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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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why fbi agents are assisting. nearly a dozen more people arrested in the third night of protests. what one protester said about the vandalism left behind and how business openers are trying to show solidarity with the protesters. honoring our veterans around the nation. we will show you the events going on around the bay area. and hope for homeless veterans. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. oakland police investigating a triple homicide investigation. this is happened on san leandro just after midnight. >> fbi is also assisting with the investigation. >> reporter: yes, they are, mike. we moved so you could get a better vantage point on the scene. the investigation is winding down. there were three victims, a fire and we learned in the last 15 minutes from a police source
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there was one woman in custody. oakland police were first on scene following a report of shots fired in the area. officers say they arrived and discovered a dead man outside of a home and smoke coming from inside. officers called fire crews who discovered two women dead inside and officers detained one suspect. >> we are questioning a person that is involved in this and we're still in the process of gathering evidence and witnesses. we're still in the early stages of this investigation. >> reporter: investigators are not saying much about the suspect but a source close to the investigation says this was a domestic related case. investigator are also saying they're not searching for anyone else. >> no one is in danger at this point. the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: the fbi arrived on scene to assist in the investigation. the fbi can bring in equipment and expertise to the case. meanwhile, neighbors say they were awakened by sirens early this morning. neighbors think they know the
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couple involved and their son who may have been the victims in this case. >> i see them walking around from time to time. i didn't know them. i just saw them walking around from time to time. i didn't know them at all. >> reporter: investigators tell me that the crime scene is extensive. they expect to be out here for another couple hours investigating this scene. >> christian, did they tell you where the woman was taken into custody? was she nearby the home that caught fire there? >> reporter: no, mike. that is one of the questions that we had for police. we're trying to find out more about the suspect. they're being tight lipped about that investigation, where she may have been arrested or detained. especially one of the questions that we want to know is what her connection could be to the victims in this case. all of that still they're holding that close to their vest. not really saying a lot of details. >> christien kafton live in oakland. thank you. for the third straight
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night protesters marched on the streets of oakland to voice their upset about president- elect trump. several businesses were vandalized and there were people arrested. >> alex savidge is live downtown. >> reporter: they really just want things to remain peaceful. as a matter of fact, a lot of business owners here in oakland and the downtown area are taking steps to show that they stand in solidarity with the protesters. we're outside of the miranda bar on broadway. you see the sign. it says not my president. of course one of the rallying cries we have been hearing at the demonstrations. after another night of destructive protests, several large windows are boarded up today at the oakland audi dealership. one of the cars inside was also damaged as well. the mercedes benz dealership close by also was hit by vandals. and a mexican restaurant, another front window was cracked last night. for many in this community, all
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the damage is heart breaking. >> this isn't going to fix anything. i find it frustrating. we're destroying ourselves by doing that. we're going to spend our own tax dollars to fix this. it is not fixing anything. >> reporter: crews were busy repairing a couple of broken windows at the ted jacob engineering firm. the chief financial officer here says targeting local businesses is the wrong approach. and he is hoping police will be more proactive in the future to prevent this kind of vandalism. >> it doesn't reflect good on oakland. and i think oakland needs to be more proactive in protecting the businesses downtown here. >> together we stand. united we fall. >> reporter: last night began with a peaceful rally at the plaza. about 1,000 anti-trump protesters marched through the streets, voicing their opposition to the election results. but police say things got out of hand later in the night when a small group of protesters
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broke away from the larger demonstration. >> riot is a legitimate form of political action. >> reporter: we talked with sarah who lives in oakland and has taken part in the protests the last three nights. she says destruction of property is not something she necessarily wants to see, but says it is a way for people to express their frustration. >> of course i don't want to see businesses struggling. but i think focusing on windows breaking detracts from what is really happening in this country. >> reporter: and at one point last night, about 100 protesters made their way on to 580 near telegraph avenue and blocked the lanes of the freeway for a time. oakland police wound up arresting 11 people last night and citing 7 others. now, organizers of the orange anti-trump rally -- original
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anti-trump rally say it is frustrating. unclear when the next demonstration will take place in oakland, if there will be a protest this weekend. that remains unclear but likely more demonstrations to come in the city. >> thank you, alex. president-elect donald trump took to twitter last night to talk about the demonstrators. he wrote just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. but trump who reportedly was taken off twitter by aides in the final days of the campaign later tweeted love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. this morning, donald trump also used twitter to talk about his day. tweeting busy day planned in new york. we will be making important decisions on the people running our government. this follows the meeting at the white house yesterday with president obama. he also met with paul ryan and
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mitch mcconnell. there is a big job ahead for the trump administration, filling jobs over the next two months. they're hard at work going through resumes. >> it is donald trump's president deposition eand cabinet and senior team to name. the major criteria will be loyalty to him. >> trump is still defying convention, angering some the in media to refuse reporters to follow him as he traveled to washington yesterday. we will note quickly mike that vice president-elect mike pence will be leading the transition team, therefore replacing new jersey governor chris christie. >> they will be the vice chair instead of leading that transition team. today the nation is pausing to remember and honor those who have served our country. president obama participated in his last veterans day ceremony as commander in chief. the president took part in the traditional wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown in arlington national cemetery. and then the president
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delivered some remarks, saying veterans day often follows election day which he says is appropriate since that is one of the rights military service members fight for. >> and when the election is over, as we search for ways to come together to reconnect with one another, and with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics, some of our best examples are the men and women we salute on veterans day. >> president obama praised the u.s. military as the most diverse institution why our country who work together as a united team looking out for each other. tomorrow the city of pleasanton has a new memorial. they raised the money to build it. it has markers showing all branches of the military and the plaques of names of veterans from pleasanton who have died in battle.
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>> charles perry is here. he is the earliest recorded casualty that we can find in pleasanton. he dies two months after the end of world war one. >> the dedication of the memorial starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning at pioneer cemetery. and the south bay veterans day parade is happening in downtown san jose. they announced a milestone had been reached helping vets. they have made tremendous progress in housing veteran who's had been living on the streets. santa clara counted 700 homeless vets in the county in 2015. a campaign called all the way home was launched to help them. a year later, the campaign was able to find permanent housing for 510 of the veterans. they partnered with nonprofits and landlords to make it possible. we spoke with one vet who just received the keys to his new home today. >> like i won the lottery. this is just the beginning.
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because now the real journey begins. staying focused. going to school. continue working. ntinue working. >> as part of the campaign, the county board of supervisors allocated half a million dollars in landlord incentives to be used as gratitude payments and security deposits to how's veterans. the county is working to make that program a permanent resource to help the most vulnerable homeless population. they have set aside $5 million to launch a rehabilitation program to help landlords improve their properties eligible to accept federal vouchers. more than two dozen people sickened after a hazmat situation in san francisco. what investigators believe happened here and the extent of the injuries. we will check in with rosemary orozco for what is in store for the weekend forecast and when there might be rain out there. plus -- >> if you think scott peterson is innocent, you're wrong. he should not be released. and he is not innocent.
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and coming up, an update on the notorious california murder case that put scott peterson on death row. as we head to break, here is what some people are saying about this veterans day. veterans day. >> we fought for people to vote. and they did. they made a choice. and that's the way it is. let's move on and get things going. >> happy veterans day to all you veterans out there and those serving currently.
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>> two people had to be taken to the hospital this morning after a hazmat incident at a recycling center in san francisco. these are pictures taken by firefighters at the scene. it is out on pier96. they were going through recyclables when they came in contact with toxic material. the hazmat team isolated it and said it was part of trash that should not have been thrown in the recycling. >> they determined this would be normal standard pro dubs that people would have thrown away in their trash. that has dissipated at this time and no longer a threat to the building or to the general or immediate area. a. >> officials say the two people hospitalized had chest pains and nauseous which are not life threatening. berkeley police say they are looking for three people who went on a crime spree wednesday night. police say the three first tried to take someone's wallet but the victim ran off and then
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the attackers grabbed a cell phone on berkeley way and hit that victim on the way. minutes after that attack, the three took a backpack from a victim on spruce street. police only have a vague description of the individuals. it is cloudier than it has been the past couple of days, rosemary. >> yes. we have a bit of a cooldown. we have high clouds overhead. that will be the call for today. the system bringing us the high clouds will eventually bring us the opportunity for a few sprinkles. but i don't think it will be much. i'll show you exactly what i mean in a moment. let's start out with a live look across the bay where we had all of that white cloud cover. a little bit of filtered sunshine in store for friday. here is a look at the system right here. it is a fairly weak one, especially when it gets to the bay area. not much if any rain is expected. it may come in the overnight hours. the futurecast will show you what i mean. all of the clouds pouring in ahead of it today. here we are this afternoon. the cloudy skies. you have the rain well to the
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north. as we get into the evening hours, we remain with a partly cloudy sky. temperatures coming down some because of it and because of the system approaching. here we are into early tomorrow morning. kind of slides through the north bay, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. we're now into saturday morning. a lot of cloud cover out there. picking up on blue here off of the coast. maybe some over the sierra. but you can see not a whole lot going on. so we will call for mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning. maybe a little bit of drizzle or sprinkles. by 8:00, 9:00, it is pulling out and by lunchtime we're partly cloudy and dry. don't cancel your plans. we are good for being outdoors tomorrow. when it comes to the rainfall amounts, only a few hundredths at best. 69 right now under all of the cloud cover. 69 in oakland. 67 at sfo. upper 50s half moon bay. to the north it is warmer in napa. 74. and in san jose, you're in the low 70s as well at this lunch hour. here is a look at the 24-hour
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temperature change. a lot cooler at half moon bay. a few degrees over the north bay. a few degrees over the inner east bay. san jose is down by a couple of degrees. less sunshine so you may feel it. 76 in napa. 72 for san rafael. around the bay, low 70s for the east bay shoreline. 73 expected in oakland. inland we have 74 for antioch. how about san francisco, mild 70 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies today. into the south bay, 76. 72 for santa cruz. and 76 los gatos. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures will continue to cool off. low 60s at the coast. upper 60s around the bay. may start out tomorrow morning with a little bit of rain, especially to the north. then we dry out and we're dry for sunday. a.m. fog followed by afternoon sunshine. temperatures don't change a lot as we start the business week.
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back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. on this veterans day, we will take a look at the numbers behind the men and women who served in the armed forces. there are 18.8 million veterans. about a million and a half are younger than 35. there are 930,000 veterans still alive today who fought in world war ii. almost 4 million veterans suffered disabilities while in service. on this veterans day, you can get into national parks and forests for free. fees are being waived today only at parks like yosemite, joshua tree and death valley. the fees usually cost up to $30 per vehicle at the parks. the national park service says this is a way to get america into the outdoors on a day that we honor those who fought for our country. national chains are also saying thank you with freebies and deals on food and drink.
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here is a list of the national chains and restaurants including ihop, little caesars, applebees, red lobster and outback steak house. baskin-robbins will be donating 10 cents for every ice cream scoop sold. now we will listen more about what people are saying on this veterans day. >> the dedication, the honor, and the service they put in, it's amazing what the people in the military have to endure and our thanks. so i'm very grateful for them and this great country i'm in. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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>> new documents show that yahoo waited 18 months to investigate the 2014 hack attack that affected 500 million yahoo users. the board is now investigating who in the company knew about the breach and is reassuring users the hacker no longer has access. it is considered the world's largest data breach and could threaten verizon $5 billion acquisition of yahoo. taking a look at the big boards. stocks have been shifting between small gains and losses after the dow jones was sent to a new high. not a lot of movement today. in san francisco, macy's
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announced plans to sell its men's building in union square for $250 million. the buyer according to the san francisco business times is morgan stanley. macy's has not confirmed that yet. it will consolidate the men's store with the main store at union square. it expects the da he will to close in january. amazon is teaming up with restaurants in the south bay offering free delivery for 100 restaurants. you have to be a prime member. that is the catch. amazon's competitor door dash has similar relationship with restaurants. snatch chat is looking beyond filters and the company is now selling smart sunglasses. you can buy a pair from the smiling yellow vending machine. the first one has been installed in venice beach near the headquarters. they run about $130 and feature wireless video cameras. similar to google glass. the glasses connect directly to the snapchat app by bluetooth
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or wi-fi. it will be a busy weekend all across the bay area. we're honoring the nation's mill tarry and veterans. plenty of events to check out and enjoy time with your family. >> rosemary orozco has all of the details in this edition of the weekend watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend, here are a few items happening around the bay area. veterans day festivities happening in petaluma. it is on friday. watch as veterans the u.s. air force band of the west, clydesdales and more parade through the streets. it begins in the walnut creek gazebo at noon. or head to san francisco for the mayor's veterans day parade on sunday at fisherman's wharf. it begins at 11:00 a.m. a hip hop dance fest. the 18th annual event will feature performances by professional dance companies from all over the world. it is at the fine arts theater over the course of three days. in the bay view, find a harvest festival filled with food, live
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music and a petting zoo. this is on saturday. the san mateo harvest festival returns to the event center. this weekend shoppers can find the best handmade gifts, specialty foods and hands on kids zone. it runs friday there sunday. last stop, the east bay for the light parade and block party. it will fill the streets on saturday. the meet in the street block party starts at noon. the light parade at 5:30. and the sharks are aware. warriors play at home. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. coming up, the california murder case that gained national attention. >> we would be very surprised if scott's conviction is not overturned. after the break, an update on the man at the center of the case. and the evidence used to convict him. it is on to look ahead about what comes next. still ahead, a look at the future direction of the democratic party. and now as we head to break, here is what some have to say
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about veterans day. >> veterans day is allowing us to actually appreciate all of the veterans and what they have done and i think it's great. i think the people coming out, i love that we still have the schools who release and try to explain to the kids what our -- you know, what our boys have done overseas, what they have done locally and just be proud of them. >> and you? >> the same. i'm proud to be a american. it's wonderful to recognize the people who have given so much and put them first and foremost in our minds today. ♪[music]
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>> the majority of people here in the bay area and california lean politically to the left. >> as we have seen over the past few days after the election, thousands of people across the bay area and the nation have taken to the streets to display their disagreement with the outcome of the presidential election. but now with president-elect trump getting ready to take office, many politicians are looking forward. >> the american people want washington to change. it was clear in the democratic primaries. it was clear in the republican primaries. it was clear in the campaign. and it was clear on election day. day. >> now hillary clinton
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supporters unwilling to accept the results of the election have started an online petition to have the electors break from their state and vote hillary clinton into office. that petition by the way already has 600,000 signatures. >> and with republicans in control of congress, there are questions about the future direction of the democratic party and who will be steering the political ship. doug has more. >> reporter: if the tears and hung down heads at clinton headquarters tuesday night didn't tell the story, a conference call the next day did. sources say the call was akin to a group therapy session. there were rumblings of did i september. there was talk of restlessness in the troops. >> the democratic party has got to do a fair bit of soul searching and rejuvenation now. they were kind of a generation of leaders that this may be the end of that generation of leadership and they have to start taking new approaches.
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they're going to have to start finding new people. >> reporter: democrats had projected even a pick up of 12 seats in the house would be a bad night. they picked up only 6 and only 2 in the senate. chuck schumer will take the helm as the new minority leader. in the house, nancy pelosi is likely to hold the reigns. >> she is very good at keeping the caucus unified. that is not an easy thing to do. there are a lot of differents points of view. she is good at sort of working with them and talking to different folks and saying how can we get the most unity and how can we work together. >> reporter: the 75-year-old pelosi is a fundraiser raking in $127 million in this cycle for house races. there is also a realization among democrat that's no house leader could have stopped trump and his coat tail effect. >> so goes the top of the ticket. so goes the house races. that's a reality that we all
12:32 pm
need to accept and understand. >> reporter: republicans have their own concerns. some have suggested that paul ryan's speakership could be threatened if tensions resurface with donald trump. others have dismissed that noting that the house is fiercely protective of its own turf and constitutional responsibility. responsibility. >> obviously -- only about half of all eligible voters went to the polls object election day. 231million americans are eligible to vote. 126million vote for president. 105million did not. that is why president-elect trump only got 64 million votes and clinton got 64.5. >> they're not convinced that politics makes a difference in their lives. california's turnout was below the national average. 9million people voted this year. that's about 35% of registered
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voters. former los angeles mayor announced that he is campaigning to become california's next governor. he said he will be focusing on rebuilding the middle class by investing in schools and repairing roads and bridges. lieutenant governor newsome is running along with chung. other entries is delanie easton, and san diego mayor kevin falkner. on segment 2, the notorious california murder case that put scott peterson on death row. his wife lacy and unborn son were killed in 2002. >> now he has an update on peterson and questions about the evidence used to convict him. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find scott peterson guilty. >> reporter: when scott
12:34 pm
peterson was found guilty of double murder and sentenced to death, his family started the long process of trying to get a new trial. his mother passed away three years ago but the rest of his family and legal team continues to fight for his freedom. >> ultimately i think our goal is justice for lacy and connor. we have an unsolved crime. everybody thinks it is solved. it is not solved. >> my daughter has been missing since this morning. she is eight months pregnant. >> reporter: laci peterson was eight months pregnant when she disappeared on christmas eve 2002. police would spend the first hours searching for lacy near their home. the story touched people around the world. hundreds of volunteers helped search for the mother to be they didn't know but had fallen in love with. >> we want her to come home and her baby. >> reporter: fear set in. lacy's family believed she had been kidnapped while walking the dog. >> please bring our daughter home. >> reporter: police on the other hand immediately focused in on scott in part because of
12:35 pm
the way he was acting the night lacy was reported missing. >> when did you realize you were going to go fishing? >> it was a morning decision. >> reporter: over the days as investigators searched the home and seemed to be focused on scott, lacy's family came to his defense. >> we love scott. he loves lacy. they love each other. >> there is no evidence whatsoever that would point to him. they're way off base in assuming that. >> reporter: but a few weeks later, everything would change. peterson had turned out had a girlfriend named amber frye. >> scott told me he was not married. d. we did have a romantic relationship. >> reporter: before going public, amber frye worked with police, recording more than 12 hours of phone conversations with scott peterson. >> i could care for you. >> reporter: on new year's eve
12:36 pm
just before a vigil for lacy, scott was on the phone with amber, pretending he was in paris. >> i'm in the eiffel tower. >> reporter: the tapes would prove pivotal at trial. michael was juror number 4. >> he wasn't in paris. he was very casually speaking to his lover on a phone while they're looking for his wife. >> reporter: it took jurors eight days to reach a guilty verdict. >> justice was served. >> we would be very surprised if scott's conviction was not overturned. >> reporter: the main reason is that there was never any forensic evidence tying scott to the murders. >> there's no fiber evidence or dna or blood evidence or murder weapon. there's nothing that ties scott to this crime. >> reporter: the night before lacy disappeared, she talked with her mother by phone at 8:30. prosecutors believe she and her baby were killed that night or the next morning. they believe scott then transported her body in the back of this pickup truck to
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his warehouse where he had an office and storage shed. they believe he moved the body in the 14-foot fishing boat which he drove to the berkeley marina to drop his wife and son in the san francisco bay. but even prosecutors admit they're not exactly sure how he did it. >> i've never seen a case where the prosecutor couldn't prove how it happened, where it happened or when it happened. >> he does not have time to do what he is convicted of doing. >> reporter: the evidence shows that at 8:40, the morning lacy was reported missing, someone was online at the peterson home, shopping for women's clothing and a sunflower umbrella stand. then at 10:30, scott logged on to his warehouse computer for 26 minutes, sending a holiday greeting e-mail to his boss and looking up how to assemble a woodworking tool he had recently purchased. >> at the time according to the state scott has killed his wife early that morning and she is in the truck how's on a public
12:38 pm
street. and he is inside on the internet looking at how to build a woodworking tool and sending holiday greetings. that is eye psychopath. >> people who think that scott is a psychopath, what do you say to that. >> i guess i would circle back and ask what piece of evidence makes you think that he is guilty. i would want to -- be specific. >> reporter: clearly the most damming evidence is the fact that lacy and connor's bodies washed up where scott said he was fishing. >> that is the probable cause that got him arrested. that's not sufficient when his alibi was so widely publicized immediately. >> of course it is incriminating. everyone in the world knew where scott was. anyone who had killed lacy knew exactly where to put her. >> reporter: scott's attorney and family believe he was convicted in large part because of his affair with amber and
12:39 pm
the audio recordings played for the jury. >> how did you grapple with that, not knowing how he did it. >> i just know he did it. >> a typical soft kill, strangulation or smothering in the home. >> wouldn't that leave evidence? >> no. no. the fact that nobody can tell you exactly how he did it is not nearly as important as the fact that they can tell you that based on all of the evidence and testimony that he did do it. >> reporter: the peterson case is now the subject of three new documentaries. >> there was a witness who said that he had observed a pregnant woman being put into a van. >> two are still in production. the third titled trial by fury is he is expected for release next year. >> if you think that scott peterson ought to be released, if you think scott peterson is innocent, you're wrong. he should not be released. and he is not innocent. >> ted roland joins us now.
12:40 pm
ted, this appears to be evidence that was not brought up at the original trial. why. >> it was brought up but it was not consolidated. the defense case was cut short because they thought they had a portion of the jury and it would be a hung jury. they did cut their defense a little short. of course they were mistaken. but most of the stuff was available, was out there and was introduced by wasn't focused on and consolidated. >> they didn't think they needed it. >> in part. frankly i don't know that they had the time or the perspective at the time to consolidate it in a way that the jury could maybe look at it a little differently. >> i'm curious about the appeal process that is underway right now. two appeals. >> two appeals. >> and the affect that what californians voted on on tuesday, to speed up athe peal process, does that play at all into the case here. >> that is in question. will people on death row be grandfathered in or keep going
12:41 pm
on the track they are on. they are so far down the appeals process, it will be interesting to see if anything changes for -- for an inmate like scott peterson. that has not been fully figured out and people are scrambling. >> he has been at san quentin 13 years. >> yeah. next week. >> and you have tried to contact him but he has never been okay with receiving your contact. >> initially i tried to. and recently again and it didn't work out. i think he is open to it and i think you will hear from him in the week and months to come. with these documentaries and the public fascination with true crime, there's going to be more on scott peterson. >> we remember it very well. thank you, ted. >> thank you. san jose police are investigating a suspected drunk driving crash that happened at 4th and santa clara streets outside of city hall yesterday afternoon. one pedestrian was killed. and a tv news crew was injured. police say a suspected drunk driver in a white pickup truck caused a three-car collision. investigators say an elderly
12:42 pm
man walking in front of city hall was killed. the tv reporter and cameraman in a news van parked outside suffered minor injuries. >> what is even more upsetting to realize that you have so many pedestrians in a dense area and you have a lot of vehicular traffic and obviously something bad happened here and caused a collision and it is very possible that the pedestrian was just an innocent victim. investigators say the driver of the car involved in this crash was not hurt. fremont city leaders are trying something new to prevent grid lock. they're working with mapping apps like google to ease the congestion. it will implement restrictions signs are posted telling drivers they can't make turns from certain residential streets to stop freeway drivers to cut through surface streets and into neighborhoods. they have told waze and google about the new turn
12:43 pm
instructions -- turn restrictions. >> that is a good idea. >> the turn restrictions go into effect on monday. now to san francisco where you should be getting ready for big changes on van ness avenue. work will refigure lanes at most intersections. left-turn lanes will be permanently removed. the number of lanes will be reduced from three down to two in each direction starting monday. the overnight work will continue until the end of the year. this is part of a major reconstruction of van ness that will have dedicated bus only lanes going down the middle of the street. still ahead, tryouts are underway in san francisco to become a member of the brand- new men's professional soccer team. another dominant performance for the warriors. highlights after the break. we will check back in with meteorologist rosemary orozco who will tell you when the next chance of showers is going to be. and as we head to break, here is what some people are saying about our nation's service members on this veterans day. >> i just want to say we appreciate you guys and thank
12:44 pm
you for all your hard work you do for us. >> all right. happy veterans day. >> happy veterans day. ,i,88rwow
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>> the golden state warriors continue their hot shooting as they dominated in denver last night. steph curry scored 33 points, overcoming concerns about a tender ankle against dallas. he was one of five warriors who scored double figures as the
12:47 pm
golden state warriors won 125- 101. on sunday they're back home to host the suns at oracle. the san jose sharks beat the florida panthers 4-2. tommy made up for an early defensive mistake by scoring the game winning goal. the sharks have won the first two games of the six game road trip. they have a game tomorrow night against the lightning. mike, grab your cleats and shin pads. the delta are hosting open tryouts today and tomorrow. they will be at 9:00 tomorrow as well. head over to moscow street at the soccer fields. the deltas have their first season starting next year. >> i think i will stick to coaching the little ones. >> you are good at that. north bay is hosting the final rounds to play in the next few months. it will close on january 1st. the own says along with the sports declining popularity, an increase in labor and other
12:48 pm
expenses are also playing a role in the decision to close the 18-hole course. about 25 full-time and part- time workers will lose their jobs. the future plans for the property remain unclear. back to the bay area weather. a few more dry days. but rosemary says things change in the middle of next week. >> yeah. we may see rain and sprinkles in the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow. but unfortunately it doesn't look like much. there are other types of changes. let's start with a look at what is going on in the satellite view. you can see we're covered in mid and high level clouds. these clouds providing that trance lieu sent sky. filtered sunshine and temperatures coming down a little for your afternoon. still mild, pleasant if you do have activities for today. if you have the day off because of our veterans day holiday, still very enjoyable out there. here as we take a look at the radar, you can see well to the north of us, we have this line of rain off of the northwest corner of california. this will eventually slide
12:49 pm
through. it will peter out before it gets to the bay area. the best chance will be over portions of the north bay late tonight before it marchs through. right off the coastline. northern california, oregon and washington will pick up rain. through the afternoon, we will remain mostly cloudy but we will be dry. as we get into the overnight hours, things start to change up a little bit. it looks like it will favor the north bay. 4:00 a.m., a decent line of rain here. it looks like a slight shower to start the morning. as it moves to the south bay, you will see for yourself how it fizzles out. we have mostly cloudy skies and drizzle. i think we will be mainly dry. by 10:00 a.m. cloudy skies by noon time. partly cloudy and it has since moved out. when it comes to the rainfall amounts as you saw from the last graphic, easy to see why we will only pick up a few hundredths over the north bay. half moon bay, drizzle and you could pick up some accumulation
12:50 pm
as well. that's what we're looking for tonight and tomorrow morning. at this hour under mostly cloudy skies, 63 in san francisco. 69 in hayward. and low 70s fremont, san jose, mountain view at 70. for your afternoon, temperatures will be nice and mild. you can see here from the 24- hour temperature change we are down by a few degrees. not a big deal. as much sunshine either. you may notice it. 74 for the afternoon high. antioch 72. to the north bay, 76 for napa. as we shift our eyes to the south bay, temperatures reading in the mid to upper 70s. gilroy going to 78. a beautiful day. as you get into your bay area weekend, temperatures will continue to cool off. again, slight possibility, maybe a little drizzle and sprinkles to start the day. as i've been saying, don't cancel your plans. we will be dry most of saturday and mild with upper 60s at the coast and around the bay. low 70s inland. a little change for sunday. a little bit of morning fog. afternoon sunshine and temperatures don't change a
12:51 pm
whole lot as we get into monday and tuesday. a little farther down the road, hopefully rain coming our way. >> thank you, rosemary. ski season officially underway in california. mammoth mountain opened yesterday making it the first recertificate to open in the west. the snow is pretty good and more on the way next week. here in northern california the first tahoe area resorts will open sometime next week. >> like a lot of christians they have heart and humor but not all of it. after the break, a preview of the film almost christmas. and the actors reveal their dos and don'ts for the holiday season. as we head off to break, what people are saying about this veterans day.
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>> there are dozens of events happening around the bay area honoring veterans who have served our country. today at 4:00, we will have complete coverage of them all. the ceo of grub hub is backtracking after telling his employees they should resign if they support donald trump. we will see how the rest of
12:55 pm
silicon valley is responding. a mixed day on wall street. do you jones will finish up by 46 points. s&p down but slightly. nasdaq picked up more than one half of 1%. christmas is going to be here in six weeks. to get you in the mood, a new holiday movie is hitting theaters this weekend. >> adam housley sits down with the cast of almost christmas to talk about the film and spending time with the family this holiday season. >> we're not going to make it to christmas, are we. >> not a damn chance. >> a broken family gets together after the matriarch passes away. >> how do you like the cranberry salad. >> very good. >> the cast says this story is different than other holiday flicks. >> they have heart or they have humor but not all of it. you have -- you have very realistic family drama. you also have realistic conflict resolution. you have a family that is in mourning. >> i think it takes a strong
12:56 pm
back bone in the man. so i think what we see in almost christmas, so the mother was the glue. it was the father that was the leader. and you really get a chance to see that. and oftentimes you don't see that in films. >> reporter: as for the actors dos and don'ts during the holidays. >> please don't bring someone in a brand-new relationship to celebrate the holiday with your family. >> don't do it. >> i'm sorry. they have to wait. >> always do enjoy every moment because you might not get to the moment that you're looking forward to. >> give people the things they need. that's one thing. be courteous around the holiday season. when you go to someone's house, bring -- bring your own air freshner. >> reporter: when we asked monique if she has been naughty or nice thissaer. >> i'm not going to tell you. that's my business. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. thank you for making ktvu
12:57 pm
your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. and again, a big thanks to all the vets out there for your service to our country on this veterans day. have a great afternoon.
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