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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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weekdays on ktvu news. weeknights on fox 2. presidential candidates out in full force today and a last minute bid to win votes in key battleground states. and eight people hurt in a shooting outside of an oakland nightclub. fox 2 at 6:00 starts now. >> i'm ross. just three days left. the countdown is on and the candidates are making their final swings through the swing states. we begin in the key state of florida. >> both candidates spending time saturday in florida making their case in hopes of winning the state's 29 electoral votes. donald trump talked to voters in tampa. >> the arenas are packed all over the country. we're going into different locations. what they used to call democrat
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strongholds where we're now tied or leading. >> hillary clinton was fighting the weather to make her argument. >> i want to be the president for everybody. everybody who agrees with me. people who don't agree with me, people who vote for me, people who don't vote for me. [ cheering and applause ] >> so let's get out. let's vote for the future. >> surrogates are spreading out over other crucial states. mike pence telling a michigan crowd that the candidate is the leader america needs. >> for america to be safe, for the world to be safe america needs to be strong. and donald trump will lead on the world stage with american strength. >> joe biden visiting pennsylvania, the state where he was born. many polls show clinton's lead diminishing in pennsylvania which has historically blue. a trump presidency will not help the middle class he says.
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>> if you make a lot of money, vote for trump it's in your interest. >> trump heads west while clinton goes elsewhere with katy perry. >> the biggest electoral surprise of all is in california. although it's been blue since 1992 both sides are still campaigning hard here tonight. mart mart is live and a lot of early voting here as well. >> more than 200,000 people have voted. it's not over until tuesday night. election day is expected to be the busiest voting day with the highest turnout. one group of private citizens stood on a street corner saying campaigning was just fun for them this year. >> hi. .
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>> in alameda county there's only one place to vote early. the courthouse in oakland. inside or out at the drop-off station. >> it's nice they have it at all. i'm going to be working as a poll monitor on election day so wanted to make sure i could vote today. >> people took advantage of the weekend to cast their ballots. whether they felt empowered. >> berkeley e1 is very important to me. >> or worried. >> i'm 56 years old. i never thought i would see a candidate like this very possibly get the oval office. >> more than 200,000 people have voted early in alameda county. >> it's great for us. we're able to process them early. the votes coming in right now are the volts we post after 8:00 -- votes we post right after 8:00 on election night. >> it could go as quickly as 20 minutes. but if you have to read through it could take you longer.
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>> there are many people who have made up their minds. >> i think trump is going to win in a landslide. >> this donald trump flash mob says it formed just to participate in the election excitement. >> we're having fun. handing out free shirts. everyone is having a good time. >> but the hillary clinton center in oakland was busy making calls to swing state voters. >> there's some nervousness. it's been a long campaign. people have been stressed. and they want to turn that emotion and that stress into positive action. >> lieutenant governor gavin and the oakland mayor lib by appeared to show support. alameda county is expecting its biggest voter turnout in history. with 88 #,000 people registered to vote. for alameda county early voting starts again tomorrow from 9:00 to 3:00. and monday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> and for those using mail in
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ballots what's the deadline for those? >> as long as you have it postmarked on election day it will be counted. even well after the election as long as ballots come in and are postmarked before that tuesday. >> three days left. looeg martinez -- league -- leigh martinez there. it is confirmed that melania trump worked illegally here. mrs. trump has said that she did not break the law. her attorney says the ap documents do not reflect their records. >> coming up more details on those terrorist and cyber threats heading into election day. remember stick with ktvu and ktvu plus on election night for local and national results. our coverage begins at 4:00 in the afternoon and goes through the polls closing in california at 8:00 p.m. and beyond until we finally
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have a new president. eight people injured in a shooting in oakland. it happened after midnight on franklin near 14th street. oakland police say there are two people in custody. a 17-year-old and a 21-year-old and both had gunshot wounds as well. one of the victims is in critical condition tonight. . >> there were victims that had moved to different locations as thaz ran from the -- as they ran from the scene. we have different locations. >> investigators haven't said what started the shooting. but the bay area newsgroup says there was some kind of conflict inside. an 18-year-old found dead on campus was stabbed several times. kirk kimberly was found in a shallow grave. detectives believe this was not a random act of violence. the teen was last seen riding
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his bike just more than two weeks ago. berkeley police need your help finding luciana castle. she was last seen in richmonday -- richmond but she visits berkeley as well. she weighs about 120 pounds. if you have information call police. santa cruz police asking for help to find a missing 2- year-old. she was last seen with her mother heather laura at friendship garden. she was wearing a white pa jam ma top and bottoms. her father has full custody. she was last seen with her mother. if you have information call police. firefighters rescue two men who got stuck in a lift basket. it happened at a construction site. they were stuck for about two and a half hours. firefighters had to bring in a 100-foot ladder truck to bring them down safely. a northern california deputy killed in the line of
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duty was laid to rest today. jack hopkins was killed about two weeks ago near the oregon border. the sheriff's office says he was known for putting other's needs before his own. he was the fourth california officer to die in the span of two weeks. the man accused of killing him during a domestic violence call has pleaded not guilty. investigators in south carolina say they may be dealing with a serial killer. a woman was found chained up like a dog and kept in a storage container for weeks. a tip led them to the property. teams deging found one -- dig digging found one body yesterday. the victim says she saw the man shoot and kill her boyfriend. about 30 minutes ago authorities confirmed that the body found is her boyfriend. the man and a registered -- the man is a registered sex offender who raped a 14-year-
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old in 1986. concerns about election cyber attacks. why that hacker could be targeting our system. we're out at a lot of sports events today with science. >> a unique science day that drew thousands of kids and adults to at&t park. and in weather we start to cool things off across the bay area. clouds moving in as well. those clouds and the weak system that could produce showers in the short term. we'll break down that and the timing of our next warm up. straight forward news and news anchors. the full one two weekdays on ktvu fox 2. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. man: in cities big and small, newspapers all over say it's time. woman: time to legalize and regulate marijuana in california. man: time to "vote yes on prop 64." woman: it's "better for public health, for law and order and for society."
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man: "it makes sense to regulate and tax" marijuana. woman: "prop 64 would bring discipline and oversight." man: "prop 64 is the first step toward a rational drug policy." woman: "it's time for a new approach." man: vote yes on 64. prince charles and camila started a tour of the middle east today. the prince visited a 200-year-
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old village to see its traditional mud houses. they're on a seven day trip to promote uk partnerships. they blan to visit the you -- plan to visit the united arab emirates as well. cyber attacks could cause major confusion for voters. brian explains hackers could be targeting state voting databases. >> officials at the department of homeland security are concerned about cyber attacks that could quote cause confusion on election day. the real concern is not that they can skew the vote count, that is changing votes, the real concern is that hackers could attack state voter databases stealing personal information and attack state election websites that report official results. they could manipulate these websites or launch denial of
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service attacks shutting sites down causing people to question the integrity of the results. especially if the election is close. given the huge mistrust between the parties and accusation by republican candidate donald trump that the system is rigged. the probability of hackers or a foreign government like russia doing this is slim because the u.s. voting system is fragmented and decentralized. voting is done state by state district by district and polling place by polling place. electronic voting machines are not connected to the internet further protecting the voting system from cyber attacks. cyber attacks are a concern after wikileaks breeches and known attempts by vladimir putin to affect the election process. two state systems in arizona and illinois were successfully infiltrated. in illinois they took voter data although the information was dpeemed not -- deemed not
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sensitive. there have been steps to protect us. specifically protecting state's websites. dhs will monitor election day. cyber fly teams will be standing by to deploy if there are major attacks. in new york brian, fox news. counterterrorism officials are warning of a potential threat on election day. they're reviewing information that mentioned new york, texas, and virginia as potential targets. they're sharing their reports. >> our officers like i said are continuing to be in contact with federal, state, and local authorities at this point. we don't believe there's been a credible threat but we'll continue to nonor the and make -- monitor and make adjustments as necessary. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump are holding their
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election day parties in new york city on those possible one of those possible targets. today marked the beginning of recreational crab season. this comes after last year's season was delayed because of a toxic algae bloom. we have more from fisherman's wharf. >> one of the most exciting days for fisherman. recreational crab season kicked off today and there were dozens on the water dropping down their crab pots hoping to pull up as much as they can take home. the excitement has been growing for a while. an abundance of algae growth created a high level in the crab so it wasn't safe to eat. now it's safe as long as people don't eat the guts. we saw big bags of crabs. they can take ten crabs per person but boats were heading out with between eight and 25 people.
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one fisherman has been doing this for 30 years and says his crew pulled 250 crabs. what are you going to do with it? >> we're opening up a restaurant in san francisco so we're having a big crab season market. so everyone who's helping and getting it going. it's a celebration. >> betty lou's is their restaurant set to open soon once they get clearance this week. other fishermen didn't have a great start. how thieves are already spoiling the fun for local fishermen. ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right it is that time of year again to fall back and set your clocks back an hour. daylight saving time ends tomorrow at 2:00 in the morning. so you'll want to set your clocks back an hour before bedtime tonight and of course you'll get an extra hour of sleep. fire departments say it's a good time to check the batteries in your smoke alarm. thousands of people turned
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out the at&t park today not for a game but to watch science in action. ktvu's christien takes us inside. >> inside at&t park the heavy hitters were science, technology, engineering, and math. the robotics team was on hand demonstrating their ball shooting machine. >> it shoots foam balls which in this year's competition we call boulders. and there's a little arm on the robot. he goes down and takes the ball which goes into the robot's subsystem called the shooter. >> it was really -- >> traditionally paper airplaning is frowned upon but john collins had my head spinning with scientific facts. >> you can learn everything from wing loading, adjusting a plane. this plane circles because the
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gravity is too far to the rear. >> the real hope is to get the next generation fired up about science. >> we're out drawing a lot of sports events today with science. how amazing is that? >> more than 30,000 showed up including the mayes' family. >> they get to participate in activities. they made some goo. that's the part they like. >> what would a science festival be without a little science fiction. this one doesn't travel through time it does travel on its own. no need for a driver. >> we really try to make cars safer. and one thing we focus on is trying to handle extreme scenarios. drifting is a good way to study that. >> organizers say the fair is bigger and greater than ever and they're making plans for next year in san francisco christien christien ktvu fox 2
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news. >> how cool. the big question tonight is will those skies last for the rest of the weekend. a weak system moving in for tonight that could produce showers. not a major event but enough to possibly wet the roadways late tonight and into tomorrow morning. you can see on the satellite, the first thing i noticed is the front moving into the north coast. it's being stretched in this direction here and to the north and south. with that the energy is weakening quite a bit. as a result we're not expecting significant rainfall here in the bay area. a closer look. see the doppler sweeps from the clouds weeping in and some -- sweeping in and some rainfall already. current numbers out there. updated for the 6:00 hour. lots of 60s. most of your saturday was fairly nice. it did cool off with fog returning coast side. even a few patches back into
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the bay this morning. as you can see we are relatively quiet across the bay area with increasing clouds. you heard turn back the clocks. the sunrise and sunset times. 6:41 tomorrow morning. and sunset just after 5:00. 5:05. get ready for the darker skies as we head toward late sunday afternoon and sunday night. overnight lows in the 50s with mostly cloudy skies to start your sundays morning. here's the plan in san francisco. temperature at 7:00 a.m. 54. sky koos is showing you -- cast is showing you cloud cover. wrapping up the afternoon hours partly cloudy 64 degrees. a lot of football to talk about for tomorrow. the niners and sapts tomorrow afternoon. -- saints tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s and the raiders playing tomorrow night. partly cloudy skies and a bit of a breeze out of the west. temperatures close to 60 degrees that will be at kick
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off. now the surf has been big all week long. sunday they could be 12 to 15 feet. we could have a much bigger swell into next week i'm thinking tuesday into wednesday possibly into thursday. significance possibly another high surf warning. tonight though the clouds moving in. cooled off across the bay area. north bay showers a chance for late tonight and a chance for the rest of the bay area. only a chance first thing tomorrow morning. here we go. as you can see the system weakening and falling apart across the bay area. not a lot of green but there's enough moisture for drizzle or a light shower sunday morning. the sky is becoming partly cloudy. that model trying to produce a few sprinkles in the afternoon hours. there's a chance of an isolated shower tomorrow. the highest chance for the morning hours. 60s to 07 degrees for -- 70 degrees for afternoon highs.
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look ahead your five-day forecast. looks quiet. talking about the weak system for tonight and into sunday. after that ross, we'll clear out the clouds and warm up once again. 60s and 70s. some morning fog giving way to hazy sunshine. >> that surf is still kicking. >> definitely. we had high surch yesterday but even next week it could be bigger than that. >> wow. >> it's unusual in november to be talking about a swell that intense but that could be happening next week. >> is that good for surfers like you? >> absolutely. if you find the right spots. >> you're going to have to take me out there sometime. thanks a lot mark. coming up the stanford cardinals host the oregon state beavers as a win puts them in line for a bowl bid. joe fonzi has the rest next in sports.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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because it helps when most of us make a mistake, officewe own up to it.anks. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety. madison nguyen is the wrong choice for assembly. joe fonzi joins us with sports. stanford striking to finish strong -- trying to finish strong. >> trying to get back in the right direction. the stanford cardinal today got bowl eligible with the sixth win of the year. john elway in the house to see
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the cardinal host oregon state. the beavers struck quickly. marcus throws one up for victor who makes the catch and completes his 75-yard scoring play. oregon back in the game at 10- 7. no coincidence that the revival has coincided with christian being healthy. he takes off on a 51-yard run. he would rush for 199 on the day. that led to one of four conrad field goals. a lift for quarterback. chris can't find a receiver here. takes off on a 44-yard run to the beaver four. chris ran for 83 yards on 11 carries. mccaffrey didn't make the end zone on that long run but he got in here from a yard out. stanford goes on to win 26-15. the cardinal in the bowl picture with a 6-3 record. . a tech grads we walker was elected into the red raider
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hall of fame. texas tech hosting texas and look at this run by the longhorn deante foreman he's not going down until he gets to the end zone. one problem in a crowd like that, a lot of people pulling at the ball. ripped loose by douglas coleman a 1-yard return. -- 100-yard return. a replay when the ball came out. the fumbling return stood. it was foreman who got the last laugh. he breaks one here in the fourth quarter and won't be caught. despite the fumble and return foreman went for 341 yards in three touchdowns. texas trying to get bowl eligible and save charlie strong. hangs on. the longhorns are 5-4. cal tonight hosting washington. we'll see you for all of it at 10:00 on sports wrap. >> can't wait. >> thanks a lot. >> i know you're waiting with baited breath.
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coming up. donald trump rushed off stage at a rally in nevada. the string of events that had the secret service on high alert. and one final check on the weather mark. >> weak system tonight. more clouds, the possible of a few light showers tonight into sunday morning. not a big deal. >> that's good to hear, not a bigdale. we'll see you tonight on the 10:00 news. "first day of school" pancakes.
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