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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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after 10:30 this morning a man and two men were crossing main street when a vehicle struck them. the driver of the vehicle was this estranged wife of one of the victims. after hitting them the driver put the car in reverse and struck one of the victims a second time before leaving the scene. now investigators say around 20 minutes police department got a call from a woman jumping from the bridge. the coast guard found a deceased female under the bridge. the vehicle was located on the bridge where the woman jumped. it appears that the woman jumped from the bridge and was the driver of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian. as of right now her name is being withheld. the victims are expected to survive the injuries and we found out that the woman in here in the suspect that hit the three others is from out of state. she was driving a rental car and that rental car was from nevada. we are working on it and will have more information coming up at 6:00.
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paul chambers in martinez, thank you. it is a long line in san francisco city hall this morning where people turned out early to cast their ballots in san francisco. election officials say 32% of voters voted early. in alameda 29 percent of voters cast their ballots and more than half of californians expected to vote by mail this election. in san francisco, about 65% of registered voters requested a mail-in ballot. the polls in san francisco city hall just closed but there is still plenty of time to vote on election day. san franciscoians have a lot of propositions to consider. the odd numbered districts had five voter cards to fill out. tara moriarty join us live from the city with more on the voting trends this year. tara. well, good evening. we definitely know that election buzz is in the air. folks wearing i voted stickers. 513,000 registered voters in san francisco and 65% of them chose the mail-in ballot and we
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were at city hall to check out the people that voted in persons or dropped off the ballots. >> hello. >> it is quick and painless. >> thank you. >> the drop off ballot booth in front of san francisco city hall. >> this is a dizzying number an props. whether to make recreational marijuana legal. >> there is a lot of homework involved. >> i read everything a week ago and wrote everything down so i could zip through it. >> there is a lot at stake. >> voters in even numbered districts filled out four voter cards front and back and those in odd districts had five pages. >> hi, how are you? good to see you. >> arguably the most contentious and closest race in the city. the one for california state senate. >> a hard fought race and a key race because there's only 40
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state senators for the 6th largest economy so it matters. >> scott weaner vying for every last vote as did his opponent jane kim. >> win or lose i feel any about the campaign. we ran a positive campaign that was about making san francisco more affordable. and making it a region for everybody. >> randy says she was waffling between clinton and trump. >> i still don't know. >> it is a battle between good and evil and it tore my family apart and hopefully we will get together after the election. >> now the polls are closed at city city hall but they will be open until 8:00 tomorrow. they will work through thursday making sure that the ballots are put through the machine and there will be another two or three weeks before every single
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ballot is counted. quite some time but hopefully the big races will know what is up. back to you. long lines out there. did you get time to cast your own ballot? >> i did. i did the mail-in ballot. i have the sticker and it fell off. it has been a polarizing election. i am crossing my fingers that my father and sister will be on speaking terms when it is all over. >> all of our facebook friends. thanks, tara. voters will decide who becomes the 45th president of the united states. >> and the two major candidates busy with last minute battleground blitzes. >> folks, the system is rigged. okay? the system is rigged. at least we know it and people in this country i think because of us have never known it. so obviously as they do now.
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the system is totally rigged. donald trump began the day in sarasota florida and has a total of five states on his agenda. his running mate mike pence is doing the same with his 3rd rally in erie, pennsylvania. >> it has not been a fair fight. you know what i'm saying? every since i joined the campaign, i get up every morning and have to turn on the television with a stick. you know what i mean? never know what is going to be on there. it is like it is two on one with the national media doing half of hillary clinton's work for her every day. >> trump is hoping to win by taking steps that are a toss-up with both candidates and flipping one leaning towards hillary clinton. >> and hillary clinton is crisscrossing the country and going to pennsylvania.
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>> for those making up your minds or thinking maybe it is not worth voting at all, let me just say the choice in this election could not be clearer it is between division and unity. between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon. between an economy that works for everyone and not just those at the top. as you know the f.b.i. cleared her of wrongdoing yesterday in that email probe. she is focusing on her message asking voters to head to the polls and make history. and she has had help from president obama. >> donald trump is uniquely unqualified to hold the job but the good news michigan is that you are uniquely qualified to make sure he does not get the  job. >> north carolina you guys are a check mate state. if north carolina wins hillary clinton it is over and take it to the bank and she will be the president. clinton wraps up her campaign with a midnight rally in north
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carolina and this is a one of the contested toss-up states and inanalysts believe that north carolina 15 electoral votes could tip the skills. clinton leads trump by 2. 9 percentage points and that number represents a number of 13 different national poms and clinton leads trump in 11 and trump has the lied in one and the two candidates are tied in the last one. political analysts brian sorebell joins us. how do you think it will shape up. >> mathematically. hillary clinton has the advantage. we would have to see donald trump on the table on the states that he thinks or that we all believe he needs to run and maybe grab one of her states as well. a tall order and probably not within the realm of possibility. but that's why he is out there
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all over the swing states and the states that are up for grabs including his own midnight rally to bring in more votes. >> donald trump could win all of the battle ground states and still lose. he needs to take a blue state and that's why he has been spending time in michigan and pennsylvania. >> right. and michigan interesting to watch michigan right now. we are seeing different polling coming out of there. it is a long shot to be honest with you. he is fighting it out to the bitter end. >> i think she is making a stop in allendale and he is in grand rapids. no early voting in michigan and it is 15 or 16 electoral votes. do you think it could go either way? do you think it will go to clinton? >> i think it goes to clinton but the trump people feel like there is a possibility and that's what they are playing with. the possibilities, the outside shots between right now and
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tomorrow. people come to a last minute decision that they don't want hillary clinton and they want donald trump. that's what the trump people are counting on. and today trump again reinforced the idea that this campaign, the election is rigged. he is saying it over and over and over again. he wasn't saying that so much pulling up in the poll numbers a few weeks ago after the first f.b.i. investigation was announced and his numbers started to come up. he is saying it is rigged. what is the ramification of that either way when the campaign is over. >> a lot of people are asking that question and i think when this thing is all over. donald trump goes back to being donald trump. the movement will have lingering effects but in contrast to those that say there will be a big fight afterward and donald trump will be suing people and all of that stuff, i think he goes back to new york and he allows this thing to play out to the benefit of the american people. >> what about james comey under
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intense scrutiny and now he says there is no charges for hillary clinton how do you think it would work for him moving forward. one of these two people will be president. can he work with them moving forward. >> the f.b.i. director serves a ten year term so you can be independent and his skill set around terrorism and all of that is unchallenged. he has done a great job on that. this particular set of releases and all of that has been a mystery. i cannot figure out for the life of me why he has done it the way he has done it and the outcome is not any. it makes it look like the law enforcement component of the united states and possibly the attorney general of the united states are playing politics. and we can't have that. >> right. >> americans have to have faith in the f.b.i. and the institutions and these organizations and it is a sorry state of affairs if you can't.
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>> exactly. >> we will have more with you and looking forward to tomorrow. yes, it is finally here. >> i think we will bring a sigh of relief. >> yes. >> when it comes to voting for president, many people say they aren't happy with their choices. that means a write-in vote. instead which write-in votes are counted and which ones thrown out. >> he was paralyzed in a shooting in a barber shop but did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. >> i'm shocked and i feel like if all of these people believe in me and i believe in me then this thing can't happen. coming up. got help from his next goal from oakland police and a surprise local hero. it's cloudy out there right now. beautiful sunset tonight. does it mean rain? i will let you know. we will see you back here. stay with us for complete coverage on tomorrow's election day. the coverage begins at 4:00. we will be live on ktvu and ktvu plus and live streaming on
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and we will have the latest developments online and on social media.
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a dash for the swing states and blue states. president obama is holding event for hillary clinton right now in new hampshire. this is a very dark picture of that event. we will take a look at the event. we are told it is a packed event. president obama getting ready to hold a rally for hillary clinton. >> meantime on the republican side where it is lighter mike pence is in scranton pennsylvania. both campaigns held rallies in swing states. donald trump stopped in five
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states and hillary clinton was in three. meantime back here at home in oakland a couple charged with murder in the death of a volunteer with the alameda county sheriff's office. laura rogers on the left and her boyfriend curtis taylor charged with the murder of darla rameriz segoviano. police say the 21 year-old was beaten and stabbed and her body was burned and left in an oakland park last thursday. rogers stabbed the victim and taylor doused her with gas. they threw away and knife and gas can and taylor's clothes in a dumpster that police recovered. investigators believe the two women knew each other and the attack was not related to the victim's work with the sheriff's office. the san francisco district attorney general will not file charges against the surgeon accused of selling prescription opioids. 49-year-old dr. chris owens is a vascular surgeon and associate professor of surgery
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at the va medical center. arrested last week. the d.a. told ktvu that there's insufficient evidence to charge owens at this time. the doctor was reportedly released from jail late this afternoon. a man paralyzed ten years ago after being shot in oakland but it is never stopped him from taking to the skies as a pilot. henry lee tells us he wants to do more for his aviation career. this morning city officials and a surprise guest made that happen. quincy carr lugs the furniture star in his wheelchair to the street corner and tries to get the attention of passing motorists and it is to pursue his passion of being a pill. >> i enjoy being here. i would rather be in the sky flying. >> carr has his private pilot's license in 2002 and four years later paralyzed in a shooting at a barber shot. he had to relearn how to drive and fly with hand controls. he even earned his commercial
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pilot's license but he was not finished. a few days ago he told us he wants to go to school to become a flight instructor. >> let me ask you a question? >> to be a flight instructor. >> are we going to do this. >> we are go to do this. yeah. >> today oakland police and firefighters and mayor libby shaft surprised him with a 10,000-dollar check so he could share his love of flying with others. captain sullenberger that made that heroic landing in the hudson. >> yes. captain sully. >> what sustains my inspiration about this story is his perseverance and he did not let this dissuade him from working hard. >> i feel like if all of these people believe in me and i believe in me then this thing can happen. >> it is very easy to complain and say why me?
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why me? but you have an attitude of it is not what happens to you, it is how you actually handle it. >> oakland police clay burke says he was moved to help carr to stay positive despite being shot five times. >> someone said unbecoming things to his girlfriend. he actually asked not to say those things and the guy came out with a firearm and started shooting him in the barber chair. >> the two developed a friendship and bird now he had to help this hard working men. >> here we are. thanks, man. >> this is so cool you guys. have you no idea. >> you probably won't find quincy car here anymore as he takes to the skies. a dump truck roll over in san diego. it happened near saratoga street. the driver veered off of the
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road and the truck slid down an incline and mowed down a palm tree before it rested across the house. sky fox 2 captured this video of the scene after crews pulled the truck upright. no one in the house was hurt. the driver suffered minor injuries. tracking the weather. we have had strong winds out at sea and brought in clouds and surf. the high surf advisory in effect the next couple of days. beautiful sunset and it looks like it will rain and feels like it. it won't rain but clouds coming in from a big weather system in the pacific. the system that is generating that large surf but for us it is just basically under a ridge of high pressure. the winds underneath it. and the jet stream. i can show you where the jet stream is and right underneath that, the surface winds and they are blowing over thousands of miles of ocean in a straight line. we talked about this last week. if you look at the jet stream i will put it this way.
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how it goes, there is the trough that is stormy. and that right quadrant. then it comes in here and then the trough kind of comes back down. >> that's the jet stream. i roughed it in based on the cloud formation. one thing it is related to the other. what happens out here how the jet stream moves impacts the east and vice versa and all connected around the globe. >> it is large waves and maybe six or seven of those the northern and southern hemisphere. here is the swell 6 feet and that's not big. it is going to be much bigger tomorrow and up to maybe 22nd interval and maybe ten foot that is huge. 20-foot waves at the beach. a coastal concern. dangerous surf building and peaking on wednesday. that's the biggest day on wednesday. we will talk more. thinking about mavericks it
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will break but not a good environment. the winds are not right for holding a contest. they did think about having a contest on wednesday. the northwest winds look like they may be much for the contest. you want more of a light wind or offshore wind. 49 degrees tomorrow morning in napa and 49 in santa rosa and 51 in livermore. it feels like fall. mount diablo in the distance. the time change please be careful driving home. an hour darker and kids moving around more than typical be aware that it is darker than you are used to on your way home. fog tomorrow morning. that is being brought in on the northwest wind and pushes to the coast and by tomorrow morning and your highs though, look at the 70s. yellows and some low 80s. we are trending to a nice warm weather pattern. not hot and warm and large surf the story with chance of rain down the road and not in the next couple. what a sunset out there.
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>> isn't it. >> it is golden. >> the raiders stake their claim as one of the best teams in the nfl this week and they did it in front of a national audience. >> why the head coach said last night's game reminded him of when he was a kid.
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raider nation on fire. the coliseum was rocking in front of a national tv audience joe. it is raider mania out there.
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>> i think when it comes to pro football there is a new sheriff in town. they weren't good for a long time. better known for mostly two decades for disappointing the fans rather than rewarding them. that has changed with the oakland raiders. >> last night's game at the oakland coliseum was a chance for the raiders to prove their lofty standings in the afc west with the super bowl champions. and it brought memories of the old day from their coach. a hayward native and childhood raider fan. >> it reminded me when my dad would let me come with them. the crowd was terrific. it was electric. the raider nation showed up and i am so pleased to deliver the kind of performance they deserve. >> it has not been that way since the last super bowl appearance after the 2002 season the raiders have usually come up small on the national
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stage. last night before a sunday night audience they jumped on denver's for the first 13 points and never looked back. the rushing game the best indicator of oakland's dominance. 218 yards led by latiferous murray that ran for 3 touchdowns. oakland is now in sole possession of first place and murray knows at this point that means little. >> i really think it is a start. we have a lot of games left and in a tough division. this game can two any way. we can't work on this game as something that is going to define the season. >> if raider fans want to be optimistic here is what derrick carr thinks can happen. >> there is still so much we can do and we see we can do and we can't work at it all at once. we are trying. and the way that thinks are going the more we grow we can
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get better. it is exciting time. >> it is a time a whole generation of raider fans have been waiting to see. >> so at 7 and 2 the raiders get a buy week to heal up before they resume the schedule and another nationally televised game. two mondays against the houston texans. >> fun to see derrick carr talk. a great leader for the team. >> if you want to look at what the team has done so well and really low draft picks and they have used them well. they got amari cooper. they got khalil mack and they got derrick carr. they have used the draft choices well to bill a core of guys and key free agents and jelling at the right time and it's a good product to put together. >> it is raiders nation. those poor fans through the ringer and kind of still are with the vegas business and to have the team doing so well and you can see the energy. it is amazing. >> we have known the energy there exists. it is just they have been
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waiting and have an off season where it will be so much better and the same old thing again. this is the season where it looks like they are being rewarded and a tough division. denver one game back and kansas city a half game back. a lot of football to be played and lots of reason for optimism. you say only halfway through the season. a long way to go. >> way to go. sure. >> some election offices have started to count ballots. why some write-in votes won't be counted. >> there was not much of this chevy camaro that ended in a crash. what police say was unusual
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about this specific race. >> in san jose the latino event is proclaiming voting a sacred act and calling for unity after a nasty political campaign. we have a reporter there and we will have much more at 6:00. election departments have begun to count the votes. enthusiasm is low among voters. >> rob roth is back from the register's office where some people are brighting in candidates and rob tells us what he found out. >> julie there's no question this presidential race is
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become one of the most polarizing elections and so some people are voting for candidates not on the ballot. >> at the contra costa register some people came to vote in person and voting for president many say they are not happy with their choices. >> i didn't like either candidate but in the negativity of it, it is just tremendous. >> election officials say they are seeing write-in choices. >> the scanners pop that out as a special ballot and they will count the vote. >> senator bernie sanders appears on this ballot and andy mcmillen has two votes. sanders and mcmillen two of five candidates certified by the second of state and the others are lawrence culley and mike mad der rin and jerry white.
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to become certified a candidate needs 55 registered voters and whether the candidate wants to be on the ballot or not. >> there is an urban myth that some are not counted. provisional ones are not counted unless the races are close. we have no way of knowing what the voter voted on and whether or not it would be determinant. we count every ballot. >> one wrote in-house speaker paul ryan for p president and the problem is that won't count in the final tally. >> if paul ryan for camp -- example wanted to run he would have to go through the process otherwise it is not counted. >> i did consider writing in someone but i figured i might as well pick from who will probably win. >> we won't know the results since it has to be tallied by hand. it could take up to 30 days to
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count those votes. julie. and rob, is the register of voters, are they staffed and ready for tomorrow and expecting a big turnout? >> they are fully staffed. they have been gearing up for this for many months. so they have hired extra people and they say they are ready to go. as far as big turnout goes, we will get this in contra costa valley, one hundred thousand voters have registered since january. a one hundred percent increase. if the majority of them turn out to vote the voter turnout will be huge. we are ready for it here. it will be a busy day tomorrow. rob, thank you. california voters will be deciding tomorrow if marijuana should be legalized in the state. lieutenant governor gavin newsome is a supporter. >> he says there have been measures where the language in proposition 4 has been tightened. >> this is the most restrictive
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and comprehensive legalization measure presented anorchia allows flexibility. if proposition 64 passes. californians will grow pot and not have a place to buy it until stores are licensed. the state has until 2018 to begin issuing retail marijuana licenses. newsome was in oakland for the transportation measure barbara lee and ed lee and libby shaft were onhand. measure rrwould have bonds worth three-and-a-half million dollars and the money would be use the to make repairs. it is on in three counties, san francisco, alameda and contra costa. >> it is a win, win, win. it reduces traffic and it is environmentally sound. it helps to create jobs and it helps to create a lot of resistance of stress on people that have to drive right now.
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>> opponents of rr say bart has not spent moneywisely in the past. they say a third of the bond money can pay for employees benefits. be sure to stay with ktvu for complete election coverage. we will be live on ktvu and ktvu plus and live streaming on we will have the latest developments online and social media. sonoma county sheriff homicide are looking for a key piece of evidence in the killing of 18-year-old kirk kimberly. his body was found buried in a shallow grave on sonoma state university. he had been missing since october 17th. authorities say he was stabbed several times. police say that they are looking for his bicycle. the bike looks like this. a white men's 2011 cannondale cx mountain bike.
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it has road tires that have reflective material built into the sidewalls. kimberly was last seen on this bike. anyone with information about the mountain bike is asked to call the sonoma county sheriff's office. chp officers continue the probe into a deadly crash. it appears to be the result of street racing. officials say this type of a legal activity is not new. it is unusual for veith raising to take place in the middle of the day. south bay reporter jesse gary has the latest. the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding the most recent south bay fatal car crash could hinge on surveillance such as these. >> we need to establish whether or not this was a speed contest. it was just two separate vehicles that happen to be driving fast at the same time and location and they were in a road rage. what possibly could have been happening. >> the mangled wreckage that was a blue chevy camaro indicates how the deadly mystery began. witnesses say the driver of two
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cars, the camaro and acura were racing in excess of 100 miles near homestead road sunday. the ra stopped traffic forced the driver to veer off of of the road and he crashed into a tree sending debris flying 80 feet high and into neighbor's yards. >> large parts. four feet long, some of the pieces were heavy metal and i know there was an oil pump and air compressor. >> the camaro's driver a san jose man in his 20s and killed on impact and the county medical examiner is working to identify the remains and cause of death. the driver of the silver or gray acura t lor possibly a txs similar to these sped away and has not been seen since. investigators hope that the surveillance camera shows his license plate number. >> in the south bay we do have street racers and we have those individuals and groups of individuals that gather together and engage in speed
5:39 pm
contests. >> to help reduce the amount of fatal accidents on city streets in san jose the police department announced a new 300,000-dollar grant to fund a year's worth of education and enforcement campaigns. officials say education can only do so much so they are hopeful vigorous enforcement will lead them to the acura's driver that could face charges in connection to the accident from speeding to vehicular manslaughter. in santa clara. jesse gary. senator bernie sanders comes across the campaign here in california. tesla announces the end to a popular perk to its electric
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cars. >> kurdish troops are playing a key role in a battle to take mosel. comes from a kurdish television channel. you can see the kurdish forces battlings militants east of mosel. there are armored vehicles past burning homes. the commander says there were 14 air strikes and one suicide car was destroyed. meantime the un is trying to get as many as 11 refugee camps open to receive refugees fleeing the fighting. >> in south carolina the search for bodies condition in a case that began with a woman screaming from help inside a
5:43 pm
shipping container last week. authorities say today they found a 3rd body on the property of todd kohlhepp. and they believe he is connected with a total of 7 deaths. the investigation began when kara brown was found chained by a neck in a shipping container in a forested area. she and her boyfriend disappeared in august. the body of her boyfriend was found buried on the property. the other two bodies have not yet been identified. we will be back on the property tomorrow. you may see a scale down effort tomorrow and the majority of the property has been checked. tomorrow we are going back over to make sure we didn't miss anything. >> investigators took another surprise turn on saturday and when he confessed to killing four other people. kohlhepp is a registered sex offender. investigators are checking other properties that he owns inside and outside the state of south carolina. tesla is phasing out a popular program that allows
5:44 pm
owners free use of the network. the electric car maker says they will be eligible for one thousand miles worth of credits. after that tesla customers will have to pay a fee. the company has not specified how much it will cost to use its chargers but less than the price of filling a comparable car with gas. tesla plans to continue to offer free charging for cars ordered or sold before january 1st. both presidential candidates will be watching election results a couple miles apart from each other. the massive security zone in new york ahead of election day. not the president but bernie sanders rallied his fan base in california. the support he is drumming up. >> talk about the large surf. the beautiful sunset and what you can expect. will the clouds amount to rain? i will let you know.
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an army of media and political operatives for clinton and trump rallies. they will be two miles apart tomorrow night. the nypd will be on the job throughout the city. some of them will be enforcing frozen zones around the candidate's locations. other law enforcement agencies will also have a significant presence including the secret service. we have a very robust plan
5:48 pm
in place. to secure the two events that secret service will be involved in. >> police will be using mobile radiation, bomb detectors and bomb-sniffing dog. and also be deployed in hundreds of polling places on high alert for possible violence. you have seen him in television ads. bernie sanders returned to california to make his final pitch. >> tom vacar was there and says sanders is trying to rally is anti establishment base. >> proposition 61 is exactly about the political revolution. >> senator bernie sanders says that if prop 61 passes the nation will follow. the proof says drug companies are paying the most ever to defeat a pro position on any subject anywhere in the nation. >> 131 million-dollars paid for by the drug companies to make
5:49 pm
sure that california and the american people continue to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. >> the drug century opened up a vietnam veteran as opposition. pete coniator says the pass cannondale of 61 means higher prices for veterans and potentially for all higher californiaians. >> it will cost the va $3.8 billions an increase funding and it is pour lee written. >> the drug industry has lied and bought off a lot of good people groups. it is sad. the veterans are with us. >> in this role i am being paid by the public relations firm in charge of outreach. >> mr. connaty confirms that the p r firm is being paid by the drug industry and so therefore he is. >> if it was going to increase the drugs the drug companies would support it. >> the polling suggests that prop 61 is a toss-up.
5:50 pm
that is why it is so important for people to vote. expert observers say california is a big and profitable market that 131 is not too much to pay to defeat prop 61 and prevent a domino effect. >> the pharmaceutical industry has the money to buy united states congress and the money to buy the legislature's all over this country. >> the choices now yours. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. we are tracking the weather systems out there. joe fonzi came in the studio and he asked, hey look at those clouds. it looks like it will rain and look at the satellite map. here are the clouds. and what happens when it amplifies and goes south it also amplifies in a northern direction. when it amplifies like that. even though the weather system is over hawaii and looks like
5:51 pm
they can come through, they can't and get stuck and ride up over the ridge and down into the great plains so that kind of gets it out of our hair if you will. so there is this system that we are tracking. it will stay to the north of us. as it does we can expect temperatures to warm. it is going to warm tomorrow by a few degrees. looking at perhaps highs in the 70s to mid-70s to even some low 80s. clouds out there right now. and the temperatures out there are still 70s. it is dark out. 70 in napa and 69 in con card. five degrees warmer than last night at this time. sun is setting and beautiful sunset and i hoped you had a chance to see it. high clouds and they will remain. the high pressure stays and the whole week will be marked by just kind of gradual warming up to thursday when highs could easily reach to the upper 70s and low 80s. so here is tomorrow morning. we talked about this. the fog that goes to the coast. west wind. yellows and 70s and orange
5:52 pm
dots. those are the 80s. so i think it will be just a nice week. no rain. dry and 73 in fairfield and 75 in napa and forecast highs for some of the inland spots. mid-70s and upper 70s and a five-day forecast and kind of just looks more of the same. no rain in the forecast and plenty of clouds. that's the common thread here and thursday looks to be perhaps the warmest day of the week and as far as election day it looks like there is a reason not to get out and vote. last night it was 38% of americans vote absentee anyway. in the old days it was a big deal. if it was icy or wet it would change the election outcome but a lot of people are absentee. >> we live in different times now. thank you, bill. living beyond the election to bring people together. to start the post election healing as early as wednesday.
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deputies looking for a mother that never returned from a jog. sherry patini's husband reported her missing. search teams searched in an area in reading where she was last seen. they found her cell phone and headphones near that area. her husband called police after she failed to pick up her two
5:56 pm
young children from child care. volunteers are doing whatever they can to try to find her. >> the longer that someone is missing is critical. the more people we get out there is the best chance to find her. >> we will be giving out flyers and posting signs. anything we can do to get the word out. >> sheriff department says the missing woman was considered at risk to the suspicious circumstances of her disappearances. her family has offered a $50,000 reward for anyone with information that can lead to her whereabouts. as the election cycle draws to a close. the council on american islamic relations looking ahead. as ann reuben explains, they believe the real work begins after the polls close. soon it will be done and the ballots cast but the community leaders point out it
5:57 pm
won't be healed anytime soon. >> so much of the election rhetoric is talking about who is good and dangerous. we are all americans. >> the council on islamic relations is looking ahead to november the 9th. part of it involves the campaign on twitter asking people to think about steps to take to bridge that divide. >> one of the things we are asking people is to pledge to a different place of worship and to get to know people of other faiths in their community. >> another pledge to invite into my home friends or colleagues that voted differently. it is an idea other churches have been entertaining. some already have plans to facilitate these types of talks. >> we need to come figure ways to talk and who we disagree with and not triballize ourselves. we have to rediscover the art of conversation.
5:58 pm
the idea is resonating with people on twitter who are posting their own ideas for healing. some with the hashtags restore civility. at care they are hopeful that some of the talk turns to action. >> we want people to think ahead so they are not feeling deflated or maybe comfortably victorious on november 9th. no matter who wins there is a lot of work to do. a group of faith and community leaders are gathering today for a pre-election event and one of the topics this he want to discuss is how to put some of the plans for healing into practice after the ballots are cast. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. one day away. tonight hillary clinton and donald trump are making the final push for votes on the eve of the 2016 presidential election. the polls open here in california and just 13 hours. good evening i'm ken wayne and
5:59 pm
frank is off tonight. i'm julie haener. the line were long at san francisco city hall where we found dozens of people waiting to hand in their ballots. election officials say 32% of san francisco voters have chosen to vote early in alameda county 29 percent of registered voters have cast a ballot. across the bay lawmakers did last minute campaigning like here in oakland where a rally was held for transportation measure r rto raise money for bart. among those showing support were congresswoman barry lee and ed lee. hillary clinton with a 3 point lead. clinton has 45.4% of likely voters to trump 42.2% and that's when the 3rd party candidates are included. from local and state to national politics we have live coverage now. cristina rendon has a look
6:00 pm
at how the latino vote could be critical in this election and fox reporter caroline shively is in new york with donald trump's final push in five states. to reporter joel waldman with hillary clinton's campaign blitz. joel. >> reporter: ken and julie being. amazing. 41 million americans voted but of course tomorrow is election day and all out battle ground blitz for hillary clinton and the democratic nominee trying to rally last minute support with the help of some pretty big names. >> hillary rodham clinton crisscrossing swing states with two stops in most win pennsylvania. >> tomorrow you can vote. pray, hopeful, inclusive big hearted america. >> on to michigan. >> america's best days are still ahead of


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