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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 7, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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investigation into newly discovered email is over less than 24 hours before election day. mornings on 2 start now. good morning and thank you for waking up at past monday morning november 7 >> i am pam cook. >> i was talking to sammy and that i don't feel the extra hour the time of day. >> damariay and dave clark. i went to the radar games and that helped. >> you are a good luck charm. >> it was the most exciting place, it was fantastic. some ex-raiders stopped by and watched us. stable anything happen this week? not much.
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: 90 the 20 typically get some rain and until then a lot of shall. some rain, north coast but we are going to get a lot of cloud coverage streaming across the partly sunny and cloudy and too much in the way of high pressure us lights northerly breeze that really has not let up that much predicted on the weekend but there is two e. as long as that's and play temperatures on the coastal be pretty nice. 50s are held up by the cloud coverage. everything is toppling but it's going up and over. unless you're up there in eureka or crescent city i think you are good to go amid the northern coast. 60s and 70s in san jose starting to get into the mid-70s. 4:01 am and there he is mr. sal good morning. we are off to a decent start when it comes to the morning commute telescope to the traffic there on 580 westbound.
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using the maps are going to show us traffic is doing very well on 580 westbound as you drive over the altamont pass. note road sensors firing up right at the moment it looks good all the way into livermore valley. scott anderson 880 n. and south out and looks good as you look past the coliseum and at the bay bridge toll plaza you to the traffic is moving along nicely. breaking news from overnight police in hayward are investigating a shooting happened at 10:00 pm last night on record placed near manning avenue. so far police have not released any other information but a witness at the scene says there was some sort of confrontation between two people who live in a neighborhood and another man, the witness says after some are going a man pulled out a gun and shot the two people. the corners man was at the scene
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. it's possible two people were killed and we are trying to find out more information at this point and we will do at this throughout our news cast. news this morning janet reno first woman to serve as attorney general has died. her goddaughter says she passed away early this morning from complications of parkinson's disease. in a spent eight years at the that the nation's top law enforcement official and the clintons campaign. she faced criticism for the deadly raids on the ranch compound in waco texas. reno also made national headlines after authorizing the seizure of five-year-old elian gonzalez in miami from the home of his relatives to be can be returned to cuba to his father. janet reno died at the age of 78. with just a day to go before the election the presidential candidates scramble to contend with the latest fbi revelation. >> the fbi says there is no new evidence to pursue charges against clinton. that is a last-minute developments that may shape the
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outcome of the race. more on that from washington. >>reporter: forget for a moment the two major candidates in the selection donald trump and hillary clinton at the sky, james comey who may play the largest role right now dropping yet another bombshell. donald trump with a stop in virginia still digesting the news from the fbi and its investigation into hillary clinton. >> right now she is being protected by a totally rigged system. accept the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. >>reporter: hours earlier james comey had sent another letter to congress in his agency reviewed hundreds of thousands of recently discovered email pay based on the review he wrote we have not changed our conclusion that we expect a delight with respect to secretary. clinton . going back to the original conclusion that clinton was careless about handling the information but could not be successfully
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prosecuted for the argentine learned about this quite a campaign event. >> confirms the conclusion was reached in july and we are glad this is resolved. this election is a moment of reckoning clinton did not mention the development at campaign stops but it was no doubt a relief as her campaign prepared for star-studded closing arguments. donald trump with a whirlwind schedule today hitting florida, north carolina, pennsylvania and new hampshire and winding up in michigan. a could be a critical state for both campaigns with president obama, for president clinton and hillary clinton herself heading there for one last push. as far as the impact of his latest fbi decision goes one thing to keep in mind the fbi announcement came after yesterday but 40 million people have cast early ballots. in congress nancy pelosi responded to the decision on the email investigation and in
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a statement pelosi says while the original letter aloud days of innuendo and falsehood by republicans desperate to divert attention from themselves the fbi swift and thorough review should finally closed the door on this republican sideshow. we will announce at the south they were early voting was going on to get reaction to the latest of hillary clinton's emails to be asked voters is the fbi's director decision will affect their vote for president? >> i was happy they were told to pursue it but it wasn't like i had changed my mind when they started the investigation because it's an ongoing and nothing has come of it. that trust the fbi and hillary clinton. i think we are all good. >> it's much ado about nothing which the political discourse in the country is like to five- year-old in the sandbox pee on each other. it's really at that low of a level.
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>> we talked with all the people outside san jose's library. we are your station to watch on election day. our coverage begins at 4:00 pm tomorrow we will be live on ktvu entryman plus and live streaming on we will also have all the latest developments online and on social media. check san jose police arrested a man they say has been on the run to the confrontation with police last month. 24-year-old juan iqr was driving a stolen suv on october 25 when officers tried to stop them to the say he ran the officers patrol car twice the police opened fire but he got away. officers say they saw him in another stolen car yesterday morning and arrested him. he faces charges in both incidents include auto theft, assault on a police officer and drug possession. in santa clara the chp says street racing was to blame for
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a deadly car crash that killed a young man from san jose. that happen yesterday afternoon in a busy stretch near homestead road. neighbors say they hear racing on the street all the time, all night but there's a price it happened in broad daylight. one man actually had heavy car parts fly into his backyard the chp wants help finding the other driver. >> right here is where there's a large oil puddle with the oil populated. the backyard is covered with oil spots. >> large parts, bumper parts 4 feet long some heavy metal pieces. think that's what i know there was an oil pump and air compressor. >>reporter: that impact he says debris flew over the sound will 80 feeds. he was folding laundry in his bedroom when he heard cars racing. it shook the
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fence and house and he called 911. said every night or every other night at confident i'm just glad my nephews were here playing in the backyard. which they normally would have been. >>reporter: chp says 12:30 pm to cars for racing northbound on cents a month checkup expressly up to speed up to 100 mi./h. the cars hit traffic south of homestead road that's when the blue camaro veer to the right of an embankment coming to rest between the tree and assemble perspective crashes of violence a check off the whole left side of the vehicle. >>reporter: authorities say the driver and that in his 20 died in the driver he was racing a silver acura took off. >> this activity we've seen has spread to the rest of the bay. >>reporter: chp is not surprised with the problem they say is growing respect the problem that we're having right now in the entire day is
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something that we are addressing . we will have multiagency collaboration in order to try to crack down. he also heard the question doesn't understand why anyone would race on expressly given the current yields the other driver is apprehended. >> help a catch him because he could have stopped and at least done something. >> that was -- the chp tells us three homes had debris from the crash in their backyard. they are hoping traffic cameras will provide clues to the driver of the silver acura. over the weekend the sonoma county sheriff's office released more information about the death of a young man who was found buried in a shallow grave at sonoma state university . investigators say 18-year-old kirk kimberly was stabbed several times that his body was found last wednesday in what area of the campus near a parking lot that he had been missing since october 17.
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a student from uc santa cruz has now died one week after she was critically injured by a hit and run driver. 20-year-old alexander was walking home with french of a halloween party on october 30 in santa cruz that was crossing highway 1 between commission and river streets when she was hit. police searching for the hit- and-run driver. the car at the 2010 or 2012 silver honda crv similar to the one you see on your tv. it may have damaged to the passenger side front bumper. police are asking car repair shops to keep an eye out for the car. 4:11 am and the polls are open until 7 o'clock tomorrow morning but a lot of people say they want to make sure they get the ballots in and they are willing to wait in line to do it. and big earthquake in oklahoma that was felt in several nearby states as well. we will see the damage and the cleanup underway.
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we're still looking at a commute that is good for a monday morning. you can see westbound 80 moving along nicely heading out to the maze. a lot of cloud coverage but it's just that. unless of north looks like quite week we will talk about that and see what's in store for the temperatures.
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off the sonoma county coast before midnight. he felt it was 8 miles south of sea ranch. pretty far north. pretty desperate dozen people felt the shaky. some people and cushing oklahoma are cleaning up after a 5.0 magnitude earthquake. the quake hit about 7:45 pm and can be felt as far away as little rock arkansas with a center near cushing the police department there said is quite a bit of damage in downtown but no injuries reported at this point in the public school district is canceled classes for today in order to assess the damage. >> whole house shook for three or four minutes and we call back home and found that we have damaged the some of the trailer house as we have in the country. >> i felt it all shaking. we ran outside and the after
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shakes were crazy because -- yeah. >> scientist linked the increase to fracking and the underground disposal of waste water from oil, gas production. at least 15 people died in central vietnam, six others is still missing in major flooding. bulger rescuing people who were trapped. more than 40,000 homes are damaged, thousands of acres of props are destroyed. it has rained heavily in the past week but also triggered landslides and damaged roads. the pollution in new delhi is so thick and dangerous schools have been closed. construction projects have been halted. for more than a week the skies over new delhi have been filled with a thick haze. the pollution is so bad people's eyes are seeing and furniture store. right now particularly -- particulates in there are 40 times over what is considered to be safe from
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world health organization. air pollution experts blame the problem on several factors including diesel burning cars, a coal burning plant and the population boom. check if you had some trouble getting on twitter last night you're not alone. the site went down before 10 o'clock the site went down before 10:00 pm. took 20 minutes before it was working and twitter users from around the world reported the problem. the website is back up and running this morning. twitter says it's looking into the cause of the problem. good thing it didn't happen during the world series. >> a lot of people would have been met. >> twitter went out and i'm glad it didn't happen when i was just glad it happened when i was asleep. >> i can't watch sports without twitter. >> you have my back things are watching out. let's go to the gilroy commute and take a look at the drive between gilroy and san jose northbound 101 traffic
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looking pretty good as you drive through and as you get to morgan hill not a bad commute. it looks good into the valley. we don't see a lot going on. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. as you get into the west valley illustrative san mateo pretty. and i start encouraged on this monday for light traffic if you want to get up early and take advantage. it's a good time the little bit of a window usually is not until the 5:00 our business is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is moving along well. let's bring steve in here, and at the twitter thing. >> that will never catch on. we do have a lot of cloud coverage the system doing exactly what we thought it would. it gives some light makes the north was in the south it was not doing too much but a lot of cloud coverage the coldest down but today it is the same cloud coverage but running northward unless at north for us mostly
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cloudy to partly sunny today to the system does not have enough power. it's a good-looking system but not the energy that we need to and northerly component, and offshore still in place which is amazing here and we've had this for a while. 50s on it temperatures upper 50s for some. 57. 5758 sfl. if you 40s in the mix. northwest napa and glen allen. capital 45 grain 48 low 50s for some and mid-fifties for others. 58 exubera. 36 in truckee. 52 sacramento looks good that you can see where the energy is going. visiting the northwest and a lot of cloud coverage to break through for the bulk of the week. a lot of high clouds but still slightly warmer as we had an to santa clara beginning to warm up . the mid-70s that will take us today and 75 san jose they were 74 but 70s for many upper 60s
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for some and temperatures continue to pump up a little bit as ahead towards wednesday into thursday. a little weak system brushes us but okay on the weekend. i don't think anything breakthrough until the 19th or 20th. she sent me a raiders blanket, pockets wife. >> it's pretty cool. time is 4:20 am. . it is one of the most famous badges the whole world. 20 minutes but scientists are doing to understand what is happening beneath old faithful. a controversial story brewing in oakland involving the late raiders quarterback, why his family is upset about his props.
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police in sacramento searching for a man who was involved in a deadly shootout with a police officer happened just after one 30 a.m. yesterday outside the capital casino card of the two groups of men started fighting and the parking lot. messier state the sacramento police officer who was working security inside the casino ran outside to break up the fight and that's when the shooting started. as the two groups are leaving one of the individuals to a firearm and began firing
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in the direction of our officers and some of the other people in their expect that police officer fired back and the two exchanged gunfire. an innocent bystander 32 stroke nicholas broadway at sacramento was shot and killed. police think it was a shot from the suspect's gun that killed broadway based on where they were all sitting at the time. the investigation that goes on in the government is still on the loose. check today real estate air robert durst is scheduled to make his first court appearance in connection with the killing and 16 years ago. turf was arrested 19 months ago just as the final episode of the hbo documentary the jinks was airing. looked into the possible ties to the death of susan berman as well as several other crimes permit was the daughter of a las vegas mobster before the brought on charges he was tried on federal weapons charges for the attorney sector is eager to return to clear his
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name. away police need your help this morning to identify the suspect of a road rage investigation. the confrontation happened inside the safeway store on first read on sunday, october 30 at 8:00 pm. the man and not surveillance photo right there is the one who pulled out a knife and another man and threatened to stab him if he didn't leave the store per the suspect seen leaving the parking lot in the pickup truck and heading east on rent avenue. raiders owner bart -- mark davis is involved in the battle between the nfl hall of fame and the family of raiders superstar kenny stabler. stabler was inducted into hall of fame last august just months after he died. news report says the family and mark davis were already absent hall of fame and not attempted stabler he was alive. despite
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leading the raiders to victory general 11 big names in 1974 mvp the state -- stable family says they cannot have the hall of fame ring and the yellow jacket awarded to living members of the hall of fame. instead the family will be given a patch despite their offer to pay for the ring and the jacket. mark davis has released a statement in response saying the guys urgent and their families should get to enjoy it. this is an injustice that has to be rectified. the nfl hall of fame is not yet issued a response rate the oakland raiders are at the top of the division but fans are afraid this is the swansong for the silver and black. we lost a once and hearts are broken. that prompted the help of homeland security, what's being done to make sure your boat stay safe from cyber attacks tomorrow on election day. the morning commute not too bad. so far as driving and san
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francisco along northbound 101 will tell you more about that straight ahead. look like a quiet week. a lot of cloud coverage but slightly warmer temperatures. not much in the wake of the range of our we will have an update on the forecast coming up.
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abstract live pictures in washington dc the us capitol building in washington less than 24 hours ago until election day and a new president will be elected the kenitzer busy on the campaign trail trying to get those last- minute votes crisscrossing and bouncing around the country. it will be a very busy day as you can imagine. monday monday, november 7 i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook. let's check in with steve.
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any rain on the way? >> not here. the ninth the 20th looks to be but not this week.>> it will be much in public will be north and a lot of cloud coverage streaming through but most of the energy continues to write up and over this ridge of high pressure maybe have mostly cloudy skies this morning and that will hold a los up with you 40s in the next to the north but under partly sunny skies that a little bit warmer for some. a lot of cloud coverage here but that's just it. not organized to heads of the pacific northwest that are covered and partly cloudy 50 and some 40s the north baker if they temperatures low 50s danville in their concord 52 messages for most dublin also 52 everyone is closed. you need to come in like the that a lot of cloud coverage the north mostly sunny and cottage the north 60s and 70s and it 77 isaiah


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