spend time waiting for the phone to answer, they go from call to call to call >> volunteers for the trump and clinton campaigns will be making calls every day through election day. election day. >> reporter: the fbi is working almost around the clock to go through thousands of clinton insider e-mails. it seems unlikely we'll have any solid answers by election day. hillary clinton back to the
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issue she thinks will push her campaign over >> she calls women ugly, disgusting nasty. he calls women pigs. rates bodies on a scale from 1- 10. >> >> reporter: clinton trying to fend off a rising donald trump the renewed fbi investigation into her e-mail use >> she wanted to give the voters something about me pitch. she can't, she trying to deflect away from the fbi. >> reporter: but she is moving into traditional gop turf, campaigning in arizona, hoping to flip the state for democrats. her campaign is relying on the millions of early voters across the country woe may have given her an edge. donald trump in wisconsin hoping to chip away at any clinton leads >> this is good time to make an important public service announcement. you can change your vote to
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done trump, we'll make america great again, okay. >> reporter: he is right, a handful of states give voters the option to change their mind the deadline to do so in minnesota passed. in wisconsin, voters have a chance to go back and forth multiple times >> they can change their mind up to you three times. >> reporter: it's not clear how many people would go through that effort. trump meantime spending alot of time in florida that's a must win state for him. in washington, doug lieu dis aider, "fox news." >> >> here in california, we have an app, vote california app, free, provides information about your voter status, polling place and candidates and propositions. you can use the app to register to vote, it is too late to do so for this election. the app is available at the apple and google play stores. >> all right, time is 4:12.
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one bay area city taking action ahead of the election, what san jose leaders did in reaction to the possible legalzation of recreational marijuana >> down 3-1 to come back like this. >> cubs won game six, now, it all comes down to tonight, hear the players and how they are getting ready for this winner take all game seven good morning, we see traffic is off to a nice start. if you can tell, a northbound 101 looks pretty good approaching the split. >> patchy fog, other than that, we are good to go for sunshine. a little cool this morning, more on that cupping up, a high surf advisory starts thursday. ts thursday.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 6:14. two longest droughts in championship major league baseball will end tonant cubs won over the indians in game six. go fly ball to left center, grand slam >> are you kidding me? a grand slam in the third inning gave the cubs a 7-0 lead over the indians, russell
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already hit a two-run double in the first. his six rbis tied a world series game record. >> it's every kid's dream. >> we will be really excited to play, you know, you learn from your mistakes and move on quickly and we'll do that >> now only five teams have ever come back from a three- games to one deficit to win the world series. the last one, kansas city royals in 1985. kyle will start for the cubs against the indians coreeny. game 7, you can watch it right lear with us. 5:00 tonight, our coverage begins at 4:30. you with find our regular newscast on k-t-v-u plus and we'll have expanded coverage after the game. >> things are starting to click for the warriors. warriors.
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>> things close against portland trailblazers, currie shows what he can do. breaking out for 23 points. more than the entire trailblazer team. he had 28 points on the night. warriors won 127-104. san jose sharks against the arizona coyotes in the desert. sharks, early lead in the first then it was all phoenix. they racked up three goals in the second frame. a late goal from the sharks was not enough. sharks fell 3-2 to the coyotes. yotes. time 4:18, i saw you as you came in, did you have time to get coffee before you took the
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commute? >> coffee is essential >> i cannot wait. it has to happen right away when you wake up. >> well, grab your cup of coffee, if you are an early commuter, we have you, here, let's go to the gill roy commute because alot of people get on the road early, another bound 101, gill roy to san jose, not a bad drive. continues to look good and the traffic continues to look good through morgan hill. no construction work that we sometimes see and into the valley. even if you are starting in san jose and driving to up sunnyvale it's a nice looking drive. san mat yo' bridge, pretty wide open, and at the bay bridge toll plaza, this morning, it's not backed up at all coming into san francisco. alt 4:19, let's bring in steve. >> good morning, everybody, mostly clear skies, a patch or two of fog, but turn the page over to a new month and it
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looks like a pretty dry pattern. high surf advisory. national weather service issued that for thursday. that will be the main day. so, keep that in mind. as you know, trouble was unbelievably un-- everything says clear out of the west an northwest, more northwest, now, most of the state looks pretty good. this is the system generating high surf over the next few days. 40s, santa rosa 45. there are cooler readings than that. there are some low 40s around walnut creek, danville,
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brentwood upper 40s. 28 up in truckie. 46 -- 48 in monterrey. around lake tahoe upper 20s or 30s. high pressure moving, they align themselves north and south, that's a sign that's not happening for us. it's not, except for a few high clouds, we are good to go. pattern will start to warm up. most of the week, sunny and warmer, patchy inlapd fog. upper 60s to a few low 70s. the nights are very long, days short. but still except for patchy fog, it looks good. i think we are okay. >> okay. sounds good. thank you, steve. >> 4:21 is the time. debris flowing into the bay, coming up at 4:45, the accident
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from one boat to keep the water clean. >> more families plan to travel on thanksgiving. predication on how many more people plan to fly for the holidays, this year.
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>> welcome back to "mornings on 2". microsoft is working on a patch for a security flaw being exploited by russian hackers. the company said the hackers are part of the same group linked to the attack on the
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democratic party over the week. this time they exploited bugs in microsoft's system. they used an e-mail scam to attack a small y: of users. microsoft said they will have a patch read request by tuesday nearly three-quarters of a million seasonal workers expected to be hired for the holidays, clothing retailers topped the list, macy's j-c penny's gap and kohl as looking for workers. now, some seasonal jobs do become permanent. amazon said more than 14,000 of its temporary positions became permanent after the holidays last year and they expect it to increase this year. amazon is looking for help at most locations around the bay area if you are traveling by
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plane for the holidays, plan to get to the airport early. an extra half million people are flying, airlines are more ready for more holiday travels, most will have more planes to handle the increase in travelers, 23 million people are expected to fly for the thanksgiving holiday british air ways is now the only european airline to fly out of all three bay area airplanes. airline will begin nonstop flights from oakland in march. round trip tickets $599. and flights four days a week. >> 6:24 is the time. a homeless camp in san francisco has been dubbed box city. up next, the proposition going about before voters that could decide its fate. >> system put in place in the city to make sure votes will
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count. count. >> good morning, we are seeing it is a nice looking commute on the east shore freeway, so far. as you drive out to the mcarthur maze, no problems heading to the maze >> and no major weather problems, either, it's a little cool out there. we'll look at those temperatures, but all signs point toward a little warmer weather. flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus!
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