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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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protest turned violent. and, the second night in the row. donald trump is on his way to washington. why this could be an awkward meeting as they prepare for a transition of power. this and more ahead. to be a fly on the wall of that meeting. >> we're going to try to bring as much of we can later today. first of all, welcome back. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> the weather should be nice today. >> yes.
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and, the changes are starting tomorrow. but it's another nice sunrise. additional high clouds certainly help. but what is there, is very shallow. everyone is coming in our direction. heading to the bay right to the estuary. so zoom on out of there. there's a lot out there. how about that? it's not that cold. jim at the san rafael yacht harbor. amazing sunrise. photo taken from road . let's keep it there. cottages a point race. -- cottages of points race. i will say. and, we will see him arriving late saturday and it's going to be another mile day. and, sfo is at 62. and there's a big reason for
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the south bay temperatures. and, one option, look at bonnie 68 warm degrees, and the meteorology department. and, a few high clouds in the mix. and, another hazy sunny and warm day. 7:02 am -- >> well, we have some problems in many commutes. we have slow traffic and in the south they also on the peninsula. we start off with the east bay because it's getting thick here and coming into the macarthur maze and getting out to the car keenness bridge. and, you might see that traffic is backed up so, the south bay commute, southbound 101, we have accident that's going to be there for a little bit. and, we have some lanes closed. and we have one lane remaining closed. and the problem is, everyone
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can see what's going on. and, it's from blossom hill. and, solid all the way up. and, into the 880 interchange. and, this is very slow. people are bailing one-on-one on the slope. so, this has affected that commute. they clear that crash. but the damage is done. it's back up all the way out to the dublin interchange. new injury crash. and, quickly backing up. and thursday is taking that busier day of the week award. dozens of people arrested, free police -- three our interest -- >> the valley turned violent last night. and, dumpsters in businesses to
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cars. and, ktvu out there. the protests, are taking a toll. >> we talk to the building manager, you can see some of the damage behind here, they are about five of these windowpanes that were strader -- it cost about $2500 to replace them. across the street and, up and down broadway, from 12th st. there were correct hashtags scribbled in patent -- spray paint on businesses. and there was damage over there and as the evening went on, it splintered off into smaller
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groups. and, they record at least 16 insulins. that's incident. and, they threw rocks, bottles, and molotov cocktails. 40 fires were set on street in the downtown area. most were small dumpster fires but at least one was set on fire. and, they told us it's a month or a molotov cocktail through the window of the chamber of commerce office. >> is messing up the city, or what? he is all ready president. and they talk to broadway to is not going to change who the president is >> three officers were injured in response to this. and, 12 law enforcement agencies and health in response to this in pleasanton police vehicles
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were vandalized. and, they issued 11 citations. and, there is another demonstration at the donald trump tower. and i want to point out, that the rise initially start peacefully. and, they came out to rally who had a home. and, police say that it's not until after night all. and, the trouble starts with this in doing their own thing. >> all right. thank you. passions also running high in san francisco. >> [chanting] >> several thousand people marched last night before ending up at city hall. the event was organized by city and antiwar groups. they include mothers who brought their young children to join in the protests. >> the person who's going to be
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president is going to cause problems for people that we love and for other people in the world. and as much as you can explain these things to a four-year-old. >> we are joining this march. >> police officers are keeping things under control but for this -- and for the most part of this it was peaceful. one of the largest protest happened outside trump tower in new york city. and, other major rallies were in los angeles chicago and dallas. the protests shut down the 101 freeway there were more protest planned in the bay area including a demonstration again tonight in downtown oakland. and we know more high school students are planning to walk out. and as more and more people they take to protest the results of the election some people are questioning their tactics. >> many wonder if the violence distracts from the message of change. >> do you think that protests
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over the election results are effective? let us know. post a comment on our saleem bey facebook page. you can also tweet us with the hashtag. happening today, president. obama is preparing to host donald trump in fact about an hour. donald trump's plane is right there. leaving from new york city. and, it will be the first face- to-face encounters since his stunning presidential victory. and, has more on what we can expect. and, they arrived later for something that would be somewhat awkward but this is also part of the time honored tradition in washington that the administration and the rest of the country prepare for a big transition. >> this is where will all take place the confines of the overall office. officially, -- oval office.
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officially, that's where they will discuss the presidential transition. and, it is something that the president spoke about in his first public remarks. and, -- >> i have instructed my team and work as hard as we can work as a successful transition and the presidential elect. >> it's hard to ignore the real choice -- and think about everything that was said about the campaign. >> if they can't handle the twitter account, they can't do that. >> and, give me the break. >> and, there may be last tension, sitting down with the next first lady milani a truck. and, white house transitions are serious business in terms team is being led by new governor chris christie.
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>> and, still lingering protests, about this income, it will be a real challenge in the months ahead. and as she moves into the white house and unite a confided country. >> and, beyond the truck meeting, meeting at the white house, president-elect trump will also be meeting with republican speaker paul ryan. thank you. plus donald trump is putting together a white house cabinet. and, former new york mayor rudy giuliani may become atty. general. and may become secretary of state. and, she may become surgeon general. and, it could be in line for defense secretary. and, chris christie may be
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considered for a justice department. >> many vietnam war veterans are excited about a truck presidency. thus trump presidency. -- trump presidency. while campaigning, he made it possible to get your private tradition instead of waiting for appointment that va facilities. they say he did not forget their service and that promise is why they supported him. >> i really believe that the biggest thing they can do to help veterans is to look at the system and cut down all of the paperwork. >> and, it helps. and emotional help as far as physical help. >> they say that they know one man can undo so many things that have been a problem. and, they do believe that it will make a big difference for them. >> and the two police officers were shot early this morning.
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and they were to smart -- responding to a domestic dispute outside of pittsburgh. and, investigators say that they were ambushed as they approached the house. they were immediately met with gunfire. and, it is intensive care, and they are searching for the suspect there by schools, are closed. and, because of this very tense continuing situation. >> sexual assault inside a portable bathroom, the attack and how the attacker was eventually scared away. we have a big commute in the south bay, aggravated by a lot of issues on the 101.
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people are using to 80 instead.
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good morning, welcome back. 7:15 am. hundreds of thousands of ballots, still have not been counted. and, 39% of votes in santa clara county. and, 28% for those in san mateo county, and still have a lot of uncounted ballots. and both by mail ballots are still coming in. and, it will probably take them the full 28 days that they are allowed to count and certify
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the results. the battle is underway to speed up execution from taking effect. they narrowly approved proposition 66. and, asked them to block it. the proposition requires the state supreme court to rule on the five years of sentencing and, opponents say the proposition will of people them in the courts and look forward to those lawyers and hurried left -- less reliable decisions. >> donald trump's presidential election doesn't mean that he can't get a pass fired over trump university. and, they will hold a hearing. and, what evidence would be allowed in the child which would begin. and, they would allow any of those made by during the presidential campaign excluding the trial.
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and, they are accused of being biased by donald trump. and, they were lawsuit, by those who took countries around the country they claim that they were pressured into spending tens of thousands of dollars for mentorships that they did learn the secrets of real estate as they were promised. people who are unhappy with the election of donald trump are all righty starting to think about possible candidates. some of the name circulated include, massachusetts senator. elizabeth warren, first lady michelle obama, new jersey senator, and california atty. general. who of course just one election to the united states senate. it is 7:17 am. and, we had a busy day watching our commute. >> we're going to start with the maps. and, i want to talk about some of these problems coming in. and, even faster than you can build those graphics.
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and, you still have those crashes, it's going to be that way for a bit on 101 southbound in san jose as you drive through. this crash happened a little while ago. they still need to take some time to clean it up. the problem is, northbound 101, traffic is really slow, and that is really slow. even for the san jose commute which is always slow. which is lower than usual. and, it is improving a little bit. and, the call is clear. but, we have a couple of different issues. and, there is one major crash. and, the traffic has been busy. and, using 101 and getting down to south san francisco. and the bay bridge toll plaza,
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that is actual full strength. and that's getting bogged down. and i think they're going to stay on the 101 after seeing that message. and, that could be a factor here. not a good commute. and, give me the 280. >> the 280 at westborough there is an injury blocking lanes. that means traffic is a lot of daly city. all right. marin county, pat yourselves on the back. and, pre-soon that's pretty soon, mostly sunny -- pretty soon, and it's mostly sunny. an easterly breeze, some inland locations are in the upper 40s. it's mild for others, and 60. look at the cool load just south
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of old el paso. hanging off on the rest of the four corners. and we have a few higher clouds. and, i don't think that there will be a lot to the system and i'm going to deal with that tomorrow i don't think that much is going to happen. and, it will be another mild day for some. and, 50s, middle to upper 60s, and kensington 54, napa is right at 50. kill the bill is 46, and 27 up in truckee, 48, or the six from -- and 46 to redding. and, right down there, that's very thick along highway 1. and, you probably won't have to deal with it. and, that is taking a degree or
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two off. and, mostly cloudy, cooler as we go into friday and saturday. and, the south of that, buying the 1300s. and, a late better opportunity certainly if you're watching us on the north coast. the next opportunity will be next wednesday. 70s on the temperatures lower to middle napa at 80. and, watsonville did too. and, one more mild warm day. and, a westwind into saturday. >> all right. thank you. clearing a backlog of evidence in rape cases, however robot is making one bay area city a model.
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7:24 am, caltrans is continuing its demolition. a short time ago workers started removing another 288 foot trust they will do another one with remaining trust every 7 to 10 days depending on the weather. work on the third lane is expected to begin next month. ridge officials awarded the $27 million contract to a berkeley
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contractor. the additional lane on the eastbound side is helping to ease traffic which backs up on 101 during commute hours. and, it includes a pedestrian and bike lanes and the veterans and active-duty members can apply for bay area jobs. the job fair is on the uss apartment, it will run from 10 am until 3 pm. it includes apple, abc transit -- ac transit. brad pitt has been cleared of allegations that he physically abused one of his children. and, they wrapped up an investigation without finding him at fault. and, from him earlier this year, he accused them from being a bird -- abusive. and, it's a custody of the six
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children who are the primary issue. they did it again, the simpsons looked into the future and predicted donald trump to be president. >> we have inherited quite a budget crunch. how bad is it? >> we are broke. >> the country is broke? >> yes, it's called bart to the future arid 16 years ago. lisa simpson is president of the united states she is dealing with the aftermath of what donald trump presidency. they also said, and economic prizewinner, the iphone, and the apples watch, and that she would still be on tour best that the rolling stones would still be -- that the rolling stones would still be on tour. up next, a reaction to the presidential election.
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>> now that donald trump has been elected president how will it affect cities that help the undocumented?
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donald trump plane has just arrived as we can tell from these live pictures from reagan international airport in virginia. and, right in the center, it is shaky with the runway. and the president-elect donald trump in president. obama are said to be at the white house at 8 pm tonight the current first lady michelle obama will welcome the first lady malani at trump -- melania trump. >> to be a fly on the wall. we will send top of this meeting throughout the day in bring it to you when it happens. and, it is thursday. >> and good morning we are
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checking your weather for this thursday morning. >> it looks pretty good. not too much. and overall, we're starting up your cool mild warm. there upper 30s to 60s and some clouds. continue to drift in. hazy sunshine in the little fog has returned to parts of the coast. and we will get another nice day. and thomas smith. and 53 this morning on blossom hill. a pretty cool load just south of el paso. a few high clouds, and, there will be -- they will be out of the picture. this will drag across a lot of cooler temperatures. and look at the wind direction and, with that in place can find some very warm conditions are ready. and half moon bay and also
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walnut creek the middle 50s, and pleasanton and livermore and a little bit cloudy at times. one more day of these above average temperatures. and, down to watsonville. and 81 degrees that >> 81? >> southern california was 96 yesterday. >> just to be in napa and spending your day by sipping wine and 810 weather. >> i love it. >> believe about 10 am or so. good morning everyone. let's start with us toll plaza. this probably sounds really great to those who have to drive. it has been slow heading to the spot. and, if you think about the long line of traffic down to this point it's mostly solid traffic the actual toll plaza delay is only 20 minutes that most people are driving from somewhere else. southbound 280, daly city,
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because of earlier issues and people using 101 instead and give yourself extra time i want to mention this south bay commute may have cleared the accident on 101 near 87. and that's going traffic has been really slow. recovering a little bit pronounced behind schedule of the mountain view in palo alto. and we're looking at 280 people have peeled off. and that's all very crowded. the east bay commute is very slow. it will dive into that the next report. and let's go back to the desk. donald trump presidency combined with a republican congress may and some of the gridlock -- may stop some of the gridlock. and president. obama's health care law is at the top of the list donald trump has also promised to change immigration laws and tax policies he wants to impose a hiring freeze and says that he will propose a constitutional
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amendment for term limits in congress the senate majority leader says that he agrees with parts of his agenda but says that he does not support term limits on congress or all of his immigration policy proposals. >> trump has spoken out against sanctuary cities and about repercussions of those cities if he ever became president. >> janine is live from one of those cities here. >> yes, san jose is a sanctuary city that means that police do not enforce federal immigration laws. and so, and other sinks were cities could be affected financially throughout his campaign donald has said that he would stop federal funding from sink your cities which includes san francisco and oakland. in california more than $100 million could be at risk if he goes through with this promise. they came under fire and kate
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steinle was killed by an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. trump had doubt on his first of office that he would make legislation that creates mandatory prison term for those who are deported and return. we are now joined by the san jose mayor to talk about this issue. what are your concerns tell us what is at stake. >> it's important for us to not overreact to threats it's hard to know the difference between rhetoric and what will be reality. but i stand with the police chiefs of major cities throughout the country most major cities that say that is not good for the community it makes us less safe to have local law enforcement involved in immigration enforcement and it undermines the trust and credibility of the police department was immigrant communities. and it gets witnesses to come forward and you have got to have the trust and you need these relationships. >> is there any sort of sense financially of how much federal funding the city of san jose gets or if we would be
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affected? >> well, the last decade the republican congress has really cut federal funding to major cities and we do not depend much on federal money so i don't want to chase policies in order to choose federal money we are very independent in the city of san jose most of our sources are local and time will really tell exactly what the new president intends to do. >> and, we have also reached out to some santa clara county supervisors because we do know that they received federal funding. and, we are still waiting to hear back from immigrant activists. and, back into the area. >> students at san jose university have been gathering to talk to feelings -- to talk
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to them about feelings. and, many of these campuses say that the election has left them feeling fearful. >> for me it hurts, because my grandmother is at home with her poor little brothers. she's scared. >> i saw my living here in the states. >> school officials had extra police officers on hand in case it got unruly it did not. they also have counselors on hand for students who want to talk about the reaction to the election. a muslim woman wearing a headscarf was attacked tuesday afternoon they say that the woman was walking on the third floor of the west parking garage at salvador streets when a man came from behind pulled her headscarf choked her and made her lose her balance. the man ran away after the attack. police say they do not know she was targeted because she was wearing a headscarf.
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police at san jose state are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman on the campus it happened in a park and ride lot at south seventh. about 4 pm monday afternoon. university police say that he was using a port of -- the victim was using a portable toilet when a man forced the door open and attacked her. they woman's friends interrupted the assault the man ran away on a bicycle. that man described as a man in his 30s or 40s had a thin stature and he was also wearing a pea coat dark jeans and was not wearing a shirt. a robot at the oakland police department's crime lab has changed the way that rape kits are being tested. the robot can get a d in of dust in a profile within 10 business days. the recommended a deadline within 120 days. talk to the woman who says that she was raped by men that she knew in san francisco in march and she submitted a rape kit and it was processed in 100 days
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of police could not arrest her attacker because he was able to leave the country during the time. >> if you have evidence it is your responsibility to utilize that. by not doing that it is a slap in the face to the victim. >> san francisco police are trying to extradite that suspect back. most agencies do send a rape kits out-of-state. the oakland lab says it develops its own system to avoid backlogs and now the system has become a model for other cities. a retired oakland police captain. has been charged in connection with the scandal involving a teenage sex worker. the 81-year-old was head of the homicide division back in the 1980s prosecutors are charging him with a misdemeanor of soliciting a prostitute. they say that he paid her for sex at a richmond hotel in february when she was 18 years old. and, above the lawyer, say it
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is a waste of time. and having a case against him, with a senior citizen, is a complete waste of time. >> it did occur. and we contacted that individual and he admitted that that occurred. >> and, he denies that he admitted any wrongdoing to the investigators. if he is convicted he faces up to a year in jail and the fine is $1000. some troops are going to the pentagon. and, what some transgendered troops what the military to do. across the country and here in california we have seen the backwash --é. -- the back lash. we still have a very slow
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commute. and, right in the middle of all that we will tell you what happened to make 101 very slow.
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last night the warriors welcomed back a couple of old friends. and, you are with the -- they are with the dallas mavericks in they did receive long standing ovations. before the game, they were on fire and finished with 20 points 18 of those came within the first eight minutes and for the first time ever step curry and his brother started the same
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day. he showed his brother is the only one who could hit threes. they still came away with a 116 to 94 victory. some members have strong feelings including the forward david west in the head coach>> the man who's going to lead you has routinely used racist in misogynist insulting words the whole process it just has left all of us i think feeling just kind of -- disgusted and disappointed. i thought that we were better than this. >> he speaks for the majority of the people in the nation you know his attitudes about black people about muslim people about women this whole fairytale about his racial posts this utopia that obama supposedly created as old ball
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-- is all bowl. >> step curry and -- endorsed hillary clinton and he is taking a stand. he tweeted tuesday night nothing but respect jones is a political analysts who appeared describing the election as a nightmare and a white/against a back -- black president. >> is giving movement to have california break away from the rest of america. >> certainly legal experts say that's a long shot but there's some serious money of behind the idea. alex savages live where they are talking about the proposal. >> good morning. most everyone that we're talking to think that this whole idea is ridiculous but there are -- but there is a push to have it break away from the rest of the country and that movement is actually gaining momentum this morning this is the scene yesterday outside of the state capitol as members excuse me -- the groups
7:46 am
yes call desk california had a rally this is a political action committee calling for them to withdraw from the union and become its own nation. their movement actually began a couple of years ago but is gaining momentum as you can imagine skews me because of chumps surprise victory. now, as protesters took to the streets on twitter the hashtag began to trend as well. and even a lot of people we talked to who don't support trump think that they are seceding from the union is far too drastic. in the not happy with the results but i'm an american and that's what it comes down to. no. i don't support that. >> want them to stay put. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> will have to be together and work as a team. hopefully it will work out. >> the california secession movement may get a financial
7:47 am
boost from silicon valley venture capitalists who are promising their support sherman his companies haven't -- had invested in error be in be said he will help to fund a legitimate campaign to help california become its own campaign. still, they say succession is very unlikely. >> third be no way to do this without a constitutional amendment and even relatively inconsequential constitutional amendments often run into really rough water. >> and our state is that this --'s sixth largest economy in the world on its own and supporters of the secession movement and vision california and its own -- as its own sovereign nation president, military even its own currency. and the yes california campaign is pushing for a special election they want to put it to the voters and ask them whether they would like to have california break away from the rest of the country.
7:48 am
madge not, our own currency. i don't know what you would call that >> all right. >> 12 you have company i will talk to later. >> let's move onto traffic it has been a problematic commute. who is getting worse right now? >> i think that the silicon valley commute is getting it worse and that commute is always slow but today is slower because of an earlier accident that blocked several lanes. let's go to 2/81 and start with the northbound 280 coming out of downtown san jose. and you can see people are avoiding the 101 and they are avoiding it because we had an earlier problem on the 101 fact i can show you the grid here 101 is slow all the way up to mountain view there was an earlier accident near the airport that is gone people bailed it used 85 some of the entire --'s entire grill discredits building but today it is sold in early and it
7:49 am
seems more crowded. and as a move over to the east bay it's very so on a 80 all the way wn to milpitas 680 is slow out of pleasanton. and 680 and conquered is slow from walnut creek down to danville. and this used to stop at walnut creek to slow down now continuing into danville and 80 is slow from hercules down to the bay bridge toll plaza us take a quick set of the bay bridge and you can see it's still a 25 minute delay so these have been pretty slow helped along by earlier accident. now, let's bring in steve with a very good forecast. >> thank you. >> we do have a good forecast unless you're looking for rain. next wednesday looks to be a day for rain. i don't think it will make it this far south. with clouds and cooler temperatures. hazy sunshine fog up again in lake county. and a little bit over on the coast and cotton candy sunrise
7:50 am
and believe that this is the inner richmond right? >> family. the humidity is high -- i believe. >> the humidity is high. it is mild to warm because we get the offshore breeze and temperatures are way above average near 84 a few most are in the 70s middle to -- even on the coast. and it has been warm to hot. and 59 water degree temperature at san francisco. half-moon bay and monterey. and it kind of makes sense. it's more of a northwest wind and it really hasn't developed. i love this. this is their issue. they're forecasting in texas. we get higher clouds but really it's a system coming in tomorrow that will give us more in the way of cloud cover. there's a lot out here but it's mainly go north. until then the breeze continues to be easterly and temperatures warm up. 62 at sfo san francisco is low
7:51 am
60s. half-moon bay has been dealing with very thick fog. and temperatures are even warmer 58 los altos hills 58 menlo park 59 pacifica and also 58 warm and fog dancing around there as well. and except for those higher clouds we're all good to go. it will be warm today a lot of 70s. and it's really going to impact i would think santa rosa north. i will fine-tune this tomorrow i don't buy this here but maybe south of that. san jose and sacramento don't have any you don't have to worry about that. 70s on the temperatures, 64 to 60 is that temperature range on november 10 way above on these temperatures. south bay, over to santa cruz it has been -- were november it's hot.
7:52 am
it could be worse it could be down around long beach. and it's we are warm. and we will see cooler weather. and then the rest of the weekend looks good. >> we can handle that. >> all right. 7:52 am. now that donald trump has been elected president what does that mean for washington? 20 minutes a live report on the mood in congress. plus, it's not too early to think about holiday shopping.
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welcome back. what do kids on your holiday list once? there are new toys to consider fun and educational and the kids don't know that they are learning. pam cook has more on that and also your check in stocks. >> yes, the toys sound perfect. we do want to talk about the stock market there's been a lot of reaction. the dow is in positive territory as traders as in -- and investors expect the school stimulus the opening bell really quickly there's the trophy chicago cubs got to do the honors in celebration of their world series when members of the organization are there. it's up 100 points right now but the tech stocks are down a lot of technology companies are worried about the effects of a
7:56 am
child presidency. and let's talk toys i had to a chance to talk to someone about the genius of play it focuses on the physical cognitive and emotional benefits and they have some great recommendations. >> the first am going to tell you the latest in lego. this is the lego city airport the vip service. your kids can live it up vip style it comes of this quote airplane with for many figures they love this one. a pilot and a chauffeur and a really cool limousine that actually has ice cream minute. so kids will love building and playing with these they're great for the holiday mornings. and the parents will like it because it is a great price point under $50 and the next big theme is all about
7:57 am
imaginative play and the next one is perfect for that. this is the original irish fairy eight encourages them to expand their imaginations you take this little toy you put it in their room or maybe in the garden and there's a key and when they lay out the key it means that the fairy had moved in and opens up to all kinds of stories and play ideas and again of imaginative creative place for kids. >> and next, we have a couple more options that kids will like parents will love because there's learning involved plus something that could be the hot item the things that the kids have to have this year. >> thank you. time to check in with mike and -- three people hurt and dozens
7:58 am
injured. developing news from pennsylvania where an officer shot and killed overnight the manhunt that is now underway.
7:59 am
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it started off as a peaceful protest and it took a violent turn 30 people arrested. a look at the damage and the cleanup underway. and caught a first step to a peaceful transition of power is about to take place in our nation's capitol at the white
8:01 am
house the president-elect donald trump landed at reagan national 30 minutes ago his motorcade is going to arrive is a shot of the driveway is going to arrive at any moment. it's between president. obama and the president-elect as soon as we see the president- elect arriving be will take a live picture once again. with that good morning everyone. >> and, we will help get you out the door checking weather and traffic weather is not a problem and won't be for a few more days. >> that's correct very few are doing with fog we have a hazy sky today higher clouds but for some it's getting very warm in fact if you're anywhere in the bay over to san francisco in our observer is are ready 65+ there. and, gusts are nine miles per hour and i'm guessing it's probably about 10 degrees cooler..
8:02 am
-- it's about 10 degrees cooler there down the bay. and this will jog across on friday but i will tell you it will mainly be a north bay event at best. with too much in the way of high pressure and 61 oakland 63 sfo and san francisco and the inland 40s are bouncing pretty quick 59 santa cruz 66 finally doing lower elevation 57 campbell and one more day of above average temperatures. were going to end up with 70s for everybody tomorrow you will have to bring in clouds and cooler temperatures. >> save had multiple issues. >> that's just me. >> that's not even the traffic. >> i will be here all week. so, let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a lot of slow traffic a
8:03 am
25 minute delay. and if you're trying to get to the bay bridge, if we go the maps i can show you traffic is backed up and we also slow traffic and here to central san rafael is jampacked. earlier problems onto 80 packed out of daly city and so is a 101. let's get where they cleared the accident approaching the 80 interchange but the traffic in both directions is slow especially northbound. and about 40 fires were reported. they set fires to businesses. they protested the election may also damage police vehicles a couple of officers were injured
8:04 am
and dozens of protesters were arrested. allie is joining us live with a look. >> reporter: the cleanup has been underway and they were on the corner of fourth and broadway big had masks covering their faces in a short time ago and cleaning up some of this graffiti with experience -- with exterior walls, and the uptown area andãand uber's new office has damage as well. and people gathered here to rally against the election of donald trump as president as the evening went on some
8:05 am
protesters splintered off into smaller groups in police say that is one it started. they say some of those people in a small groups for rock bobbles fireworks and molotov cocktails. they recorded at least 16 incidents of vandalism and one of the security guards told us that there was looting at the radioshack. missing a lot of people walking by the storefronts wanting to see the damage for themselves most condemning the destruction. >> what difference does this make? i mean look at this is. this is our tax money. these are the people working here tax money this isn't your money. >> it's disgusting. the election is over just come on. we need to do a regatta due. and give the man a chance. and hope for the best. >> three oakland police officers were injured. we do not know the extent of the
8:06 am
injuries. they were not specific in that. 12 law enforcement agencies they assisted oakland last night three pleasanton police vehicles were vandalized. and, scrawled on the doors -- and this was sprawled on the doors. they issued 11 citations. there were a -- there are more demonstrations supposed to happen at 5 pm and again, pointing out the 7000 people in the streets for the first three hours they said that there were no problems and the main group is leading that. we will see if it's a similar story that pans out tonight. there were a number protesters in san francisco. >> [chanting] >> several thousand ended up
8:07 am
there today, it was organized by antiwar groups. they included get mothers who brought their young children. >> i feel safer living in california but i worry about my family. they live in illinois, texas, it's scary. >> san francisco police officers were right there on the march to keep things under control for the most part it was peaceful as no major problems were reported. most are voicing their anger and 5000 people marched through downtown la they spilled onto the busy 101 freeway to prevent further problems 2000 people marched through the downtown area last night five people were arrested at last check in trump supporter kicked in waved
8:08 am
in american flag and told demonstrators to accept the election results and go home there was a similar protest at the trump tower in new york city. >> more and more people take to the streets protesting the results of the presidential election some are questioning tactics. do you think that the protests are affected? david wrote no because it won't change the outcome. as much as i don't like the result we have to live and deal with it. >> joanne says possibly but it all depends on how he reacts. he and his comments have fueled the protests. let us know what you think. you can post it to our facebook page or tweet us. president. obama and president-elect donald trump are meeting at the white house. donald trump's playing here left the airport in new york city and arrived at reagan international just outside of dc.
8:09 am
we brought that to earlier president. obama invited donald trump thing he wants to make sure that the transition to the white house is as smooth as his transition was eight years ago. >> i have instructed my team to follow what president bush's team did to work as hard as we can to make sure that this is a successful transition for the president-elect. >> michelle obama will be sitting down with the next first lady to show her around the white house it just received confirmation that he is in fact at the white house. and joe biden could be meeting. and, they plan to meet it will all take place tomorrow. -- today. more than 100 transgendered troops will be formally recognized with her new gender. the new regulations went into effect last month servicemembers can seek counseling or medical treatment a study found that there are
8:10 am
nearly 7000 transgendered troops in the military and several hundred may seek treatment or surgery. a developing study from pennsylvania one police officer has been shot and killed and and 20 minutes outside of pittsburgh investigators say that they were ambushed and they were immediately met with gunfire the surviving officer has been flown to the hospital and is in intensive care. police are searching with the shooter. nearby schools are closed tomorrow -- this morning because of the tent situation. protection for undocumented immigrants at risk, how much money sanctuary cities could lose under donald trump presidency and what it will mean right here in the bay area. and now that he has been elected president what does that mean for congress?
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
8:14 am
the trump rally continues, and in record highs, investor fears are giving way to electing trump policies. and, 18,758. >> and, a rally wave, hong kong's was up nearly 2% european financial markets are mixed. and, now that donald trump has been elected president, they are turning to what comes next. >> and joining us live is tom >> hello. good to talk to you. >> thank you for joining us. so donald trump is in the white house. let's talk a little bit about this meeting if you think that the president in the president- elect put their personal differences aside and embrace what is really a historic moment. >> would be like to be a fly on
8:15 am
the wall for this one? it is no secret these two men have buried serious differences. president. obama says that donald trump was unqualified to be president. donald trump spent a lot of his pre-campaign time questioning whether or not the president of the united states was actually an american citizen. and, this is going to be awkward with a. however this is how we do it in the country. he made a striking statement in his opening statement, eight years ago barack obama was welcomed heartedly onto the white house by president. george bush and it's no secret that the president-elect obama and president. george bush had very serious differences.
8:16 am
this is the two administrations incoming and outgoing be able to work together and there really is no other alternative. we can have a standoff inauguration day is in 72 days.>> let's talk about that transition chris christie is heading up the transition team when we talk about possible cabinet appointments we are seeing more familiar just familiar names. >> well, there's a lot to be done and a lot of people focus on the cabinets. it's much more than that. you've got 4000 appointments that are made by the president presidential appointments of those more than 1000 need senate confirmation. that might be an easier path because republicans were able to hold on to the senate but you got a lot of these no-name presidential appointment but they have to make again, the clock is ticking 72 days. you are also looking at a cabinet.
8:17 am
you know you start and any administration which i covered a number of york and you start with your chief of staff because the chief of staff is the person who the day-to-day operations of the white house go through. and, right now there's a couple of leading names for that job newt gingrich, the former speaker of the house chris christie the governor of new jersey who is also running the transition has also been mentioned as a possible role. and, the rnc chairman will be a little bit more interesting because it's very clear, and they were not always on the same page there is only one person donald trump pulled up to the microphone and that was ryan's previous. or look at who could fill a job like secretary of state and a former un lassiter john bolton there is a range of new people
8:18 am
that can come into the administration. >> one quickly before we let you go, a lot of debate with the obama administration how much influence nancy pelosi had on his administration. i'm wondering because the president-elect's meeting with paul ryan later today after his meeting with president. obama much influence you feel that paul ryan will have in regards to the trump presidency? >> the word right now is probably not as much as nancy pelosi had. and speaker ryan and donald trump were at odds several times. and slow to endorse and was quick to denounce some of the comments. and it was not an easy relationship. and here in washington they are looking to mike pence. and mike pence will have a major safer who does and does not going to the administration. member during the campaign to
8:19 am
hire governor said he was approached for the vice presidency and told by the chubb campaign that he would be the most powerful vice president in history because president. trump would be in charge of making america great again. you might see another situation where dick cheney had a larger role than many previous vice presidents before him. >> and, it will be a busy couple of months leading up to january 20 there. >> it sure will. >> thank you. well, south it has been problematic. >> yes, you know the stopped a commute to started off on a bad note there were a couple of accidents one with injuries on southbound 101. that's been long gone but northbound 101 has not recovered it's very slow it's beginning to get better here and pretty much from the capitol expressway on mountain view. and bay bridge toll plaza is
8:20 am
being backed up for a five- minute delay and its backing up on the east shore at 580. and that's out of san leandro and marina boulevard, a crash of 23rd northbound and 880 on the shoulder. and i want to minute -- mentioned in his avenue. -- venice avenue. they're going to start taking that meeting out. that begins friday, november 11. that is tomorrow. and, they're going to prohibit most of the left terms. and they're going to narrow down the two lanes. and it's going to take you longer in san francisco. and, getting down to the peninsula, driving north from south city into san francisco. and, at 8:20 am let's bring in steve.>> and, very pleasant
8:21 am
weather, around lake county there was some in off coast, half moon bay had some. and high pressure says, or near 80 degrees, and a band of high clouds almost the sun and clouds with some of that hazy sun giant, near 80 for a few. and watson that was 80 san jose was 79 morgan hillah 79. 70s the middle 70s near 80. by tomorrow, he will start to cool things down. and but these higher clouds or the band by noon or one, will be moving up to the east, they can't do it when is an easterly component. and on and or show -- offshore
8:22 am
breeze, this is going to translate some very warm temperatures. in the middle 60s for a few. and half moon bay is 52. so there is a little bit more of an onshore breeze. and a lot of 40s this morning. and tiburon is at 64. and that's northwest napa. and over to truckee except for higher clouds and temperatures are way above average. and we are ending up about 70 to 80. and it does not look to me like they will make it. and forecast models forecasting it too fast. and santa rosa calistoga north will be the rain line to the north not to the south. and 70s on the temps they will
8:23 am
start to slide with temperatures in still, will be above average for a little while and the next to the rain is next wednesday. >> another hit to the crab season the discovery in the north bay and how it bay area fishermen will be indicted. with a break like this, we could dowhichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away, but it's bulky. and can it take a beating? how did you break it again? roller derby. hip-checked.
8:24 am
there's a rematch next week. snarling clementine has to be there. that's me. okay. so what color should the cast be? orange. orange is good. yeah, i like orange. it's kinda my thing. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard.
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expecting to return today, and continue until early next
8:26 am
week along the bay area coastline predicted to be higher than 6.5 feet. and, some environmentalists say, it will be the result of a super moon which will affect water and seas, rivers they say some flooding may happen if it is coupled with heavy rain and strong winds. when the commercial crab season opens next week, 60 miles of the coastline are potentially dangerous talks. and, the department of fish and wildlife say that that part of the state showed elevated levels of the molech acid. the recreational crab season began last week. >> and, the chief officer adam bain is making the high profile departure. and, it will be replaced by the chief financial officer.
8:27 am
and now he will look for a new cfo. and, just last month they announced that they were cutting 9% of this force. officials say that there have been reports that drone lose power during flight. they can return drones and get their money back. an alleged sexual assault of a san jose campus. were police that happened in the search underway for the suspect.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. beautiful morning behind us. and steep, all across the bay
8:30 am
area. and, it is getting warm. somebody down southern california. we are to that warm but we are well above average. and a little band of high clouds coming true and patchy fog. in the little bit less than we've seen. a few locations speaking there of. and they will be in the 90s this morning. and, a hot day down there. and, we're getting the higher clouds. and as well is that continues to go, 63 to 62. and san rafael is 63. and 60 near the conquer. and that can translate into
8:31 am
pretty warm temperatures they will start a cool down tomorrow but not until the afternoon. a high cloud deck today. and way above average temperatures to near 80 way above average temperatures to near 84 a few. 831. that's 8:31 am. >> i have so traffic. and, the bay bridge toll plaza it will be busy. to the toll plaza and there is a lot of slow traffic about a 25 minute delay. and on the interstate 880 so he has the northbound 880 and that has been clear. and that's very slow, earlier crashes and they are very
8:32 am
heavy. this is a busier day then normal . at 8:31 am, let's go back to the desk. president. obama and president-elect donald trump are meeting at the white house. we brought a few life, donald trump's claim taking off from new york and landing in washington dc. however, that is where trump alive -- arrived. but, they haven't seen that first picture and we do have confirmation. donald trump is there. and they are -- michelle obama is also sitting down with the new first lady. and president-elect trump will be making statements following the reading is underway right now. we do not know when that will happen but we will certainly bring it to you when it does again, a historic meeting, historic picture, president.
8:33 am
obama alongside president-elect donald trump. in a donald trump presidency in combination with a republican congress it will be leading to the online -- unwinding to some policies. his also promised changes to immigration, tax, and a freeze to the workforce. and, term limits in congress. the senate majority leader says he agrees with parts of it but says he doesn't support term limits on congress were all of his immigration policy proposals. a community meeting is underway as people air their concerns about the immigration policies up president-elect donald trump janine is live at that meeting and the meeting is aiming to bring together education and state leaders to help a leave concerns of students. >> we are at the jesuit high
8:34 am
school san jose. the principle here knows that the majority of the student population here is a price of minorities. a lot of those mexican latino numerous minorities and right now, let me show you what's going on between these closed doors it is a healing ritual being led by the father john peddie go. a lot of the students after they heard that donald trump was elected were scared and were concerned to get more information we go to the principal of the school. tell me why you decided to do something like this. >> and, it was greatly going to impact our families and our students. >> it appears that we may have lost the signal. but there is a healing situation underway.
8:35 am
and we will bring you more information about how students and staff are coming together. still, concern about how the president-elect immigration policies will affect federal funding. and he promised if elected he would cut off hundreds of millions of federal funding to the city. san francisco, oakland, are among the first notable. and several other local counties have developed similar policies to speak with the mayor about the biggest possible changes that might come in the bay area. and he has said that federal funding makes up less than 1% of the annual budget. so whatever affects it may have it may not be huge. and, this erupted into another night of violence were three police officers were injured. >> [chanting] >> not my president. >> thousands of people marched
8:36 am
all last night, a peaceful rally but it turned violent and they broke off into smaller groups and started setting fires. sprawling graffiti smashing windows to businesses and police vehicles and protesters threw rocks, bottles, molotov cocktails at officers and coming up, we will have a path of destruction that we will look at that path of destruction. students also walked out of class about 1500 students joined a larger protest on the berkeley campus. they said that they were angry about their national donald trump's policies. and, he also held walkouts and rallies. in about 300 students also marched to richmond city hall yesterday afternoon that came from richmond and kennedy. and cutting boulevard interstate 80 and a peaceful rally.
8:37 am
and their search -- they're searching for a gunman who shot five people. and, it has nothing to do with the shooting and they weren't able to get to the scene quickly because they were close by. one of those victims that have life-threatening injuries. there was an argument and that the shooting happened. a muslim woman was attacked. she was walking on the third floor, and salvador streets, the man came up behind, choking her to lose her balance. and ran away after the attack. they don't know if the woman was targeted because she was wearing a headscarf. also, san jose state is looking that -- for a man who sexually assaulted a woman. and, it happened about 4 am is the morning. they say that the victim was using a portable toilet located near bus stop when a man forced the door open. the woman's friend interrupted
8:38 am
the assault at the attacker took off on bicycle. the man is described as being in his 30s and 40s the thin mustache. he is wearing a pea coat and dark jeans. >> a robot at the crime live has changed the way that rape kits are being tested. the robot has been able to get it within 10 business days a lot faster than the deadline of 120 days. we spoke with a woman who says she was raped by the and that she knew in san francisco. and she submitted a rape kit and was processed at about 100 days the police could not arrest in attacker. >> if you have evidence, it's your responsibility to utilize that. by not doing that, it's a slap in the face. >> and, they're trying to extra date that extradite that. and the oakland lab developed its own system for the own backlog. and, --
8:39 am
>> reducing gridlock from the north bay to the east bay adding a lane on a richmond san rafael bridge.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we've inherited quite a buzz it -- budget crunch. >> simpsons predicting once again that donald trump would be president. and, it's originally aired 16 years ago. lisa simpson is the president of the united states dealing with the aftermath of donald trump presidency. and, also to had predicted a nobel prize winner and the
8:43 am
iphone and apple watch at the rolling stones being touring this year. >> caltrans is beginning its demolition removing another 288 but trust, at 7 am, do the same thing with the remaining once every 7 to 10 days depending on the weather. and bridge officials will award the $27 million contract to a berkeley contract. an additional lane has decided -- has been hoping to reduce traffic. " the project will also include a pedestrian and bike lane in the westbound direction and a third they not expected to be open until late next year. >> and always have that afternoon commute. and a check of this thursday traffic. >> at least you don't have to drive on that bridge eastbound. >> complete opposite. >> that's right.
8:44 am
>> sometimes those commutes can last for a lot longer. and, a look at the east bay by a bunch of fender bender's and the cost low it is. -- look how slow it is. 60 miles an hour. you aren't going anywhere quickly here. and, this finally gets better through the downtown and there's a crash reported inside of the one going from alameda to oakland so you might want to get off of the island using one of those bridges in fact traffic is backed up on web search street trying to get to the tube it's a mess. and, let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see that it's backed up for 25 minutes away we mentioned 880. and here's a picture of that. confirmation of what the maps
8:45 am
showed us and here's 282, northbound 280 has improved. and it's very slow. at 8:45 am, steve paulson is coming in here. >> we do have a few clouds. it looks like a present day. and, we do have a system approaching but i don't think it's going to do too much unless yourself -- north of santa rosa. and we are looking for no high surf advisory yet the seas remain pretty high. and, generating some large surf. and still at 13. and, this little ribbon of high clouds, however a little bit of fog has made it back to the coast. and, there is too much
8:46 am
resistance. and, it can be really thick on parts of highway 1. and, until the breeze, it turns more westerly or suddenly, i don't expect much change. even fairfield has an east wind. maybe that fog will lift there. and i know that tiburon is pretty warm. and 60 in palo alto and 62 pacifica. still 40s in land, and even the most inland locations are looking for sonny's best sunny skies. and any fog in lake county should let's pretty soon. and 64 to 67. we are in the way upper 70s. and santa clara valley cooler into saturday any rain will be north may be a first rain for a
8:47 am
while. and, they are adding momentum to the proposal were california to break from the united states. >> the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim alex savage is live. >> reporter: there is some financial backers. they were talking to downtown concord but there is a legitimate movement to ask california to break away from the rest of the united states and that movement is gaining some momentum following his victory earlier this week. yesterday outside of the capitol they held this rally. numbers of this political action committee are calling on california to withdraw from the union and become its own nation. the movement began two years ago but it is gaining more esteem and traction because of
8:48 am
trump surprise when. and, now as protesters around the state took to the streets on twitter the hashtag began to trend. but even those who say that they are trump supporters also say that succeeding from the rest would be the long -- the united states would be the long way to go. >> we should let this break us apart. we have so much work to be done but we came along ways. so yes, that's the way i think of it. >> and we're going to move forward. and we're going to get over this. i don't want to leave the united states. >> so drastic. >> yes, that's ridiculous. >> nobody said that they would join and there are 15,000. if we can pull it off why is it unreasonable to think there's anything that we can't do? >> the california succession movement may also be getting a big financial boost a couple of
8:49 am
silicon valley venture capitalists are promising their support. sherman, whose company had invested in huber and air be in be said they will help to fund a legitimate campaign become its own nation. and, they say the succession is very unlikely. >> there would be no way to do this without a constitutional amendment. and relatively inconsequential they run into often really rough water. >> and on its own, this is actually the sixth largest economy in the world the yes california campaign is pushing for a special election so that they can put this to the voters. and, but the weather they do in fact. supporters of the secession are moving in here in vision california as its own sovereign nation. and its own military and even
8:50 am
its own currency. >> well, we will let you go that is loud. >> goodness. >> a lot of seriousness to talk about today let's talk toys talking about that preview.
8:51 am
8:52 am
what do the children on your holiday list want this season? in the little ones won't even know it. >> yes, she has a look at some of the toys including ones that could be that must-have toy. >> there are some very cool ones. everybody is happy. and i have a chance to talk to someone with the nonprofit group. and, the organization focuses
8:53 am
on the physical cognitive and emotional benefits of play and they have great recommendation for the kids on your guest list this season. >> kids often want pets. but don't give them a real pet this will fit the bill. this is by the tack. -- vtech you get this little plush puppy and all of these accessories. and they get this great interactive carrier that teaches colors and shapes and numbers and so kids can take their puppy along with them. and from puppies to hamsters check this out this is hamsters in a house, a little bit older kids, they can design and build their own hamster home they get this little area.
8:54 am
in the have all of these fun little interactive sounds and 60 different hotspots. and kids can add on and really expand their hamster rolled which kids will love. and they can tap into those themselves. >> and you asked about the hottest toys. this is like those scrath-n- sniff and they smell like the crew that they represent. and they also love that they come in these mystery bags. and so, they are sweeping the country only 799, and it's a great price point for stocking stuffers. >> we're all looking for these ideas i can see them using those little cutesy things. and, also legos and we talked
8:55 am
about that, we talked about it in our last hour, they are always great because it has imagination and like the stem. >> and, i did take a peek at lego to see what some of the hot new -- bama death star. -- they have the death star. a 49 quarterback colin kaepernick says that he did not vote in this election. up next, the reason they stayed out of the political process
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:57 am. brad pitt has been cleared of allegations that he physically abused one of his children. they wrapped up an investigation without finding him at fault. she filed for divorce, and accused him of being abusive towards one of their sons.
8:58 am
custody of the six children is the primary issue. >> it was a big night at oracle arena. and, a couple of old friends now play for the dallas mavericks but they received a long standing ovations on the court, klay thompson was on fire he hit seven shots to finish with 20 points. 18 of those scored in the first eight minutes of the game for the first time ever steph curry and his brother actually started the game. the mavericks showed, that they are the -- they aren't the only ones who can hit that shot. and, they play in denver tonight. members of the warriors have some strong feelings about donald trump including the head coach. >> the man who's going to lead you has routinely used racist misogynist and insulting words and the whole process has left all of us just i think feeling kind of disgusted and disappointed.
8:59 am
i thought that we were better than this. >> he speaks for the majority of the people in the nation his attitudes about black people about muslim people about women this whole fairytale about the racial pose this utopia that obama supposedly created is all bull >> steph curry who is a supporter of obama and supported hillary clinton is opposing his election victory. he tweeted, nothing but respect jones. he is a political analyst who appeared in described it as a nightmare. >> and, he didn't vote in the election. colin kaepernick you made national news says that both donald trump and hillary clinton represent the face of the system that oppresses people of color.
9:00 am
he's talking about some slogan saying that america has never been great for people of color. >> and, the transition of power, but president. obama and president-elect trump. how could the incoming president us -- effect your spending habits. how becomes affected in times of uncertainty. plus, the hills are alive in the sound of music. early to talk about the weekend the sun is out on this warm fall november bit -- november day and a nice victory by thear


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